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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 31, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PST

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a fool. i don't know if chris kyle punched you in the mouth in that bar or not, what i do know is that on behalf of all the heroes who serve and those of us who actually appreciate their sacrifice, you sure deserve one. have a great weekend, everybody. >> haings for spending your saturday afternoon with us i'm leland vit terd welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> and i'm uma pemmaraju here is what's making news. it's been an agonizing wait as the hostages remains uncertain. one is from jordan the other japan and both governments have been in a race against time with no word on whether those hostages are still alive. meanwhile, a deadly wave of isis violence continues across iraq as that country faces its worst crisis since the 2011 withdrawal of u.s. troops. what can we do to stop the isis threat. after threating with another presidential run mitt romney drops a bombshell saying no to
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a 2016 bid. with romney boug oun whose stepping up and who benefits. we're going to hear from gop heavy hitters. nasa aims to make history with its effort to send an ast naught into space for a year. twin brothers are about to start the journey of a lifetime to help nasa answer the question of whether we can survive long-term space travel. >> you definitely feel like you're here and everyone else that has ever existed is kind of over there on planet earth. >> we begin if a fox news alert. efforts to save a japanese and jor yan hostage from the hands of isis terrorists are now said to the deadlocked the fate remains unnoin. deadlines have come and gone the jord yans now have some demands of their own and the situation
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in the middle east remains highly unpredictable. conner pyle is live from our middle east newsroom. >> reporter: well, a few days ago it seemed like a promising opportunity to release two hostages held by isis but now today that opportunity seems to be disappearing. a senior japanese official said earlier today that efforts to release the journalist kenji goto and the jordanian my lot mu'ath al-kaseasbeh there has been no progress in knows efforts and efforts to kweet them are quote in in a state of deadlock. isis threatened to kill kaseasbeh on thursday if they didn't release sajida al-rishawi she is oon al qaeda linked would be suicide bomber who is in prison in jordan currently because of her part in a plot to blow up a series of hoe talts in amman jordan 60 people were killed a decade all august. jordan says they areling to do a prisoner swap but demanded proof
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that mu'ath al-kaseasbeh is still alive. isis more several weeks has failed to provide that proof and most worryingly there are reports that mun cases between isis and tribal leaders in iraq who were starting to broker this deal that those communications have stopped. there is no word whether or not one or both of thieves hostages are still alive. both japanese and jordanian officials say they continue to try to work on this. the effort and implication seems to be that they still believe that both of the hostages are still alive, but they really don't have any word right now as you said there is a lot of parts to this effort to try to release these two hostages and right now it is very much a moving story. it is not one right now that there is really new information on because isis seems to have gone cold in the discussions. they just simply aren't putting out any information and that has a lot of people concerned. >> very worried that these guys are alive. thanks conner. ooum. >> and a series of isis bombings
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in and around iraq has killed at least nine people. splee separate bombs ex ploegt in and around baghdad including at a crowded sheep a market and near a spring of your car repair shops. meanwhile, last night in the northern city of your car kuk a senior kurdish commander and eight of his fighters were killed. that despite victories in the war against isis the global coalition remains inadequate. he's also predicting that a campaign to retake the isis strong hold of mosul may not happen. turning now to the country of pakistan thousands of people braved possible reprisal attacks for a funeral today to mourn the victims of a bombing at a shiite mosque. it killed at least 59 people. the bombing happened 310 miles north of the city of krachy officials believe a suicide bomber caused that explosion, a rifle religious group is claiming responsibility support the attack. >> are you surprised about the
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push back with your invite of the israel prime minister to speak to congress. >> not really. i believe that the prime minister of israel has a strong voice, he believes that the threat of the ear neens having a nuclear weapon is a serious threat. israel prime minister can also talk with some expertise about the growing let of radical islam. we've got a certificate yus problem in the world and the president just wants to act like it's going to just disappear. >> that from house leader john boehner this week about the growing tensions between the white house and israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is accepting a congressional invitation to express his concerns on the i78 packet of western nations giving a green light to supporting iran's nuclear ambitions it's just weeks until israel's high profile elections and our key ally in the middle east remains at odds on the u.s. to how to stop nuclear threat from tehran.
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negotiations between israel and hezbollah is heating up after grill las killing two israel troops after filing rocket in the goal hand heights in week. joining us former israel ambassador. good to have you today. >> good to be with you, uma. >> i apologize for its slight delay as we move forward i want to ask you as you know the prime minister is taking lots of heat from stepping this invitation from mr. boehner to address krongs because critics are saying that the prime minister is putting his political fortunes above the relationship between israel and the u.s. since the white house asked him not to speak outfit e how is this playing out with the israel audience if i cannily in a time when the upcoming march 17th elections will be seen as a vote of could have dense on mr. netanyahu and his hawkish government? >> well uma, maybe and i will
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be the first to admit this whole episode of the prime minister's visit and the speech to congress could have been handled better more diplomatically more tactfully tactfully. you foe, you've just described what happened in pakistan and isis and al qaeda and hezbollah. this is a have i ugly, dangerous, horrible world we live in and in this world israel is the can ari in the cole mine and i think that we should not deal with niceties or with protocol, we should deal with the real thing and the real danger and the real threat not just to israel but to a civilization as we know it and i think we should stop being politically correct, we should call a spade a spade, we should realize that while not all muslims are terrorists, certainly all terrorists are or most terrorists are muslim and the prime minister feels that it is his duty as the leader of the nation that is threatened by iran who denies the holocaust
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while preparing the next one to call out, to wake up this world coming to congress by coming on the hill and making that speech he would be doing what he feels and i believe rightly so, is his duty in this world where the u.s. administration and others seem to be conducting business as usual and are even afraid to call terrorists terrorists. >> and let me ask you this -- >> this this world israel cannot be quiet. >> it's not secret the president and mr. netanyahu don't have a great personal chemistry between each other. what impact do you think this speech will do to further erode the dialogue between both leaders? the white house calling this a breach of protocol and the president will not be meeting with the leader of the nation that is our key ally in the middle east. >> well it is true that there's no -- i don't think there's a great love affair between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. i'm not sure there is great love
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affairs between president obama and think world leader and at the end of the day diplomacy, world affairs and even politics are not about love and not about romance. it's about to go the right thing, about applylliances and about friendship between nations and people rather than just between leaders and administrations. i think the friendship between israel and the united states, which is based on a long history on shared values and on shared interests will continue and i think this episode will remain an episode. i don't think it will in any way erode or disturb the relations between the two countries. i hope very much not because i hope that deep down even president obama realizes that the prime minister is doing this out of a great sense of urgency and anxiety, especially about iran becoming a nuclear power in the talks continue the way they seem to be at the moment.
