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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 27, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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rhode island received this fun message today. they have been planning the surprise for more than a week. >> how creative. what a great principal. >> have a great day, everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's tuesday january 27th. a dangerous and now deadly blizzard bearing down on tens of millions of americans. up to 36 inches of snow falling in some spots. hurricane force winds. thousands of flights canceled. the storm is changing. we have all of that with live team coverage to you. >> perfect way to start the day. meanwhile, the president celebrated bowe bergdahl's return with a heartfelt rose garden speech but now a twist the white house wasn't expecting. what will they do now that the real story is coming out and we've got it for you. >> they'll be candid about it. speaking of scandals, new
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information tracing deflategate all of the way back to the locker room. why is the patriots owner saying the nfl may actually owe his team an apology? the story is not going away but mornings are better with "friends." >> this is christie yamkristi yamaguchi. you're watching "fox & friends." the best show on ice. >> we've been on thin ice for years. the mayor of new york city warned us two days ago that we could see three feet of snow here in new york city. he was way wrong. as of a couple hours ago in central park 5.5 inches of snow. elsewhere, it's bad. >> a lot of places did get smacked with snow. >> it's always good to err on the side of caution but they shut down subways, cars weren't allowed at night. >> 11:00 p.m. curfew in the city. >> they shut down the streets. it's illegal to be on the
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streets. it's unprecedented. tens of millions of americans in the bull's eye of a very dangerous storm. >> up to 36 inches of snow falling in some spots. we know that for sure. >> we have live team coverage for you starting in new york city. the big apple has been on lockdown. what do the streets look like right now to you? >> reporter: it's been any kind of winter storm. no blizzard conditions. it's been a light snow here outside in the middle of midtown new york on 6th avenue. look behind me and you can actually see the street. the plows have come in here. people have been shoveling like they normally do after a storm. you see emergency vehicles like nypd police going by right now monitoring the streets. as you mentioned, there is a travel ban. we also had some pictures out of grand central terminal. this city is a ghost town. it's been shut down as we mentioned. subways shut down for the first time during a blizzard in the city's history.
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there's a fine for anyone not out for an emergency situation. no broadway shows. no nothing. no cabs. it's an unprecedented situation. we spoke to some people in times square earlier and this is what they had to say. >> i've been out in hurricanes and that stuff. not a big deal. i'm from chicago. new york don't have nothing on me. this is nothing out here. i'm used to snow up to here. >> reporter: again, there's a serious situation though in a lot of places like long island where they are experiencing more snow than they are here in the city. the national weather service says another inch or two here but you can kick this stuff around and it's not nearly as bad as they thought in midtown manhattan, guys. >> mayor giuliani will let us know what it is like in the eye of the storm and decisions executives have to make at this time knowing that a lot of it could be very serious. meanwhile, in nearby boston as
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much as three feet of snow could be dumped on the state and at the top of that coastal areas under a massive flood watch. >> the snow has been coming down hard. david, what can you tell us and good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning from boston. i can tell you it does appear that massachusetts is ground zero for this storm. we are on a major east-west thoroughfare. it's completely empty except for emergency vehicles and plows. the plows have been steadily coming through this street. despite that you cannot see the black top. it's snowing at a rate of two to four inches an hour. by the time this storm is over, it is possible there could be as many as three feet of snow. an additional concern is flooding along coastal areas.
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we are told that there has now been some moderate flooding. there's also the risk of serious beach erosion. there's talk now of possible evacuations. in one community we're told that a car literally floated away. the situation along the coast in in some key areas becoming a primary concern. this as you can see for yourself, the snow continues to fall at a pretty good rate and it will continue to do so for the next several hours. back to you. >> all right. david lee miller on the streets of boston where when it's all done snowing up there, they could wind up with three feet. meanwhile, our team coverage continues. maria is tracking the storm on the streets of new york city where for new york it was not the storm of the century. >> reporter: what a turn of events. it seems like the heaviest snowfall shifted less than a 100 miles east. that's how it goes with these nor'easters. it's a tough forecast and
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fortunately for new york city we did see that system shift eastward. of course the bad news is we don't want people to become complacent in future storms when we issue forecasts like this thinking it is not going to happen. looking at the radar right now we do have blizzard conditions just a little bit farther off toward the east of new york city across long island already reports of more than a foot of snow across islip new york and surrounding areas. blizzard conditions as well currently occurring across eastern connecticut, eastern massachusetts and extending up into eastern maine. a widespread area looking at snowfall rates right now of more than two inches per hour. that's producing whiteout conditions out there. we could see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour as well and snow will continue throughout the day today and also into early wednesday for portions of northern new england. the blizzard warning here in new york city was lifted but it still is in place across parts of long island and eastern maine. back inside. >> they lifted the blizzard warning but schools are closed
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streets are closed, bridges are closed. >> but we're wide open. >> thanks maria. yesterday was a big day. we were here in new york city. photos to share of you in our time of our snow day on "fox & friends." this is one with mayor giuliani. steve up front. are you responsible for that selfie? >> i am responsible. rudy giuliani had nothing to do last night so he was going business to business scooping driveways and stuff like that. >> he gave us great insight into how he would prepare the city for this type of storm. brian, you were actually there. you were taking the photo. you were checking in with the girls at home to see how they were doing making sure everything was -- >> i was working the phones. rudy is coming up in an hour and 30 minutes. >> what a treat to see him last night and again today. >> indeed. meanwhile, eight minutes after the top of the hour.
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breaking news out of libya. heather joins us. >> it's a country that we all know far too well. this news coming out of tripoli at this hour. a luxury hotel there popular with westerners is now under attack. three guards murdered in cold blood. this unfolding in tripoli. a team of masked gunmen detonating a car bomb. they murdered three guards and took hostages. police are not revealing who they are or motive at this hour but we're monitoring the situation and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. and then brand new details just revealed back here at home about the man suspected of killing a couple just trying to buy the car of their dreams. 28-year-old man turned himself into georgia authorities and is now being questioned in the disappearance of the couple. police think he was the last person to speak to them alive.
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>> i'm confident that mr. townes is involved. >> not the outcome we had hoped for. obviously it's what we have to deal with. >> townes does not have a criminal past we are told. his family owns lands near where two of those bodies were found and also where bud and june's car was found. they believe that townes may have been trying to rob that couple. an amazing rescue that is caught on camera. there is an 8-year-old baby being air lifted in that basket off a carnival cruise ship. this happened in the middle of the gulf of mexico. the little girl was having a seizure and trouble breathing. the coast guard swooped in around midnight performing the rescue in pitch dark. they pulled the baby, her mom and also a nurse into the helicopter and then rushed them to a hospital near houston. right now we're still waiting to hear how that baby is doing. what a recovery. way to go coast guard.
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the nfl is now zeroing in on a locker room attendant in connection with deflategate. fox sports is reporting that there is surveillance video showing a patriots staffer taking footballs from the officials locker room and into another room before taking those balls out on the field. espn reported last night that the nfl found that 11 of 12 team's footballs were underinflated but robert kraft saying if the league doesn't provide proof of wrongdoing they owe his team an apology. what do you think of that? we've been talking about that a lot. >> cheating when you shouldn't or being accused of cheating when you didn't. those are two worst things to happen within the nfl. one is occurring. we don't know which one. >> if bob kraft is totally above boards, he went to bat for his two people and it's up to those two people to be honest meaning
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bill belichick and tom brady with the owner or else the owner now looks very bad. >> that's an awful position to put the owner in. >> let's talk to the ball boy. >> tom brady's feelings were hurt with the accusation. in 2009, over in afghanistan, bowe bergdahl went missing after he told people he was serving with i'm sick of this. i'm leaving. according to a former cia guy his sources tell him that he is going to face bowe bergdahl, desertion charges. he made this assessment last night on "the bill o'reilly show." >> sergeant bergdahl will be charged with desertion. i've confirmed by two other sources his attorney was given a charge sheet. it's the results of the investigation listing out the articles of the uniform code of military justice which have been violated.
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the key violation is desertion. this is shaping up to be a titanic struggle behind the scenes. the army here wants to do the right thing. factually there's no way they cannot do the right thing regarding berg balance and the white house because of the political narrative, president obama cozying up to the parents and because president obama released the five taliban -- >> that's an interesting point there. this broke last night. when you talk about the narrative, you remember the president and there are of five. this wasn't just bring home bergdahl. this was a trade. a swap for five that were held in prison and now guantanamo released to qatar for a little while until they just returned to afghanistan of course. not a good deal. we said it then. we say it now. when you hear about these charges to come and you understand that tony schaefer said that ben rhodes is to blame here at the deputy national security adviser for the president who keeping this quiet and under wraps. >> so the bergdahls got a chance to go to the white house and appear with the president but
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just ironic that the widow and family of chris kyle do not after all they have given and outside michael moore no one doubts he's a hero. so the president is there with bowe bergdahl's parents. will the president suppress this and make sure his administration doesn't look bad in tony schaefer is right and the army came up with their conclusions. >> how many people died looking for bowe bergdahl and will bowe bergdahl be held responsible for that death? i looked up online. you know what punishment is for desertion during a time of war? death or life in prison. >> how many people will die in the future if these five that were exchanged go back to killing people with the taliban? >> not only that but what does this do? it puts an increased bounty on the head of our service members because now we have set precedent for trade for prisoners. >> that's the latest from tony schaefer. we'll keep you posted here on fox. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. >> those cheap gas you have been enjoying came to a screeching
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on top of the snow in the northeast, more bad news if you plan to head to the puntmp if the street is open. average price per gallon hiking
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overnight to 2.08 after a three month decline. why the sudden rise and maybe that number is not exactly right. let's join from our sister network, fox business. what did gas go up to? >> $2.03 a gallon. it went up a half cent. the point is it's the first overnight increase in the price of gas in 123 days. this has been the best financial story to cover of any story in years and years and years because every single one of our viewers could get up drive down the road and see the price of gas fall day after day after day. we're down about $1.30 from where we were three or four or five months ago. >> it's been going down and now it goes up a little bit. maybe just a one-day deal. >> maybe. don't expect some kind of bounceback to $3 a gallon. don't expect oil to go back to $100 a gallon. you can expect just a little
3:19 am
disappointment on the part of some viewers who have gotten used to cheaper and cheaper and cheaper gas. >> you play the gas sign game. every day that number is getting smaller and smaller. today it's going up a little bit. >> on our show we put out the lowest price gas station in the nation. we do it every single day. we've had stations in texas down to $1.35. $1.40. we've got all of the way down there but i think that the decline is long, long, long decline is at least temporarily over. now, if the price of oil plummets to $35 a barrel, you'll get down to 1.80 national average. >> and for this bounty and the fact that price of gas has gone down, we have the president's policies to thank? >> no we do not. we have private enterprise. we have american fraccers in north dakota and texas who are getting oil they couldn't get a
3:20 am
few years ago. they're getting it. lots of supply on the market. down comes the price. you thank american technology. you thank north dakota in the middle of january drilling for good oil. you thank those people. they're the ones who take the credit for this. >> they are the ones putting extra money in our pockets. >> they are. absolutely. it's a wonderful thing. >> thank you so much. check him out later today on fox business. go to we have never seen video like this before. a pilot forced to ditch his plane in the middle of the pacific. saved by a parachute. the incredible rescue that followed caught on camera. wait until you see how it ends. the date department asked for global warming to be pushed as it was in "frozen."
