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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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republicans need to put bill after bill right on his desk. we want to know what you think. go to facebook whole show up. >>. that's it for "special report." the state of our union is not good according to a recent poll that rejects the president's claim that his policies are putting the country on the right track. good evening. 59% of americans new say the country is on the wrong track. this in a new nbc wall"wall street journal" poll released just hours before the president wauds up to that podium and gave his state of the union. look at these numbers. they reveal most americans are not nearly as optimistic a as the president is. why are americans so sour on the direction that the country is headed in and is the president taking us down the wrong path? let's talk about it. rand paul joins me good evening
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evening. >> thanks for having me. >> obviously, when the president goes up there for the state of the union, he's going to try to make people feel good about how things are going. he feels good about a number of things. isn't that part of his job to set the tone and say things like the shadow has passed? >> yeah, maybe, but i think people are tired of just being told things and asked to believe thing when is it appears as if there's a lack of sincerity on the president's part. i hear those things, i hear those promises he's going to give free school to everybody everything is going to be great. the world is improving, but there tends to be a lack of sincerity sincerity. i think people are just tired in saying we don't believe you, mr. president. >> so you have been discussed as a potential candidate in 2016. if you went up there with the way they are now, unemployment numbers as they are now, what would you have said to the american people in this position? >> i would say the way we stimulate the economy and the way we make and create millions of jobs is to have a large tax
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cut for everyone. we don't punish one class versus another class. we just leave a ton of money in the private marketplace. we have to have government, but government is not good at doing stuff. think of the post office. we should minimize what government does. we should maximize the marketplace. that means having a significant tax cut. i would stimulate detroit, which has significant problems by leaving a billion dollars in detroit and not having them send it to washington. it would be much more productive left at home. >> you have a bill that is a bipartisan bill that would lower corporate tax rates and start there. the president says he wants to get rid of loopholes. is there any common ground here? is he going to respond to your bill to put together something? >> maybe, i called the president about three months ago. in 2005 he voted for a bill that's similar to mine. i'm working with barbara boxer on it. what it would do is lower the tax o to bring your profit home.
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there's $2 trillion of american profit overseas and it's just saying there because our taxes are so high. this would be an enormous private stimulus and it also would bring some tax revenue in that we could put into the highway fund. in essence this is a a great. bipartisan bill u. it builds roads and bridges, it lowers the tax rate and brings in new tax revenue. >> there's been no indication the president wants to lower corporate taxes. >> except for the fact that he was for this and voted for it in 2005. i'm an optimist and keeping my fingers crossed and will continue to try to get the president on board. >> let us know how that works out. so two major thrusts last night. one was the economy is doing well, it's a victorious moment for the white house in the president's opinion. he feels things are moving in their direction. the other was terrorism is not so bad, we have it under control. he said we're stopping the advance of isil. i can't find any military voice
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who can confirm that. in fact, what most people say is that isil is growing, that they are get. ing new recruits all the time, people abandoning say they have the money and the will and the power and they are joining forces with them. what do you make of that? >> i fundamentally disagree with the president when he says terrorism is on the run and al qaeda has decimated. when he glosses over his foreign policy and he has all these foreign policy failures and acts as if they don't exist. libya is a jihadist wonderful. hillary's war was there with a failure. in yemen today another one of his successes, the prime minister or president has been kidnapped. it's a disaster. yemen is on the way to becoming a failed state. libya is a failed state. this is the result of obama's foreign policy. so now i think he missed a few things last night in his speech. >>. so when you look at your own ranking, when you look at the polls for potential candidates
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for 2016, you're low on that list at the moment. what are you going to do to change that? >> you know, we will make a final decision this spring whether to do it or not. but i think there's a growing movement in the republican party that says our foreign policy should believe in a strong national defense, strong enough to deter all attacks but it doesn't mean we should be involved in every war everywhere and that hillary's war in libya was a mistake. the civil war in syria is messy with no clear cut good guys on other side. there are 2 million christians in syria. if you ask them do they want assad to fall and have isis take over, they prefer the evil they know rather than the evil they fear and the unknown of having isis. so i think there is going to be a place within -- there is a place in the republican party for someone who believes in a a strong national defense but not a reckless offense. >> we'll hear more about that in the future i hope. good to see you, senator.
