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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 30, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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be a mooncalf when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is up next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin breaking tonight ugly new fallout in the obama administration's release of five taliban generals just 24 hours after we learned one of the men attempted to return to terror. with folks high up in this administration, tonight, sounding very much like they're looking for some cover. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. fox news confirming one of the generals atestimonied to return to terror. the obama administration last year released them from guantanamo bay and it was roundly criticized by doing that, even by top democrats the administration returned them to qatar in exchange for the release of captured soldier
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bo bergdahl, the soldier accused of deserting his squad. a top lawmaker coming forward to say not everyone in the administration signed off on this deal. the outgoing secretary of defense, chuck hagal just admitted tonight the white house wanted detainees freed from gitmo faster than he was comfortable with. >> not everyone is agreeing with me. >> what part, sir? >> pace of releases. >> have you had pressure? >> we've had a lot of conversations. in congress. and in the press. >> i don't think it was thoroughly vetted who the five guys were. i think the five guys turned out to be problematic and a key
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number of people in the administration were not consulted when this trade was made . >> i spoke with admiral john kirby about the controversy about this deal. >> great to see you, colonel. can you assure the american people these five guys don't pose a threat to the united states? >> we're working closely with the governor of qatar to mitigate any threat to the maximum degree possible. we're aware of reengagement activity. they're still in qatar. we're working with that government mitigate this threat as much as possible. the other thing i say shah we worked hard to develop security assurances and we're comfortable they're appropriate measures that we thil work. >> how did they make contact with the taliban? we're being told? if our protocols are so great how did they make contact?
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>> i'm not at liberty to engage what the activity was. >> but there was engagement, so there is a flaw in the system. >> nochlt megyn assurances put in place allowed to us discover the reengagement activity. so assurances actually are working the way they're supposed to work. >> we don't shut down the opportunity for these five guys to make contact with other terrorists we just have a system in place to know about it. but that -- that is a little disconcerting. should they be allowed to have the communication in the first place? >> we don't want them to have communication with former taliban. we don't want that, of course the system worked we're allowed to discover the reengagement activity and working with qatar to shut it down. . >> i hear you unwilling to say
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explicitly these five guys are not a threat to the united states we're doing our best to mitigate the threat. we're solid, we're working with qatarys but can you say definitely they're not a trethreat? >> nobody is saying they didn't have a dangerous past and could have a dangerous future. >> qatar is going to watch them for a year. the year is up in may. what are we going to do after may? >> i can't talk about specific was qatar. what i will tell you, is that we work closely with our partners to mitt great the threats. >> can they go back to afghanistan? >> they're not free to travel. >> after the -- after the year? are they free to travel after a year? . >> i just can't go into details of what the assurances are. >> why don't we get to know? because five taliban generals
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our soldiers captured. people are worried they're going to unleash more tacks on us. one guy is directly connected to osama bin laden. why don't we get to know the procedures? >> i understand and am mindful for the threat sometimes best way to do that is not talk about the specifics . >> i know you're aware of over at the white house they're questioned about the taliban and whether this is a terrorist group. do you think the taliban is a terrorist group? >> from a military perspective we consider the taliban as armed insurgency the state department has not designated them as a foreign terror organization. not designated as such. >> but the commander in chief in 2002 did designate them as a terrorist group. do you follow what the state sdeptz or commander in chief says? >> the state department is the
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agency in charge of designating these organizations as such. >> after you, but the president in july, 2002 president bush issued an executive order that specially designated global terrorists and included the taliban as a terrorist group. i don't understand why the pentagon won't come out and say yes, they're terrorists. >> they are armed insurgency and remain a dangerous group. >> should we be negotiating with them for terrorist swaps? we don't do that with terrorist swaps. >> in this case sargent bergdahl being held in a prisoner of war status and we stand by that decision. >> it was okay -- if they had been a terrorist group would it have been okay to do that? >> we do not negotiate with
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terrorist organizations. >> so that is why the distinction does matter. you're asking the american people to say this is okay because the state department hadn't labelled them a foreign terrorist organization though the president of the united states did label them a terrorist organization. that designation stands. >> from a military perspective we consider them an armed insurgency insurgency. >> don't you see the aggravation of people? now they're trying to say it's an armed insurgency. the american people come on. you did it. you negotiated with terrorists. admit it. tell us why it's worth it. >> we've been talking about them being an armed insurgency from the beginning and believe it's important and sends a strong message to troops and families we're not going to leave a soldier behind. >> we saw testimony from general jack keane, general maddox and others before the senate armed
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services committee that followed up on statements we heard from the now recently retired head of the dia. all said we don't have a strategy for winning what they all consider to be a war against radical islam. if that is the enemy, and it needs to be identified such and we need to come up with a strategy. do you agree with that assessment? >> i would say is that we do have a strategy to go after groups like al qaeda and isil. >> so this is just, i'll give you the floor. this is what they're saying. this is what we shouldn't be doing. trying to do whack-a-mole with them. they're saying let's admit the truth the truth is that we're with radical islam we need a global strategy for dealing with that.
