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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 30, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thanks, guys. one of the five gitmo prisoners traded for bowe bergdahl reaching out for terror pals. mitt romney make as his decision. and seahawks star richard sherman may not make the super bowl. the event that could take him offline. "the real story" starts right now. the fate of two isis hostages hangs in the balance as ransom and prisoner swap deadlines have come and gone. isis had promised to kill the hostages including the last of two japanese men apparently held in syria. the first was beheaded after ransom demands were unmet. there is no word on a jordanian pilot. isis demanded they release a would be suicide bomber by yesterday to spare the life of the pilot. connor powell, what are you hearing about these isis hostages? >> reporter: shannon that doed
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line is now more than 24 hours old and still we're hearing nothing from isis one way or another about the fate of these two hostages. it doesn't mean that they are dead. it doesn't mean that they are alive. we're simply hearing nothing from isis at this moment. now, of course, the families of both men are holding on to hope. the families in japan of kenji goto and the jordanian pilot continue to work with the jordanian and japanese government to get this deal done. isis has said they will release the pilot only if jordan releasesrelease releases an al qaeda-linked militant who was a would-be suicide bomber back in 2005 in part of a plot that blew up several buildings in oman, jordan, that killed 60 people. isis is demanding she be released. jordan and japan are open to doing this deal. however, jordan says they must have some type of proof that their pilot is in fact still
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alive. his plane crashed over syria about a month ago. and isis has yet to provide this proof. until they do, jordan simply isn't going to take the risk and allow this would-be suicide bomber, al qaeda-linked militant, just to go free. they need hard proof, shannon. so far isis has failed to provide that. >> conor powell, thanks so much. isis moubting a new offensive in iraq. the terrorists attacking the northern city of kirkuk a major center of oil production. they haven't been able to take the city itself. meanwhile, kurdish forces have taken control of about 90% of kobani declaring victory in that area. mitt romney, the 2012 republican presidential nominee announcing he will not pursue another campaign for the white house. >> i believe that one of our
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next generation republican leaders, one who may not be as well known as i am today one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started may well emerge as being better able to defeat the democrat nominee. in fact i expect and hope that to be the case. >> former florida governor jeb bush reacting on twitter. he writes, mitt is a patriot and i join many in hoping his days in serving our nation and our party are not over. what does it mean for the rest of the gop field? dana perino is joining us. great to see you. we were waiting on this announcement this morning. either way it was bound to send shock watches. what does this do to the remaining field? >> because the gop has a big tent, there are two contests one more the moderates or sometimes called the establishment or one for the conservatives. this probably helps purely from a clinical standpoint those who are trying to establish a
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foothold in the moderate camp jeb bush a chris christie somebody might be able to bridge both like a scott walker or marco rubio. then you have the case for the conservatives. i think this actually helps a jeb and a christie and makes it more difficult for one of them. the reason why is that all of a sudden now there's more money and more attention on those challengers. >> we heard essentially inside the camp mitt's feelings was this wasn't about his ego, that's not why he was looking for the presidency. what does that say to you about him and how difficult this decision must have been? >> i was surprised he was thinking about getting in again because the tea leave that's i read last fall when he did so much work to elect a ton of republicans across the country, he was tireless in his efforts to campaign in those midterms for governors, for congressmen, senators, for the house and senate. when he said that he was going to run, i thought, i don't know how his reception is going to be.