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developing now, terror fears across america. isis on the march by many accounts and a skyrocketing national debt. all very serious challenges that the united states faces right now. but the president says that he believes that this is actually the biggest long-term concern. >> no challenge poses a greater threat than climate change. >>. former secretary of defense joins us now. what did you think of that statement? >> well, look, what hypocrite. if he really cared about climate change, he would understand that the most important thing is to get the world off coal. natural gas, the united states. he would say i'm going to open up federal lands to fracking for natural gas. i'm going to fast track the building of liquefied natural gas terminals so we can export
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it to the countries that burn coal. but instead he just has this fairy tale. china hasn't agreed to stop anything. china agreed that 15 years from now they are going to think maybe. >> so you make a great point. you have to put your money where your mouth is. if he believes that's the greatest threat and accepting that people disagree dramatically on this issue of global warming, his actions don't. back up anybody who believes that that is genuinely the biggest threat. >> here's the thing. i have been up close and personal with a lot of presidents and seen how they responded to crises. a great leader has an opinion. if he looks at the american people and doesn't agree with him, he explains why this is so important. here's the reasons. president obama doesn't do that. what do you have the public
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opinion polls say? guess where global warming is 3%. much further down the track than terrorism dealing with isis, homeland security and the economic issues. so go out and make the case. >> it leaves the big question, what is the greatest threat? when you finish that whole sentence and it's two future generations, that's the way the context was. what do you think? >> i think it's first of all deal with iran. because while he was making the speech, two things happen. the russians and iranians have signed a deal where they are going to give iran a missile defense system which is going to make iran invulnerable to the attack. the other is cyber. the president talked about cyber, but what are you going. to do about cyber? all of the basic infrastructure of the united states is at risk. yet we don't seem to have the national leadership to say we're going to have private industry, we're going to have government; we're going to have everybody work together to find a solution to protect not just the armed
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forces, not just washington, but the civilians. >> when you think about a legacy issue, that's a legacy issue that's just waiting to be grabbed. the issue of cyber security. if the president got out in front of that issue and could leave office saying i prepared us against this threat and we're number one, nobody can beat us at this game. >> also, who is against protecting us against cyber attack? everybody has been hacked. every corporation surnd the gun. every part of the american economy has been attacked one way or another by. cyber war. >> thank you, casey. always good to have you with us. now to another question that critics are asking today. was president obama describing the state of our union or as many critics have said today some place that is in his own mind? >> the shadow of crisis has
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passed in iraq, syria. american leadership including our military power is stopping isil's advance. >> inside that capital, it seemed like he was living in an alternate universe. >> isis continues to grow if the intelligence is correct. some 5,000 plus are coming from western countries who by the way have passports that can get them in here.the united states because of what's going. on there. but there's a threat in the region. >> he continues to defy reality. >> adam joins us tonight. we heard a lot of that today that the president -- it was from all corners, from "the washington post," from nbc from veteran reporters on the ground in the area saying it's a nice picture that the president painted last night about what's going on in the world but it's simply not accurate. do you agree with that? >> it's a unicorn land.
