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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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they said 1:00 p.m. eastern time for the blizzard warning. looking blizzardy out there. >> it's getting there. thanks for joinings. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts fox news alert, hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. millions of americans bracing for a major winter wallop as a huge blizzard moves in on the northeast. the d.c. area bracing for up to a foot of snow. that's just the start. new york preparing for up to two feet of snow. boston set for even more. and before it's all over, some parts of new england could be hit with as much as three feet of snow. "the real story" starts right now. that storm being described add potentially historic and crippling. right now much of the northeast under blizzard warnings. it's snowing across the region right now. but this is just a precursor to the main event.
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forecasters say we'll see the worst of it tonight into tomorrow. we have team coverage for you. let's first go out to rick leventhal live on long island. rick? >> gretchen we can tell you the conditions have been deteriorating pretty rapidly. when we got here at 7:30 this morning, the snow was already falling but the l.i.e. was completely clear. in the last hour or so, it has become covered. traffic obviously very slow at this hour, seeing a lot of brakelights. a lot of people hopefully headed home. that's been the advice from officials, to stay off the roads and get home before things get a lot worse. they're expecting the snow to start coming down much heavier, 2 to 4 inches an hour later on this evening. a state of emergency in new york and new jersey. the national guard has been activated. there's a ban on tractor-trailers after 4:00 this
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afternoon. and some roads could close tonight. in new york city, 500 salt spreaders and a couple thousand plows already rolling. the sanitation workers are an 12-hour shifts to try to keep the 6,000 miles of streets in new york city clear. we heard a short ti/w ago from new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of new york city. i'm asking everyone to understand that and prepare accordingly. this is not going to be like other snowstorms. it is going to be by all indications worse and people have to be ready. >> and the biggest fear is the high winds. we could have gusts from 40 to 60 miles per hour or more, gretchen. that could bring down trees and power lines and cause even greater problems. the wind hasn't picked up yet. but we're expecting it to get bad tonight. >> what are other states other than new york doing to prepare for this blizzard? >> state of emergency has been declared in new jersey as well as massachusetts.
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in connecticut, they've issued a travel ban at 9:00 tonight. the blizzard warning stretches from southern jersey all the way up to northern maine. there are hundreds of plows that are going to be working the roads. but they can't keep up with the snow if it's falling at that rate of 2 to 4 inches an hour. plus with the winds, very dangerous conditions. they're encouraging people to stay off the roads, only essential travel and also issuing concerns about possible power outages. if the power goes out, it could stay out for days. they're asking people to hunker down and get ready for potentially several days of darkness. also thousands of flights have been canceled already and a number of area airports including philly and boston and the major airports in new york, all of them will be virtually shut down starting late tonight into tomorrow. things will definitely get worse. >> that has a ripple effect as we all know. rick, thank you so much. for more, let's get to janice
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dean who has been working long hours. i feel for you tonight. you'll be here as well right? >> it's an important story, obviously, when we have blizzard warnings for millions of people along the eastern seaboard. i want to focus in on the temperatures. the last few storms have been a mixture of snow and freezing rain and sleet. that's cut back on the temperatures because of the warm temperatures. but the temperatures are cold. they're going to remain cold for the next several days. so it is going to be an all-snow event from philadelphia all the way up towards maine. that's the windchill, what it feels like. and we are getting wind gusts close tox 30 miles per hour across portions of long island and we're getting a burst of snow from new york city, long island, up towards boston. this is not the main event, though. the low has not even moved offshore. we're expecting the storm to intensify overnight tonight. blizzard warnings. gretchen, i know a lot of folks are really focused on the snow
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totals. are we going to have two feet or three feet? but with winds in excess of 40, 50, 9 50, 70 miles per hour for duration of six to ten hours, that is going to cause blowing snow. and you don't want to be traveling. back to you. >> janice, thanks so much. we'll check back in with you throughout the hour. moving on to politics, the obama administration is facing fire over the release of a convicted al qaeda operative. the white house saying the early release of ali al marri has nothing to do with the release of two americans, shooting down claims he was set free as part of a prisoner swap. >> our policies are pretty well set. we don't get into negotiations with terrorists. we don't pay ransoms because that fuels further kidnappings which continues to exacerbate the problems. >> and a prisoner swap? >> we're not going to do that.
