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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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bowl. super bowl ad. i'm partial to atr's ad. get all your friends to watch it for our super bowl ad. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> you have the white house, which doesn't understand why this is a big deal just deserted right? the bo bergdahl controversy heats up. the army interviewed the sergeant who may be a deserter back in august. yet they are still sitting on the report. we'll have an update tonight. >> i will apologize to the veterans. i haven't seen the movie and i think it was wrong. >> howard dean says is he sorry he demonized people going to seat movie "american sniper." but is he really sorry? >> >> we have all day listening to the tease of bill o'reilly. g.o.p. contender thinking
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about running for president like donald trump, sarah palin, yuck, yuck. >> also ahead, sarah palin apparently annoyed with me. for, well, i don't know exactly what for. we will play you the entirety of what she said caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is terrorism overwhelming the obama administration? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. former defense intention agency chief lt. general michael flynn slammed the white house for not having a strategy to fight the jihad. >> also for refusing to use the term islamic militants. saying quote: you cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists. unquote.
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work for president obama now joins the host of other former obama officials in telling the world the administration has no plan to defeat islamic terrorists. that's true. talking points has been chronicling that for months. 10 democratic senators now telling president obama that if there is no progress in the iranian nuke negotiations by march they will join with republicans. in embarrassing him in passing sanctions against iran. now, that country is a centerpiece of the terror war right now. if iran gets a nuke, the jihad gains incredible power. the iranian mullahs want to share the name of islam and israel and the united states. the mullahs as well as other fanatics believe that barack obama is a weak leader. no question. then there is the bo bergdahl situation again tied into the jihad. as you know, sergeant enter dal was traded for five taliban terrorists back in may of last year. these men will most likely return to the battlefield to
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fight against america. meantime bergdahl left the battlefield disserting his unit in afghanistan.t now sergeant bergdahl is at the fort sam way back in august. all counts investigation has been completed for months. yet, there is no definition. the factor broke a story earlier this week that says the white house is pressuring the pentagon to go easy on bergdahl. that's why he is not reported back to we the people. tony shaffer says the army has come to the conclusion that bergdahl did indeed dissert. the army denies that but shaffer standing by his story which has also been reported by nbc news. but here is the. that is giving you army wiggle room. the white house definitely doesn't want a trial where members of bergdahl's unit would testify under oath that he put their lives in danger seen and heard that on tv. so president obama would prefer bergdahl be charged
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with going awol absent without leave. then he could be quietly punished. facts show that bergdahl did dissert his unit. was captured by the taliban in afghanistan because of the desertion he will buy them for five years. the way to do this is to charge bergdahl with desertion and then on humanitarian grounds the president would pardon him but the sergeant would lose back pay and be discuss honorably discharged that's what should happen there is more. the military is not supposed to be a political but colonel shaffer reports politics is influencing the bergdahl situation big time. if that's true, we the people need to know about it, bottom line talking points believes the army knows exactly what did it and stonewalling the process. as always i could be wrong. that's the memo. now for reaction joining us
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from washington franks from arizona and ryan from montana. both on the armed services committee. former navy seal. we begin with you com, how do you see it? >> it's not going to change the conversation the bigger issue. we did negotiate with terrorists. we would be released 5,000. releasing combatants, i think the argument is that ms. moore sergeant. heads are going to roll because the defense department is the last institution that has any credibility. usually say no comment or tell the truth and i think the american people deserve that. >> all right. now congressman franks, you guys on the house armed services committee can call in so people can say ask some pertinent questions. you know, you interviewed bergdahl back in august. you wrapped up your
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investigation in october. now it's almost february. and we don't know anything. because general is sitting on it was he sitting on it you guys can get them in to answer these questions could you not? >> i think the answer to that question is yes and i think that's the direction it's headed the new chairman of the armed services committee met is the very first official act that i know of was to call in all the experts and say how too we really approach this on a strategic rather than the technical level. i think he understands that the main thing that this bergdahl swap actually did was essentially replenish the leadership ranks we had the secretary of defense in to speak about this. i will just suggest to you that this administration seems to not just understand that when they made this trade, they literally put heroes like congressman zincky and others at greater risk. they essentially explained to terrorists that if you take one of our people hostage, you can essentially