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this is very rich language. the president has a great command of the english language. but i was probably just four or five months ago i was in iraq. i'm a veteran of iraq. when i left in 2009, we had won that war. we were just in mop up operations. . today when i went back i wept through these refugee camps where kids are telling me stories that are unbelievable. you talk about syria, you talk about the brutality of assad murdering hundreds of thousands of his own people and isis running around there you look at what's happening in yemen. all over the world russia checking its neighbors, i don't know what the world is the president is living in. i don't say that with a celebration. i think it's sad when the commander-in-chief doesn't recognize the challenges that our country faces. it's frankly very dangerous. >> if he recognizes them, the next question is what is he going to do about it? it seems his focus in terms of
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terrorism and what many would call islamic terrorism is isis or isil. and the quote that he said about that last night is that we are, quote, stopping the advance of isil. that appears to be a very carefully crafted phrase, because it doesn't seem to match a lot of what's going on on the ground. what do you think he meant when he said stopping the advance of isil? they appear to be grow. ing by a lot of people's estimation. >> i think he's decided that for the next two years, he's going to manage the isil threat. he's going to hope they don't make the iraqi government. fall apart. he's going to hope they don't expand into other countries. he's going to manage this problem and punt the issue to the next president of the united states. the reality is when he takes ground troops off the table, and i'm not advocating for large ground troops yet, but when he takes that off the table, he says either the existence of ground troops is worse or isil is worse, and when you take
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troops off the tanl, we say we want to destroy isis unless that means we put troops on the ground. i don't know where he's at on this and it's disheartening. >> when you hear the stories, it does harken back -- the "washington post" made this point today. 1938 when churchill wrote while england slept and milbank said today, are we going to look back at the state of the union and call it while america slept when you think about teens being slaughtered in the street for watching a soccer game. there's a global issue out here that we really heard no urgency on last night whatsoever. >> so bill clinton said his greatest regret in eight years of office was failure to intervene in rwanda and watch a genocide occur. i'm afraid america is going to look back and see we had a war won in iraq and look back and say we wanted to retreat within our own borders. isolation is over. that's obsolete theory anymore
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that we're going to look back and say we didn't do enough. meanwhile, the iraqi people are very innocent very moderate. they are being brutalized by this terrible group isis and the president is not showing the kind of american leadership that we have known for 50 years. it's sad. i feel like he's reversed in 50 years what it's taken -- he's reversed in a a few years what it's taken america 50 years to develop. >> what you and so many fought for, and it really is a lot of steps backwards in iraq. thank you so much, good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. now for some breaking news from israel. we're getting new information about today's terror attack that happened in tel aviv. did you see this tape? he's uning up and stabbing that last woman in the blue coat. after doing this to dozens of people on a crowded bus. he was caught on camera, as you can see in this tape, he's running away. there it is once again this it poor woman falling to the ground
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after this horrific attack. fox news correspondent john hudy is live in jerusalem. what do we know about this tonight? >> martha what we know is we're learning more information about this guy. one of the witnesses who was actually on the bus and attacked said this guy had murder in his eyes. now take a look. i want to show you again that surveillance video. it is absolutely horrifying. it shows the 23-year-old palestinian man stabbing a woman in the back after jumping off the bus and trying to escape. but get this several prison security officers who just happened to be driving by they are actually taking prisoners to court, saw the bus, saw something wrong with the bus. it was swerving and then jolted to a stop. they heard the screaming. they saw all the people covered in blood and then they saw the man running with a bloody knife and went after him finally
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shooting him in the leg and ending the rampage. at least a dozen people were hurt, four seriously at this point. now this is what we know about the attacker. he's from the west bank. he's from a camp in the northern part of the west bank. according to police entered israel illegally. as for his motive, he reportedly told officers that he was angry about the war in gaza last year and also about the religious tension that's been going on at the temple in jerusalem. also religious extremism played a part in fueling his hate. he's being called what's called a lone wolf attack. we have heard this term in israel and also back in the united states. it's someone who isn't necessarily tied to an organization or any type of terror group for that matter. they commit acts of violence on their own. this is a major concern here in israel because this attack mirrors other similar attacks that we have seen. in fact, in tel aviv and here in
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jerusalem. in fact, back in november, a police officer was stabbed to death at a bus station in tel aviv. as for those injured in this attack, the bus driver we hear is in critical condition. he's being called a hero because he tried to fight back against this attacker stabbed numerous times and fighting for his life in the hospital. >> john thank you very much. back to d.c. when we come back. we get ready for a showdown. john boehner invited israel's prime minister to washington without consult inging the white house. our political panel talks about protocol and the breach of it that happened today. plus deflate gate as it's being called just got knocked up another notch. why the patriots may be in more trouble tonight as they head it to the super bowl. dante stallworth joins us to talk about this, coming up.
