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tv   FOX News Reporting Terror Strikes Boston Boston Strikes Back  FOX News  January 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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♪ >> it is monday. marathon monday. we have the road closure along the city. >> ideal running conditions this year. >> preparations are already underway in the starting line and thousands of runner ace cross the world gear up for marathon monday.
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(gun shot (starting gun fired) >> i can tell you exactly what kind of a day it was. i usually work marathon monday. i took it off because my husband was running the marathon. beautiful day. people were coming up to me, oh, i watch you on tv all of the time. these are my kids. it was one of those sort of magical moments. >> we were hoping fervently for a good day and we got it. >> ladies and gentlemen, the 2013 boston marathon... >> my girlfriend sabrina and i decided we would walk over from fenway to boylston street. we were supposed to meet up with a couple other friends at a restaurant on boylston street. it took us about an hour to make
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our way through the crowd. >> jp asked me come along paul is going to be down there with jackie and our friend mike jefferson is running the marathon. i tried to say no. he's like it's beautiful out. i guess like a party down there. he's like come on it will be a good time. >> the best point of the marathoners is when you see the sign that says you have one mile left. we saw the sign and everything was so close it was going great. >> we are waiting waiting waiting. finally my husband came through. thighs were locked up. really had a hard marathon. he was spieling. we are right there at the finish line with him. >> i was fiddling with the video camera standing squarely on the center of the finish line taking
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measure of the incredible crowd. there was this really loving incredible place to be where people were showering each other with hugs and love and just tremendous amounts of goodwill. in an instant that clearly changed. (explosion) >> chafz that on boylston street. >> something just exploded at the finish line. >> two separate devices. >> just got word of not one but two explosions near the finish line of boston marathon. we are getting reports from on scene that jonathan hunt has
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just gotten one. >> jonathan people have been seriously injured as you look at the pictures you can see what looks like people being worked on there. >> let's listen. >> 984 this is what i need. i want the road cleared so i can get the ambulances out, okay? >> people were coming through the finish line all of a sudden you hear this boom. turned around and saw this explosion coming out of the building. >> the woman you are hearing speak is a reporter for our station in boston who was there when this happened. >> you heard the explosion. it forced you to jerk your head and turn around. >> we calmly and quickly started to walk away from the smoke.
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>> is it a transformer? is it something more sinister? no idea. you start looking at all of the injuries and you start to see people coming out with no legs, people with no arms, people's faces and bodies covered in blood. >> i actually thought it was fireworks. i thought it was a special occasion and fireworks were going off for us. >> i remember hearing a couple loud noises and at first i thought it was thunder. the eyes got as big as saucers. >> a police officer stopped me. i said i am a doctor i need to be at the finish line. >> to my left the first bomb went off. i pretty much decided to turn and run. so i turned to my right to run
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away and i ended up running right into the second bomb. >> first explosion goes off everybody -- i said everybody get in the street. i headed towards the guardrail myself and then at some point the guardrail, boom the bomb goes off. through me in the street about 5 or 6 feet. >> when the second one went off iktd feel the-- i could feel the impact of the explosion. my left had heing will was out my right leg was tucked under me. i thought i was going to end up dying there. i could see blood coming out. everybody was so freaked out by what was going on. it was very surreal feeling. >> something inside told me to say get up jared you are okay. get up. i seen my hand was all damaged and i looked down at my leg i could see the back of my leg was
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damaged. i was trying to get to the middle of the street because one bomb, two bombs, logically i felt like there was going to be another one. >> i taste the metal and the blood. it was so thick and there was so much of it. i immediately started working on a young woman who was on the ground horrible lower extremity injuries. >> i thought about my friends and looked back at where they were and i assumed they were dead. >> jp and paul and mark lost a limb and it was pretty rough. >> initially i don't think i was in any any pain but then it all started to kind of kick in. a college student came out of nowhere and basically picked me up off the sidewalk. my heart was just sinking. and i am just like i'm going to
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die. >> fbi agents are focused on the methodical work of pulling clues from the marathon route. the residue from the explosions to determine the type of explosives, the origin of the explosives as well as whether l they contained any shrapnel. that will be a critical clue. >> i think it isat clear and the fbi is treating it as such this was an act of terrorism.hi when you see ball bearings. >> this is the y president let me interrupt you. >> we still do not know who did this or why. s people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all of the facts. boston is a tough and resilient town, so are its people. i am supremely confident boss p tonians will pull together take care of each other and move forward asas one proud city and as we do the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> the e day after the marathon bombings so har sar nef was back to
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school. >> tamer lynn was a boxer he was well-known. he had been in the community for a while. he was the more gregarious of the two brothers. you look back now at dzhokhar's tweets he was talking about theet city and the impact on the city. >> we have at press conference about to begin. the fbi and local. >> i am going to take it over to the person in charge of the fbi here. the city of boston is open and it will be open tomorrow but it will not be business as usual. the fbi is taking the lead in e this investigation. ifs asserting federal i jurisdiction. it is the joint terrorism task force. >> we have the continuing coverage of the boston marathon. b blocks and blocks of the city are cordoned off. it is a debris field filled with shattered glass and abandoned
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helps you get the right car without all the drama. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. the sun just coming up here over a very >> this is the street where it happened on boylston street just a few blocks down. >> the morning following the bombing people arewere out walking their dogs and runners. a lot of runners thought they were going to show the city and show all of america that they weren't scared to be out on the
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streets and weren't scared to be out running. >> there were no explosive devices found. over 150 people were injured yesterday in the blast, some gravely. >> any information you have, any videos or photographs that happened not just at the scene but anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to the investigation. >> bad day in boston. i think if we pull together we will get through it. we are strong so boston will over come. >> remnants of pressure cookers were found. this style of bomb used frequently in afghanistan. >> among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon which could be from a backpack and which could be from bibis and nails possibly contained in a pressure cooker device. >> doctors at massachusetts general say they have been pulling nails and ball bareings out of the victims.
