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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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hear if the justice department will prosecute the officer darren wilson but officials are telling fox news charges against him are, quote, unlikely. wilson was cleared by a state grand jury last november. that decision sparked days of violent protests and looting in the st. louis area. house republicans dropped plants to debate an abortion bill following objections from women within their own party. at issue, a ban on most aborings after 20 weeks of pregnancy. gop leaders planned to push it on thursday. the vote had been timed to coincide with the annual march for life. i'm patricia stark, now stay tuned for "hannity." leged cheating. in the meantime go pats. what? welcome to "hannity." a stunning state of the union address last night. a very defiant commander in chief acting like he rules the
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world despite the sehe lacking he took from the american people in the midterms. >> i have no more campaigns to run. [ applause ] my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them. >> he didn't stop there. now, president obama went onto boast about the economy. >> tonight we turn the page. tonight, after a breakthrough year for america, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. >> the numbers do not add up for president obama. let's start by looking at food stamps under the president. back in 2009 when he first took office, 33 million people needed food stamps. now that number has skyrocketed to 46.5 million. the labor participation rate when he took office, well, there you have it, 65.7%. we now have 92 million americans not in the workforce. our national debt stood at $10.6
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trillion. remember he said $9 trillion was irresponsible and unpatriotic? now it's $18.1 trillion. what about obamacare? 2009 the average individual health insurance premium just under $5000. now that number is up to $6,000. and in many cases much higher. of course back in 2012 remember the evil top 1%, those rascally rich people, they were paying in 2012 38% of the taxes those are the people he wants to may more $320 billion tax increase. bottom 50%, this is what they're paying 2.78% just under 3%. here with reaction texas senator ted cruz. senator, he didn't talk about the 50 million americans in poverty, on food stamps the labor participation rate, average median income down $3,000, health care costs up. did i miss that last night? did i fall asleep? >> you know sean, you're exactly right. the facts you're laying out every one of them was absent last night.
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i have to say last night's speech reminded me of one of my young daughter's favorite stories which is "alice in wonderland," because it was a speech where facts do not matter. it was a fantastical alternative reality. working men and women are doing great, never mind the 92 million americans not working and the president's selling wage stagnation has been been making it harder and harder for ends to meet. and the president's telling the foreign policy of this administration is somehow working, al qaeda is on the run. and there is apparently no radical islamic terrorism because those words will not come out of his mouth. he literally says this while yemen is being overthrown. yemen of course being a country just a few months ago he pointed to as an example of what he viewed the successes of the obama foreign policy. >> so we nearly doubled the number of people on welfare and in poverty, on food stamps and
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in poverty. >> yep. >> and isis didn't happen in syria and iraq and terrorism's doing fine, we'll use yemen as an example. and everything's just fine. does he really believe that? that's a bigger problem in my view if he really believes it. >> you know it was a level where facts -- you know, john adams famously said facts are stubborn things. it was interesting hearing him for example take credit for expanded energy production. now, of course that energy production has occurred almost exclusively on private lands. ob public land that the federal government has access to they've made it harder and harder to develop energy. and one of the more surreal moments of his speech was when he was talking about russia and he said, gosh, just a few months ago people were saying putin is a genius. now he says, well, now that the russian economy's -- somehow taking credit for the collapse in oil prices which had nothing
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to do with the obama administration. >> so now the question is how should the republicans deal with it? none of this is going to happen. what should republicans in your estimation be doing? >> well, listen, i think last night demonstrated that president obama refuses to look forward. he refuses to lead. so now it's incumbent on republicans to lead. if the president's not going to lead, we have to. we need to step up with a positive pro-economic growth, pro-jobs agenda. we need to take up and begin passing pro-growth legislation one after the other after the other, tax reform, regulatory reform expanding energy, helping people -- health care allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines improving our standing in the world, defending our constitutional rights and put those bills on the president's desk one after the other after the other. now, if he wants to he can veto them all but that will just make clear that it is he who is forcing gridlock and obstruction. and we need to lead to solve the real problems people are facing
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today. >> all right. senator ted cruz of texas. thank you, sir. joining me now with more reaction to president obama's state of the union address, the great one, mark levine. we could talk about day about what the president didn't say, what he did say, he was arrogant, defiant all those things, mark. at the end of the day, you know, to me it's now a matter of what are the republicans going to do? i like what john boehner for example did with israel and invited benjamin netanyahu and the white house is all angry about it, but what is their agenda, how are they going to solve the nation's problems, how are they going to get people back to work and out of poverty and off welfare? that seems like a more pressing issue. >> it is. especially after the president's state of delusion speech where he seems to think middle class is happy and fat and islamic terrorists are under control. look, sean you're asking me a question about what the republicans should do after they've already handicapped themselves. they've already surrendered the power of the purse.