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a big battle is brewing in washington because john boehner went around president obama and issued an invitation to prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel and he would like him to come on february 11th and address congress. he did not consult with the president about this invitation and it was called a breach of protocol, which means they are not happy. joining us now is the national
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review rich lowrie and jason ray lee, good to have you both. here. jason s that a big deal? >> a breach of protocol is laughable. this white house is a stickler for protocol. this is the same president who used the state of the union address five years ago to dress down supreme court justices in person when they couldn't respond. this is the same president who issues executive actions to get around congress on immigration. now he's a stickler for protocol. i find it laughable. >> in terms of the politics of this john boehner wants the prime minister to come here and say some things that the president is not saying to go directly to the american people, right? >> right, we'll hear a very different and a more accurate version of reality from benjamin netanyahu than we heard from the president last night. and if he really lets loose, which i hope he does, we'll hear more about breaches of so-called diplomatic protocol and he's intervening in a political debate over whether we should have additional sanctions on
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iran. but david cameron, the leader of britain, came here and directly intervened in that debate and discouraged congress from passing those sanctions. so my attitude is what's good for the goose is good for the gander, bravo to john boehner and i hope benjamin netanyahu is firing on all sillcylinders. >> congress wants to vote on the issues of sanctions. they also want to vote on any nuclear deal that's reached nape feel like they should be able to weigh in on that. i'm asking the prime minister to address the threats that iran poses to our security and our way of life. huge issues that we didn't hear anything about last night. >> i'm glad someone in washington not only understands the nature of the threat but understands who our allies are. obama is more concerned about offend ing offending the mullahs in iran. he's more concerned about offending them than israel or france. i think he's got it backwards.
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i'm glad that boehner understands and someone in washington understands the nature of the threat. and what congress is asking for is a bipartisan request. there are a number of democrats on board. obama should listen to members of his own party on this. this was robert menendez today at a congressional hearing ranking member of the foreign relations committee, he said it sounds like talking points coming from tehran. that's the ranking democrat on the senate foreign relations committee. so this is a bipartisan effort on the part of congress to be more involved in these negotiations. >>. this is such a real threat. how could they be so far apart? >> i believe the reason why president obama skated over al qaeda, gave us this false narrative of isis being stopped in its tracks it's because it's not really what motivates him on foreign policy. he's looking at what he considers legacy issues. the war in iraq and afghanistan empty out gitmo, diplomatic opening with cuba and then to
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top it off, a diplomatic opening with iran. >> it would be nice if he could stop the nuclear program. that's a nice issue for your legacy. we'll see you later in the show. growing outrage over the early prison release of this al qaeda opera ty. the obama administration going on the defense on this move they made. find out more, next. th
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growing outrage over news an
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al qaeda ob rative was suddenly released. the qatar native was freed before he completed his sentence because of time served. they are trying to defend that release. >> an admitted opera ty released for time served. >> he was alleged to have been placed here by mohammed. >> with every release we negotiate, we are doing everything possible to keep america safe. >> the obama administration continues to provide aid and material support to the enemy. >> do you support that a former al qaeda operative released from the united states to qatar. >> people who served their sentence are then released. but the overall picture is to do everything in our power to keep america safe. he's focused on that. that's his priority. >> tonight we're joined by duncan hunter, who served in
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iraq and afghanistan and he joins us now, good to have you here tonight. >> thank you. >> let's start with this release. he was a person we were very concerned about concerned to be making cyanide poisons and scoping transport sites in the united states. what do you make of the release? >> it's absurd. to make it worse, the qatar people were asking for his release. this is something qatar wanted done for some reason. the american people don't know what that reason is and i don't either. i think this even goes deeper than what it is. i think it has something to do with the way we're trying to get hostages back and prisoners in afghanistan. i think this may have something to do with it. we're exploring that. we're trying to find out why. why would you do this why you still have soldiers on the ground. it's kind of crazy. i don't understand it frankly.