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his polling was good. he's got great name i.d., people feel very affectionate and warm towards romney and think he would have been a great president and still think that he should never try to run a third time. i think when he said it's time to pass the torch and he'll be there to help, that will probably be a very good thing. one thing to watch, though. everybody talks about iowa and new hampshire, south carolina. think about nevada. nevada is a key caucus state with mitt out of the race does it become even more important and more open for somebody else to come in there? that could be somebody like a rand paul, could possibly do well in nevada. >> he's been run forge a while. maybe not formally, but he's been out there building a framework. couple of things one thing mitt said, let's leave this to the next generation. it's time for a new group to come through. that left a question to me, was that a jab at jeb? because those two are considered contemporaries, both former governor govern r
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governors, we know they had this secret meeting just a few days ago. now tonight romney is reportedly haveing dinner with new jersey governor chris christie. listen, in the political circles you and i run in i've always been under the impression that the romney/christie people weren't huge fan fz each other. what does that mean? >> i think that dinner was prearranged. the governors are in town in washington, d.c., this week for their annual meeting. and the big alfalfa club dinner is saturday night. i'm going to go so hopefully i'll see if i can see anything. it's an off-the-record one. i'll come back and be appropriately reporting on it all. i think that meeting was already set up between mitt and christie. there's no doubt there's some affection there. mitt romney did choose chris christy to give the big speech last year. that wasn't seen as good as it could have been. i think mitt's comments were probably aimed at a jeb, saying there's a new generation they're about the same age, let's move on to the next. but i think that line will
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dissipate in about 24 hours. >> now i want to ask you, as somebody who's been inside the white house where you make decisions on messaging and how you handle things going to the podium, this whole talk as the taliban not being a quote unquote terrorist organization the rest of that story is of course we're talking about this in the context of bowe bergdahl the swap with him with taliban fighters. in the briefing today josh earnest said nobody's returned to the battlefield. but for a lot of people that's semantics. if you're reaching out to replug into a terror network allegedly, maybe you don't need to physically be there standing there holding a gun, but you're coordinating this network potentially. >> here's what i would have done. sometimes when you know you're going to get a question in a briefing you go to the national security council or to the white house chief of staff and say i need some guide arns because i need to know what are the boundaries, sometimes you go to the president and say, what is it that you want me to convey? what is your decision your
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position, and you hear the tone. then you go to the podium. your job as a press secretary also is to push back sometimes and say, i'm not saying that. that puts you in a terrible position because the follow-up question is "x" or "y." or the possibility of this changing in three days when the report on bowe bergdahl does come out i don't want to be in a position looking like i lied. let's figure out how to protect ourselves and have a good message that is sustainable and reassures the american public. because they are not doing that right now. >> i think for a lot of people when you try to define the word "is," we're talking about terrorists these are people who the taliban is taking credit for killing three americans last night in an attack that allegedly including a man who had infiltrated wearing an afghan army uniform. for a group to claim they were responsibility for that -- >> your basic grammar school deductive logic class would teach you that what they are saying is actually not possible.
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that's why i wouldn't have said it. >> that's why you're the best. >> thank you. >> see you at 5:00. >> i'll be on "the five." we'll talk more about mitt romney, too. >> catch dana in a few hours. it is officially super bowl weekend. nfl commissioner roger goodell giving a news conference where he mentioned the investigation into deflategate. >> this is my job. this is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. i remember 32 teams all of us want to make sure that the rules are being followed. and if we have any information where the potential is that those rules were violated, i have to pursue that. >> meantime, the feds are taking no chances with safety in arizona, including the use of black hawk helicopters and giant x-ray machines. will carr is live in glendale arizona. will, how secure is this game site? >> reporter: hi, shannon. well authorities say security is a top concern.
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they say that the public needs to be as vigilant as possible here over the coming days. they're go there are going to be more than a million people in the phoenix area for both the super bowl and the nfl experience in downtown phoenix over the next three days. and with that in mind, federal authorities have brought in massive x-ray machines from the border. now, these are normally used to scan cars and trucks coming into the united states. this weekend, though, they'll be patrolling around the stadium. border patrol also brought in several black hawk helicopters to the phoenix area. they'll be patrolling from the air. otherwise there's a no fly zone for up to 30 miles. there's also not going to be any drones allowed to be flying throughout the area over the next three days. earlier this week, dhs secretary jay johnson said the super bowl will be safe and secure. >> we continually evaluate how to style our security around current world threats, current
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threat streams. they change from year to year, from month to month, even week to week. >> reporter: there will also be thousands of officers on the ground throughout the rest of the weekend shannon. >> will carr live at the big game. thank you so much, will. we're talking about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. a police officer pepper-sprayed a man passing by and talking to his mom on the phone. what happened before and after that heated exchange. and the white house reportedly reaching out to the rebels who have overthrown the pro-american government in yemen yemen. is it too little too late? how risky is it? we'll ask ambassador john bolden when he joins us. a commercial pilot locked out of his own cockpit. i think i'd be freaking out if he's standing there telling me that. but, hey, how it happened and how the crew wound up getting
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the plane to the ground safely.