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they've surrendered other parts of article 1. so it's very difficult for them to do anything. i suggest they take it back. i suggest among other things they look at these federal bureaucracies and take their law making authority back. i suggest they pass a federal statute which i recommend in my book an amendment they can pass a statute that slashes spending across the board by 5%. it doesn't matter if obama signs it or not. we know who we're dealing with. we're dealing with a man who's jumped the deficit to over $18 trillion and the liabilities over $100 trillion. so they need to make the case to the american people day in and day out that they're going to save the republic they're going to protect the constitution they're going to do something about this debt which is absolute insanity while he's running around with his command and control mentality trying to redistribute wealth further as he destroys the economy. >> two separate issues they've got to deal with. they ran on repeal and replace obamacare.
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that was replaced through the reconciliation process. so how do you recommend that the republicans repeal and replace it? and on immigration the executive directive of the president, all right, they want to defund that but feel they've run into issues with it. how do you recommend they get out of that? >> when it comes to obamacare, why don't they try repealing it first, and we the people, private sector, we'll are place it. how about that as an idea? and they just passed an omnibus budget act which funds every penny of obamacare until september. so maybe they can start making the case to the american people that once again they're going to stand up like big boys and big girls and exercise their article one power of the purse come october 1st of next year since they surrendered it for the rest of this year. and they are going to defund that is not pay for obamacare, and let the chips fall where they may. right now they already funded
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it. >> i agree with you. they funded it through october. can they go back and defund it at this point? why not? >> they can. do you think they will? >> i don't think so. look, from what i understand -- look, i think the speaker, for example, i think moving forward with the minimum -- the 40-hour workweek, good thing keystone pipeline, good thing. inviting benjamin netanyahu a good thing. do i think it would be better if they, for example, instituted the penny plan secured our borders, had choice in education? yeah, but how much time is that going to take? >> well i think the issue of amnesty we have a huge problem. both parties support it big labor supports it big corporations support it both establishments support it, the problem is the american people reject it. so once again they go through these motions as boehner did a couple weeks ago that they're really going to fight obama on this issue while at the same time he has one of his guys
quote quote quote quote
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mccaul i believe his name is coming up with the salami tactics for the past six or seven bills. first claim the border has been secure and the door flies wide open. so you're asking me if these republicans will defund obamacare, the answer is no. you're asking me if these republicans will prevent amnesty, the answer is they support it. so these republicans are not going to do any of those things. >> all right the great one, mark levin. great to see you. last night president obama took another opportunity to talk about how he wants to redistribute wealth. >> as americans we don't mind paying our fair share of taxes as long as everybody else does too to give working families a fair shot it's not fair to them and to make sure everyone gets a fair shot encourage fair competition, everyone does their fair share. not just free but also fair. >> here now to explain president obama's plan to redistribute wealth, juan williams. juan, you and i had a discussion today. i want to go through this and i
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will give you a chance to expand on it. if somebody can't afford it you think the government should provide it, right? >> yeah. >> and dental care, bad teeth, they got to get to work, right? >> no, i think it's a matter as we as an affluent we need to make sure people don't have medical emergencies and die in the street because of it -- i think we already make an effort to give some shelter to the homeless. >> and for example the people are hungry the government needs to feed them, right? >> i'm all for it, sean. i don't want hungry people in our country. >> and you support the idea the government now is going to pay for community college $60 billion, you support that? >> i support public education and if it's a matter of people unable to pay for the first two years, i think if we could make that happen it would be a great achievement. >> what if people can't get to work and they want to get to work but first they need
