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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 27, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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t meet the press and replace the moron who is on now. just too busy, especially next ten years. the growing terror problem for president obama an american killed in libya. isis threatens more hostages and a former top official who worked for him says the administration is paralyzed confused and defensive. this is "special report." the growing criticism against president obama's terrorism policy is growing louder tonight. the former head of the defense intelligence agency under this president is with the administration and now a change at the top of one of the most
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important allies. chief white house correspondent ed henry has our top story tonight. >> reporter: air force one touching down in saudi arabia. president obama trying to build repore amid a series of crisis threatening to consume the president's final years in office. >> in september he cited yemen as a success bh talking about our strategy against isis. now yemen is imploding. >> reporter: sharp criticism is coming from the former head of the defense intelligence agency. flynn told a washington conference the administration is unwilling to admit the scope of islamic extremism saying quote there are many sincere people in our government who frankly are paralyzed by this complexity so they accept a defensive posture reasoning that pasivity is less likely to invoke enemies.
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today the u.s. ambassador to india told fox the president had a successful visit to new delhi but cut it short to deal with the challenges. >> the fact that he was here and able to show his respect to the royal family was also important to do. i think the people of india understand that. >> reporter: the president brought a bipartisan delegation to help pay respects to king abdullah. republicans urged him to get tough on the saudis. >> they need to be working against radical islam and quick funding radical islamic schools in our country and around the world and they need to send ground troops in to help us fight isis. >> reporter: highly unlikely the president would be that blunt since his secretary of state down played terror. >> today we are witnessing nothing more than a form of
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anarchy which claims a religious foundation. obviously the biggest area that we can make would be to blame muslims collectively for crimes not committed by muslims alone. >> reporter: quin who left his post last summer slammed the administration for refusing to use the phrase islamic militants declaring quote you cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists. after three days here in new delhi and the quick stop it will be a hard turn back to domestic politics for the president who is planning to go behind closed doors with house democrats at their annual retreat on thursday in philadelphia weather permitting of course. >> ed henry traveling with the president. isis terrorists are threatening to murder a japanese hostage if a failed suicide bomber in jordan custody is not freed. the message said the two had
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less than 24 hours to live. terrorism in libya tonight. masked gun men stormed a luxury hotel in tripoli killing at least eight people and taking hostages. a senior state department official confirmed one american is among the dead. >> reporter: terrorists attacked a hotel in tripoli frequented by foreigners and others. at least eight were killed. it started this morning when a car bomb was detonated near the hotel and then gun men used the distraction to burst into the hotel spraying the place with bullets. they worked their way up to the 21st floor where they were cornered. >> we condemn the terrorist attack in tripoli which was carried out earlier today. >> reporter: claiming the responsibility the libya chapter of isis. fighters have become active in libya. the attack said to be revenge for the death of an al qaeda operative seized by special forces last year in libya linked
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to the u.s. embassy bombings in africa. he died in the u.s. prison earlier this month. others claimed the target of the attack was the leader of the violent regime. another more secular fashion in the east. all of this chaos since the fall of dictator moammar gadhafi which allowed more terrorists to thrive. >> does allow a group like isis toos move in the vacuum of control means no monopoly of violence. >> reporter: fox news can confirm the idea of the american killed today in libya. his name is david berry. he was a security contractor working for the cruseble security firm out of fredricksburg, virginia. it should be noted that isis in its claim of responsibility today said it was goinç after security firms at that hotel and should also be noted that david berry was a former u.s. marine. our condolences go to the family, of course. >> live tonight in london, thank
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you. confusion tonight over the fate of sergeant bowe bergdahl who spent years in taliban captivity and now could face jail time in the u.s. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story. >> reporter: the army is pushing back on reports that it has decided to charge sergeant bowe bergdahl with desertion. top pentagon officials say sergeant bergdahl has not been charged with any crime. >> let me put a fork in this right now if i can. no decision has been made with respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl. none. and there is no timeline to make that decision. >> reporter: the decision remains with lieutenant general mark millie in fort bragg, north carolina. >> even if it is beyond dispute that bergdahl dropped his pack and desserted his fellow
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soldiers the general can say the guy was in captivity and mistreated and therefore it is not fair to court-martial him since he served five years at the hands of the enemy. he has wide discretion. >> reporter: the pentagon says sergeant bergdahl has not received charges as of yet. the army's major general ron lewis took a swipe at the media. the reporting is inaccurate. no decision has been made. there is no update to where we are in the process and no change to the range of options the commander has. there is no pressure or influence being applied to general millie. after bergdahl's parents appeared in a rose garden ceremony shortly after five senior taliban leaders were released from guantanamo as part of a prisoner swap. >> i think it was the day of or day after he left we heard there was an american looking for someone who spoke english so he could talk to the taliban.
