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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning to you if you are just waking up. we are glad you are watching "fox & friends first". it is wednesday i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. president obama laying out his agenda for the year in the 6th state of the union address. >> leland vittert is live in washington with the details. long night for you leland. >> long night for everyone here in washington. we were disappointed for the peace offerings. they face the house and senate controlled the other side. the past week has shown and left it highlighted. the white house is doubling down on the idea of raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for massive spending programs and tax credits something republicans
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are already howling about. >> that is what middle class economics is america gets their bette when everyone gets their fair share everyone plays by the same rules. >> americans have been hurting but when we demanded solutions washington responded with the same stale mind set that led to failed policies like obamacare. it is a mind set that gave us political talking points not serious solutions. >> he travels around the country. first stop boise, idaho. republicans continue to work on capitol hill where they may not get so much the fastirst word but the vote. >> leland vittert live for us in
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dc this morning. >> president obama state of the union coming with harsh criticism as he touted a growing economy and shrinking deficit some are wondering where the president has been over the past few months. he wants to know why he is pushing the same policies where it is not working. >> he parachuted in here from elsewhere and you listened to this speech tonight you would never image this is a president whose party and policies which he declared were on the ballot all of them had been massively repudiated at the poles. this is an unreconstructed barack obama and left liberal still pushing the same kind of policies. >> the idea this president can lecture the congress look tour the country about a better politics i find preposterous on
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his face. it is the most divisive politics in recent memory. you have his administration his white house talking about hostage takers. you have a president who suggest his opponents dislike the power but they just don't care. you have a vice president who like ens tea party years to terrorists. now you have barack obama lecturing the rest of us on how to practice politics. >> 45 million in politics. i don't think his politics are working. he gus seed it up to make them look like they are. calling for another round of tax increases especially on job creation. i don't agree with those things. >> american voters also reacting to the president's speech and his praise of the economy. take a look at what the voters are telling pollster frank luntz. >> how many of you voted for barack obama were still disappointed in today's speech.
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we have five of you. >> he didn't cover the domestic issues in our country. he was filling it with a lot of clapping and stories talking a lot but not really talking about anything. >> the state of the union is strong and almost none of you agreed with that. why is he wrong? >> there was a recent poll that was published that suggested 60 percent of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. that would contradict what the president is saying tonight. at the same time at the top of the hour megyn kelly said yemen is in the process of falling yet he thinks his policies are effective on terrorism. >> what did you think of the president's speech last night? send your comments to us on facebook twitter or send us an e-mail at fox and we will share those a little later in the show. >> to the other headlines a prominent heart surgeon shot dead in a prestigious hospital.
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he walked into brigham williams hospital asked to speak to the doctor and fired two shots. that man 55-year-old steven pasari dead from a self-inflicted gun shot. now police say he may have been getting revenge. his mother was a patient of dr. davidson who died back in november. >> huge fireballs erupting into the sky after a natural gas can explodes in texas. flames could be seen and gas could be smelled for miles in the area. emergency crews allowed the fire to burn out on its own. amazingly no one was hurt. plant workers think a valve malfunction might be to blame. to the unrest in yemen. the u.s. military now readying three war ships off the coast just in case the u.s. embassy has to be evacuated. they moved into the capital and surrounded buildings including the presidential palace. the yemeni government is a key
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ally in the fight against al qaeda. at least twice in the past year the state department ordered all nonessential embassy personnel to leave the country. the obama administration getting a convicted terrorist free. alialmari an al qaeda operative he was released and sent back to qatar because of time served once held as an enemy combatant. he was sentenced to 8 years in prison. he admitted to training in al qaeda camps and had contact with alleged 9-11 mastermind khaled shake mohammed. >> they are charged in a supermarket. the four men are are suspected to providing support to coulibaly. he believed to>> it is the largest
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jury pool in u.s. history. 7,000 potential jurors being screened to decide the fate of awe aurora theater shooter james holmes holmes. it is so massive it will take until june to whittle it down to 12 jurors. he plead not guilty by reason of insanity and he now faces the death penalty. a fire ripped through a $9 million mansion in maryland. officials are looking at the possibility accelerant was used in the fire. they searching for trace of chemicals in the rubble. >> it does not mean there has been a crime committed. what that means is we are processing evidence, we are processing the scene. >> pot bodthe bodies of don pile his wife and four grandchildren has not yet been found. >> overnight a powerful rocket
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lights up the night sky over cape canaveral. >> we have lift-off of the launch fiber-optics. >> the heavy rocket using five boosters to carry the satellite into orbit. it is designed to improve ground communications for u.s. forces on the move. >> the nosnow is on the move. >> for most other regions it is down right cold. maria molina is tracking the low temperatures for us. >> we are going to be looking at colder temperatures moving into parts of the plains. we have snow coming down early this morning across portions of the midwest. you can see it coming down across parts of wisconsin also moving into indiana and parts of ohio. the storm system is going to be relatively quick hitting storm. it won't be producing heavy snowfall accumulations just bringing in slick road