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get whatever you want seeing that today in jordan with their captured airmen by isis. now they are going to -- jordan government is going to trade a suicide bomber. however i would do that trade because there is a war there and it's a p.o.w. swap and the jordanian pilot was on a mission bergdahl is another story. >> that's a very different situation. the truth is what mr. obama did was illegal and unprecedented. >> what's bothering me about this thing isn't sergeant bo bergdahl i think public opinion understands what he did, i do believe that he we all know what he did what is really discuss congressman zincky is that if the white house is giving orders to the pentagon about what to do in these situations that's against our constitution. the military is supposed to be a political and not running on a political basis. and you both, you guys and thorn berry have got to the
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get to the bottom of this. >> well, i agree, one of the first oaths you take as a congressman is to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. this president in particular has shown that he is willing to break the constitution if he doesn't like a law he will. >> all of that is debatable. look, there is no rational reason at this point for general mille to sit on this report. he knows what happened everybody knows what happened. you just have to define it are you going to get him for collaboration with the taliban? no. nobody thinks that's going to happen. desertion in the highest level? no. they think they are going to try to get it down because they don't want the trial. they don't want an embarrassing trial, congressman zincky. that's what this is all about. american people, i mean you are very influential and just by raising the issue
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millions of americans want an answer. >> particularly people who served honorably because the charge is that colonel hunt fox news military analyst says 8 or 9 american soldiers were killed in the theater of afghanistan, hunting for bergdahl. that's big. and we can't get an exposition of the army's investigation? congressman franks it's outrageous. >> well, i couldn't agree with you more this administration's unwillingness to call something what it is i think is why we have seen the rise of isis, the rise of boko haram. resur jebs of the taliban. iran inching closer to nuclear weapons. our blood bought gains completely evaporating in iraq. this administration will not call terrorism for what it is and engaging strategic basis. next we will be hearing they will call drug dealers unlicensed pharmacists. >> whatever. there is a difference
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between policy and then intruding on the american armed forces for political reasons. i hope you guys and your committee get involved quickly on this and start to bring these people in to testify. >> we will do our duty. >> we appreciate it. >> next on the run down three of the major issues that might defeat hillary clinton in 2/16. karl rove will tell us. then miller on the big storm that he will never see out in california. and a bizarre display by miss u.s.a. up coming. my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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impact segment tonight. how you to defeat hillary clinton. it is a forgone conclusion that if she wants the nomination mrs. clinton will get it on the democratic side. for the republicans there are about a dozen people who may run, no clear cut will run. one what the are main issues
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that could be problematic for hillary clinton. joining us from austin, texas is karl rove. we are going to do this on the republican side once candidates emerge we will do the same thing. what are the issues that could cause so and so on the g.o.p. side. this is not a partisan play. you and mrs. clinton might have trouble with. number one? >> foreign policy. the most obvious she was secretary of state under barack obama. you can't look around the world and not see a problem. she was the architect of the russian re-set. we had syria problem. iraq a problem. afghanistan a problem. the reinsurgency of isis, our deteriorating relationships around the globe. she was secretary of state you can't point to any success and my suspicion is by 2016 under this president we are not going to be a more peaceful world. we are north going to be more secure. it's going to be even more complicated than it is today foreign policy number one. you know that's not on the minds of the american
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people. that's not even in the top five of the general foreign policy arena. terrorism is but not foreign policy. the other thing mrs. clinton has said that now she wants to testify about benghazi and get that all clear. >> yeah, look. benghazi could be a problem. my sense is this is sort of like potentially like president obama. remember how he let all this conversation go about how he was not really born in the united states of america and it took him years before he finally put it out? he loved having conservatives talk about it. i'm beginning to suspect' that mrs. clinton might have been happy to let the benghazi thing to go forward and controversy be there because she has some asbestos. she is isolated insulated from it, i don't know. but the overall picture of foreign policy is going to be difficult for her to defend her record. i disagree with you on one thing. foreign policy becomes central. people think about foreign policy very little when there is peace and prosperity. they think about it a lot when america is threatened. that's why, you are right. terrorism is the way the prism through which. >> that's what it is.
