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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight. greta is back on the record monday at 7:00. join me next week on out numbered weekdays at noon. have a great night and weekend, everyone. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i just want to get the bad guys if i can't see them, i can't shoot them. >> the attacks continue on the movie american sniper. many of them coming from the internet. tonight a factor investigation. how you are being deceived in cyberspace. as the muslim world devolves into chaos there are some followers of islam trying to help americans one of them save the life of marcus lutttrell. now he wants asylum in the u.s.a. we have a special report. >> i love going all natural. >> also ahead much of the country will not see this racey super bowl ad but we have it it and with the
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viewer advisory, we will show it to you tonight. >> it just makes me feel better. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how the internet is deceiving you. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know the movie american sniper is a huge hit and it's favorable to the u.s. military. clinton eastwood's film makes a sharp distinction between the evil of the terrorists in iraq and the nobility of the american sniper chris kyle. because of that, the far left is going nuts. launching hateful attacks on the film and on mr. kyle. and most of the libel is found on the net. here is a good example. of how all americans are being deceived. not only are about american
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sniper but about modern issues in general. this woman, 33-year-old amanda tob writes for a web site called ms. taub may be a murder sympathizer. after outraging the world ms. taub tried to explain why the taliban did it quote taliban militants have been killed during the group's year long conflict the pakistani military and pakistani military use of artillery strikes guarantee casualties. it's plausible that the taliban believes earnestly that the pakistani military is deliberately targeting its family members. so here we have amanda taub providing a rationale for the slaughter of 132 innocent school children. does it get much worse? her article about american sniper was posted on a
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number of internet providers including yahoo but those providers did not tell you the reader who ms. taub is or the quality of the organization for whom she works. they just post her disgusting stuff quowt any context. here is what she said about the movie. american sniper imaginary deck to griff chris kyle a suitable evil fight. while it's never great to see a movie falls phi a true story. disdainful. taub's view is preposterous. proximate result trays the enemy in iraq as victims of american aggression. therefore, chris kyle and all u.s. troops are the bad guys in her mind. here's the truth. mr. kyle and all-american military personnel were fighting two main groups, the baathists who powered -- supported the savage saddam
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hussein and core terrorists that civilians that horrified the world. those are the people that chris kyle killed with his sniper rifle. the chief danger here is not from a propagandaist like amanda taub. it's the entire internet climate. americans are often presented with information that's false libelist and distorted in the extreme. there are no journalistic standards on the net. few web sites even have editors looking at it they just post this stuff and walk away. fortunately, many americans believe what they read. and, therefore, there is danger to the republic. if you know anything about history, you know that dictators both on the left and the right first controlled the press. the nazis and the communists put out a steady stream of dishonest garbage brainwashing their population. to some extent, that's happening now in free societies with the elevation of the net. and it's flat out dangerous.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington, former blogger matthew dust president of the foundation of middle east peace. and here in the studio he former blogger for the huffington post. where am i going wrong here? >> oh my goodness bill, the nazis had like two vehicles to release their information. >> radio and newspapers. >> exactly. today we live in a world where there are multiple millions literally millions of ways to communicate different messages to different echo chambers. so people who want to read and hear what they think will go to what they read and think. that's the nature of it we should regulate that. who is this the government? >> i didn't say anything about regulating it i said if you want to have a far left kooky web site. >> media company. >> more power to you. go ahead knock yourself out. as you rightly pointed out you go there, you don't go there. when it gets over to the big ones, google and yahoo and all of these things and they just posted, all right, with
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no context that's propaganda, it's wrong, it's happening all over the place. >> well, usually they don't do that unless it's with a real media company. those are those partnerships. >> where do you think i got this taub thing. i didn't get it from vox. >> klein is a "the washington post" columnist. he is art path media. >> mr. klein is as far left as they come. again, i have no beef with him making a living, but i do have a leaf with these irresponsible agents these ones that distribute putting this stuff up without any context. and you say, mr. dust? >> well, first of all, i have to take a bit of issue with your description of amanda taub's write something propaganda. she is a fine writer and vox is a fine web site. >> she a fine writer? did you read the article about the taliban slaughtering the kids? you had no problem with that right? >> i would like to address that specifically. would. >> i think we have to do with this issue that trying
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to understand what motivates insurgent groups granted they do horrible things. >> she was sympathetic to them not motivating. sympathetic. >> i think what she is trying to do. >> you can't read. you literally cannot read the words. i put them on the screen. >> the taliban might have been targeted. >> go and read the entire article. >> yeah. go ahead. i challenge anybody to read it. >> if we want to have smart policy, i think we do need to try and stand what motivates these groups. simply having as they are evil and we need to kill them doesn't do it. >> let me ask you a simple question because i'm a simple man, all right? >> sure. >> do you think that the people american troops were killing in iraq during the war, the victims, do you think that the groups that were fighting us were victims? "yes" or "no," mr. duss. >> i think some of them were. yes, some of them were. not all of them. >> i applaud your honesty. i applaud it get back to you. >> would you allow me to explain my answer?
