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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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fox news live coverage of this blizzard 2015. in the meantime go to for those in the storm's path, answer me this, are you staying home tomorrow? i'm not. see you tomorrow at 9:00. the weather forecast is changing for the blizzard of 2015. i'm shepard smith in new york city. and for the next hour as the brunt of the storm is headed our way, we'll update you on exactly what our meteorologists are predicting, how bad they now believe it's going to be and where. we'vex"añ had a break in new york here for the past few hours. very little snow at all here in midtown or really across the krd(ñ region. got about 3.8 inches in central park. about six inches in queens. a couple inches on the long island shore, a couplez the boston area. but all of it's changing. and we have brand new predictions. big picture here our team in the extreme weather center says it's about to get a whole lot worse and potentially very dangerous. walk over to the wall. tens of millions of people in
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the way of this monster. the blizzard is taking aim really everywhere new jersey, northern baltimore up through new york, up to boston and back up into maine including every major city in between. governors in seven states declared states of emergency. andtu really going to crank up over the next few hours.k6xm they say anywhere froùz, one to three feet could pile up depending on where you live. we're going to get specific with you to the best degree we can in just a few minutes. then there's the wind. possible hurricane force gusts combined with windchills near zero. not to mention flooding in some areas. the national weather service has issued a coastal flood warning for a series of areas from delaware on up the coast. officials are also warning hundreds of thousands of people could, could be left without electricity if the wind is as bad as they're predicting. here in new york city a really strange scene, hardly anybody in times square. like a ghost town.=wí a little more than an hour ago our phones all went offt . because
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of an alert. all nonemergency vehicles must be off the streets of new york city by 11:00 p.m. until fù(5(pr(t&háhp &hc% notice. and no subway systems beginning at 11:00 tonight. in the history of new york city that has never happened. they have never closed the transit system for snow. this goes for aá?zi!)z dozen other counties in new york. and if you're on the road, you're praeking the law after 11:00. also after 11:00 in new york city the mass transit stops bridges and tunnels close no amtrak tomorrow between new york and boston. same story as you head up the coast into new england. forecasters say the snow there will likely come down fast. in some cases two to four inches per hour. the massachusetts governor is warning of widespread poweru6 outages that could in some cases last for days. again, that's from the governor. airlines have already canceled, get this, close to 7,000:oiv flights they also delayed an additional 2,000. officials say cancellations/z1 and delays will continue into wednesday if not longer. so let's get to team fox coverage out on
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correspondent rick leventhal is braving the wind but the snow is not coming down at this second. leasiç gabriel outside new york bus terminal. and we're live in boston where there will be a pwhopper. but it is not snowing. so what's that about? let's get to meteorologist janice dean in the weather machine live in the extreme this is not to say it is not coming. it's to say it isn't here yet, right? >> right. the forecasters said the worst of the storm the blizzard conditions, would start in the overnight, the worst of the storm. let's take a look at the satellite radar imagery right now, shepard, and i'll show you where the storm is starting to crank up. see this line here? that's the p:vrain/snow line. and within this the heaviest snow bans. we have reports of lightning and thunder, thundersnow. so a lot of convective motion, upward motion with this storm. it is backing in right now to new england. so boston, you're going to fill