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>> if it was some kind of deal, and everybody suspects there's more to the story than we know so far in terms of what kind of arrangement was made. but we're all going to wait to try to figure that out. in the meantime, it's part of replenishing the battlefield. we've seen many people who will return to yemen, which is a hot bed and also those who have been returned. there's a lot of freedom, a lot of latitude to rejoin, do they not? >> this guy's brother is in qatar too. you have his brother going home to family. this is kind of a slap in the face to the french people and any other folks who have been attacked by al qaeda, whichever cell it is, it's a slap in the face to the military who have people on the ground right now. this is a slap in the face to anybody involved with the the military whatsoever. you can't release bad guys back in the line of duty while you're still at war. the only explanation we can find
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and we're still digging, like you said, this has to be some kind of hostage negotiation setup. that could be the only reason. if that's it, that's a bad move too, i think. especially for the united states. you don't put people on the ground that can kill american troops while you're still at war just for a hostage negotiation. >> you heard valerie saying it was because his time was served. and when someone is in a federal prison in the united states, i mean it's understandable that that's tough to get around. is it not? >> he didn't rob a mcdonald's down the street. this was a terrorist that wanted to kill thousands of americans. that's what his goal was. this isn't a common criminal. i think the administration has a hard time. they can't even say radical islam. they literally can't say it. if they can't say the words, how would they recognize it when they see it. this is a problem you run into. you treat guys like this like a
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common criminal that it robbed a mcdonald's for a couple cheese burgers. that's not who this guy is. >> obviously, you signed up for the military right after september 11th. i'm curious what you thought about the president's treatment as far as the war, and we're stopping the advance of isil, which a lot of people who are on the ground take great issue with. >> what the president is doing is confusing our allies and em boldening our enemies. he's pulling us back from the hot spots in a much bigger way. that's what he's doing. he's emboldening our enemies. if you get caught by america, they will probably send you back and get back to the fight. our allies in this are going. are you kidding me? you guys are putting these guys back on the battlefield so they can possibly do a london attack or another paris attack or any of these european countries. this is absurd. >> if any of these people are traced back to an attack, there will be a lot to answer to.
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i want to ask about the u.s. marine who spent more than seven months in a mexican prison for making a wrong turn. as you know, gretta's team and a few members in congress stayed on this case until he was finally freed and brought home. last night he was your special guest at the state of the union. so what was that like for him? tell us about it. >> it was great for him. you had so many members of congress just like you had so many americans who really just had their heart in their hands for andrew. it was good for him to see them and it was good for the congress members to see him too. and lastly this is not his point of view, this is my point of view. i think it was important for him to see in person the president of the united states who was the one person in the whole country who could have got him out of jail. the one person that could have got him out of jail and did not do anything to help him. i think it was kind of important for him therapeutic, for him to go and see him. but also see the other members
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of congress, democrats and republicans, that were on his side anded tried to help him out. the white house doesn't know who is in jail and who is a terrorist and who was not. >> congressman, thank you. thank you very much good to have you here tonight. vice president joe biden is at it again. you have to hear what he said this time. it's about tax hikes and you may not like it. stick around to hear what it was. plus a house that was supposed to be renovated was demolished instead and you won't believe who was driving the bulldozer in t
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vice president joe biden pumping up the volume on the plan to tax the rich that we heard about last night. take a listen. >> you want to continue to help trust fund babies or go out