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conditions in the midwest early on today. we will see winter weather across portions of the i-75 corridor already happening across western parts of west virginia and pennsylvania. some of the high e elevations out here could be looking at as much as 2 to even 4 inches of snowfall. that's something to watch for. we have winter storm advisories in effect out there. across parts of the rockies we have a storm system exiting. there are winter storm warnings in effect out here. as much as a footer of snow or higher amounts will be possible out here. we will be watching for that. that will be continuing through out today and winter weather also possible across western parts of the state of texas. behind that storm system we will be looking at colder temperatures moving in. ahead of it it is relatively mild out there. temperatures in the 60's across texas and even into the parts of the southeast. enjoy the mild temperatures. the colder air is going to begin to move southward and eastward already chilly across colorado with temperatures in the mid
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30's. here's a look at thursday high temperatures in the city of dallas are only going to be in the middle 40's. >> thank you very much maria. >> it is 9 minutes to the top of the hour. some slam the american snipers. we had him on fox to answer his critics. >> i am killing to protect my fellow americans. >> it's the interview with chris kyle that will make you so proud to be an american. >> bombshell new developments in deflate gate. the nfl says the new england patriots did use 11 deflated footballs. a live report up next. it appears they have no problems letting her go. the newly named top toy. guess what? it is not elsa.
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>> the footballs in the win over the colts were deflated. how does this happen? we have the latest on the investigation. >> espn siting league sources says the balls were under deflated by two pounds of air each well below standard. did they intentionally deflate the balls during their 45 to 7 victory and if so how did the referees not notice? the balls were inspected by the
2:15 am
officiated crew and handled the game by personnel provided by the home team. the nfl responding to the espn report saying quote the investigation is currently underway and we are still awaiting findings. it is expected to wrap up? in the next few day the. no word on punishment but fallout has been swift. is of 12 balls deflated can any one spell cheating? #just saying. >> if new england was to be dq aide we would be their replacements, right? i probably should layoff the strawberry margs. >> coach belichick is saying the team is cooperating with the investigation. >> country music singer greg morgan and actor dean cain
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defending "the american sniper." they laughed at seth rogen after he compared the movie to nazi propaganda. i am sick and kiered of you running your mouth when you have no idea what it takes for this country to maintain our free dom. dean crane wrote this chris is an american hero go to war then we'll talk. he spoke with bill o'reilly about the war and protecting his fellow americans. >> you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believe they should die. >> i wasn't committed to killing them i am committed to making sure every service member over there whether american or allied came home. >> as a sniper your job is to kill them not wound them not arrest them. you have to have a certain pen tality to be a sniper. you are killing them. >> i am tellingkilling them to protect
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my fellow americans. >> kyle died last year trying to help a fellow veteran with ptsd. the wife of an american pastor jailed in iran has been pleading with the white house to help bring her husband home. now she may be closer to killing his release. ab dini is set to meet with him. he was thrown in one of iran's most brutal prisons after he refused to renounce his christian faith. >> roberta jacobson has the highest level of talks with the cuban government than decades. he is saying there's a long way to go before relations are normalized. >> it is 17 minutes after the top of the hour. the president turns to terror talks in his state of the union. >> we are also supporting a moderate opposition in syria that can help us in this effort
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and assisting people every where to stand up to the ideology of vie lint extremists. >> you know what was missing from his address? no mention of al qaeda. >> the retail store that is handing you over cash. flurn
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>> it is aç threats growing stronger by the day terrorism. he tells us the success of the administration's fight against terror. he didn't even mention al qaeda. that makes it the first time
quote quote
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since 2001 the terror group was not mentioned in the state of the union. >> in iraq and syria american leadership including our military power is stopping isil's advance. instead we are getting dragged into another ground war in the middle east we are pleading a broad coalition including united nations to ultimately destroy the group. we are assisting people every where to stand up to the bankrupt ideology of violent extremism. >> this is coming two weeks after the terror attacks in paris where al qaeda claimed responsibility. one expert warning the threat of these groups is still strong. >> isis is massacring children, beheading america. al qaeda which he didn't mention once the words al qaeda they carried out a terrorist attack in paris al qaeda and yemen he held up yemen at a great success
2:23 am
story now yemen is about to collapse and al qaeda is using that as a basis to carry out attacks on france. it is delusional. >> the president also praised the combat mission in afghanistan saying it is older. u.s. troops remained there. >> a montana city's public water supply. this comes as oil spells into the river. levels of bshg enzine was found in the water which serves families. the disney land measles outbreak worsening by the day. we have learned virus. that makes more than 50 reported cases in 4 different states since the outbreak started last mornt. disney employees are now on paid
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warning. the most popular toy last year said it was teenaged mutant turtles. elsa took the second spot and hot wheels came in third. futures indicating a lower open the dow down 38 points as i speak. back to you. >> thank you, lauren. >> don't miss lauren. she is on the fox business network. find her in your area log on to slash channel finder. >> he was locked up for helping the self proclaimed mastermind behind 9-11 so why is this terrorist walking free? >> now a person who witnessed all of that says it is not true. >> back in 1789 the first
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american novel said the power of sympathy. he manufactured the first automobile.