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in here, parts of long island already halfxíqzj a foot of snow. look at the band in the imagesnro: cf1 o as we get further into time. you start to see deeper images moving in towards eastern long island, eastern massachusetts. and there's new york. and i think new york's going to start to fill in as well. new york has kind of been the tricky spot in the forecasting. so let's get right to those forecast models shepard, because this time yesterday we were predicting 20 to 30 inches of snow in new york city. 30 inches of snow-oáexpá has never happened in new york city. but they were looking at the &lé)+ut(z model, which is still steadfast here. still dealing with we could see 18 to 24 inches of snow, new york city, long island the bullseye continues to be massachusetts and connecticut and rhode island with over two feet. we are pretty certain that new england is going to get an epic event. not so sure about new york city. here's the nam forecast, this is
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ano&8!(÷ forecast model we look at. again, big snowfall totals from atlantic city to philadelphia to new yorkyw boston. again, some of these areas could see higher totals. i wouldn't be surprised61! higher totals of three feet in some of these isolated areas,_ibuqbuuráh&ook at the gfs, the new and improved gfs model we've been talking about all our forecasters are excited about. look what the gfs does three to six, we're almost done with this snowstorm. but we're still predicting a big event for new england. so you have to take that9o account. this gfs model0$#
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moving. record snowfall in boston, 27.6 inches, that was back in 2003. we could easily82 be top three. we could get three feet of snow y in and around the boston area, shepard. again, looking at satellite radar imagery the heavy snow is coming, the blizzard is moving in. and that is the dangerous part of the storm. winds in excess of 40, 50 miles per hour for an extended length of time. some areas ten to 12 hours@2f of blizzard conditions. and that's the big concern. >> it really is. janice, want to show our viewers how this works. sometimes these snow systems come moving out of the midwest and wallop into the northeast. sometimes they act like a nor'easter and go up the coast. that's what this one's done. think of a hurricane. you know, hurricanes are low pressure centers and their winds go iné"cz a counterclockwise direction, right? so like this. when the hurricane came -=new orleans it's pushing that water up on the coast to the right side of the storm. we have that same thing happening here.
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there's a big low pressure center out here that's sending the winds in this way. and just like1cñ you have bands of rain in a hurricane, you have bands of snow coming out of this. there's thunder and lightning being reported out here thundersnow if you will. so these big bands are coming through sort of slicing along for new york and a(lñ5eujjy and as this low pressure center moves more of those bands will come into these major cities. here's the thinking now after lots more computer models have come through and after we've seen this thing moving. the storm is -- the bands are(#jr coming. and it looks now like for boston and that area of new england->0nñ it's an overnight storm where blizzard conditionselqph begin somewhere around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. and last all the way through midday tomorrow. blizzard conditions, winds at 35 -- 30 to 35 miles an hour sustained winds with)?r 50, 55 60. out on the cape could be even higher than that. so hurricane force gusts. 10 12 hours of blizzard like conditions and you've got a qíp&lop
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that new england will be remembering for years to come. then there's new york. we had thought from all the models earlier and from everything that we read from the computervr models thatóknñ new york would be getting almost blizzard like conditions by now. because of the way this thing's moved and the way the circulation's happening, it now%┌ looks like new york's worst of it is not going to be until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. and instead of eight or ten hours of blizzard conditions, it looks like it's going to last less than that in new york city. so a bigger event now for boston. what does that mean for snowfall)n18 totals? you can't really predict snowfall totals in that way, but january janice, looks like new england and new york -- not just you but anybody thoughé#íd this time yesterday. >> a lot of the forecasters are biting their nails a little bit because yesterday yes, this wasuytr(t&háhp &hc% going to be an=iúh epic event. but this is what happens forecasting snow. you've heard of a busted forecast, that happens. especially local forecasters will sometimes say a dusting to an inch, you wake up, there's six implgs, eight inches it is so tough to predict snow.
