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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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heather: we will see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" begins right now. >> we begin with this fox news alert, a powerful winter storm pounding the new england states. snow accumulations could reach more than two feet. millions of americans told to remain indoors even now. boston virtually shut down. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. with us today andrea tantaros, host of the brand new show kennedy, kennedy herself. also from fbn, elizabeth macdonald who we lovingly call e. mac and today's #oneluckyguy, charles payne, he is "outnumbered." [laughter] >> hey, by the way, check out the cuff links. sell buy. today it's sell, market's getting hammered. [laughter] kennedy, first time i ever wore them. >> she's such a good gift giver.
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>> when he launched house of payne on fox business i figured the man needed -- >> and i haven't bought her anything for her new show yet. >> we can't wait to see what you give her. >> it's going to be a surprise for everyone! [laughter] we're one big, happy family. [laughter] >> new york city may have dodged a bullet, and we did, we're grateful. subways have reopened at this point but not so much for 50 miles to the east and beyond. millions of americans are feeling nature's power. a massive blizzard slamming new england and still, also eastern long island. millions of people hunkering down. utility crews in massachusetts in these dangerous conditions are working to repair outages affecting roughly 13,000 homes and more. nantucket especially hit hart. and we're seeing some stunning um imagines from massachusetts and region. look at these. in addition to the snow loss of electricity, as i mentioned homes and streets flooded in the coastal areas. they had evacuations last night,
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cars sub merged. meteorologist janice dean covering it from the fox extreme weather center. >> let's look at the forecast snowfall because it did happen. it did happen in parts of new york massachusetts and connecticut. close to two feet for waterford orient, new york 38.5. i called my husband this morning and said well, new york got spared. and he said, well, new york come and shovel my driveway can. there are your wind gusts, in excess of 75 miles per hour. hurricane force winds for parts of massachusetts where they don't have power. and this storm is still working its way northward. we're getting some snow knewing across philadelphia up towards new york, still long island here. interior sections of the northeast and then coastal massachusetts up towards maine connecticut, rhode island, this storm is still into effect and will be really for the next 6-12 hours. blizzard warnings for millions of people still up and down the coastline. 1-3 feet still for many of these
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areas. 40-70 mile-per-hour gusts. when will it end? overnight tonight, but we're still going to see blustery conditions, so any snow on the ground cob blowing and travel is still going to be difficult. and then we're going to be dealing with the cold temperatures overnight for the next several nights. there's your forecast snowfall as we go through time, still looking at impressive snow totals for new england especially maine as we head into tuesday and wednesday. and then the lows tonight these are forecast lows. that's not counting the wind chill. in some cases it's going to be below zero. so folks that are without power, we need your neighbors and communities to come together and help, of course, the elderly and help the families that don't have power because that is going to be an ongoing situation as we head through the next couple of days. all right, ladies and gentlemen, charles, you got some questions? >> all right. so you know what janice? you and i were on for hours on the weekend, and this thing was looming large. and you said there is a potential, a little window for in this to shift and change, and
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we were all hoping for that. it didn't happen for the boston area, they're getting pounded right now. but for millions of people here in new york. so if you could just dial it down for us what happened. >> the storm shifted. and i was on last night with shepard smith at 10:00, he had special programming, and we knew that the forecast models were starting to shift. so we talked about it. when it comes to forecasting we take all of these computer models into account. a couple of days ago, harris, you and i were talking on the fox report over the weekend and we were forecasting 20-30 inches of snow in new york okay? epic snowfall totals. it didn't happen. the storm shifted a little more eastward. when we talk about hurricanes we show grow a cone of uncertainty because sometimes the storm is going to shift east or west or north or south. but we want to make sure all the people in its path are prepared. people were prepared. the the mayor did what he was supposed to do with the information that he had. now, new york didn't get it, philadelphia didn't get it, d.c.