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and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. >> the president challenges congress in prime time. >> the shadow of crisis has passed. the state of the union is strong. >> with terror threats and international crises is it really? reaction from both sides this morning. >> the deflate gate scandal. did the new england patriots deflate footballs. >> the confession one-half
2:30 am
blaming the counter parts. >> she had -- she said i'm 18. >> his first words since the couple's capture. >> "fox & friends first" continuing right now. ♪ >> we are in new york city this morning. the lights of times square, a live look there from new york to your city as you wake up across america. thank you for joining us. good morning and welcome to "fox and fends first. i am heather childers. >> i am heatherainsley earhardt.
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>> a defiant tone being struck in the prime time speech even after november's decisive mid terms. doug luzader has more. >> it is really a question of tone as much as substance. there is a question of p in the middle of the mid term elections. >> america for all that we have endured, for all of the grit and hard work required to come back, for all of the tasks that lie ahead know this, the shadow of crisis has passed in the state of the union is strong in iraq and syria american leadership including our military power is stopping isil's advance. instead we are getting dragged into a ground war in the middle
2:32 am
east we are destroying the terrorist group. >> the president also talking about the war on terror there. a lot of the specifics we already knew. leading up to this week the country traveled the country outlineing these plans hoping to draw more interest which fewer americans are looking into these days. it is a congress completereplete of republican control. as for the republican response that was delivered by freshman iowa center jody earns. sue oo we will propose ideas that aim to cut wasteful spending and balance the budget with meaningful reforms not higher taxes like the president has proposed. >> we refer to her as a freshman she has only been in the position for about two weeks already delivering the republican response. as for the tax hikes the president is talking about the
2:33 am
amount 23 billion over the next decade they appear to be dead on arrival here in congress. >> reaction to the president's state of the union pouring in this morning ted cruise saying the he doubled down on failed policies and carl rove saying he made everything seem okay when he is it is not. >> the president had an opportunity to be mag nam mouse to be gracious to recognize two months ago the american people voted rejecting the path we are on. he could have said i hear you and we will work together. the president didn't do that he didn't list tone the voters who are hurting right now. instead he doubled down on the same faeled policies for the last six years. >> i feel they were oddly disconnected saying the crisis is gone.
2:34 am
yemen is following isis is following children. i thought it was odd for economic realities. >> this is the weakest economic recovery in the history of america. here's a guy who has been hyper partisan questioned the motives of republican opposition saying they were unamerican at one point. yet tonight he sounded like the oldback obama who is-- barack obama i don't want to be president of the red state the blue state orbut the united states. it had a familiar tone but it was disconnected from his record. >> many telling pollster frank luntz do not resinate with the american people. take a look. >> we know unemployment is down. we know the economy is getting stronger. why don't you believe the state of the union is strong? >> for starters i look at what's happening to my savings and what's happening overall with the people around me and it is
2:35 am
hard for people to make a living harder for people to go to the grocery store with buy things not wp standing china. there is very little we seem to be able to do based upon politics to fix this. >> how many in washington in general and president obama understand you understand your life understand your concerns raise your hands. not one of you. half of you voted for him. not one of you believe he understands you. >> what do you think of the president's speech your reaction pouring in on this one. jamie on facebook says you mean the state of confusion speech? it was just as i thought it would be a lot of words and not much sense. north carolina writes no idea how to solve problems but new ways to ways for taxpayers. >> unity turned around with the veto threats. >> thanks for commenting.
