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tv   FOX News Reporting Terror Strikes Boston Boston Strikes Back  FOX News  January 24, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life. ♪ it is monday april 15th. that is marathon monday. you have road closures throughout the city and along the marathon route. ideal running conditions this year. >> preparations are underway as thousands of runners across the world gear up for marathon monday. ♪
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>> i can tell you exactly what kind of a day it was. i usually work marathon monday. i took it off because my husband was running the marathon. beautiful day. people were coming up to me, i watch you on tv all the time. these are my kids. it was just one of those sort of magical moments. >> we were hoping for a good day and we got it. >> ladies and gentlemen the 2013 boston marathon champion from ethiopia. >> we decided to walk from fenway to boylston street and we were supposed to meet up with a couple of friends at form which is a restaurant on boylston
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street. it took an hour to make our way through the crowd. >> paul is going to be down there with jackie and mike jefferson is running the marathon. and you know, i tried to say no. it's beautiful out. and -- i guess like a party down. there he's like it's going to be a good time. >> the best point in any race for a marathoner is the sign when you have one mile left. we were so close. everything was going great. we were so excited. we're there and waiting. waiting, waiting. and finally my husband came to us. he had a really hard marathon. he was smiling. we see him and are at the finish line with him. ♪ >> i was fiddling with a video camera stick standing squarely
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on the center of the finish line, taking the measure of the incredible crowd. it was just this really loving, incredible place to be, where people were showering each other with hugs and love and just tremendous amounts of goodwill. and in an instant that clearly changed. >> what was that on boylston street? >> something just exploded at the finish line. >> we just got word on not one but two explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon. we are getting reports from on scene and jonathan hunt has just
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gotten one. >> dozens of people have been seriously injured as you look at the pictures obviously they are very disturbing. you can see what looks like people being worked on there. >> let's listen. >> here's what i need. i want three roads cleared so i can get the ambulances out. >> people were just coming through the finish line and all of a sudden you hear this boom. you turned around and you saw this explosion coming out of the building. >> the woman we are hearing speak is a reporter for our station in boston who was there when this happened. >> you heard the explosion. it forced you to jerk your head and turn around. >> we knew. i knew right away. and you see this big -- and we calmly but quickly started to walk away from the smoke and the noise. boom. we hear it again.
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panic. everywhere. >> i'm thrown back for a second. >> no idea what's going on. >> what is this? is it a transformer? is it more sinister? no idea. you start looking at all the injuries and you start to see people coming out with no legs. people with no arms. people faces and bodies covered in blood. >> i thought it was fireworks. i thought it was a special occasion and fireworks were going off for us. >> yeah. i remember hearing a couple loud noises and at first i thought it was thunder. >> and i took off. a police officer immediately stopped me and i yelled at him i'm a doctor. i need to be at the finish line. all of a sudden to my left the first bomb went off. i pretty much just decided to turn and run. so i turned to my right to run
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away and ended up running right into the second bomb. >> the first explosion goes off. and i said everybody get into the street. and i, you know, headed to the guardrail myself. and then you know at some point in hopping the guardrail, boom. you know, the bomb goes off. that threw me in the street about five six feet. >> when the second one went off, i could feel the impact of the explosion. i landed kind of with my left leg out and my right leg under me. there were a lot of people running by screaming and yelling. i thought i was going to end up dying there because i could see blood coming out and everybody was just freaked out by what was going on. it was just a surreal feeling. >> something inside me said get up, jared, you're okay. i seen my hand was all damaged and i looked down at my leg and i could see the back of my leg was damaged.
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i was just trying to get to the middle of the street. because you know, one bomb two bombs, logically i felt like there was going to be another one. >> i got to where the second bomb site was. i could taste the metal and the blood that was so thick and there was so much of it. i immediately started working on a young woman who was on the ground. horrible lower extremity injuries. >> i looked back and thought about my friends and looked back where they were and assumed they were all dead. >> j.p. and paul and mark lost a limb. and it was pretty rough. >> initially i don't think i was in any pain but then it all started to kind of kick in. a college student came out of nowhere and basically picked me up off the sidewalk. my heart was just sinking. and i am just like i'm going to die.
