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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 25, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. today is sunday. 25th of january 2015. empower looking live at india where president obama is set to speak any moment now. the commander in chief arriving to a warm welcome. this morning's trip may get cut short. we'll take you to the president live when it happens. a disturbing new demand from isis terrorists after claiming to behead a japanese hostage. they're hatching a plan to free an al qaeda terrorist. details coming up. we need leaders in america who understand who understand the measure of success of
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government is not how many people are not dependent on the government. >> how scott walker brought the house down. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ good morning. we're so happy to be joined by the great charles. >> thank you very much. >> nice to have you. >> how is it going? >> i only have one night a week where i can stay up late and i had to give it up last night but it was worth it. >> to the fox news alert. a live look at india. president obama expected to address the prime minister. >> it's part of the three-day trip that includes talks in everything from trade to terrorism. that trip is being cut short so the president can fly to the saudi kingdom after the death of their king. >> and he's traveling.
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tell us the latest. >> reporter: well, good morning. you're right on tuesday after deliverying remarks here the president was supposed to go to the damage mall. the idea of doing some sightseeing when a lot of world leaders are heading to saudi arabia the white house realized it might not be a good idea. he'll be here until tuesday morning before heading to saudi arabia. they hope to make progresses on talks over climate change. the president called the king -- the new king in saudi arabia to express condolences. cancelled plans to have joe biden leave the delegation. look at the image of the french president who is meet inging. having other world leaders in saudi arabia and not the
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president might not have been the image this white house wanted right now. you'll remember the late king abdullah expressed frustration with the obama administration alleged they were not showing up leadership in the mideast, dealing with syria the crisis from isis. also, the threat of nuclear weapons from iran. if you look at the map you have yemen bordering the south of saudi arabia. iraq to the north with isis. syria not far away. and across the persian gulf to the east iran we've heard a lot in washington this past week. speaker joe biden inviting netanyahu to address the congress. they continue talks with iran. bottom line the president dealing with a rot of crises in the mideast while he makes his trip to india. >> thank you very much, ed henry. we get to the other breaking news this morning. now a japanese hostage being held by isis is now dead. according to a video just posted
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by isis. japanese officials confirming that the video is highly credible. holding a photograph of what appears to be the other hostage beheaded. isis had demanded $200 million from the japanese government in exchange for the two men. but the latest video demanding a prisoner swap for an al qaeda terrorist instead. they will not give in terrorism. and a desperate search underway for the couple bud and june rynun. they left their home thursday to meet a person 200 miles away that responded to the craigslist ad. looking to bias a 1966 mustang. the family hasn't heard from them since. >> and then at 11:00 on friday
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they never showed up. my mom wouldn't misbeing with her granddaughters. >> the number they called about the car traces back to a disposable cell phone. police working to tral ging to track l signal. two f-16 fighter jets rush to to help two passenger planes after a credible bomb threat. escorted to the runway. passengers waited on the tarmac for hours as bomb skauds searched the plane. no explosives were found. investigators are looking into the threat. and a asteroid will be flying too close to earth tomorrow. estimated to be a third of a mile wide will miss us by 745,000. it doesn't sound like a lot but in astronomical terms it's a near miss.
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it's those are your headlines 2016 the president shall campaign is officially underway as republican hopefuls dissent on iowa. this was mostly conservative members of the republican party. of the many two speak perhaps the break out star of the day governor scott walker of wisconsin brought down the house by talking about less government. watch this. >> we're going to keep lowering taxes because we understand it's the people's money. not the governor's money. that's the difference. that's the difference between the wisconsin way and the washington way. and washington they keep trying to find ways to take more of your money. and wisconsin we want to find ways to give more of the money back to the people who earned it. we need leaders in america who understand, who ultimately understand the measure of success of government is not how
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many people are dependented on the government the measure of success in government is not letting people who are no longer dependent on the government. >> the crowd loved that. governor walker was not alone when he saw a lot of heavy hitters and newcomers as well. we heard from folks like ted cruz, governor christie, and others. let's take a look. >> if you say you oppose the president's unconstitutional executive amnesty, show me where you stood up and fought. >> we want to avoid war the best way to do it is make the enemy afraid to start one. and the best way is to remember that nobody wants to pick a fight if they think you're going to knock them out of their -- after six years of disappointment mediocrity and
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decline, a slow course correction is not what voters are going to be looking for in 2016. >> it is time for us to stand up and fight together for the country that we are given with for the country we believe in the for the country the world needs, and for the country i want my children and your children to have if you're willing to fight for me i will always stand with you and it fight with your and tell you the truth. god bless this country and god bless all of you. >> the two front runners the race were not there for some reason. that, of course, jeb bush and mitt romney. they took a pass on the day. it was left really to the tea party oriented candidates to give their messages. >> yeah. we heard from sarah palin too. she was dogging on hillary clinton a bit. carson was talking about immigration and how it needs to be changed. but congress needs to change it not the president and not the supreme court.
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>> all though mitt and jeb weren't there, their presence was felt and they talked about him. and donald trump mentioning them and attacking them. he likes him as a person. >> you're a wall street guy. >> yeah. >> those are both candidates who are going to raise a lot from a wall street. they're popular in new york. why do you think they win? >> i think they're trying to do two things. these are the candidates stuck between a rock and hard place. knowing it's tough to win the primary but they have a better chance of getting people in the middle independents if they weren't seeing as core conservatives. the dangerous gamete obviously, because the conservatives are the one energized during the primary system. they have to to be able to prove both things. speaking of wall street, both of these guys are seeing sort of big government, big business kind of guys. i don't think the heartland wants to see that. >> i agree with you.
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i think that was the thinking. wasn't it nice to see them go into an environment where they're not as comfortable, not as supported. maybe more challenged. it's cool to see people brave enough to stand up there. >> i love you said that. one of my criticisms of president obama he never went to a tea party event. >> exactly. >> he never went to see who it was about. he never stepped in and as he governed this way for six years, the nation pulled apart instead of together. this is not your audience, you go, you talk to them. >> exactly. let's switch gears and talk football. super bowl sunday a week from day and deflategate continues. bill belichick called a press conference yesterday. he said the team followed all the rules to the t and basically
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the rule -- the word of the day we heard from tom brady a couple of days ago saying the same thing. i had no idea there were any problems with the balls. >> you know who we haven't heard from is saturday night live. they weighed in. here they are. >> we came here today to tell you i have nothing to do with deflating those footballs and that's all i have to say on the matter, period. i have several minutes left so i would like to spend the remainor of the press conference throwing my quarterback under the bus. >> did you have anything to do with deflatding the footballs? me? absolutely not. honestly, i wasn't aware that footballs could be inflated or deflated. >>ic you're pretending to know less than you really do. >> what? >> no, guys, i'm just a
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quarterback. all right. i'm not worried in the air pressure in the ball. that's nerd stuff. that's honestly above my pay grade. >> did you didn't oversee the football. who did? >> for that i would like that turn to over to the real brains behind our entire operation. assistant comanager. >> did you deflate the balls? >> did you deflate the balls? did you -- >> wow. >> true to life, by the way. that's not even a parody. >> yes. and the american people believe this. do you buy this? did tom brady know? did bill belichick snowknow? >> more to the point, does matter? has this been going on in the nfl for a long time? >> every person i talk to says yeah. probably not that uncommon. like, at all. >> all right. we can have a big show lined up.
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following the fox news alert. president obama set to speak from india. we'll show you live. one of the most wanted fugitives hiding in cuba. will justice be served? will he come back to the united states to face his victims? the son of one of his victims joins us next.
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[ sirens wailing ] inside of you. even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. fox news alert out of india. president obama addressing the press there are with the prime minister. it's part of a three-day trip that includes bilateral talks on erg everything from trade to terrorism. we'll take it live now to listen. listen. >> so it looks like we're awaiting the arrival. we just got the two minute
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warning moments ago. but one thing that was a bit different about the president's trip there is that the prime minister broke protocol to come out and greet the president giving him a bear hug, which is not something that is traditional in india. they typically wait and meet them later. >> he's an amazing politician. the americans are probably going to get to know this guy. he's so dynamic. you know, he's a pro capitalist pro business he's taken away subsidies. he wants to bring india's economy into the next century. he's maybe the chris christie of india. i don't know. >> and president obama will be the first u.s. president to attend the republic day parade which is annual show of military might. but it's been long associated of the -- also scheduled on to host a radio show. but the trip is expected to be cut short so he can go to saudi
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arabia. >> right. to pay his respects to king abdullah, the leader of that kingdom who passed away last week. you're watching the international press corps.. the traveling press. they flew with the president from washington, many of them and now accompany him to saudi arabia. there he is. the president of the states dissenting upon you. >> ladies and gentlemen, friends from the media, i welcome you to this media interaction. we will begin with opening remarks by the two leaders following which they have decided to respond to one question each. i now request the prime minister of india to make his opening
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remarks. remarks. >> members of the media, it is a great pleasure to welcome back president obama and the first lady in india. mr. president, we are honored that you accepted our invitation invitation. and i know how busy you are. it is special because on this day we celebrate the values shared by the two largest democracies. we are also -- it shows your
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deep personal commitment to this. it tells us that our two nations are prepared to calmly to accept the responsibility of a global -- part of our two countries and what should be the character. the promise has never been in doubt. this is a nation it has become
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more elegant in the digital age. it is needed even more in our -- even more elegant in the digital age. it will be needed even more in our world for changing and wide spread -- the success of this partnership is important for our progress and for advance inging peace, stability, and prosperity around the world. from the turn of the century, we
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have begun transforming our relationship. but, we have to convert a good start to lasting progress. this is turning our vision into sustained action and concrete. mr. president, in the last few months i see new excitement and confidence in this relationship. i see renewed energy and excitement. thank you for your leadership, and for setting the tone last september when i visited the white house. the civil nuclear agreement was the center piece of our
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transform relationship. we demonstrated new trusts, it also created a new economic opportunities and expanded our option for clean energy. in the course of our past four months, we have worked to move it forward. i am pleased that six years after we signed a bilateral agreement, we are moving towards commercial cooperation. consistent with our law, our international legal obligations, and technical and commercial viability. president obama has also assured me of a strong u.s. efforts in
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support of india's full membership of the international regions. today we also decided to take up our growing defense cooperation to the new level. agreed in principle to pursue core development and core production of specific advanced defense projects. this will help domestic defense and expand in india. we will also explore cooperation in the area of advanced defense technologies. we have renewed our agreement. we will defend our cooperation
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on maritime security. principle global trade taking on a new character, even as existing challenges persist. we agreed that we need a comprehensive global strategy and approach to compete with it. there should be no distinction between terrorist groups, every country must fulfill its commitment to terrorists, safe havens, and bring terrorists to justice. our two countries will be bilateral security cooperation against terrorist groups, and we will further enhance our counter terrorism capabilities.
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including in the area of technology. president obama and i agree that a strong and growing economic relationship is vital for the success of our streetic partnership. economic growth in our two countries is becoming stronger. our business climate is improving. this gives me a great optimism. of our economic ties. in addition we have established a number of effective bilateral mechanism to identify opportunities and also help our business, trade, and investment more. we will also resume our dialogue on bilateral investment treaty. we will also restart discussions
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on social security agreement that is so important for the hundreds of thousands of indian professionals working in the united states. but president obama and me renewal energy of a personal and national priority. we discuss our ambition, national efforts, and increase the use of clean and renewable energy. we also agree to further enhance our excellent and innovative partnership in this area. i ask him to lead efforts in making renewable energy more assessable and affordable to the world. but today i express hope for a successful conference on climate
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change this year. we will continue to cooperation in science and technology, innovation agricultural health education. these are central to the future of our two countries and also give us an opportunity to help others around the world. indeed, our strategic partnership will only be complete if we resume our responsibility to work together to promote activity in our vast region. president obama and i agree to pursue this goal with a sense of priorities. president and i heard global and regional issues. we renew our commitment to deepen our cooperation to advance peace, stability,
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prosperity in asia pacific and indian ocean region. it is critical for the future of our two countries and the destiny of this world we will also work closely to help afghanistan through its transition. our relationship stands at a new level today. we have outlined a broad reason for our friendship and cooperation that reflects opportunities and challenges of the century. noble friends and companions are the whole of the holy life. we have decided to give this critical partnership renewed trust and sustained attention. for this, we have agreed that
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india and united states must regular summits frequency and we also established guidelines between myself and barack and the providers. at the beginning of this year we start a new journey. let me welcome you once again, mr. president. >> i want to express my profound gratitude to not only you but the people of india for the incredible hospitality that has been shown to me and michelle obama. we are thrilled to be back in india india. mr. prime minister, thank you for the invitation to join the people of india on republic day. i'm honored to be the first
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president to attend this celebration, also, the first president to visit india twice. this reflects -- i'm pleased to be joined by members of my administration as well as members of congress and business leaders from the united states. who all believe that a strong relationship with india is critical for america's success in the 21st century. it is two great democracies, two innovative societies, dedicated to the empowerment of our people including millions of indian indian-americans. when i addressed your parliament on my last visit, i laid out my vision that the united states could build a defining partnership for the 21st century. since then we have made
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significant progress. our trade increased, our military exercised together more, we're cooperating on key on nuclear foreign relations and global health. mr. prime minister, your election and your strong personal kmimtd commitment to the india-u.s. relationship gives us an opportunity to further -- i was proud to offer you to the white house last fall. your reputation proceeded you. as many of you know in new york, the a prime minister appeared in madison square garden. was treated like a bollywood star. i think it was a signal of the friendship between our peoples and close ties we're working to expand further. at the white house we agreed to take the pain to a new level -- partnership to a new level. thank you for hosting me including our -- we need more of
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those in the white house. even as this visit is rich with symbolism, we have made substantiative progress. the prime minister already indicated the united states and india declared a new declaration of friendship. i'm grounded in the value it is shares but it commits us to more regular meets and sets up frequent consultations across our government. we agreed our trade and economic partnerships must focus on improving the daily lives of our people. prime minister described his ambitious efforts to empower rural indians with bank accounts and clean water and clean air for the indian people. we want to be partners in this effort. and the last few years trade between our two countries has increased by some 60% toward $100 billion.