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do you agree with that? >> from the pentagon's perspective we do have a strategy to go after al qaeda and we are prosecuting them, and we do have a strategy to deal with isil. nobody here in the pentagon is running away from the fact that these guys have an extremist view of the muslim faith and per perpetrating barbaric threats against people. whatever strong we are it's never go be to be enough to eradicate this. >> that that group and followers has grown four fold over the past few years and isis has grown ten fold. so right now it's about stopping the cancerous growth, and these generals testified we're not doing it we're failing. >> well we know they have a
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fairly evangelistic view. particularly isil. we're saying what has to happen is good governance, stability and options for people so they're not attracted to this ideology. you can't get there at the barrel of a gun. you've got to have political solutions >> they agreed with you on that last line. do you agree we're at war with radical islam? >> we're at war with groups like al qaeda and isil. i'm talking from a military perspective. we are in a kinectic fight. >> so are they. they're military guys. these are four-star generals saying we're at war with radical islam. the administration won't say. that you're here representing
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them in part and you won't say it, either. >> i'm representing the pentagon and defense department we're at war with isil in the same way we're at war with al qaeda. >> i appreciate you coming on the program and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> you just heard a pentagon spokesman refusing to call the taliban a terror group and refusing to say we're at war with radical islam. wait until you see who else took heed on that today. plus, this sargent released by the terrorists six months ago. we don't know if he is a deserter. general jack keane is here, next. and then mitt romney says he's not running. or did he? so what happens next? the big question for 2016, still ahead. >> rubio? he's my dark-horse candidate who
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the most common side effects... are headache, diarrhea and dizziness. (woman) all my life, he's protected me. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about adding... once-daily namenda xr. back now to the big news breaking tonight in the controversy over the release of five top taliban commanders. you just heard the pentagon defending the deal. but in just the last couple hours the top dog at the pentagon, the outgoing defense secretary, talked about the pressure he was under from the white house to release terror suspects from gitmo. of course that's what we got in exchange for bowe bergdahl we released those five top taliban generals. at the very same time that chuck hagel is saying that tonight a top democrat went on tv to underscore how some administration officials did not sign-off on this bergdahl swap deal. and the white house about an hour and a half ago sent out a
9:15 pm
note about the policy on the trades are under review. general jack keane four-star general and fox news military analyst. general, what do you think we are seeing tonight? >> well, i think we're seeing finally a public policy that we've had beginning to unravel where we have people trying to defend the indefensible. and admiral kirby who you had on here, reputation as a straight shooter, good guy. but he's defending bad policy. he knows it. you can see it in all of his body language. and that's his job, megyn. he has to stand up there and advocate the policy and why we have it. but he knows full well that releasing those five was bad policy. the governance for that is inadequate as well. we're going to say good-bye to them in may. he's advocating that we may have some mitigating to be able to track them and follow them. i'm highly suspicious of that.