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and they are -- they are looking at russia and they are looking at the relationships. they are looking at iran. and all of those things will come into play. >> all right. but just remember. we send watters out every week to talk to regular voters, younger people primarily they have no clue and couldn't careless. there is a huge voting block of americans. this isn't even on their radar screens. this brings us to number two, what's the second issue? >> the jobs and the economy which is the number one issue in most elections and will be so probably in 2016. mrs. clinton's problem is this. she doesn't understand how the economy works. and she doesn't have a real concrete vision of how she thinks it ought to go. she is going to be stuck defending the anemic recovery that we have had under barack obama. in july she gave an interview with charlie rose in which she said he tried to prod her on what she was going to talk about. she said i may quote, tackle growth, the manned maiden of income stagnation. now, let's take that sentence apart.
5:17 pm
growth and the problem -- it's the hand maiden. the hand maiden means it's a servant of the problem, the creator of the problem income inequality. i think the problem in america today is not that we have too much growth it's that we have got too little growth. part of the problem is that she is looking at it through a very left prism. she went to october and made that same comment that had been made by elizabeth warren and previously made by the president by saying corporations and businesses don't create jobs. well, who does? i think it's businesses and business leaders that create jobs. >> that's the one, that quote in boston will be absolutely used against her. what's the third one? >> deficits and debt. president obama will have chalked up an enormous amount. 40% of the national debt of the united states will have been raised on his time in office. there was a report this week by the congressional budget office that said it's going to stabilize being the public debt of the united states being roughly equal to 74% of g.d.p. through
5:18 pm
2016 and then it's going to begin to rise. we will have discussion in 2016 from the cbo and the omb. >> i don't know if you are going to get any traction on any of that. >> no, no, no. no, no no. >> the board is back. [ laughter ] >> the board is back. "wall street journal" poll this month, they had a list of about 15 issues and they said is it an sleuth priority for congress to do something about it this year? the top three, well above everything else the next thing below this is at 58% saying absolutely salute priority this year. number one is creating more jobs. defeating isis and dealing with terrorism and reducing the deficit and the national debt. those were the top three issues. those are going to be issues that are her problem in 2016. >> mr. rove, thanks as always. directly ahead a vial and i mean vial cop-hating video in which two new york city lawyers appear. two of them. why are they not being
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personal story segment tonight. hating the cops. group of antipolice fanatics releasing a video vial in the extreme. in that video two new york public defenders, lawyers appear. viewer warning very unpleasant stuff coming up. roll it. >> for because black police think they got the right to sue me.
5:23 pm
the question why are attorneys ryan naply and kamal rahl who appear in the video not being disbarred here now joe tacapino. >> i asked you to come in because you are a new york state guy. it seems to me this is misconduct because all attorneys in states are officers of the court. am i correct? >> you are right professional rule of responsibility professional rules of conduct 8.4 these
5:24 pm
guys could be in more rude awakening. three possible ways be disbarred committing a crime. this can be charged incite ago riot a misdemeanor. just for the conduct that characteristics practice of law. >> it's hard to believe there are actual conduct rules that attorneys have to follow. they are not enforced. who is going to bring action against these two public defenders. >> the prosecuting attorney can file. the way it works confidential proceeding and very serious. it's not. >> police union or some other person would have to to initiate a complaint. yes. that's what happens. and they get hauled in and their defense is they didn't know what was going to be in the video. >> that's ridiculous offense. i will tell you. would as a lawyer they are not just rappers off the street or kids in the neighborhood. they have obligation as
5:25 pm
lawyers to understand what they are lending themselves to. they have obligation too uphold the law to make sure they don't run afoul of the law and do things prejudicial to the administration of justice which all of this is it all falls under. if they say we didn't know. first of all, the guy's name is uncle murder. that's the rapper in the video. you have an obligation to know before you lend your law office recommendation especially one subsidized by government funds. >> they're being paid by tax dollars part of the money they get which is really up appalling. eddy berne fund for the slain new york city police officer that was murdered. >> money to the public defenders so that people who are poor. >> they get paid so ryan and these guys can get paid. >> bottom line is, these guys are in trouble. they. >> they should be in trouble. if somebody takes action against them. >> that's right. >> nobody does, the state of