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we want to trade even more. we welcome the reforms that the prime minister is pursuing to make it easyier to do business in india. we reached a breakthrough understanding on two issues holding up the civil nuclear cooperation. we're committed toward moving toward full implementation. it's an important step to show how we can work together to elevate our relationship. the prime minister noted we agreed to assume discusses about a possible bilateral treaty. we'll continue to pursue expert reforms. i'm also pleased we agreed to a number of important steps to promote clean energy and confront climate change. we very much support india's ambitious goal for solar energy. getting ready to speed the expay with additional financing. we're launching new joint projects to improve air quality
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in indian cities. the united states will share more data and develop tools to help india assess and adapt to the impact of climate change and vulnerable communities become more resilient. we agreed to work together to make progress toward phasing out the hydrofloor carbons. we have made a personal commitment to work together to pursue a strong, global climate agreement in paris. as i indicated to him, i think india's voice is very important on this issue. perhaps more country could be more effective by the impacts of climate change and no countries going to be more important in moving forward a stronger agreement than india. we appreciate his leadership. we agreed to deepen our defense and security cooperation. we renewed the frame work that guides our defense cooperation for another ten years, and in a
3:36 am
major step forward for our relationship our defense technology and trade initiative will allow us to jointly develop and produce new defense technologies. we've also agreed to a new vision for the asia-pacific so we're doing more together to advance our shared prosperity and security in this critical region. i thank the prime minister for india's strong counter terrorism cooperation and reiterated even as america's combat mission is over in afghanistan, we're going to continue to be strong and reliable partners for the afghan people who have benefitted from india's generous assistance over many years. i thank the prime minister for his continued support for ongoing efforts to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and arrive at a just, diplomatic solution. and finally, we discussed what more we can do as global partners. i reiterated and reiterated to the indian people today we
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support a reformed u.n. security council that includes india as a permanent member. at the same time, we see india playing a greater role in ensuring international security and peace in meeting shared challenges as a leading contributor to u.n. peace keep keeping missions for many years they can do even more to protect citizens in conflict scones. we welcome india's leadership in combatting diseases and promoting global health that advances the safety of citizens around the world. mr. prmime minister thank you for welcoming me. i look forward to tomorrow's ceremonies which i'm told are truly spectacular. i'm looking forward to the chance to speak directly to the indian people on the radio and in my speech on tuesday about what i believe we can achieve together. this new partnership will not overnight. it's going to take some time to build and patience, but it's clear from this visit we have a
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new and perhaps unprecedented opportunity to deepening our ties with india going to remain a top priority for my administration. let me just say -- thank you very much. [ applause ] i now call upon you to ask your question. >> thank you, mr. president and mr. prime minister. i want to ask about the situations in yemen and ukraineyouukraine. you have held up the model for what you're hoping to achieve in your mission against the islamic state group. how does the political upheaval affect u.s. efforts there. will it cause you to retool aspects of your brotherhood counter terrorism strategy and on ukraine pro-russian rebels
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are launching new offenses. how can you justify not taking a different approach given that the agreement has all but failed and sanctions may have had an impact on the russian economy but they don't appear to be changing the calculus when it comes to ukraine. mexican-american mr. prime minister, they hope that the recent u.s.-china agreement can spur countries like india to make similar commitments to cut emissions. i'm wondering for you feel any pressure to take that action because of the kline agreement. can a paris summit produce that result without that commitment from india? thank you >>well first of all with respect to ukraine what i've said consistently is we have no interest in seeing russia weakened or its economy in
3:40 am
shambles. we have a profound interest as i believe every country does in promoting a core principle, which is large countries don't bully smaller countries. they don't encroach on their territory. they don't encroach on their sovereignty. that's what is at stake in ukraine ukraine. and what we have done is to consistently isolate russia on this issue and to raise the costs that russia confronts. now when you say that we should take a different approach, julie, i don't know what you're referring to. i've been very clear that it would not be effective for us to engage in a military conflict with russia on this issue. but with a we can do is to continue to support ukraine's
3:41 am
ability to control its own territory. that involves a combination of the economic pressure that has been brought to bear in sanctions, the diplomatic isolation that has been brought to bear against russia, and as important as anything making sure we provide the support that ukraine needs to sustain the economy during the transition period and help the military with basic supplies and equipment as well as the continuing training and exercises that have been taking place between nato and ukraine for some time. we are deeply concerned about the latest break in the cease-fire and the aggression the separatists with russian backing equipment, russian financing, russian training and russian troops are conducting.
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and we will continue to take the approach that we have taken in the past which is to ratchet up the pressure on russia. and i will look at all additional options that are available to us short of military confrontation and try to address this issue. and we'll be in close consultation with our international partners and particularly european partners to assure that they stay in step with us on this issue. what we've been very successful at is maintaining unity across the atlantic on this issue. and that's going to be a kongt priority of mine. but ultimately what i've said before remains true. if mr. putin and if russia are hell bent on engaging in military conflicts their military is more powerful than ukraine's. and, you know, the question is
3:43 am
going to be whether they continue to pursue a path not only that is bad for the people of ukraine but bad for the people of russia, and are we able to continue to raise the costs even as we're creating an off ramp diplomatically that event ly eventually they start pursuing a more sensible policy in resolving this issue. with regard to yemen, my top priority has been and will be to make sure our people on the ground in yemen are safe. that's something we've been emphasizing emphasizing emphasizing for the last several months and built on work we've been doing over the last several years. it is a dangerous country in a dangerous part of the world. a second priority is to maintain our counter terrorism pressure on al qaeda in yemen.
3:44 am
and we have been doing that. i saw some news reports that suggested somehow that counter terrorism activity had been suspended. that is not accurate. we continue to go after high valued targets inside yemen and continue -- we will continue to maintain the pressure that is required to keep the american people safe. we are concerned about what has always a fragile central government and the forces inside of yemen that are constantly threatening to break apart between north south, between sunni inside of yemen and this is one more sequence in what has been an ongoing turbulent process inside of yemen. and what we're advising not just
3:45 am
the factions inside yemen but also working with our partners like the gulf countries who have impact and influence inside of yemen. at this point, what is needed to respect a constitutional process that can resolve some of these differences peacefully. and assure that all the groups inside of yemen are resorting to political rather than military means to resolve these differences. but i guess the point, julie, yemen has never been a perfect democracy or a island of stability. what i've said is our efforts to go after terrorist networks inside of yemen without the occupy u.s. army but rather by
3:46 am
partnering and intelligence sharing with that local government is the approach that we're going to need to take. that continues to be the case. the alternative would be for us to play wack-a-mole every time there is a terrorist actor inside of any given country to deploy u.s. troops. that's not a sustainable strategy. it -- we'll don't trycontinue to try to fine tune the model. it is a model we're going to have to work with because the alternative would be massive u.s. deployment ss in perpetuity which would create educate own blow back and cause more problems than it would potentially solve. we're going have to recognize there are going to be a number of countries where terrorists are have located that are not
3:47 am
strong countries. the nature of the problem we confront terrorists are typically not going to be locating and maintaining bases inside countries that have strong central governments, strong militaries, and strong law enforcement. by definition we'll be operating in placing where capabilities are somewhat low. we have to continually apply patience, training resources and we have to help, in some cases, broker political agreements as well. it is a long arduous process. it is not neat and it is not simple. it is the best option we have. and what we have shown is that we can maintain the kind of pressure on these terrorist networks even in these kinds of
3:48 am
difficult environments. [ speaking foreign language ] we're watching a live press conference from new deli, india. addressing reporters there. the president talking about global u.s. ties to india. sending money to india for, as he said green energy. and talking about yemen. the president breaking a little
3:49 am
news by saying, in fact, american counter terrorism efforts are continuing a pace in yemen despite the cue we reported on yesterday. the governor of yemen fell to shia malicious men. it was widely reported it meant the end of u.s. counter terrorism. the president saying they're going strong. >> or some of the operations had been suspended and some of the drones not flying. the president said not the case. we're fine tuning our policy there but there's no need to be too worried. >> or borrow his phrase, wack-a-mole. we're not going to change anything but don't worry everything is hunky dory. he did go about yemen's history of civil war and civil strife. >> it was two countries until recently. we're going take the press conference again live. here it is. >> independent country and there is no pressure on us from any
3:50 am
country or any person. but there is pressure. when we think about the future generations and what kind of a world we are going to give them that is pressure. climate change is a huge pressure, and global warming is a pressure and those who think about a better life and the better world for the future generations. those concerned about this, it is their duty and their conscience. they would want to give a better lifestyle to the future generations, a good life and good environment. there is pressure for all those people. there is pressure on all countries, on all governments, and on all people. thank you. >> last question. >> thank you. good evening to both the honorable prime minister and
3:51 am
president barack obama. i want to congratulate you for taking this forward. more specifically on nuclear deal -- [ speaking foreign language ] thank you. [ speaking foreign language ]
3:52 am
we're watching president obama and prime minister modi. we're joined by montana's congressman who joins us i believe, there he is. congressman, thank you for coming on this morning. >> great to be here. you heard the president say in a bit of news that counter terrorism efforts are continuing. american counter terrorist efforts from yemen. how could that be considering
3:53 am
the pro-american government has been replaced by an anti-american government. >> we have the infrastructure and architecture to continue in that region. but there's a difference between rhetoric and action. and, you know, his conversation about we're not seeing any significant help with your european nor are we seeing the long-term plan on what to do with russia. my opinion we need to accelerate our energy independence to making sure we put pressure on russia and the energy sector >>well we did hear the president talk about clean energy and climate change and recognizing india's efforts with solar energy and trying to have clean energy. but is some of this done just symbolically almost for the cameras? some critics would say that, you know, this is an effort that really needs to be about their economy and that's what may end up going on behind the scenes? >> well, you know certainly,
3:54 am
you know, the president's point of view climate change seems to be a number one issue from our point of view. it is based with islamic terrorist organizations. and this president has yet to say the words islamic terrorist organizations in the same sentence. that's your first step? combatting and yet to identify what it is. i think engagement is important to make sure that we restore credibility as an ally. and finally, energy independence our long-term strategies so we're not held hostage by foreign energy particularly in the middle. >> to that point india has no interest at all in the solar stuff. i want to get back to the russia ukraine question. seeing a bristle at the idea he can do this any other way. when we've been lucky as plunging oil prices. but putin is not backing into a
3:55 am
corner. he seems to be becoming more involved. that could be a dangerous situation >>well i do agree that our military options are limited. but i disagree our economic options are vetted or continued. i think if looking tat if we take russia's energy picture out, there's not much there in the economy. we can do more by developing our infrastructure for lickquid natural gas particularly to europe. we can't get a pipeline from u.s. to canada. >> congressman india has about twice the economic growth rate we do in the united states. why should we be sending them money to fight global warming assuming it's even possible? >> we should not. i agree, you know, i applaud the administration to engage india. >> congressman, we're going to get back to you in a moment. the president is speaking. >> we're also reflecting the warmth and affection between the
3:56 am
indian people and the american people. part of the reason we're such natural partners is because we share values as former colleagues, as two largest democracies in the world. as entrepreneurial nations, as people who believe in the freedom and dignity and worth of all individuals. and so it's not surprising that we have a friendship because hopefully we're reflecting the values of our peoples. what i'm excited about is given the prime minister's energy and ambition for his country and
3:57 am
lifting people out of poverty and moving forward on the reform agenda he's put forward that affection can be translated into very specific actions. we're seeing that reflected here today. he's right. we can't tell you everything we talked about. all though i will share one thing is we compared how much sleep each of us is getting. and it turns out modi is getting even less sleep than me. that's because he's still new. after you've been doing it for about six years, maybe he'll be able to get an extra hour. all right. thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you. [ applause ] all right. that's the president of the united states and the prime minister of india modi in new