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i can't stress that enough. so just be you know very grateful for your local forecasters and be a little bit forgiving because sometimes the forecast is wrong. not a perfect science, but they say having said that shepard it's not out of the question to bands three to four inches an hour to move into the new york city area and bring those snow totals up. so it's not out of the question. it's t-ú+y western edge of the storm system that western edge is it going to work its way backwards and get into new jersey and new york? yesterday we were also talking about philadelphia in this equation. all right, looks like a busted forecast for them as well. again, it's the exact track of the storm where the winds are moving and the moisture content. and it looks like all intents and purposes new england it's a pretty solid forecast for you. it's going to be a huge event. wind gusts already, shepard 30 40, 50 miles per hour across nantucket. hurricane wind warnings for cape
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cod and the islands going through the evening. and here's the forecast satellite radar imagery right now. here's what we know. long island certainly could get two feet of snow. they've already seen half a foot of snow. and you can see this model brings the storm back into new york, into philadelphia,'npwg in towards interior= northeast. and then as we get into tuesday 3:00 p.m. it is out of new york, it's into boston still for a period of 12 18 hours in some cases for the newlç england area. and that's why those snow totals are going to verify, we think at this point. >> all right. we'll watch it because thejr;yñ way those bands move the moisture is in the band. and you can be two miles away from one of these bans and get nothing while in the middle of that band they'll just get a downpour of snow. this is new york's long island right here. and this is dick hills, where is he now? uniondale, about here closer to
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the c that's where rick leventhal is. right? >> yeah. it's get k nastier. winds have picked up 26 degrees, feels lik of the wind. and the snow is coming in. it's a light snow buthmñ you can see in the light there how it's and then when mike pans you'll see just what it looks like. not an impressive accumulation on the ground here, but a lot of it is blowing and a some drifts. and they are telling us we could get as you heard janice say two to four inches an hour overnight. the roads are an absolute mess. they're very icy. and they are closed now or will be in an hour or so to any traffic. the governor ordering anyone and everyone basically all day to go home and stay home to make room for the emergency vehicles and snowplows or pay the price. here's governor cuomo. >> if you are in your car and
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you are on any road, town village, city, doesn't matter after 11:00, you will technically be committing a crime, it's a misdemeanor. and a summons up to $300. >> the wind obviously a major concern for power outages as well, shepard. if the snow doesd-é+ñ accumulate it could bring down trees and power lines. it's tough to be without power if you can't get out of your driveway. >> i hear that. with the bug over the picture there, that thing we use you can't see it. but look at this snow blow back behind you. i've been1lhy living here a long time, i've never heard of closing all the roads down. i don't know if it's ever been >> and the bridges and tunnels, i mean, it's pretty rare. they did it during sandy when they closed the hudson river crossings, obviously after 9/11 they had to close bridges and tunnels. but all of the roads it is a very rare occurrence, not just in new york but it's happening in new jersey it's happening up the coast. telling people to stay off the
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roads for a good reason though because it's very dangerous. >> rick, thank you. be careful out there. >> we'll do. >> so here's the headlines the forecasts are changing. the storm is moving in a way that was not predicted. does this mean that the big cities will not get big snows? it doesn't. but it means it's changing all the time. and we'll head back for more predictions in just a little while. we'll go to the transportation hubs, the bus terminals here, check in on airlines and railroads and all the rest. team fox coverage continues throughout the hour. the blizzard of 2015. wouldn't it be nice if it turned out to be a bust? politicians would have a lot of explaining to do but they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. . ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move
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continuing coverage of the coming blizzard. forecasts have changed as fox reports live this hour. for new york we're most likely away now from blizzard
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conditions and that may last only a few hours. for new england also only a few hours away from blizzard conditions, but now looks like those blizzard conditions could last somewhere around 10 to 12 hours. with that in mind governors in connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts have announced travel bans like the one here in new york city. forecasters say the worst of the storm will hit around 3:00 in the morning or so. and parts of new england could hit see up to three feet. wind gusts could2e5ñ hit coastal areas of massachusetts very hard. continue foxr!5 molly live in boston, 2:00, 3:00÷÷ in the morning until maybe noon, tomorrow afternoon looks bad, molly. >> yeah, it's been picture perfect throughout the day today. we're just starting to see a little gusting, the snow picking up as we head into these past really supposed to startf%á(@÷ bombarding the new england and boston area. as you mentioned the governor charlie baker here in massachusetts, declaring a state of emergency and also that