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>> no, i won't. i'm not going to let you explain your left wing propaganda on this if you think al qaeda and baathists were victims groups were victims. certain reasons why chose to i didn't know those groups. >> normal iraqis didn't. they sat it out. >> that is simply untrue. that's true. the people fighting us were terrorists. all right. down the line. >> if you go back to the counter insurgency strategy. go to what general petraeus said when he wrought forth his counter insurgency strategy in iraq. he had the idea of reconcilables. >> with the sunni chiefdoms who turned against the terrorists who kyle was killing. all right. i have got to get back it are you saying. we are not even in the same planet, we're not. >> it must. because i can't even you are that far out there. you are a man that should go
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out for tea and talk about how victimized the taliban you heard. >> i don't hold it against mr. duss that he carries those views as misguided but if matthew dust post something, i want everyone to know what his world view is. is that wrong? >> well, i think completely. >> you take the time. how many americans do you really think do that? >> the same thing happens on twitter. people will post thing on twitter not validated. >> not a twitter booster either. it tells how bottom who you are and what agency you are coming from. it doesn't do it on the net. last word? >> best way to rebut it more opinion. we are in a free society where we have freedom of speech and you just rebut hers. that's the best way to do
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it. >> this show is a different situation. we identify who is on the show and they get to give their opinion and look, again, i would like mr. duss honest man. he and are so far apart that i don't think we could ever even have a discussion because my head is going to blow up i appreciate you guys coming on. next on the rundown the saved marcus lutttrell wants to come to the u.s.a. but it's quite an ordeal. actor dean cain lashed out against rogan and michael moore in the american sniper controversy. mr. moore will be here upcoming. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. fridays with geraldo segment tonight, three hot topics, the true nature of terrorism, a good muslim trying to come to the u.s.a. and how congress can fight isis. joining us now from l.a.
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geraldo rivera. >> you know, look i think i'm a pretty fair guy. have you known me for many years. i try to deal with the factual situation. when i see somebody sympathizing with the taliban who slaughtered innocent cool children i -- innocent school children i get upsets. when i say innocent iraqis fighting american forces i know that's not true. that's all over the internet. how do you see it. >> first of all i want to make sure you and i are on the same planet. >> it depends on what week it is. >> over the last 13 years i could say with great honesty that you have allowed me to have my say. in terms of the internet, i think it's very dangerous. we can complain about it. it is the digital revolution. it sour future. however irresponsible and up fact checked. if you believe what you read on the internet first of all shame on you.