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>> well, chris stirewalt is my guest. we heard it out of his mouth yesterday, chris. they're not going to do it. but the policy is a little wishy-washy right now, is it not? >> of course we live in the shadow of the deal that traded u.s. serviceman bowe bergdahl for five taliban fighters. that will always be with us once having been done it cannot be undone so it raises questions about future deals. in this case, the state department says it's a coincidence.,ñ the thing occurred that was proposed in the deal which was the early release of the terrorists that happened but that's not why the two americans were released from their custody in qatar. they say it's just a coincidence that those things happened. but now we do live in the shadow of the bergdahl deal and we'll have to wonder. >> and it's not just us. congressman duncan hunter fired off a letter saying he's a strong critic of this hostage policy, so-called hostage
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policy. he's grown increasingly more aggravated in recent months and now may be calling for hearings on all this. did denis mcdonaghough make a mistake on the sunday talk shows? >> he made a number of mistakes. it was not a good outing. the reality is that when it comes to these kinds of things, we will probably have hearings we will probably have all of this. but it does not change the fact that for people like duncan hunter and for democrats and republicans aamerican public in congress the idea that the united states has raised the value of an american captive, whether they're a soldier, civilians traveling, they've raised the valueover an american life as a potential captive, that's concerning for a lot of people in congress. >> that's what i was going to ask you. there are a lot of effects of not having a clear-cut policy,
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one of which you just pointed out, that americans all around the globe may be more apt to become a hostage. but also what does it say to the terrorists that, yeah, you might actually get to negotiate with the united states? >> well, right. it's the question of elevating the attacker. one of the advantages -- if we think back to something like the hostage deals from the 1980s one of the reasons all that went on was to avoid any direct interaction between the united states and terrorists and hostage-takers, that was supposed to not ever happen and people went to great difficulties to avoid doing that. the ideax that there would be direct negotiation over the lives of americans, over those captivity is concerning for many in congress and i'm sure will be a part of the discussion. >> chris stirewalt thanks so much. time for my take on this. does this administration have a real plan a real story if you will, for how they deal with prisoner swaps and terrorists. right now, the policy seems to be all over the map.
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on the one hand, the official line coming from the state department, as you heard, is that the u.s. does not get involved in any kind of swaps. but how do they describe the sergeant bowe bergdahl deal, then? he came home for five gitmo detainees. and what about american alan gross being freed from cuba? the u.s. also released prisoners for him. now we have the very kept-under-wraps released of al marri, a confirmed al qaeda operative, allowed to go home to the middle east after serving 14 years in a u.s. prison. was that also a swap? i don't know if the united states should be involved in prisoner swaps or not. but it appears we aren't adhering to our own stated policy that we're not involved. and obviously that could be dangerous. because when you're dealing with the enemy giving them a mixed message shows a sign of weakness, not strength. a suspect in custody in the case of that missing elderly couple in georgia. target their family bud and
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jude were supposed to meet up with somebody they met on craigslist about buying a car and haven't been heard from since. jonathan, how did authorities reach this suspect? >> they actually worked with his family to convince him to surrender surrender, to turn himself in. he reportedly turned himself in to authorities at his father's house late this morning. investigators believe 28-year-old ronnie jay towns was the last person who have had contact with bud and june runyan. he responded to a want ad the couple placed on craigslist. investigators say they do not believe that towns owns such a car.; towns faces charges of criminal attempt to commit theft by deception and giving false statements to authorities. gretchen? >> so what do authorities believe has happened to this couple? >> that's still unclear,
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gretchen. this morning authorities say that they found the couple's vehicle in a shallow pond down there in telfair county. they were scouring densely wooded areas by land and air in hopes of finding the couple. the couple's children say bud runyan is a vietnam vet who exercised caution when dealing with strangers and always seemed to have a back-up plan for every contingency. exactly what went wrong in this case remains under investigation. >> jnt jonathan, thanks so much. a lot of talk about the movie "american sniper." and it's breaking box office records but the oscar-nominated movie getting more negative attention from the likes of governor howard dean and michael moore. what does a marine an iraq veteran, think about all that? we will ask. and we're following the very latest on what could be the
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historic snowstorm. it could be of the century as it bears down on the east coast with several feet of snow in some places. plus, a popular restaurant being sued for who they won't hire. the parties involved in this unusual lawsuit. you're driving along, having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car.