9:16 pm
i think we can keep them under control until may. but beyond that the likelihood they will get back in and have influence in the taliban leadership again i think is pretty high. >> uh-huh. he knows that. he just had to come on and spin about that because he's representing this administration. does he also know we're at war with radical islam? because he was doing the exact thing you said this administration continues to do which is the whack-a-mole isis, it's justice is here al qaeda there, it's not this global conflict against radical islam. >> yeah. i've never had a conversation with him about it but i think it's inescapable. i've spoken to many senior leaders who wore a uniform in the pentagon. and we do not take a comprehensive approach to what is now obviously a global radical islamic jihad that's unfolding in front of our eyes in the middle east and north and west africa and south asia. until you look at the whole of it and begin to deal with the comprehensive, with all of those
9:17 pm
nations, with not just the kinetic approach, i would suggest we do would do less of the kinetic, the other countries would do the heavy lifting but we'd help train them share intelligence, share technology. and i'm not the only one that feels that way. there's many others out there who feel the same way about it. but he is defending an inadequate policy and it's tough to watch it. >> i asked him about the math, the institute the study of war put out that shows the growth of radical islam over the past few years, the growth of one, al qaeda, isis, which you put together. he's talking about how they're going to eradicate. i'm asking him where's just the stopping of the growth. we'll get to eradication much, much later apparently. >> yeah. the red on that map you have up right now, that has grown fourfold in five years. isis, which is in the center is hard to see. they started out a little under 3,000 and when we began the conflict against them they were
9:18 pm
well over 30,000. and obviously iran and what they're doing in increasing their domination over countries in the region, all of this is on the rise. and we have to deal with it comprehensively. >> in the meantime the reason this all ties together is because we let bergdahl out. we got bergdahl out in exchange for these prisoners. because at the time the president said we leave no man behind. but now more and more people are saying it's starting to look like this was part of president obama's plan to empty gitmo. the reason that's controversial is because we're still at war. even though he says the war in afghanistan is over, they still want to kill us. and so it's not like you're typical end of war like where the japanese surrendered and we exchange prisoners. i mean this is very controversial to return five taliban generals out into the battlefield battlefield. >> absolutely. you know, i didn't come to that view initially when we were releasing the five the view i
9:19 pm
have now, i do think it was bad policy at the time. but now that i realize what the president is doing is emptying gitmo because the congress won't close it. and those five when you look at their portfolio, they would never be released under any condition whatsoever other than the one that was positive and that is to exchange him with bergdahl. but that wasn't the case. these five are there to the very, very bitter end because of the leadership roles they'd enjoyed in a conflict that is still ongoing. >> right. so is the question about whether we were misled. and we've seen the tape tonight and last night and before of them getting their heroes welcome when they were released. imagine what will happen when they return to the taliban proper in afghanistan, which was not ruled out tonight by the pentagon. i got to run general. >> okay. >> quickly, go ahead. >> listen. the treasury department holds a list called the specially designated global terrorist list. the state department holds a
9:20 pm
list called the foreign terrorist organization. why we have two lists most government officials don't agree with. but we do. the taliban have been on that specially designated global terrorist list of the united states government since 2002. they are on it today. >> right. >> and it's absolutely astounding that government officials will say that they're not designated a terrorist organization. they absolutely are. >> i asked him about that. i mean how does the pentagon not follow the directive, the executive order of the commander in chief. we'll pick that debate up right after this break. general jack keane great to see you, sir. >> good talking to you, megyn ncht we've seen the white house and pentagon refusing to call the taliban a terror group. you saw that exchange. wait until you see who else took heat on that today. plus, did mitt romney really say there's no way he's running for president? we'll review and you will decide just ahead. welcome back to showdown! jerry rice