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didn't get it. boston yes. long island, two feet of snow for you. so even though this didn't happen to new york the storm is still going on. of -- we make mistakes. this happens and aye come a lot of -- i've had a lot of colleagues come up to me and say i'm so glad it didn't happen. i've had other colleague come up and say, you know what? the next time the storm moves up the coast, people are going to be complacent because they're not going to believe your forecast. >> that's right. >> all i can say is we do the best we can as forecasters. we hold ourselves accountable. we don't want to get the forecast wrong, but when we're wrong, we can use this as a fire drill, okay? the city was cleared out. the mayor did what he was supposed to do. when the next storm comes it's up to you to listen to your forecasters, assess the situation and do what you think is best for your family. >> as you and i were talking about, you know, you prepare for a blizzard, you hope for a the u.s. or someplace in the -- for
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a dusting or someplace in the middle. now, it affected a lot of people across the nation because of those flights, 7,000 plus that were canceled. those airlines are going of to struggle for the rest of week. you mentioned those bitter temperatures, i know there's a refrigeration effect when there's so much snow on the ground. real quickly talk about when we're going to see relief. >> not for the next seven days harris. it's going to remain cold for the foreseeable future. the snow is not going anywhere, so in cases where we're seeing 2-3 feet of snow which will happen again, it's going to be a trying time for folks that don't have power. >> we're glad you're at the helm, janice dean. thank you very much. >> you got it. >> this is a fox news alert. a new push for answers in the september 11 areth terror attack in benghazi that killed four americans including ambassador christopher stephens. now, a new hearing is being held today on capitol hill as a battle is heating up between democrats and republicans.
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democrats are saying they're being excluded. republicans are saying they're being stonewalled. all of this as documented obtained by the washington examiner show that the obama administration refused in traditional form to call the attack terrorism and that one day after it happened the state department told other embassies around the world that it was a, quote, viability demonstration -- violent demonstration even though they had known for many hours it was a coordinated military-style assault. i want to go to you first on this kennedy. we know that the cia and the dod both knew this was a terrorist attack. panetta -- >> within secondeds, within moments, they knew exactly what was going on. >> we also had the talking points that petraeus said there was a terrorist attack in those talking points. i want to focus on what's news about this story. >> okay. >> i want to focus on the back and forth here. trey gowdy's trying to get to the bottom of these many unanswered questions. and he's been stonewalled by the democrats. they're saying goudy's meeting in secret with some of these witnesses.
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witnesses, by the way and survivors who the cia would not make available to congress for so long. really he's just trying to get to the bottom of an issue that's still not been solved. >> we have to have more accountability on the story and that's the bottom line. although it has yet to be proven whether or not some of these grand conspiracy theories are actually true the point is there's such a lack of transparency with this story, and there has to be, you know, it can't be an opaque government. there has to be government accountability. and there is still so much tension in congress, i don't expect anything to get done. but considering some of the other people who have overseen some of the other committees i think trey gowdy's doing a great job and has tried to work with some of his democratic colleagues. >> he has. 15,000 new documents e mac being released on this. >> yeah, that's right. >> if you were to subpoena anybody, who would you subpoena, and what would you ask them? i think a lot of people are saying oh, benghazi
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everything's been answered. it habit been answered. >> no, it hasn't. the fog machine has really ramped up here. turn off the fog machine. i would call former cia director david petraeus and i would say to mr. petraeus -- who, by the way, he's under charges for allegedly leaking confidential information -- i would say the cia noted in that there were multiple threats of jihadis al-qaeda-lunged groups -- al-qaeda-linked groups doing proprotests. this is before the video right? this is before any indication of an anti-islam video. in fact september 10, 2012 they had information that the jihadis may break into the u.s. embassy in so what did you know about that and when did the cia or anybody make the leap to the video? i know there were incompetent tweets coming from somebody out of the cairo embassy, but i think that's where the fog begins, right at that moment. they wanted to get the blind
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sheikh released the jihadis wanted other foot soldiers released from are prison. that's why they were gathering to, apparently riot. >> and you know what, charles, e. mac brings up such a good point because petraeus was supposed to testify, and then all of a sudden, oh, that affair that scandal between paula broadwell came out and then petraeus retires and disappearses, and we haven't heard from him on what he know, and he knows a lot. >> he knows a lot but let's face it, we use the words cover up, it just feels like the administration from the very beginning tried to, you know downplay this whole thing. so i would, if i could subpoena the president, hillary clinton. really how come it's a violent demonstration when you know it's a terrorist attack? how come you blamed a cartoon? why did you lie to the american people? why are you so intimidated by calling radical islam a problem? why does lying to the american public always come out to be the right option.