3:58 am
delhi. i think we have the congressman from montana with us. >> thank you for coming back. i'm sorry we had to cut out for a minute. you were right in the middle of an answer about our plan. the american plan as ark icticlated by the united states to send money to fight global warming. >> i don't think that's a wise and prudent policy. i think it's important to engage india and they're powerful. i agree with revising the security council but i would agree we should revise and reorganize the entire u.n. >> of course we're talking a lot about yemen this morning and the chaos going on in the entire region. the president's trip to india being cut short going to saudi arabia to pacion doll -- we were going to bring you on the
3:59 am
program talking about isis. you feel the air strikes are not working enough. >> clearly air strikes are not going to be effective in the long-term. i do think we're going need, you know further engagement. to make sure we supply logistics, ammunition to our curds and sunni allies. we have to restore credibility, and we have to look at the terrorist organization's islam terrorist organizations and separate the radical groups from main stream islam. we can only do that by engagement, but simply talking about more rhetoric, you know, doesn't result in action on the ground. and air operations alone is not going to be effective. >> so that brings the hard question american troops on the ground. we spend a trillion dollar training the iraqi army and they bolted at the real sign of hostility. now it can take another two
4:00 am
years. can they even survive that long? >> you look at the principle areas where we need to engage in particularly mosul and the hard truth is it's going to take troops on the ground. i mean, air operations alone will not be effective. wen seen they're not effective. troops on the ground doesn't mean frontline ground troops but it does mean logistics blocking enforcement, make shurg they the right people on the ground to help them, medical supplies, food, ammunition, those type of things, you know show resolve to our allies. and the world is looking to the u.s. for leadership. they're looking for the u.s. to engage. when we don't, it em boldins our em enemies and creates distrust among our allies we're not going to be there. >> congressman, we appreciate your joining us this morning. thank you very much. >> have a great sunday. god bless. >> you do the same. president obama speaking in india alongside prime minister
4:01 am
modi. we've been covering everything from trade to terrorism. ed henry traveling with the president in new delhi. is the president making news that the reports were wide spread on fox news included that counter terrorism efforts some had been suspended out of yemen. he said it was not the case. your response? >> yeah i think it's interesting you're right to put your finger on that. it was news the president denying those reports that our counter terrorism efforts were sidetracked. you center to wonder how he can back it up given the fact it's unclear right now who is in charge of yemen. and i think the point of some of those reports that started in the washington post and else whereabout 36 hours ago were suggesting within there ambiguity as to who is in charge of yemen after the president stepped down. cabinet ministers were
4:02 am
resigning, the rebels took charge. the question being how can the u.s. now coordinate drone strikes and continue the efforts that the president back in september, four months ago said were a successful part of the counter terrorism efforts. how can that move forward when there's basically complete chaos on the ground in yemen right now. >> it's a good question. and the president not well known for his close relationship with other foreign leaders. it does seem he gets along at n a pretty genuine way with prime minister mo did i. >> it is i think it is real. you're right he hasn't develop the long-term relationships on the world stage that might be helpful to him on the trips to get beyond talk and deliver something. he believes, obviously, he mentioned in the news conference he delivered in china last year on a climate change deal. hasn't been able to deliver with a other leaders. they're hopeful at the white house and aids traveling here
4:03 am
with prime minister modi relatively new. they're developing a personal are a port that might turn into something. sometimes it ends being a lot of talk but not a lot of deliverables. the president is hoping to get something on trade. maybe a climate change deal with the prm. but you heard him at the news conference down playing they get something on the trip. maybe trying to lower expectations that there might be a tale in the months ahead. but not on this trip. >> you've got to be jet lagged ed henry, you don't look it. i don't know what you're doing. what kind of workout but i'm impressed. >> probably makeup. >> it's tea. >> a lot of powder. congratulations to your makeup artist. thanks, ed. >> thanks. well we have other stories, of course, making news this morning. a japanese hostage being held by isis is now dead. according to a new video just
4:04 am
posted by isis. japanese officials confirming that the viedeo highly credible. it shows the hostage holding a paragraph what appears to be the other hostage beheaded. isis demanded $200 million from the japanese government in exchange for the two men but the latest video now demanding a prisoner swap for an al qaeda terrorist instead. the prime minister said his country will not give into terrorism. a desperate search underway for the couple bud and june vanished after going to buy a car from an online seller. they left georgia at their home they left on thursday to meet a person some 200 miles away that responded to bud's craigslist ad about looking to buy a 1966 mustang. the family hasn't heard from the couple since. >> and then at 11:00 on friday they were supposed to come and
4:05 am
they never showed up. my mom she wouldn't miss it. >> the number the run begans called trace back to a disposable cell phone. police are working to track the signal. a man is stopped for driving in the hov lane when police discover he has two kidnapped victims in the backseat. police in new jersey stopped lewis for driving alone and were about to let him go after noticing the men in the back. as police drove away the men yelled for help and tried to jump out of the window. the victims say they paid him for a ride from texas to maryland but he was demanding more money and wouldn't let them go. and also this morning, this patriot's fan is feeling a bit deplate edflate deflated. the man with the football helmet tattooed on the skull is accused
4:06 am
of skipping a drug arrest. it includes brady's number, the word patriots and the nfl logo. there's a warrant out for his arrest. those are your headlines. while the obama administration is taking steps to normalize relations with cuba. three republican lawmakers written a letter urging eric holder to slam on the brake barbaras. >> do you support the normalzation -- an attack in new york city that left four people dead. frank was among the victims. leaving behind a wife and two sons. >> joining us now is one of his sons joe connor.
4:07 am
joe has been fighting for him to be returned to the united states since the early 1990s. good morning. >> good morning. what is the latest with that? >> we saw the letter that went out from the senators yesterday, and i've been also working with pete king scott garrett my congressman, long island congressman. we're trying to get morrellis returned. as you know, he was the bomb maker he's been in cuba since 1988. he has blood on his hands. you look at cuba now, it's a sponsor of morrellis, of victor, charlie hill. these fugitives from american justice, yet our administration is talking about removing cuba from the state sponsor of terrorists. so there's something wrong here >>well yeah! it's almost unbelievable. it's a massive mystery.
4:08 am
there are all these murders there. why isn't the first demand? that we get these people back in america? >> it has to be it hasn't been. we have seen some congressman and senators pushing this. we haven't seen the administration doing it. this is where it has to be the condition of getting these terrorists back before any normalzation is made with cuba. we have lost our minds. i just saw the president talking about fighting terrorism in india today, and he never mentions the fact we are bringing relations with cuba when they are harboring, when they're sponsoring, state sponsors of terrorists that have killed americans and it's got to stop. >> does it make you feel better when it was announced the new relationship that so you had outrage on both sides of the aisle. you have some interesting couples of people that don't normally agree who say it's a huge mistake? >> i'm with you. i'm a new jersey resident and robert menendez, our senator come out against the president on this. it's refreshing.
4:09 am
>> a democratic senator has been right on the mark with this stuff. and what frustrates me a little bit is the cop killer needs to be at the forefront of this has taken most of the focus. but william morrellis who was the bomb maker for 130 bombs including most likely the bomb that killed my father. from what i know from my friends in law enforcement and joint terrorism task force, morrellis is not welcome in cuba anymore. he's not liked. he's low hanging fruit. he should be the one that we go and get. i'll tell you a little story right before christmas my mom said i just want to live long enough to see morrellis face justice. and i think after 20 something years of fighting for his return we're on the press debscedence of getting him. we can't pull back now. we have to push this. i would ask everyone listening and watching to contact congressmen. to talk about it. get him back in my condition for
4:10 am
normalzation. >> what is standing in the way, exactly? >> i don't know. i don't know. i mean, we know that he's -- we know he's in cuba. >> the white house never reached out to you? >> no. >> you're a son of one of the victims. they normalize relations and never attempt you? >> eric holder was the deputy attorney general when the rest was offered clemency. he violated the victim's rights. he didn't contact the families of those victims when the faln were released. i would not expect this government to contact me. right here i have letters that go back to the mid '90s from our government specifically about corresponding with. i don't know why they don't. they are supposed to represent me. but my father deserved better than this. and that's what has been pushing me for a long time. >> this is your life's work.
4:11 am
>> it has been. my own family, you know, my dad was, you know, he was used for political reasons by the clintons when they released the terrorists, and he deserved a lot better as an american. i'm not giving up. >> thank you for joining us. it's good to see you. >> any time. >> the day you win you'll come back to celebrate. >> i'll be right here. >> bring your mother too. >> i will. she wants to meet you. up next on fox and friends. the idea he said could win the presidency in 2016, and whether it'll actually work. can you solve this puzzle? these people failed miserably over and over again. the wheel of fortune coming up. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast.
4:12 am
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hi everyone. quarter past the hour. dr. ben carson made a splash at the iowa freedom summit. carson taking on the thorny issue of illegal immigration. listen to this. >> i think whoever wins in 2016, i'm pretty sure it's going to be a republican. i think they should make it their goal to fill that order within a year. >> should the gop embrace carson's bold proposal? let's ask fox news contributors. good morning, thank you for being with us. angela, do you think this is feasible in 12 months.
4:16 am
is this a good plan? >> it's not a good plan because we're the leader of the free world. and america represents liberty and freedom. we cannot fill the order and any gop hopeful should not have that as his the platform because they need to get the masses. if you remember president george w. bush got 45% of the latino vote. i believe we can do that. if we go on immigration we're not going win the vote. >> and, chuck let me get your response. >> i think so you to look who he was talking to. i think there's a bigger problem which is overall comprehensive immigration reform that the chambers come together and grae on. when you talk about sealing the border that's a big step. there's a lot that goes into securing the border. immigration is at the all time low. i think they're playing politics with national politician. >> immigration is at the all time low? illegal immigrants are coming
4:17 am
in. let's not live in a fantasy world that immigration is low. we don't know. what don't know. we don't know who is here. and the bottom line is we have a president that gives folks am ss amnesty. >> the studies we show what we've seen over the last few years because we added money. immigration has been lesser than it has been. we have 11 million undocumented we have to deal with. we need to sure or borders are protected. make sure our borders be there and putting the money and resources there. but sealing the border, i don't think is the answer. >> as a gop presidential contender supports a pathway to citizenship. do you think it will be viewed as too lax in order to get the nod from the party? >> we need to get the nod from the party to give a presidential hopeful. if jeb bush is the guy, he's bilingual, his brother got 45%
4:18 am
of the latino vote. and we're going to need that to be able to be victorious as dr. ben carson he said a republican is going to be in the white house. when you run a presidential campaign you have to get the vote of the masmass. we have to be before in the center. chuck is right. with this group i believe that dr. ben carson was playing more to the tea party. >> chuck? final word? >> i think there's going to be a deciding election year. i think you'll hear from both sides of the party. i think what angela said is right. we need to find somebody with common sense solutions. >> thank you. 18 minute was a the hour. caught on camera. one lucky escape for the truck driver missing a falling inging billboard by seconds. that's next. you have seen the dial on
4:19 am
what happens with we give bill belichick and tom brady the same treatment? anyone believe their version of deflate gate? lee carter just found out the answer.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
the hello. good morning friends. new video just into fox and friends of the rocket attacks unleashed on ukrainian civilians. a warning, the footage is graphic.
4:23 am
the attack by russian backed separatists killing at least 30 people an injuring dozens more. caught on camera. watch this. a billboard falls on top of a north hollywood business and comes crashing down seconds after a trush pulls out of the way. the massive sign was knocked over by a wind. packing gusts up to 89 miles per hour. no one was hurt. patriots head coach bill belichick insisting again last night that he doesn't know nick anything about the deflated football. >> we feel like we followed the rules of the game to the letter in our preparations, in our procedures. all right. and in the way we handled every game that we competitively played in. >> did the american people believe that belichick and tom brady are telling the truth? joinings now lee carter.
4:24 am
belichick sounded like einstein yesterday. maybe he got too technical. did you see that yesterday? the last denial? he was throwing physics out there and everything. did anybody buy it? >> no. the wot tom line is more details he gave the more people turned off. stop being so defensive. if you didn't know anything about it. that's the big question. >> people didn't buy that. what are the results? >> we found out nobody believes that belichick knew nothing. there's no way. but interestingly people say i don't think brady knew anything. people love him. it was a little bit strange. it's the opposite of what most the commentateors are saying. >> interesting. let's go to the tape. watch this. >> monday morning i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. i had no knowledge whatsoever of the situation until monday morning. >> how do you grade this? >> we gave this one a c minus.