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>> reporter: defense secretary chuck hagel was briefed on the results of the bergdahl investigation a few days before christmas. general millie has been reviewing the findings for more than a month. >> thank you. this is a fox news alert as you look live at the white house, president obama dropped a controversial proposal to end popular college savings accounts known as 529s. the issue became too much of a distraction and the president wants congress to focus on his overall education tax relief program. nancy pelosi and other top democrats joined republicans in pushing the white house to draw to kill the 529s. john boehner said he is glad president obama decided to listen to the american people. disappointing earnings numbers and sagging orders for business equipment sent stocks plunging earlier today. the dow ended up losing 291.5.
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the s&p 500 dropped 27.5. the nasdaq was off 90. what was supposed to be a massive snow storm some called the storm of the century turned out to be such a bust in some areas that a meteorologist with the national weather service tweeted out an apology earlier this morning. having said that, there are still plenty of places with plenty of snow. >> reporter: the first major storm of the season struck the northeast forcing officials to ban roadway travel from new jersey to maine. major cities like boston virtually shut down. eastern new england was slammed by blizzard conditions while over two feet of snow falling in massachusetts. high winds sometimes gusting to 70 miles per hour creating massive drifts. in plymouth streets were virtually impasseable. as many as 30,000 homes lost power including the entire
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island of nantucket. realizing the political implications of failing to prepare properly for the winter weather officials mobilized an army of plows. massachusetts republican governor baker briefed residents every few hours. >> the power outage numbers at this point are significantly below where we anticipated they would be. that is a really good thing. that is due in large part to the fact that the temperature was a bit colder than most people anticipated it would be and as a result the snow was lighter and fluffier. >> reporter: the storm was a forecasting nightmare for meteorologists and warning of a potentially historical forcing mayor de blasio to put a positive spin on preparations. >> we got lucky. things turned out a lot better than we feared but we were prepared. >> reporter: air travel was frozen. more than 7,500 flights cancelled leaving people
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stranded at multiple airports. the airlines hope to begin operating again tomorrow. despite the bitter cold some found a silver lining and a rare opportunity. >> cross country seems to be pretty nice because the plows kind of pack down the snow a little bit so you get a base to slide on. >> have you ever been able to cross country through city before? >> no. this is a first. >> it is still snowing here in the city of boston and the big digout is well underway. governor baker announcing the travel ban in place here in eastern massachusetts will be lifted. up next 70 years after the liberation of the death camp some of the survivors come back. first here is what some are covering tonight. in miami with fidel castro's comments. he says he supports the idea but
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70 years ago today russian tanks rolled into the concentration camp in nazi controlled poland and put an end to one of the darkest chapters in human history. more than 1 million people died
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there. today some of the survivors came back. amy kellogg has the story. >> reporter: 300 survivors returned for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camp. for some it was their first time back. >> my mother was gassed. how did i know? is because the girls knew. >> reporter: her mother was one of the 420,000 jews killed in the holocaust. survivors paid tribute to those victims today. some say the memories grow more haunting with age. 6 million jews were killed in the holocaust. over 1 million of them. >> it lingers literally born into terror.