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it's your problem. >> you come from a different world view than i do. but we are both steepsd in journalism. rivera and i were trained to do what we do and facts matter. facts matter, all right? and so does. >> when i research one of your topics, for example and i go to google the google will give you a million different places you can check, i only go to those journalistic organizations or academic institutions that i know fact check, that i know are reputable that i know go through the process that you describe. otherwise, you are taking such a great chance. you can read something in bold headlines. >> people believe it that's what happened in the soviet union in nazi germany, in japan, they just believe what they read and they get inculcated especially younger people with no frame of reference. the more the better, it doesn't really matter throw it out there and that's more -- that's a healthier way to do it. i just don't see it when you
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and i started thee this three networks. >> that was bad. >> upper side of manhattan is all you heard. thethe -- this is appalling like the american sniper stuff. let me deal with the american sniper. the thing about as a war correspondent and 12 times in iraq i was on fint final convoy out of iraq, we were fighting a vicious enemy vicious enemy i think the war in iraq as terrible, terrible decision we made. a bipartisan decision that we made 2002-2003 to go into iraq. i don't believe iraq had anything to it do with 9/11. once we were in iraq, however, that's where zarqawi came from afghanistan into iraq. al qaeda was created and the
5:17 pm
cousins and brothers of that al qaeda in iraq that was created in 2003, 2004 is what we are facing now, these murder russ savages. >> and amanda taub if you read her article same with duss facing innocent iraqis. i have to get to mohammed golag an afghan citizen. >> we all saw lone survivor or read the book. there is marcus luttrell sitting right there rescued him. depicted in the movie mark wahlberg effectively. he was wounded luttrell was. his unit had been wiped out. not only the people he brought into action but the special operators who came to rescue him. he was in critical condition, wandering around and but for that afghan tribes man but for gulab marcus luttrell an american hero would have been easily killed captured, used as
5:18 pm
prop began darks whatever. gulab risked his own life and his own status and then then the question became he had to get out of his situation. it was too dangerous for him. he wanted to go to the american embassy in kabul the afghan capitol and ask for asylum. the embassy said me don't to come you will attract too much attention and danger we are already under attack and under siege here in kabul please find a different way to get to the united states and he has been with michael wiles, his attorney who i spoke to just about 20 minutes ago. he has now applied for refugee status through the united nations. it is a process that has taken far too long. it's not the united nations fault. i think it's more the homeland security, our own bureaucracy. >> i agree the state department should get him in here on humanitarian grounds right away and we are going to work. you and i will work together
5:19 pm
on this. >> i think there is no doubt he will be here. let his grade card where is he now? >> the 30 country i didn't want to press. is he fearful. >> he is out of afghanistan. is he some place else. >> he is out of afghanistan. the application is processed and he will get here. >> i want to point out one more thing. the reason that mr. gulab according to mr. luttrell's book lone survivor gave him sanctuary risking his life to do so koran demands it it's not all black and white out there. it's not all black and white. geraldo rivera, everybody. directly ahead, lou dobbs on why gas prices are falling and what it means to you. and gutfeld and mcguirk the super bowl ad most of the country won't see if you stick around we will show it to you tonight. those reports after these messages.