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somebody to watch their kids, need to have government child care, the president talked about that, right? >> so did the leader -- >> if they can't get to work we should have government-funded limousines take them to work every day? >> i was teasing you earlier about they should get in sean's limousine. >> i don't have one. i need to borrow yours. >> right. but i think i'd have to get in the back of your suv. i don't know. of course i think we have buses and subways and public transportation. >> so the president now is nearly given us as much debt a every president before him combined. he said $9 trillion in debt was irresponsible and unpatriotic. now it's $18.1 trillion and he will accumulate as much debt as every other president before him combined. so my question is, what about the kids that we're robbing? doesn't he have any sense of responsibility that we can't spend more than we take in while these are lofty goals you want to share. don't you think there's a point where government needs to stop
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spending and stop robbing future generations? >> god bless you, sean. i agree with you 100%. hang on. but i don't agree that you spend in a way that's penny wise and time foolish. you can't deny people economic mobility. you can't say, hey, you don't have a chance in this country, we're not going to help you and then expect people to remain loyal americans. the american dream is very important. >> but under president obama we nearly have, as i pointed out earlier, nearly 20 million more americans in poverty nearly 20 million more americans on food stamps. he hasn't done anything to help the middle class. median income has gone down $3,000 per family, health care costs have gone up thousands of dollars. so his policies for six years haven't achieved the goal you desire here. is it maybe time to try something else? >> you know every time i think you and i are having the same conversation you just fly off on me. >> bring in a little bit of truth and look what happens.
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>> wait a minute, hold on. the middle class in america they have 401(k)s, look at wall street. middle class in america looks at gas prices and looks at increased oil and gas production and the jobs that have come from it and say that's good. middle class america looks great, you had your shot. middle class america looks at the deficit and says look at the rate of growth obama's brought it down and the middle class americans know that when you start talking about the recession we were in it wasn't obama that did that. he brought us out of it. >> seven years later you're still talking about bush. >> no. >> here's my point, the 50 million americans on food stamps, they don't care about wall street. the average american seeing incomes decrease in real dollars in six years they don't care either. >> i agree. >> and the people that have jobs in the oil and energy industry, well, that's drilling on private lands because this president has reduced leases by nearly half in the time he's been president yet he takes credit for it. >> he deserves credit absolutely. >> for what? >> for protecting our
10:15 pm
environment and by the way promoting gas, oil and alternative energy to the point where we are one of the leading producers in the world of these things. and it comes with jobs. again -- you know what the problem is here? i think that you -- i saw you and mark levin, the great one, just about engage in a circular firing squad. you're hurting the republican party. >> i'm not hurting anybody. >> because you're going to say you're lining up to defend the rich. you shouldn't be defending at every turn. stand up for the middle class one time. >> i'm standing up for america and i'm telling you conservative policies, limited government less spending by government would be a good thing for everybody. hang on -- >> when the middle class hears you're opposed to reducing the m -- raising it from 23% to 28% they say, sean what's the big deal so some kid can go to community college? >> juan, the top 1% pays 38% of the bill. do you know what the bottom 50%
10:16 pm
pays federal income tax bill? >> yes, i do. >> what is it? >> you tell me. >> 2.78%. >> right. >> that's redistribution. that's their fair share. >> sean, if you only made $40,000 a year, you still would pay your property tax, your sales tax, your state taxes. pay a larger percent of taxes than the rich and you make the poor out to be bad people. stop blaming the poor. oh, my gosh, i'm telling you, don't hurt your own party by makes yourself out to be defenders of the rich. >> i'm conservative party. but any time i need your advice on politics and economics, i'll ask bob beckel. >> you're campaigning for hillary. that's what you're doing. >> coming up next last night president obama made history. well, not in a good way. for the first time since 9/11 al qaeda was not even mentioned in the state of the union address. we'll have reaction. colonel oliver north, lieutenant colonel ralph peters and michael moore, seth rogen now beginning
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welcome back to "hannity." so last night the president said we moved on from two wars and made little mention of the ongoing threat of terrorism that our country still faces. and he did not use the words islamic extremism or even al qaeda. now, that's the first time that al qaeda has not been mentioned in a state of the union address since before 9/11. here with reaction colonel oliver north. colonel, i was with you that weekend, i haven't forgotten and i know you haven't forgotten and he can't even say radical islam and he actually tried to make the case things are going just swell against isis. >> well, he has to because mentioning al qaeda or islamic jihad or any of the attacks that have been perpetrated against us doesn't fit his narrative that aq has been decimated, it's on the run. but of course last night's state of the union address is far worse than not mentioning al qaeda or radical islamic terror or the jihad being waged against us because last night's union address reveals the hallow core of the obama administration's national security policy or