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teachers are filing a lawsuit against the city of seattle and its police democrat for this. you see a female officer pepper-spraying him directly in the face. the high school teacher just finished speaking at a martin luther king rally and was talking on his cell phone with his mom when the officer sprayed him. the u.s. now getting more involved in the deepening crisis in yemen. thousands of anti-american demonstrators rallying in support of yemen's former leader who resigned after the iranian-backed iranian-backed group retained the capital. hoping to help join together in the fight against al qaeda. let's bring in ambassador john
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bolden. nice to see you. >> glad to be here. >> so this region of the there a lot of different factions, good guys, bad guys, sometimes very hard to tell them apart. it's very important how we decide about who we align with. >> right. this is a case where the united states has more than one enemy and if this report in the journal is true, and i think there's reason to believe it is by aiding the houthis in any possible way even to go after al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, they are effectively surrogates for iran on the back door of the peninsula right next to saudi arabia and the other oil producing monarchies. what we should be doing is supporting what's left of the government that was there. it's not like there's some huge majority for the houthis or for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it's very complex. legitimizing what the houthis have done is very perilous for the united states. >> the journal also reports that there are u.s. officials who say, what we're interested in is stability. that's why we are having communication was this group.
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we've had them in the past. we don't have any kind of formal organization with them for sharing intelligence or things that we might do in other cases. so we are communicating, but it's limited. >> look, we have no interest in stability with a terrorist group taking control of a government in a place where we need it. a direct threat to the saudis who remain critically important to the real stability of the region. i think if you're in saudi arabia today, reading those reports, you're saying the americans have completely lost their minds and it may be an indication that the obama administration is also beginning to tilt back toward the assad regime in syria, another surrogate for iran and part of the overall administration effort to make this deal with iran on its nuclear weapons program, another debacle if it happens. >> it's such a tangled web over there. >> very complex. >> unraveling it is nearly impossible. let's talk about the fact that the addministration still has the debate about the taliban, whether we call them terrorists
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or not, there were three americans killed last night, the taliban taking credit for that, essentially saying it was our plan all along, we had a plant in there in an afghan army uniform. and how much of it do you think the semantics is about having to justify the bergdahl swap? >> i think that's part tv, but i think the larger issue from the obama administration's point of view is if you call taliban simply a domestic unsur jenscy it's easier to negotiate with them. the president for all that we've still got troops in afghan stran wants to get them out, and if that happens almost certainly taliban will take back over. and al qaeda will come back. but if he can negotiate the safe exit of the americans, then he thinks that's a plus. i think this whole thing is a tragedy waiting to happen if the taliban take back over. bad news for us there, bad news in pakistan which could fall to radicals and see their entire arsenal of weapons fall into radical hands. it isn't just semantics. i think it masks the confusion
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of obama's overall afghan policy. >> we will watch and wait and hope for the best. ambassador ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. a tragic murder case in court decades after this little girl disappeared. how his trial is shaping up from missing children's investigations across the country. plus how this daredevil climbed up one of the most famous places in the world. not for the faint of heart. and the fda says nacho cheese is not a real cheese. h. that means us to our question of the day. you can weigh in on nachos, but what is your favorite super bowl snack-etizer? tweet me, we want to hear from you. this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this?
