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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 29, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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bonus. yes, you have to work for the government. >> there is so much more at stake. i'll be leaving for arizona today. i'll be live in phoenix tomorrow. great guest. we're doing the after the show show now. bill: good morning. breaking news on a deadline for life. isis is demanding the country of jordan release a convicted suicide bomber by unseth or they will murder a jordanian pilot. as we watch this we say good morning and welcome to america's newsroom. martha: terrorists apparently using the voice of japanese hostage kenji goto. he's seen holding a picture of the jordanian pilot. conor powell is with us live in jerusalem. >> reporter: the deadline is
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rapidly approaching. isis set it for sundown mow you mosul time. so far japan said they don't have any reason to believe it isn't the japanese journalist. in this recording the japanese journalist says jordan must release sajida al-rihawi by sundown tonight. she was captured in 2005 with a suicide vest while trying to blow up a hotel in amman. the only issue is this jordanian pilot who was shot down or his plane crashed over syria by the name of mu'ath al-kasaesbeh. he was captured by militants last month. jordan wants him to be part of this deal. but despite the talks going on a
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final deal hasn't been nailed down. but we don't know if the deal is done or if the exchange is in the works. martha: they are wanting to see proof of life on that pilot because so far all we have seen is the picture kenji goto is holding. we are putting a picture of the jordanian pilot on the screen from the past. what should we be looking for in terms of this time frame all of that? >> reporter: proof of life seems to be the major hurdle and obstacle to this deal. this pilot comes from a prominent and important tribe in southern jordan. king abdullah of jordan is under a lot of pressure his own people to do a deal. but the question is whether he's alive or dead. jordan want to verify before they release sajida al-rihawi
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that mu'ath al-kasaesbeh is alive. until we get proof of life, until the jordanians get proof of life, it's unlikely the deal with be done. >> bill: known while the white house says jordan and our allies should not negotiate with terrorists. but the deputy white house secretary telling jonathan carl that's not the the same thing and this is why. >> i point out that the tall baines an and insurgency. isis is a terrorist group. i don't think that the taliban -- i don't think -- the tall baines an armed insurgency. this was a winding down of the war in afghanistan and that's why the arrangement was dealt.
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martha: a lot of the parsing of words. we'll debate that in a few moment -- in amew few moments. bill: byron york, good morning to you. the american people believe the u.s. is at war with islam. few people think the country is safer since barack obama became president. closing gitmo they say is the wrong thing do and what is going on here? >> the polls show that the public thinks terrorism is a huge threat. it ranks second only to the economy as issues the public think is most important. and the public thinks everything
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the president is doing about it is wrong. you have a large majority who believe that radical islamist terrorists will attack the united states fairly soon. they believe the united states is at war with radical islam. they think the president is deliberately down playing the threat, and they don't understand why the president will not call the threat from islamic terrorism a threat from islamic terrorism. he prefers the phrase "violent extremism." bill: you just saw the american people think we'll get hit again. 34% believe the country is less safe since obama took office. 33 per think it's about the same. >> the thinking that came out of the state of the union address
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where the president said things like the advance of isil have been stopped when people in the area say that's not true. there is a growing sense that the president is out of touch and refusing to admit the severity of the threat. what you just played from the white house spokes pan eric schultz will play into that. if the white house insits the taliban is not a terrorist group, remember his is a group that in december attacked a school in peshawar, pakistan and murdered them all. if this is not a terror group what is. there is a growing perception that the president i of touch and not unkleined to admit the severity -- not inclined to admit the threat. the american people look at something like what happened at the "charlie hebdo" offices in paris and why couldn't that happen here? they want to have a feeling that the united states authorities
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are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen here. instead the message they seem to be getting out of the white house and administration is this is not that big a threat. i think there is a real disconnect between public concerns about terrorism and what we heard out of the white house. bill: byron york out of washington, d.c. the one point he makes watch that theme and see if that continues going forward in the come mogs and the next two -- coming months and the next two years. martha: if something happens it will make their interpretation of this look very off. john boehner sat down with bret baier and he talked about the president's overreach and the republican plan to offer an alternative to obamacare.
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>> three chairmen are working together to craft what we believe would be bert approach with regard to healthcare for the american people than obamacare. >> reporter: so there will be ... >> there will be annal tesh tough and you will get to -- there will be an alternative and you will get to see it. martha: speaker boehner defended his invitation to benjamin netanyahu saying he will speak about a pressing issue the white house would rather ignore. >> i believe the prime minister of israel has a strong voice. he believes that the threat of the iranians having a nuclear weapon is a very serious threat. the israeli prime minister can also talk with some expertise about the growing threat of radical islam. we have a serious problem the
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world and the president wants to act like it's going to disappear. martha: very candid word from john boehner. there isn't more to show from you this compelling interview. bret baier will be with us live at the top of the 10:00 hour. bill: democrats started to push back on the netanyahu visit saying it could damage the obama administration's work to reaching a deal with iran. nancy pelosi spoke to netanyahu directly and her spokesperson would not describe his response in that conversation. martha: mitt romney giving an audience in misa sneak preview of 201. the former presidential nominee spoke at mississippi university saying hillary clinton pressed a
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reset button for russia which smiled and invaded ukraine. he took a hit at her statement last year saying she doesn't know where jobs come from in the first place. bill: hillary clinton says she'll appear before a house committee on benghazi. in the meantime. loretta lynn' putting distance between herself and eric holder. >> senator if could be firmed pass attorney general i will be my sell. i will be loretta lynch. bill: why the nominee for the next attorney general says illegal immigrants have a right to work here in this country. martha: will you face a fine
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under obamacare. we'll tell you about the 6 million americans who we understand will have to pay up. bill: a treasure hunt are is the hunted after finding $50 million in gold but bolting on investors who paid him to find it. not you fed tracked him down. >> when we first went in on this thing we didn't know what boat we were going after. >> they had known they had been wanted and they were aware and they were doing anything they could do to cough their tracks. a “selling machine!” ready for you alert, only at
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martha: as many as 6 million people will have to pay a penalty under obama car for not having health insurance last year. up to 4% of all tax returns will have to include an extra payment to uncle sam. the kot is $95 per adult or 1% of the family's income whatever is larger. >> who has more right to a job this country a lawful immigrant, a green card holder or citizen or person who enters the country unlawfully. >> i believe that the right and obligation to work is one that's shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here. if someone is here regardless of
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status i prefer they be participating in the workplace than not participating in the workplace. bill: that's the president's pick to take over as attorney general. is she the one? let's ask chuck grassley. good morning to you. the right and obligation to work is one that is shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here. were you okay with that answer? >> she gave a humanitarian answer, not a legal answer. there are two answers from a legal pownlts. view but it also involves a potential employer. the person who crossed the border without documents violated our law. that's the end of that. they are in the country undocumented so they can't be here legally. the second one is not whether that person got a job or not but the employer that hired that