7:18 pm
travel ban. itkl'm kicks in at midnight. that means that all essential workers can get on the roads those are the folks that are clearing the snow, the medical workers, first responders. but everybody else is supposed to stay home stay off thel stay inside and leave those roads open to the folks supposed to be on the roads. the governor also this belies to some extent just how%h they expect this storm to be. they called in the troops. take a listen. >> i called up 500 national guard"yá9s troops last night. they are prestaging across our commonwealth tob< fallen tree limbs, stranded drivers, shelter services and in some cases door knocking. i'm hoping they won't be dealing with a lot of stranded drivers because everybody's goingx e to be off the roads.+). >> so we'reáii expecting two to three feet of snow across much of the state here. also, one of the things that we've
7:19 pm
broadcast thus far, two to four inches coming dq61ou overnight hours per e9yhour, which really kind of speaks to what you're dealing with in the middle of the night. and also those high winds which can leave people without rx power, especially in the southern part of the state. that's where they're concerned most about the power outages. less snow expected down there but it's expected to be heaviers1ur wetter snow and big gusts up to hurricane strength gusts that can knock down trees and take out those power lines, shep. >> a lot of closings all across the region, molly. @kmg eah, absolutely. there are schools 2;l
7:20 pm
a lot of people will be staying inside becar2!÷ there won't be many other things to y222+ do. a lot of things closed. >> molly thank you very much. we'll be checking in with you throughout the night. coming up, we'll go up and down the eastern seaboard and get new predictions from the fox weather center. we'll also check in on a town on long island, new york that took an absolute beating during super storm sandy. the word is that there could be some coastal erosion there tonight. they've already had about six inches of snow according to the latest totals. we'll have a look at!sça the other day's big headlines. that's coming up from this special edition of fox news desk. "hannity" taking the night off hopefully warm and dry inside somewhere. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement,
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continuing coverage of the coming winter storm. the roads are actually not horrible right now in the
7:24 pm
tri-state area around new york. and they're mostly deserted as we reported the airlines have canceled nearly 7,000 flights in and out of the northeast. and those cancellations and delays have really a ripple effect all across the country and for that matter the world. many travelers are now stranded. here in new york city all the subways and buses are set to shut down about 35 minutes from now. commuter railroads that carry so many up and down the northeast corridor are also suspending service overnight and until, well, until they don't know. and officials say if you drive in new york state after 11:00 tonight you could face a fine of up to $300. if you want to take a bus anywhere in the this area of the country, you have to go to the port authority bus terminal. and our lea gabriel is out there right outside the port authority bus terminal. i've never seen it that quiet there i don't think. >> yeah shep, it is pretty quiet. the snow's coming down it's getting gusty here. as you can see behind me the roads are pretty clear. this is of course a touristy area of new york city. as you mentioned the port
7:25 pm
authority is a major hub where people will be taking buses to get to different states around the country. right underneath this light back here you would normally see people lined up to take shuttles to local airports. of course that service has been suspended. in fact all service has been suspended here as of actually -- will be suspended here as of 11:00 tonight, so within the hour. just a little while ago i spoke with a high school student who's been in new york since last week. she's here from pittsburgh. and she was auditioning for musical theater conservatory programs. she told me she really didn't expect to get stuck. listen. >> yeah, i mean, i didn't think it was going to be this bad. like i figured it would be a little snowy, but turns out it was a really big snow. >> and as for amtrak and major rail transition, amtrak says they have suspended their services between new york and boston. as far as their regional and express services. but some of the other routes will be operating on a modified
7:26 pm
schedule, shep. >> from pittsburgh. they've had more snow than new york or boston or anyone else, they've had seven inches of snow. pittsburgh's fine, they're going to school in the morning. the world could learn from pittsburgh. people aren't getting in the air either, are they? >> they really aren't. earlier today we were at new york's laguardia airport. that's one of the three new york area airports. as for all of the airports that were effected -- that have been affected so far more than 2,800 u.s. flights were canceled today. more than 4,000 have already been canceled for tomorrow. and, shep, they're even already canceling for wednesday nearly 300 have already been canceled for wednesday at this point. when we left laguardia around 5:00 p.m. a lot of travelers expected to be there for the night. one young lady told us she was trying to get home to florida. >> we got here and then we went to get checked in and they're like, oh hey, it's canceled. we're like what? okay, cool.