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those three important reasons are why eliquis is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. fox news alert for you right now. check out our q.r.v., live, traveling from new york to boston, following this massive storm right now. so what is the q.r.v.?j8 fox news channel's quick response vehicle. it's equipped with multiple hd cameras and utilizing traditional technology along with state-of-the-art on the move satellite technology.
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that's how you get that amazing picture right now at that speed live as it's happening. so we can transmit live pictures from any flaisplace, anytime. that's one of our videographers making those photos. new controversy erupting around the movie "american sniper." howard dean raising eyebrows after suggesting people wanting to see the movie are a bunch of angry tea partiers. >> people who see this movie are angry. i bet if you looked at a cross-section of the tea party and people who go to see this movie, there's a lot of intersection. >> that's not all. michael moore doubling down on comments he made saying, quote, i tried to save more lives than
11:17 am
a sniper ever could hope to by preventing us from going to war in the first place. i'm the one who has supported these troops much more than those on fox news. joining me is ryan lampy, a purple heart recipient. great to have you on the show. what's your general reaction to howard dean and michael moore and their criticism and some believe whacked-out comments on why people would actually go to see this movie? >> well first and foremost, i think the most disturbing statement about -- most disturbing aspect of governor dean's state assuming the veterans who see this movie are all angry veterans. that needs to be clarified by governor dean. as for many moore's statements, i really look at it and see not only is he calling snipers cowards who do one of the most dangerous jobs in the military
11:18 am
but he said invaders are even worse, meaning every service member who volunteered to fight in afghanistan and iraq are worse than how he views snipers. are we cowards? >> what bothers me about these comments, especially from howard dean, is to label people -- to label millions of people who have chosen to go see this movie, obviously they're not all veterans. these are just regular people who decided to go out and see this movie and to label them with terms like "angry" and "tea partiers," makes this a complete political discussion when it doesn't have to be this way.i4 do you see it that way? >> i fully agree. i think anyone who goes to see this movie aren't being for a political ideology espoused to them. they're trying to get a glimpse of what it was like in the shoes of chief petty officer kyle and when he returned home, his struggles with his family and his struggles toll re-acclimate to civilian life. that's the most powerful part of
11:19 am
the movie. >> yeah. actually this whole movie is not just about war and why so many veterans have been in favor of it is because it shows the true depiction and some of the hardships that veterans go through when they do come home. it strikes me also as interesting that only tea partiers would be going to see this movie. there's no way it's only tea partiers, right? >> absolutely not. just if you look at the segment of veterans alone who go veterans have a vast array of political beliefs. it's a great story. it's a great way to understand the struggles that chief petty officer kyle went through and many other veterans struggle with as they return home from war. i don't think that's limited to one political philosophy or another. >> and it's so sad because chris kyle ended up being murdered when he got back here to the home front after four tours. i had the opportunity to interview his wife taya about this movie. and she's a fantastic woman. we're thinking about her.
11:20 am
no doubt, no day is easy for her. ryan, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you so much. why some men who work at ruby tuesday say the women are actually getting the preferential treatment and why the feds are getting involved in that case. plus, a punter's perspective on deflategate. steve weatherford will join us live to talk about what he notices on the field and what he thinks about the football. and a huge snowstorm rolling into the northeast putting millions of people on edge, possibly in danger. that brings us to our question of the day. how do you prep for a winter storm? tweet me. i hope to read your comments coming up at the end of the show. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade.