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person violated the law because there is a law since 1986 that it's illegal to hire an undocumented worker. from a legal stand point she is wrong. from a humanitarian stand point yes everybody ought to be working. bill: that's an interesting answer. you said yesterday the justice department is a big mess. is she the one to clean it up? >> she has got a couple weeks before a committee acts on her nomination. and answers to our written questions, but she tid not satisfy me or other people yesterday. she still can. she is in a difficult situation. she is appointed by a president who has taken some unconstitutional action in a lot of areas. in one case the supreme court said 9-0 you did something unconstitutional. this has been done 6 years under a previous attorney general or
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previous:president. but i have got to be certain that the politicalization of the department and the things that the department have done wrong like not cooperating with congress opening oversight is she going to fix that. bill: that's fair answer, too. i'll mark you down as a maybe on this confirmation deal. other thing you said in reference to her predecessor. you called eric holder barack obama's wingman? >> i gave the quotes and it wouldn't be in my speech if it wasn't accurate. bill: you were highly critical of what you call the breathtaking expansion of federal power and the immigration move is just one of those moves. this is how the house speaker john boehner answered that question with bret baier last night. >> world is you are finalizing a
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plan to sue the obama administration again, is that true? >> that's true. >> what's the thought process there. >> the president's overreach when he took executive action to deal with the immigration problems our country frankly in my view is a violation of our constitution it's a violation of his oath of office. bill: do you support the house moving forward on that? >> absoluteley. not just on immigration and healthcare in is a lot of overreach. i pointed out a supreme court decision 9-0 two people he appointed said the president acted unconstitutionally. what's being done here is pretty common sense. we have three branches of government. whether it's the congress that acted unconstitutionally or the president. you go to a referee the independent branch of government called the judiciary to referee
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the disputes. who is right? the independent judges will tell us. bill: senator, thank you for your time. she referred to getting off to a new and fresh start. we'll see if that happens. martha: we are about 10 minutes away from the deadline as we understand it to relies the jordanian prisoner who was a woman accused of a suicide bombing aamendment amman jordan. this is a live shot of the turkey-syria bord everywhere the exchange of prisoners we expect would take place somewhere in this region. but at this point we are under the understanding this prisoner, the woman in jordan is still there. so we are going to keep you posted on any developments in this story.
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obviously an extremely tense situation for the family and loved ones of those two prisoners. we'll bring you have the latest as we get it. bill: aaron hernandez getting ready to stand trial today for the charge of murder.
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martha: as the new england patriots get ready to play in the super bowl, one of their former t getting ready to stand trial. aaron hernan debts is accused in
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the killing of owen lloyd. what do we expect in the courtroom today. >> reporter: aaron hernandez will sit before the judge and jury and the jury will decide whether he's a cold-blooded killer and whether he will spend the rest of his life in jail. prosecutors claim he killed his friend oden lloyd. the body was found near the mini mansion hernandez shared with his fiance. the prosecution says he summoned up two of his friends. they will also be tried but separately. investigators believe the three men picked up lloyd and they
6:26 am
haven't said who pulled the trigger but they argue that hernandez is the one who orchestrated the murder. >> martha: hernandez is also charged in another murder case as well. how does that play into this? >> reporter: it won't play into this trial. he's also charged with a 2012 murder in the summer, it was a driveby. he was accused of pulling up to a vehicle full of young men and firing into that vehicle. bill: the white house deputy press secretary saying the taliban are not terrorists, instead calling them an armed insurgency. our panel is at it next. martha: our weatherman takes the heat. take a look at some of those
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numbers. >> reporter: you are surround by some intense heat. again i'm not your dad. i would get out while you still can. that doesn't act that way.
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to make it real. ♪ ♪ bill: 9:30 here in new york. these are pictures from the turkey-syrian border. we are ear waiting word from isis. they say they will kill a jordanian hostage if jordan does not meet their demands. jordan wants proof of life before they say yes to any deal. martha: the white house struggle something describe the difference between negotiating with terrorists and negotiating with the taliban. white house reporters asking deputy press secretary eric schultz to explain why the current situation jordan and isis and the swap they are propose wok any different from
6:31 am
the -- would be any different from the swap the administration condoned and carried out last year where five guantanamo bay prisoners were released in exchange for bowe bergdahl. >> the taliban is still conducting terrorist attacks. you can't say the war has ended as far as they are concerned. >> the tall baines an armed insurgency. isil is a terrorist group. we don't make concessions to terrorist groups. >> you don't think the tall bainls terrorist group? >> the taliban is an armed insurgency. this was the winding down of the war in afghanistan and that's why the negotiation was held. martha: this what else the taliban did shortly before christmas killing nearly 150
6:32 am
school children. they killed 180 people in the last two months. this is the gunning down of those children and the aftermath of it in pakistan in retaliation for the pakistani government cracking down on them. it's a harsh harsh picture. and quite clearly an act that tear righted all who were part of -- that terrorized all who were in that room. once again doug, we have a tortured response in trying to carefully talk about islamic radical terrorism. why is it so hard to construct a sentence when talking about these groups? >> i don't know. in this case, this is -- even goes beyond tortured logic. this is just plain wrong. the taliban is a terrorist
6:33 am
group, always was a terrorist group, have been designated as such since 2002. this a $2 million bounty on their leader mullah omar. he made himself scarce as a result. there is no good answer to your question other than confusion and i must say as an american shame and embarrassing regardless of political party. martha: my thinking is we know that the bowe bergdahl issue will come to a head sooner or later and he could possibly be charged with desertion which the army found was their conclusion when he left his post. but they will have to deal with questions about how they could release those five taliban in return for someone who potentially maybe designated as a deserter. is that what's at play? >> that's foremost in their minds. now they will have to answer for
6:34 am
releasing five taliban terrorists in exchange for one american decertainer. this always backfired on them and if he is classified by the pentagon formally as a deserter then we'll have additional questions. these kinds of tortured semantics would be laughable if they weren't so destructive and dangerous. frankley i wouldn't care if this white house used this kind of word play and danced around it if they were actually fighting this war in a way that needs to be fought in order to defeat this enemy whether it's isis, al qaeda the muslim brotherhood. if threat were fight this war in ways to defeat the enemy and win it, then i wouldn't care what language they were using. but the fact they are doing neither, rear toically fighting the -- rearar -- rhetoricallyfighting
6:35 am
the war ... martha: often it's the state department saying we have something we are work on here. you need to talk carefully about this group please don't mess us up in our behind the scenes negotiations. we don't want to tick them off in the case of this or that. in the case of the taliban what are we possibly getting in return for being careful about how we refer to them? >> we are not only getting nothing, we are getting fast you quite accurately reported, acts of terror whether they be in afghanistan or pakistan. the strategy of the afghanistan taliban is clear. to undermine the legitimate democratic government. candidly i don't see what we are talking to the taliban about at all because 10 or 11 years of negotiation has produced nothing but more terrorist acts.