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here's a look at headlines. please stake notestake notes. sniper bullets hit the fuselage as it landed in baghdad. a new threat from secret service, that drone that crash
3:24 am
landed at the white house was too small to be detected by radar. at the same time a man is claiming responsibility for crashing the quad copter say it was an accident. investigators still determining if charges will be filed. you all know the song. ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ can't hold me back any more ♪ >> did you hear the state department wanted elsa and anna to teach kids about global warming? the white house is serious about protecting americans and they would enlist hollywood's help for fighting terrorism and not climate change. joining us is former pentagon spokesman and retired navy colonel. what do you think about frozen to teach climate change to kids? is there anything wrong with that? >> good morning. thanks for having me on the show. i think hollywood couldn't even make this up. here we have radical islam
3:25 am
terror groups sweeping the planet going on since the 1970s but it's worse now than ever. you have iran working on a nuclear weapons program. that doesn't deal with warhead technology. you have white house talking about climate change as the number one security threat. it's mind-boggling. >> when you look at perhaps a silence when it comes to "american sniper" right now, shouldn't that be the film they focus on to teach and preach safety amongst what's going on right now in the world of terror? >> i agree absolutely. i think "american sniper" is a great start to win hearts and minds of people. i think if hollywood wanted to help keep us safe, they would start working on films to combat radical islam and undermine it. what about films about the former dutch parliamentarian.
3:26 am
they should make movies about them and try to encourage gender equality and fixing society instead of worrying so much about climate change. >> even disney shook their heads at this one. wait a minute. we're not that interested. for the admiral to get in there and suggest this is a great forum, they are okay. disney is okay with saying this is sort of a view of snow and we're okay with that. was he just doing his job? >> i think the admiral was just doing his job. top military officers are just doing their jobs and telling american people things that are misleading. the top military leaders said it was a good idea to trade top five taliban leaders for bowe bergdahl who was a deserter. people look at my column on fox news opinion and useful idiots or good military officer? the admiral working at the state department ought to look at that column. >> what do you think is behind this overfocus on climate change
3:27 am
when we face the greatest danger right now when it comes to isis and growing terror in the world? why are we focusing on the arctic and climate change? >> climate change is an issue that should be addressed. they have this mentality and world view that doesn't square with reality. a lot of people on the left think american power is the problem. the threats we have from radical islam or whether it's russia, whether it's iran are caused by the u.s. as a reaction. i think they think climate change is more important because that is code for attacking u.s. industry. if you can focus on climate change, you can restrain the oil industry the hydraulic fracturing industry and hurt american industry while china gets away with it, india gets away with whatever they want. >> both can be taught at the same time. great point by you. we thank you for your service and your time on "fox & friends" this morning. >> thanks. >> stay warm. coming up, we've never seen video like this before. take a look.
3:28 am
it shows the exact moment a plane stalls and goes down in the pacific ocean. the pilot saved by a parachute. a 3-year-old child left on a bus for seven hours. seven long hours. how in the world does that happen? the story is infuriating.
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you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills, living trusts and more. visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. the mayors and governors and police chiefs of various areas are warning the northeast about what could be an historic winter storm. the weather channel is calling it winter storm juno as in juno
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this will be a nightmare. new york is expected to get as much as three feet of snow. i can't even imagine how small the footballs are going to be deflated in new england. >> they got out just in time yesterday. >> funny. we sort of escaped a big blizzard here in new york city. >> they said we could wind up with three feet. overnight in central park 5.5 inches. so here in new york we dodged a bullet. >> not the case elsewhere. it's our top story today here's why. the historic blizzard creating a travel nightmare for the rest of the country. >> nearly 8,000 flights have been canceled. we go live to laguardia with some stranded passengers and departure boards that say planes aren't going anywhere. >> you got it. good morning. 7,700 flights canceled or
3:33 am
delayed in and out of the northeast and many of those flights will not even get to take off until tomorrow. i want you to look at these boards brian was talking about. arrivals and departures. never seen it like this. canceled in bold letters all of the way up and down. we'll show you why. we've got some video of crews trying to plow the runways but the snow keeps falling and the wind keeps blowing. i caught up with one traveler trying to get home to colorado. she says by the time she figured out her flight was canceled, all of the hotels were booked. >> i got booked on a flight that was supposed to leave at 1:30 and it kept getting delayed and they canceled it at 4:30. i got my bag around 5:30. all of the hotels are booked that are in the area and now i'm stuck. >> reporter: she isn't the only
3:34 am
one. we've seen a couple dozen other stranded travelers trying to sleep on their duffel bags and suitcases holding out hope. we'll hand it over to our meteorologist. how much longer is the snow going to keep falling? what's today going to look like? >> depends on where you live. in new york city, we know the worst of the storm really has kind of wrapped up and really the brunt of it has been a little bit farther to the east of new york city across long island. parts of long island have already seen more than a foot of snow and blizzard conditions are currently being experienced there. we do expect blizzard conditions as well across parts of new england stretching up into eastern parts of maine and that's where we do have blizzard warnings in effect. several feet of snow expected and wind gusts easily over 40 miles per hour. taking a look at the radar, you can see just where that heavy snow band has set up across eastern long island eastern connecticut and eastern massachusetts. that's where you currently do have snowfall rates of as much as two to even three inches per
3:35 am
hour. locally higher amounts. that's a big issue. whiteout conditions and just honestly extremely dangerous. the snow will continue out there throughout the day today and for northern new england as we head into the day on wednesday. now, let's head over to steve, elisabeth and brian. >> thank you very much maria. it's cold outside. you know what, if it's cold outside, let's get colder. joining us right now from minus five ice bar is rich. introduce us to other people clad in fur. >> this is tyler and lea. two of my lovely assistants. >> is ice -- >> it's all made of ice. chairs, tables walls, shot glasses. everything is constructed out of pure ice. >> it's a bar which explains why you dress like this at the bar. >> this is an ice cube cup. >> how great are these. you gave us gloves. these are ice cups. you're going to show us and walk us through wintery snow day
3:36 am
drinks we can make. >> this is a fantastic mix that keeps you nice and warm. we have caramel vodka. >> that's the antifreeze. >> a little splash of soda and milk mixture. and then we finish it off with coffee liqueur as well. >> nothing new preparing in these conditions because your bar here in midtown, manhattan, is 23 degrees all the time. >> you got it. >> so if someone comes in, you give them a coat and gloves and a hat and a shot. >> you got it. >> the second drink is a snowflake. >> the snowflake is another great concoction. cherry vodka, white cranberry
3:37 am
and peach schnapps. >> all right. >> we'll finish this off with white cranberry. it's delicious. >> right now you tell people not to lick the gas? >> there's no humidity inside the bar. you won't stick to it. >> you won't have scenes like the movie. >> none of that. >> what are you making for us now? >> this is another great concoction that reminds you of summer a little bit. a little rum for you and we'll do a little bit of the -- >> how crowded was the bar last night? >> we had a lot of people come in. >> you had a crowd because it was warmer in the bar at 23 degrees than it was outside.
3:38 am
>> you got it. that's absolutely true. no wind. no humidity. perfect. >> what's the most popular drink. >> it's going to be the snowflake. >> how about something nonalcoholic. >> jack frost is good. we welcome families until 8:00. >> for adults if you have kids with you, whatever you want to do. we have orange juice we'll put in there first and from there we'll add coconut and then pineapple juice. >> what are other two people doing here? >> they are standing here just to make me look a little bit better. you can't be general manager without a staff. >> i'm whispering the ingredients. >> we want to thank you for bringing us these frosty drinks right now. >> absolutely guys. >> a bitter cold day.
3:39 am
minus five ice bar is the place. >> how did you get here? >> the alcohol drinks are still intact. >> that's true. >> we'll head back inside. is it warmer in there? >> it certainly is. bring some in. >> i'll bring one in for you birthday girl. news to bring you at 39 minutes after the hour. we've never seen video like this before. look at this. it shows the exact moment that a plane stalls in mid air right over the pacific ocean. the pilot was on his way from california to maui. the plane running out of fuel 5,000 feet over the ocean. he deploys a parachute and watch as the plane goes down and here is what happens next. he opens the doorc
3:40 am
the red headed russian spy who was busted in new york five years ago. cracking that case led the feds to this guy accused of trying to recruit college co-eds and other young women in new york city to work for russia as intelligence agents. all that coming apart yesterday. how on earth does this happen? a 3-year-old boy left stranded on a school bus for seven hours in the freezing cold in minnesota. employees of shiloh temple's day care had no idea that jayden was inside that bus. even worse, they didn't report that incident until later that night. jayden's mother outraged. >> you checked him in as if he
3:41 am
were present but his body wasn't inside the school. my son could have died. >> the day care center says "human errors do occur." >> i would do disgraced cyclist lance armstrong admitting he would cheat again. speaking for the first time since he confessed to doping two years ago. here is the former seven-time tour de france champion. listen. >> if you take me back to 1995 when it was completely and totally pervasive, probably do it again. >> wow. armstrong of course is banned from cycling and stripped of all of his wins but he would do it again. those are headlines. >> he says you couldn't compete without cheating back then. he denied it for over a decade. >> he doesn't seem to regret it one bit. >> everybody else was doing it.