4:25 am
it was a start of his first press conference. people said why are you talking about you're shocked. say no i knew nothing. but said off the bat he seemed slow, he seemed a little bit behind on the heels. no one was buying what he was saying. >> and that's essentially what we're seeing on the cover of the papers. the new york post saying bull. we have one more press conference where he's talking about making the practice balls difficult for his players to handle so they're ready for any game situation. let's see what people think about that. >> i'm sure that any current or past player of mine would tell you that the balls we practice with are as bad as they can be. wet, sticky cold, slippery however bad we can make them.
4:26 am
he was describing the balls. >> are we looking to the extend which people are believing what he's saying. >> yeah. and they didn't believe it at all. and people said this why are you talking about the practice balls. that has nothing to do think about game day balls. swimmers go on with weights. absolutely an f. i don't believe what he's saying. enough! >> what about pretty boy tom brady. it seems like folks are buying a little bit more of what he's saying. watch this. >> guys do a great job of breaking the balls in. you know, they have a process they go through. when i pick those balls out that the point, you know, to me, they're perfect. i don't want anyone touching the balls after that. i don't want rubbing them. you know putting any air in them. taking any air out. to me the balls are perfect. that's what i expect when i show up on the field.
4:27 am
>> so it stayed pretty steady. people can't see past the batting of the eye lashes. >> people said the word balls 89 times. it was a little bit ridiculous. he was almost making a joke. if he was guilty do you think he would make a joke. i'm not sure myself but i was surprised. folks gave him a b plus. they bought it and kind of felt it was humorous. >> does it mean they just like him? >> it could be. a lot of people really like him. >> or they don't want to believe it. >> yeah. what they all said is that they think that the patriots cheated. but it was the question of who they thought was responsible. >> belichick has more back age. he's one of the guys repetition for winning at any cost. >> exactly. >> i know your job is to measure sentiment, what is your sentiment. do you believe it? >> it's the opposite of what i thought. i think there's no way brady could not know. how does he not know his balls. >> like a mathematicians knowing
4:28 am
fewer numbers on calculator. >> absolutely. this has been playing 30 years now. how could he not know? >> good question. >> good to see you. coming up can you solve this puzzle? now these people failed miserably over and over again. wheel of misfortune is next. >> the pointed dessert. we heard the saying ladies first. one college taking that as far as to call on females before males. >> that's right. do ladies really need the help? we'll tell you coming up. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes:
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just get td ameritrade's rollover consultants on the horn. they'll guide you through the whole process. it's simple. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. we have a extreme weather alert. a new winter storm is revving up. it's expected to hit parts of the mid west and northeast this weekend. after the first round dumped 8 to 9 inches of snow in pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey. >> we'll check with the weather machine this morning. it's a big story today, janice. >> yes. it could be one of the biggest storms we've seen in years across the northeast. let's talk about it. the storm we saw yesterday small potatoes. not seeing the next one, i mean, this is moving up to canada.
4:33 am
but the developing system is clipper system across the ohio valley. that is what is going to give us our big block buster storm monday into tuesday for some of the biggest cities. 40 50 million people affected. this is tuesday morning and wednesday it will finally exit. the problem is, this storm is going to continue to sit and spin along the coast. some of the forecast models i'm looking at some of them say two feet of snow in the new york city area. we have blizzard watches in effect for long island, connecticut, rhode island massachusetts. winds in excess to 40 to 50 miles per hour. it's the euro forecast. okay. this is a block buster storm. so this is one of our reliable forecast models and this is the gfs. any way you look at it 6 to 12. some cases 18 to 24 plus. it's a big event, folks. a lot of folks across the i-95 corridor will have to pay attention to the local forecast.
4:34 am
we'll be on it all day today. certainly monday and tuesday. back inside to you guys. >> holy smokes. you rattled my cage. >> that's what i aim to do. rattle your cage. >> thanks, janice. >> you got it. well, ladies first. by law. university in canada is pushing a new policy that would force professors to call on female students first. >> according to their quote, research there are a lot of studies that indicate women and girls are socialized not to speak first. to make a conscious rule, a deliberate rule that is explicit no men are allowed to speak first is a strong way of addressing that issue. end quote. >> wow. do women really need this sort of help? catherine sims is a reporter for the national review. this professor -- this seems absurd if you ask me. but seems that men monopolize
4:35 am
all women's abilities to talk in class. >> right. it's totally nuts. also this would make sexism worse. say somebody was sexist thought women were weak spoke over them. telling this person, hey, we need a policy that all men have to be quiet so the little ladies can have a chance so speak. they're scared. it's going to make it worse. they're going to reenforce the point of view that women are weak. >> yeah. if the people have ever been to my house -- i like the idea of tamir women, i never meet any. where girls are ahead of boys by ere measure. grades, graduation rates. >> this places an unfair advantage on them. say you didn't prepare for the class. you had something else to do. you want a few extra minutes to look over your notes. you can't do that you have to answer or else your make your whole gender look bad.
4:36 am
what do the men think? it's unfair. takes away the woman's choices to decide when to talk. >> the art of back mentions in college is reserved. if you don't want to go first. >> the art of -- >> what is that? >> the art of mediocrity. you don't step up there if you don't want to. we have the giant movement now cheryl sand berg is involved. how girls need to learn how to cope. we have to bring the women and girls up. but these things seem so disingenuous to me. >> absolutely. putting pressure on her. that's not fair. and that is sexist. let women decide what they want to do. don't make them feel bad if they don't want to speak or don't want to go in a certain field. >> what decade or planet this professor seems to be from. >> i don't know either. >> thank you. all right. a quick look at your headlines
4:37 am
now. two f-16 figter jets rushed to help two passenger planes after a credible bomb threats. the delta and southwest planes res courted to atlanta following a threat posted to twitter. passengers waited on the tarmac for hours. they searched plane and no explosives found. it's the heart-stopping moment. a firefighter falls from a burning rooftop. a house fire in phoenix is completely out of control. one firefighter was surrounded by flames when he loses his grip and falls to the ground. luckily no one was seriously lily injured in the blaze. a 94-year-old veteran can't file his tax return because the irs said he's dead. troubles began last april when his accountant filed the return online. the irs rejected it because
4:38 am
according to the social security administration he's no longer among the living. he's working with a taxpayer advocate service to fix the problem. and a funny moment. a contestant on wheel of fortune forgets how to play the game. >> the pointed dessert. >> no. still time. the painted dessert. >> your turn. >> the pointed dessert. >> no. you still have time. >> i still have time. >> i would like to solve it. >> the pointed dessert. >> it's not the pointed dessert. no matter how many times you say it. >> not the best strategy. the painted dessert. those are your headlines. >> that's unbelievable. the move toward legalizing marijuana doesn't have -- >> it clearly does. american sniper nominated for six academy awards. bringing in more money than any r-rated movie ever.
4:39 am
>> whatever gets more people in the theaters and more eyes on the story would be great for us. >> u i feel they have earned something but i don't know how the awards worked. i know, they're no focussed on it. i would love for them to get something. >> despite the overwhelming success, you won't heard a word about sniper. why? michael joins us live. i know, hollywood has been upset about this. but this seems outrageous to me. >> yeah. look, you know, the s.a.g. awards prides itself in having the finger on the pulse. they're very good at predicting who, in terms of especially the acting corridor cat gors who takes home the oscar. this year i feel they have it completely off. the youngest of the awards shows. it's only been around since 1994. they're an uncharted territory here.
4:40 am
the fact hollywood, you know, is a little bit out of step with main stream taste is not big news. the fact the movie came out late in the year and only four theaters didn't help the cause. that said a couple of things, you know, oscar voters cannot ignore is the numbers and the money the movie is raking in. they're breaking all sorts of records. i think we have a screen that shows "american sniper" pulled in close to $55 million compared to all the other nominees for best film regarding oscar. it's nearist -- number two grand hotel budapest hotel brought in about 59 million. that movie has been out since march. american sniper has been out one week. this movie has clearly resonated with audiences democrats, republicans, independents. it has everyone talking. that could help its cause as people are voting for the oscar.
4:41 am
and by the time oscars are done february 17th, all votes are due. this movie could outgross all competition combined. >> it is award season but all of these different award ceremonies i think some people get them confused. which is the tony's which is the s.a.g. on the s.a.g. awards the movies that get nominations, do they normally appeal to the masses or the smaller ones? >> well, you know, the s.a.g. awards is a screen actors guild. they vote on the actor and it's the largest voting block for the oscars. last night the producers guild gave out their awards, and they're a pretty good predictors who will take home best picture. but last night everyone expected "boyhood" which has been on the streak with bringing home that top prize and it went to bergman. what that tells me in terms of oscar, the races is wide open. and another big point you make
4:42 am
about a movies up for contention are small independent films which is true. that has a lot of people in hollywood concerned regarding the oscar show in couple of weeks. there's a lot of movies americans haven't seen. now they have their hit in american sniper. a lot of people want to see it win. >> excellent point. we'll be there, i know, covering the final stages from l.a. thank you so much. >> we'll be on the red carpet. a fox news alert terrifying moments in the air. two fighter jets rushed to escort two planes after a bomb threat. how do authorities know what to look for? >> and the video you need to see. a realtor helping herself to your stuff. the homeowner who this happened to joins us next. make sure it's not you next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart.
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good morning everyone. a fox news alert. a scare in the air. a bomb threat made against two u.s. flights had f-16 fighter jets scrambleing to escort the planes to safety in georgia. a series of threats were made on twitter. what made the threats credible? let's ask bill gavin former assistant director for the fbi in new york. a lot of people with get on twitter and say a lot of things. we're going to scramble jets every time this happens? >> it's very difficult when you that's right what is at stake. you have to take this seriously. there is no excuse if something happened. there wasn't a response to it. it's a very difficult set of circumstances. in the past it's been 9-1-1 called to the carrier or left some place.
4:47 am
but now we use social media to do the same thing. that leaves records and prints and give it is a lot better chance of being solved and getting the individual who did something like this. >> that's good to know. how do you determine what is credible and what is not credible? it surely put a wrinkle when folks plans when they were stranded and going through anxiety as they're looking for bombs. >> you are absolutely right. there is no way, really to screen it out. if somebody calls and says there's a bomb on board a plane. you have to do everything you possibly can to cover that kind of event. they scramble the jets out of norad. they get the planes on the ground. get the people off. the horror that happens, you don't know the impact it has on passengers as they're taken off a plane on a tarmac someplace. what if somebody has a heart attack. these are horrible things that
4:48 am
happen. to say the cost of the airline and the carriers. you have to look out for the passengers and the employees of the airline when something like this is made. >> that's a good point. scrambling the f-16 is enormously expensive. what was the point? what could they have done if there was a bomb on the passenger flight? >> well, it gives the pilots on the f-16 a visual contact into the cockpit of that plane as they fly alongside them. it also if anything happened they would have a first-hand look at what was going on and should anything have happened on the plane it's a lot better recording. it's very difficult. you don't want to think of the final fatal act but scrambling the planes makes sense. >> at lot of people -- sometimes it's young people, high schoolers, college kids who think it's funny. what is the penalty and maybe we should publicize more often what you're playing with and what degree of punishment somebody
4:49 am
would get for something like this >>well, this is going to depend on how the person is charged when they're caught. they can be in very serious trouble and spend a lot of years in jail. when you look at the text of the individual who sent the tweets, doesn't seem to me that's the brightest bulb and probably he or she will be caught. if anything happens to him he'll try to bomb a plane. that didn't make any sense. so i suspect they'll probably find the individual. >> hopefully there's justice for the individual and there aren't copy cats. bill gavin thank you for your time today. >> thank you. my pleasure. coming up republican hopefuls including scott walker dissent on the state of iowa to kick off the 2016 presidential race. who made the biggest bang? we'll show you some of their speeches coming up.
4:50 am
and the video anyone who owns a home needs to see. a realtor helping herself to your stuff. the homeowner who this just happened to warns us to make sure you're not next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
it's a video no homeowner wants to see a real tor caught digging through their personal blog belongings. the realtor didn't leave empty handed. it happened in virginia. and the family who lives in that house wants to make sure that realtor never sells again. the man who caught her on camera. he joins us now.