6:36 am
martha: it strikes me that the administration likes divide all these groups. we know it's not one big group. you have got boko haram, you have got acap, but they are very -- they don't want to group them. in this instance he's carefully dividing them and that's not who are we are talking about. >> i wrote about this in my book on talking about this endlessly. from the beginning this administration has limited the classify casings our enemy to al qaeda. now they dropped al qaeda and it's isis. when they have done that. limited the enemy to a specific group rather than talk about the global islamic threat, that's because they feel that they can manage it better. this is an administration that came in wanting to be the anti-burke, no american intervention anywhere. you have a commander-in-chief highs committed the leftist who
6:37 am
believes american military power shouldn't be projected anywhere in the world because we are not worthy of it. wee have all of these things coming into play, limiting the enemy to one or two groups when they are not effectively managing those groups. martha: there has to be some one in the white house who goes what happens if we get hit here? what are we going to say when one of these groups we have been careful talking about does something like what happened in paris in one of our cities? >> i think that is the grave risk. candidly i don't think we are ready for it. i worry about that. i also worry that the sort of divide and conquer -- isis and al qaeda are fighting and they are not together and we can align ourselves with iran and if we do a nuclear deal and align themselves with iran to fight isis. this is horrible, terrible thinking that could put us in this grave risk that monica is so compellingly described.
6:38 am
martha: thank you very much, doug and monica. we'll see where this goes. good to see you both. bill: the forecast for some locations of snow this week. they weren't this far off. >> i'm not authorized to evacuate -- the temperature seems pretty high. cape creek they don't look good either. frankly, wichenburg is a total loss. bill: good advice -- temperatures like the surface of mars. they will probably fire the guy who pumped in the numbers. maybe it was he. martha: a pilot bails out and
6:39 am
uses his planes parachute over the pacific ocean. bill: we have secret audio recordings how the pentagon had little faith in secretary of state hillary clinton during a crisis in libya. >> we have no -- she doesn't want to negotiate at all. it's been very bad.
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martha: the pilot who deployed his plane's parachute when he ran out of gas over the pacific ocean. he called his dad. he says he watched the plane sink as he waited for help.
6:43 am
bill: thank goodness for the coast guard. they were trailing him. done. newly uncovered audiotapes disclosing the distrust between the pentagon and hillary clinton. military brass express doubts about about her and her staffers as libya falls into chaos. then the leader mow march qaddafi was being forced out of power. >> anything from the state department is they do not care about being a part of this. bill: they went on to say you should see these internal state
6:44 am
department reports that go out to congress. they are full of stupid facts end quote. let's set the table. this is 2011. 3, 4 years ago. qaddafi's on is trying prevent the united states from joining this european coalition to bomb libya and throw out qaddafi from power. what was the pentagon doing at the same time and why? >> what happened here with the release of these tapes is the american people are getting a glimpse into just how fractured the american foreign policy-making process has become, especially when politics are involved and in a year leading in the up to a presidential election. we are seeing evidence
6:45 am
congressional and military leadership went around the administration to try to institute their own foreign policy vis-a-vis libya. this implicates them more than it does hillary clinton. bill: why would that be then? >> in an ideal world the united states government will speak to foreign governments with a streamlined unified voice. this is usually managed and coordinated through the national security council. but the reality is that oftentimes, especially today with the heated political climate there is a lot of differing opinions between the white house and the hilt and the various departments and agencies and people have taken upon themselves to subvert the administration's priorities. bill: depending on your political persuasion and how you want u.s. policy to be carried out. i manage a lot of people think
6:46 am
this goes on more often than not. does it or not? >> from my perspective the reality is this does go upon quite often and it's become something of a norm. in the last year alone we have seen former secretary gates and panetta speak out publicly against certain policies that the president under took while they were in office and we have seen congressional leaders from within the president's own party speak out against him. i argue this is becoming somewhat of a common practice. bill: you want to speak with one voice. that's the point purchase making here. on the way home this was secretary kerry's plane. what do you see in this image that you think is the reason how foreign policy should be conducted. >> i like this picture because it highlights a great sort of tradition in the upper echelons of the american government's
6:47 am
foreign policy making community which is that either in times of crisis or when we are dealing with an important bilateral issue, senior officials will bring on board and have meetings with their predecessors to discuss what the best way forward is in terms of u.s. national security interests. this is the kind of bipartisan effort that's good for the united states and for the american people. when i was at the white house i saw it happen time and time again at the national security council, both steve hadley and general jones did this while they were national security advisors and i think it's great secretary kerry is doing it again. bill: hillary clinton said she'll testify before the house committee again when it comes to benghazi. you are putting 2 and 2 together, is what we are seeing potentially the reason why thee wants to come back to defend herself publicly?