3:42 am
>> are you going to wear those during the show? >> i'm going to do a dusting test and check windowsills. coming up on this tuesday with only seconds to react, an officer forced to shoot and kill an armed suspect all caught on his body camera but naacp says he should have held his fire and asked more questions. who's right? we'll ask a sheriff who knows what it's like being in situations like these coming up next. a massive blizzard can make you feel powerless at the airport but you can take back control. we have the amazing things you can do with your smartphone to get your travel back on track. you know, just because your bladder is changing, it doesn't mean you have to. with tena, let yourself go.
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police body camera video
3:46 am
showing a shooting. the images are graphic. the officer makes a split second decision to fire his weapon after this suspect after going to be arrested turns and decides to run. he faces the officer with a loaded gun. naacp says the cop should have asked questions first. what is their end goal? milwaukee county sheriff david clarke saw this video and wanted to weigh in. what do you think about what we know so far. he was being arrested. decides to run. drops something to the side said to be a gun. he wouldn't stop so the officer shot. your review? >> just from looking at the tape, i know there's more involved. that's a good shoot. in legal speak it's a justifiable shooting. there will be more investigation. there's something else here about the naacp that needs to be said. this once proud organization that was a force for good has relegated itself into
3:47 am
irrelevancy irrelevancy. i challenge anyone to name the last significant accomplishment that the naacp achieved in the united states for people of color. i would probably say it was the 1964 civil rights act and since then this organization has become nothing more than a political propaganda entity for the left. so let's break this down in terms of what the naacp should be focused on and they can get this discussion started in the black community because we need to have it. it's the behavior of our young black men. okay. let's unpack this thing for a minute. you have this young black man armed with a firearm, all right, illegally. stalking and terrorizing his girlfriend. there's another problem there. standing outside of a church where there's a wedding and the pastor has to call frantically to get the police there because of this guy's behavior. the discussion we need to be having if naacp can lead it and
3:48 am
stay off the police, why is this stuff happening and what are we going to do about it? the number one cause is father absent homes. what are we going to do in terms of having more effective parenting, more role modeling and more engaged fathers in the lives of these young black men so we don't have this behavior. the behavior is what we need to talk about. >> put yourself in your shoes there or your fellow officers they get a call to go to a wedding because this 21 year old is going to show up there and has claimed he's coming with a gun and he has a bullet with your name on it. pastor scrambles to call 911. they know he's dangerous and has evil intentions. that's the mentality of the officer pursuing this suspect. here's what naacp did say. he says there is this mentality out there of a shoot first and ask questions later and i think emphasis should be placed on trying to take those people alive. the mom said they shouldn't have shot him and just tried to catch
3:49 am
him. what's your reaction? >> what did dad say? we heard what his mom said. mom loves her son. we all get that. the shoot first and ask questions later, any time a law enforcement officer is in a situation where a gun is introduced by a suspect it's shoot first and stop the threat and then ask questions later. also, when you run from the police, i'll tell you right now you're headed toward a very dark place where things are not going to go well for you. that doesn't mean that you automatically will be shot and you should die but the fact is that is one of the most dangerous situations an officer can be involved in. a foot pursuit and then with an armed suspect. this is unfortunate this had to happen. let's focus on the behavior of our young black men and not the police. >> sheriff, i just hope people around the country aren't starting to question everything you guys do. that's a dangerous place when we have trouble trusting law enforcement from sea to shining sea. pleasure. >> ten minutes before the top of the hour. the video is shocking. student caught on camera
3:50 am
attacking a teacher. the teacher has nothing to stop him. why? he says the kids have been given the power all overt country. what needs to change coming up. and if you're ever been stranded at the airport, you know how powerless you feel. so how to get rescheduled and get your money back. kurt the cyber way with easy ways to get control back in your hands and be a savvy traveler. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
with the northeast snow storm grounding thousands of flights, upwards of 8,000 what's the best way to get your trip back on track? cyber guy kurt who logs over
3:54 am
230,000 a year has snow travel tips. i didn't realize you had that many travel miles. >> it adds up. you're going to learn how to circumvent winter storm like this one. >> how can we? >> amazing technologies are out there. the first one i want to show you is expert flier. every road warrior knows about this web site. you log on and what it will do is show you the raw data that the airlines have in terms of the number of seats that are available. >> how? >> it will also show you how to get an award ticket. the airline may not tell you where the award seat is but this app will. this is a brilliant way of getting it. flightboard is a downloadable app. we have put jfk departures in now. we know what's going on. >> this is in real time. >> this is real time. look at this list. canceled canceled, canceled
3:55 am
canceled canceled. how does this help us? later today or tomorrow morning as the airport starts to reopen and you're hanging out at the airport, you'll start to see flights that start to operate again. the airline might not tell you first, but boy, this app will tell you. so then you walk up to the counter and say, wait a second. put me on that flight. and so now. >> i have a feeling thousands of people downloaded it right now. >> they should. another one is flighttrackpro. this is one i use. it keeps track of my flights. for example here is a new york flight. that would normally be operating and all i have to do is click a little button on the bottom right. if you see in the right-hand corner it says find alternative flights. you're standing at the airport. really sorry, there are no flights to get you on. the earliest is on friday at 9 p.m you're like gosh, that doesn't work for me. so you have a look at this. if you notice, it will show you some real flights that you can say, get me on that virgin america flight. i see that it's at 7:00 p.m.
3:56 am
tomorrow. oh, i didn't see that. they're not necessarily motivated in a big long line to go do this kind of research at the airline. >> but if you walk up with this info -- >> you say i see a seat right there, can you check? they will check and you will get that seat. it happened to me last night. because my flight to the west coast got canceled. same thing. can't get out 'til much later. i said, will you please check that 4:30 flight tomorrow. guess what? i'm on it. >> you are fantastic. helping thousands of people get back on track with travel. thank you. we'll be right back with more "fox & friends"
3:57 am
3:58 am
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3:59 am
good morning. it is tuesday, january 27. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. fox extreme weather alert for you. wow. the monster blizzard hovering
4:00 am
over the east coast turns deadly overnight and major cities are paralyzed. the storm is changing and we're following it live from the roads. team coverage straight ahead. >> cool. meanwhile, our president celebrated alleged deserter beau bergdahl's return with his parents and the heartfelt speech from the rose garden. we carried it live. but today a twist the white house wasn't expecting. will they do damage control now that the real story is out? and we've got the story and you're going to want to hear it. >> the army will be allowed to tell the truth? the men who can upstage bill de blasio. good night who is getting more attention than the storm. we'll explain. mornings are better with friends. >> hi, it's dorothy dorothy hamill and you're watching "fox & friends." >> she would have no trouble being in the streets. >> perfect for her. >> what's interesting as you watch behind us today, there is
4:01 am
a total travel ban in the new york city area. if you get caught if you're a nonemergency vehicle driving on the streets of new york city you can wind up with a $300 fine today. >> yeah. >> move that bob cat. >> and by the way, the people working around this building did an unbelievable job working through the night. what are those things called? >> the bobcat? that thing in the street? >> yeah. >> that's the bobcat. >> oh, okay. says on the back. working through the night. >> absolutely. but i'll tell you what, balance of the country through the northeast is having a big storm. the east coast on lockdown. tens of millions of people in the crosshairs of a dangerous and deadly blizzard. >> up to 36 inches of snow falling in some spots that have been reported. we have live team coverage starting in new york city with bryan llenas. we're predicting a record
4:02 am
breaking storm are falling short. what are we looking at moving forward, bryan? >> that's exactly right. they were saying this could have been a top five event in terms of historical proportions of snowfall. 20 to 27 inches. but really it's been about ten inches to a foot in some places. we expect an inch or two more throughout the rest of the day here in new york city. i'm in midtown. look behind me. radio city, nothing but snowplows and people walking. there has been a travel ban. you can see the road. this is just like you would see on a normal winter day really after a regular snow storm. the travel ban was put in place. we've seen a few cabs drive by and other vehicles that are nonemergency. police do not stop them. there was a death, however. in long island it was reported. a 17-year-old died last night the first death in this snow storm. he was sledding and hit a light pole. just a reminder that even though it's not that serious in terms of what we were expecting, it's still a dangerous situation out there. we did manage also to find some
4:03 am
people here in times square that in the middle of the night, just a few hours ago were actually enjoying being out because the conditions weren't nearly as bad as they thought. take a listen. >> i know about it yeah. but i've been out and hurricanes and all that. it's not that big. >> i'm from chicago. so new york don't have to go on me. this is nothing out here. i'm used to snow up to here. >> reporter: i have a feeling that's what a lot of new yorkers will be thinking. the blizzard warning in new york city and the new york area has been lifted, except for one county in long island suffolk county. the conditions are what you would see after a normal snow storm. but be safe considering the death in long island, an unfortunate situation. people have to be careful. >> thank you. >> four minutes after the hour. now the brunt is headed for boston. more than 10,000 are stuck without power. >> that's exactly where we find david lee miller. good morning to you. what's the latest there in bean town? >> reporter: good morning to
4:04 am
you. it's no exaggeration to say that conditions here are, in fact, brutal. just a few moments ago we experienced the sunrise and we were able to see clearly exactly what happened during the past few hours. take a look here. you can see how badly the roads remain congested with snow. there is a snowplow. there is a vehicle very few of them on the roads. they're not supposed to be on the roads unless they are connected with some type of medical work or law enforcement or the media. they have been plowing the street where i am for the last several hours. i have witnessed more than two or three dozen plow trucks go through this intersection and over my shoulder here, you can see the mountain of snow that has been cleared from the streets. as you pan down here, you still cannot see the blacktop of the roadway. throughout the state a serious concern is flooding especially along the coastal areas. it's expected there could be
4:05 am
serious to moderate flooding and also beach erosion. there is also the possibility that there could be some mandatory evacuations. in one instars, a car along the coast literally floated away. lastly you mentioned the fact that there have been now 10,000 people without power. that is a figure that we could see increase. if you look at this snow, i'm going to take some of it up. because it's 15 degrees, this stuff is pretty dry. but along the coastal areas, the snow is heavy and sticky and it's bringing down those power lines. that's one reason we're seeing some people now without power. they say restoring power is going to be a multi-day effort. people are going to be in the dark for several days and the snow itself expected to continue for the next several hours. back to you. >> all right. david lee miller in the heart of boston. thank you very much. so the storm changed a lot. what are we looking at now? maria is tracking it.