2:36 am
>> we are going to take a look at other headlines making news this morning a prominent heart surgeon caught dead in the hospital. dying nearly 12-hours after a man walked into brigham hospital asked to speak to the doctor and fired two shots. that man 55-year-old steven pasari dead from a self-inflicted gun shot. he may have been getting revenge. his mother was a patient of dr. davidson who died back in november. happening overnight military helicopter in california smashing to the ground during a hard landing. emergency vehicles seen crowding the tarmac at the airport. the two people in the aircraft suffering only minor injuries. the chopper ending on its side. the cause of the crash is not known if the military took over the investigation. >> breaking news out of video. left 9 people hurt.
2:37 am
palestinian man in its 20's during rush hour. he managed if he got off that swerving bus shot in the leg and erected him. he called it brave and heroic. >> the obama administration setting a terrorist free an admitted al qaeda operative released from a federal prison and sent back to qatar because of time served. once held as an enemy combatant he was sentenced to 8 years in prison in 2009. he admitted to training in al qaeda camps and had contact with khaled sheikh mohammed. >> a muslim inmate is allowed to grow a beard. he is allowed to grow a half inch long beard instead of the department of corrections quarter inch rule. a ban on beards violates religious freedom. corrections officials argued the
2:38 am
ban is to keep inmates from sprug smuggling in contra ban. what happened to the homeless woman who helped him after he was kidnapped now contradicting his story. she says she found allenby on a street corner steps from a wine bar not six-miles away in a park like he told reporters. he said he wasn't dumped from a car instead he was sitting on a plantar arguing with two men. she said she is getting paid for the false information. >> the snow is making a comeback in the plains and in the east. >> or the others it is down right cold. maria molina is tracking the cold temperatures. >> we are tracking a lot of winter weather out there. we have multiple storm systems for the next couple days and temperatures that will be dropping. we have areas of snow across
2:39 am
parts of wisconsin michigan and parts of ohio. it is a clipper system dipping down through canada not a lot of moisture with it. we don't think snowfall accumulations will be big out there as it quickly races eastward. we are looking a 2-4 inches in some of the higher accumulation areas winter weather advisories are still in effect. we have a storm system producing potentially a foot of snow. some of the higher elevations in new mexico making its way in the plains. temperatures pretty mild out there 60's and 70's in florida. we will be seeing that colder air moving in. heather and ainsley take a look at this. highs into the 40's in texas and carts of canada. >> dreams deflated breaking developments in the
2:40 am
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a oo bombshell new findings about the patriots. 11 of the 12-foot balls used by the new england patriots woifrn the colts were de plate flated. >> the big question is how did it happen? >> good morning anna?
2:44 am
espn siting league sources saying the balls were under deflated by 2 pounds of air each. it was discovered when a colts linebacker intercepted. he noticed the ball seemed under deflated. did the patriots intentionally de plate the ball to get a better grip to win? if so how did the referees not notice? they are infectspected then handled the personnel provided by the home team. they responded to the espn report saying this the investigation is underway and we are still awaiting findings. >> it is expected to wrap up in the next few days about you fallout has been swift. 11 of 12 balls are inflated can any one spell cheating #just saying.
2:45 am
>> colts pat mcafee saying if new england was to be dq aide we would be their replacement right? i should probably layoff on the strawberry margarita. >> bill belichick says he is cooperating with the investigation. >> thank you anna. coming up at 6:20. quarterback dan marino joining us to talk the late gate and showing us the difference air pressure can make when tossing the football. >> now we have this for you. personal information could be in the hands of advertisers thanks to the government's healthcare web site. details including your age income and smoking habits. they have yet to explain how companies ensure the government's privacy and security policies. from ohio state to humvees at
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fsu right there college cops are loading up with military weapons. more than 100 college campuses participate in a went gone program that has sur applause to military equipment. they love it but critics worry arming police with military weapons creates a dangerous atmosphere. they have multiple free bris for americans but left out the price tag for you the tax payer. ashley webster from our sister network fox business is here to breakdown all of the costs. ashley? >> it doesn't come cheap. good morning to you. president obama said it is not just the wealthy that should benefit from an economic recovery he says it is up to the government to help those who are falling behind. >> middle class economics means helping working families feel more secure in a world of constant change. that means helping folks before child care, college, healthcare
2:47 am
a home, retirement. my budget will address each of these issues. >> the president's ambitious proposals provide a variety of services at no charge but it is the tax payer that will fitoot the bill and it won't be cheap. two-year community colleges have an estimated price tag of $60 billion over 10 years. the president says it will be paid for through closing a tax loophole to reduce the amount of tax payer families. federal and local laws allowing workers to earn paid six time a year. 2 billion to be a part of family and medical leave programs. then there's obamacare price tag $1.36 trillion by 2024. it is a spending free they cannot afford.