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welcome back to "the real story." unusual discrimination lawsuit with the chain restaurant ruby tuesday accused of discriminating against men. the equal employment opportunity commission suing the company on behalf of male bartenders and servers after the company only hired women for summer positions at its park city, utah, location. joining me now is lis wiehl. usually it's the reverse, right? >> exactly. >> usually women suing in the workplace. >> you can't discriminate based on gender, sex, all of that. and it's 95% women saying, we're not getting the jobs you're giving to men. but what this restaurant did, unbelievably, when they put this out, they said, only women should apply. that only works if it's something for which -- gender-specific.
11:25 am
if you're on the rockettes and you have to look like everybody else straight down the street here in new york, gender could be part of your job. but if it's serving food or beer, whatever that's not part of your job. gender has nothing to do with it. >> these two guys were denied summer jobs in 2013. so they're suing -- they want to be compcompensated? >> absolutely. they're going back to 2013 no matter what they could have made that summer, the emotional distress that they were under about this. they couldn't get the job. you can see it going on and on. >> now, there was an interesting analysis of this by somebody that maybe in the long run this will help the wages of women because if these jobs were typically were women, thinking of hostess or server -- >> lower paying jobs. >> and if men want those jobs, this one person was arguing that potentially this will benefit women because wages will go up if men also -- >> absolutely. and once they get those job, they have to be all paid the same.
11:26 am
tips and that all comes in. but that entry level job whatever the wage is whether you're a man or woman, you get that same salary. so i think it actually -- i like that analysis. >> this was just one particular ruby tuesday restaurant. >> yes. >> but what happens? do they just sue that one entity in utah -- >> of course not. it's a deep pocket. you sue everybody. it's a chain. it's a big corporation. you say, look what i would argue is it's indicative of your policies elsewhere. yeah, this one group got caught and everything. but who knows what else is going on in corporate policy? if i were doing discovery, which means getting out information out, i would subpoena and say, i want to know what all corporate heads are saying about this. >> i like the salad bar at ruby tuesday. >> i do, too. >> thanks so much. we have a fox news alert. at least ten people are dead after a greek f-16 fighter crashes during a nato exercise.
11:27 am
the jet hit several other planes at a base in southeastern spain. emergency crews working right now to put out all the flames and assess the damage. 13 other people injured in this accident. most of the victims believed to be foreigners. but nato has declined right now to disclose details about exactly what happened there. coming up on "the real story," american woman held hostage by isis placed in further danger by the white house chief of staff? what he said that's proving to be a major embarrassment now for the obama administration. and a major storm threatening millions from maryland to maine sparking emergency prep for thatñí nasty nor'easter or huge blizzard. >> we believe this will be a long-duration clean-up. i urge everyone to plan accordingly. this afternoon please get off the roads as early as possible. if you can leave work early or work from home. please do so.
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fox news alert. back to that huge snoerl barrelwstorm barreling into the northeast causing problems for travelers. have you been aware of flight aware? flight aware tracks airplanes in real time as you can see on the screen behind me here. this is all across the country. but specifically the northeast right now. some airlines have canceled thousands of flights today and tomorrow. and our own doug mckelway is
11:32 am
live at national airport. they already canceled all the flights there today and tomorrow last night. >> yeah, gretchen just gives you a chance to make other plans plans. in addition to that they can't afford to have snow-bound planes stuck in these cities. there are many cases where they might be able to get the runways cleared if they get the big snowfall totals. but with wind gusts of 40, 50, 60 perhaps even 70 miles per hour tomorrow and into tuesday, we're going to see a lot of cases of the snow getting blown right back onto the runways and the planes cannot operate safely in that kind of environment. here's a look at the latest cancellations and delays from that website you're talking about right now. today's delays thus far total 1,347. cancellations today alone,
11:33 am