4:06 am
they didn't get it right for new york city. but up in new england it's bad. >> yeah. i'll tell you what, 50 miles made all the difference. just 50 miles to our east in islip, new york. they reported more than 18 inches of snow. it's still coming down at a rate of more than two inches per hour. that's how tough these forecasts are with nor easters. that's what we saw yesterday. we saw the storm shift a little to the east. that made all the difference across places like new york city and surrounding areas across new jersey, southwestern connecticut, and southern parts of new york state. those blizzard warnings have been lifted. but across central and eastern long island, stretching to parts of down east maine, you have those blizzard warnings in effect and across northern new england, those blizzard warnings do stick around through at least tomorrow morning. you are looking at a prolonged period of time here with very significant snowfall coming down. as much as three feet will be possible in some areas, including the city of boston. you can see heavy snow and blizzard conditions across long
4:07 am
island connecticut, rhode island, into massachusetts, and also southern parts of the state of new hampshire. very tough go out there this morning. people probably staying home or should be staying home because of those whiteout and very dangerous conditions. timing on the storm system is going to continue throughout the day today across the northeast and then as we head into late tuesday, the worst of it will be across new england and that continues tuesday night into early wednesday morning. coastal flooding another issue out there. we have a number of warnings that have been issued due to not only coastal flooding, but beach erosion that's possible. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. last night and yesterday we were trudging through the snow here in new york city. >> because they closed the bridge tunnels. they said stay off the streets. >> travel ban in effect. so there we were. that was about as blustery as it was on the streets of new york city there. steve in the background, middle photo is brian kilmeade. and then trying to take a selfy with the glove on is me. >> right. >> elisabeth, you must brush
4:08 am
your teeth every ten minutes. >> we all had supper at the fancy steakhouse. and up behind us, i don't know where. rudy guiliani came in. also told us hey by the way, i'm staying nearby if you need me on the show tomorrow. so we booked him. he'll be with us at 7:30. about 20 minutes from right now. >> the only guy with a better build than me on the staff is keith. tonight laugh. he was there hugging me up. >> we go way back. >> so your keith is on the other line. >> it wasn't just elisabeth and keith. the entire crew, we massed in midtown and toasted the festive snow. >> which was a great time. i did share a receiving ball from dan marino the other day. >> and i put a picture of the whole crew. >> as i said, rudy guiliani will be joining us 20 minutes from right now on what the mayors are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
4:09 am
>> that's right. heather nauert and i spent time yesterday. and you have big news out of libya. >> at this hour, a luxury seaside hotel that is popular with tourists is now under attack. three guards murdered in cold blood and unknown number of hostages have been taken. this all unfolding in tripoli libya. masked gunmen detonated a car bomb and stormed inside, they murdered three guards. this is the same hotel that came under attack two years ago when islamic terrorists kidnapped the prime minister. we'll keep watching this story as it develops outside of tripoli. the state department is denying reports that an admitted terrorist was part of a proposed prisoner swap with qatar. the controversial release of an al-qaeda agent comes after the release. jen saki says it's because
4:10 am
former u.s. diplomat says that's not the whole story. listen. >> there was no proposal on the table. and that's not something we would consider. this was not a case where there was a prisoner swap considered discussed as a part of any of these deals. >> there is no disputing the fact, i don't care what they say -- the idea was floated and we know that from -- we heard it even before -- we heard it months ago. we heard this a long time ago. >> now back here at home a new problem to tell you about for the u.s. secret service. we have just learned that this drone that crashed at the white house was too small to be detected by radar. we are also learning details about the guy who crashed that drone. he says he was just flying it for fun. investigators are still trying to decide whether or not to charge him. there are arts that he worked for our government. in the middle of this chaotic snow storm one mayor was able to find a special way to thank al sharpton.
4:11 am
>> thank you for your show reverend. you've been fighting the good fight on climate change. we can see crazy climate here. we'd like to have a little bit more of you down in washington. >> all right. thank you. >> we'd like to have a little more of you down in washington. that put a smile on al sharpton's face. that was the mayor of bridgeford connecticut, warning residents to stay inside and watch out for that dangerous global warming. >> i know there was no blizzards before aerosol cans and planes and cars. before that, there was no snow or anything. >> thank you. you have a bright future in government. >> thank you. fox news alert. baited by a craigslist ad, a couple is found dead. one man turned himself in. the sheriff with the latest on the suspect. >> and the president celebrated alleged deserter bowe bergdahl's return with his parents in a heartfelt speech from the rose garden. but today a twist. the white house certainly wasn't
4:12 am
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fox news alert. devastating discovery in the search for a missing georgia couple who responded to a car ad on craigslist and never came home. they were reported missing by their three daughters on friday when they did not show up to
4:16 am
baby-sit. this morning police located their car and two bodies nearby. the sheriff joins us now. what can you tell us about the suspect? >> brian it's a gentleman he's known locally comes from a good family, family that's well established in this community. as you can imagine, the family i'm sure is as shocked as the rest of the community that he's been named in this as a suspect in this crime. >> without a criminal past, you got to wonder, do you have a sense of what the motive might be? >> of course, theft by deception is what he's charged with so far and as you can imagine we got a mountain of evidence to sort through in the coming days. we'll go from there. obviously we believe the couple was coming to make a purchase of
4:17 am
a vehicle. >> and you understand that one of the ways you tracked him, even though he had one of those burner phones, you were able to track him how? >> well, without going into any specific methods or law enforcement techniques, we did connect him to the phone that was used in the last communications with mr. runyon. we're confident that mr. towns was the owner of this telephone. >> right. could you tell me his demeanor right now? >> i really can't. as you imagine, it was imperative that we get in touch with mr. towns. he came in and we have had people talking with him. i wasn't in the interview, so i don't have a comment about his demeanor. >> would you say that he's been forthcoming or is he lawyering
4:18 am
up? >> well, i really can't say to that. obviously we had a lot of questions for mr. towns and at the same time that we were talking with him, a lot of developments began coming forward as far as our search authorities. they were discovering bodies and the vehicle in the water. yesterday was a very busy day. we still haven't digested all the information that we collected yesterday. >> as we look at the bodies, you identify the bodies, what could you tell us about the couple the families and the search as now we've gotten the ugly end we did not want to get? what could you tell us about this? >> well, the vehicle is positively identified as the vehicle owned by the runyons.
4:19 am
the bodies, of course, won't be positively identified until an autopsy is conducted as soon as possible. of course, we're not looking for the bodies anymore. we called off the search. so we feel confident that they're going to be the couple that we're searching for. >> wow. sad day. i'm glad you brought it to a conclusion. i'm sure it's the ugly part of your job. thanks so much. we share in this story everyone has been following around the country. >> thank you brian. >> 20 minutes after the hour. coming up, the video shocking. a student caught on camera attacking a teacher. the teacher does absolutely nothing to stop him. why? the answer we found sickening. and part of a bigger problem
4:20 am
every parent needs to hear. and he's back. the guy who is getting more attention than the storm. you're looking at him. not him the other one.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
i have your headlines now. a brand-new report revealing x rated details about robert allenby. he racked up a dear tab at a industry club the same night he says he was kidnapped, beaten
4:24 am
and robbed. is russia trying to recruit more spies like anna chapman? according to investigators, an espionage ring tied to recruit college co-eds and others in new york city to spy for the mother land. that ring was busted. steve? thank you very much. shocking video coming out of a high school in new jersey. the student viciously attacked his teacher because the teacher took away his cell phone. yeah. then at the end, somebody calls for security. that student was suspended arrested, and charged with assault. what's even more disturbing is that if you watch that, look. the teacher doesn't fight back and his colleagues say teachers are too afraid to react or they're going to get fired. have we totally handcuffed our
4:25 am
teachers to give the students the power in the classroom? gary stevens is the director of digital learning and former member of teach for america. she joins us live from san francisco. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when you first saw those images of that young man grabbing that teacher and throwing him to the ground, what did you think? >> it's heartbreaking. that poor teacher. i think nobody that has been on the front lines as an educator can truly understand. teaching is the most rewarding profession even in less than perfect circumstances. but i think what people need to understand is that teachers -- i taught for ten years. and the relationships i had with my kids were at the crux of everything i did day in and day out. any teacher has the right to take away a device, whether it's a cell phone computer or ipad if it's not being used safely or being disruptive to the child's learning or somebody else in the classroom. >> and you taught in a number of challenging situations where
4:26 am
there wasn't a lot of respect for you in some cases. but when you see what happens here, and at the same time, you see that the teacher gets picked up and doesn't do anything and somebody who had worked at that school said he simply was afraid that he was going to lose his job if he fought back. that is heartbreaking. >> it's devastating. you work to earn your kids' respect and that's the job day in and day out. i think what's almost more worrisome, i'm sure that teacher was shell shocked by what was going on. i don't know the full circumstances. i don't know the relationship that child had with that teacher. but i think what's more worrisome is the fact that the other students sit back and were bistanders. how can we help build empathy in kids to stand up and have the confidence to get involved or at least get help? how do we build that positive school culture today in our classroom? >> the teacher is a big part of it, but we're leaving something out and that's the parents. the parents in the students'
4:27 am
lives. they are a big part of the background and the character of the students we put in the schools. >> yep. a common sense, we work with 89,000 schools across the country and a big part of it is bringing parents on board and make them understand what's going on in the schools and what are the expectations around technology and how we as a community can empower these kids because they need these tools for 21st century learning. so parents are a big part of it all. we all are. how can we model what kids should too and how they should do it on a daily basis. >> it was all over a stinking telephone. all right. former member of teach for america joining us today from san francisco, thank you. >> thank you. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, we've never seen video like this before. it shows the exact moment -- the airplane is stalling. slowing down. it's about to go down in the pacific. but it gets saved by a
4:28 am
parachute. we'll tell you what happened next. and we swapped beau bergdahl for five terrorists and now we're getting new details about another proposed swap. so did the president open the door to negotiating with terrorists? new york city mayor formerly rudy guiliani here to weigh in on this snow day. ♪ ♪ staples has everything you need for an attention-grabbing presentation. brochures, business cards and banners all at low prices, still need to grab your client's
4:29 am
attention? [air horn sounds] staples has that stuff too. how much? make on-budget happen. make presentations happen. staples. make more happen.