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>> fbi agents are focused on the methodical work of pulling clues from the marathon route. the residue from the explosions to determine the type of explosives, the origin of the explosives as well as whether they contained any shrapnel and that will be a critical clue. >> i think it is clear that this is an act of terrorism. when you see ball bearings -- >> here's the president. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people should not jump to conclusions before we have the facts. boston is a tough and resilient town and so are its people. i'm confident that bostonians will pull together to take care of each other and move forward as one proud city. and as they do, the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> the day after the marathon bombings dzhokhar tsarnaev was back in school living the life
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of a college kid. tamerlan was a boxer and was well known. he was sort of the more gregarious of the two brothers. you look back now at dzhokhar's tweets he was tweeting and making references of the bombing talking about the city and the impact on the city. >> we have a press conference right now. the fbi and local authorities in boston. >> i will make a couple of comments and turn it over to the special agent in charge of the office here. the city of boston is open and will be open tomorrow. but it will not be business as usual. the fbi is taking the lead in this investigation. it is asserting federal jurisdiction and will do so through the boston joint terrorism task force. >> it is midnight in boston. tonight, blocks and blocks of the city are cordoned off. is it a debris field filled with shattered glass and abandoned
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it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. grandfather: symbicort could mean a watch out, piggies! child giggles doctor: symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free prescription offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. the sun just coming up here over a very stunned city. this is boylston street just a few blocks down. >> the morning following the bombing there were a lot of people out a lot of runners felt like they were going to you know, show the city and show all of america that they weren't scared to be out on the streets
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and weren't scared to be out running. >> no unexploded explosive devices found. over 150 people were injured yesterday in the blasts. some gravely. >> any information that you have any videos or photographs that happened not just at that scene but anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to this investigation. >> bad day for boston. i think that if we pull together we'll get through it. we're a strong city. boston will overcome. >> remnants of pressure cookers were found. this style of bomb used frequently in afghanistan. >> among items recovered are pieces of black nylon which could be from a backpack and fragments of beebes and nails possibly contained in a pressure cooker device. >> doctors have been pulling nails and ball bearings out of
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the victims. the nails are like spikes. sharp at both ends. >> my left and right hand got damaged. you know, pretty severely. burns on my legs. my left eardrum was blown out. >> my right hand was burn from my wrist up. and the weird part is that it didn't dawn on me that i had other injuries. >> she lost most of her blood on the streets. she is lucky to be alive. >> i know they operated immediately on monday afternoon. two surgeries to my leg, a surgery to my abdomen. >> three or four surgeries. and i still have shrapnel in me. but i'm very fortunate. >> on tuesday afternoon they brought me out of -- i guess, an induced coma. to let me know what had
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happened. and had told me they had amputated -- sorry. >> god wasn't in the violence in the evil that took place on boylston street near the finish line yesterday. >> good morning everybody, today is wednesday april 17th. could that be the bomb? >> these photos show what happened just prior to the blast. and photos from directly after the blast. >> when the president came to the city interfaith service we found a crowd was gathered at a bar. it was one of the most remarkable moments i've ever experienced as a bostonian. every person at the bomb stopped what they were doing and turned toward the tv. ♪ >> today our prayers are with the campbell family of medford.