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>> we do not want our past to be our children's future. >> reporter: it has effected most jews around the world in one way or another. >> i was born two years after the liberation and i have never lived a conscious moment without knowing that this horrific thing happened to people like me. >> reporter: heads of state and survivors children and grandchildren were present today. as the final candles were lit concerns were raised about the rise of anti-semitism in europe specifically. >> the legacy is never again, never more will we permit or stand by quietly indifferently, callusly to hate and anti-semitism. here it is again throughout
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europe. >> reporter: with many of these survivors getting into their 80s and 90s this may be the last time that there is a gathering like this. it is very important for these survivors. possibly one last time to share their stories for themselves and for posterity. >> thank you. in the intervening seven decades it has become a symbol of man's inhumanity to man. james rosen takes a look back at a report tonight and a warning which contains images you may find disturbing. >> reporter: a vast complex it was a concentration camp, a slave labor colony and extermination center. nazi officers and guards beat and starved the prisoners conducted sick medical experiments on them, hanged and shot them and used poison gas on them and burned their bodies in matoriumcrematoriums.
3:19 pm
at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum in washington a survivor. >> dying daily. you can die mentally before your body gives out. >> reporter: for the sheer scale the camp's death toll reflects one-sixth the total number of jews killed. roughly half the 6 million were shot as in this rare footage of a mobile killing unit in 1941. >> the gas chambers were not efficient and were not necessary for killing jews. >> reporter: the author of "hitler's willing executioners". >> the killing was gruesome even
3:20 pm
for people who believed it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: without hitler germany probably would not have embarked. richard brighten authored the biography. >> you can say we have 2,000 years of warnings of the possibility of genocide and we didn't pay enough attention to where severe negative stereotypes might take the world. >> reporter: in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> our resident historian, james rosen. why the government has been keeping track of you while you are driving. first, emotions run high over benghazi.
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republicans and democrats were at each other's throats rhetorically speaking over benghazi today. the explosive arguments from capitol hill. >> reporter: the tension over witnesses and documents was palpable. >> the letters haven't worked and the southern politeness has not worked. we are going to ratchet it up. >> we need someone to defend the truth. we cannot defend the truth because republicans lock us out. >> reporter: republicans said the state department continues to throw up blocks. >> if you have time for demonstrations or culinary diplomacy you have time to comply with a legitimate request for documents. >> reporter: republicans say witness testimony was pointless but democrats said there was nothing left to find after eight
3:25 pm
other investigations, a dispute claims they want the final word on witnesses. >> we never ask for veto over subpoenas. we asked to be notified of them and have a chance to weigh in. >> reporter: republicans said previous investigations were flawed with then-secretary of state hillary clinton's aides running interference. >> given a draft copy of the report before it went public to make edits of this so-called independent board. >> reporter: if the state department has its way diplomatic agents won't testify. >> we want to avoid interfereing with ongoing investigations and prosecutions. >> reporter: the ranking democrat said the committee is failing them. >> they wanted us to sit down and work together. >> reporter: new testimony from state department witnesses shows the democrats have not requested additional documents or witness interviews before today's
3:26 pm
hearing. >> thank you. some senate democrats now say they are willing to give president obama more time to negotiate with iran before supporting a new round of sanctions. senators bob menendez chuck schumer and others put it in writing today to the president he has until the end of march. >> i believe the only way iran will stop their march to nuclear weapons is if they know tougher sanctions will be enacted if they fail to come to a strong agreement. >> new sanctions at this time are unnecessary and far from enhancing the prospect of negotiations risk fatally undermining our diplomacy making a deal less likely. the administration set a goal for reaching a framework for a deal in coming months. conservative forces are committing nearly $1 billion to the next presidential race. attendees at the freedom partners meeting in california confirmed to fox news the $889
3:27 pm
million budget the money will go into field operations data driven technology and policy work as well as media campaigns. a texas judge has refused to throw out a felony abuse of power case against former governor perry. perry was indicted in august. he says he will announce whether he will run for president again as soon as may. perry will be a guest on hannity tonight at 10 p.m. why you can't throw your garbage into your garbage can in seattle. we'll trash talk in the grapevine. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique
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now fresh picking from the political grapevine. the city of seattle outlawed residents from throwing garbage in their garbage cans. starting this month it is illegal to put any sort of foot waste, dirty napkins or soiled takeout containers in the trash. instead residents and businesses are supposed to compost that stuff. city workers will do the checking. anyone whose garbage is found to contain more than 10% will get a red citation posted on the side of their can for all neighbors to see. for now it's a warning. starting in july it's a fine which goes up to $50 for anyone with three violations.