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lowe's the boss segment tonight, falling gas prices, right now the average price for a gallon of gas about two bucks. that's down from $3.68 last june. why is this happening? here now fox business network anchor lou dobbs. now, i have to say something about being your sister. i'm not your sister. but the sister. >> i'm just proud to be related to you business network is a sister of fox news. >> cousin. >> cousin. >> it doesn't matter. stepsister. anyway look. very simply, gas prices have fallen so drastically why? >> because, frankly economies are slowing down around the world. specifically europe. specifically china, as a result less demand for oil. >> stop there. so in china and europe, the economy is going south right? >> correct. >> so people losing their jobs tightening up, they are not buying as much
5:24 pm
gasoline. cutting back on their heating oil things like that. >> factories not producing as much. >> so the stockpile of oil is going up, right? >> correct. >> but opec and the arab nations they are producing as much oil as they used to they have a lot on the market in america on private land our production is going up to. >> absolutely. >> federal land going down. >> down 6%. >> okay. so you know everything. we don't have to buy as much oil from overseas, right? >> correct. >> so the barrel of oil which is set biopeck, that price is coming down for the barrels, right? >> correct. >> okay. but just not that many people need as much oil and opec hasn't cut production. >> do you feel i'm validating you in any way? >> i'm trying to understand it, all right? -think i have it now. >> i think do you too. >> the bigger question, this makes the u.s. economy better why? >> absolutely. because you have greater production cheaper fiewlts
5:25 pm
results in about $1,400 in household until extra disposable income. remember, this is after tax, $1,400 and that is a big boost. >> spend the 1400 bucks on other things. >> or save it far too many don't do. consumer driven economy. they spend it other places therefore other people make more money and economy lifts. >> exactly. >> president obama kind of lucked into this right? >> big time. and the result of fracking, which he, as you know, owe opposes. fossil fuel which he opposes. drilling and exploring for oil and producing it and refining it which he opposes because it's fossil fuel is saving his hide. economically speaking: great-ronnie. >> he can't tell. obamaomics. >> he can't tell the states not to frac. if the states want to frac they frac like north dakota. here in new york you can't.
5:26 pm
>> because you have a liberal mayor. >> right and left wing governor. >> the economy is lifting and president obama is happy but it's lifting because of things that he opposes. >> exactly. >> definition of happy. does this look like a happy man to you? >> barack obama? no, i swear to god. what he is doing is counting the days until he is out of there. and then he is trying to figure out how much his lecture fees is going to be. >> he is going to make gazillion of dollars. he has had an interesting cliplet in the clintons. self-not alone here in we see this curtain beginning to fall. >> oh, dobbs. >> i'm not being partisan here. i'm watching the cycle of history and embracing it. >> there is lou dobbs, everybody. play dough. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dean cain who plays super bowlman confronted michael moore and seth rogan on the american sniper controversy.
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mad as hell segment tonight. we have four rather annoyed viewers who want to sound off so let's go. fox news anchor heather nauert here to help us out. letter number one comes from:
5:31 pm
so why do they want the taxes? what else this all about? >> some members of congress, democrats and some republicans as well. >> republicans too right. >> want to raise the gas tax. it hasn't gone up since 19893. it's currently at 8.4 cents per gallon. that is just a federal tax. there is also a state tax on top of that that can be a whole lot higher depending on where you live. these members of congress say they want the gas tax to better fund our roads, our brirges all the improvement infrastructure. >> all the infrastructure stuff. here's the deal. they use the gas price not just for infrastructure and the roads. they take the money and have it studying some duck on whether he is cold in january so. >> but the states do that as well bill. for example, in the the state of kansas, they use it for medicaid in texas they use it for education. people need to know that information.
5:32 pm
>> if the federal government is going to say up it to 10 cents that's all i would go. they have to spend it all on the roads. >> john boehner says this is not going to happen. >> i know republicans don't want it raised. i understand that. >> some republicans in the house don't want to raise it there is some powerful folks in the senate. republican who's do want to raise it. >> second letter from ross: i think is he referring to me. i am dapper. now, i do want to raise the minimum wage and i have said that many times on the show. what are the stats on it real fast? >> 3.3 million people. >> that's all we are talking about. >> federal minimum wage $7.25 per hour. the last time it went up was 2009. it was $6.55 per hour back then. so, there is some conflicting numbers here. congressional budget office osays 16.5 million people would get a pay raise as a
5:33 pm
result cbo does say 500,000 would lose their jobs as a result. >> i have to the got to stop you i want that raised up to 10 bucks, 10.70 so people have incentive. >> which is what obama wants. >> so what does that mean? why do we care. >> she is talking about a headline that came out very late last year from the international monetary fund. >> right. >> they looked at some numbers out there. they said china will now produce $17.6 trillion worth of goods and services where the united states will produce $17.4 trillion in goods and services. >> does it matter? >> it's one way of looking at things. >> does it really matter? >> what some economists will real say what really matters is the purchasing power. >> because this is a billion and a half people in china. 300 million here. >> your money goes further in china than it does in the united states. still we are the wealthier company. >> go to china and look for a job, good luck. finally this letter:
5:34 pm
that's all about upbringing and tradition. >> i talked to some folks in the nfl said these guys aren't educated the average age of an nfl player is 25 years old. they may not have been taught. other guys will say we are so focused on the game ahead of us, we are not thinking about the national anthem. >> as long as they are not spitting during it. >> some will say their own personal faith does not allow them to do that and you know, mennonites and quakers that's not what they believe. >> i don't care what everybody else does. give it the respect it deserves but it's good to do this. >> did you know it is actually a federal law. it's not something that is enforced. >> federal law to put your hand on your heart. >> i didn't know that heather. >> i can arrest some people i know a citizen's arrest. >> since 1942. >> very interesting. you have got to put your hand on your heart or you are committing a misdemeanor.