5:26 pm
new york or the city of new york, they are not going to do anything. >> if this is brought to the disciplinary community's attention they can initiate their own proceeding. they are going to get looked at. lawyers and more importantly supervisors should be called. >> keep us informed on. this you got it. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. more "american sniper" controversy. howard dean is forced to apologize. derogatory comments he made about people who see the movie. then miller on the big snow. super bowl craziness and miss u.s.a. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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in the did you know segment tonight, back stories some folks at the fox news channel have. you may know cheryl casone who reports for fox business network and for fox news on economics. but did you know that cheryl was once a flight attendant for southwest airlines? there she is. so how did she become a big time media person from that job? here is cheryl to explain. so you graduated from northern arizona university. >> um-huh. >> you are in arizona. and then you immediately got a job with southwest which has a big base in phoenix right? >> right. >> so you are on the plane and do you you like this job? because you got to deal with a lot of people, many of whom are insane. >> you see a lot of things that people can do. and it's not always a good thing what people do. i do believe that people check their brains when they get on to an airplane. >> why? >> still to this day.
5:31 pm
it's like they become helpless the minute they get on the plane. oh, can you lift this for me. can i get a pillow and blanket. >> now they have nothing on the plane. if you want a pillow you have got to pay for it $5. >> everybody has wised up. back in the day everything was free and everyone took advantage. >> educated woman basically in the service industry. were you a nice flight attendant. >> i was nice for the most part. if i had to crack the whip, i would. >> crack the whip. did they give you a whip at southwest? >> believe me, there was a couple of bachelor parties out of vegas where i had to get tough. >> i would have liked to have seen that. >> there are some stories. >> you actually had to clean the plane, correct as a flight attendant. >> they do it lean and mean. great company still believe in them. there was no breaks. >> you are a college graduate you are cleaning the plane. >> you betcha. serving coke and peanuts to it all sorts of interesting people. >> do it for the money. >> you do it for the travel. i grew up in arizona. i hadn't been anywhere.
5:32 pm
i just wanted to see things i wanted to go places. it was more important for me to go explore the world and frankly grow up a little bit. i was 21 years old when i started there. >> you got to do that. >> you get other airlines, africa australia, new zealand, it was worth it. >> then i would work for a bunch for a month and take a month off. it was great. >> you knew you didn't want to do this the rest of your life how did you segway into tv. >> i studied communications and journalism. i knew i wanted to be a journalist. i wanted to travel more at first. when i was a flight attendant great uncle left me money. my dad said cheryl don't go blot money. learn to invest in the stock market. i would look at the "wall street journal" and morning star and i learned finance which i knew nothing about. i knew nothing about the stock market. i never studied business. and i started investing my own money and i did pretty good. and then when i did my entership at 27 cbs. while the other interns were smoking pot i was in the newsroom saying give me a
5:33 pm
story. give me something to do. i want a job. >> why did you go to san francisco. >> i was based in san francisco as a flight attendants, i would fly weekends friday, saturday, and sunday. >> and do the internship at the local station. >> how did you get to fox news? >> well after several television jobs in san francisco and a couple other networks here in new york, i luckily landed here. it's been nine years at fox actually. >> wow. >> nine years. it's the best job i have ever had and the best tv job i have ever had. >> so, for you, the travel and the discipline that's riders to do that job because flight attendants they have to be disciplined. you have got to be on time. you have got to know your job and the safety stuff. all of that trained you to be a journalist. >> now i'm early to everything which is the worse. early to every appointment every day. it's crazy. i can't help myself but yeah, i'm the most on time person you will ever meet probably in the building. >> there she is cheryl thank you very much. when we come back miller time. big segment tonight, snow, miss u.s.a. on terrorism wait until you hear that