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president obama is once again getting slack on the international stage for chewing gum while meeting with world leaders. during his visit with indian prime minister modi cameras captured him apparently chewing gum on multiple occasions and even took it out of his mouth once while chatting with the prime minister and putting it back in. times of india cal it an ungainly sight. some folks on twitter said i just saw obama taking out chewing gum with hand in mouth and putting it back in mouth. we told you about president obama drawing the eye of the chinese. the president a long time smoker has admitted to chewing nicotine gum to help him kick his habit. just in time for valentine's day the chance for something good to come from your failed relationship. the san francisco zoo is offering to name their
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cockroaches and scorpions after your exif you make a donation to the zoo. nothing says i have moved on like adopting a giant cockroach in the name of your favorite ex. if you care enough you will choose our charming madagascar hissing cockroach package starting at $25. hairy scorpions start at $50. a bargain considering the average person who celebrates valentine's day will shell out $142. big brother is not only watching you, he is writing down your license plate number. we are learning about a national database tracking you in your car. correspondent with the specifics. >> reporter: there are dozens of local, state and federal agencies that are using high speed cameras to read license plates around the clock taking pictures, often storing the information regardless of whether the driver of a particular car is guilty of a crime or even under suspicion at
3:34 pm
all. >> the average american if they can put their license plate number into one of these government databases it would come up with a list of places your license plate was seen. on this corner at 2:00 a.m. it is none of the government's business you are not suspected of a crime. >> reporter: government sources say the programs are helpful for fighting crime providing law enforcement with tips on missing cars. many agencies won't go on the record about whether or not they have or use the technology but the drug enforcement agency has been public about how it is using the data. a doj spokesperson tells fox it is not new that the dea uses the license plate reader program to arrest criminals. this program includes protocols that limit who can access the database and all of the license plate information is deleted after 90 days.
3:35 pm
the aclu and other privacy advocates say it is tough to mount legal challenges or work together with law enforcement agency to put checks in place because of the difficulty of verifying them pra mprograms are in place. tonight sean's guests include wisconsin's governor scott walker. the former head of the dia says the administration is paralyzed, confused by the terrorism problem. we will get reaction from the panel after a short break.
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they see themselves as a long term capability and a long-term threat. and we should look at it like that. we should not think that they are flashing the pan at all.
3:39 pm
>> former head of the defense intelligence agency, the dia, general flynn there talking about isis. but in the new interview and a new appearance he is talking about the administration and its efforts against terrorists. take a listen to this. there are many sincere people in our government who are paralyzed by the complexity so they accept a defensive posture reasoning that pasivity is less likely to provoke enemies and slammed the administration for refusing the term islamic militants. another general, former head was up on capitol hill today. take a listen. >> in the middle east where our influence is at its lowest point in four decades we see a region erupting in crisis. we need a new security architecture for the mid east. we have many potential allies
3:40 pm
who will rally to us but we have not been clear about where we stand in defining or dealing with the growing violent jihadist terrorist threat. >> let's bring in our panel. managing editor of foreign policy. national political correspondent of national public radio. what about this? to hear the former head of the dia and then former head with these kind of stinging testimony testimonial testimonials. >> you had bob gates leon pan eta all saying the same thing. when it comes to the islamic state, lack of strategy there could have been troops sooner or training sooner. frustration not just among uniform military but guys like this aren't speaking for
3:41 pm
themselves. you are hearing it from bob gates and people who are in the cabinet and the message is kind of the same. >> clearly we do need a new security architecture some kind of strategy for how we are going to not just fight these groups on the ground or help our allies fight them but how we counter their ideology. i know the administration doesn't want to call it an ideology but it is like an ideology and has to be confronted with soft power and some kind of muslim pushback against it. i don't think the administration has figured out what to do yet. i think the next president will have to deal with this. this will be number one problem. >> as we talked about words matter, how you say something matters. here is the secretary of state talking about the terrorist threat just a couple of days ago. >> today we are witnessing nothing more than a form of criminal anarchy which claims an