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breaking tonight, after the white house and then the pentagon refused to call the taliban a terror group, the question today went to the state department. >> i'm just not sure why you wouldn't just say, of course it's a terrorist attack. >> obviously any attack that kills contractors, that kills individuals who are working there in harm's way is a horrific and tragedy, but i'm not going to put new labels on it today. >> republican senator ron johnson is chairman of the senate homeland security committee. senator, good to see you tonight. so do you believe -- >> hello, megyn. >> -- that this is intentional? why don't they want to call the taliban a terror group? >> because they negotiated with the taliban. they negotiated to release sergeant bergdahl. and they're going to want to negotiate with them in the future. and you can't negotiate -- we don't negotiate with terrorists but we will negotiate with armed
9:25 pm
insurgents. i think it's just that simple and that obvious. >> why shouldn't they negotiate with the taliban given that they say we've been at war with them. they say the conflict's coming to an end. and they say at the end of these conflicts you negotiate full prisoner exchange. >> because they say we should be defeating terrorist. and that's what president obama hasn't ever been committed to victory. he was basically coming in with two goals, end the war whether it was over or not and close guantanamo. he's not acknowledging reality. islamic terrorists are at war with us. and unless we kill them, unless we defeat them, they'll continue to be at war with us. they'll continue to grow. that is what this president refuses to acknowledge and it puts america in peril. >> chuck hagel tonight to cnn coming out saying i felt under pressure to release gitmo detainees. and another top democrat saying
9:26 pm
not everybody in the administration agreed with that bergdahl terror swap. and then the white house coming out saying our prisoner swap situation is under review. some are suggesting we're about to get news possibly on bowe bergdahl, possibly news the american people will find objectionable. >> because these people are realizing this policy is not working. and they are finally starting to acknowledge reality themselves when they realize what president obama won't. bottom line here, megyn is we need a strategy to defeat isis and islamic terrorists. president obama does not have that strategy because he's not committed to the defeat of isis. sure he's willing to play whack-a-mole. he's willing to hit drone strikes, he's willing to attack in syria and iraq but he's not willing to engage in the worldwide war against these islamic terrorists because it is a worldwide war because they are spreading, they are me tast sizing. the problem is there are a lot
9:27 pm
more needles and the haystack is growing. >> mr. chairman, thank you for being here. >> have a good night. my next guest thinks the mainstream media is remarkably uninterested in all of this. in particular this news the taliban terror suspect released by the united states just months ago is now trying to return to terror. howie kurts the mainstream network, cbs abc, been covering that story? >> they did not cover the story tonight, you'll be shocked to hear megyn. they did not cover it yesterday when josh earnest at the white house did very much what admiral kirby did earlier saying it's not a terror organization because it's only in afghanistan. but most incredibly the day before abc's world news along with the other newscasts did not cover it when its own reporter started this whole controversy by e lisilliciting -- >> he asked eric schultz about it and said the taliban's an
9:28 pm
armed insurgency. those have not covered the white house saying the taliban is not a terror group and they have not covered the fact that this taliban general has returned to terror or attempted to? they haven't covered that last night or tonight? >> not that i have seen. some people out there may be saying, well this is just a linguistic debate, but words matter in journalism as well as diplomacy. like when al jazeera bans the word terrorist saying we should call them fighters or militants. we're talking about mass murderers here. hard to understand in which americans fought and some lost their lives and some were wounded why this isn't a more front burner issue. >> it doesn't feed their world view? they also like the whack-a-mole strategy and don't want to acknowledge a general still wants to be a terrorist after a lifetime of terror. >> the media seem to be going along with the administration narrative that afghanistan is over, we're out it's done it's
9:29 pm
a regional problem. and this happens to dovetail nicely with the natural media instinct not to cover foreign affairs countries like afghanistan unless u.s. troops are involved or americans are directly threatened. but that is short sided because the more powerful the taliban come, no matter how these officials want to dance around what we call it whether we use the t word, that makes afghanistan more of a threat potentially to americans because more terror attacks could be launched from there just in the days when osama bin laden was using it as a base. >> exactly. that would be taking us back to 9-10-2001 when we didn't know about a direct threat, but the environment and those in favor of it were breeding. and we found that out the hard way. howie kurts good to see you. >> thanks, megyn. mitt romney today said he is not running for president. but some folks listened very carefully and heard something a little different. chris stirewalt rich lowry and what's next for 2016 right after this break.