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a delta pilot forced to make an emergency landing after the other pilot was locked out of the cockpit. this happened during a bathroom break. his co-pilot landed the plane quote, without incident. delta says maintenance crews are taking a look at the door. new york city police commissioner william bratton announcing changes. the nypd will handle a new unit and will also get special training in handling protests. to pakistan where a bomb attack killed at least 56 people at a shiite mosque. a sunni group is claiming responsibility. a murder trial begins decades after this young boy vanished. the tragic case shaping the nation's approach to missing children. rick leventhal is following the trial. rick, tell us how they found
11:24 am
their suspect three decades after the crime. >> reporter: yeah, shannon. the little boy was just six of 6 1/2 in in 1979, the day he convinced his mom to let him walk to the bus stop for the very first time. it was only a couple of blocks away, but he was vanished and never seen again. opening arguments began of pedro hernandez, a teenager working very close to the bus stop. he was interviewed but was not considered a prime suspect. even though he told many people he harmed or killed a child in new york. in 2012, he gave a detailed confession to police, how he lured the boy into the bodega with the promise of a soda. took him to the basement, choked him, put his body in the trash bag and left it in the alley. prosecutors say that aton was a tiny man with a big heart and this case is about a child lost
11:25 am
to the world, shannon. >> rick, i've got to ask you. what is the defense saying after all of that that you just lined up for us? >> reporter: well, his defense attorney says pedro hernandez is not a reliable witness against himself because he has mental issues extremely low i.q. including requiring antipsychotic medications. they say his confession was a fantasy and there's no physical evidence to support his story since aton's body was never found. >> there's nothing to connect pedro hernandez except his words and these words are unreliable, inconsistent and the product of someone who suffers from a mental disorder. >> reporter: but of course police and prosecutors say hernandez is the killer and that he's been haunted by this his entire adult life. shannon? >> rick leventhal thank you. a telemarketer saving a woman's life when she calls the home and hears someone else
11:26 am
crying for help. >> she said, tina, you need to hear this. i think this is no joke. something is happening. this lady is getting hit. it was very, very frightening. >> her alleged assailant caught red-handed. what he was doing when police arrived. plus, why the white house says there is no reason for alarm after a taliban commander released from gitmo reaches out to his comrades on the battlefield. vo: introducing the starbucks flat white. crafted with two ristretto
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the white house shooting down concerns about the taliban five returning to the battlefield. kevin cork reporting live at the white house. kevin, the white house is reporting that one of the taliban fighters released in the swap may have done some return to touching on terrorism. >> reporter: it's an interesting conundrum here at the white house. we're talking about a white house that spent the last couple of days tying itself in knots trying to describe the difference between an armed insurgency and a terrorist group. as for this one member of the so-called taliban five who was released from gitmo in exchange for bowe bergdahl what we've understood in reporting at fox news is he did in fact make contact with some of his former compatriots in the taliban. as for getting out there and engaging in activities on the battlefield, well, here's what white house press secretary josh earnest said moments ago. >> none of these individuals has returned to the battlefield. none of them is allowed to travel outside of qatar.
11:31 am
and none has engaged in physical violence. i can just say as a general matter that there have been concerns that have been raised about one individual and that the monitoring and mitigation measure that's were in place have been updated to reflect those concerns. >> reporter: updated to reflect those concerns. that's code for they're doubling down, if you will, in their efforts to make sure these five individuals don't make their way out of qatar. we'll have to wait and see if that eventually will hold. we have seen previously that others have actually made their way back onto the battlefield. >> that is documented by nonpartisan sources so that's just a fact. kevin, while the white house is having to deal with all of this international trouble, essentially, the president is also out talking about his agenda a lot of it domestic. some say he's pulling even farther to the left. he doesn't have to face voters again. >> reporter: that's a great point. it's interesting when you think about it, he doesn't have to run again as you point out so he can
11:32 am
just sort of throw caution to the wind. yet i asked josh earnest about this today. i said, dow feel like he's lurching left? might that have an impact on the 2016 presidential race? that's what he said about that. >> kevin, i think what i would say is the president is driving toward the middle, not on the ideological spectrum but driving toward the middle class. i would say it's fair that he's doubling down on that effort. >> reporter: so there you have it, doubling down on that effort. we're going to unpack this a little bit more tonight, shannon, on "special report" "at 6:00 p.m. >> kevin, thank you so much. the keystone pipeline with bipartisan support including nine democrats, supporting construction of this pass line passing 62-36. still way short of the 67 votes you need to overcome a presidential veto which the president has threatened. let's talk about it with alan combs, host of the alan combs show and mike gallagher both fox news contributors.