5:35 pm
>> members of the military. >> if you are mad as hell we want to hear about it please write us mad as hell as we come right back, viewer warning, we're going to show you a super bowl ad that is rather police sit. most of the nation will not see it but we have it. next. ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest ...baddest
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight big viewer warning. you may be offended. the hamburger chain carl's jr. big on the west coast has a history of paying for provocative advertisements. they often feature attractive women wearing not much. karl's jr. is spending a ton of money to run a new ad during the super bowl. that commercial will not be seen by most of us in america only those in the west will get a look. well, we have the spot. and we're gonna play it. but you may be offended some will think it's bad taste pardon the pun. but you might want to look away now. here it comes. 440 seconds and you can come back. roll it. ♪ ♪ >> i love going all natural.
5:40 pm
if just makes me feel better. nothing between me and my 100% all natural juicy grass fed beef. >> introducing the all natural burger the first ever in fast food with no antibiotics, no added hormones and no steroids only at carl's jr. >> no hormones at all. here now to analyze so to speak bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. >> wow. >> first of all, gutfeld, be was my viewer warning enough? >> i want to commend new making america aware of this injustice because it is so disgusting that we need to see it again and again and again and again for the next two weeks. by the way i want to point
5:41 pm
out does it sell burgers? this is not for people. this is for cattle. if i was a cow i would be happier on my way to slaughter knowing that i would be eaten by a supermodel as opposed to say a sweaty mass of jell-o like alec baldwin. imagine taking a ride through his system. you find old license plates and missing dogs. i would rather. >> i kind of lors you in the middle of that but that's all right. does it sell burgers mcguirk? >> i need to see it again bill. >> you both need to see it? >> of course it sells burgers. >> how? >> because guys the targett's not -- they are not going to listen to plain jane. >> you want guys to eat this humongous burger. >> a plain jay in pants suit. it's controversial but it's definitely not deflate gate. i wonder how many pounds per inch those things. >> that's a big burger. >> you are talking about something else? >> the melons on the scale. this chick makes kate upton
5:42 pm
look like frank -- she is beautiful. >> this chic is that what you you say? >> is beautiful. >> this is a young woman. she is a professional model. >> that's what i meant. >> gutfeld? >> one very important question in all of this. where is carl senior? just another absentee dad and i blame hip hop music and beyonce. >> what is more american than a burgers, babes bikinis and the big game? feminists want to ban this? we he had this two weeks ago in paris. just carl's burger's. >> in georgia, there is a guy i forget turner is his last name. he has a big burger in his hand and all the cops pull him over. roll the tape. >> for most of us we can eat
5:43 pm
a burger and drive our cars at the same time. i stand by the right of every american to enjoy delicious fast food while they safely traverse the roadways. >> so what's the beef mcguirk? >> nicely done bill. >> what did the cop site him for. >> he cited him for distracted driving. he wrote on the ticket eating while driving this guy. listen, it's not specifically against the law. distracted driving is against the law. the cop followed this guy for two miles and apparently he was. >> all over the road. >> well, no, he wasn't. >> no? >> that's the beef with the guy. again no pun intended. again, it's potential. look, nobody wants to see some sloppy michael moore looking moron shoving a double cheeseburger in his mouth. >> that could be distracting on the road. >> head on collision with a church van or bus with full of student athletes. >> there would be catchup everywhere. >> that's right. it's a free society, ill. >> i got it gutfeld? >> two things i eat when i drive. i eat a big bag of popcorn
5:44 pm