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they're here today. their daughter, crystal, was always smiling. our prayers are with the liu family of china who sent their daughter to bu so that she could experience all that this city has to offer. ♪ and our hearts are broken for eight-year-old martin with his big smile and bright eyes. our prayers are with the injured. so many wounded. some gravely. we will all be with you as you learn to stand and walk and, yes, run again. of that i have no doubt. you will run again. [ applause ] >> we do have this exclusive development. at 5:00 we have learned that the
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fbi will in fact, be releasing images of the suspects and fox 25 has now obtained a photo of one of the suspects. >> there had been talk that one of the bombers could be wearing a whitecap. as we were scouring this picture that's what clued us in. the picture was striking. he is looking away from the race. >> it appeared now that suddenly the fbi decided it was in their interest to release some information. >> today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a detailed analysis of photo, video and other evidence we are releasing photos of the two suspects. they are identified as suspect one and suspect two. they appear to be associated. suspect one is wearing a dark hat. suspect two is wearing a white hat. suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the
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forum restaurant. >> it shook them out of hiding. >> now all of a sudden they are putting the pictures out there. are the suspects going to panic? are they going to take off? >> twitter let up. i seen those hats. >> there was a text on the 18th one of the young men said to dzhokhar, hey, you look like the guy in the surveillance video and he texted back lol, like as if it is some kind of joke and he makes a cryptic reference to i may not be coming back, take from my apartment what you want. they are accused of going to the room and removing at least a backpack and some items in the backpack that included empty fireworks and a laptop computer and the fireworks that ended up in a dumpster and been tossed out. no chest-beating monologues about engine size, horsepower, or performance. no anthemic soundtracks
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identifying and locating those responsible is now our highest priority. >> shawn was only ever going to be a police officer. it was about being a part of the community and serving them. it made us nervous, of course. it's a dangerous job. when the chief was leaving for the day he drove past where shawn stationed his car and rolled down his window and said something like be safe tonight and shawn said just keeping everybody in line, sir. and i think that was the last conversation that they had. >> this is fox news alert. there are reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t. >> we are receiving calls for shots fired at 32 vassar street. >> the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous. >> mike stayed at the truck. i jumped in my rental car and drove over to m.i.t. >> my sister called me and said on twitter there was a report
7:23 pm
that there was a gunman at m.i.t. with every new piece of information that came out it could have been shawn. first they said a cambridge police officer and then they said m.i.t. police officer. >> if you can respond to 32 vassar street. >> a police officer has been shot. it might not be connected with the bombing at all. >> we were hoping that my mother was sleeping. i clicked over and all i could hear was her crying. >> that is confirmed. a gunshot wound. cpr in progress. >> they are telling us off the record there is no indication that this is connected in any way. we'll get someone out here shortly and we'll talk to you guys. but just back up. >> you can get close to where officers were searching in the mulch and bushes for clues and started to push back the borders.
7:24 pm
>> he was on patrol. pulled over the side of the road and the suspects got close to him and engaged him, firing a shot and killing him. >> what they did was gutless. it was a sucker punch. it was not a gun battle. the officer never had a chance. they walked up behind him and put a bullet in him, several of them. and they proved how inept they were. they could not undo the lock on his holster. >> the chief said he's been shot. and/don't know what kind of shape he's in but you have to get to mass general hospital. >> as we would later come to understand from danny, you know, the carjacking began roughly a half hour after the shooting. the young entrepreneur, chinese immigrant was driving through the austin brighton section and pulled over to answer a text message. a guy approached the door,
7:25 pm
flashed a gun and let himself into the car and he was being carjacked by tamerlan tsarnaev. he said i did the marathon attack and he said, i shot a policeman in cambridge. he told danny to drive. >> notified in roll call on the 18th going into the 19th there was a police officer shot in cambridge. officer collier. we were told that he was shot in a robbery at a 7-eleven. we know now that is not true. >> i went in and saw him. i think it was really important to see him and to be able to say good-bye to him there. but it's an image that lasts. >> i go to an atm and take out money on danny's atm card. and he is thinking how do i get out of the car. >> how dangerous and cold-blooded these two were.
7:26 pm
i'm sure he wasn't going to get out of that car alive. >> danny was nervous. his heart was pounding. trying to drive and not swerve over the line. they set out on what would become an hour and a half journey. and throughout there would be so many times that danny thought they were about to kill him and the threat of death was real. and pointing a gun at him and turn down one-way streets where danny said this is the place where they're going to kill me. they were speaking a language that danny didn't understand. but he could hear them say manhattan. can your car go out of state to new york? what danny thought was luggage but was more explosives. they were driving around. the car is on empty. they come back to cambridge where there are two side by side gas stations on memorial drive. they pull into the shell station. and then it's just danny and
7:27 pm
tamerlan in the car. tamerlan had taken the gun and put it in the pocket of the driver's seat and was with two hands playing with the gps. and so danny felt like, this is it. and just -- you know, gets the will to up and do it. he said he felt the air is back of someone -- of tamerlan reaching for him and cursing. and he slammed the door behind it and saw the lights of the gas station across the street and just prayed it was open. he sprinted across multiple lanes of the street, ran into the mobile station and called 911. tell them he had been carjacked and his car could be tracked by his iphone and by a satellite system in the mercedes. >> the ping in that black mercedes to watertown. the low jack is coming back to 81 dexter avenue. >> a police cruiser took off.