4:54 am
randy, how shocked were when you when you saw this? >> first, good morning. yeah, i was very shocked. being a realtor is one of the most trusted positions you can have, you know, in a home buying process, and she really kind of violated that. >> kind of violated? here is the thing. the video she's so cavalier. so comfortable with this it feels like, you know like it's something she's done over and other again. one of the points you wanted to make it wasn't your realtor but a potential buyers realtor. >> correct. you know, this all started back -- we had an open house and my wife had a pair of earrings go missing. at that time i didn't have any cameras in the house. a couple of days later i caught this lady coming in and caught her going through the bathroom caught her going through the kitchen cabinets looking for pain medication and later admitted that to police. >> what actions have the police taken and what pressure are you
4:55 am
putting? >> she's been arraigned. she goes into court beginning of march for sentencing, she's been arrested on felony drug possession charges and larceny theft. i put in a complaint with the virginia department of licensing to see about getting her license pulled so she can never show homes again. >> what is the advice you then have for pe i don't know that everyone would have the ability to put cameras throughout the house. it's scary stuff. there's a serious honor and trust in here. >> i hired a realtor i was comfortable with. i trusted her. but you don't know who else is coming in your home. other folks come in your home to show your house. you can't double check and recheck the credentials. my suggestion would be to go in you know, secure as much as you can. of course, you can't screw all your dvtds in the house. you should be able to hide your
4:56 am
valuables, your yulejewelry and your medication. >> i'm glad you found this. i'm glad we're learning. thank you very much. >> thank you. fox news alert. president obama speaking a short time ago. a terror strategy in yemen. pope francis has a message for you. put down the phone. ♪ ♪ to roll out a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and homemade gravy. but marie callender's does. just sit down and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor. there's a new way to buy a car. just find the one you're looking for see what others paid for it, lock in your savings and get the car you want hassle-free. with truecar it's never been easier.
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4:59 am
good morning everyone. today is sunday 25th of january, 2015. a fox news alert. president obama defending his terror strategy. >> at the beginning of this year -- >> we will continue to maintain the pressure that is required to keep the american people safe.
5:00 am
>> we're live in new delhi with the breaking a details. >> the surprise when the gop field gets together in iowa. >> we need leaders in america who understand the measure the success of government is not how many people are dependent on the government. >> wisconsin governor scott walker getting a response from the crowd. we'll have details from iowa. >> he came out big time. not big time. if you thought deflategate was one joke. you're right. >> i came here to tell you i had nothing to do with deflating the footballs. that's all i have to say. >> the patriots get the saturday night live treatment. mornings are made better with friends. president obama just speaking in india along prime minister modi there.
5:01 am
part of a three day visit. everything from trade to terrorism. one thing everyone is talking about this morning what the president said about yemen. >> made a little news. ed henry traveling with the president in new deli. how is it? >> good morning, guys. what is interesting is that the president was pressed a the news conference on the contradiction four months ago he said in washington that his counter terror policies in yemen were basically a success story. now that country obviously in shambles. lead by the rebels who have ties to iran. he was pressed on a washington post report suggesting our counter terror efforts have been sidetracked. he insisted otherwise and said we're moving forward with trying to get the terrorist specifically al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. listen. >> it is a dangerous country and
5:02 am
dangerous part of the world. we continue to go after high value targets inside yemen and we'll continue to maintain the pressure that is required to keep the american people safe. >> now you can hear him there suggesting that the u.s. counter terror efforts are going forward in yemen even though there have been reports suggesting we're not getting intelligence on the ground in terms where to direct the u.s. drone strikes. we used to have the government that was friendly to the thaus can help us with the efforts. now it's unclear who is in charge. the other issue the president confronted he was asked about the situation in ukraine which continues to deteriorate. bottom line while u.s. sanctions have had a tough impact on russia's economy so far that has clearly not changed. russian president putin's behavior. he's pushing forward. making that situation very, very difficult. guys? >> ed henry.
5:03 am
traveling with the president in india. thank you for that. let's get to the other breaking news this morning. new videos appears to show the detap candidated body of a hostage. officials confirming that the video is highly credible. it shows the surviving hostage alone holding a photograph of what appears to be the other hostage beheaded. isis demanded $200 million from the japanese government in exchange for the two men. the latest video commanding a prisoner swap for the al qaeda terrorist instead. the prime minister said his country will not give in to terrorism. a search underway this hour for this couple. bud and june runyan. vanished after going to buy a car from an online seller. they left their house on thursday to meet a person 200 miles away who responded to a
5:04 am
craigslists ad for a 1966 mustang. >> at 11:00 on friday they were supposed to be back for their grandchildren and they never showed up. >> the number they called traces back to a disposable cell phone. police are looking to track the cell phone. man is stopped for driving in the hov lane when police discover who kidnapped victims in the backseat. when they saw the men in the back, they were ready to let him go. that's when the men yelled for help and tried to jump out a window. the victims say they paid him for a ride from texas to maryland. but he was demanding more money and wouldn't let them go. talk more and text less. in his rural communication address he warned today's high-tech world can help
5:05 am
families keep in touch but avoiding one another. he suggests we speak to each other face to face but not the face time app. >> it helps if you're a long distance family. i love to do that when possible but don't bring out the phone to dinner. >> it's a little contradictory. the pope said don't breed like crazy. you can't have it both ways. >> all right. the 2016 presidential race is not only underway it's in full flower. we know this because a half dozen candidates or so were in iowa over the weekend for the freedom conference. and they included governor scott walker of wisconsin and a number of others. but walker and a lot of ways was the headline someone who hasn't gotten much attention as a lot other candidates. but he had a strong reception from the crowd. watch this. >> we're going to keep lower
5:06 am
taxes because we understand it's the people's money. not the government's money. that's the difference. that's the difference between the wisconsin way and the washington way. in washington they keep trying to find ways to take more of your money. in wisconsin we want to find ways to give more of the money back to the people who earned it. we need leaders in america who understand who ultimate mately understand the measure of success of government is not how many people are dependn't on the government. the measure of success in government is how many people are no longer dependent on the government. >> it was hosted by iowa congressman steve king who is known for his strong views against illegal immigration. that was a big topic. dr. ben carson saying they need to have a plan to seal the border within the first 12 months. but really, the biggest thing that everybody was talking about including ted cruz, chris
5:07 am
christie is we need to get rid of obama and his policies. will be listen to this. >> if you say you oppose the president unconstitutional executive amnesty. show me where you stood up and fought. >> if we want to avoid war, the best way is to make the enemy afraid to start one. and the best way? is to remember that nobody wants to pick a fight if they think you're going to knock them on their butt. >> after six years of disappointment, of mediocrity and decline, a slow course correction is not what voters are going to be looking for in 2016. >> it is time for us to stand up and fight together for the country that we are given. for the country we believe in. for the country the world needs, and for the country i want my children and your children to have. if you are willing to fight with
5:08 am
me i will always stand with you and fight with you and tell you the truth. god bless this country. god bless all of you. so interesting was pretty much everybody was running for president except the two front runners, as least as of today. jeb bush and romney took a pass there. considered, at least, the more constitutional candidates. it was interesting they didn't go. >> they're the two closest to throwing their hat officially in the ring. it sounded like christie was on the nomination podium. follow me. but, you know, i think their game plan and you interviewed angela in the last hour. i think they're looking toward a broader -- a broad run. not the primary but the run for the officer and trying to figure out how do they walk the fine line to get the enough conservatives but the middle of the road voters. >> that's usually also --
5:09 am
>> i wonder if conservatives will play along this time. >> have they ever played long? >> electricity from donald trump and sarah palin. donald trump said we don't need another mitt run because mitt romney ran and he failed. he said we don't need another bush in the crowd was applauding quite loudly. >> so which republican guy are you excited for 2016? let us know. you can reach us on facebook or e-mail or whatever. tell us. ben carson, christian, intelligent, his views are middle of the road and applicable to the conservatives and vast middle class. tired of the same professional politicians. time for a drastic change. and one facebook viewer. and walker carson ticket would be awesome. >> angela on facebook said love scott walker and ted cruz.
5:10 am
dream team. >> interesting. >> we've got quite a bit more on that topic for the next year or so. stay tuned to fox and friends for all of it. in the meantime deflategate continues. 11 out of their 12 game balls for the new england patriots in the championship game apparently under inflated. their coach bill belichick held a surprise press conference yesterday to say that, you know we did nothing wrong. >> that's right. saturday night live could not help themselves. take a look at the skit. >> we came here today to tell you i have absolutely nothing do with deflating the footballs. that's all i have to say on the matter. period. but, i still have several minutes left. i would like to spend the remain of the press conference throwing my quarterback under the bus. >> hey tom. did you have anything to do with deflating these footballs? me?
5:11 am
absolutely not! honestly, i wasn't even aware that footballs could be inflated or deflated. >> tom, i think you're pretending to know a lot less than you actually do. >> what? look guys. i'm just the quarterback. all right. i'm not worried about the air pressure in the balls. that's nerd stuff. that's -- honestly above my pay grade. >> if you didn't oversee the football who did? >> i would like that turn to over the real brains behind our entire operation assistant equipment comanager dougie spoons. >> did you deflate the balls? >> i did what i was told to do. >> did you deflate the balls? >> hey. it was totally real. it was a saturday night live sketch but it was an honest question. if tom brady weren't married to gisele, how many people would care about this? >> fewer.
5:12 am
that's my guess. >> i think there's a lot of envy going on. >> i would say part of the pretty boyness that is associated with him may be the reason that folks are buying his story more than coach belichick. we had a commentator who said the opposite of what the commentators are saying. not buying belichick just like you see here on the cover. but buying brady. >> he was good enough for gisele butchen he was good enough for me. >> he was holding the football. >> that's even better. bill the nigh the science guy. >> i think he tried to sound like einstein. i was impressed with his theories on physics. it was pretty interesting. another record breaking weekend for american sniper. >> take a good look. police need your help finding
5:13 am
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congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.
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tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. good morning everyone. there will be a price. the white house's reaction to israeli prime minister netanyahu's plans to address congress in march. >> israeli newspaper saying this he spat in his face publicly. that's no way to behave. he ought to remember president obama has a year and a half left to the presidency and there will be a price. >> joining us now is chris wallace. the battle never seems to stop. people find it strange that the
5:17 am
president met with a lot of interesting youtube people if you will. but won't extend the same courtesy to netanyahu >>well, i think in terms of courtesy you ought to 9:put it on the republican congress and netanyahu. boehner invited netanyahu without the white house. they met with the israeli ambassador to the u.s. for two hours on tuesday and he never thought it was worth mentioning that netanyahu was coming to congress. i can't think of a time i've heard of it where a speaker invited a foreign leader to come to criticize the president's policy. and, you know, just let me give you a thought environment. how would have everybody thought if george bush was president nancy pelosi invited a critic of the president to come to washington and to criticize the president's policy?
5:18 am
i suspect the bush administration wouldn't have liked that too much. >> no. what is striking, chris, israel is the biggest recipient of american aid. is it a wise thing whatever obama feels personally for the white house or -- or, i mean netanyahu to take sides publicly like this. is it good for vale? >> that's an interesting question and, you know, one of the reasons the president isn't going to be meeting with the israeli prime minister is because it's going to be just two weeks before the election and all though there is a tradition that when you have a leader here just before an election that the president doesn't meet with them because it would seem like he was taking sides. the interesting question to get to your point tucker, one of the big issues of all ways in israel whether you like the president, and obviously there are tremendous tensions between netanyahu and obama on a host of policies including iran and settlements. with unof the issues is does the
5:19 am
israeli prime minister get along with the u.s. they want the u.s. to have their back. for netanyahu to take this position and clearly seen at odds with the american president could be risky for netanyahu in israel. >> is it risky for the president as our allies are watching this unfold or not a big issue? >> well, look every country has their own issues. i think, you know with them and clearly it does speak. i mean in defense of netanyahu. the fact there is not a good relationship between netanyahu and the united states. and the obama administration. they had their differences on a host of issues including on iran where israel and a lot of republicans feel the president has been too soft in these negotiations. it just seems that netanyahu is going to be rubbing it in when he talks to congress. i suspect he's not going to say past that fwoil impose sanctions. but he's going it make it clear he thinks it is a threat and the
5:20 am
u.s. and the west have to be careful in any deal, nuclear deal they conduct and settle with iran. >> so what is on the show today? >> we'll be talking about this with the white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough allowing him to directly answer the questions. i have the quote that netanyahu spat in our face. i'll ask what is the price? and as 2016 gears up we'll have a live report from des moines where there was cattle call yesterday of a number of leading potential candidates and we'll talk live john cay sick, the governor of ohio who is a potential 2016 candidate. >> thank you so much. >> bye, guys. all right. the measles outbreak is growing. this morning we learned it's reaching eight states. how dangerous is this? our next guest said very. unbelievable the raging river. we'll tell you it happens. stay tuned.