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>> >> we know that was an election cycle, and he didn't want to admit there was a successful terror attack. by he, i mean president obama and his campaign aides. so that one seems to make sense. harris, as a seasoned journalist -- >> oh, goodness gracious. you make me sound like paprika. >> i was going to say -- >> well, you are very spicy. >> oh, thank you. >> what question would you ask? what question do you think has not been answered besides what was the president doing that night? >> i like that you used the word "intimidation," because that's the road that i would go down. so there were some radical islamists who had powered up next door to our consulate a couple of years before this happened. and, in fact, they're the same people who are suspected of attacking us that night at our u.s. consulate. so i would want to talk to the security detail that watched them power up their compound next door and our guys asked for m-240 machine guns on the rooftop of our u.s. consulate to give us some added protection
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and repeatedly they were denied. i want to know were you intimidated over a period of time not to keep begging for that, and what was the protocol line like? who did you talk to? were there four people making that decision? who made the final decision? were you still nighting right up -- fighting right up until the time we saw blood? >> this ramping up was before video, right? before any indication -- >> that's right. >> oh, yeah. >> that took place over a number of months. that was actually a very long ramp-up. and the intel was -- >> repeatedly. >> -- they knew the proximity -- >> that's the road i'd go down. >> not only that, but we know the red cross and the british embassy had been attacked. so there really is three parts to the story. the direct cable that hillary clinton was aware that sent by chris stevens -- >> hang on one second. >> they watched the viewed -- video in realtime.
9:13 am
>> they asked for additional security and then there was the failure to send in troops. that's my question okay? 13 hours. with know there was a 7-hour back and fort. >> right. >> so why couldn't the greatest military in the world send in back up to leave our guys out to dry? i would want to know where general carter hamm was. and he was the head of africom. >> great questions emanating from this curved sofa. when the american people get any answers and maybe less democratic blocking and tackling -- >> and in the media. >> let's take our sofa to the hearing. >> will there be any interest? next time there's a big storm, you guys cried wolf. it feels like after hearing after hearing we've gotten nothing -- >> but we have the evidence. once they launched that imminent danger alert, they could see what was unfolding in realtime. and if you have any sort of counterterrorism background, you know what's downing on before you. and it's very obvious especially
9:14 am
to these trained people who are worked for years to spot when something is truly -- >> what was the motive for the jihadis to riot? it was to get their fellow jihadis. it was extortion. to get them released from jail. so now we've got petraeus who's under alleged charges -- >> but i think we know there was the fall your of security that led up to it -- the failure of security that led up to it, the cover up after wards, the scrubbing of the talking points we know that. the question is why were our men left to hang out there to dry? our men and women in the military have never left anybody behind. who did not call for that -- >> yeah. and why. >> wasn't the ground -- >> considering how many active bases and allies we have in the middle east and how easy it would have been, you know? to scramble somebody. >> this is an inconvenient truth, right? >> if they did call for it and they were told stand down, so
9:15 am
there are two different lines of questions there because those are both potentially very dangerous situations but they're two different situations. >> for the people who died and their families -- >> it wasn't a guy in tripoli let's put it that way. somebody in washington -- >> oh, sure. >> -- had to deny the request for additional help for that seven-hour back and forth that our guys on the ground were fighting that left those americans to die can. somebody needs to answer that question. >> right. >> all right, the state department denies a dangerous al-qaeda terrorist was ever offered up as part of a prisoner exchange to save an american couple, but at least one congressman isn't buying it. and new reports hillary clinton isn't just ready to run for president, she's already vetting possible vp candidates. so is the sense of inevitability good or a bad thing? and i think that today should be your first. if you've never done it, outnumbered overtime, many of you are snowbound, soloing on to
9:16 am click the overtime tab and you can tweet us questions or comments. today is a great day to try it out for the first time. it's lot of fun. [laughter] ♪ ♪
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fox news alert, wow, look at this. p new concerns about the health of the economy after the dow has dropped nearly 400 points in just the last little while. this is the largest plunge since october. charles, what's happening here? >> earnings from some of the largest companies in america have been extremely disappointing, and they're from all phases of the economy. last night microsoft technology, that's getting slammed, procter & gamble consumer staples, that's getting slammed, and then we had caterpillar which was a huge disappointment. here's the thing guys 18 big companies have all said it's going to be worse than they thought. we're only three week into the year. >> e. mac why? >> not such a cinematically picture perfect recovery not so state of the art this terms of getting the parts moving again, the multi-nationals also getting hurt by a stronger dollar. >> you have these cuff links, which one am i doing? >> let's see if we can merge them together. hide! [laughter] be cool, be cool for now.