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with super bowl madness. yesterday was media day. i'm jesse so i don't get fired. same answers so y'all can shoot if y'all please. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> change one nfl rule i wish everybody would stop finding my man marshawn. >> don't go too hard. >> what stuffed animals do i like? i like the little puppet that you can kind of put your fingers in the little monkey. ♪ you're going to hear me roar ♪ [ laughter ] >> that wasn't bad. >> what stuffed animals do you like? joining us now from santa barbara. the sage of southern california mr. miller. so, media day, right? >> belichick creeped me out
5:39 pm
a little with that answer. >> monkey pickup puppet going on, you know. [ laughter ] ' start blaming the monkey puppet for deflating the balls. >> the monkey puppet did it and he will get fined. how about marshawn. have you quote to love marshawn lynch right? hack me if you want i'm just going to. >> i see marshawn lynns on a daily basis. i'm just here because i don't want t fined. the league is so screwed up now. that kid they are going to end up flattening the ball boy, billy. that's what he will do. he will be the only kid at gitmo as the ball boy for god's sake. >> i said that from the jump it's going to be some equipment kid he is going to get it i admire marshawn lynch because what he has done, he hates the press and i'm not a big fan of the
5:40 pm
press myself. but he has marketed this into a world famous thing brilliant if you look what he is doing. >> he is trademarked the scroch grab. i went down to the office of trademark. you can't get that anymore. he never talks but occasionally he scores a touchdown and grabs himself. you are right. he is mastered the game. who is doing it better than him? >> he shouldn't do the stuff on the field because he -- actually he has a camp for under privileged kids. does a lot of good work for kids in oakland. he is not a bad guy. >> you were raised in pittsburgh so you know snow miller. >> yeah. >> out there in santa barbara you sissies out there. you don't have any snow out there. >> no, no. but riewrmings of a big, big snow storm this week. they are expecting 30 inches. it got so bad that mayor de blasio sent his kid out that day. donte and told him to keep
5:41 pm
an eye out for whitey. it never happened billy. the snow never came. >> it came in new england but it did not come in new york. >> listen that high degree of servitude they had when they can't get it right from tuesday to wednesday. when they tell me about the year 2057 i go how about we get tomorrow down in before we start talking about the climate in 2057. can we do that? >> you know global warming caused that. it inflated gore's bank account and deflated the balls. >> all right. miss u.s.a. trump's miss universe contest was asked about terrorism. roll the tape. >> if you were given 30 seconds to deliver a message about global terrorists. what would you say? >> okay. if i was given 30 seconds to give a message to the global
5:42 pm
terrorists is that what you said? okay. i would just say that, you know, i know as miss u.s.a. i can always spread a message of hope and love and peace and so i would do my very best to spread that message to them and everyone else in the world. >> this just in, miller she has been nominated for secretary of defense by president obama. >> yeah, i was just going to say that she is a pageant gal. that's the same answer the president gives on a daily basis. it's not like she did something silly like bring james taylor out to sing her answer or pull out a re-start button and ask the judges if she can start over. she a pageant gal. god bless her. this is the same crap the white house gives us. >> what she should have done miller, was just what marshon lynch did. >> i would vote for her. >> i'm not going near that
5:43 pm
either. i'm not going anywhere near that billy. because i will get fined. >> that's right. >> all right. so wrapping this up, we're living in a country now that it's insane, is it not, miller? >> for a guy like. >> you insane. >> every day is an adventure for you. it just crazy land. >> well, you can't write this stuff, billy. if i had to predict the big game i would say because they don't have all the stuff going on like the patriots do this week i would say seattle and i wouldn't be surprised if they went back to the state of washington and instead of champagne somebody lit up a joint in the victory parade. that's where the country is at right now. >> that's not going to be because nfl has still got laws against that. >> yeah, goodell is the the best. he is the new kind of salt goodell doing a great job over there. >> dennis miller, everybody. just a quick note. just a few tickets remain to the don't be a pinhead show starring miller and me in cleveland, tennessee, rio
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rancho, new mexico information on bill o' if you want to see us, there are some good particulars left. you have got to move it. good tickets left. super bowl ad pulled because of bad taste. of course we will show it to you and blame it on martha maccallum next. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit ♪ welcome to the most social car we've