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4:31 am
more than 4,000 flights were canceled before the storm even started. they say that if you're trying to get home to or from the east coast, find a new family. >> it is our top story of the day, that historic storm we just heard him talk about thousands of flights were canceled. anna kooiman is posted at la
4:32 am
guardia and shoal -- she'll join us to talk about travel delays. >> 8,000 flights almost canceled. we showed some apps that you can download how to get your into its back on track. we have those on our web site. first we have more from heather nauert. >> good morning. we're staying warm inside. we have never seen video like this one before. take a look at this. it shows the exact moment that a plane stalls running out of fuel 5,000 feet over the pacific ocean. the pilot was on his way from california to maui when the engine shuts down. watch this. he deploys a parachute and here is what happens next. he opens the door to the plane and he's ready to make a jump for it. you can see him right there. then about 90 seconds later, that plane crashing into the water and then it flips over. the 25-year-old then escapes to a life raft. he waits for his ride which is a nearby cruise ship. the crew then pulls him to
4:33 am
safety. unbelievable story there. the nfl is now zeroing in on a locker room attendant in connection with deflate gate. fox sports is reporting that there is surveillance video showing the patriots staffer taking footballs from the official locker room and into another room before taking those balls out on the field. espn reported last week that the nfl found that 11 of the team's 12 footballs were underinflated. the owner of the team said if the league doesn't provide proof of wrongdoing, then that league owes his team an apology. we got a lot more on this throughout the morning. don't leave those pizza crusts on your plate or you may get fined? there is new law in seattle that makes it illegal to leave a certain amount of food in the garbage can? what? that amount is 10% of your total trash. if you do, they will pin a scar
4:34 am
let pen on the cans. 50 bucks for commercial buildings. then this story, he is getting more attention than the storm. joe de blasio's sign language interpreter giving him rave reviews for his unforgettable expressions. one woman tweeting this, the sign language interpreter is incredibly animated to the point where i'm not really listening to de blasio at all. that's a good thing because we didn't get a whole lot of snow. those are your headlines. >> he's the one at the mandela funeral, he accident know how to -- didn't know how to do sign language. hundreds are stranded at airports because of all the snow in the northeast. anna kooiman is live at la guardia. >> good morning to all of you. yes, we are at la guardia and
4:35 am
where there are normally long security lines, there are security bars in front of here. there are 7,700 flights in and out of the northeast that have been canceled or delayed. many of those flights won't be able to take off until tomorrow. take a look at this board. canceled canceled, canceled. the travelers we have spoken to that are stranded are fed up. >> i was already tired ready to be in my own bed, you know. i was like, i'm over it. >> so i want to show you some video of the plows right now where crews are really trying to fight the snow, but it keeps coming down and the wind continues to blow. i spoke to one airport employee who says the fun for him has really just begun because business travelers are going to be trying to get in and out of new york even more on thursday and friday adding to the headaches. listen. >> it's going to be hectic. that's already like really hectic because thursday and
4:36 am
friday is a travel day. it will be longer trips. >> we're getting word that at chicago's o'hare airport, all the stranded travelers there are really struggling. but they've got little bit more comfort than what we're seeing at la guardia. they brought in a bunch of cots for those travelers who are stranded. what we're seeing here at la guardia, folks are using their duffel bags and suitcases as pillows. 7,700 flights delayed in and out of the northeast. back to you. >> all right. guess who is here mayor rudy guiliani. he's had to deal with many disasters, weather disasters before. how are we doing? it seems we dodged a bullet. did the mayor overreact? >> he did. but that is understandable. i did it a few times. i remember once i had a terrible hurricane, we had the city all ready for it. we got all kinds of hurricane warnings supposed to hit on an overnight on a friday to saturday morning. >> i remember that. >> saturday morning turned out to be sunny and my director of emergency management, we were
4:37 am
about to go out and do the press conference and he said it's really a shame we didn't get it. i said we have to change that attitude. we can't be happy. let's see if we can get rid of that frown. >> sure. like any situation, you want to err on the side of caution. right now on the streets of new york city, there is still a travel ban in effect. shouldn't the mayor lift the fine? >> sure. at this point, first of all, i don't think the mayor was wrong. >> you made that clear. >> i'm sure he's reacting to whatever reports he gets. he's not a weather forecaster. >> he said the largest blizzard in the history of new york city. >> i'm not sure that was right or wrong. it depends on what the weather forecast said. overpreparing, never criticize someone for overpreparing. >> some argue he was underprepared the last time. >> because the next time he might not prepare as well and we'll be upset. however, now the travel ban should be lifted. in fact, it would help if you lifted it because all that traffic we're looking at 6th avenue, avenue of the americas,
4:38 am
that would have less snow if there were big trucks and cars and taxis riding on it. >> chris christie just lifted the travel ban south of i-195 in new jersey. >> it should be lifted in what we're looking at. >> absolutely. >> we saw you last night. >> we were both worried about the morning. >> thankfully you're here with us today. overnight there was breaking news. tony schaefer said that the army has come to the conclusion that beau bergdahl will be charged with desertion. what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction to that is that's a case and my problem with the exchange even if bergdahl had been a hero. many heros came forward at the time and said, i wouldn't want to have been exchanged for prisoners. you've had them on the show. other shows. and the reality is the president has a hard time criticizing or asking japan, for example, not
4:39 am
to negotiate when he's negotiating. he is clearly negotiating. you can't lie your way out of this. he is exchanging prisoners for -- >> is that why he broke the law and did not notify congress within 30 days? >> i think he realized he was going to have a tremendous uproar. number one, he was breaking the rule that you don't negotiate with terrorists. number two, he had a person he was negotiating for that didn't look like quite the right one to be negotiating for. if he should negotiate for anyone. >> then he had the rose garden scene where the parents came out -- >> i don't get that. that's just poor intelligence because the information about the -- or the questionable nature of bergdahl's departure was known to everyone. that wasn't like a big secret. >> absolutely. >> people were complaining about that for months in advance. that was just really bad white house background work. >> but are we sending the wrong message here? when you link this and go back,
4:40 am
did this really set the table to open up a pandora's box for what wearing hearing is a floated perhaps trade proposed for al mari? >> look at isis and al-qaeda and the way they operate, this is the way they get their money. this is the way they get their money, their resources. so this could create a real problem here. it already exists. what he's doing is expanding. >> i worry about personally is -- as an american, is the 50 and 54 yemeni and the other gitmo guy, how many of those guys will be looked to be swapped as the president's objective is attempted to be reached to gut the place? >> some of them were set free without even swapping. he just let's them go. >> without even a pledge not to go back to terror. >> let's them go. you know these people are going to kill americans. i have no explanation for it. i have no idea why you would let these extremely dangerous people back into a war that is still going on.
4:41 am
it's not as if this war is over. we have every indication that it's getting somewhat worse now more proliferation more part for the world. in the middle of these attack, the president has given them reinforcements. >> mayor, somebody just whispered in my ear in the last 30 seconds it was announced, the travel ban for new york city has just been lifted. >> we have an impact! >> they're listening to you. >> that's right. >> you have such influence. we love that. >> you can travel and not get fined or jailed. fantastic. >> but the schools are still closed. >> good for the kids. >> they get to sled today. >> parents stuck in the house all day. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. they came looking for big air, but the air might be in their heads? >> first president of the united
4:42 am
states? >> oh, god. i have no idea. >> is it the altitude? >> jesse watters world goes extreme in the x games next. >> stop the world, i want to get off. and the ford f-150 made major headlines for changing over to an aluminum body. but is it still ford tough? we've got some dent tests coming up. first your trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1964 this actress made her film debut at the age of five in "easy rider." who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
quick headlines now. say good-bye to piper lime? gap is dropping its high end
4:46 am
online store next month, saying it can't compete with amazon and zappos. remember the kfc double down? they're at it again. kfc unleashing the double down dog. it's a hot dog and a chicken bun covered in cheese. it's only available in the philippines. and they've already sold out. >> that looks great. this new aluminum ford f-150 built ford tough? wow. taking a sledge hammer to this one. then sending it in for repairs. turns out it takes twice as long to fix that than old steel trucks because it requires special tools. the other thing you might want to do is not hit it with a sledge hammer in real life. >> just putting it to the test.
4:47 am
we talked to jesse watters about this last night. it's time now for waters world, the x games edition. jesse hit the slopes in colorado to check out the action but he also had a few questions for those who watched and participated. >> tell me the vibe of the x games. >> everyone comes together excited about snow. excited about catching some big air. >> are you cold? >> just my fingertips. >> just the tips? >> just the tips. >> just for a second, just to see how it feels. >> first president of the united states? >> (scream). >> oh, god. i have no idea. >> that was a great question. i have no idea. >> george washington? >> george washington. >> george washington. >> when was he president? >> 1776? >> 1900? i don't know. >> way before i was born. >> like the 1910.
4:48 am
>> 1983. >> no. putting me on the spot to where i go blank. >> was it china? >> korea? >> who was president during world war ii? >> winston churchill? >> are you british? >> no. >> what is the name of our national anthem? >> the national anthem. >> star spangled banner. ♪ o say can you see ♪ ♪ . >> that's as far as yauch going to get. >> spent a lot of time with her. >> i wonder why. >> she had a lot to say. >> and she knew most of the right answers. that's scary. george washington was president. >> i'm going to chalk it up to the altitude. >> what does it scare you? about not being educated or don't care to learn? >> keep going. you didn't name anything that didn't scare me. >> i'm sure at some point in their lives they were taught that george washington was the first president and he was not
4:49 am
born in 1983. >> right. >> let's hope so. >> that's a lot of sick days on snowboards instead of studying. did you all see "american sniper"? then you just might be angry. >> a lot of anger in this country and the people who go see this movie are people who are very angry. >> you're just wrong, howard dean. a navy seal who starred in the movie reacts to that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app. visit today.