2:48 am
>> they don't know much about how they are going to pay for it or the consequences to pay for it. he is going to add more debt to our country than all previous 43 presidents combined. you kind of wonder about the guy's sincerity. >> republicans aim should be to reduce debt and spending and create jobs through projects like the keystone excel oil pipeline. ainsley, back to you. >> ash sree webster thank you so much. don't miss him on the fox business network. you can find the channel log on to finder. >> the time now is 20 minutes after the hour. the man involved in a crime spree is breaking his silence. >> heshe said i am 18. >> wait until you hear what else he had to say.
2:49 am
>> a crash a parking lot and a baby. the incredible story of how a little boy made his debut. >> first let's look at steve doocy to see what is coming up. >> coming up on "fox & friends" we have the fallout from the president's state of the union speech last night. a fan of speech writer is here to react. she calls the shots at the white house. she joins us. plus nfl hall of famer dan marino is live "fox & friends" kicks off 10 minutes from now right here on your channel for news. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. welcome back to "fox & friends first." one half of that fugitive teen couple accused in a string of crimes across the south breaking his silence.
2:53 am
in his jail house interview, the 18-year-old insisting he didn't know the real age of his 13-year-old partner in crime. >> she told me she had a license, she had all that good stuff. she said i'm 18, i'm not liein' to you. i said all right. she had fake i.d.'s she showed me. she had job stuff she showed me. >> he is waiting extradition to kentucky. the pair was on the run for nearly two weeks before being caught in florida. imagine coming home to find your house is no longer there. that is exactly what happened to diane andershack and her husband. he apparently bulldozed their new york home with everything inside and worse off, he didn't tell her that he was going to do it. >> none of my belongings were taken out. everything was in the house. >> the couple was doing renovations on their home.
2:54 am
rhine apparently thinking the home was unsalvageable and he has been charged with criminal mischief. >> a survey revealing facebook is cited as a third of all divorce issues. lawyers saying it is like a massive public notice board of infidelity. the social network is used as proof in court of inappropriate behavior. a cold night and icy roads don't matter when a baby is on the way. a colorado mom gave birth to a healthy baby boy after her husband crashed the car on the way to the hospital. the dad hopped the curb and blew a tire while pulling up to the e.r. the baby was ready to make his entrance into the world right there in the parking lot. >> he opened the door and said get in the chair. i said no, take the pant off. he's coming already! he said wait please. i said i can't. he's coming out!
2:55 am
take the pants off! >> the new family says they're all doing great. the time is six minutes till the top of the hour. coming up, the president challenging congress, threatening vetoes and throwing around free-for-alls in last night's state of the union. what did you think? >> a bizarre birthday foul on the court. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline)
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>> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. the good, lotto players in new hampshire will be so close to bringing home the bacon, the state lottery releasing its first scratch and sniff tickets that smells like bacon. the bad, a woman faced her own death to get out of a date with a man she met on-line. instead of confronting the guy head on she texted him pretending to be her sister. he found out she was alive when he spotted her on another site. the ugly, randy foil, the denver nuggets taking that spill in the stands last night and gets beer spilled over him. to add insult to injury they lost to the spurs. >> to more of your comments about president president obama's state of the union. jean writes the president's ego exar far exceeds anyone's common sense and proves he is only interested in his own agenda. terry says unity? really? his definition of unity is everyone must agree with him. bill writes more of the
3:00 am
same. raise taxes, free this and that. no change. he made those promises two years ago. be glad when these next two past hopefully very quickly. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is wednesday january 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama attempts to unify the nation but not without taking a jab at republicans. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [applause] >> i know because i won both of them. >> what two words did the president leave out that had been in every state of the union since 2001? can you guess? >> i'm sorry? fire in the sky above texas. a massive explosion lights up the texas horizon. what caused that


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