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there, last thing they need is another $210 billion tax cut. >> so much to go through in that little statement. our political panel is back. rich lowrie and jason riley, rich, let's start with you. there's quite a few inaccuracies in that statement. >> i love the caveat that it's not a pa gortive term. we heard at the end of that the end of the speech we heard the airy reck ret about how we need a more united politics. here the next day the vice president is out calling anyone who is take inging advantage of these vehicles to save and invest a a trust fund baby, which goes to how insincere the rethetoric was and how stuck the administration was on the class warfare politics. >> how is this going to work for
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them? as often is the case a lot of people that get labeled rich they don't feel rich after they pay the bills and isn't that much left over and trying to save for college. they are unhappy that they might be in that category. >> it's a blatant misrepresentation of who all benefits from tax cuts on investment income. half the country owns stocks either directly or through 401(k)s. it's his goal to raise revenue to pay for these other programs that the president laid out free community college and so forth, paying off student loans, cut taxes on investment income. when clinton did it in '97 and bush in 2003 it brought in more revenue. if you want to increase revenue cut the tax. don't increase it. this is just class warfare. i think it polls well the whole speech last night he hit on words and phrases that poll well. i'm surprised the vice president
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didn't work in a koch brothers reference. >> thank you very much, guys. good to have you both with us. so now to a very bizarre story. there's a new york man who decided to demolish his own family home. now it is completely destroyed and the worst part he never mentioned this little fact that he went out and rented the bulldozer to his wife or told her what he was up to. >> none of my belongings were taken out. >> everything was in the house? >> everything was in the house. i u don't know what happened. i don't know anything. >> something is very wrong here. lack of communication to be sure. there is the house. he allegedly told police that the house was in such bad shape that it couldn't be repaired. there were questions about whether he applied for a permit and he was ticked off. but they are going to start
11:43 pm
fresh. he claims that he couldn't get what he needed to go forward, but now he has one unhappy wife at home who is missing her belongings. i think there's more to to this story. now they don't have a place to live. how about this tonight. the plot thickens. reports that there's new evidence that the patriots deflated footballs in order to win in the super bowl. dante stallworth to go on the record on the hottest topic of the day, when we come back.
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the super bowl is just around the corner now and this whole deflate gate scandal is not getting any smaller at this point. espn is now reporting that the new england patriots used 11 underinflated game balls in their blowout victory over the colts in the afc championship
11:48 pm
game. watch this. >> deflate gate, no longer just a joke. >> 11 of the 12 footballs used by the patriots during their championship win over the colts were deflated. >> it seems like you could throw it better if it's deflated. >> this is being taken seriously by the nfl. >> the penalty is a fine and they lose a first round draft pick. it needs to be much more severe. >>. joining us now is sports director scott smith good to have you here tonight. everybody is talking about this. everybody is weighing in on this. when you took a look at the situation and learned more details, we thought maybe one ball maybes it have the one issue that the ball was noticed by the colts player. but now it looks like it involves 11 balls. what do you think? >> it actually involves all 12 balls. it was just that 11 were two pounds per square inch underneath the mark. but all were underinflated
11:49 pm
balls. it reeks more than just a coincidence. people are trying to get their mind around how this took place. all the balls are inspected two hours before kickoff. they move on. they stay under lock and key until ten minutes before the game starts. then they are escorted on to the field. it happened one of three bay ways. it was either something happened when they were brought out to the field and the ball boy on the field was able to tamper with it, or the referees misinspected them from the very beginning and perhaps they didn't get the right measurements or it happened prior to kickoff, somewhere along those lines. it's hard for me to understand that during the course of a game with cameras getting every cut you can imagine that there's going to be someone on the sideline letting air out.