11:33 am
alan, where do we go with this? listen, the president has been very clear multiple times, he is not going to sign the bill. >> nowhere. he won't sign it. a veed tveto won't be overwritten. >> they're not working with the president. >> but the point is, this is another example of where the republicans said they wanted to work with the president and immediately decide not to. >> wait, wait, wait. are they not working with them ch him or is he not working with them? >> i think nine democrats voting against him basically on keystone shows, as you said the bipartisan nature of this. but let's just pray that he does veto this from my side because that's electoral gold. because he may not have to run again, but a whole bunch of democrats do in 2016. and every republican will campaign against the democrats who have railed against this terrific idea of energy
11:34 am
indece more and more. >> it's not energy independence. >> jobs being created. everybody want thz. >> this is a phony argument about jobs. >> except this leftist leading president who is going to tell keystone to go away. i hope he vetoes it so every democrat has to answer it. oil drilling now we had before he was president. this idea he's somehow not for traditional energy sources, everything is about the xl pipeline. >> explain keystone. why is he opposed? >> because it's bad for the environment. >> not according to the state department's multiple studies. this is the state department. they say not a significant environmental impact. >> i think the state department is wrong. here's the other thing. >> you think the state department is wrong. tell the state department. >> i'll call them after the show. also, this is sold on the international market. it's not domestic. this is a myth that it brings more oil to the united states. >> we could debate this for a long time. i want to make sure we get to operation choke hold. this comes from the doj
11:35 am
essentially saying they have been pressured by the feds to not lend a certain organization so they can't do business. lumping in legal businesses like arms dealers, ammunition dealers with child pornographers and people like that. >> this is like the irs scandal once again. you've got an administration targeting select businesses like gun sellers to say, well, we're going to withhold your financing. this is obama administration driven. oh, we should be really shocked that he would target people that politically he doesn't agree with or businesses. by the way, talk to any business owner in america. they know this administration is not business friendly. >> this is not individually by obama. he's not personally doing it. >> it's the doj. now we have a letter from the fdic basically saying guidance to our banks you should do this on a case by days basis. we're not saying you can't lend to people who deal in guns. >> we actually agree on this. this is not being done by obama. it should be a case by case
11:36 am
basis. >> but they ought to leave them alone and shouldn't be scrutinizing them. the magnifying glass will come out. >> you're agreeing with what they're doing and you can't say they're dog the right thing. >> never in my life. >> let me ask you, do either of you truly care about the super bowl? >> no. >> if you do, i ask which team you're for the other one can automatically choose the other team. >> liberals don't -- isn't that a left/right thing. >> liberals are affrayraid of football. >> because they're called the patriots. >> seahawks or patriots? >> hiem not really big on people who cheat so i'm pulling for the seahawks. >> i'm sorpt of a new england fan. >> because you're a liberal. that's why you don't care. >> coin flipping. >> patriots heads/seahawks tails. >> didn't even know there was a game this weekend. >> good to see you both, gentlemen. have a great time at your super bowl party this weekend. speaking of the super bowl, what kind of weather can we
11:37 am
expect sunday? we are live in the extreme weather center to tell us more. >> this is why you have the super bowl in places like phoenix, because the weather is generally pretty good. remember last year we were all worried about what it would be like in new jersey? and a good thing we had last year's weather because we have a big storm moving through now, one bringing more snow and most live heaviest snows across new england. throughout your day today and overnight, winter storm warnings in effect there. but behind this one, the cold air really comes in again and tomorrow we'll be talking about temperatures that won't get out of the teens for almost everybody around the northeast. that would have been bad news for the super bowl. go to where we are talking about the super bowl in phoenix. the valley of the sun, they don't call it that for no reason at aum, we're going to look at sunny skies for sunday game time, 67 degrees, light winds, not a problem at all. right now, though, we have a storm in the area bringing quite a bit of rain across areas of the valley, towards vegas and then a little bit of snow in the higher elevations. but for the most part it's a
11:38 am
really warm storm. so that will be out of here by sunday. parties for saturday night in the phoenix area a little bit of a problem. little bit of rain. this storm, however, shannon becomes the next storm we're watching. it will affect a lot of people this weekend. we're going to be talking about pretty significant snow in the chicago area as well as indianapolis, maybe towards st. louis and much of ohio and again across parts of the northeast. wouldn't be surprised if we see some spots pushing ten inches or so all the way up towards boston new york city getting some of that on monday. but phoenix, shannon, looking good. >> you're an arizona guy, right? >> i am. >> i'm a florida girl. this time of year is hard for us in the northeast. >> you got that right. >> thanks, rick. an ice climber making it to the top of a frozen niagara falls for the first time. will gad is scaling the icy waterfall using nothing but hooks and a lot of courage, i would say. the total height is 140 feet but the climb is especially hard because of the varying thickness
11:39 am
of the ice. gad says he's always looking for challenge pg climbs. but niagara falls has been a lifelong dream. by the way, i understand there might be news on this gentleman. let's check in with shepard smith. >> will gad says he's completed dangerous climbs all over the world, and he says nothing compares to what he's just done in niagara falls. ahead, we'll speak with him live about how he prepared to scale that frozen waterfall. and what it was like to reach the top. and listen to this. he says that during his climb he could feel the rush of the water. he says it made his gut shake and felt like a train passing by. he'll be live with us here on the news deck, top of the hour. see you then shannon. >> listen, more guts than i'll ever have. >> no doubt. >> impressive. we'll see you soon. thanks. a telemarketer's call that you want. it came just in time. >> americare health and nutrition, how are you today?