6:48 am
>> benghazi has become a up stone for both sides republicans and democrats. ever since what happened in benghazi in 2012 when we lost an ambassador, chris stevens. people on both sides of the aisle have been heated up with this issue. it's personal for hillary clinton and also personal in some respects. for her part of paving the way forward if she is going to run is going to be trying to clear -- sort of clear the past and clear her name and try and create her own story line what happened. bill: that's not an easy thing to do. a couple more thing now. today gaffey'sqaddafi's son was argue the other side was gangsters and and terrorists. you know what's happening in
6:49 am
libya. al qaeda is starting to spread. dennis kucinich said the state department opened up a pandora's box in libya by ignoring the best advice of the pentagon and the intelligence community. he said the region is infinitely more dangerous now. he's kind of right on that, isn't he? >> definitely isis he merkd out of this perceived vacuum of leadership. but i tend to hedge against an area that really made the united states responsible for the rise of terrorism in the middle east. i think too off be that's a fallback position. it implicates us when the reality is we have done more than any other country across the globe to help bring stability to the middle east, allies and adversaries.
6:50 am
so there is some truth to it. >> bill: gillian turner, thank you for your time today. martha: he found the golden treasures buried in the sea. now nabbed after years on the run. why it may land him in the slammer and not drinking rum on an island. bill: tesla's new feature giving riders a wild ride. [bleep] >> you got to give people fair warning.
6:51 am
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bill: we are getting this from mexico. a gas explosion at a children's hospital. the explosion collapsed the building. you can see them digging ferociously trying to find anyone who is alive. no reports of deaths. you will see the amount of destruction on this building. you see the fire on the ground there as well. we'll try and figure out what happened there. western mexico is what we are told. martha: a fiewng tough treasure hunter who -- a tuning -- a fugitive treasure hunter who could have been set for life was arrested in florida. he found a shipwreck with 10 tons of gold.
6:55 am
he allegedly cheat his invettors out of their cut and went on the run. what happened? reporter: u.s. marshals describe him as one the smartest fugitives they ever saw. in 1988 they pulled up $50 million in gold, bars and coins. perhaps up to $400 million. he unless custody in palm beach today. his long-time companion also in custody. numerous investorsed in the late 80s -- numerous investors gave millions. once it was found the investors say thompson never gave them their cut of the bootie and went into hiding along florida's
6:56 am
coast. they rented a mansion on the coast in vero beach. >> appeared they had known they were want and they were doing anything they could do to cover their tracks. >> reporter: the vero beach landlord said they always paid their rent in cash, cash that smelled moldy and they left behind a book, "how to live your life invisibly." bill: a huge explosion at a hospital out of mexico city. we are also waiting word on the fate of a jordanian pilot held hostage by isis. isis gave them until sundown.
6:57 am
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martha: fox news alert. breaking news at this hour. a gas explosion in western mexico at a children's hospital. look at the scene of destruction that we are just getting a sense of here. officials say a gas truck exploded outside of a ma ternty ward collapsing the bidding. we're hearing two dead. obviously these numbers are likely to go higher given the scope. 54 injured, 22 of them are children. this is the initial numbers on this story. obviously much more to come, breaking news situation out of mexico city. also breaking news situation we're watching as we await word of the fate of the jordanian pilot you see on the left-hand side of your screen who is said to be held hostage by isis. this terrorist groups wants release of the woman on the right. she is a convicted terrorist who is on death row for trying to blow up hotels in amman jordan. if they don't get her they say
7:01 am
they will kill the pilot. they need proof he is alive. that is the delay in that situation. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. isis releasing a new audio message giving jordan until sundown. the voice in the audio appears to be kenji goto with a full beard. leland vittert is at the white house to bring us up-to-date where everything stand. leland, good morning there. >> reporter: good morning, bill. the best anyone knows that the woman who would be involved in this trade is still in jordan. the jordanians are willing to dot deal but calling isis's hand as we speak. they want proof of life, that their pilot is indeed alive. they had said, isis had said that they would kill the pilot if this woman, who was involved in a 2005 hotel bombing plot there in amman jordan, was not
7:02 am
at the turkish border by sundown or the jordanian pilot isis captured in a mission against isis would die. the man delivering the message was japanese journalist, kenji goto. he said that by audiotape. there were questions via auto tape when so often isis delivered messages by videotape. what is exactly the tape of this pilot? he has not been seen on video in a while. the larger question being asked, bill, the issue what does negotiating with isis mean if this deal actually does go through. does it open up a much larger pandora's box in terms of negotiating with this group. bill: there is a long-standing u.s. policy not negotiating with terrorists. so what us did the white house say about what the jordanians are doing in this deal? >> reporter: that has been a tough question here for the white house. many are accusing them of the old adage do as i say not as i do. yesterday spokesman had very difficult time trying to explain the difference between jordan
7:03 am
negotiating with isis and united states trading those five gitmo detainees with the taliban for sergeant bo bergdahl? >> the taliban is an armed insurgency. isil is a terrorist group. we don't make concessions to terrorist groups. >> don't call the taliban terrorist group? >> i don't think that the taliban is, the taliban is an armed insurgency. >> reporter: is at least one american who is held by isis right now and what is being done behind the scenes to secure her release is still up in the air and very big question, bill. over the past 24 hours there are a lot of more questions what if any exceptions might be to the u.s. policy of not negotiating with terrorists. bill: leland, thank you from the north lawn there at the white house, leland vittert on that. three minutes past. martha: there is growing anger in the white house over house speaker john boehner inviting
7:04 am
israel's prime minister to address the congress. "the new york times" reporting that the president's inner circle is outraged that he accepted that invitation without consulting the white house. one senior official even slamming israel's ambassador about this whole situation. speaker boehner sat down with bret baier and say, he was not surprised. >> do you think there is some kind of antipathy in this administration towards netanyahu? >> of course there is. they don't even try to hide it. israel has been our strongest ally in the region for decade. we have, we have a great relationship with them and we ought to look for ways to work together on behalf of our shared interests, not have the kind of antipathy well, that we've seen over the last several years. martha: that was just one of many straightforward answers that bret baier got from john boehner, the speaker yesterday. he joins us now. he anchors "special report." bret, good morning. good to have you with us.