10:21 pm
lack thereof. overall it was surreal. this year's state of the union address raises concerns, i think, that our president is delusional. he claims the crisis is over that we've turned the page. well radical islam is larger and more dangerous than ever. and the only line about our military that he made any sense with at all was a call for employers to hire vets and then offered no incentives for businesses to do so. it was absolutely unbelievable. >> you know i guess -- i'm trying to understand it because we see radical islamists. you say it's worse than ever. okay, if there is 1.6 billion muslims worldwide, then what percentage are radicalized? because we see it in australia, middle east, africa, europe, north america. what percent is radicalized? >> even if it's only 1% it's over a million. so he can say the words terror and terrorism nine times as he did last night, but he can't say
10:22 pm
the truth. radical islamists have declared war on us, they did so in 1993. and it's naive to think that the jihad is over just because we bring our troops home or close gitmo. >> you know, he also said back in september that yemen and somalia were examples where his foreign policy has worked and just had a coup yesterday in yemen. and the president last i looked was being held captive in his own house. >> well, look, our entire national security is being ignored by this administration. he talks about rash decisions and reacting to headlines and not using our heads. think about what this guy did. he used military force, american air power, to get rid of moammar gadhafi. an embassy or consulate has been burned to the ground and three other americans killed. look, this is a disaster and he doesn't want to speak of that because he doesn't care about foreign policy. >> colonel, thank you. appreciate it. >> appreciate you, brother. >> here with more reaction
10:23 pm
lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> great to see you, sean. >> everything's great. isis on the run, economy's great. >> i was shocked you had me in today. why do we even bother talking about this? the president has assured us that the world's fine. seriously, sean, i agree what he said certainly but it's even worse. our non-policy policies, our grab bag of initiatives in the middle east, we are handing iran an empire that eastern iraq as a minimum, yemen into western afghanistan. and in the meantime the president is allowing iran to set the terms of our engagement about iranian nuclear weapons. we're giving them billions of dollars in funds that have been frozen. not only that he's allowing cuba to set the terms of our relationship. and by the way, let us not forget our dear friend with whom we've reset relations vladimir
10:24 pm
putin, who just today in the russian media they were floating the possibility that nato ally aa astonia might become the next ukraine. our president, oli really nailed it and i don't know at this point whether our president is diluted and lives in a fantasy world or outright liar or a fantastic liar but he has no relationship to the truth. and he's not leveling with the american people. and it's scary. >> what does it mean for the average american? we saw what happened at "charlie hebdo." what does it mean when he says things are great and meanwhile isis builds territory and land mass they now have control over. even senator menendez said those talking points came from tehran. >> yeah. and it's stunning to me that the cubans, iranians and other
10:25 pm
playing president obama who he is thinks he's the player. he wants deals desperately you want it bad you get it bad. >> you get a bad deal. >> the new iranian empire i'm concerned about, but also concerned about sunnis, isis, boko haram, the khorasan front. >> africa, europe, north america. >> the islamists have not yet mastered any penguins. >> not yet. >> we'll wait. meantime, seriously, our president is absent without leave, america is suffering. i always say when america's strong, the world complains. but when america is weak, the world suffers. and under this president we are weak. >> all right colonel. good admonition. thank you. dakota meyer has a message for
10:26 pm
michael moore for calling snipers cowards. our panel weighs in and more
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is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. welcome back to "hannity." outrage continues to pour in over michael moore's continuing calling snipers cowards. medal of honor recipient took criticism personally. he wrote "i served as a marine sniper for three years, and i believe the film "american sniper" depicted what we do perfectly. a sniper's primary goal is to eliminate ground threats for our u.s. guys on the ground. is that what a coward is, a person whose goal is to save the lives of his warrior brothers? no, cowards are people who didn't have the guts to serve and happy to sit back in a free and protected country and call our service members cowards." here to explain himself is medal of honor recipient dakota meyer. strong words.