3:42 pm
idea logical and religious foundation. the biggest error to make would be to blame muslims collectively for crimes not committed by muslims alone, crimes that the overwhelming majority of muslims oppose crimes that their faith utterly reject and that muslim leaders themselves have the greatest ability to address. >> the biggest error that we can make would be an error if we blamed all of the muslims in the world for the crimes that are occurring including the latest one today in libya, for example. it would be an error but i'm not sure how many people in this country say that. everyone who is critical of radical islam says of course it is a minority and not a way to attack all muslims. this is a nonargument that he is making. it wouldn't be the biggest error
3:43 pm
that we make. the biggest error that we make is to lose the war because he refuse to recognize who the enemy is and what it requires. that would be a larger error because it would consign people to hell that is syria today or approaching a quarter of a million dead. the original sin here is not that obama sort of is confused. i think he is in a way, but that he has a strategy. he came into office with a strategy. america leads. this is not something we should be involved in. we will leave and he didn't quite understand which is sort of an axiom of politics if america leaves the vacuum does not remain a vacuum. cf1 o a story about the comedy of errors of our supposedly equipping, arming and training the syrian rebels. they started almost two years ago and have gotten nowhere.
3:44 pm
there was no impetus, no urgency and no logic behind what the president was doing. everybody understood that he himself said and thought it was a fantasy. he says it is a fantasy and says he is going to arm them. this is a president who believes in withdrawal. these are the fruits of withdrawal. >> modern muslim countries and representatives point out that the most people who die at the hands of radical islam are muslims. 90% plus. >> the question is short of reoccupying the country sending tens of thousands of troops what exactly should we be doing? how many more troops would it take that the public would accept? and when kerry talks about how muslim leaders have the greatest ability to address the problem he is right. that is what we are missing. we don't see muslim leaders standing up and talking about it like that. >> i want to turn to iran. the president and administration seem to have a little bit of a break from senators who are going to press for these sanctions. senator bob menendez saying they
3:45 pm
have until the end of march. how big of a deal is that and what do you think the administration is doing? >> i think it is a big deal. i think you are seeing democrats coming back a little bit, democrats who have been willing to have new sanctions beginning to come home. i think the netanyahu may have the exact opposite political impact. netanyahu is being smashed by not only the opposition but centers saying you are risking your relationship with the u.s. for political gain. i think you are seeing democrats come home on one side. the blowback over netanyahu is bigger than boehner may have anticipated and bigger than netanyahu may have anticipated and may change on the hill. >> i'm not sure it is so much the visit but the fact that democrats in the end don't want to embarrass or oppose a sitting democrat in office and they would rather not be out there and opposing this. i think if they don't have the
3:46 pm
congress stand up and say it is the problems under the iae treaty which we are signatory to. congress has to approve it. the logic that the congress would have to approve a nonproliferation agreement with canada but not iran is sort of insane. so they have institutional reasons to speak out on the agreement. but secondly the administration is headed to an agreement which would leave iran a few months away from a nuclear weapon. is that the world we want to live in? i think the democrats would answer no. >> we will talk about that invite by speaker boehner for the israeli prime minister to come with the speaker. he will be a guest on "special report" tomorrow night. with all of these people, the dia had all of the people we mentioned before, the others saying that this administration lacks spying
3:47 pm
lacks lacks spine on this major issue. >> they don't have a plan. it is not just as simple as sending in troops to solve the problem. these are islamic radical problems. these are countries that when you got rid of the dictator you got chaos instead. this is pretty complicated. there is definitely not a strategy and that is what all the people are saying, as well. the 70th anniversary of the liberation.