7:05 am
>> good morning martha. martha: its was an interesting response and it is clear there is lot going behind the scenes on this visit but john boehner not backing down on his invitation. >> no. not surprised by the pushback but separate but equal branch government. he has every authority to invite who he wants to speak to a joint session of congress and says it is important in his words at this time to hear from the israeli prime minister who best can articulate the existential threat from iran that he doesn't feel the administration fully appreciates. that said whether this is all going to pan out in the political fallout of this speech tore both the people who are fighting for sanctions now and even for prime minister netanyahu who is up for re-election in israel i think is yet to be scene. martha: nancy pelosi came out and said she thought this would be detrimental to the efforts they're making with iran. is there any sign there will be any change in this schedule or this plan? >> listen, republicans are talking about stiffening the
7:06 am
sanctions that are on the table and then bringing it up to a vote. you have bob menendez, democrat from new jersey, saying that they are going to delay give them some time until the end of march but i think there is really some angst on capitol hill making sure there is some backup some backbone to negotiations that a lot of people think are not going to get to the finish line. martha: now on to the other business that is being handled by this newly, all-republican house and senate now as well. you pressed him on the fact there hasn't been that much action. i think a lot of people expected a lot of things would be more easily forthcoming given the situation. wees was a bit defensive about that bret. >> he was. he said basically, in so the so many words they screwed up. they tried to roll out too much, too fast. they weren't ready and they are now getting to the point where they are ready. the biggest thing that thought came out of the interview was
7:07 am
his statement that there will be one alternative for obamacare out of this congress. martha: let's play that for everybody at home, bret. we'll come right back to you. let's play that. >> there are three committee chairman that have the jurisdiction over the health care policy in our country and those three chairman are working together to craft what we believe would be a better approach with regard to health care for the american people than obamacare. >> so there will be one alternative? >> there will be an alternative and you will get to see it. martha: hmmm. no idea when? >> that is first time he said that. that is the first time anybody any republican gone out that far to say there will be one alternative. realize, when you have one alternative to obamacare, that comes under a lot of scrutiny, not only from your own party but from democrats preparing for 2016. and it is a target on the wall. the fact that they are pledging to do that is significant. he also said paul ryan's coming
7:08 am
out with a number of tax plans that will be rolling out of the house ways and means committee. that's a big deal. so while he said they screwed up and stumbled going out the door on the 20-week abortion bill and so far the border security only bills he says that is going to pass he claims that he is going to get his ducks in a row here soon. martha: it will be very interesting to watch. great interview. so we'll see what rolls out. the president always said show me your better idea on health care and show me your better idea on tax reform. and it looks like he will at least get something to look at in the fearnear future. see you tonight. >> thank you martha. bill: mitt romney slamming hillary clinton in what could be a preview of the race for 2016. he was speaking at mississippi state university. romney saying that the former secretary of state is clueless on job creation and foreign policy john roberts picked things up from there, live from atlanta. good morning. a stronger indication perhaps
7:09 am
that romney is getting ready to run for the white house again. what do you think? >> reporter: good morning to you, bill let's put it this play romney is not a declared candidate yet but certainly talking like one. spending the day at mississippi state university yesterday talking to students. he was given a speech the cameras were not allowed into because of prior agreement. took shots at president obama saying the president's dismissal of real global threats in state of the union address and naive at best and deceptive at worst. i don't know how the president expects to defeat jihadists if he won't call them what they are. he took aim at hillary clinton his potential opponent on foreign policy saying secretary of state hillary clinton cluelessly set a reset button for russia and which smiled and invaded rue crain a sovereign nation. -- ukraine. stronger foreign policy, stronger military effort to lift people out of the middle
7:10 am
class and create a environment where businesses will thrive a add, romney hopes hundreds of thousands of jobs, bill. bill: students, how did they react, john? >> reporter: we asked them not only students but faculty members and other folk who were there if they would like to see romney run for a third time. to a person they thought he would be a good candidate. they would like to see him run again but they also ad some suggestions for him if he does decide to pull the trigger. >> i think he was passionate but i think he was passionate in a gentlemanly way. so, i think he has to kind of slug it out in a national level. i don't want him to turn dirty but you have to fight hard enough to win. if he could make himself clear in some issues that are very controversial, i think he definitely would get a lot more supporters. >> reporter: asked what he would do differently if he ran for third time, romney told people there he would try to establish better communications with immigrant and minority populations, bill. bill: shrug it out like a
7:11 am
gentleman. love that. john roberts in atlanta. martha. >> disturbing allegations about a cover-up by the department of justice. >> for something like this to be alleged against government lawyers i know something that will be taken very 6 very seriously throughout the department and should be taken very seriously by everyone up to the attorney general. martha: why a federal judge is accusing government lawyers hiding evidence and witness intimidation as a former atf agent sues the government. bill: question. why would the television network ban a word like terrorist. stunning emails discovered from al-jazeera. we'll tell you about that. martha: will jordan swap prisoners with isis? why one lawmaker says white house already put them in a bad spot. >> you have to have sympathy for jordanian people. watch for a month their pilot on television paraded around this hero. you understand that. this set as very bad precedent.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
martha: the dead lien to save a jordanian pilot's life is looming right now after isis terrorists issue a last minute ultimatum to jordan demanding they release a convicted would-be suicide bomber by sun set. you see her al-rishawi. in exchange for the pilot in the other picture. these are pictures on the left, or they were, of his abduction after his plane went down. what you're looking at right now
7:16 am
is live shot from amman jordan. this is 5:15 at night. we know the exchange was supposed to be taking place around sunset. the pilot's family will make a statement. we'll bring that to you if that gets going over the last couple minutes. it puts entire western world really some would say when they look at all the dynamics here, in danger. >> sets a really bad precedent the problem is, it was a precedent we set also with the bergdahl swap. that we were willing to negotiate with terror. so it puts -- >> the thing isis is seeking a major moral victory. a moral victory to them will help them recruit. martha: thomas joscelyn, senior fellow at the foundation for defense of democracies and senior editor of the long war journal. he has covered these groups for years and is one of the top voices in look at these groups. so open question for you, tom what do you make of this situation right now? >> i think isis played us very
7:17 am
skillfully. if you think about it, embroiled two hostage nations both japan and jordan. that is major coup. no matter how it place out they have the whole world watch this hostage crisis involving two powerful nations. martha: was it a mistake to open the question for trading al-rishawi for this pilot? >> problem in these situations almost impossible not to fall into this trap. jihadis get better of these deals from africa pakistan, afghanistan, hostage swaps benefit jihadis. they are setting trap beforehand. it is i'm impossible for a nation-state not to walk into it. martha: is this a pandora's box we can't close? we talk about the bergdahl swap and over swaps halfp over time with nations paying off and ton of money as a result of these deals they made is it too late to ever turn back? >> i don't know if it is too
7:18 am
late, but it will be difficult. the problem they're already negotiating with a number of nations around the globe. in mosul when isis took over mosul, they took over 49 hostages at turkish consulate in mosul that included women and children. they negotiated their freedom. we don't know what they gave up for the hostages. from africa, throughout the world, nations negotiated with jihadis and house stage swaps. we negotiated to free bo bergdahl with five taliban commanders. i don't know how you get the tide to sweep back the other way that we'll do these deals. martha: what do you i give of the fact what we're seeing is different than what we've seen in the past? in the past we see orange jumpsuit hostages. most of those stories ended in complete tragedy. kenji goto japanese journalist is part of this. he is holding a picture of this pilot. that has led jordan to raise the
7:19 am
legitimate question, is he alive, and why are you not showing him to us? they just released a audio recording by kenji goto saying you better come do this swap because he only has couple more hours. what do you read into all that? >> tough to say the hostage could be dead already unfortunately or he could be alive. it is not unusual for isis to negotiate for high-profile jihadi in jail. two americans killed guys in orange jumpsuits, they wanted to trade for lady al qaeda here in in u.s. reason they wanted that huge propaganda coup look how we freed lady jihadist from jails and americans are weak and succumbed to us. that wouldn't surprise me either way. the hostage could be killed or may be alive for potential high-profile swap. martha: zarqawi worked for al qaeda. >> zarqawi's mother organization for isis and mother frontal died
7:20 am
in syria. martha: thanks for coming in tom. bill: new claims president obama ignoring islamic terror refusing to use that term. senator lindsey graham explains why he says the u.s. will never peacefully coexist when it comes to radical islam. martha: and some say it is like a scene out of pet cemetery. a four-legged friend back from the dead known as the zombie cat. >> i had never seen this before. >> it was unbelievable. the cat was smelly. the cat was dirty. the cat had a big hole on side of his head. he was not moving no sign of life.