7:28 pm
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live from america's news headquarters, isis claiming it has beheaded one of two japanese hostages in syria. the terror group saying they beheaded haruna yakawa. the group proposing a prisoner swap for kenji goto. they released this image holding what appears to be proof that his friend is dead. president obama saying quote the united states strongly condemns the brutal murder of japanese citizens. our condolences today are with the people of japan for their terrible loss. the president renewing his call for the immediate release of the remaining hostage while promising to continue working to ultimate defeat the terror group. now back to fox news special report.
7:32 pm
stand by. being told watertown has the motor vehicle in site. >> tell watertown they have guns. >> all right. >> at this point. the two brothers are coming in tandem, one vehicle in front of the other. the mercedes -- there was a honda in front of the mercedes one brother in each vehicle. >> i hear officer reynolds get on the radio. shots fired. shots fired. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> i got on the gas and came down here. >> breaking news in watertown where an apparent carjacking has led police on a wild chase. >> my vehicle ends up right about where the ford is right there. officer reynolds bails out of his car and starts throwing rounds down range. >> shots fired. watertown, black pickup.
7:33 pm
>> i go i can't get it out. i make the decision to jump back in the vehicle put in the drive and jump out. i got behind that tree, officer reynolds sees me by the tree and says who is in the vehicle and i said don't worry about that right now. so we start firing rounds. as soon as the vehicle starts going by us, a loud explosion. >> 322 -- they have explosives. some type of grenades. they are in between houses down here. >> the first was shielded by the cruiser and we didn't get the blast from it. >> loud explosions. loud explosions. >> they said it was two bombs but it sounded like boom boom, boom. >> my eyes were shaking back and forth and i was afraid i wouldn't be able to see. >> shots fired. >> people are in bed at that time.
7:34 pm
the loud booms and rapid gunfire jolted them from a dead sleep. >> gunshot, gunshot, gunshot tons of them. i could see there was an explosion. the sky lit up. >> we have explosives being dead nated. >> it was a pressure cooker bomb. it was a big white flash and a large plume of white smoke. >> the units clear the area. explosions are being thrown in watertown. they are throwing explosions of some sort. >> we take cover and it goes off. the percussion on it was unbelievable. >> we were like holy crap. it was so much louder. >> it went over the fence, cut up through the backyard. continued through behind this house. >> it was like a movie. it was incredible. and we just wanted to get out of there because of the baby. >> the two suspects didn't know i had come up between the
7:35 pm
houses. tamerlan and i engaged in other in gunfire. >> they are on foot and firing weapons. >> on foot firing weapons. >> then he had a problem with his firearm. i don't know if it ran out of ammunition and he look at his gun and we made eye contact. he threw his gun at me and hit me. the gun fell to the ground and tamerlan turned and ran down this area here. >> i have black hat, the older brother, running at me. and i'm drawing down on him. i'm going to kill you and shoot you. and i have no ammo in my gun. but he doesn't know. that. >> i chased him, i don't know, 15 yards 20 yards. and attacked him out in the
7:36 pm
street. >> my first thought was get off him. bomb. get off him. but he's like, we have to cuff him. so i -- you know, i'm not going to let him do it by himself. so i jump on. and he was still fighting with us. after being shot, you know, eight times with a 40 cal. >> i grabbed tamerlan by the belt and trying to drag him out in the street. the headlights were in my face. the other suspect was in the vehicle back the car and coming at us. >> the cop on his brother jumped off him. and he ran over his brother and took off. >> i saw the front wheels go over tamerlan. then kind of bounced up and hit the undercarriage a couple times. the rear wheels he was hung up in and he was dragged, 20 25 feet. and then the other suspect, the younger brother, smashed into one of our parked cruisers here.
7:37 pm
he fled through the intersection in that stolen suv. i got back up. and ran back over to where tamerlan was handcuffed him. and tamerlan still actively resisting. i stood and put my foot in the back of tamerlan's back and got on the radio and called for an ambulance. >> one dawn on laurel street. >> spruce and lincoln. >> the thing you don't want to hear is officer down. one of our guys is down and i'm like oh, my god it was officer dick donahue. i have never seen so much blood squirt. it scared me. worse than the gun battle did. >> one transfer police officer was shot and taken to the hospital in bad condition. >> his friend had just been shot. and he went and he put himself in harm's way.