9:21 am
we'll be all right i think. but the economy is not as strong. by the way guys, the gdp report right before the election, that big, strong gdp report it's going to be revised a lot lower. any conspiracy theorists on that one? >> sad monetary policy abolish the fed. >> i'm with you, girlfriend. >> i love it, charles. >> thank you guys. >> new reaction from the state department to the controversial release of a dangerous al-qaeda terrorist. he was released early from a u.s. supermax prison reportedly part of another secret prisoner exchange for an american couple being held in qatar, something jen hsoki denied last night on the kelly file. but megyn kelly tried to nail her down for a firm answer. take a listen. >> this was not a case where there was a prisoner swap considered discussed as a part of any of these deals. megyn: when you say -- i'm just
9:22 am
trying to understand your language. when you say there was no proposal on the table, are you ruling out that this was ever suggested by qatar or think of its representatives to the united states or any of its representatives? >> well just to be as diplomatic as i can here, megyn and i appreciate you giving me the opportunity, i'm not in a position to confirm everything that's mentioned at any point in time. >> nice mullet. duncan hunter, california republican congressman says he's not convinced. he thinks the obama administration is playing word games. >> just because there's an intermediary that we pay or an intermediary that does this negotiation doesn't make it any less of a hostage negotiation or trade. and that's what we think the administration's hiding behind semantics here. >> all right. let's throw it around and see what sticks. hostage trades haven't been working very well in our favor lately, have they andrea? >> they haven't. and if you look at the couple, they were innocent. if this was an actual trailed,
9:23 am
why -- trade, why is the united states government doing trades for people who are innocent? think about the precedent there. i want to go back to the that clip that we played. do you really believe, does anyone on this couch or watching believe there was no discussion, no floating of a potential swap? i mean, psaki wouldn't answer that question. that's why megyn was really trying to nail her down, because she was playing verbal gymnastics on this. i also think it's very dangerous, we talked about this yesterday on the couch, the precedent that has been set. and the reason it's different with the prisoner swaps is because president obama went to the rose garden and announced with the bowe bergdahl swap that we were going the swap four other terrorists, and we've never done that before. so think about it. if you're the qataris if you're in the government, you can take americans and know that a you can do a trade back and forth for them. and by the way the qataris are supposed to be monitoring those dangerous terrorists from gitmo.
9:24 am
do you believe them. >> >> well, i don't believe them and i'm curious about the status of our diplomatic relationship with qatar, and i think it's very dangerous -- >> look, they could be your best friends. nobody wants to take people who you cannot control whose main goal in life is to kill. nobody wants those people. and if they do, they don't want to have to be held accountable to monitor them. that's going to be an impossible relationship toen force. can you watch the terrorists we let go, please? but, you know in all of this i go back to dennis mcdonough, spokesperson, you know somebody from the white house who should know what the talking points are for his white house. and he did two things this past week. he told us that we don't negotiate in hostage situations with prisoner swaps. when we know we do. bowe bergdahl, by the way according to fox sources is up on charges of desertion. and so that's who we traded for. we'll let that one go -- >> for now. >> dennis mcdonough released
9:25 am
the name of an american woman who's being held by savages right now. we all know widespread that keeping that low profile can help keep them safe. so just a couple of things coming out of the white house that i would want them to focus on to get their stuff tight. i don't know if you can reclarify what we do in hostage situations. i don't think we want to give our enemies that much information. >> and charles, it brings up a good point. you know what kind of message are we sending when the japanese are negotiating right now for their citizens held by isis? >> right. one, of course already beheaded and the other one now they've come from wanting 200 million to a prisoner exchange. if you draw a line in the sand, you draw a line in the sand. and, of course we've tried that, at least we were told we were drawing a line in the sand a couple years ago with respect to middle east policy. that didn't last very long. it's really unfortunate. it's almost like gitmo and some of these things have become universities. hey, come here, cool your heels you go back out as a graduate --
9:26 am
>> make some friends. >> take your place back out in the terrorist community. >> even the state department spokesman last night on megyn kelly's show still again sent a dangerous signal. and i fear this is only going to get worse as oil prices continue to crash and go down. these guys could double down and seize more innocent people for ransom. so that's the issue. you never want to send that signal to anybody that, you know, we negotiate with terrorists. >> does anyone really believe he was released on good behavior? >> oh, i think time served -- >> on good behavior. yeah, time served -- >> what is good behavior for a terrorist? >> very different than a drug dealer, right? >> you turn the toilet paper around the right way, and you don't leave up the seat? what does that look like? >> little sweetheart. completely rehabilitated. here in new york city, we dodged a bullet but the blizzard that is battling new england and parts of upstate new york, an update on when folks can expect
9:27 am
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♪ >> welcome back toout numbed perked. looks like hillary to ready to run. former secretary of state will 100% run for president in 2016. she approved a budget for the campaign and moved ahead with key hires. she will likely make the announcement in april. the campaign is making changes from the failed 2008 run by integrating her husband former president bill clinton right from the start. so get ready. by trying to improve relations with the media. she will report he had i down play the idea that her mom nation is inevitable but report says that advisors are already privately talking up possible running mates including senators michael bennet of colorado and tim kaine of virginia. has she called you yet, harris?