5:21 am
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we start with a fox news alert. new video into the news room from pakistan where thousands of protesters are taking to the streets to speak out against those "charlie hebdo" cartoons. you can see the crowds as far as the eye can see. officials publicly condemned the drawings. they wanted to, quote poke fun at prophet mohammed. >> heavy rains and hail in sicily flooded the streets. thankfully no one was hurt. it looks like venice. a fox news alert. we have learned the measles
5:25 am
outbreak linked to disney land spread to michigan. thattic icmakes it the eighth state plus mexico. how dangerous is this? dr. lisa is a pediatrician here in new york city. she joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning. >> why is this we're seeing a surge? it seemed like it was in the rear view mirror in 2002 it was 86 days. but 2014644 cases. >> so we're seeing more of an outbreak now. i think people have gotten more comfortable with not having the disease before. so there's been declining imnew nation rates. people travel. when you travel you get the disease. people that travel into the country where the disease has been more popular in their country can import it. >> is part of the reason folks aren't getting immunized they have concerns over autism or find associations with other side effects that are unwanted? >> this vaccine has been proven
5:26 am
safe. there have been people who have been suspicious. thankfully there's been multitudes of studies that have proven it's effectively and highly safe vaccine. >> we have four reasons we need to be concerned. it floats this the air you can be infectious before symptoms are showing, it's easy to catch and potential for complications. why do you think this is so prevalent at disney world? >> it's a crowded place. it can float through the air. what it means when you cough or sneeze you can see drop lets and sometimes you might not. that's how you catch it. this is one of the most contagious illnesses out there. what is interesting about the virus can live in an area where the person was infected for a couple of hours even after they have left. it remains in the air and on the surfaces. if you haven't been immunized or under immunized you are most likely going to get that illness if you've been exposed. >> we don't want to raise alarms
5:27 am
too much. but what is concerning to me about it it seems similar to what you have during cold and flu season. so how do you know the difference? these are the symptoms. >> that's the tricky part about the measles. it can look like any kind of virus at the beginning where you have a fever, runny nose, cough. you are contagious before you get the rash. the rash can come a few days after the symptoms. you can spread it during the times even before the classic rash has been shown. >> your advice? >> get your vaccines. you want to get your kids vaccinated. if you're not sure if you have been vaccinated you can get a blood test. you can get the vaccine even if you have gotten it better. it won't harm you. >> thank you very much. 27 minutes a of the the hour on the sunday morning. caught on camera. the heart stopping moment a firefighter falls from a burning rooftop rooftop. another record-breaking
5:28 am
weekend for "american sniper" howard dean said the only people who want to see are angry tea partiers? do you agree with that? also coming up throw the best super bowl party on the block. we have all the goods to make sure it's a hit. you don't. to miss it.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
good morning. an extreme weather alert. one down another to go. a new winter storm is revving up. expected to affect millions of people in parts of the midwest and the northeast this week. >> this after the first round dumped eight to nine inches of snow in pennsylvania new york, and new jersey. >> let's check with janice. good morning. >> are you ready for this? i'm seeing, like, epic power house, block buster storms in the northeast. weather geeks across the northeast are so excited about this one because, i mean, this -- we haven't seen a storm like in a couple of years. plus the fact in the northeast we've seen several inches of snow. typically we see close to a foot this year. it's a major event. a lot of people asking will i beet to work tomorrow morning? yes. but getting home tomorrow night and tuesday will be an issue. look at the temperatures now. 36 in new york. a lot of people are probably saying, janice, that's too warm
5:33 am
for snow. that will change. so the storm we're talking about is right now a clipper across the midwest. it will bring 3 to 5 inches across the ohio valley. when the storm gets off the coast and gets all the atlantic moisture it's going to intensify. it's going to bomb out. that's going give us an epic block buster storm. i want you to look at the 32 degrees because a lot of -- okay. snow, rain? it's going to be an all snow event. it's cold enough for all snow from d.c. to new york to boston to bangor, maine. look at this system deepen as we get into tuesday. 40, 50 60 miles per hour. blizzard watches in effect for parts of long island up the coast toward massachusetts. in is one of our reliable forecast models. be prepared. we're on it. all right, charles anna tucker. back to you. >> all right. >> might have to change some travel plans.
5:34 am
thank you very much. for the second week in a row, american sniper is the biggest movie in america. how big is it? it's the biggest first week for any r-rated movie in the history of movies. "american sniper" there it is there. this is compared to other films nominated for best picture. it has grossed more in the first week and the second nearest competitor "the grand budapest hotel" grossed three times as much. it's unbelievable how big the movie is. >> i saw it yesterday. it's amazing. not everybody agrees. now we have another person on that list howard dean. >> there's a lot of anger in this country and the people who go see this movie are people that are angry. and the guy basically says i'm going to fight on your side. they fight for it. i think there's some -- i bet you looked at a cross section of the tea party and the people
5:35 am
that see this movie there's intersection. >> >> damn right we're angry. >> we're hearing even more from michael moore. don't you love this? he has a few tweets that we want to show those. number one. i know, what you would do. hide on top of a roof and shoot people in the back. chris kyle was protecting a bunch of marines. we had rob o'neal, the man who killed bin laden said that snipers like chris kyle saved his life. let's connect the dots there. >> it's funny michael moore is now the theologian citing jesus. i don't remember that on abortion or gay marriage. the christian left almost gets no publicity. boy, are they annoying? >> yeah. also known as a atheist. >> i saw the newee yesterday. when michael moore make these
5:36 am
comments it takes it out of context. it's a simple thing. he saved american lives. he went through a tough struggle to do it but it was a job that had to be done. protecting people in a different country because that's what america does. guess what happened over the time we have become the world's policeman? a billion people in other countries have moved into the middle class. we have india on tv earlier. if it wasn't for americans dying around the world the rest of the world would be in poverty. we have saved the planet. if we do away with america's placeman there will be. >> we heard from sarah palin firing back against the left in iowa. >> screw the left. it's hollywood who can't understand what it is that we see in someone like chris kyle and all of our vets. >> it she say screw hollywood?
5:37 am
sarah palin unplugged. what do you think of american sniper and the controversy surrounding it? sends your tweets, e-mails, all the social media things. we want to know what you think. >> epic. you should see it. other stories making headlines. the heart stopping moment a firefighter callfalls from a burning roof top. a house fire in phoenix completely out of control. he loses his grip and falls to the ground. luckily no one was seriously injured in the blaze. firefighters suffering minor burns. >> a michigan mother is lucky to be alive after suffering a see jury at nine months pregnant. thanks to her quick thinking and calm toddler.
5:38 am
>> she has epilepsy and said they've been practicing for this kind of emergency since she was 2 years old. all that practiceing paid off. she got her mom help just in time for her deliver her new baby brother t.j. and wouldn't you recognize this guy? a texas police department releasing probably one of the worst sketches. this masked man robbed a family in the parking lot of their apartment outside of houston. but before he took off with their phone, wallet diaper bag he said, sorry i have to pay my bills. police believe he's linked to at least two other robberies. all right. tucker, charles, take it away. >> thank you. the big game is literally just one week from today. >> so what do you need to grab and make this a real big super extra super bowl party? well, we have the man himself.
5:39 am
>> we sure do. martin castro joins us with all kinds of stuff you want to buy immediately. >> mark, what do you need for the super bowl? >> first of all, for the big game you need a big screen tv. >> okay. >> right here. this is the latest and greatest. it's a p series 65 inch 4k television. it's four times the number of pixels as a standard hd tv. >> how much is that going for? >> $1,500. it's exclusive to best buy. but these things are steadily dropping in price. this is the lowest price we've seen to date. >> absolutely amazing. it's huge. >> it's an american company. >> i think so. >> the same size television right here 65 inch. an lgled television. this has half the specks of all this. so this is 2160 p. this is 1080 p. the screen went down.
5:40 am
>> you have all the speakers. >> this is a panasonic. a 3-d blu-ray home entertainment system. we have five speakers. a sub. this is blue tooth. you can connect your your phone. this will enhance the sound of the game. after wards when we play music. >> will it enhance enough if someone deflating the ball can get heard? >> maybe a little bit. >> all right. >> you want to get -- >> this is the latest and greatest ipad air 2. a 64 gigabyte. if you're in fantasy football you want to check the stats. especially the daily fantasy football. you check the stats. stay up to date on the game. >> we're watching the tv we have everything. now we need the muchies. >> i don't want to do zblsh super bowl is all about the food and the drink and here you go. here are some amazing devices. this is a margaritaville. this is the ultimate margarita machine.
5:41 am
>> it's so cool. >> it's awesome. it's $200. my mom love it is. it's only for margarita. you can make whatever you want. with tequila it will be the party enhancer. >> if you're buying it for margaritas it may be a sign you have a problem. >> exactly. >> if you use it by yourself it might be time to get help. >> yes. >> here we have the hamilton beach a six quarter slow cooker. it's pretty amazing. set it and forget it cooking device. i say for chili. cook it in the morning it'll stay hot all day long. it's a great device. >> and this? >> this is a panini and grill maker. it's ceramic. it's non-stick. this is easy to clean. and it opens up to a flat grill. if you want to cook wings. >> i dig the popcorn machine. i get a lot of people coming to the house.
5:42 am
that's kind of small. >> it will make 10 cups of popcorn. it's $70. it's a retropopcorn maker. >> i like it. >> i have a big one. >> so when you make the mess with the popcorn on the floor this is a perfect device to clean it up. a i diddyson dc 59. this is $412. down $550. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> anna, take it away. >> sorry, i couldn't contain myself. it's that dyson i welcome to the dyson world about a year ago. it will change your life if you're a dog owner. moving on 42 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert to tell you about. overnight the president presenting his strategy to fight terror in yemen. is it not working? our next guest, a former navy s.e.a.l. served in yemen and has a chilling warning. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
5:43 am
or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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we have a fox news alert for you this morning. president obama saying this morning that counter terrorism activities in yemen the country whose government who apparently has fall ton shiite lishss are not suspended. how big a threat does it pose to our national security? scott taylor is a former navy s.e.a.l. he spent a lot of time in yemen. his book comes out next month. he joins us live. thank you for coming on this morning. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> all kinds of news outlets including this one reported yesterday that u.s. counter terrorism efforts in yemen because the government we supported fell. the president saying that's not true. how do we know the truth? what do you think the truth likely is? >> let me preface it by saying yemen is a country of 23 million. there are great people there. we tend to not hear anything
5:47 am
good coming out of there. it's a complicated situation for sure. let's talk about first for the president's speech when he said that it was very successful our counter terrorism strategy has been successful. well, they have been coming for awhile now. there have been intelligence reports they're on the move to take the capitol. the president was clueless or disingenuous about his strategy. he's saying there are correspondented counter terrorism operations it's important understand we have presence in southern yemen which is not controlled. they control the capitol which is the main part of where the government is. by why it's important is most of al qaeda are in the region which are closer to -- we can launch things out of the south for sure. we're going to be hindered in the counter terrorism operation and intelligence operations from the capital. >> right.