7:27 pm
we're stuck here. >> yeah, she's definitely getting stuck in the airport tonight. but boston's logan airport also shut down. it's going to be shut down through tomorrow. but the new england patriots did make it out of there. they have already arrived in arizona for the super bowl. and, shep, you mentioned those travel bans that are happening. here in new york city the travel ban as you said starts at 11:00 p.m., that includes bridges and tunnels. at that point, shep no one is getting on or off this island. >> no truth to the word the patriots had let a little bit of air out of the bus tires. they got there just fine and everything worked perfectly lea gabe rel, thank you. forecasters are still warning of powerful wind gusts in new england of course, but also on new york's long island. anthony aramo joins us now, he's the president of the city council for long beach new york, which was especially hard hit in superstorm sandy. they've gotten a little more than six inches of snow there already tonight with a lot more to come. sir, thanks for being here. how are you doing? >> i'm doing good.
7:28 pm
thank you, thanks for having me. >> you guys spent some time getting ready for this. it didn't start today did it? >> no, it didn't. it started yesterday. our crews have been getting ready, you know, piling up the salt and getting the trucks ready and gearing up for this big storm. but our employees are the best in the world and they're battle tested. we don't anticipate any problem. >> sandy did a number on your beautiful little community. i'm guessing you're watching the erosion from where it eroded then for a key of what's going to happen here. >> yes. we keep a watchful eye on the ocean front. but also our bay front is really our north side of the island is really what concerns us for flooding. we do have a high tide at 11:00, so we are watching that closely. >> for people who don't know long beach is on what amounts to a little -- i guess it is. just a thin strip of land. atlantic is on one side then there's a bay and then there's the mainland of long island. it's that bay that causes you the problems.
7:29 pm
>> that's correct. that's where most of our flooding comes from. we are a barrier island of long island, just like jones beach, but we're just to the west of that. >> now, are most people just inside for the night? you concerned about power outages? or what's your thinking? >> yeah we are concerned about power outages. we do have the power authority here with us in city hall. right now i'm calling live from police headquarters. so i was out and about and basically the streets are desolate. there's really no one out on the road which is great. everyone's hunkered down. our residents are tough. they've been through a lot. so this should be no problem for everyone. >> the city council president from long beach on long island. anthony aramo, sir, good luck to you and yours tonight. appreciate it. you. continuing coverage of the changing forecast for the northeast now. the mayor of boston says he is confident that his city is ready for whatever comes his way. we'll speak live with him as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news
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the person who crashed a drone on the white house grounds was flying it "recreationally" at about 3:00 in the morning. that's according to the secret service. it reports agents are still investigating. the white house says the first family's not in danger, not even home. the president and first lady in india. somebody fired gunshots at a passenger jet landing at baghdad airport according to officials there. the turkish news network reports two people were hurt on the fly dubai aircraft. not clear whether anybody was deliberately targeting that jet. and here in new york city the feds say they busted a russian spy ring and arrested a man in the bronx. they say two other suspects would have been arrested but they have diplomatic immunity and flew home to russia. prosecutors accused the men of
7:34 pm
secretly gathering intelligence on possible u.s. sanctions against russian banks among other things. investigators say the suspects spoke in code and hid their messages inside bags and magazines. fox weather alert, the forecast as we've been reporting changing. a lot of you have been sending e-mails, terrible forecasting, they missed this, it's going to be a nonevent. no, it's just later than it was going to be. and low pressure centers have a way of doing things. you know how whenever we're trying to forecast hurricanes if that low pressure center which is all a hurricane is, moves a little bit to the right or a little bit to the left the forecast for a particular town can change. every meteorologist will tell you hurricanes will do whatever they want to do. we'll just do our best to forecast them as well as possible. well, this is really acting like a hurricane. it's a big low pressure center that's sitting in the northeast. if it moves in closer to shore and moves down just a little bit, new york is going to get dumped on. i mean a foot or more of snow. if it doesn't massachusetts is going to get up to two feet of
7:35 pm