9:32 am
i know you don't own a pantsuit. >> goodness gracious, no one is calling me. i'm curious. if you're in hillary's position for party's sake do you reach out to elizabeth warren? how does that work within the protocol? so many people in the democrat party like her progressive talk and many think she has the new car smell the president described. >> do you call and say wait your turn. >> wait your turn. what do you think you might want but could you see a -- >> say something about elizabeth warren? i think she gives clip clint the yips. when they appear together liz begs warren makes hillary clinton so nervous she doesn't know what to do with herself. they're trotting out center left or centrist rather, bill clinton. i don't know if any of you are constitutional scholars, i don't have the answer could see have
9:33 am
her former president current husband be her vp? >> oh, my gosh. >> technically she could right? >> that popular why wait your time with cory booker. >> instead of two for the price of one, it is two for the price of two! >> emac, are you excited about this? 100% she's in. is she really inevitable? >> seems that way. is she going to name elizabeth warren as treasury secretary, charles holy cow. >> here we go. >> listen, here's the thing. here's the thing with hillary clinton's campaign what will be her economic strategy? we know clinton her husband failed miserably with tax hikes right? that cost him the '94 midterms where the gop swept. it was a fake tax break he campaigned on. we have a really soggy recovery, right that is really bad. median income below 2007.
9:34 am
more people in the 25-54 demographic under, unemployed or underemployed. in the u.k. germany japan. that is astonishing. we brought this recovery in 7 trillion in spending so what is your plan. >> cp you know bill is advising her what to do. >> sure. >> do you think maybe they're sitting back the clintons, looking over the weekend at republican candidates, sarah palin might throw her hat in the ring, see donald trump speaking. bill o'reilly, profiled "the o'reilly factor" and said wow look at this lineup and rolled his eyes. do you think that is what republicans will eat their own? >> there is no doubt they have no fear of republicans but they have legitimate fear about elizabeth warren and a lot more passion and her argument would resonate a lot more with people who are left behind. here is the irony hillary clinton has to run against the obama economy.
9:35 am
>> she is not chained to that. >> running against the obama economy and obama's way of deeing. bill clinton has some faults but you know what he did? he moved to the center and got lasted passed. economy did pretty well under him. the stock market did pretty well under him and welfare reform. she need to run away from president obama. >> elizabeth warren is to the democrats as ron paul is to the republicans. >> i think she is more. >> tell you exactly how. it is not a matter legitimacy but exciting people out of politics. >> good point. >> those messages resinate for years. >> she is making it tricky for hillary clinton because as you say she wants to appear like she is in middle. she has to distance herself from president obama who is clearly on the left. >> what is her job growth strategy? middle class spending? we get it. that comes from job. >> look at new york state where
9:36 am
she was senator where 200 this jobs. >> never happened. >> can bill clinton run as a veep? let you know before the end of the show. >> we're now hearing from the former president of cuba, fidel castro about cuba and united states move to restore diplomatic relations. we'll tell you exactly what the ex-dictator said. and with the amount of money students pay for college tuition you might be surprised to hear result of a very new study. turns out a large portion of them graduate without the skills to manage even white-collar jobs. that report up next.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." we have a study of nearly 32,000 college students and get this. it shows that 40% of them graduate without the skills needed to manage white-collar work. this test measures the intellectual gains made between freshman and senior year and
9:41 am