5:48 am
>> so -- >> the drones are still taking off but the intelligence gathering on the ground has been hampered. you have them overthrowing a pro american government. so you have al qaeda on one side, the iranian backed group on the other. which are we more against? >> well, there are -- there is some overlap. we talked about it's complicated over there. in general our foreign policy, of course in the middle east of once of balancing of power. iran, of course in their aspirations to be the regional hedge monothey're in a lot of countries and they have gained influence in yemen because of the either knowingly or unknowingly backed by iran. but they are a domestic operation in yemen. there's no known that i'm aware of or certainly nothing that goes against what they have said publicly. they're not interested in attacking western targets either internally in yemen or outside
5:49 am
of yemen. however, al qaeda, as we know is transnational. they are attacking. they have attacking. they're planning to attack southwestern interests inside and outside of yemen. the problem there are many sunni tribesmen within yemen that will not accept it. you will see al qaeda's ranks swell because you'll have sunni tripesmen who will join in the fight against there. that's not good for the united states. there was a weak central government and they'll be weaker in terms of being a central government who can create stability around the country. there will be more havens for al qaeda as their ranks well. >> thank you for joining us this morning, scott taylor. >> >>. you want a job complete with free housing? who doesn't? ruby tuesday's is hiring. men suing calling sexist. do they have a case or are they whining? we'll debate it next.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
in an unprecedented case the equal opportunity employment commission is suing ruby tuesday on behalf of two men for sexism. when a restaurant put out the call for summer works at its park city utah location complete with free housing the applications came rolling in. one catch they were only hiring women. the company wanted to have to avoid figuring out co-ed housing. do these men have a case? elliott, first to you, what do
5:54 am
you think? do you think these men -- listen, they wanted the opportunity and they were denied the opportunity because of their sex. >> no question. discrimination is discrimination. the same laws which protect women from being denied opportunities based on their gender also protect men from being denied on their gender. it's a good thing. >> the knee jerk reaction to this case is is that it's discrimination but if we look closely we can see that it's not. employers are allowed as a matter of law to hire a particular gender when the job calls for it. >> but where was the gender qualifications that was women specific in this particular case. >> well, in this case they sent out -- ruby tuesday's sent out a job application nationwide for a temporary position where they were going to offer housing which is a form of compensation and rather than having to bare the expense of housing both men
5:55 am
and women they chose to make it one gender and that's why it's about money and not gender. >> was that mentioned up front that this is only for women? >> they did. they specifically said it's only for women. but it's not what we call a bfoq. a bone identified occupational qualification to be female. if you're casting a movie about margaret thatcher you can say we'll only have women read for this part. but this is just to be a server. these men are just as qualified as the women and you have a bad precedent where they're only available to one group. >> the irony here with this particular point is maybe at the end of the day women will feel it's used to discriminate against them more so than men. if this were allowed to stand it could backfire for a lot of women. >> whichat i think is going to
5:56 am
happen is this case is like most cases going to settle and i don't think we can say this is discrimination against men simply because there's a financial benefit. >> why did housing have to be for women. why can't they say we can't afford two apartments. why couldn't the job be for two men and not two women? >> it could have been but you can imagine the same kind of outcry. >> we'll leave it there. a rocket taking out a truck right in the middle of the road. we have the latest on this attack and then you're in your bedroom and you think you're alone but turns out someone's watching. the hidden horror one man found inside his house. he shares his nightmare come true, next.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
today. it's sunday january 25th. fox news alert. breaking news this morning president obama techbding his vat strategy on terror. >> we continue to go after high targets inside of yemen and we will continue the pressure required to keep the american people safe. >> details on what just happened in new delhi moments away. >> and scott walker goes to iowa. >> we need leaders in america who understand. who ultimately understand the measure of success in government is not how many people are dependent on the government. >> the 2016 presidential race is officially underway. >> and if you thought that deflate gate was one big joke, well, you're right. >> can't you just light the ball. >> i did the job i was told to
6:01 am
do. >> did you deflate the ball? >> patriots get the saturday night live treatment. >> mornings are always better with friends. >> welcome the great charles pain payne sitting in this morning. >> i'm getting my second wind now. >> did you? >> really my first win. >> we're one day away from the big game at the super bowl. we have ideas that will make you and all of your friends you're watching the game with happy. >> it all goes back to the age old question can you have too much bacon? we're about to answer that for you. so stay tuned. >> we have a fox news alert now. president obama speaking this morning in india along side of prime minister modhi. as part of his visit covering
6:02 am
trade to terrorism but the one thing everybody is talking about is what the president said about yemen. >> it is a dangerous country in a dangerous part of the world. we continue to go after high value targets inside of yemen and we will continue to maintain the pressure that is required to keep the american people safe. >> were those words contradicting? it halted counter terrorism and throws the country into chaos. he's on the road with the president and will join us live later this hour. out rage in japan as new video from isis shows the decapitated photo of a hostage. it shows the surviving hostage holding a photograph of what appears to be the other hostage
6:03 am
beheaded. isis demanded money in exchange for the men but the latest video demanding a prisoner swap for an al qaeda terrorist instead. the prime minister said his country will not give into terrorism. >> a couple goes missing after traveling 200 miles to buy a car. now a desperate search is underway for bud and june. they were seen leaving their marietta georgia home on thursday to meet a person that responded to their craigslist ad looking to buy a 1966 mustang. their family says they haven't heard from them since. >> we're pretty sure they made it down there and then at 11:00 on friday they were supposed to be here but they never showed up. and my mom wouldn't miss. >> police say the phone number that they called about that car is from a disposable cell phone. they're now working to track the signal. >> and fighting for your
6:04 am
freedom, duke basketball star joins the army. making it official during a ceremony at practice on friday. he completes his rotc requirements by his graduation in spring 2016 he will become an army officer. the 7 footer is four inches taller than the maximum height allowed by the army but he was granted a special waiver. probably because of his other athletic ability. >> and his basic awesomeness. that's pretty great. the 2016 presidential race is officially underway. we know that because an entire crowd of republican hopefuls gathered in iowa over the weekend for the faith and freedom conference which is mostly tea party oriented potential candidates there. you're looking at scott walker, the governor of wisconsin. he was among them. >> he gave a pretty well received speech. scott walker has been around but i think he's starting to move away from the dark horse
6:05 am
candidacy now. people are starting to focus on him. >> take a listen at what he said. see if it moves you. >> we're going to keep lowering taxes because we understand it's the people's money. not the government's money. that's the difference between the wisconsin way and the washington way. in washington they keep trying to find ways to take more of your money. in wisconsin, we want to find ways to give more of the money back to the people that earned it. we need leaders in america who understand, who ultimately understand the measure of success in government is not how many people are dependent on the government. the measure of success in government is how many people are no longer dependent on the government. >> and a lot of other heavy hitters were there as well. donald trump and sarah palin ted cruz, chris christie. >> is scott walking really outlining a vision of government that is opposed to that of the
6:06 am
current president? under president obama dependency on the federal government has ballooned, mushroomed it has gotten much faster. food stamps alone have grown by multiples. >> yeah i think doubled up to 48 million people. here it is also it's pretty expensive to have a welfare utopia. now the focus is going to the corporate balance sheet. overtime higher minimum wage 30 hour work weeks every angle they can go to creep closer and closer. this is very expensive. when you pay people not to work it's a very expensive on opposition. >> so it was a referendum. but there's two heavy hitters missing. jeb bush and mitt romney. >> when you look at the polls the people are way out in front. early polls are meaningless actually. >> like a marathon. there always someone that runs out front and when the race is
6:07 am
over you wonder if they finish or not. >> exactly right. i have no way of knowing but i do know the early polls are usually a measure of name i.d. but they weren't there. their positioning themselves jeb bush and mitt romney as the institutional candidates. the candidates of the party establishment and the people you saw on the screen a minute ago are more that. i'm not sure it's a wise decision to go. what do you lose? i think you gain something from it. >> that rhino label is only more intense by them not going there. i'm sure they would love to shed it because they both believe they have core conservative principles. >> you have to get the gop nod. >> both of those guys can handle themselves. they're really smart both of them. they know what they think and they can say it. you're not going to intimidate them. >> right. >> i like to see our candidates talk as much as possible.
6:08 am
>> who do you put your money on? hit us up facebook and twitter. >> also talk of the town spoul sunday a week from day and debate gate continues. bill nye the science guy during his press conference he called yesterday, he doesn't even typically like to do these kinds of things he was quoting physics and all sorts of things and he had no idea this was going on. >> the hooded genius. this guy is always standing on the sideline like darth vader. this guy was like einstein. i didn't know what he was talking about. >> it caught the attention of writers at saturday night live that produced this late last night. >> i came here today to tell you that i have absolutely nothing to do with inflating those footballs and that's all have to say on the matter period, but i still have several minutes left so i'd like to spend the remainer of the press conference
6:09 am
throwing my quarterback under the bus. >> hey, tom did you have anything to do with deflating these footballs? >> me? absolutely not. honestly. i wasn't even aware that footballs could be inflated or deflated. >> tom, i think you're pretending to know a lot less than you actually do. >> what? look guys, i'm just the quarterback, all right? i'm not worried about the air pressure in the ball. that's nerd stuff. that's honestly above my pay grade. >> well, if you didn't oversee the footballs, who did? >> well and for that i would like to turn it over to the real brains behind our entire operation, assistant equipment comanager dougy spoon. >> did you deflate the balls? >> i did the job i was told to do. >> did you deflate the balls? >> it seems like a lot of the
6:10 am
commentators say this would likely have been between the equipment manager and the quarterback since he's the one handling all the balls but we had a guest on the show earlier that said the opposite. she was watching the dials of people and their thoughts on the two press conferences. the first one given on friday and then bill belichick yesterday that they were thinking the opposite. they weren't buying what the coach was saying but tom brady, mr. pretty boy they were buying his story. >> they're not the ones that provide the coverage. it's sports reporters. some of them are good guys but a lot of them are envious losers. i think this has to do with gizelle. they say he's married to her and i'm not and i never will be. they're taking it out on him now. >> he has a lot of breaks.
6:11 am
a few unfortunate things that fall into his lap. so yeah, maybe some jealousy going on there. >> i'm on tom brady's side. i don't know anything about the footballs but i support tom brady. >> you just saw scott walker in iowa. what does his message mean for the republican party heading into 2016? marsha blackburn was there and joins us next. >> you're in your bedroom and you think you're alone but as it turns out somebody is watching. the hidden horror one man found inside his house and he shares his nightmare come true. ♪ can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
6:12 am
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6:15 am
republican. i think they should make it their goal to fill that border within a year. >> ben carson just one of the gop presidential hopefuls speaking this weekend at the iowa freedom summit. what is the main message that came out of the weekend and what received the biggest response? joining me is the representative from tennessee that spoke at that summit. >> good to be with you. >> so first the people that didn't go. there's a lot of people there that probably pretend to run for president but aren't really going to run. but a couple of people seem to be running for president, jeb bush and mitt romney and rand paul didn't go. >> i don't know why they didn't go. it was a sell out crowd with a huge waiting list to get into the venue and everybody is so interested and looking for
6:16 am
someone who can lead this country and leadership is what you would hear from people that they are looking for most. who can get the job done. >> what was the main message to come out of this weekend. >> peelople focus on the security agenda. national security and border security and also job and economic security. very concerned about the debt. they want to make certain that taxes don't go up and we heard this repeatedly from attendees and the great thing about iowa is people want to look you in the eye and say tell me exactly what you think about this and i thought it was a great weekend. i loved it. >> i spent a lot of time in washington as of course you do and what's so striking about this is a lot of what i heard in iowa this weekend is not what i ever hear in washington among this issues this concern of immigration. how big is the disconnect between what average republican voters have interested in and
6:17 am
what their leadership in washington is focused on. >> yeah, the immigration issue is a great one to talk about. so many people came up to me and said we want to be sure we keep the blackburn amendment on the dhs bill when it goes to the senate and of course my amendment is the one that freezes the president's executive amnesty program and people would come up to you and say how do we help you do this? because we want to make certain that this executive amnesty and that we defund that program and that the president doesn't get his way and ted cruz of course has been the partner on that issue in the senate. he and senator sessions and people know this. they are tuned in. they are watching very very closely and they know that it is going to depend on the american people to get this country back on the right track because they understand fully politics as usual is not going to get the job done. >> the donald trump took a flame
6:18 am
lower to the campaigns of jeb bush and mitt romney and got a huge response. what was the point of that. >> you know i think what he is doing is basically appealing to what people are saying. they want fresh faces. they want new energy. they want leadership. whether it's coming from the private sector or the political spectrum but what they want are ideas and a way to secure freedom and the american dream for generations. people fear america is going to cease to be what it has been. they want somebody that's going to say this is how we get the job done and i had a great time being there. i'm not running for president. i said i'm the chief momma in charge of good conservative ideas when it comes to summits like this and i love talking to people and hearing them express their desires and realizing what are their true fears.
6:19 am
>> marsha blackburn of tennessee. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> a fox news alert shocking video shows a rocket taking out a truck in the middle of the road. we'll tell you where this took place and what it means. president obama addressing chaos overseas this morning. he'll be here live. then think you're alone inside your bedroom? think again. one man found a camera hidden inside his smoke detector. he's not alone. the man here next with a warning for you. well, bacon the recipes to make your super bowl party unforgettable and bring more bacon into your life. the bacon centered segment coming up next. ♪
6:20 am
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
good morning, fox news alert breaking right now. a brutal attack by muslim rebels in the philippines leaving more than 30 police comando's dead. the attack happening in the middle. massive explosion rocking afghanistan overnight. claiming responsibility for a truck bomb that exploded over a military airport in cabul. over to you. >> thank you. you see this? it looks like a regular smoke detector, right? wrong. hidden inside a camera and imagine if one day you realized someone had put one of these in your bedroom to watch all your moves? every single one of them. this happened to our next guest lee and he joins us now with his attorney attorney. i'll start with you. i know you don't want to tell us too much per say.
6:24 am
this looks like an automatic smoke detector. how did you notice that something was wrong. >> when i moved into the place there's a wire running from a smoke detector. >> yeah, and so i guess that got your interest? i don't know that i would have caught that. >> it was stressed to me it had to be plugged in at all times and i had not seen a smoke detector that had to be plugged in before. >> when something like this happens, everyone would feel violated, what's the next step? who is responsible. how do you guys seek justice on this? >> well, right now the chicago police has the equipment removed from lee's apartment. i'm assuming the chicago police are going to take a strong look at this. this is not the first incident that occurred in the city. this is the second one within a
6:25 am
very short period of time and that certainly raises a lot of interest in this type of case. 30% of our population lives in an apartment and now we have to be much more aware when we're going into and renting an apartment because in lee's case his trust was breached. it was broken. he trusted a landlord and that didn't happen. so we will be seeking civil damages for what happened to lee once we get the evidence in our hands, we'll conduct our own investigation and we'll proceed the way that we have to to make sure this doesn't happen again and send that message out you can't do this to people. >> right and just real quick, you said it happened in another place in the city. did they share the same landlords? does lee's place and the other place have the same landlord? >> no, that's what makes it
6:26 am
skaier. two landlords in two neighborhoods in a short period of time that are practicing in the same behavior. >> lee, having said this do you feel safe now in your home? and obviously this is really shocking and smart of you to be able to pick it up early on. >> i wouldn't say that i feel safe. i moved out after the happened. but it's something that is going to be with me forever, you know? when i go into a changing room i'm going to be wondering if there's a camera. >> lee we want to thank you for sharing your story. tony also thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we also want to thank them for providing us with the smoke detector with an actual hidden camera in it. shocking new video from overseas showing a rocket taking out a truck in the middle of a road and this morning president obama is addressing the chaos.