10:29 pm
tell us why you felt compelled to say i'm not taking this. that's basically what you did. >> sean, so many times we sit here and say, hey, look don't respond to something like this because it just gives it traction and you know it's going to -- it makes them more credible. but, you know i'm just tired of taking that approach. i tell you it's been so great. the public outrage on this is so great because it puts hope back into me that people are paying attention and they're saying, look, we're not going to take this and we're not going to put up with this ignorance. >> one of the things though you do as a sniper, as a servicemen or woman, is you do protect the rights for stupid people to say stupid things. and michael moore and seth rogen fit into that category. maybe you could spend a little bit of time you're a marine sniper for three years, okay. i saw the movie. i was mesmerized by it saddened by it in some ways at the end. obviously what happened to chris kyle is a tragedy, but he's a
10:30 pm
hero. more confirmed kills than any other u.s. soldier. so why don't you tell michael moore and seth rogen what it is that you do as a sniper. >> as a sniper we come in and we're in a support role, so we support combat operations. obviously the ground guys as you see in the movie they go in and clear houses or run their missions. we try to provide overwatch and gather intel. that's what we do. you know, it's a -- that's kind of our job. but either way, i mean, it's about all service members. this isn't just about snipers. it's just about all the service members going over and protecting our country. and, okay i've got the outreach of michael moore can say this. and he can, but gez guess what, we can also respond back to it and exercise our freedom of speech as well because we fought for that just as we did theirs. >> one of the amazing things about "american sniper," the movie opens with a woman and a young kid. and they come out of a house.
10:31 pm
and right down the block are american soldiers. and then you see chris kyle played by bradley cooper. he hears, your call, your call. then he has to make a quick decision, does he kill that kill, does he kill that woman? the woman hands the kid something who's apparently going to try to blow up some troops. i don't want to give the story line away. tell us about a real life situation or a couple of them where you've had to make that decision, that hey, i've got to protect my fellow soldiers and you had to pull the trigger. >> well i mean, i'm not going to get into any stories like that, but look it depicts the decision making and the type of ruthlessness of people we're dealing with. i mean, you're not dealing with people who value life like we do. and you can see and it was depicted in this movie. there are situations many times that you're in that you have to make decisions like that that are so tough. and i think, you know, not only does it depict the type of people we're dealing with but it also comes back and shows us
10:32 pm
why you have to deal with the things you do. i call the war doesn't really begin for us until we get home. >> one of the things i think the movie portrayed really well is all these things that were going through chris's mind as he has to make a decision especially to kill a kid. whether or not he does i'm not going to argue, but do you ever have to go through that? >> i mean, look when you're taking another human's life it goes through everyone's mind as far as, you know it's kind of like this sequence you go through of they believe what they're fighting in just as much as you do. and you're standing across from someone else who is willing to give their life for the belief that they're in just as you are. >> right. >> and only one of you can go home. >> well, dakota, you're a true american hero. medal of honor recipient. thank you so much for sharing your insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. coming up now first it was spy gate now it's deflate gate. the new england patriots are
10:33 pm
accused of cheating in sunday's afc championship game by using underinflated footballs. our panel will reaekt next. plus prominent members of the republican party quick to criticize the president's state of the union address and they sounded pretty presidential. karl rove has analysis on where we're going in 2016 straight ahead. ♪ go! go! go! he's challenging the very fabric of society. in a post cannonball world! and now they're making a movie out of it was it grilled cheese? guilty! the aquatic delinquency is a larger issue to this one bad apple spoils the whole
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welcome back to "hannity." more trouble for the nfl. according to an espn report 11 of 12 game balls used by the new england patriots offense in sunday's 45-7 win over the indianapolis colts apparently were a little low on air they were deflated. the league confirmed that some of the balls were underinflated, but they're still investigating the reason. here with our sister news network, the fox business network, imus in the morning bernard mcguirk and dagan