3:48 pm
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i ask myself how did i survive? and how was it possible that
3:51 pm
human beings could turn into such beasts educated, cultured people. how was that possible? only yesterday. >> i gave up anger a long time ago. >> why? >> i am not -- because you're not going to accomplish anything. the idea is to be good. >> we do not want our past to be our children's future. >> 300 survivors of auschwitz returned today on this the 70th anniversary of the liberation of that concentration camp, slave labor colony extermination center. we're back with the panel. charles, 70 years. it's obviously in everyone's mind still today especially for the jewish community here and around the world. >> well, the worst part of it is sort of 70 years marks the end
3:52 pm
of the period of shame of europe about its anti-semitism. there's been an interruption in european history. there's been a constant anti-semitism for 2000 years culminating in the holocaust. as it was, it was impolite to be anti-semitic. you couldn't say certain things. the resurgence of a virulent anti-semitism in france, and the rest of europe, in germany of all places there are shops in italy that have -- under the guise of boycotting israeli goods have a sign to boycott jewish merchants and their merchandise. so this is the old anti-semitism returning, which is what is so disheartening. this 70 years is an anomaly in european history, and now what we're getting is not a resurgence of anti-semitism so much as a return to the european norm. >> yeah, i think that this is
3:53 pm
probably one of the last anniversaries of auschwitz where people will be alive to talk about it. there was a lot of concern about how the memories will fade and the lessons of the holocaust will be lost and all of a sudden it feels like 1938 in europe all over again in france. >> my wife and i were in paris the day of the attacks, both at the magazine and a jewish grocery store. you, again are hearing the question even though the holocaust happened, can something potentially happen in the future. obviously no one is saying there's a hitler on the march. at that time we are terrified. we are thinking of moving. we may move. it's not something where everyone is rushing against it, but the notion that it's part of the conversation is itself so striking it's depressing. >> to hear the survivors tell their stories and say how much it has meant in their lives is really powerful. >> it is. you're right, there are so few
3:54 pm
left. some of the things they've done here in israel is to record it but to make it in some ways a hollow gram. for people seeing it in the future it won'ting a recording on the screen. this generation is disappearing. when you have denial now hatred, that moral authority of somebody who says i survived. i can speak to you with the authority of the survivor. when that's gone that argument is harder to make. >> let's understand, the resurgence of anti-semitism in europe eventually the jews will leave. the pressure of the anti-semitism will become intolerable. >> yeah. >> it'll be empty of jews ultimately. but the threat to jewish life, the threat to the endurance of jews as a people is not from europe. that deed is done. the holocaust happened. european jews were wiped out. the threat today and it is a real threat it's a recurrence of a threat is from its enemies in the middle east.
3:55 pm
israel is now for the first time since jesus is not just the only jewish state on the planet it's the largest community of jews on the planet anywhere. it is now threatened by a regime in iran that openly says it wants to eradicate it. what it took hitler to do seven years can now be done in seven hours in one day with nuclear weapons and we are talking as if we're ready to live with an iranian state that has that, and that, i think, is the threat, the new auschwitz that the jews as a people are looking at. >> last thing quickly. this administration this president very cautious in how they talk about muslim communities, muslim nations. are they the same way in looking back in jewish communities and jewish -- and the jewish state in how they talk about it? and on this day. >> well, i think that -- the administration is very, very careful of talking about a war against anything that has the word islam in it. they don't want to qualify it
3:56 pm
with any adjectives, which is a problem. they have to come up with a name. they have been outspoken about anti-semitism and they should be. there is a u.n. conference and there is a problem. it's the attack on the supermarket had happened alone without the "charlie hebdo" attack, nobody would be talking about it. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how snow and live tv don't always mix. you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips
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timely tonight reporting in a blizzard is tough, so in honor of this week's big winter storm we thought we'd show you some snow news bloopers. >> dangerous games kids play is to tunnel in snowbanks near the road. a few years ago one boy -- >> not tired at all to find snowbanks like this or even bigger from some of the snowdrifts snowdrifts. it's tough. after digging out of all -- oh my eye.
4:00 pm
>> okay. >> here's the news. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. greta is on the record right now. senator lindsey graham says president obama is basically inkpe when it comes to foreign policy. in today's news from around the world it's adding fuel to the fire from the president's critics. a year ago president obama called isis jv and today isis is threatening to behead two hostages. there's more. in isis latest video message isis is threatening president obama directly naming him. the sergeant bo bergdahl controversy is heating up. he's been charged with desertion. >> no decision has been made with respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl. none.


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