11:40 am
[ screaming ] >> how an incoming call may have helped to save a woman's life from a terrible crime. and you've heard a whole lot about deflated footballs but there may be some other tricky business going on preventing the patriots from getting a good night's sleep. our super fans weigh in. plus two more reasons you can thank kenny g. as if there weren't enough already. smooth jazz even smoother drinks. why the sax man says one coffee company should thank their lucky stars for their success.
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. here's what america is clicking on today. secretary of state john kerry is
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finding trouble in his own backyard. the secretary getting a $50 ticket from the city of boston for not shoveling his sidewalks after the blizzard. two michigan state troopers being called heroes after they rushed into a burning house to save a 2-year-old boy. they performed cpr on him and he was rushed to the hospital. and you could call this tooting one's own horn. musician kenny g. says he could be partially responsible for the creation of the starbucks frappuccino, saying he passed along the idea to a early investor after seeing a similar drink elsewhere. we thank you, ken yif g. the victim of a brutal attack in oregon is saved thanks to a telemarketer's call. this man facing assault and other charges. trace gallagher is here with this amazeing story. >> you talk about crazy luck. the victim had her cell phone in her back pocket, but somehow she was able to answer the call. so listen now to the telemarketer followed by what she heard going on in the
11:45 am
background. play it. >> americare health and nutrition, how are you today? >> help me! >> i mean, that's just the part we have. it went on a lot longer. the telemarketer called over her supervisor saying she didn't think it was a joke. the supervisor knew right away a woman was getting beaten. listen to her. >> it was very very frightening. the young lady was helpless. you could actually hear the blows as if he was hitting a punching bag. she was terrified. >> but remember the call center is in las vegas the victim in oregon. so the supervisor then calls the lynn county oregon sheriff. they track the cell phone and go to check it out. when deputies arrive the suspect is standing behind the
11:46 am
victim with his hands on her neck, but he quickly let go. the victim then runs out of the house but later tells deputies that the man beat her, smothered her with blankets and pillows even pointed a shotgun barrel at her chest and told her to pull the trigger. the victim believes the man identified by walter ruck was planning to kill her and then kill herself. but for once a persistent telemarketer was a very good thing. listen. >> we were not going to hang up this phone of the young lady at all. as far as i was concerned and the people in that room, we were the only lifeline. >> it was almost like divine intervention. >> man, you talk about a big applause for that walter ruck the suspect now in jail for assault and strangulation. shannon? >> i don't believe in coincidences. glad that phone call went through. trace, thank you. folks being forced out of their homes in the dark of night. as many as 100 homes evacuated within a one-mile radius. what sparked it? plus the fandemonium about
11:47 am
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dozens of homes evacuated after a gasline break in missouri. fortunately no injuries reported. the break affected a 20-mile stretch of piping and evacuated homes were within a one-mile radius. in the pipeline carries national gas from the rockies mountains to western ohio. >> moore football fans arriving in sunny phoenix as the excitement heats up for super bowl xlix. the nfl also promising extra scrutiny of game balls this year and as comedians get in on
11:51 am
the action of the "deflategate" scandal. >> when there's a high profile crime, all of a sudden a bunch of people come forward and claim they did it. >> i am theroomñl guy. >> i am the lockerroom guy. >> who you going to believe, tom brady, the greatest man in humanity, or a bunch of [bleep] on twitter? >> let's bring in our super bowl super fan panel jeff, seattle seahawks fan, and matt, new england patriots fan. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> i suggest you had to pull off a miracle to get here. you were in new york city traffic. let me ask you and you may differ -- how do you feel about "deflategate"? overblown? do the fans care or just care about the game and. >> i don't think it's overblown. i think it's a big deal. >> or underblown, i guess. but it doesn't worry you.