snow. if it moves out to sea which it can do if it wants to, there will be less here on the shore. that's it. janice dean says this is expected to still be an epic blizzard in some spots. we'll check in with her in just a minute. but first let's look at our slide show from images of the storm already. a snowy day for new york city and the surrounding area. this is a first look from nasa. i mean that's florida right there. look how incredibly large this thing is. this is somebody crossing the street here in manhattan. this is rush hour this afternoon just after the sun went down. see this lonely person right here. man alive, that's rush hour. nobody on the street. scene from earlier today people fighting the snow. here in midtown manhattan, this is prospect park in brooklyn enjoying a little cross country skiing there. lady liberty from the jersey side. lots of snow for the jersey side of the hudson river. and a mad rush to the grocery stores today. this woman trying to fight away the winds which were really
7:36 pm
gusty this from bedford, massachusetts. a lot of kids getting snow early there. they'll have time for snow too. janice dean in the extreme weather center. this science is not perfect. low pressure centers move where it wants. it may still come back and wallop us. i hope it doesn't. costs $1.1 million per inch to clear it up in new york city. the last thing we need is two weeks of snow on the ground. >> i'm glad you're talking -- i was just listening to you about the hurricane forecast. you know we had that cone of uncertainty that we use to kind of cover our behinds if the storm moves a little bit to the east or west or north or south. maybe sometimes we need a bit of a cone of uncertainty, but the one thing is the takeaway message is we still have blizzard warnings up for 29 million people along the coast. we're going to see strong winds. so even if you have six inches, a foot two feet of snow, if you have 30, 40 50-mile-per-hour winds for a period of six to ten hours, you're still not going to be able to travel. you can't go outside.
7:37 pm
you can't be on the roadway. so taking a look at it right now, shepard, still we're getting some heavy bands moving in. we're even going to potentially see some thundersnow, which is a huge event for meteorologists. and of course the blizzard warnings remain in effect 29 million people here. one to three feet right now for these regions in the red with 40 to 70-mile-per-hour gusts. so that's the big danger, the takeaway is the blizzard part of this. and the forecast wind gusts which could be anywhere from 50 to 70 miles per hour lasting into tuesday and even wednesday for new england. new england we're still pretty certain this is going to be a jock jackpot event for you especially around the boston area. could be top five for them. >> janice, thanks a lot. we'll check in throughout the night. governor of massachusetts says hundreds of national guard members are out and on alert. and the mayor of boston joins us now, marty walsh is on the live line. mr. mayor, good evening. you ready? >> i'm ready to go. >> what's the thinking there now? i know it's looking like blizzard conditions from 3:00
7:38 pm
a.m. to maybe 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> yeah, i've been watching the forecast saying new york might move a little bit, but boston getting hit with this thing. picking up i've been looking at the snow coming down heavier right now. looks like we're going to get hit with a full storm here. >> i'm afraid you are. you're not new to this snow removal business there in boston. you're very good at it. are you going to be able to handle this? >> yeah, we'll be able to handle it. all the unexpected consequences of a snowstorm like this with downed power lines and all that other stuff we have to watch out for making sure people stay off the roads, making sure that we can remove all the snow on the main thoroughfares so emergency equipment can get through. that's what we're looking at right now. >> mayor, the southern part of your city looks like maybe an area with some of the worst winds. power lines down in frigid frigid feels like temperatures below zero, that's tough for the elderly. >> yeah. we're asking people to keep an eye on their elderly neighbors and also with the homeless
7:39 pm
population in boston we're asking if you see anybody out there let us know so we can get to them and get them off the street. something we want to keep an eye on all night tonight. certainly our homeless shelters are all open. we have filled them up with food for a couple days just to keep an eye on folks and the population that's homeless. >> neighbors helping neighbors save the day in times like this. mr. mayor, i'm looking at your long range forecast for boston and not unusual for late january and early february. you're not getting near the freezing point. it's going to be below freezing in boston and all over the area for at least the next ten days. where do you put all of this snow? >> well, one of the things we've done we set up a snow farm to the city of boston as we take snow off street we can bring to these locations. and then we have melters we'll bring in to melt the snow so we don't get stuck with the snow for a bunch of days on the streets. >> let's hope you don't. mr. mayor good luck to you and everybody in boston and surrounding areas, massachusetts, hope tonight and
7:40 pm
tomorrow are not too bad. >> yeah. thanks for having me on tonight. >> you bet. take care. much more on the winter storm as folks here in new york have about 20 minutes to get off the roads. i've been watching the roads. we have a lot of tower cams, there's nobody on the roads. but if they do get on the roads, the cops will supposedly start handing out tickets. they want to leave room for emergency responders to get out there. that and the new forecast as they come in around the clock coverage of around the clock storm. is it a bust? no, it's not a bust. it's coming. new england it's especially coming for you. might new york get it quite as bad as they thought probably not. foot of snow though, not fun.