2,668. tomorrow's cancellations, getting to the proactive component of this, 3,391 flights have already been canceled. the most canceled airports include philadelphia, newark, new jersey, laguardia and jfk. nothing's changed there. almost all the major airlines have issued statements on their website which tell you about their policies. check with their website or their twitter feeds for the latest on that. and the most major east coast city mayors and governors, hearing from them. governor malloy in connecticut is urging all motorists to stay off the road. governor cuomo in new york declared a state of emergency for long island, new york city and the hudson valley. here's governor christie of new jersey issuing his warning to new jersey residents. >> starting later this afternoon, you should stay home if you can. you should only go out in the case of an absolute emergency or necessity and the same goes for all day tomorrow. we do not need people on the
11:34 am
roadways, it makes it much more difficult for us to do our job. >> three kinds of vehicles need to have access to the roadways, snowplows, ambulances and fire trucks. everybody else get out of the way, is the word from authorities up and down the east coast. gretchen? >> doug, thank you very much. white house chief of staff denis mcdonough accidentally revealing the first name of an american hostage held by isis during one of the sunday talk shows.y kevin cork live for us at the white house. kevin, as mistakes go just how bad was this one by the president's chief of staff? >> oh boy i'm going to say if you weigh it on a scale of 1 to 10, i'd say this is about a 9.5. you can't have it, especially with someone with the experience and the knowledge of a denis mcdonough. he admittedly blew it. this is what he told abc's george stephanopoulos. he said, among other things, quote, we are sparing no expense and sparing no effort, both in trying to make sure that we know
11:35 am
where they are and make sure that we're prepared to do anything we must to try to get them home. but blank's family knows how strongly the president feels about this and we will continue to work this. a slip of the tongue, yes. yes, but the damages are potentially big. read what the white house is saying. adviser ben rhodes says, i think it's fair to say that we do not believe that it helps for the names of individual hostages to be in public. we don't think that's constructive to securing their release. you see how this is all working out. it's an unfortunate circumstance but clearly they want to make sure those of us in the press and obviously in the public domain don't divulge the name of the young woman currently being held. >> exactly.
11:36 am
there was a little security drama early this morning overnight at the white house. what happened? >> yeah, you're right. a little bit after 3:00 in the morning, secret service staff -- and credit to them they are on the job. one of the secret service officers here observed and heard a drone. it actually crashe to my left around the southeast grounds here at the white house. they have determined that this copter posed no danger. and late word coming in to us, we have received word that the secret service has been contacted by the individual who is actually operating that quad copter. he contacted them around 9:30 this morning saying among other things, this was simply an accident. they have conducted interviews with this person. they are continuing their investigation. but we are told, again very latest information from secret service spokesperson, nicole main er maner, simply nothing more than an accident.
11:37 am
>> more drama at the us who. kevin, great job. see you soon. a lot of republican contenders for the white house showing their faces where over the weekend? iowa. one of the hopefuls making a big impression, wisconsin governor scott walker. >> we need leaders who will stand with our allies against radical islamic terrorists. >> julie roginsky is a fox news contributor and david avella chair of a republican training organization join me now. david, kicking it off with you it was republicans on the stage over the weekend. scott walker getting a lot of buzz, right? >> he did. this is unlikely to be a defining moment in the nomination race. but it was a good momentum-builder for scott walker who not only did this speech, impressed many in the
11:38 am
media and many of the attendees who had not had an opportunity to hear him speak before. but it also billeduilt on the momentum already started by joni ernst, he's put those individuals on his team. and the grassroots operation that scott walker had going on at the freedom summit has been noted by a number of folks and continues to build his momentum in iowa. >> yeah, it's so interesting. this is what i love about politics and talking about it this far out is because we have no idea who the nominee is going to end up being. interestingly u/enough the two top guys right now, jeb bush and mitt romney in the polls, they weren't even there, right? >> yeah. i think what's so interesting about this year when it comes to republicans is they have no absolutely who they're going to nominate. typically it's always the next guy up in the republican party who's going to become the nominee. this time, we have no idea. i think scott walker did himself a world of good.