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mostly ball bareings and nails are spiked sharp at both ends. >> my left and right hand got damaged pretty severely. burns. i got burns on my legs. my left arm got blown out. >> my right hand was burned from the wrist up. it didn't dawn on me i had other injuries. >> she lost most of her blood volume in the street before she got to us. lost more in the operating room before we stopped all of the bleeding. she is lucky to be alive. >> i know they operated monday afternoon two surgeries to my leg, surgery to my abdomen. >> three or four surgeries and i still have a little shrapnel in me. more so than that i am very fortunate. >> on tuesday afternoon they brought me out of i guess an induced coma to let me know what had happened and had actually
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told me that they had amputate amputated -- sorry. >> god wasn't in the violence and the evil that took place on boylston street near the finish line yesterday. >> good morning everybody today is wednesday april 17th. look at the photo. could that be the bomb? >> these pictures incredible photos really show what happened just prior to the blast and photos from it directly after the blast. >> when the president came to the interfaith service we found a crowd that was gathered at a bar. it was really one of the most remarkable experiences i have had as a boss tonian. every person in the bar stopped what they were doing and turned toward the tv. >> say our prayers are with the campbell family of bedford, they
6:16 pm
are here today. their daughter crystal was always smiling. our prayers are with the lui family of china who sent their daughter to be used so she could experience all that the city has to offer. our hearts are broken for 8-year-old mark with his big smile and bright eyes. our prayers are with the injured. so many wounded some gravely. we will alwaysl be with you as you learn to stand and walk and, yes, run again. of that i have no doubt. you will run again. >> we have the conclusive development at 5:00 we learned
6:17 pm
the fbi will be releasing images of the suspect and fox 25 has now obtained a photo of one of the suspects. there are talks that one of the bombers could be wearing a white cap. as we were scouring the picture that's what clued us in. he is looking away from the race. >> it appeared now suddenly the fbi decided it was in their interest to release some information. >> today we are listing the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a detailed analysis of photo video and other evidence we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect 1 and suspect 2. suspect 1 is wearing a dark hat. suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the foreign
6:18 pm
restaurant. >> as soon as they released the photos it shook them out of hiding. >> now all of a sudden they are putting the pictures out there are the suspects going to panic? are they going to take off? >> twitter lit up. i have seen those hats. i think i may have seen that person. >> there was a text on the 18th one of the young men said to dzhokhar, hey, you look like the guy in the surveillance video. he texted back lol. like as if it is some kind of joke. he made a cryptic reference to i may not be coming back take from my apartment what you want. >> these friends are accused of going to the room and removing at least a backpack and items in that backpack that included empty fireworks and lap top computer and the fireworks ended up in a dumpster and were tossed out. you ain't lyin'. let quicken loans help you save your money.