7:41 pm
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7:44 pm
and people get stranded on an elevated section of the a-train for hours on end and people write in and complain and complain and the newspapers explode, politicians can lose their job. so today the mayor of new york city said i'm closing down the subways, i'm closing down the buses, i'm closing down the streets. and you will all stay home because we're going to have a blizzard and it's not going to kill me. well, hasn't come yet. supposed to in a few hours. our senior correspondent out in the street with a lamb on his head. a lot of snow but no cars. >> we do. they say new york city is the city that never sleeps. well, you it will never, ever see it as quiet as this. just take a listen. that's montana. nobody's out here. looking down fifth avenue right now, the heart of new york city by the apple store is basically deserted. no subways, no buses, tunnels, trains shut down. you could get a $300 ticket if you're out in the streets with your car.
7:45 pm
new york mayor bill de blasio clearly taking no chances. he's deployed an army out on the streets tonight of sanitation workers. we took some shots of this convoy of sanitation snowplows earlier this evening. there will be 1,800 on the streets, 500 salt spreaders, 2,400 sanitation workers trying to deal with this storm. the mayor says the safest place is just be home. he's treating his 8 million constituents like a small town telling us to look out for each other. >> look out for your neighbors, look out for the people in your neighborhood, look out for senior citizens look out for the disabled, look out for the homeless. you don't know if you might be the one to save someone's life because you took the time to check in on them. please do that for your fellow new yorker. >> and in 15 minutes another new york staple ends delivery takeout food. those bicycles, they're banned too, shep. >> bicycles are banned too? >> yep. bicycles and takeout chinese food. better have gotten it already tonight. you're not going to get it in 15
7:46 pm
minutes. >> man alive, tomorrow's going to be a long day. are new yorkers freaking out over this? what do they think? >> no, we're a hearty bunch. as you know sometimes you see them skiing. i saw a couple with skis earlier tonight. take a look at this a snowball fight on fifth avenue. everyone having fun right now because the mayor says this is the calm before the storm. that won't last, but most of the new yorkers i talked to including sanitation workers well, you know they're taking this all in stride. ready for the snow? >> yeah. ready as i'll ever be. >> how long are you going to be out here for? >> 12 hours. 12-hour shifts. >> do you think you'll beat this storm? >> oh, yeah. it's all hands on deck. we're ready for it. >> i love it. i'm canadian so this is a great. >> can you take it back home, please? >> i know. for the city it's a little bit more difficult but it's pretty. >> hopefully the streets get taken care of so i can head to the mountains to do some snow boarding. >> you can do it right here. >> i could tonight if it accumulates enough. it will be fun.
7:47 pm
>> well, it's calm now, but they say it's going to get much worse, perhaps a foot just tonight. >> stay at home. thanks a lot eric sean live with us on fifth avenue. you know folks across the northeast stocked up on milk and bread and water ahead of snowpacolypse. we're looking toward the weather and a long long night for so many millions up and down the eastern seaboard. stay tuned. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after some people had seizures while taking chantix.
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7:51 pm
>> continuing coverage of the winter storm and there are favorites over there lots of internet local snow storms here. >> the internet says it's a snow storm. people need food when there is a big snow storm so there are crazy lines outside of whole foods and trader joe's. and less responsible than getting food surfing people in long beach, surfing. >> 45 degrees, the water. >> and snowing. i hope they made it home.