9:30 pm
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breaking tonight. 2012 republican presidential nominee, well nominee, yeah, mitt romney announced today he's not running in 2016 saying he will "give other leaders in the party the opportunity to run for the nomination" but some folks wondered if the wording of the announcement left a little opening. listen. >> after putting considerable thought into making another run for president, i've decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. i'm convinced that with the help of the people in this call we could win the nomination. i will win the best chance of beating the democrat eventual
9:34 pm
nominee, but that's before the other opportunities have had their opportunity to take their message to the voters and believe one of the next generation of republican leaders, one who may not be as well known as i am today one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started may well emerge as being better able to defeat the democrat nominee. i've been asked and will certainly be asked again if there are any circumstances whatsoever that might develop that could change my mind. that seems unlikely. >> joining me now chris stirewalt fox news digital politics editor and rich lowry, editor for the national review and fox news contributor. chris, it seems unlikely. what does that mean? >> that is one of the most romney-statements ever. it was not exactly shermanesque.
9:35 pm
basically what he said he thought it would be sporting to let the rest of the party to have a chance to win the nomination. but if no one else does part of the younger generation, aka not you jeb bush, if somebody else doesn't come along that he thinks is doing the job correctly, he might feel obliged to step back in and be the nominee again. >> why did he do this? >> well, he did it -- i mean look, nobody wants to be the guy who got forced out of the race. and if you heard what he said in the rest of the at the same time he goes onto say i could have won, i'm the guy, i'm up in the polls, i'm all of these things, i'm awesome, we're great we're doing it all. so he wants to leave on a high note. he wants to leave and say i could have had it all if i wanted to but it's cool you gis go ahead. he doesn't want to feel like jeb bush jammed him and forced him out of the race. >> is that what happened rich? >> i don't think this was a contrivance. i think he really wanted to run for president. and at the end of the day he just couldn't quite convince himself that it was right for him, his family or his party so
9:36 pm
he stood down. but you can see that he's torn right at the end because what we've been focusing on he doesn't completely close the door. there's no way he's getting back in the race. he seemed like a complete flake -- >> and gave donors permission to support the other people. that's what boils down, the money people go you're not running. >> it will be like a geological age in politics passing between this moment and the iowa caucuses caucuses. mitt romney will be in those terms old news by the time people are voting. >> so stirewalt says it was ie not jeb bush when he was talking about the next generation of republican leaders they may not be as well-known as i am, they may not have yet taken their message across the country, the ones who are just getting started. who exactly does he mean? >> well, this is either a shot at jeb bush or the more benign interpretation is just what most people would come up for as the qualifications of republican candidate and what should be a
9:37 pm
turn the page election. >> all right chris, something's wrong with rich. i'm not sure what they gave him in the green room but even i can see that's utter nonsense. >> they switched out for decaf. look, the reality is this is about jeb bush. there's one guy -- i guess he also is talking about mike huckabee -- >> what about -- >> well, they were to have supper tonight. >> i know. >> it was reported in the "new york times." their relationship stank on ice. they had a famously difficult time being together. now, a guy mitt romney had a good relationship with and who was very obliging and helpful to mitt romney who is part of a younger generation who is less well-known is marco rubio. he's one guy who worked his tail off for mitt romney in 2012 unlike chris christie. and another one that obviously mitt romney has some good feelings about and who has already talked to mitt romney is scott walker. >> all right. so now i put the question to you, gentlemen, it's like the mafia, who then is it?