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identifying and locating those responsible is >> identifying those responsible is the heist priority. >> shawn was only going to be a police officer. it was about being a part of the community and serving them. it made us nervous, of course. it's a dangerous course. he was leaving for the day he drove past where shawn had stationed his car and rolled down his window and said something like, be safe tonight. shawn said, just keeping everybody in line, sir. i think that's the last conversation that they had. >> fox news alert. there are reports of gun shots on the campus of mit. >> received calls of shots fired at 32 vasser street. 32 vasser. >> it is active and extremely dangerous. >> mike stayed in the truck i jumped in my rental car and drove over to mit. >> my sister called me and said
6:23 pm
on twitter there was a report that there was a gunman at mit. >> with every new piece of information that came out it could have been shawn. first they said cambridge then they said mit police officer. >> 32 vasser street. reports of an mit officer down at that location. >> there was a police officer who had been shot. it might not be connected with the bombing at all. >> made a decision not to call my mom and hoping she was sleeping. the call waiting went and all i could hear was her crying. it was sawn. >> they are doing cpr in front of us. >> they are telling us there's no indication this is connected in any way. we will get someone out here shortly and we will talk to you guys but just back up. >> you could get close to where officers across the street were searching in the bushes for clues. they started to push back the
6:24 pm
reporters. >> he was on patrol pulled over to the side of the road somehow the suspects got close to him and engaged him firing a shot and killing him. >> what they did was gutless. it was a sucker punch. there was no gun battle. officer collier never had a chance. they walked up behind him and put a bullet in him. several of them. then they proved ow how inep president they were because they couldn't unlock the holster. >> she said he has been shot. i don't know what kind of shape he is in but you need to get to mass general. i don't know if you will see him again. >> we would come to understand from danny he had a car jacking began roughly a half hour after the shooting. the young entrepreneur chinese immigrant come here from grad school was driving through the brighton section pulled over to answer a text message. before he knew it a guy dotgot out
6:25 pm
of the car was approaching the passenger side door the guy flashed the gun let himself into the car. he was being car jacked by tamer lynn tamlin tsarnaev. he said i did that. i shot a policeman in came bridgecambridge. he told danny to drive. >> note tied him in roll-call on the 18th going into the 19th that there was a police officer shot in cambridge. officer collier. we were told she was shot in a problem robbery at a 7-11. we now know that was not true. >> i think it was really important to see him and to be able to say good-bye to him there but it's an image that lasts. >> they go to an atm take out money on dan fee's atm card. he says how do i get out of the car? he knew how dangerous and cold
6:26 pm
blooded these two were. i am sure he wasn't going to get out of that car alive. >> he was nervous. who wouldn't be. trying to drive and not swerve over the lines. it would become almost an hour and a half journey. there would be so many times danny thought they were back to kill him and threat of death seemed very real pointed a gun at him said don't be stupid. they turned oun one way streets where he thought this is the place where they are going to kill me. they were speaking a language danny didn't understand but he could hear them saying they have to. it is a cargo state to new york. they were going to head into new york he thought it was luggage in the back but it was more explosives. they were driving around the car is on empty. they come back to cambridge where there were two side by side gas stations on memorial drive. they pull into the gas station.
6:27 pm
he got out to pump. it was danny and tamlin in the car. he took the gun he sometimes pointed at danny put it in the pocket seat and with two hands playing with the gps. danny felt like this is it. just get the will to up and do it. he just did it. he jumped out of the car and he said he felt like the air in his back tamerlan was reaching and cursing. he saw the lights of the gas station across the street but he prayed that it was open. he sprinted across multiple lanes of the street ran into the mobile station and called 911 tell them that he had been car jacked and his car could be tracked by his iphone and satellite system with the mercedes. >> blackmer said to watertown to low jack and coming back to dexter avenue. >> he was standing around waiting and a police cruiser
6:28 pm
took off. >> i run to my car get into my car trying to follow those officers. i jump on memorial drive and the next thing i know i am in a sea of 40 or 50 police cars. sirens railing. plying faster than i had ever seen anybody drive. constipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life.
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>> a massive storm taking aim at the east coast. blizzard warnings in effect until tomorrow. 50 million people from pennsylvania to maine will be in the path of what could be a historic storm. some places could see 20 inches up to 3 feet of snow. winds could reach 65 miles per hour. power outages are expected. boston, new york and other cities working over time now to get a jump on the weather. meantime isis changing its demands following the execution of a japanese hostage. instead of a $200 million ransom the terror group is asking for a prisoner swap in exchange for the remaining japanese hostage. isis calling for the release of an iraqi women jailed in jordan. she was convicted for her role of multi hotel bombings in 2005. i am kelly wright. now back to a fox news special
6:32 pm
report. >> (indiscernible). put it stop on it now. go ahead. >> they have guns. >> at this point the two brothers are coming in tandem one vehicle in front of the other. we didn't know it at the time. there was a honda in front of the mercedes. one brother in each vehicle. >> i hear him go on the radio shots fired shots fired. >> shots fired shots fired. >> i stepped on the gas came flying down here a mile and a half two-miles from the station. >> breaking news unfolding right before our eyes in watertown where an apparent car jacking led police on a wild chase. >> my vehicle ends up right where the ford is right there. officer reynolds bailed out of the car and started going down range. >> water tower black pick up,
6:33 pm
black pick up on the left. >> i go to the right i can't get it i make a decision to jump back in the vehicle put it in drive and jump out. i am thinking throw it in drive let it throatfloat down. they see me right down says who is in the vehicle? i said don't worry about that right now. we stopped and run. as soon as the vehicle stops going by us a loud explosion. >> 322. >> the an explosion some type of grenade. they are in between the houses down here. >> the first one was shielded by the cruiser and we didn't get the blast from it. >> they said it was two bombs but sounded like boom boom, boom. the second one was so close to me my eyes were shaking back and forth. i was afraid i wasn't going to be able to see to continue firing. >> shots fired. shots fired.