11:50 pm
but that could be the case. perhaps we'll see video evidence of it. >> is there any indication that the colts balls were also tested to make sure after the fact that there wasn't some sort of across the board issue going on with how they were measured or gauged gauged? >> yeah. no. they did test the indianapolis colts balls and they were up to snuff. they want them 13 1/2 and 12 1/2 pounds per square inch. this is a ball inflated correctly. i mean it's as hard as a rock. brand new, by the way. here's another nfl football and this is two pounds per square inch lighter. the difference is negativelible. it's not much of a difference. if a colts player felt the difference on an interception to me that's extremely impressive but there's history here, martha. november 16th when the colts played the patriots there were complaints they thought they were usingeing underinflated balls and probably on the lookout for
11:51 pm
this it this time around and that was the case. but the bottom line is here it's not about whether or not the ball is that much easier to throw or a difference it makes it comes down to the integrity of the game of course. unfortunately, they're not going to get the benefit of doubt because of their history, spy-gate and such. >> okay. scott, thank you very much. so how much of a difference does a deflated ball really make to the players? former wide receiver donte stalworth joins us. you played for the patriots. is this something that you think that belichick or tom brady or anybody else would be involved in on this team? >> no. i personally don't think so. i do think that the patriots do definitely don't get the benefit of the doubt whfr thingenever things like this. when the so-called spy-gate issue in 2007 had came about and
11:52 pm
everyone started to question their super bowls, everyone started to question their wins and do to this day. they won't get the benefit of the doubt but also, like your guest said before, it's definitely -- you want to make sure that the integrity of the game is upheld and fans pay a lot of money to watch us play and we put a lot of hard work in so you want to make sure it's an even playing field. >> there was a quote a while back that tom brady said about gron gronkowski and likes to spike the ball so hard and i like a softer ball anyway and he was complimenting gronkowski but that's all over the place today. see, there's evidence that tom brady likes a ball a little bit deflated. >> you know what? each quarterback likes to have their footballs arranged in a certain way. i have seen guys on the practice field toss the ball and immediately throw it back like a
11:53 pm
hot potato. a quarterback knows his specifics are to that particular football and every quarterback has a different way so you know, i don't think that has anything to do with it but the investigation is still under way and a lot that we need to know before i think we can come to a definite conclusion. >> they want to wrap it quickly. what did you think about what scott said in washington? he said there's only a small window to take some air out of the balls inspected and locked away or put in a secure place and locker room and then they're brought out. what's your experience with that? >> yeah. i think both teams have -- they each have their own balls and a small window when you don't have the footballs and before the games. i mean the guys are tossing them around. i really don't know when they have time to do that. there's a lot to be learned in the next couple of days and hopefully the truth comes out soon and we know what happened. >> all right. likely punishment? what's the impact on the super bowl really? how does it affect their
11:54 pm
mind-set going in? >> i think if anyone can handle this it's the patriots. they have handled issues before in the past. this will be an issue for the media and covering it and talking about it but the patriots will have a firm grip on what's going on and the focus of the super bowl win. >> sort to speak, right? >> yep. >> thank you very much. great talking to you tonight. all right. coming up here, a five-alarm fire in an apartment complex. the latest coming up next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit don't let non-24 get in the way of your pursuit of happiness.
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so we are back now with this fox news alert. breaking news in new jersey. take a look at this. it's a five-alarm raging out of control. it's at an apartment complex in edgewater, new jersey. this is a live look. fire departments from five towns have come to this blaze. residents evacuated the building. no reports so far of injuries but obviously these folks have a
11:59 pm
lot on their hands to deal with tonight and we'll keep an eye on that breaking news as it continues to unfold this evening. so now get ready to speed read the news. a federal grand jury indicting the ohio man plotting to attack the u.s. capitol building. he is charged with trying to kill u.s. officials and employees and arrested with two assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition last week. he's being held without bail. he'll be back in court tomorrow for his arraignment. and tonight, "the new york times" reporting that the justice department will likely not bring civil rights charges against former ferguson police officer wilson. wilson shot and killed michael brown, an unarmed teenager last august. the shooting sparked massive protests and riots in the st. louis suburb. a federal investigation into the ferguson police department does remain open. thank you for being with us,
12:00 am
everybody, tonight. join me tomorrow morning in america's tonight on "red eye." >> adorable, dancing robots. super cute or super killer? what happens when you feed them after midnight? and does the president think from now on every vice president should be given a giant cowboy hat made of cheese? >> it is not a nice to have. it is a must have. think about that. >> and finally an innocent ball pit forced to share a college dorm room with a total weird owe. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. and now let's welcome our guest. she is more wasted than her degree in


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