7:52 pm
>> people at penn station were out today very crowded. people try toing make it home safe. times square a lot of great images coming out of there. >> those characters never go home. >> no. they are not sanctioned. you dot do not have to be nice to them. >> the naked cowboy is out there as well. >> that actually did. >> my favorite thing. >> no. >> the dogs of the snow storm. dogs and cute kids in puffy jackets >> is this a random or someone we know? >> this is a random. >> yes. now, and he's send a couple pictures. hopefully we don't have people trapped tomorrow. governor of connecticut issued a state of emergency and a driving ban.
7:53 pm
and the city of norwalk about an hour and thank you overnight event for you guys do you feel like you're ready? >> yes. been prepared the rest of the day. our public works crews will be working all night as far as fire police, and emf. >> you've been using a lot of social media. it's been a big help. >> we have. and over the past year and a half, two years we've gotten more comfortable with social media and using it more often with the storm. >> you mentioned hurricane sandy. so much is said about the real crisis that happened in new jersey and in parts of long island the horrible story of what happened in connecticut it's hardly been told a lot of lessons have been learned from that storm. haven't they? >> absolutely. we're still recovering from sandy. there are a lot of families still impacted.
7:54 pm
really looking at them. and learning from that experience. and again, every emergency to go through, we learn more about how to help our residents. >> i read that you are anticipating 100,000 people to be without power. i'm guessing that is when an above ground power pole? >> correct. they're expecting major power outages due to winds. so far we've not seen outages in the city. and we have three different power companies in the city of norwalk. we're in communication with all three. so far it's not had any power issues and hopefully that will last throughout the night and into tomorrow. >> all the best to you. i hope it works out. >> thank you. have a good night. >> thanks, you too. >> fox report now more headlines here on the news deck. after four months of fwieting islamic state militants left a key syrian border town and anti-isis forces now control 90%
7:55 pm
of. that you can see they're happy according to u.s. central command. some took to the streets to celebrate a win. the pentagon reports u.s. led coalition was 17 air strikes over the weekend fighting forced tens of thousands across the border into turkey. >> investigators say they've found a car belonging to this missing couple from georgia submerged in a lake with two bodies nearby. they have nod identified the bodies but say the husband and wife drove from atlanta to southern georgia to meet someone who claimed he was selling a 66 mustang on craig's list the daughter says they started to worry when they didn't show up to baby-sit. >> voters showed a party rejecting budget cuts aimed at bailing greece out of a crippling debt. a far left party the new prime minister says the country is the youngest in 150 years and here at home analysts say the market largely staying
7:56 pm
put today because european leaders supported extending their loans. the dow added a paltry six points. continuing coverage of the great storm. we'll be right back.
7:57 pm
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>> o'reilly is coming up shortly. we want to leave you with a quick look at what's happening with weather radar. the storm is here and big, it has lots of winds the question is where is it going? this time yesterday, the thinking was new york might get a couple feet of snow because that is what it looked like it's going to do. there are some forecasting models indicating it can come back. new york can get a foot of snow at 3:00 in the morning. boston area southern part of the state expected to get as many as 10-12 hours of blizzard conditions beginning at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning a horrible morning there
8:00 pm
tomorrow, but snow lasting in new york until 11:00, 12:00, 1:00. and longer in boston. it is still coming we'll see what the morning brings i'm shepard smith in new york. nice to be with you. get -- >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have to say i'm shocked. >> chris wallace and others not happy that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress. talking points sees it it differently. we will tell you why. >> we don't seem to have a plan for dealing with that kind of warfare and it's been going on for a long time. >> tom brokaw talking about terrorism on the ground as isis beheads another human being. why won't president obama come to grips with the problem? we will tell you. >> who is the first president of the united states? >> oh, god. i have no idea. >> also ahead, jesse watters visiting aspen, colorado for the x games and bringing with him some int


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