9:38 pm
>> it's jeb first. >> number one? >> this makes it marginally more likely that jeb will be the dominant establishment candidate. and usually for better or worse that guy wins. but also with tremendous upside scott walker and marco rubio both of whom can potentially bridge that gap between the establishment and the grass roots. and even though people have been discounting rubio since the immigration debacle. if you're looking for the fresh face, if you're looking for the fresh feel for republicans, he is the guy most represents that. >> is christie going to go after jeb bush hammer and tongs now, chris? does chris christie think it's between him and jeb bush for sort of that more moderate wing? >> you know i think christie has to make a case for why he needs to be in the race. i think he has to deal with walker. i think he has to deal with rubio. i think that jeb bush is the front runner. i think you will see jeb bush's numbers bump up pretty dramatically. i think you'll see his ability to raise that money go up
9:39 pm
dramatically. i think he is the front runner. however, because mitt romney is gone now after three weeks of toying, all of the focus and all of the energy and attention of the media and the rest of the candidates is going to fall upon front runner jeb bush now. and i don't know that his campaign is in good enough shape to take the heat. >> i got to go. i want to ask you quickly, bret baier is doing a fun segment called candidate casino and bet chips on that candidate who has the most likely chance of becoming nominee. stirewalt, who's your number one? >> jeb bush, fifty bucks on jeb. >> how about you, rich? >> i think that's about right. but he's not the front runner yet. polls have been soft. he's been rusty. we've got to see how he's going to run. >> drinks on the house. still to come michael moore just won't quit with his attacks on "american sniper." he now claims director clint eastwood once threatened to kill him. plus, this week yours truly had a little fun at the expense of the deputy white house spokesman. now he's responding. we'll tell you what he's saying.
9:40 pm
and the big game is just a couple days away and brian is there. we'll ask him about the recent nfl scandals but we'll also have to ask him about this. >> why is it necessary to laone of those chickens, those whole chicken a young chicken? i mean put like boy owes there, like bobbys chicken, beloved son.
9:41 pm
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developing tonight, filmmaker michael moore claims 84-year-old clint eastwood threatened to kill him. on his facebook page moore said the incident happened at a 2005 national board review awards winner. he claims the director would kill him if he ever came to his house for an interview. he caused a fire storm saying "american sniper" saying sniepers aren't heroes referring to chris kyle about whom the movie was made. nfl commissioner roger goodell came before cameras saying he has no plans to quit. brian, this is it. the patriots are going. everyone i know that. they're playing against seattle. here's my question before we get to goodell. is there any chance they're going to win despite the fact
9:45 pm
about deflategate and their hotel having fire alarms going off this week. >> yes. i would say new england is a one-point favorite. i personally can't see a scenario where seattle doesn't. the reason why tickets are going so high and everyone's so excited -- >> ten thousand bucks. >> i think up to $10,000 if you're scalping because i think this is one of the best matchups in years i can truly remember. you have the truly most talented teams. >> the balls have their own security. the footballs have their own security guard. that's what it's come to. that's why you're there. here's my next question. roger goodell, they believe everything that happens in the nfl they blame everything on him. a lot of ire toward him. >> you know, megyn, i've covered 17 super bowls. and i've covered eight state of the league addresses from the commission commissioner from tagliabue to
9:46 pm
goodell, i've never seen anything like it. they're losing a lot of respect from the players. maybe five every two years. now he's getting it from the reporters. asking him why are you still there? why did you let this happen? i think it in a way unjustly you combine that with the fact football is getting a lot of grief because it's a contact sport and some kids are getting hurt. and suddenly i feel like football is getting attacked from all sides. and people are forgetting the fact that just because you don't go pro it doesn't mean you're not benefitting tremendously from the sport. it's truly an american sport. this country is not wavered. the sponsors are not going anywhere. but i think there's an attack on the nfl. and for roger goodell he said hey, i'll be humble. i've been humbled this year but i'm not quitting. and i'll tell you what he's definitely changed a lot when it comes to punishment. i cannot wait to see what happens when it comes to this football game next week when the spotlight's off. >> brian's held a lot of job.