soen n. case i crash it's like an airbag totally unscathe. eating fast food while you are driving is the ultimate circle of life because you get gas while you are giving it. it makes total sense to me. i have nothing else. >> that's it. >> yes. >> no, actually i do. i do. this is another example of driving while fat. we are profiling -- we are profiling the obese. that's what we are doing. this coincides with michelle obama's evil push of nutritionist food in their schools. >> would the police officer have pulled the guy over if he had been eating broccoli? i'm not saying but that's an interesting. >> he might have shocked him. >> i think freedom has -- you can't text and drive. i'm for that no texting and driving but have a little snack can you do it. >> i read killing patton while i commuted for about two weeks. >> does your driver feed you? >> no. >> they just throw yaps in your mouth in the backseat? >> happy now, gutfeld? are you happy? okay. at least i don't come to work on a skateboard.
5:45 pm
>> it's a poo go stick. >> got to get out of here. on deck actor dean cain who played superman up against michael moore seth rogan over the american sniper controversy. then the factor tip of the day on new england patriots quarterback tom brady. nice hat. coming right back.
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5:49 pm
right? >> yi, chris and i were on a television show on abc stripes. we paired up and strained each other six weeks on all sorts of weapons and jumping out of helicopters and all sorts of things and became very very good friends. >> when you heard seth rogan and michael moore say bad things about mr. kyle it was personal to you? >> there is a best of your knowledge the of us that stay in touch. all the priives sent me a text and showed me the tweet. i was just angry at that my first reaction was anger. just like if you insulted my brother. and almost like we were standing in a playground i sent back a tweet very quickly and surprised at the reaction it's gotten. i was defending a friend of mine who wasn't there. and i was a little ticked off. >> sure. but i mean when celebrities get involved with back and forth, tweeting stuff. you know, you say you want to whack so you
5:50 pm
want to whack rogne baldwin saying if you haven't served in the military you have to right to comment on it. about as sophomoric as you can possibly get. i'm interested in your take on why you think the left -- and these guys are all coming from the left. all right. why they're so offended by a movie like "american sniper." i really don't understand why they're so upset about it. >> to me it defies explanation. because in my opinion chris was the epitome of an american hero. and this movie is not a pro-war movie. they're not making a big anti-war stance or something. they're picking on someone's real story they're real life. and it shows the grittiness and ugliness of war. and i just -- it defies any sort of logic to me. and i just feel like i had to say something at that time to defend a friend. >> and i'm glad you did.
5:51 pm
i think more hollywood stars have got to start to speak out because all we get is the left wing point of view out there. we don't get a lot of people countering that. now, you went to iraq when it was hot. i was over there as well. tell me about that experience for you. >> well, i was in iraq in 2005. i was with a very small group so we were able to go to a lot of forward operating bases and places people don't visit. there was a lot going on. i was in fallujah just after we took it. and i saw a lot of casualties. so i've seen war. i didn't serve. i didn't pick up a weapon and fight. i don't like it. war's ugly. but the things that i saw there touched me and changed me as a person. my son said after we watched the film he just turned to me and said i don't want to go to war. >> how old's your son? >> my son is 14 years old. >> that's about the age. i don't think i'd take any kids younger than that. the final question is that do
5:52 pm
you know rogen or moore or baldwin? do you know these guys? >> i don't know moore, i don't know seth. i enjoy seth's movies. i do know alec and he's been known to say things in the past. i don't take offense to it. listen, everybody has a right to their opinion. >> it's a robust debate. you say what you say. they say what they say. but you're standing up i guarantee you we're not going to get rogen or moore maybe baldwin. he came in once. but you stand up you make your case. that's all we ask. none of this cheap shot twitter business and run and hide. the late chris kyle would have appreciated you, mr. cain for taking a stance. you're in the hollywood community which is largely left. but you spoke out. and i think he would have admired you for doing so. >> i sure hope so. and he has my respect -- 100% of my respect. he had it then. he'll always have it.