found a broad variation in intellectual development of students depending on type and location of the school. researchers say skills like critical thinking, reasoning, guess what, they are important whether you're serving on a jury or looking for a candidate to vote for. kennedy, what do you mick of this? president said two flee years of college tuition we'll get it but we have this study coming up. >> the idea of free college is incredibly expensive. p.j. o'rourke said if you think college is expensive now wait until it is free. a lot of students get into college for wrong reasons. i don't necessarily think you go to college because you're 18 years old because that is the next box checked. you may not be intellectually engaged. even though you sit in questions a lot of information may not get through. asfa loss if i major people don't take critical thinking or logic classes. whether you're a computer
9:42 am
programmer or a lawyer, whether you sit on a jury it is a wonderful thing to know the logical -- >> about knowledge versus skills. andrea, what does the say about the college system and how it is structured? >> to kennedy's point, what isn't logical to go to pressure. it's a stick-up basically. you feel you have to go. you're in the hole for what, 100 grand, 200 grand? what are you learning. the history of bubbles. how beer fetes made. real problem is too, emac a study recently put out by the pew institute showed over 50% of the high school students aren't even placing in these basic remedial classes. they're having to retake them about it time they get to college. the issue they're not getting education in high school. >> that is a good point. you have to be blunt, the business model harris is donald trump mini-mes. based on hotel empire. buildout the dorm room. make it bigger. not focusing on course work that
9:43 am
students need to get a job. >> andrea hits on a key point. i take it beyond high school. my five-year-old is learning reasoning and skills of critical thinking. i think it goes back to the very beginning of school and parents making good choices if they're not in a perfect school can you shore up at home? you have to teach them that skill. if the expectation they will not be able to do it if we teach it at college, there you have it. certainly not going to make up the difference. >> that is the best point because parents are, in such a critical role as far as teaching that kind of thinking and independence, but the problem is, when we have programs like common core and free school, parents think that their voice no longer matters and people become more dependent on these outside systems. >> you graduated hungry. you want ad job. >> this is critical problem. corporations in america are crying, they're screaming. by the way, not just this. it is getting to work on time. you don't know how many employers saying i have trouble
9:44 am
getting people 9:00 to 5:00. get there at 9:40 and think there is gray area. we're following completely behind. part of it is a nanny state. we have a mayor i think for you. don't ride your bike or go outside f we're told we don't have to think for ourselves -- >> universities are non-profit. they are takes incent. they work on our nickel. northeast blizzard still bearing down on boston. our live coverage continues. plus we have this for you, disgraced sorts star lance armstrong opening up whether he would cheat all over again if he had the chance to. >> if you take me back to 1995, when it was completely and totally pervasive probably do it again.
9:45 am
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>> we were having toasty no snow fun inside of the studio here. "outnumbered," more of it in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: more snow, harris in massachusetts and maine today as a blizzard drops more than two feet of snow in some spots. snow totals much lower than expected in new york city. still thousands of flights were canceled. new york briefly shut down overnight. live reports on the fallout
9:49 am
ahead. fidel castro finally weighing in on the softening relations between the u.s. and cuba. in a letter to students he gave reluctant support to talks but said he still doesn't trust the united states. ugly day on wall street. stocks down across the board with the dow down more than 350 points at one point. disappointing earnings reports from microsoft and caterpillar weighing on the markets. also growing concerns over some numbers on the u.s. economy suggesting a global slowdown and falling oil prices are impacting the u.s. economy. it is all ahead "happening now." >> we can't wait. see you at the top of the hour. that seems like a natural segue to charles. >> yeah, the bad news. disgraced cycling legend lance armstrong opening up about the scandal that ruined his reputation and saw records wiped from sports history. he said despite it all if he had to do it all over again he would dope again. >> if i was racing in 2015?