6:27 am
next. then one state wants to name revival it's official state book. the opposel from democrats and it has a lot of people in this country fired up. ♪
6:28 am
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6:31 am
good morning, everyone. new this morning president obama speaking in india along side prime minister modhi as part of his lee day visit covering everything from trade to terrorism. >> this as shocking new video shows the deadly rocket attack unleashed on civilians in ukraine. it's one of the attacks the president is addressing during his early morning news conference. >> our own ed henry is traveling with the president. he's in new delhi for us live. what's the latest there. >> good morning, you know the shocking video is something the saying he is deeply concerned by the unrest in ukraine. sanctions are hitting the russian economy very hard but also admitting it hasn't changed the behavior of russian president vladimir putin.
6:32 am
something he acknowledged at the news conference. >> if mr. putin and if russia are hell bent on engaging in military conflicts their military is more powerful than ukraines. the question is going to be whether they continue to pursue a path that's not only bad for the people of ukraine but it's bad for the people of russia. >> so you hear the president there again reiterating that there is no u.s. military intervention in ukraine in the cards. he also got a tough question about yemen. the fact that the situation is deteriorating there as well. the president out confusion about who is in charge. mr. obama saying that these reports suggesting that u.s. counter terror efforts have been sidetracked in yemen are just not true though it's hard to understand how the u.s. is getting good intelligence on the ground with the situation so chaotic in order to direct u.s.
6:33 am
drone strikes properly. in september he held him up as a success in u.s. counter terror efforts. right now the situation is in shambles. >> ed henry for us live in new delhi. thanks ed. >> get home safe ed. also breaking at this hour, michigan seeing it's first case of the measles this year. and it's possibly linked to the outbreak that started at disneyland. that increases the total number of cases to 79 spread across 8 states and mexico. frightening news to a pediatrician we spoke to earlier. >> this is one of the most contagious illnesses out there and what's interesting about this the virus can live in an area where the person was infected for a couple of hours even after they have left. it remains in the air and can remain on the surfaces. if you have not been immunized or you're underimmunized you'll get the illness if you're
6:34 am
exposed. >> symptoms close to the cold and cough. 2014 was the worst year in two decades for measle cases. and f-16 fighter jets had to escort delta and southwest planes to a runway in atlanta when a credible bomb threat posted on twitter. earlier on fox and friends bill gavin explains what prompts this kind of action. >> if somebody calls and says there is a bomb on board a plane you have to do everything you possibly can to cover that event. they scramble the jets and get these planes safely on the ground. get the people off. >> well, the plane passengers and luggage checked. no explosives found there. investigators are still looking into the threat. >> a 94-year-old veteran can't file his tax return because the irs thinks he's dead but he's not. his troubles began last april when his accountant tried to
6:35 am
file it online. the irs rejected it because according to the social security administration he's no longer among the living. he is working with the taxpayer advocate service to fix this problem. here's some fun video. check out the hilarious moment a contestant on wheel of fortune forgets how to play the game. >> the printed desert. >> it's your turn. >> the pointed desert. >> no you still have time. >> i still have time. i'd like to sell -- >> it's not the pointed desert. >> it's not the pointed desert no matter how many times you say it. >> he said it and said it and said it again. the wrong answer, repeating it is not the best strategy. the right answer was the painted desert. >> i don't care how many times we pretend marijuana doesn't effect cognitive ability, it
6:36 am
does. >> millions of people in the midwest and northeast bracing for another winter storm this week. blizzard-like conditions are possible in some parts of the midwest and northeast. >> this after 8 to 9 inches of snow fell in parts of pennsylvania, new york and new jersey yesterday. >> wow for the full scope of this dramatic storm we go now to janice dean. >> this is a big one and i'm going to be calling this a blizzard. parts of long island connecticut, massachusetts, rhode island you have blizzard watches up and this storm is going to deepen considerably. we call it bombing out. and that means it deepens and with that we could see winds in excess of 60 miles per hour as well as blizzard conditions. it's going to happen. i'm going to call it a blizzard. let's look at the satellite imagery. this is part of the ingredients we need for this nor'easter that's going to develop and strengthen overnight monday into tuesday and wednesday. so there's monday. yes you're going to see some
6:37 am
snow showers across the big cities on monday afternoon but it's really in the overnight that we start to see this really crank up. the boston national weather service is putting out warnings right now over social media to pass it along that this could be a life threatening event. if you live in philly up toward portland, d.c. a couple of inch of snow but this is going to be a philadelphia toward portland maine event where we'll get the blizzard conditions. blizzard watches posted for long island up toward massachusetts, connecticut, and rye ryehode island. you cannot be outside wednesday, tuesday even into wednesday. easily easily 24 inches plus in some of the new england states and not out of the question to see 24 inches plus in philadelphia up toward new york. big event. certainly one that we haven't seen in years across the northeast. so that's why we're trying to get the message out now. back to you inside tucker anna
6:38 am
and charles. >> you have important travel plans you may need to rethink them. >> absolutely. >> mississippi could be the first state of the union to make the good book the bible the official book of the state. is this a good idea? >> joining us is fox news religion correspondent lauren green. >> good morning. mississippi makes no bones about being devoted to the almighty having recently added the phrase in god we trust to the state seal. now the effort to make the bible a state book is a bipartisan move with a republican and democratic version now at play in the state capitol. democratic state representatives tom miles and michael evans authored one of the bills and say they're not trying to force anyone to buy the bible or read the bible but rather the good book is a way of life in the magnolia state. >> we're a christian lead state and nation and it's important in the fabric of our state and the way of life and because we feel
6:39 am
that the bible is ingrained in us and we all spent more time with it, we have a better way of treating our fellow man. >> but democratic senator frazier is against the proposed bill. he reads the bible daily and has several translations in his office. he says it's about faith and not politics. he worry about costly court battles. >> i think that we should use our resources not defending lawsuits that we can avoid but using those resources to help the folks we represent. >> the bible is the best selling book of all time but no state has ever made it it's official book. >> now mississippi lawmakers passed the bill and the governor signs it, which he says he will the bible would become the state's official book sometime in april around the time of easter and of course passover as well. >> this is a bipartisan move, right? >> with over 20 cosponsors on both sides of the aisle. this is an amazing thing because
6:40 am
nobody seems to object to it. the most objections have come from religious people that say perhaps taking the sacred text and making it more historical is the problem. >> i don't want politicians anywhere near my bible. >> you don't have to be a liberal to have that view. >> and adding in god we trust to the state seal at a time where like kids aren't even allowed to pray in school. >> so mississippi is very religious. jackson is in the top ten of the most bible read cities in the country. new york ranks about 90 something. >> lauren thanks for coming on. >> sure, absolutely. >> good to see you. >> millions of american families depend on it. a government program that helps save money for college tax free but now the president is making a pitch to take it away? mary we'll explain why next. >> who needs tortilla chips when you can have bacon chips? we'll keep the party going.
6:41 am
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work well this week president obama touted a plan to help students prepare for colleges but is proposing stripping away a popular tax benefit and his critics just aren't buying hy would we want to raise taxes on people? there's no free lunch and the president wants to raise taxes because he wants to increase washington spending. >> i'll take that as dead. >> dead. real dead. >> we added more during the obama years than all the presidents from george washington down to george bush. the last thing we need to do to
6:45 am
these young people is add more debt and giving away free tuition strikes me as something we can't afford. >> so making it harder for people to save on their own in favor of more government handouts. is that a good plan? >> let's ask the host that breaks it down for us. you did a panel on this in davos. >> i interviewed the heads of princeton, harvard and the university of pennsylvania. and these are all president obama supporters and even they said this is not the way to do it. you do not want to tax a plan that actually encourages families to save money for education. the issue here is maybe the administration is missing what is rich. rich people are not the only ones to take out 529 plans to encourage their kids to go to college and save for college particularly as college tuition is exorbitant. this is a tough one and even his supporters are saying not the way to do it. >> but the president himself
6:46 am
would be grandfathered in. this wouldn't effect him. >> not the quarter million he already socktocked away. his kids will be okay. >> almost all the tax policies mentioned in the state of the union have something to do with a cutoff. rich people are taking advantage. whether it's individual retirement accounts or the college plan and the zeal to get after them kills the opportunities for poor people or middle class people. >> it goes back to ideologies and they're actually paying the majority of taxes out there. this hits right in the middle. this is not just about rich. actually put this under the umbrella that this is for rich people is wrong. education we all agree and both sides agree that education is so critical to continue to stay competitive as a country and in order to do that you to encourage families to actually send their kids to college.
6:47 am
>> one quick note i want to say also everything that the government puts money out becomes more expensive and if you look at college debt now and college tuition, as long as government keeps making the loans available and there's no competition the price keeps going through the roof. >> because there is no free lunch. the way he just said it is true. the fact is is somebody has to pay for it. at some point you raise taxes in terms of the epa regulations. whatever it is it will get trickled down to family. >> we're about out of time but the middle class really struggles when trying to pay for college. what's the solution to that? >> the bottom line is you need to make an environment attractive for businesses to create jobs. you're not doing that by having the highest corporate tax rate in the world. in order to create jobs businesses have to feel like they actually can afford this and are getting a pay off for it. not that it's expensive for benefits and more expensive if they have 40-hour work weeks.
6:48 am
we'll talk about all of this on the show. i have senator richard shelby coming on. we'll talk about what he's doing. we have hearings on trade. talk to shelby about this plan 529. how to make college more affordable. also maya mcginnis is coming up to talk more about this as well. she studied a lot of tax plans and has her own ideas in terms of what could bring us together on this and then we'll talk about crises going on in terms of terrorism. japan being brought into it with mike mccaul. sunday morning futures is in 10 minutes. it's such a great show and really smart. >> thank you. >> we will watch today. >> you can always catch maria and find her in your area go to fox finder. of course you can also watch charles payne on the fox business network. wanted to make sure to get that in. yeah. >> all right. if you like seven layer dip you're really going to like 25 layer dip. you don't believe it exists?
6:49 am
it does exist. and we have it for your amazement. so stay tuned. >> we're about to dive right in that. ♪ push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new
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. we are one week away from the biggest football game of the year. if you want to have the best super bowl party ever on the block, you better listen up. >> joining us with some ideas that can have your guest screaming, hey your baking me hungry. that's corny. josh of fyi network of epic
6:53 am
empire in the west series epic meal time. great looking stuff. this is monstrosity. this is amazing. what does that weigh, would you say? >> anywhere from 20 to 100 pounds maybe. >> just in that change. i'm ball parking. >> i'm seeing chocolate chip cookies along with guacamole. >> these are our chips here? >> this is >> these are hormel black chips. these are jalapeno and my favorite black pepper. >> my circuits have been overwhelmed. >> my cousin got married. they had it covered in honey, sticks of bacon. >> you've got to get in there. >> you need some implement to get in there or long arms.
6:54 am
>> tell us these layers. >> refried beans salsa mac n cheese pretzels chocolate sauce, grape jelly, marshmallow, gummy bears cheese its, humus chocolate chip cookies, spinach dip, pulled pork, quack moeguacamole. >> some say this is too much. this is a gimmick. chocolate chip cookies and guacamole? >> this is food art. >> yes, sure. >> for sure. definitely. >> how did you decide on the order? i speaking for myself wouldn't have put the cookies next to the ground beef. >> the last time you ate chocolate chip cookies and ground beef, was it good?
6:55 am
it's time to reeninvent that. >> how many calories if you were to guess are in there? >> for your super bowl winning forecast in the blizzard. >> you have to try the dip to debt awarded our lumbacon trophy. >> what is inside? >> this is black label fully cooked bacon. >> how long did this take you to make this? >> couple of hours. >> incredible. >> calorie wise trumps 100,000. >> 100,000? >> which is not even our most. >> what's your most? >> we made a 3,000 strip christmas tree that weighed in 250,000 calories. >> that's incredible. that could feed an entire nation. >> definitely. or just four friends. >> shouldn't be double dipping. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 am
>> we'll eat it off camera and tell you the results. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. 65 layers including gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies ground beef. we could be here all day. >> who does not love bacon? nobody. nobody. >> here to explain the speech of the summit. it was amazing. >> and also what to do with left over bacon?
7:00 am
>> yummy in my tummy. >> there's never left over bacon. >> that's right. woo hoo. good morning. the president had his say. now it's gop's turn. good morning everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." the president laid out his vision for last two years in office focussing on what he calls middle class economics. will any get past the new republican led congress? the chairman of the senate banking committee is with us weighing in on all of this coming up. getting tough on our border, the chairman of the house of homeland security with me presenting what he calls the toughest border bil


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