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bill: so now california taking a stand against e-cigarettes. supposedly safer than a regular cigarette but some say they're
7:24 am
still a health threat and should be regulated like all tobacco products. is that the case? dr. marc siegel is professor of medicine nyu langone medical center. member fox news medical a-team. how are you doing mark. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: e-cigs more popular? >> they're mushrooming, own 10% of high schools using it. some states over 20% of high schools. bill: what is it exactly? >> it is exactly not smoking. it is vaping. you inhale a vapor with nicotine in it. makes it highly a ad checking. it has polypropylene glycol. if you use it at high-intensity it lets out formaldehyde. it scares everyone. you will not let out formaldehyde the way most people use these. what are we using instead of cigarettes which are extremely toxic. bill: there is nicotine but no tobacco.
7:25 am
>> and no tar. bill: when somebody exhales what do they exhale the puff of smoke. >> it is a vapor. not smoke. it's a vapor with chemicals in it. a suspension that goes into the air but not smoke. it is not smoke. bill: do you agree with what california is doing yes or no. >> no. bill: why not? >> because i think we're swinging too far in a cerp direction. i think we have to target the problem which is that teens are overusing these things. you know in 40 states it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to get them but people are getting them anyway. so teens are getting them. 0% of teens using them with cigarettes. they're a gateway drug for the youth. that is the problem of the problem isn't they're a public health hazard the we know that cigarette smoke secondary smoke, causes lung cancer. i do not believe that secondary vape causes lung cancer. certainly not proven. bill: you disagree with how far california is going. >> as usual, way too far. the issue is get it out of hands of our youth, get it out of the
7:26 am
hands for teens but keep it for people that need it. i have many many cigarette smokers swear by it only way bill, they have been able to quit smoking. bill: really? >> yeah. there was a study out of a british journal last year showed exactly that it is a tool for quitting smoking in recalcitrant smokers. bill: states like oklahoma, tennessee, arkansas, they're issuing advisories. is that wise? >> no. i think the fda has to step up to the plate here. as you said in the outset, do some kind of regulation of these but public health advisories for something that isn't vapor? there are some carcinogens in that vapor. bill: but cigarette smoke there is 40 known carcinogens including tar which is the number one cause of lung cancer. have to distinguish between the bad guys, but not a good guy but not as bad a guy. bill: we'll put you in as overblown for category from california. >> right. let's take a look at it but no-go crazy. bill: dr. marc siegel.
7:27 am
good to see you. >> you too. martha: there is controversy over already controversial news network, al jazeera, banning militant terrorist. saying one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. we'll talk about that coming up. plus this. >> you will bo insane. >> press insane button. >> i will not throw up? >> i hope not. okay that's enough. okay i got it. holy [bleep]. bill: this is fun stuff. zero to 60 in three seconds. all you have to do is hit insane button the guy behind that wheel will join us live in a moment. ♪
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martha: senators now weighing president obama's pick for attorney general. loretta lynch is not attending
7:31 am
the second confirmation hearing but previously spoke about her stance on immigration and appeared to be distancing herself a bit from current ag eric holder. we'll continue to follow the confirmation hearings in washington. we'll bring you latest as news comes out of this. a gas explosion in western mexico city at a children's hospital today. officials say that gas trucks exploded outside of that maternity hospital. look at the smoke rising from the situation. it collapsed part of that build. the latest report we have two people dead, 54 injured. many of them children. casey stiegel is gathering the latest information from call last -- dallas. he joins us now. >> reporter: martha, just terrible. we're continuing to monitor ever flowing situation all the time. the maternity hospital is what you're looking at. it is in mexico city. let's run down what we know at this hour because as i mentioned information is fluid. local officials on the ground
7:32 am
telling us that one of the hoses supplying gas to the hospital burst and then exploded. you mentioned that tanker truck. we've seen that in a number of reports. it is entirely possible that truck was making a fuel delivery to the hospital and one of the hoses burst and exploded. at least 54 people have been injured here. 22 children and 32 adults. we know that two people reportedly have died. there are also reports coming into us that some children may be possibly trapped in all of the debris that you see there from those aerial pictures because this was such a large explosion. you can make out from these images that 30 to 40% of the total hospital structure local officials on the ground estimate was damaged and much of it has collapsed. there is very much a search-and-rescue mission underway right now. folks on the ground say there is concern remaining portion of that hospital, makes it very
7:33 am
dangerous for the first-responders going through all the debris there. it is currently 9:30 in the morning in mexico city central time. such a tragic story, martha, one we're following at this hour. we'll let you know as soon as we have new numbers and updates. martha: unfolding tragedy. we'll keep an eye on it. those numbers are sure to go higher. terrible situation casey. thank you for the update. bill: there is new controversy surrounding al jazeera's american branch. emails leaked to "the national review" shows the news network is an bag use of certain terms like militant, islamist and terrorist. the memo says quote, one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. we will not use the terms unless attributed to a personor source, end quote. that is not all. we'll bring in david webb, host of david webb show, sip russ xm radio. fox news contributor. jessica ehrlich, attorney former democratic congressional
7:34 am
can kate. good morning to both of you. where is this coming from. >> this is coming from controlled speech bill and have a journalism truth moment here and you can use on fox. this bought out al gore's leftist current tv for $200 million and created al-jazzera america same arm of al jazeera middle east and where a lot of commentators promoted truther idea that jews were not told not to go to the world trade center towers. but it is is state-run and state controlled. the house of thani, known for having funding ties to isis to hamas, to other terror organizations in qatar they own al-jazzera. we have to stop playing this. i've been tracking them better part of over a decade in the middle east and they are a silent form kind of moderating radical behavior radical
7:35 am
messaging. that is what they are now in america. bill: let me try to squeeze in jessica. do you disagree with this, jessica? or what do you call people who murder innocent women and children? >> yeah. i mean i think david is actually on good point here in that we are very lucky in this country to have the freedom of speech, to have journalistic ethics that we do and we expect other, whether it is nations or news outlets to have those same ethics and apply them. that just simply is the not case. and i think we have to be aware of that, in the same way we use the internet. anything we're ingesting we have to know, word are very powerful. unfortunately they can be used to describe situations objectively and they can be used to describe situations subjectively. i think certainly what we're seeing here with the al jazeera situation we have to look where the news is coming from and what the source is.