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4:52 am
answer to the trivia question of the day is bridget fonda and our winner is jim in california. congratulations. you'll get a copy of "george washington's secret six." enjoy. now this, so you heard howard dean say if you saw "american
4:53 am
sniper," you're probably an angry member of the tea party. now actor and veteran advocate gary sinise, known as lieutenant dan, is firing back and writing this, you certainly have a right to make stupid blanket statements, but how is that helpful, sir? chris scale's story deserved to be told. with all due respect, what the hell are you talking about? end quote. joe lambberg served as a navy seal and played a sniper in "american sniper" and got his own show on the discovery channel called "lone target" and he joins us this morning. it's an honor to have you here. thank you for your service and your dedication to those who serve as well. continuing to this day. what to you think of all this? you have howard dean saying if you see lone survivor, you're angry. you have michael moore who started out calling snipers cowards and now claims that he's the real hero for trying to avoid the whole war. where do you stand on this and what are your words to the gentlemen like that?
4:54 am
>> well, to be quite honest, i don't pay any attention to it. when we in the seal team up we signed up not to be heros and signed up to too a job. we're going to do that job whether angry people disapprove of that or not. it's who we are. we're there to protect our brothers and protect our families at home. and other people's opinions really don't play into that at all. >> they shouldn't. i can't say there is a more intimate portrayal of the sacrifice and service and transition home of so many like yourself who protect the rest of us. we thank you for that. what is the message you want people to know? what is the message you want to override to get throughout? >> i hope people see a portrait of chris. a couple of the guys portrayed in the movie ryan and mark i actually helped put through training.
4:55 am
i was a buds instructor when they came through selection. so i know those guys. so it was very intimate for me. it was an honor to work on it. i hope that people come away seeing a portrait of a man seeing the cost that war has on the people that stand up and go fight it. it was an amazing project to be part of. >> i can only imagine. your projects don't end there. tell us about lone target. it's in the middle of filming for discovery? >> yeah. yes. we're doing season 2 right now. i cross borders pierce their security, do counter tracking evasion, anti-tracking, try to make it to a specified point before that country's special operations force or fugitive recovery team or border patrol unit takes me down with all their assets. so it's an intense show to do and we're in the middle of filming season two right now. >> you're hearing from former navy seal, great american hero here, joel lambert.
4:56 am
we thank you for your time today. >> thank you. it was a privilege. >> always an honor. we have breaking news about those travel bans you've been hearing about. a press conference about to go underway and we are going to bring you all the details on that instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms
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good morning. it is tuesday, january 27. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. watch this. almost can't take your eyes off. the storm changing and the east coast is now reopening. brand-new information coming in live on the travel ban and we are about to hear from the governor of new york in moments. great. meanwhile, the white house wasn't expecting this bombshell when they celebrated bowe bergdahl's return in the rose garden. remember this? >> the army has come to its conclusion and bowe bergdahl will be charged with desertion.
5:00 am
>> that's a new part. the real story now revealed by tony schaefer. so how will the white house react to this one? >> wow. how is this for a snow day announcement? ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ don't come to school ♪ >> is this the best teacher ever with the most wonderful voice or lip syncing ability? we're going to discover that in just a moment because mornings are better with friends. >> this is chrisy yamaguchi. you're watching "fox & friends." the best show on ice. ice and snow let's go live right now. here is the governor of the great state of new york, andrew cuomo, about to talk about the travel ban lifted across the state. >> but there were variances in what the storm actually did.
5:01 am
in the new york city area about short of six inches of snow. in the mid hudson the snow was also less than had been originally predicted, with variations in the new york city area, la guardia, 11 1/2 inches of snow. so there were variances within the new york city area. but basically less than predicted, which was good news. long island was much harder hit than the new york city area. 16 inches on long island. suffolk county is still getting hit very hard and suffolk county is where we have serious issues the track of the storm as it moved north, suffolk county is the far end of long island, montauk point, they have significant issues and continue to have blizzard-like conditions, 12 inches of snow
5:02 am
14 inches of snow. and we will be redeploying much of the equipment from the new york city area mid hudson area to long island and specifically to suffolk. we are lifting all the traffic bans on the roads at 8:00 o'clock. nassau suffolk, new york city, westchester, rockland, 13 county area that was affected will all be lifted at 8:00 o'clock. we coordinated that with the governor of new jersey chris christie, who i spoke with this morning. obviously you can't open the traffic ban on one state unless you're coordinated with the other states because you don't want people on the roads in new jersey trying to get to new york if they can't get to new york or vice-versa. we have a coordinated opening with governor christie at 8:00 o'clock. i spoke with governor malloy, governor of connecticut. they also have a varied
5:03 am
situation and they're make determine eggs now to open parts of their right side and parts will remain closed. we're coordinating with them. the mta is in the process of bringing the trains back out. subway and rail. they were put away yesterday last night late at night in an area where they would be protected from the weather. they are now redeploying as we speak. service will begin coming online at 9:00 o'clock. by noon the system should be back to sunday service, which is roughly 60% of the weekday service. the bridges and tunnels will be open. the path will be coming online at 9:30. the airports, port authority has done a very good job at clearing
5:04 am
the airports. the problem are the cancellations by the airlines and there are heavy cancellations of flights still on that. people will have to check with their specific airline. let me make the point that while the roads are open, that is not to say that unless you need to be on the roads you should be on the roads. the roads are still dangerous. and they are passable. but there is a level of ice under the snow in many areas and if you don't have to travel today, you really don't want to be traveling today. and as people get on the roads this morning, i would expect -- >> we get the point. governor cuomo there talking about how the storm of the century, a dud in spots. new york city wound up with much less than expected snow. long island wound up with
5:05 am
16 inches. suffolk still ongoing. they've lifted the travel ban in new york state and in new jersey and in connecticut as well as of 8:00 o'clock this morning. >> some roads still closed in connecticut. coordination between governors there to make sure that all travel is smooth. he expressed statement just because they're open doesn't mean you have to get on the roads. but the bans are lifted. bridges and tunnels around the city will be open as of 9:30. >> five minutes after the hour. while new york gets a take a deep breath, many places not the case. in boston the snow not slowing down. all public transportation still shut down as the governor warns as much as three feet of snow could slam the state. david lee miller has been there all night. hey, david what, are the roads like right now? looks like the snow has picked up since we last tossed to you. >> reporter: it's hard to previous that, but it's actually worse than we talked last hour. the rate of snowfall has increased and the plow trucks simply cannot keep up with it. take a look.
5:06 am
you can see there is a near whiteout conditions here in downtown boston. there have been plow trucks throughout the entire evening and night going up and down this street. you can see there is still about three inches of snow in the areas that were most recently cleared. the rate of snowfall, brian, is up to four inches an hour. we just got word from authorities that at least 11 inches of snow has fallen in boston. other parts of the state have seen about as much as 24 inches. compounding the problem coastal flooding. we're told the flooding is moderate to severe. it could result in some evacuations. additionally, there are now some 20-plus thousand people who do not have power. just a few moments ago, we got word that all of nantucket does not have power because of this storm. authorities have said that restoring power to many of these people is not going to be an easy process. it is going to take at least a
5:07 am
couple of days in many instances. right now we've got a storm that is continuing. we have high gusts of winds. we have freezing temperatures and it looks like these conditions, brian, are going to continue for at least the next several hours. back to you. >> all right. and david lee, you'll be braving it with us and we appreciate it. you've been up early in the morning through two shows helping us out. >> to recap, it looks like when the mayor of new york city came out and said, it looks like we could wind up with two to three feet in new york, the forecast and today they're going to be talking about the modeling -- were off by 50 or 100 miles. bad on long island and really bad in new england. >> 100 guardsmen ready and standing by in boston. >> the national guardsmen usually wear camouflage to blend in. always standing out is heather nauert. >> that's very nice, brian. very smart of you. >> thank you. it's in the prompter. >> good morning to you. got breaking news. a luxury seaside resort that is popular with tourists in libya
5:08 am
and this morning it's coming under attack. at least five foreigners and three hotel guards murdered in cold blood there. a team of masked gunmen detonating a car bomb in the parking lot. they then stormed inside the hotel. they also took an unknown number of hostages. this is the same hotel that came under attack two years ago when islamic terrorists kidnapped the prime minister. another fox news alert to bring you on the prime suspect in the disappearance of an elderly missing georgia couple. ronnie jay towns, 28 now turning himself in to police. they say they believe he was trying to rob bud and june runyon, the elderly couple who responded to an online ad about a vintage car that they had wanted all their lives. the local sheriff says he's surprised by this arrest. listen. >> gentleman is known locally, comes from a good family. the family that's well
5:09 am
established in this community. as you can imagine, the family, i'm sure, is as shocked as the rest of the community that he's been named in this as a suspect in this crime. >> autopsies will now be performed to confirm the identities of the bodies. if you were planning to gas up your car this morning get ready for bad news of sorts. the average price of gasoline went up to 2.08. we've been enjoy ago constant decline a daily decline for three months until now. now it's up this morning. the nfl is zeroing in on a locker room attendant in connection with deflate gate. fox sports is reporting that surveillance video shows you a patriots staffer taking footballs from the officials locker room and into another room before then bringing those out onto the field. espn reported last week that the nfl found 11 of the team's 12 footballs were underinflated. the owner of the team saying that if the league doesn't provide any proof of wrongdoing
5:10 am
he says they owe the team an apology. what do you think of that? >> he was defiant yesterday. let's bring in laura ingraham to talk about deflate gate. you've been following this. jay glazer gets the story yesterday about this video that's out. that's exactly the time period in which if something was going to happen to those footballs something happened to those footballs. >> yeah. the butler didn't do it. the locker room attendant did it. doesn't it remind you of the video that came out with i think it was ray rice the elevator, where is the video? where does it cut to? did he say the video? i think what ted wells remember, he did the bullygate investigation and it took him four months to come to a conclusion at the end of bullygate. i think it was a couple years ago now. he's doing this investigation. he says it's going to take at least several weeks to get to a conclusion here. but i can tell you what they're going to do. my old legal hat is on. they're going to set this locker room attendant down and ask him
5:11 am
how many conversations, if any have you ever had about ball pressure inflating the football with any member of the patriots squad. that's what they're going to get to. >> i can seal that off if that's your lawyer hat. i watched the press conference. the last comment that tom brady made was the locker room attendant december a great job. they fill the balls exactly to the way i like them. as soon as he said that -- >> yeah. the way he likes them. counselor, then you just said okay, how does brady like these footballs? >> squishy! >> was there any implicit or explicit direction from him on the pressure of these balls ever? ever a conversation? that's the kind of thing they're going to do with this locker room attendant who could fold like a cheap tent. >> it's a power play too, in some ways when you look at the power that a quarterback can have in questioning such a thing gush gush requesting such a thing from a locker room
5:12 am
attendant. this is a billion dollars industry. but when you talk about these salaries, it's a big deal. >> my last point is this they absolutely deserve to be there. they're the first or second best team in football. they have to do this. that was the whole thing. >> and maybe just don't wear that goofy little ski hat to theext time. people will take you more seriously. >> maybe it was freeze not guilty there. >> say whatever you want if you tell the truth. >> laura, sit tight for just a minute because we want you to weigh in on this next story. we may now know what's going to happen to the alleged deserter, beau bergdahl and in this twist the white house wasn't expecting. what will they do now that the real story has gotten out and they don't like that? >> and we've never seen video like this before. it shows the exact moment a plane stalled and goes down in the pacific ocean and it gets more insane. we promise. you're not going to want to miss this. ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:16 am
the army has come to its
5:17 am
conclusion and beau bergdahl will be charged with desertion. >> so laura ingraham, that's the news from tony schaefer, former c.i.a. guy. so the pentagon decided he's going to be charged with desertion. but the white house narrative has been that he served proudly. he's a great guy. we had to do the hostage swap with him. is the white house covering up? >> well, it certainly seems like it. last june when megyn kelly had his unit mates on her show and one after the other described a man who deserted his unit and said he's no hero, remember when those interviews came out they got a lot of resistance in the liberal media. oh, you can't do this. this man has been held and he's a patriot. he's a hero. and these are his unit mates. when i heard them speak out everyone's antenna went up. again, with the lack of transparency in this administration, i have to raise this point: how do republicans on capitol hill right now think
5:18 am
it's a smart thing to give obama fast track trade negotiating authority, basically giving him a blank check in negotiating huge important trade deals when this is the type of negotiation they do on an issue of national security as important as this? it's mind boggling to me. >> he goes on to say if this report is true, that ben rhodes is the guy right now covering this up and one who actually engineered the deal. >> middle man. >> well, i'm not going to let little ben rhodes be the fall guy for this. i think this goes straight up to the highest levels of the white house and the idea that a spokesman has this authority. i want to know who at the pentagon was involved in this, state department, and valerie jarrett, the president, vice president himself. this is a serious issue. we can joke about his father speaking pashtu and all that. this is a matter of national security as the president is slowly but surely closing gitmo. lord knows what he's planning with all those prisoners.