10:39 pm
mcdowel. they're not my favorite. third base coach giving signals and doing this and that and the other team steals it good for them. the patriots filmed the signals now they're saying, oh, they deflated the balls -- what? >> i am shocked. you're apologizing for the -- >> i like the competitive nature here. they're fighting. they want to win. i like it. >> i'm starting to think that bill bel-a-cheat -- >> that was a loss for them. >> it's not right. there's no way in the world you can tell me that you test 12 footballs and 11 of them are flat and they had nothing to do with it. cheating. >> okay. >> it's not okay. visiting teams they lock the doors on their locker room. every one of them to keep people from sneaking in from the patriots. >> but if you look at the rule book it says two hours and 15 minutes before the game the
10:40 pm
officials look at the balls. okay. then they hand them over to some handlers. >> that's where the mistake is. the officials should be handling the balls. >> right. so? >> they put the ball sack on the sideline an official should be watching. people from the nfl should be watching the ball sack. by the way, tom brady he's no innocent. he's going to go down with the likes of lance armstrong and alex rodriguez. >> what i love forever the rest of tom brady's life somebody's going to go, tommy tommy, tommy, are your balls soft? >> oh! >> that's a good one. >> he said that's a good one? you're encouraging her. you're encouraging him. >> we get an opportunity to stab at his balls, you should do it. >> in a radio interview that he liked when gronkowski spiked the ball because it made it softer. so he's a known cheat. tom brady admitted he likes --
10:41 pm
>> i'm going to tell you why because they win. >> no it's because they cheat. >> if they steal the signals in baseball, giving the signals third base line, this, that, all those signals and the other team picks it up is that cheating? >> that's not cheating. they were tape -- >> the ball and equipment. >> but they lost a draft pick over that. >> yes they did. again, what's going to happen if they can prove that this was intentional, what's going to happen is belichick -- >> does it make a big difference? >> yes. you prepare with a football through the week and all of a sudden that ball shows up on sunday and you feel uncomfortable -- >> you can't strip it as easy. >> the other team's not used to working with those type of footballs. so it's a disadvantage for the other team. >> what does this say about the nfl that they can't control the most critical piece of equipment to play the game. >> the whole thing is hilarious to me. >> the colts intercepted brady twice in november and they
10:42 pm
noticed the balls were soft. so this has been going on for a while. >> they knew about it. >> big scandal. >> gisele should watch -- >> you know who needs a ball? aaron rodgers, he likes them heavily inflated he has a strong grip and he likes high pressure ball. >> i'm looking forward to a great game. we're sitting here talking about balls. >> who's going to win the super bowl? >> seattle. >> how much? >> ten points. >> seattle. >> patriots by at least a touchdown. >> don't forget, you can watch dagan and bernard on the fox business network. log onto up next the architect karl rove weighs in on the gop various responses to the state of the union address. that recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price
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all right. welcome back to "hannity." 2016 is just around the corner so naturally it did not take long for many gop hopefuls to respond to the president's divisive state of the union address. early front runner jeb bush released a statement on facebook where he wrote in part "it's unfortunate that president obama wants to use the tax code to divide us instead of proposing reforms to create economic opportunity for every american." former governor mitt romney also took a shot at obama writing "true to form the president in
10:48 pm
his state of the union address is more interested in politics than leadership." several other candidates responded on camera. take a look. >> america is adrift. something is clearly wrong. america needs many things, but what america desperately needs is new leadership. >> he had rhetoric of inclusion in between threatening to veto over and over and over again common sense bipartisan legislation. >> the problem with the president's speech tonight in my mind was that his goals and policies don't match up. >> i don't think have many americans feel as though we are a tight-knit family right now. i don't think all americans feel we're safer or more secure in the world. i don't feel all americans feel we've made it through tough times. >> state of the union reaction contributor karl rove. don't forget this whole process is going to happen quickly. by the summer we'll probably have debates and iowa in a year.