6:34 pm
>> people aren't in bedare in bed at the time. >> gun shots gun shots gun shots. i could so there was there was an explosion. >> it was a big white flash and a very large white plume of smoke. >> we were like holy crap. >> the cops through the backyard continued through behind this house. >> the movie was incredible. we wanted to get out of there. >> the two suspects didn't know i would come up between the
6:35 pm
houses and realized i was here. we engaged each other in gun fire here. >> they are on foot>> on foot. owe >> i don't know if it out of ammunition, he looked back at me we made eye contact. he through his gun at me hit me in the left by september. the gun fell to the ground then tam mererlan turned and rand down this area here. i had black hat the older brother running get on the ground i am going to kill you. mine slides all of the way back. i have no ammo. i have no ammo in my gun but he doesn't know that.
6:36 pm
i chased him 15 yards, 20 yards. >> get off me. it's going to blow up. get off him. >> we have to cuff him. i am not going to let him do it by himself. he was still fighting on us. i hit him four times with a.40 caliber. >> i grab him and go down the street. the other suspect got in there and he dragged him down the road and took off. >> i saw the front wheels go over tamerlan. bounced under the under carriage. got dragged about 20, 25 feet. then the other suspect the younger brother smashed into one
6:37 pm
of our cruisers here. he was in the stolen suffer. i got back up ran back over to where tamerlan was and cuffed him. in the meantime tamerlan actively resisting. he put my foot in the small of tamerlan's back and got on the radio and called for an ambulance. >> one down on laurel street in custody. >> officers pinned down. >> the thing you don't want to hear is officers down. one of our guys are down. >> i have never seen so much blood squirt. >> one police officer was shot. he was taken to the hospital in bad condition. >> shawn and dick donahue were good friends from police academy. his friends had been shot. he went and he put himself in
6:38 pm
harm's way to help. >> suspect number one at bette israel beth israel hospital has been killed. suspect number one is in fact dead. >> apprehend this individual. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this is a man here to kill people. >> people were awakened they were in a lock down community there was a dangerous suspect on the lose police were warning people about. >> justice department producer has produced the name dzhokhar tsarnaev. we can confirm the doctor brothers are believed to be chechen. >> i get angry when i think of what was taken from sean and as a result what was taken from everybody who he would have
6:39 pm
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had a very rapidly developing situation. i have been briefed >> we are asking people to shelter in place. in other words stay indoors with your doors locked and do not open the door for any one other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. >> we are trying to make this safe as quickly as possible. this is an ongoing situation. i want to express that. this is an ongoing situation. >> the boston police department sent out another image of a 19-year-old they are now looking for. >> we have to jump in.
6:43 pm
>> suspect number 2 who has been missing since really about 1:00 in the morning. >> look at the police now running to one side of the street. apparently activity going on right where our photograph happens to be. guns drawn. >> there is definite activity here. as the unmarked cars are now moving into position. >> the police were on pins and needles. the police were in an aggressive mode at that point. that's what you get when you kill one of your own. they were jumping at everything that moves. >> everything became a police operation. that's why you saw the warning shots being fired. police helicopters hovering over a situation.