11:39 am
he's the son of a preacher and it showed. and i think the concern about scott walker had been from the republicans, that he mrantay not have fire in the belly, that he play be a little bore. i think he spoiled that over the weekend. >> you can never make hard predictions because you just don't know. so if scott walker sizzled david, who fizzled? >> good question. the point to make though is who is putting all their eggs in one basket, which is iowa, versus who is looking at a more national stage? and if you look at who didn't show up, we just recently talked about that, governor kasich and senator rubio and senator paul and governor bush, they campaigned in other parts of the country, showing to us that they are maybe looking at a more national approach to how they're
11:40 am
going to run the race as to those who maybe -- unless they did really well with their speech at this event or maybe in a future one, they're going to struggle because they're counting completely on iowa. >> iowa is the first phase in the whole darn thing. julie, who fizzled? >> well, i say people who are not serious about running for president and therefore became aso sideshow, donald trump sarah palin, neither of them is running for president and have no intention of running for president. they're here to grandstand. it doesn't help the republican party because you have this complete sideshow going on. sarah palin had this weird madlib speech. and same thing with donald trump. to criticize mitt romney the way donald trump did and the way he criticized jeb bush, he's not running. what's the point to criticize someone who could be the republican standard bearer? >> it's a good point.
11:41 am
we don't know if either of them are going to run. you never know. donald trump threatens it quickly and you just don't know with sarah palin. thank you both so much. developing story right now, the united states is closing its embassy in yemen to the public until further notice. the announcement comes amid political turmoil with the president and his cabinet resigning last week under pressure from houthi rebels. the embassy says the closure only a precaution as they analyze the current security conditions. the embassy will resume operations as soon as it is determined that everyone there can be safe. tom brady and the new england patriots heading to phoenix for the super bowl with questions still swirling over if and when the nfl will actually investigate deflategate. steve weatherford joins us live to explain what he notices about a football's air pressure from a kicker's point of view. and blizzard and winter storm warnings in effect from d.c. all the way up to maine. what crews are doing right now to make sure that the lights stay on when the worst of it
11:42 am
hits. and talk about good timing. the technology we're seeing out of the robotic snowplow competition now under way. cool.
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on credit cards.... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections that's preferred rewards from bank of america. threat to tell you about. new york governor andrew cuomo to give another update on the blizzard preparations. local officials giving a briefing on what they're doing to get the storm in order, preparations for it. let's listen in. >> we still have people in very dangerous situations. so we have to be careful. we have about 650 pieces of equipment coming to long island. we expect long island to bear the brunt of it in new york. this is a classic storm coming up the coast. it's going to hit long island.
11:46 am
going to hit connecticut especially hard and eastern long island harder than western long island. new york city also, westchester also. but really, it's going to be about the long island and the east side of the island as we've seen before. the two things we want to make sure you're aware of the long island rail road, i'm here with the chairman of the metropolitan transportation authority, mta, tom pender erergastpendergast. we're encouraging people to leave office earlier, not later and get home sooner rather than later. and the lirr will be facilitating that. we would like to be innf a position where we can close down the long island rail road about 10:30, 11:00 meaning we can put the railroad cars in a safe place so the weather doesn't damage them so we can get up and
11:47 am
running once the weather clears as soon as possible. so people should put that into their planning, to be home by that hour. and then back up -- what time do you have to leave, what train do you have to take to get home by 10:00, 10:30 so that when the system starts to shut down 10:30, 11:00, you're done with the system. we want to make sure we're ready to rebound as soon as the storm passes. and from past experience, i can tell you if we don't get the cars -- the railroad cars and subway cars in a safe place, then that doesn't happen. number two -- >> you've been listening to an update from new york governor andrew cuomo taking the storm extremely seriously, talking about mass transportation, that people should get off the rods and get home now because later on, it will be almost impossible with the highways closed and no mass transportation. in the meantime, let's go
11:48 am
back to deflategate. the new england patriots traveling to the super bowl today. quarterback tom brady saying he's focusing now on the game and that the nfl hasn't even contacted him about it. >> no. i believe they're going to do it after the season. we'll deal with it after this game. i think everybody's locked in, ready to go for the super bowl. it's a great opportunity for us. our guys have worked really hard. hopefully we can go out there and play our best on sunday. >> at the same time, sharp words coming from richard sherman, the seattle seahawks star saying the patriots will get off easy because of the team owner's cozy relationship with the nfl commissioner. >> will they be punished? probably not. as long as goodell and crabb are taking pictures at their respective homes. he was just at crabb's house last week before the afc ch talk about conflict of interest. >> steve weatherford is the punter for the new york giants and my guest today.