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your free guide, and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. sixty-five may get all the attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. [ male announcer ] go long™. tonight, did you see that? we begin with howard dean who last friday mocked people for going to see the movie "american sniper" calling them angry tea partiers or something. last night dean apologized. >> i almost never done politics apologized to the veterans. i haven't seen the movie and i think it was wrong. i have talked to a lot of people about it. i make no apologies to all
5:48 pm
the thousands of right wing nut jobs twittering me with nasty language. do i apologize to the veterans we owe them a lot. this movie was much more nuanced than i thought. >> here now to explain further ms. martha maccallum is here in the morning with hemmer at 9:00. this is an opinion question. this movie for some reason has set off the far left. i mean they just despise the movie. why? >> well, i think there is still a lot of anger about the iraq war and they think this movie represents a positive view of the iraq war, which it really doesn't. this is a story of chris kyle. it's the story of his life. he was a pepper who was on a mission that he was sent on to protect his fellow soldiers and marines and he took it extremely seriously. and he is right. he should see the movie. i don't know if he gets out too much. but this is a movie that will touch you if you are a human being, regardless of what party you happen to be affiliated with. so, you know, you look at these things and i also think with everything else going on in the world and isis and beheadings. when people see the brutality that some the people in the movie are
5:49 pm
capable of i think they start to wonder whether or not this isn't a just cause and i think that troubles some of them. >> okay. so the emotion that eastwood, clinton eastwood brings into the film because bradley cooper is really, really splendid actor here. this makes it hard to oppose aggressive acts of terrorism. it makes it hard. that's why i think the left is crazy. they say we are losing our theoretical edge here. if you see a movie like this you are rooting for america. they don't root for america by and large. i mean howard dean thinks it's a bad country. it has to be made over from top to bottom just like vermont and we know how successful they have been up there. so that's what i think it is. that they are just so angry that they have lost momentum about we're the villains in the war on terror because this movie clearly show we are not.
5:50 pm
watching a young boy heading toward a convoy of u.s. marines and soldiers. he had no choice. he knew what his mission was and he was there to protect his guys he only wished he had protected more of them. >> one further note, we asked ken howard remember "white shadow? >> yeah. >> ken howard? >> yeah. >> are you in sag, after sag? >> no i'm a union member. i am. howard is a president of the screen actors guild, my union. so i wanted ken to come in and talk about why s.a.g. didn't nominate "american sniper" when it clearly should have been nominated. >> absolutely. >> and ken, the white shadow won't do it. >> the white shadow's evading you? >> he won't do it. ken, come on the white shadow would be here. go daddy. >> go daddy. >> never been there, don't know what it is. i don't know. but every year they spend a gazillion dollars on super bowl commercials. they did the same thing this year, but you aren't going to see it unless you're watching
5:51 pm
"the factor." roll it. ♪ >> look, it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home because i just sold you on this website i built with godaddy. ship him out! >> they sold him! they sold him! >> yeah. >> that's slavery! >> no, it's not. >> they pulled that ad because that dog got sold. >> went after some nice old family in the suburbs, probably perfectly happy. a lot of people very upset about that. >> can't show that kid the dog sold! here's my theory mccallum. >> yeah. >> godaddy knew this dopey ad would get pulled and idiots like me which show it for free so they could get the publicity. >> thank you very much, bill
5:52 pm
o'reilly. >> yes. >> and as we all know you doebt produce one of these super bowel ads in 24 hours or 48 hours. they say we have another ad that's actually ready to go really? i think this was all part of the plan. maybe an answer to this little video, which was a takeoff on the budweiser one which was all sap pi and sweet from last year and won everybody's hearts. but it's kind of funny. >> why is danica patrick -- >> it's a website builder. >> if you are a person who's going to sell dogs that you're breeding in your nice barn and you want to be able to do that you can go on godaddy to make your website. >> oh, so they design websites. >> exactly. >> something i'll never need. but that dog was fiction he wasn't really sold. >> he was actually adopted by an employee at godaddy and living in a nice home. >> you did not see that ad unless you were watching "the factor." thank you for being here. this is a good one, sarah palin very annoyed with me. i don't think that's ever