7:36 am
there is fine line being objective and having journalistic integrity and supporting the facts. bill: we were getting ready for the story. this colored wires out of kabul. a suicide bomber struck funeral for victims of a earlier taliban attack killing 16, wounding 30 nine. these are innocent people. back to al-jazeera. do not use according to email. we will continue to describe groups an individuals talking about their previous actions and current aims to give viewers the context they require rather than use a simplistic label. is it that simplistic, david. >> no, it is not bill. look at the example you just gave of them attacking islamists, attacking funeral of victims of islamists. group we unfortunately don't talk too much about in american media and world media, boko haram. they killed over 10,000. they are radical islamist group
7:37 am
that kill girls. they against education. they kill child soldiers. that broke a couple days ago. these are not freedom fighters we're dealing with. whether dealing with taliban or isis or islamic state, al qaeda in the maghreb or al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we're dealing with a radical militant form of islam has to be named and go to the former dia chief, lt. general flynn how can you fight an enemy if you can't name it? al-jazeera does not want americans to name the enemy of muslims and everyone around the world. bill: we'll run out of time. quickly, jihad do not use arabic term. jihad is inner spiritual struggle. not holy war. not a negative term. a s islam and things challenging it. that is a term we do not use. what do you call someone firing off a gun yelling "allahu akbar!"? jessica, where is this coming
7:38 am
from? >> well i think we see it not only unfortunately with al-jazeera, we've seen it in some russian television as well where they use the state-run, you know news outlet becomes more sort of this propaganda outlet and there is, always the hope that we have, there is objectivity but it's a good question because i think what is interesting in the memo is they say the fine line between a terrorist and freedom fighter and, it is interesting. we don't watch al-jazeera in arabic in this country because we don't speak arabic. so you know it is interesting to see sort of how i think that infiltrating what they're doing here and you know, they're trying to be a true news outlet here and -- >> no, they're not. no they're not, jessica. bill: thanks to both of you. fighters is preferred terms rather than militants, insurgents and radicals. you be the judge at home when you hear this.
7:39 am
david webb jessica ehrlich, thank you for your time. here's martha. martha: speaking of all that isis marching across iraq and syria, beheading hostages taking over major cities, while new al qaeda offshoots keep appearing. has the president dropped the ball on the war on terror? senate armed services committee chairman lindsey graham joins us live to discuss that and possible breaking news he wants to announce as well. plus this. [shouting] bill: that's a scuffle at city hall at a meeting that was supposed to ease tensions. we'll tell you where this happened and why it is in the news.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
bill: tempers flare, bringing a st. louis townhall meeting to an abrupt end here. watch. [shouting]
7:43 am
apparently a scuffle broke out when business manager of st. louis police officers association push ad woman. that is what eyewitnesses say. he says that is simply not true. >> two or three other anti-police radicals rushed over and things de-escalated or escalated from there. >> you didn't push a woman though? >> no. bill: the meeting was held to talk about possibility of a creating a civilian review board so citizens could have a more direct line to police. racial tensions have been high in that state after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed teen in ferguson missouri last summer. martha: we have brand new fox polls today. they show americans believe president obama is downplaying the threats to our nation from terrorism. take a look at that number. the question was is the u.s. at war with radical islam? 56% say yes it is. we know the white house has not used that term. 37% say no, it is not.
7:44 am
the white house as i said does not characterize recent terror attacks as quote islamic extremism. some say there is too much after fuss about that. some say there is not. i'm joined by south carolina republican lindsey graham. not the chairman. that would be his booed friend john mccain. >> but i should be, martha, i should be is. martha: we'll see what comes of that of. anyway that poll is pretty stunning. seems 56% of the americans have no problem using the term islamic radical islam because they believe that is exactly what we're up against. >> as to the 37% you're probably worried about the religion don't be. biggest victims are innocent muslims. it noise about the faith. it is about radical ideology embracing a religious doctrine that requires radical islamists to kill fellow muslims, christians jews,ing a nothing ticks, atheists anybody that
7:45 am
disagrees with them. call it what it is, radical islam on the march. martha: take a look at couple more polls senator, that shed light where people are in their thinking about this right now. the best way for the u.s. to handle terrorists, capture, interrogate, trial. only 24% want to see them killed with drones. and that, you know, has basically been the strategy of this white house to kill these terrorists when they find them, with drones, not to have boots on the ground and not to take them into custody and question them in many cases. what do you think about that? >> more of the preferred option is always to capture the enemy to gather intelligence but we dope have a war-time strategy. this president and eric holder have criminalized the war. we have captured in the last two years four very high-value targets associated with bin laden and within hours or days, they were read their miranda rights. they should be held as enemy combatants, sent to
7:46 am
guantanamo bay for intelligence-gathering purposes, not treated as common criminals. it is hard to interrogate a dead man. i do find myself in the camp wanting to capture as many as possible so we can avoid the next attack. martha: let's look at more of these. this one is the greatest threat to future generations. 52% say global terrorism. 23% say climate change. 16% say nukes in iran. i think some people would see some connection between number one and number three in the big picture. >> right. martha: as we go forward but you know interesting to me the president spend such a small amount of time in his state of the union address addressing issue apparently most people think presents the most danger to us at the moment? >> i think we've lost confidence in our president to be honest with us about the threats we face. when he called isil the jv team, that blew up in his face. when he said somalia and yemen were great examples of his counterinsurgency strategy. now yemen has been toppled.