7:38 pm
to help. >> suspect number one, at beth israel hospital has in fact been killed. that's suspect one is in fact dead. >> if you have a knock on the door, you need to identify it is a police officer. >> we have an active search going on by tactical teams to locate and apprehend this individual. >> we believe this to be a terrorist who is coming here to kill people. >> people had a rude awakening in watertown to realize they were in a locked down community and a suspect was on the loose. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev the two brothers are believed to be chechen. >> i feel the most angry when i think about what was taken from shawn and as a result, what was taken everybody who he would have touched.
7:39 pm
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had a very rapidly developing situation. i have been briefed throughout the night. we're asking people to shelter in place. in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. >> if you see anything suspicious, let us know. we are trying to make it as safe as quickly as possible. but this is an ongoing situation. i want to stress that this is an ongoing situation. >> the boston police department just sent out another image of the 19-year-old they are looking for. >> we got to jump in. there is activity. there is activity in watertown massachusetts. police are running into an apparent building. >> trying to find out if the
7:43 pm
police activity is indicative of getting closer to suspect number two who has been missing since 1:00 in the morning. >> the police are running to this side of the street. apparently activity going on right where our photographer happens to be. guns drawn. >> there is definite activity here as these unmarked cars now move into position and you see what looks like police officers behind and now there is a sound. >> yeah, i just heard it. >> the police were on pins and needles. and the police were in a very aggressive mode at that point. and that's the way they get when you kill one of their own. they were jumping at everything that moved. so anybody who wasn't respecting the shelter in place order became a police operation. and that's why you saw the warning shots being fired, the police helicopters hovering. >> it appears they may have cornered him in a house in
7:44 pm
watertown here or somebody associated with these crimes. look at guns drawn here. >> there were a number of false sightings. several neighbors got into one house together and they were watching the news. like everybody else was. one of the members, a 20-ish white male decided to go out on the the porch and have a cigarette. and he sees the police and runs into the house. it caused us concern. >> anyone on the street could be dzhokhar and could be a threat. >> i woke up i'm guessing around 9:30 in the morning. >> i woke up to a good number of text messages. what's going on? i read through them. you're not going to believe what's going on. some excitement in the neighborhood.
7:45 pm
there were snipers. there were people everywhere. >> the rest of the day we hung out inside. and i just remember being anxious because you know to be cooped up inside all day is just not very fun and you're glued to the tv because that's all you can really do. >> the associated press reached the father of the two. he is living overseas in dagestan. which is just next to chechnya. and he says of course, in these situation that his son was such a nice boy. >> you are looking now at a shot of the home of the uncle of these two suspects. the uncle has been rather outspoken about what he thinks his surviving nephew should do. >> if they caught up with the fighting in chechnya. >> they have nothing to do with chechnya. one of them, dzhokhar he was born in dagestan. >> what do you say to him right now? >> i say, dzhokhar if you are alive, turn yourself in.
7:46 pm
and ask for forgiveness. >> bring you this fox news alert. family members of the suspects have been speaking to the media and right now we are learning that the suspect's aunt is now speak. >> all he showed me is man face in a hat standing like this. whatever. >> this is the fbi photo. this is where it is taken from. >> why fbi does not give me more? for me to be convinced that these two nephews of mine commanded these kind of atrocities cannot be taken lightly. convince me. >> that's the aunt. >> somebody clearly framed them. i'm scared for my son for his life. they should arrest him. bring him alive. alive. >> wow. and you can only hope that his son, dzhokhar sees that and listens to his father.
7:47 pm
and goes and turns himself in so he can remain alive. because otherwise this may not end well. >> we do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon. but we will have one. >> we are asking the public to remain vigilant. remember there is still a very, very dangerous individual at large. >> we have pretty much covered the four quadrants by that point. and you can't keep a community locked down for a long period of time. >> it looked like dzhokhar had slipped the perimeter. and clear hi he had, but only by a little bit. p day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you .