5:53 pm
it hurts to hear someone disparage him. maybe i'll try to keep my mouth shut too. >> no, i wouldn't do that. >> i said maybe. i promise you it's not going to happen. >> it's turned out okay for me. you keep talking. you say what you want to say. all right, mr. cain, we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you, sir. up next, "the factor" tip of the day starring new england patriot's quarterback tom brady. how can power consumption in china
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
bill, you commended eric holder for allowing the u.s. attorney in new york to charge sheldon silver. if it were other attorney general you wouldn't need to say that. u.s. attorneys have broad discussion about who do they investigate. to give you an example. when george w. bush elected president, he appointed john ash kroft attorney general. there was major evidence by president clinton on his last day in office was dirty. u.s. attorney mary jo white investigated here in new york but the case died with no explanation at all from white or ashcroft. i confronted mary jo white off camera, and i know that investigation was not what it should have been. so holder pushed the silver thing and he deserves credit for doing that. jeffrey klein, evergreen colorado i'm distraught and
5:57 pm
appalled that you praised eric holder. he cannot begin to atone for the havoc he has brought. make it possible to praise good actions on the other side then you cannot possibly be a fair guy. steven goldberg los angeles. mr. o'reilly, i was surprised that you did not give sheldon silver the presumption of innocence labeling him the most destruct i have man in new york was venomous even if he did oppose jessica's law. i have watched silver hammer new york state for more than 30 years, mr. goldberg. in my opinion he is a corrupt guy who uses power to prevent good policies and enriched himself in the process. i am paid to give my opinion. and i gave it. steve ed mond st. augustine florida. bill, since you are impressed with the new attorney general do you think she'll go after al sharpton for tax evasion? hope she does, steve. not confident she will. christine, valley village, california.
5:58 pm
o'reilly, i'm getting ticked with your demeanor. i watched you on stewart interview austan goolsbee and let him talk. i don't think you're in the right place here. my son is 12 and killing lincoln is on the accelerated reading list for eighth grade, would you recommend killing patton for him? if he's a good reader, he'll like the book. it's full of action. a kids book on world war ii in europe will be released. finally, "the factor" i tom brady told the world he did not have anything to do with deflating some footballs in the playoff game against the indianapolis colts. mr. brady was clear he did not do that or order it done. in response former nfl quarterback marc brunell said this. >> i do not believe what tom had to say. those balls were deflated. somebody had to do it. and i don't believe there's an equipment manager in the nfl
5:59 pm
that would on his own initiative deflate a ball without the starting quarterback's approval. >> now, i like mr. brunell but i don't think he's being fair. he doesn't know what happened. mr. brady who's been a standup guy his entire career says he didn't do it. i have no reason to disbelieve tom brady. so i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because that's fair. "the factor" tip of the day, in your life strive to be fair. if brady's lying it's going to be over for him. a lot to lose. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website that's different from also spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be spurious when writing to "the factor." again, thank you for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is up next. i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here
6:00 pm
cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight ugly new fallout in the showdown between the white house and the israeli prime minister. and the stakes are very high. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. today it got personal and it got angry. israeli media reports say white house officials unloaded on prime minister nenen -- netanyahu after he accepted an invitation to speak at congress. a story quoted one senior white house saying netanyahu spat in our face publicly and that's no way to behave adding that "there will be a price." charles krauthammer is here, but first trace gallagher


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