7:47 am
at the end of the day putin is on the march, not being contained. i think people lost confidence in the president to communicate with us honestly about the threats. he oversells his successes. bin laden may be dead but al qaeda is certainly not decimated. finally i have never seen more organizations with the capability to strike the homeland and the desire to strike the homeland than exist now than anytime before 9/11. isil in syria, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula in the yemen. al nusra in libya and syria all have greater capacity to strike the homeland today than they did when president obama took office. and his strategy to degrade and destroy isil is failing. >> obviously this is something that you feel very strongly about. you have put a lot of your time and effort and travel into this and my suspicion is that it is what leads to the announcement that he want to make in terms of your own ambitions for 2016.
7:48 am
tell us what you are planning. >> well, i'm going to take a look at the presidential primary on the republican side. we'll have an organization up and running today called security through strength. and this organization will allow people to donate money and their time and resources to see if there is a pathway forward for me. you know ronald reagan famously said his goal was to have peace through strength. in my view you could merv have peace with radical islam. they want to destroy us and our way of life. so peaceful coexistence is a nonstarter from their point of view, and quite frankly from my point of view but you can have security. you can have a strong military, keeping the fight over there so it couldn't come here. an economy that grows and affects everybody and energy independent america gives us security through strength. so i'm looking for security, not peace with radical is lawn. that means we need partners. some will look at it, martha so we'll see if there's a pathway forward for a guy like me. time will tell. martha: there is a lot of names in the mix.
7:49 am
>> yeah, good names. martha: looks like you're ready to add yours and your own perspective what is the most pressing issue that faces us right now. senator lindsey graham, always pleasure to have you with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. bill: 11 minutes before the hour. jon scott coming up next on "happening now." how is your day going. >> going well so far bill hope yours is as well. there is a slew of new fox news polls out today showing a country that does not believe america is very united right now and is worried about terrorism and the economy. what senator graham just touched on. the new polls come as income inequality continues to emerge as a major theme of the 2016 presidential race. karl rove and joe trippi join us to weigh in. we're also covering the growing controversy over a speech to congress by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. why is the white house so upset? that is coming up, "happening now." bill: good deal. packed show. see you at the top of the hour. >> thanks, bill. bill: have you seen the insane
7:50 am
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for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free and get a document shredder free. use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. bill: if you have a need for speed you have a to do is push the insane button. watch here in this car. >> come to like a complete stop. >> all right. >> and then before you know it. >> oh [bleep] what the [bleep]
7:54 am
>> 70 miles an hour. >> brook, holy [bleep]. bill: i love watching that. this is a new tesla. the video has gone viral and driver screen right is with me now. he is from drag how are you brooks, live in fort lauderdale. >> good morning, how are you? bill: i watched video yesterday. i'm fine. who were the victims in that tesla? >> i have a mix of family and friends and coworkers who i subjected to my testing. bill: now tesla this is battery operated car. >> right. bill: what enables this new model to go this fast? >> well the new model came out with two motors and all-wheel drive. it has 691-horsepower. and a lost torque. so off the line from zero, the just rockets forward with all of its power. there is no revving up of the motor. no notice for anyone to know it will happen. it is an electric car and completely silent. bill: so you got everybody, didn't you? >> oh, yeah. bill: the video goes on. who came up with the idea for an
7:55 am
insane button? >> well, it was, when they announced the car back in october, elon said there would be insane button in the car. i watched the video of it happening. i was waiting up all night. next morning ordered car. had to have it. bill: elon is elon musk founder? >> correct. bill: there is engine in the front and engine in the back. it is battery operated of the. >> correct. bill: is there another car that is operated by gasoline or fuel that can go this fast and have this kind of performance? >> yeah. there is a you will could of sportscaster but nothing in the sedan area. this is definitely quickest sedan in the world. rumors they will make it even quicker with a software update. it takes everybody by surprise. bill: yeah. did it take you by surprise. >> it did. bill: i think you kind of enjoyed this, am i right? >> oh yeah. i have driven a lot of fast cars. the way the electric cars deliver all the toshing from a standstill with, no notice because the ca
7:56 am
know the car is on it just these people have no idea what it about to happen. you jam on gas and insane button and they're really surprised. bill: you can really feel it, right? >> oh, a lot of g-forces. i measured almost 1. 3gs on performance device. bill: sticker bryce on new tesla is what? what will you pay? >> the one i bought was about 130,000. bill: so not cheap. >> no. you have to pay to go fast. bill: thank thank you brooks. from appreciate the fun. here's martha. martha: to our top story of the day, deadline for proposed prisoner swap has now come and gone. isis demanding release of a female terrorist in exchange for jordanian pilot held hostage in syria. can he be saved, next? know that proper allocation could help increase returns
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martha: busy morning. bill: yep.
8:00 am
i don't have anything left, do you? i would love to drive that car. martha: i know. 0-60. and some interesting phraseology coming out of people's mouths as that car accelerated but we had to beep it out. see you back here tomorrow everybody. thanks for being here. ♪ ♪ jon: americans are as divided as ever about their chances for prosperity here at home, and our leaders' handling of crises overseas according to some brand new fox polls. welcome to "happening now," i'm jon scott. patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown in for jenna lee. the improving economy is helping the mood, but many voters simply don't agree with the vision that president obama laid out in his state of the union speech, the idea that america is a tight-knit family. jon: in fact 73% call america a dysfunctional family. according to our poll conducted this week. president obama's job approval rating ticking up slightly from last month to


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