11:52 am
>> doesn't concern me, no. i think at this point, i think every team that makes it this far, they have to be good there. so i'm not too worried. >> matt, are you worried that people will question the patriots getting this far with the whiff of potential scandal in the air? >> i'm absolutely not worried at all. as far as i'm seeing it, it's just a blown investigation by the nfl. no pun intended. so, what we really have to look at is that it's very unclear about the right now. the nfl has more leaks than the titanic right now -- >> on numerous subjects. >> so i'm just looking forward to the game and looking forward to tom braid and co to put a smackdown on the seahawks. >> we may not be arrested because we hear fire alarms have been pulled in the patriots hotel more than once this week. jeff anything to do withwtñ3 it? >> i like to say if a been at my shop the whole time.
11:53 am
>> do you think that kind of action is part of the experience or -- >> who is going to speak to that level? i don't sea pat fans going to the seahawks hotel blowing their firearm alarms so one side it's more worried than the other. >> all right now, let me ask you. jeff you may be worried because we hear that richard sherman in my hawse we dahl hum dickie sherm, he might miss the game because he is expecting a baby any minute. he is not giving birth but might want to be there. do you think he misses the game? how worried for the seahawks without dickie sherm. >> i'm not worried. the legion of boom is pretty well set one way or the other. obviously you never want to lose somebody like richard sherm yap but whether or not he makes the game, i don't know. it's not -- >> big life event. >> and i think the only person that can make thati8kxd decision would be -- well, probably the woman carrying the baby for the last nine months and then baby
11:54 am
richard a little bit. >> she is ready. matt? we have a special prize. jeff we tried to range this for you but we have something special for matt if you'll stand by. >> hey matt. >> it's the cheerleaders. >> anything you want to ask them? other dan a date. i don't know who is married -- >> i'm eligible ladies. >> any questions. >> have you met tom brady? is he literally the greatest person on planet earth? >> we have had promotional appearances and he is an awesomefa athlete, just like everyone says yes. >> just when he steps into the room, does he melt your hearts? >> we admire his talent. he is such an amazing football player. >> she has a career in diplomacy when she is done being a cheerleader. >> i expected a little more reaction over there. >> she is keeping it very professional, i can tell. ladies, how are you feeling about the odds?
11:55 am
it's a very -- if we're talking technicalhrxh o vegas odds, it's a close matchup. >> two great teams here but i'm confident in patriot nation. it might by close but may the best team win. >> matt, final predictions. not going to ask you who you think will win. wa >> 24-19 patriots. >> jeff, keeping it close. >> i don't think they'll let brady see the end zone. i'd say 30-134 -- 30-13 hawks. >> i love the overconfidence. >> we decided to send them on a road trip together. they're leaving for phoenix right after the show and we'll film the whole thing. just kidding. great to see you both. and cheerleaders, thank you, much. great to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> go pats. >> go hawks. >> matt is still waving to the cheerleader. >> he may be short but that's
11:56 am
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share it with our super fans. thank you so much to retired mast sergeant for his service and pizza. all right, guys, who is going first. >> i'm being polite. >> i'm going for it. >> all right. >> you're welcome, shannon, nice to see you. mitt romney is out, says he will not run for president again. we'll look at what that decision means for republicans are who still in the mix. attack in iraq, the islamic state launching a major strike in kirkuk. a senior military commander who has been fighting the terrorists now reported dead. this comes as we wait for word on the fate of the pilot held hostage. going after the islamic militants who kidnapped hundreds of girls. how the united states military plans to help in the fight against boca haram. it's a busy day. let's get to it.


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