9:50 am
no, i wouldn't do it again because i don't think you have to do it again. if you take me back to 1995 when it was completely and totally pervasive probably do it again. >> but armstrong did say there was something he would change himself. >> i would want to change the man that did those things maybe not the decision but the way he acted, the way he treated other people. the way he just couldn't, just couldn't stop fighting. it was great to fight in training great to fight in the race. you don't need to get in an press conference or interview or personal interaction or fight. >> andrea, i say lance the jerk is one of the reasons lance the doper got busted. everyone around him hated him including greg lamond. he talked about it was pervasive. it was pervasive and no one
9:51 am
busted you. maybe if you could have stopped it wouldn't be pervasive. what do you i think. >> i agree with you, charles. i wish i could have won not having to rely on steroids in addition i was a jerk and i'm a dope for doping and all the other reasons. i haven't liked lance armstrong. kate hudson should get down on her knees and thank god the two of them broke up. he is still sorry, not sorry. >> there was a singer went out with him. forgot her name. >> sheryl crow should write a song about her gratitude. >> wrote a lot of songs about lance armstrong because he destroyed her. >> kennedy if he came in third place basically after the cancer testicle removed, we would revered him. that is the part missing. cohave been a hero with a lot of people. >> here is couple of things about lance armstrong and the story. he is absolutely right about 1995. 1996 is the year he won and started his domination of the he would not have been a competitive cyclist at that
9:52 am
time. everyone was spinning their blood. everyone was doping. everyone was taking various supplements and substances and that had been going on for a long time. that is why he is saying he doesn't have regrets. he was such a horrible person. so aggressive and awful and had no problem destroying people's reputations and lives. anyone who dared stand up and the truth was going to come back and cannibalize him. for that he is an awful person and doesn't dare to dream about a comeback. >> he is dreaming about something. >> you know what? what bothers people about lance armstrong seems he is not showing any remorse for his decisions. by the way, if he was on steroid, wouldn't that make him more after horrible person? >> it doesn't help. >> i would rather be a nice person. >> depends what he was taking. >> if he would do drugs again he would be a horrible person again. >> you are saying he had road rage. >> makes me think of one thing, was he a drug addict?
9:53 am
that is what drug addicts say. i would do it again now. why would you do it again now if it weren't necessary? >> addiction to winning at all cost. >> he is a egomaniac. >> by the way some people think still is pervasive in the world of sports and business and other areas. thanks a lot guys. folks in new york city were buried under more groceries and storm supplies after snow of two to three feet didn't materialize. did new york city and mayor de blasio overreact, or was it better to be safe than sorry? ♪ try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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with ocuvite. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ ♪ and i feel fine ♪ well as we've been reporting, boston and the new england region are being hammered by the massive snowstorm. many folks in new york like me woke up scratching their heads wondering where that predicted two to three feet of snow went. new yorkers mobbed stores yesterday. it was instain. stocking up on. no subways or buses. when all was said and done new york city got total of four to six inches. yeah. some people tweeting, $20 snow gloves for the kids. new sled. check. full pantry of food.
9:58 am
check-check. blizzard? and totals deflated and tom brady got out early from boston and are already in phoenix, okay. i wanted to strangle bill deblasio this morning for another reason. i want to strangle him for a couple reasons. i walked to work like a little snow bunny because there were no cabs or subways. >> yeah. i spent the night in the city. i live in jersey. i walked to work for the blizzard that didn't show up in new york but it did for new england and pretty bad up there. they have lost houses to the sea. but you know what? if you have a choice between telling millions of people that potentially they could be in harm's way or dialing it back you always ere on the side of safety. what the mayor chose to do was different. we were on sunday afternoon saying, wait, he is closing the
9:59 am
schools or leaving them open and not letting anybody walk? things were not balanced. >> okay. we have to balance the segment. emac is saying what i want to say. this is so overhyped. can someone -- >> didn't crack the top ten of worst snowfalls in new york city. we get it. we feel bad for the areas hardest it. this is a nor'easter for new york city. i walked with you. there was a -- made room for the bicycle paths in the middle of the blizzard and the -- >> oh good. >> blowhard vortex was going hard out of albany with the camera crews talking -- hanging on the every word. i'm thinking, really? we kind of overreacted. >> this is ridiculous. >> amen, charles. >> this is a nanny state run amuck and the same that thinks they have to tell us the big mac is fattening. tell us there's a dangerous potential storm coming and let us take action.
10:00 am
don't close everything down. >> that's right. >> ridiculous. >> take control of our own lives. also the outnumbered overtime chat. we'll see you there and back here on tv at noon tomorrow. "happening now" with john and heather starts now. thank you. the governor of massachusetts speaking just a short time ago and enlisting a travel ban while things deteriorate in the eastern part of the state. the blizzard of 2015 pounding boston. howling winds. well over a foot of snow. >> largest public transportation system back up and running in new york city after a complete shutdown during the storm. we're covering all of the news happening now. >> the storm in general i think it's fair to say was less destructive than predicted. >> parts of the northeast dodge a big bullet. but other areas n


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