5:19 am
but all of this calls into question his judgment and transparency. >> qatar and oman. it does in a way set precedent here for opening up the idea that we're going to negotiate with terrorists and propose swaps. we just heard about al mari the floated swap in july. what are your thoughts on that? >> rick gray nell said last night, former u.s. diplomat, he said this idea was. ♪ed to get those two christian prisoners being held for a high value al-qaeda target who is being imprisoned in the united states. now the administration says, no, no, that just wasn't done. well, i don't know. i have known rick grunell for 20 years. this puts every american out there with a target on their back who is in the middle east or in a danger zone. they take you and guess what? that's gold for the terrorists. this is empowering the terrorists and the forces of evil out there.
5:20 am
we should not be doing this. certainly not be lying about it once we do it. >> that's right. let's see how soon the white house announces that desertion charges against bowe bergdahl, that will be a headline. always a pleasure. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. stay safe in nomagedden. >> not so bad here, but in new england, it's bad n they canceled school for my kids again. look at this. no snow here. >> i saw your tweet. >> thank you. coming up, "american sniper" reminds us of the sacrifices our military made in iraq. so did our men and women fight for nothing? colonel allen west next
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
24 minutes pa the top of the hour. we have quick headlines for you. a six-year-old girl was injured after shots were fired at a dubai airplane. this happened as it was landing in baghdad. officials still aren't sure where the shots came from exactly. the plane's fuselage was damaged.
5:24 am
flights to and from the iraqi capital were canceled over mounting fears of militant attacks. a new threat for the secret service. we are learning that drone that landed at the white house was too small to be detected by radar. how squarey. at the same time a man is claiming responsibility for crashing the quad copter, saying it was just an accident. investigators still deciding if charges will be filed. brian? >> the blockbuster hit "american sniper" reminding americans of the sacrifices our military has made fight not guilty iraq. and obviously america is responding. now more than a decade later, isis is on the rise. as al-qaeda the group president obama claimed has been decimated makes a comeback. so is the president squandering our chances of victory in iraq and is that what this movie reminds us of? let's ask colonel allen west who served there. what are your thoughts as sniper rages at the box office and there is blowback from others around the country?
5:25 am
>> brian, what "american sniper" shows us is the fight that we were waging against al-qaeda in iraq. as a matter of fact, there is a scene at that talks about czar czar -- zoo car wee and they have to take down the network. last year in the state of the union when the president touted that we did not have any american soldiers in iraq, unfortunately in that same last year in january we saw isis which was about 3,000 fighters, now has become a terrorist organization. that is really nothing more than the reconstitution of al-qaeda in iraq which we had defeated. so the problem is that president obama came in and he based his national security strategy and policy on a campaign promise and campaign rhetoric and you end up seeing these incredible ramifications. >> lloyd austin said give me at least 10,000. he's the general in charge. leon panetta says i agree with lloyd austin's assessment. the president said they didn't want us there. but they clearly could have had
5:26 am
us there. and the people that chris kyle is killing are al-qaeda. they aren't necessarily iraqis upset that we're there because it was the iraqis that were there that got rid of al-qaeda along with us during the surge. correct? >> yes. you're absolutely correct. it's interesting that general lloyd austin is now the central command commander and he's continuing to have to deal with now isis when he had a solution to deal with al-qaeda in iraq and the follow on of the success in the surge. chris kyle and the exploits of those seal team members were out in a made and fallujah and now guess what isis is in control of those areas just as we're now conducting operations in mosul and in the area of kabbani, which were areas we had rid of of any type of insurgency and al-qaeda or what have you. again, this is what happens when your policy is not based upon sound national security strategy. it's based upon campaign
5:27 am
promises and rhetoric. so the unfortunate thing is that when the president said last year in the state of the union address we had no troops in iraq, now we're back to 4,000 troops in iraq. and look at what is happening. yemen. look what is happening in libya and across north africa, woke coha ram. we're going to have to deal with this. >> we took our foot off the gas and the terrorists came speeding by. colonel allen west, we appreciate your service and everybody else like you. the outcome hopefully will end up our way. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. coming up straight ahead we've never seen video like this before. it shows the exact moment a plane stalls and goes down in the pacific ocean and it gets more insane. we promise. and he was banned from cycling for life and labeled a disgrace. lance armstrong says if given the chance again, he would cheat. ♪ ♪
5:28 am
are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. welcome back to showdown! jerry rice here with 8 year old andrew hunter debating who will win the big race between the tortoise and the hare. what do you think andrew? rabbits are faster. it's not a rabbit, it's a hare. what's the difference? maybe figure that out before debating the best wide reciever of all time. wait, are you odell beckham jr.?
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5:31 am
this is kind of sad. sky mall is going out of business. the company that produces sky mall, the catalog on the airplanes, filed for bankruptcy. they were forced to declare bankruptcy when it was discovered that they have never sold an item. sky mall was the premiere shopping destination for people who just drank four tiny bottles of jim beam. so this is very sad news. from now on, where will we buy our fire burning hot cups? where will we get our night glow toilet seat? good-bye carry-on luggage scooter. farewell, wine glass folder neck plate. you know what they say when god
5:32 am
closes a sky mall he opens a brookstone. >> hysterical. >> you know what that proves, with the closing of sky mall is we've got other stuff to do on the airplane now. we have smart phones. we have other ways to waste time. >> right. i will say this when i go through the sky mall magazine i'm like, that's amazing. i could use that. i put it back and don't think about it again. >> that's the problem. that's why they're out of business. >> a shame. we have this fox news alert for you right now. this morning massive blizzard leaving behind a travel mess. >> so we have about -- we have thousands of flights that are already canceled. anna kooiman is live at la guardia where some passengers were forced to spend the night. as many as 8,000 flights canceled. >> yes. 7,700 flights officially canceled or delayed in and out of the northeast. many of those flights are going to be taking off until tomorrow. we're here at la guardia where
5:33 am
the official count is 11.4 inches of this light fluffy stuff, but a little bit icy. got some video i want to show you of the plows. the crew is working very hard to clear the runways. new york's governor has commended the port authority for their efforts. but is also reminding passengers to make sure you check with your airlines because of all these cancellations and they could be changing throughout the coming days. i caught up with one passenger who was stranded here. she's trying to get home to colorado. been here since yesterday morning. when she tried to find a hotel, she was out of luck. all were booked. listen. >> i got booked on a flight, supposed to leave at 1:30. and it kept getting delayed. by 4:30, they officially canceled it. and then by that time, it took about an hour. so i got my bag around 5:30 6. and then at that point, all the hotels were booked that are in the area. >> now you're stuck? >> now i'm stuck. >> so unfortunately, this girl
5:34 am
was not alone. we saw a couple dozen folks using their duffel bags as pillow as they try to wait things out. let's look at what they're doing at o'hare airport in chicago. they've brought in cots for folks there. so they're a little luckier there. and take a look at the ripple effects of what's going on. folks in warmer climate, even where the snow isn't, lax in los angeles, look at these lines and what the headaches are that they're dealing with there. one good thing for folks living here in new york city that travel ban that they put in place at 11:00 p.m. last night was lifted this morning at 7:30. back to you. >> that's right. so now people can be on the streets. they can drive out to the airport where the planes are not taking off. >> can you fall asleep in front of strangers? >> on an airplane? >> could you sleep on a cot in the middle? >> if i had, absolutely. >> you could do that? >> people would say, isn't that
5:35 am
steve doocy? he must be exhausted. >> i just know people are staring at me i couldn't sleep. >> here in new york city, the mayor suggested we were going to get 36 inches of snow. meanwhile, maria molina joins us right now. we wound up getting about 30 inches less than the mayor said. so i would imagine today, even though new england is really getting hammered, people are going to start talking about, well, the track of the storm moved, right? >> yeah. within 50 millions. some of the totals out of long island just updated are incredible. in eastern long island, 24.8 inches of snow. still snowing out there across parts of long island. those numbers are going to increase across central long island islip. massapequa and western long island, we picked up 14 inches of snow. so very significant storm system, just a couple of miles made a huge difference.