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his boat was in his backyard and he saw a strap that was hanging down and he knew that strap had been taped before. he went up to the boat and he saw blood in the boat and then he saw a body in the boat and called 911. >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel and it appears that something is happening at this moment in watertown. >> something is definitely going on here. i've seen about 10 or 11 cruisers. you can hear the sirens. you've seen one of the s.w.a.t. trucks. >> probably 10 or 15 minutes after the lockdown you could see flashes and you could hear cars zooming down the street and the sirens just chirping. >> then service just hundreds of cops coming down the street.
7:52 pm
>> nick and i rushed over to the window as fast as we could. we could see the police everywhere. and we heard "hold, hold." little did we know all hell was about to break loose. [ gunfire ] >> afraid to move. yeah, you didn't know where they were shooting. they were just aiming towards our side of the street a couple houses down. >> everyone hold their fire hold their fire. >> i was screaming on the radio and out loud for people to hold their fire. >> i've now seen 20 or 25 police cruisers and various trucks and s.w.a.t. trucks. >> i just want to break in here because we are receiving several calls of shots fired on franklin street. >> here comes a s.w.a.t. truck
7:53 pm
right here. another bunch of police cruisers. [ sirens ] >> and this is clearly different than this afternoon. we saw police moving about but not with sirens and lighting on. >> we heard a radio transmission calling for any available tactical units to respond to franklin street for a report of gunfire. when we arrived on franklin street, the boston team went right to the house. as follow-on teams arrived, the fbi and hostage rescue team was on scene and they were calling the shots. the helicopter was on scene. they were telling us they had a heat signature on the boat. >> we heard police talking about, he's in a boat, he's in a boat. >> mark, i just heard from a very trustworthy police source
7:54 pm
who tells me shots fired and the suspect is down. >> they used some machines to go in and tear the tarp away. >> the suspect is in the boat. he's surrounded by law enforcement in the backyard. he's in there, he's alive but refusing to come out. >> the decision was made to deploy i think it was flash bangs. >> there's another one, heard another one. >> get down. >> after the flurry of gunfire, they set off flash bangs. oh get down there's bombs, there's bombs. >> two more just now. >> they were trying different tactics to get the suspect to surrender. >> then we began negotiating with him. they talked with him for a good
7:55 pm
hour. >> eventually they were able to get the suspect to come out of the boat. >> we made sure that it was safe to take him into custody. >> we got him to stand up. due to his injuries, we had to get him. >> he picked up his arm. >> when he hit the ground on his back, he was able to open up his shirt and he didn't have any weapons ohher a suicide vest on. the officers put the handcuffs on him in the backyard. >> he's in custody, he's in custody. >> thank you, everyone! [ applause ] >> it was heartwarming. to see the people come together and the respect they paid to the first responders the people who were putting their lives on the line, to try to make sure that the people of watertown and
7:56 pm
greater massachusetts were safe. >> it was like the super bowl, stanley cup, and world series rolled into one. it was incredible. the support from the public was incredible. ♪ stouffer's mac and cheese with real aged cheddar now in a convenient cup. new stouffer's mac cups. made for you to love. no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches.
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[ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. these bombings were a personal attack on the city of boston. but boston is strong and boston
7:59 pm
will rally. >> it's a tremendous story of triumph. >> i'm still struggling. i've had my ups, i've had my downs. but i will be stronger. >> the job done by first responders was magnificent. >> it was much more than doing their jobs. the firefighters and the police officers, the emts that really helped all of us out, all i can do is say thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> there were also those people that were just volunteers or spectators who were there, who, like so many of the safety people ran towards the bombs not away from them. >> when something like that happens, you get to see the best of humanity. >> the core of boston strong is that people here, people everywhere, will live their lives the way they choose, no matter what.
8:00 pm
tell me about it. >> coming up on "red eye" has the government invented a popcorn flavor that can erase the last three seconds of your memory? if you can't remember what i just said, you are eating it right now. and has the president located the world's deadliest spy known only by the code name steve? >> where is steve? i know i saw him. you are not steve. there he is right there. thank you. god bries you. dodd -- god bless the united states of america. >> and finally an evil bottle of water. scaring the crap out of an innocent bulldog puppy. we have the epic conclusion to this standoff next! none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our very speci


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