9:47 pm
fox & friend's co-host and now in charge of guarding footballs at the super bowl. back when he was a babe he was also a standup comic i learned earlier this week. we have this clip. >> i have a few questions -- it's a rhetorical thing. why is it necessary to label one of those whole chickens a young chicken? like i don't feel bad enough eating something, it was like a living breathing and now i feel twice as bad knowing it was struck down in its prime of its life. so i can have one meaningless meal. i mean, why don't they just -- i feel like bobby the chicken, beloved son. friend to all. until his untimely decapitation. >> how old were you there? and why didn't you stick with it? >> i was sticking with it. i did it to be better as a broadcaster. a lot of people went and did
9:48 pm
this law school thing. they wanted to become a lawyer to become a better broadcaster. i went the less expensive way. i thought the stage is open, why don't i try to get better at memorizing, be better on stage and better on camera. it was fun. but you can't do the morning show and go up at 10:30 at night on stage. so i said i'll let seinfeld have the mantle. >> you were great. and co-hosting with o'reilly let me tell you it was very obvious who was funny and who was just trying and failing. leave it at that. >> you were great. >> you're a gentleman so you won't comment. >> thanks megyn. have a great weekend. >> that's him being funny again. find out what happens when a white house spokesman finds out that yours i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind.
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well, this week we had a unique opportunity to ride along as many disabled veterans reached extraordinary new heights. trace gallagher reports. >> megyn wounded veterans have often told me they don't want sympathy or special treatment. they simply want a fighting chance. and now many are getting it thanks to one california mountain town. in august of 2013 matthew lost both of his legs when he stepped on an ied. he went to afghanistan to fight for our freedom. now he's in mammoth to fight for his own. >> i haven't been going that fast since i've been injured. a lot of speed and momentum and freedom as well. >> because on the mountain there is no misery just company. very good company. wounded warriors from battles in iraq afghanistan, vietnam, even korea. >> i think it's a marvelous, marvelous experience to see all of these young guys.
9:53 pm
when i see what they have gone through compared to what i had, no comparison. >> i'm getting a lot of confidence. sometimes i forget i have any kind of injury. >> it's confidence curtesy of some people who vowed to never forget how much our military members have sacrificed. kathi copeland has been welcoming wounded warriors to mammoth for nearly a decade. >> we know that we can work our magic here. and the mountains are healing. the community is warm and welcoming. >> and soon when the snow is gone the warriors will stay. mammoth is building the nation's biggest wounded warrior center with zero help from the federal government. the 28,000-square-foot facility will include physical therapy, mental therapy college, job training, even internships. and then there's the outdoors. they say time heals all wounds.
9:54 pm
it doesn't but time on the mountain certainly helps. >> it is going to be an absolutely unique facility in that it's going to be the perfect place for these men and women who've come back from war to really reboot their lives to restart their lives. >> a lot of illnesses like ptsd, gets them out. i never thought i would hit the snow board again, now i'm skiing. >> the arch of honor reminding military members who cross that someone is looking over them. >> don't get that kind of love. almost teared up. >> i should mention mammoth is my hometown and has a very long history of helping disabled veterans. again, the national wounded warrior center is being built solely with private funding. if you'd like to help, check out the website on the screen or on "the kelly file" facebook page. >> let's try to crash their web
9:55 pm
page and go back and back and back time and again. there it is. earlier this week i had a little fun at the white house spokesman's expense and now he's they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud.
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to learn more or support the cause go to the report rs wanted to follow-up with schultz, but he had to go off to his junior prom. i take back all the teasing because it turns out i think he's from syracuse, new york. which is where i lived for the first ten years and only good
9:59 pm
peeps come out of there. and they do ascend powerful positions at a very very young age. that was me earlier this week having a little fun with deputy white house press secretary schultz remarking on how youthful he looks. look at him. turns out mr. schultz was apparently watching because we noticed this tweet. megyn kelly i've always said the water in the cuse is the real fountain of youth. #, let's not relive my junior prom. cuse natives also have very healthy senses of humor. well-played, mr. schultz. by the way, i'll be going to the duke-syracuse basketball game at the dome with live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. more cases of the measles popping up in california. the outbreak originating at disney land last month.
10:00 pm
california health official now confirming 91 days cases up from 79 on wednesday. meesle cases being reported in utah washington, colorado, oregon neb nebraska and new mexico. federal officials urging everyone to get vaccinated. the fda approving a attention deficit drug for those who binge eat. the drugs prescribing label warning of high abuse for dependence. now's here's "hannity." see you there, schultz. go orange! mitt romney drops a 2016 bombshell. >> i decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next


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