5:36 am
in central park, 7.8 inches of snow. la guardia picked up 11 inches of snow. blizzard warnings still in effect from long island into maine. conditions will continue there with snow and strong winds, up to three feet of snow possible in those areas and wind gusts between 40 to 75 miles per hour. the hurricane force wind gusts will be located across parts of the cape. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. so they had lifted the travel bans in new jersey, new york, and now in two of the counties in connecticut. >> right. >> how did you say that name? massapequa? good thing seinfeld moved out of there. >> wait until you get home. >> we'll need lumbar massage because she's been shoveling all night. i'll let you know how it goes if you know what i'm saying. that's my best line by the way. >> it's heating up in here. we'll give it to heather nauert. >> your lumbar looks a little tight. >> you're so romantic brian.
5:37 am
i know dawn and the kids did all the work for you. >> they did. >> no wonder they're sleeping in. good morning to you all. hope you're all off to a great day. you've got to see this video. we've all been talking about it. it shows the moment an airplane appears to stall as it runs out of gas 5,000 feet above the pacific ocean. that pilot was traveling from california to hawaii and he was able to deploy a parachute. he opens the door ready to make a jump for it. you can see him right there. then about 90 seconds later that plane crashing into the water. then it flips over. the pilot was 25 years old. he manages to escape on a life raft while he waits for his ride, which just so happens to be a nearby cruise ship. the crew then pulls him to safety. what a story that is. perfectly scripted. we have video of it. maybe there is something else at play here. the coast guard sending out that video. he was banned from cycling for life and labeled a disgrace.
5:38 am
but lance armstrong says if given the chance, he would cheat again. listen. >> if you take me back to 1995 when it was completely and totally pervasive probably do it again. >> wow. the seven-time tour defrance champion breaking his silence for the first time since he confessed to doping two years ago. there is an app that's designed to help with your morning commute, but it could be putting police officers at risk. it is called wa. >> e and integrated with google maps and let's you see real time traffic reports, including accidents, and you can report stuff yourself, like when you see police officers. but with recent attacks on officers, some are saying that this is far too risky. >> if you're going to identify law enforcement's locations or something like that, i mean, i can only think of the unthinkable. it doesn't only put us at risk, but puts the people at risk that we're trying to help.
5:39 am
>> police unions are now lobbying google to disable the cop feature. google has no comment so far. forget robo calls. this principal really letting it go for the snow. ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ don't come to school at dawn ♪ ♪ stay at home with slippers on ♪ >> love this. kids at moses brown school in rhode island received this fun message for snow day. so we're told they had been working on it for quite some time. how creative and fun is that? the question is what, are we doing with our kids today 'cause they're still home from school. >> absolutely. >> lot of hot chocolate. >> my family, online gambling. >> really? >> okay. >> oh, gosh. this coming up, she stole the show with these comments about hillary clinton. >> like hillary clinton, i too
5:40 am
have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, but unlike her i've actually accomplished something. >> burn. >> some cool comments there. does she stand a chance for a race in the white house? we have our best guy on it up next for you.
5:41 am
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grandpa bode, grandma said you used to be out of control. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always. thanks for being with us. time for news by the numbers. 40 minutes that's how long facebook and instagram went down for after midnight. facebook says don't worry. it was not hacked. it was a glitch with the new software they were trying out. $2 trillion. that's how much obamacare will cost over the next decade, according to a bombshell new budget report.
5:44 am
that's $50,000 in taxpayer money for every american insured. and finally $3,400. that's how much pro golfer robert allenby errorred -- reportedly spent at a strip club in hawaii, the very night he said he was beaten robbed and beaten. now over to steve. >> that's embarrassing. thank you very much. it's shaping up to be a crowded field of potential republican hopeful. but three nonfront runners are making headlines. wisconsin governor scott walker, former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina and the senator from florida, marco rubio. but do any of them actually have a chance to win the nomination? sure. here with his political score card is republican political strategist, adam goodman. he joins us today from tampa. we're jealous. you don't have snow. good morning to you. >> not a lot of snow down here today. >> so everybody is talking about the front runners, jeb and chris
5:45 am
christie and also mitt romney these days. we're going to look at walker and carly fiorina and marco rubio. you've got this prediction system where on a scale of one to five the -- generally the feeling they would wind up with the nomination. five being they're going to wind up with it. let's start, give us an assessment of governor scott walker. what do you like about him? >> courageous, hands on. he took on pension reform. kind of taking out of the mold of tommy thompson. fiscal conservative, calls it like it is. very attractive and did very well in iowa. his challenge is going to be developing a national donor base. and having sustainability in the field full of a lot of choices. >> sure. he was in iowa over the weekend. with a we've got a sunday bite. here he is in action. >> the measure of success in government is how many people are no longer dependent on the
5:46 am
government. >> he really wowed them. so on a basis of one to five five being yes, he would wind up with the nomination, what do you give him? >> i say he's about a two right now. but can i qualify that? >> sure. >> i would have given many others, back in 2012 running for president, a one to start with and at different times, they were winning republican nomination fight, michelle bachman, herman cain, so he's got a shot at this. i think people are looking at this as the great audition. >> meanwhile, let's talk about carly fiorina. former hewlett packard ceo. she was in iowa as well and said this. >> like hillary clinton, i too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. but unlike her, i've actually accomplished something. >> okay. so what do you like about her?
5:47 am
>> carly has broken every glass ceiling on her way to the top of the tech industry, working for lucent hp and others. she's smart, aguesssive. she's different. that's outside the box. her challenge i think in this race is going to be against sustainability and she did run not too long ago against barbara boxer in california. a loft republicans thought she would have a chance to win that race. i think she ended up losing by ten. so she's got her work cut out for her, but she's got an audience. she's again cut out of a different mold than a traditional republican. >> you say her prediction of success is like a one or two. finally -- >> very strong one. >> great. finally, let's talk about marco rubio. what do you like about him? >> marco rubio is the ultimate make good success story in america. he not only brings his message powerfully patriotic message but brings it well. i think he's going to be a real factor in this race. his challenge is going to be
5:48 am
simply he's got to win, among other things his home state and there is a guy named jeb bush who has gotten an early start on that. >> your prediction? >> my prediction is marco rubio will be a strong two in this race. maybe a two or three in this race. but here is the ball game the bottom line, all of these republicans are basically creating something very fresh in the conversation and ultimately have a chance to make us the party of tomorrow. i hope that's what the consequence and the be. but it's going to be a heck of an experience for all of us. >> republican strategist and president of victory group thank you for joining us today from tampa. >> enjoyed it. >> coming up it may be colds outside, but we'll get all warm and fuzzy. how to make some easy ice drinks coming up next. they do involve vodka. which martha mccallum tells me makes a great bloody mary. >> you would know all about that. >> i would. >> thank you very much. speaking of 2016, we've got
5:49 am
senator rand paul joining us here this morning. we'll get his take on the new pulse for 2016 and what the president should say on his trip to saudi arabia when it comes to isis. snowmagedden nation. have we too soft canceling everything 'til thursday on tuesday? what has happened to our can-do attitude? we're talk about that. and a new tracking program that may be closely watching your car. when bill and i see you at the top of the hour when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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5:52 am
are you stuck inside in the snow today? we know you might be. our next guest said hey, i work in the cold all day long. we're going to bring the fun to you. >> what an attitude. >> rich is from the minus 5 ice bar in new york city and he's
5:53 am
going to mix up our snow day with fun drinks to make at home. >> and you came outside to warm up. >> because right now it's 22 degrees and inside your bar it's 23 every day. >> we're going to make drinks. >> let's start with the iceman. how do you make that? >> first we're going to put raspberry vodka. a nice generous pour. four seconds. and then do just a little splash of this. then finish it off with the pineapple juice. >> this is going to make you file like an iceman? >> absolutely. summer iceman. >> a little swirl. >> i'll work on that after the show. >> what am i making? >> the freezing apple. this is a great concoction. we use caramel vodka. four second pour there. then we'll do a little sweet and sour. >> just a little. that's a lot! >> i like sweet and sour. >> a splash of sour apple.
5:54 am
>> how is that? >> how did i do? >> looks like gatorade. >> i'm going to make the frosin. we have whiskey there for you. >> look at that. that will melt a glass. >> oh, yeah. >> these glasses are made of ice. >> a little oj. in rehearsal we had the top off. but we'll go over that. >> we talk splash? >> splash. >> a frozen splash. >> that's not a splash. >> just one more. this is probably the most cocktail we've done today. it's for heather's birthday. >> it's her birthday! >> thank you. >> a little hot chocolate to keep you warm. >> what else do you get in there? hand made doughnuts! >> these were made by us this morning. at 2:00 o'clock.
5:55 am
nothing says 30 like six doughnuts. >> family is at home, so we want to do bring a little celebration to you. >> thank you. wonderful to be with you guys. >> thank you very much. if you're in new york city and you want to go to a cool place, go to minus 5 ice bar. >> right. >> wherever you are, have a drink for heather. do it for her birthday. snooks here is some hot chocolate. >> today wasn't a snow day for everyone. see what happens when steve and elisabeth and i are forced to bring the blizzard -- brave the blizzard to bring you the news. i wasn't blowing last night. ♪ ♪ [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right?
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one for the road. this is last night. we are with the mayor of new york city, rudy guiliani. he was great company in the nice cold night. >> here we are on the way to work. >> she would fall back and hit her head after that. >> have a safe day everybody. see you back here tomorrow. bill: millions of ordered to stay indoors as a winter storm slams the northeast. that was the scene overnight at plymouth massachusetts. there are millions in the danger zone but the snow totals falling short of the historic predictions made by officals. we'll talk about that.
6:00 am
and we'll talk about what's still happening out there. martha: you walked to work


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