10:49 pm
so it's going to happen fast. >> well, yeah but it's also going to unroll in political times slowly. but, yeah, there's a lot of activity that's going to go on before the race gels. but i thought last night was instructive in how these prospective candidates are approaching the issue of their candidacy by how they handle the president's address. you saw sort of two different tonal directions. one was to try and define what they stood for. and the other one was to criticize specific elements of the president's speech. and there's utility to doing both but i thought for example scott walker did a very effective job by saying in d.c. they think this way. let me tell you how governors out in the states think. we think differently. here's what we're trying to do. i thought marco rubio had a good -- had a really interesting approach. he said like jeb bush later in the evening, he said obama's concerned about the middle class squeeze and paychecks, and so am
10:50 pm
i. the problem is liberal policies have made it worse. conservative policies will make it better. one of the best lines of the evening was rand paul who said i heard a lot about free stuff but i didn't hear how you were going to pay for it. which was, you know a critique of the president's speech but also gave a sense of where he's coming from as a potential presidential candidate. >> i kind of agree with you. i think there's got to be a positive governing vision alternative. obama's really irrelevant. nothing he said last night is going to pass. in many ways this is an opportunity for republicans to tell people what they stand for. what'd you think of all the class warfare rhetoric? i hear you have numbers on that. >> well, fair rhetoric? >> there is a column tomorrow in the "wall street journal" that says that president obama's class war fair rhetoric is timeless but proposals are perishable, that is to say he struck a note but didn't have a lot of good supporting material behind it.
10:51 pm
so, that will be appearing tomorrow morning in the "wall street journal" but makes the point you made which is the most important take away is don't get sucked into a contest where you're just beating up on his proposals leave that to pundits keep your focus in the halls of congress on laying out a conservative reform agenda what is going to happen at the end of this is that the peoples' impression of free college tuition is going to fade. what is going to matter is that the president is going to become an obstructionist if republicans play their cards right, sitting out there threatening to veto things and and republicans are passing things every month ordinary people say do you know what? that makes a lot of sense. >> what do you have on taxes? >> well i've been looking at the tax proposals. this is amazing. obama just went through this
10:52 pm
last night. you start looking at details. for top wage earners he says we're going to limit deductions that means everything you claim a deduction on, you're going to be paying an effective rate of 43% so we're taking away ability to claim these deductions that the rest of america claims by limiting the amount of the value of those and taxing them at a higher rate. if you're a more-affluent american and have assets you can borrow to invest in other things to get you interests in dividends and capitol gains there is going to be a 15.6% tax on it. it means people instead of holding on to an asset they're going to sell the asset which it means it's going to drive down stock prices how stupid is that? what this means is this.
10:53 pm
you've got a family farm. a family business you pay a death tax when you pass. that on to your heirs at the time of your demise. we're now going to have so called stepped up basis meaning effective tax rate on things like family farms and businesses is going to be 74% we've got this thing called -- he keeps talking about i'm just going to raise capitol gains to what it was under ronald reagan. no. no. we have a law and a tax in the affordable care on on capitol gains meaning we're going to have a 33.8% capitol gains tax rate and he's going to tax 529 plans. >> yes. when you take it out. >> when your kids goes to school. >> when you die, he'll take the gold out of your teeth, i promise. >> great to see you. >> coming up next tonight on
10:54 pm
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10:59 pm
decided to find out how much americans really knew about the late civil rights leader. >> martin luther king made a speech at the capitol. do you think of that? >> very -- inspiring motivational. >> martin luther king spoke on the capitol. what did you think of that? >> i think it was great. >> how do you feel seeing him speak in public this morning? >> shocked. >> how did martin luther king look to you? did he looked like he gained a little weight? >> yes. he did. go to 24 hour fitness doctor. that is all i can say. >> jimmy kimmel very funny this is disturbing. >> should republicans work with president obama after his state of the union address? i think he kind of answered that question. he doesn't want to work with anybody. so republicans need to put bill after bill right on his desk. we want to know what you think.
11:00 pm
go to facebook whole show up. >>. that's it for "special report." the state of our union is not good according to a recent poll that rejects the president's claim that his policies are putting the country on the right track. good evening. 59% of americans new say the country is on the wrong track. this in a new nbc wall"wall street journal" poll released just hours before the president wauds up to that podium and gave his state of the union. look at these numbers. they reveal most americans are not nearly as optimistic a as the president is. why are americans so sour on the direction that the country is headed in and is the president taking us down the wrong path? let's talk about it. rand paul joins


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