5:53 pm
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plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! "the factor" tip of the day, sarah palin annoyed at me your humble correspondent. first the mail denver colorado, a few weeks ago general martin dempsey said the bergdahl report should be released shortly and now the pentagon saying there's no timetable. thank you for pointing that out. a former vietnam vet, i think it's a slap in the face to see any vet to see bergdahl in a military uniform. remember innocent until proven guilty, don. that's what you guys fought for in vietnam. and they don't have it in that country. there you're guilty if the government says you are. joan, pennsylvania. bill, i'm disappointed you are not going to identify the judge who released the criminal alien in arizona. it's partially the judge's fault
5:56 pm
a 21-year-old man was murdered by that alien. that is true, joan. and i'd name the judge if i could. but immigration judges are kept confidential by law. john alabama. the fact that the new jersey teacher who was attacked in the classroom did not fight back represents a problem. come on, john the guy's 62. the kid's a huge 16-year-old. david, north carolina. mr. o'reilly were you ever attacked while you were teaching high school? at a dance dave. some gang invaded the gym, we had to sort them out. many of the kids at pace high in miami, where i taught knew that on the weekends i worked as a bouncer at the rec bar on miami beach. but i have to say there was very little violence while i was there. and i believe that's the same way now. it's a good school. louisiana, mr. o'reilly, i thank you so much for supporting every time i look at my track
5:57 pm
chair it gives me strength to know i have not been forgotten and i have a much better outlook. sergeant, one of the best things about my job here at "the factor" is that i can help disabled vets like you. the american people are with you. they appreciate you. and every vet in the usa that needs a high-tech wheelchair is going to get one. scott, holland michigan. bill chapters 14 and 15 in killing patton were the most difficult to read for me. but i was mesmerized by the book. those chapters deal with the auschwitz concentration champ. and on the 70th anniversary of its liberation this week, it is important for everyone in the world to know what evil took place there and why it was so vitally important for general patton and the third a the fight. that's why we put it in there. sam, scotland. mr. o, thank you for killing jesus. it helped me renew my faith. when he will then you're going to like the movie.
5:58 pm
we'll announce the release date shortly. it's quite something. i've been working on the edit a little bit as the executive producer of the film. you've never seen anything like this before. trust me. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. earlier this week i promoted a segment about the republican presidential hopefuls. o'reilly here. sarah palin, donald trump chris christie all may run for president on the republican side. wow. talk about a reality show. we'll have the inside story. well apparently governor palin took offense with that. >> we have all day listening to the tease of bill o'reilly. he's talking about the guests on his show tonight or the commentary on his show and that would be oh all these gop contenders thinking about running for president, like donald trump, sarah palin and he names them off oh what a reality show that would be, yuck, yuck.
5:59 pm
so here's the deal. in tv land, where i live you tease upcoming segments with flamboyant descriptions so people will sit through the 18 minutes of commercials and watch it. that's what we do. ms. palin and donald trump are very high profile stump they have both been in reality tv shows. if no offense is intended don't take offense. your life will be happier. that is it for us today. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also, we'd like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, please trying to waggish when writing to "the factor." we want you to be waggish. we're desperately hoping you are
6:00 pm
waggish. and we're hoping you're not offended by the word. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, critics trying to rewrite history with the administration insisting the taliban is not a terror group. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we begin tonight with a couple dramatic new events in the raging debate over how the obama administration is dealing with radical islam. just hours ago the white house spokesman declared that the taliban was not a terror group but was instead a "armed insurgency." this is the same organization that just a few weeks ago stormed a schoolhouse in pakistan and murdered 132 school children. school children. the obama administration issued


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