11:49 am
great to have you on the show. >> gretchen, willing wonderful as always. how are you? staying warm back in new york? >> well, thank you. no, you're in a much better place. i'm quite envious. >> i feel bad for my friends back there. >> i'm a minnesota girl so i can probably handle it. but let's talk football. what do you make of sherman's comments that there might be a conflict of interest between the patriots' owner and the nfl commissioner? >> i think that's silly talk. i think roger goodell has done an incredible job of taking the nfl in a safer direction, making the nfl the most lucrative and entertaining business in the world. so there's no conflict of interest. i think people are looking a little bit too far into the if the game was played 27-24 and it was decided on a last-second field goal then i see maybe on investigation needs to be done. but it was very convincing
11:50 am
victory over the colts. >> no doubt. i think people are just looking at it though, because of the patriots' past history with spygate, et cetera. but i want to get to the footballs. you are a kicker. tell me the difference between the footballs that you use and how that's regulated versus the footballs that the team action brings in for the quarterback. the kickers and the punters use footballs that are only able to be opened and not necessarily tampered with but broken in the day of the game. they have 45 minutes to the minute that our equipment managers are able to take the balls out brush them down, a referee oversees that and for us, the balls are very harshly regulated because back in the day when kickers and punters were kicking the ball out of the back of the end zone on touchbacks rules are implemented and put in place to be able to regulate that. so there was more uniform regulations across the league to
11:51 am
be able to regulate that. >> real quickly because i'm running out of time because of breaking news. do you think the rules will change how the footballs are regulated now for quarterbacks? >> absolutely. i think in 2015, i think they will have to be certified before the game and i think they're going to have to be recertified at halftime because of the patriots and colts games pressure in the balls the pounds per square inch, were changed from the beginning of the game to halftime. so i do think rules will be implemented and put in miss for 2015 season. >> got to run. have a great season next year. great to see you. more on the powerful snowstorm right when woe come back. ough everything together. two boenbs. in then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement,
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dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial...
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1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! fox news alert on this huge storm now traveling into the northeast, and what else is traveling?
11:55 am
that's our qrv going from new york to boston following the storm. so qrv is fox news channel's exclusive high response vehicle. qrv. equipped with multiple hd cams and has traditional technology and state-of-the-art on the move satellite technology. this is the transit right now, going up from new york to boston and we will keep you posted on developments. looks relatively good out there now ball that's going to change. let's go to laura ingall live on the phone covering the storm. she is in manhattan with the very latest. are you power company? >> reporter: i am. i'm just outside of the huge huge mass grid you see on east 14th and avenue c on the east side of manhattan and we are looking at the power companies all over the region gearing up for the long few days ahead as the nor'easter bears down. you can only imagine how busy they were and kohn edison which
11:56 am
supplies power, no exception. we were able to take our camera crews into con edison's command and control center and the power lines run underground which helps keep the powerlines protected, but they do start to see problems usually around 48 hours after the snow dumps and the road salt melts off, all the runoff goes underground where the lines are, and con ed spokesperson says that lessons have been learned from the two storms hurricanes irene and sandy, and they instituted storm hardening measures. >> the underground lines can flood as opposed in west chestest and connecticut, the lines are out and that's a problem. >> we're keeping an eye on the blizzard. we'll be right back. heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh.
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times square, snow coming down pretty hard. but guess what? this is just the beginning. by this time tomorrow on "the real story," that could be three feet out there. don't miss the "the real story" tomorrow. i'll be here. i'm gretchen. now over to shep. >> breaking news, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> so it's snowing. ijg': mentioned that. repeatedly. you've heard i all day long. it's going to continue to snow but this storm is worse than your garden variety nor'easter not only for the amount of snow coming but for the wind and surf in parts of the 250-mile stretch of target area weather service is predicting up to hurricane force win gusts and that means power outages and wind chills below zero with hundreds of thousands of people without electricity. that could kill. the blizzard barreling up the east coast could be the worst that some cities have ever seen. according to th


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