6:44 pm
>> it appears they may have cornered him and somebody associated with these crimes guns drawn here. >> there were a number of false sightings several neighbors got into one house together. they were watching it everybody elts was. they were having a cigarettes. we have the white male seeing the police running into the house. caused us concern. >> anybody moving down the street could be dzhokhar. anybody running on the street could be a threat. >> i woke up to a pretty good amount number of text messages. he is watching the news. >> you are not going to believe what's going on. a oo it is excitement in the
6:45 pm
neighborhood. >> there were snipers>> they were inside and i just remember they were cooped up inside. >> the associated press reached the father of the terrorists he's living overseas next to chechnya. he says of course as always in these situations his son was such a nice boy. >> you are looking now at a shot of the home of the uncle of these two suspects. the sunk el has been outspoken about what he thinks the surviving nephew should do. >> this has nothing to do with chechnya. one of them dzhokhar was born in a neighboring region of chechnya. >> what would you say to
6:46 pm
dzhokhar dzhokhar? >> if you are alive turn yourself in. ask for forgiveness. >> i want to bring you this fox news alert all morning long. family members of these suspects they are now speaking. >> they showed me men's place in a hat like this. >> this is the fbi. >> why the fbi does not give me one for me to be convinced that these two nephews of mine committed these kind of atrocities. >> somebody clearly framed up i am scared for my son for his wife. they should arrest him. bring him alive. alive. >> you can only hope that his son dzhokhar sees that and
6:47 pm
listens to his father and turns himself in so he can remain alive, because otherwise this may not end well. >> we did not have apprehension of our suspect>> we are asking the public to remain vigilant. there is still a very, very dangerous individual>> they covered the four quadrants at one point. >> looked like dzhokhar had somehow slipped the perimeter. clearly he had.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
>> they have a boat with blood on it they believe someone is in the boat. >> he was looking out his window all day and saw a strap that was hanging down. knew that strap had been tight before. he went up to the boat and saw blood on the boat. he called 911. >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel and it appears that something is happening at this moment in water town. >> something is definitely going on here. i have seen about 10 or 11 cruisers they areyou can hear the sirens. one of the swat team trucks went in there. >> all of a sudden you can see flashes and you can hear cars zooming down the street. >> there were hundreds of cops going down the street.
6:52 pm
>> we rushed over the window as fast as we could. >> there are more reinforcements coming in police every where. then you hear hold hold. >> little did you know all hell was breaking lose on franklin street. >> afraid to move you didn't know where you were shooting. >> everyone hold your fire. hold your fire. >> i was on the radio and out loud>> i have seen about 20 or 25 police cruisers and various trucks and squad teams. >> just want to break in here. we are receiving several calls into the newsroom of shots fired down on franklin street.
6:53 pm
>> here comes the swat truck right here. another bunch of police cruisers. >> this is clearly different than this afternoon. police moving about but not with their sirens on and with their lights on. >> units responded to the street for reports of gun fire. >> when we arrived on franklin street the cars went right through the house. >> the team arrived the perimeter was complete. team from quantity toe was on scene and they were calling the shots. >> he's in a boat. he's in a boat. >> heather? >> and mark i just heard from a
6:54 pm
very trust worthy source shots fired and a suspect is down. a oo the suspect it in the boat. he is surrounded by law enforcement in the backyard. he is in there he is alive. he is refusing to come out. >> he is refusing to deploy. >> just heard blasts and a was supposed to be more. >> gun fire they set off flash bangs to scare the day lights out of dzhokhar. >> two more just now. >> we can see the flash as well. >> they were trying different tactics to get the suspect to surrender. they talked for approximately a
6:55 pm
good hour. >> eventually they were able to get the suspect out of the boat. >> the fbi agent negotiated very well. >> talking through different procedures making sure it was safe so take him into custody. >> his injuries would have to go in. while he was standing up we pulled him from the boat. >> > when he hit the ground on his back he was able to open up his shirt and confirmed ep didn't have a suicide vest on. didn't have any womeneapons on him. >> he is in custody. he's in custody. >> thank you everyone. >> it was part one to see the people come together. the respect they paid for the first responders people putting
6:56 pm
their lives on the line to make sure people of water town in greater massachusetts was safe. >> it was like super bowl stanley cup and world series>> seeing the support from the public was incredible. {off-line} {off-line} from phillips
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> >> boston is strong.
6:59 pm
boston will rally. >> it is a tremendous story of triumph. >> i had my ups and downs. i can foresee moving forward ultimately i will be stronger. >> the job done by first responder was magnificent. >> the firefighters and the police officers really helped all of us out. all i wanted to do is say thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> there were volunteers and spectators who were there who like so many of the public safety and medical people ran towards those shots not away from them. >> when something like that happens you have the best of humanity. >> the core of boston strong people hear and people every where will use their eyes the way they choose no matter what
7:00 pm
anybody does to try to stop them. oo tonight for the hour we will be examining the hottest movie of the country and how some hollywood liberals are trying to take town a hero. "american sniper" patriotism under fire is next. >> military aged male on a cell phone watching the convoy, over. >> you think he is reporting troop movement you have the green light. your call. over. >> it is the blockbuster movie that everybody is talking about. >> american sniper was amazing. phenomenal. >> i don't usually watch bhov sris like that but i love it. the ending was perfect. >> the oscar nominated film has pulled in over


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