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>> what do you make of the remarks this week over the rejection of calling you know terrorists that are tied to radical slam. the fact that the white house continues to distance itself from labeling these groups as noise tied to radical islam? >> well i'm very disappointed. i can tell you that during the six years i served at the un even the un could not find a definition for terrorism. but the fact that the u.s., especially after 9/11 and in this horrible world does not call a spade a spade and does not realize it is indeed fighting radical islam and fighting terrorism is very disturbing. i think that, you know the white house should stop dealing with linguistics and stop dealing with logistics and fight this terror and the only way you can fight it is by -- it's like a disease.
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if somebody has cancer and you pro tend he's got the flu he will die. and in this case if some of these terrorists and you pretend he's just, i don't know a law abiding muslim he will kill you. so i think that it is a mistake i think we should see more resolution, more determination to fight this. we've seen what happened in paris. we've seen what is happening in europe and, therefore i think that the prime minister's speech will also be a wake-up call to those people who pretend that this is just a passing affair. it is not. it's a threat. it is led by iran, iran is a terrorist nation it is the greatest perpetrator of terror in the world beyond wanting to become a nuclear power and i think everything, absolutely everything, must be done to stop it, including calling it what it is and calling terror terror. terror is terror is terror. >> mr. ambassador, always great to see you. thank you so much for your
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insights insights. >> thank you uma. it's always great to be with you. as you know no republican has formally announced he's making a run for the white house in 2016 but one has officially said he's out. mitt romney says the third time it won't be a charm. former massachusetts governor announcing yesterday that he will not run. so how is the rest of the potential field reacting? peter doocy is live here in washington covering this. >> the big decision by mitt romney to bow out of the race leaves the republican field without the 2012 nominee looking different. so here is the leader board based on the latest fox news polls. jeb bush 15% mike huckabee 13% with rand paul 13% also ben carson 10% followed by governors scott walker and chris christie in single digits and on his way out of this race as it was just
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beginning romney explained himself like this. >> you believe that one of our next generation of republican leaders, one who may not be as well known as i am today one who has not yet taken his message across the country, only is just getting started may well emerge as being able able to defeat the clath nominee. >> romney's republican riefrls are releasing friendly statements like governor paul who says we've gotten to know them over the past few years and deep will he respect their family and myth's service. governor huckabee says i respect his decision and senator rubio he certainly earned the right to consider running so i deeply respect his consideration to give the next generation a chance to lead then from obama campaign manager who jokingly campaigned quote, friday is ruined now that romney is not running. i knew god didn't love me enough for that gift.
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still, mitt romney very popular and well known with republicans across the country so his endorsement is going to be coveted with several contenders and last night romney had dinner with chris christie. leland. >> we know he also met with jeb bush which would have been an interesting meeting to be a fly on the wall for. peter do you sayy live here in washington. as peter noted romney's exit opens up doors for other possible contenders our latest fox news poll showed that romney was leading the go pack by double digits. with him out who exactly had will his supporters get behind. >> joining me now ed roll lynn's former adviser to president reagan also a fox news contributor contributor. do you think mom rye decided i'm tired or do you think he was pushed out? >> i think jeb bush very effectively went to all the major donors personally met
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with them asked them for a million dollar donation for one of his super paks and took away a lot of the frosting off the cake of the romney campaign of four years ago. so my sense is he saw that the bush was going to be a very significant candidate even though he may have led the polls but it was going to be a long knock down drag out primary to get there and there still will be a long primary to get there. equally as important our sister publication the wall street journal which romney has read every day basically blasted him in an editorial last week and a whole bunch of people have said thanks mitt, we appreciate your effort last time it was a lousy campaign and we want somebody who can win. >> one of the people involved was david catchel a very significant operative in iowa who jeb bush was proechd. if you look at that poll that peter showed us that shows with romney out of the race who republicans are supporting it's pretty stunning in terms of the turn yarnd on the percentages. bush it appears got a lot of his
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support. romney had a double digit lead now push is up 15% over governor mike huckabee 13% and you see the list go down from interest. does this list hold or as governor romney noted in his speech and in his conference call are all of a sudden you're going to see somebody relatively unknown come out and be able to capture the imagination of so many people? we're 21 months away from the general election. >> it certainly will in the next year. the next year is the contest of putting your primary and caucus efforts together to get the delegates. my sense is governor walker had a great run last week at the iowa summit, mike huckabee is one of the best campaigners i preface it by saying i was his chairman a few years ago, i wasn't affiliated with him at which time. governor perry even though he stumbled in the debates is one of the best retail politicians i have ever seen. there's probably eight or ten people that are going to run and
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five or six that are credible and any one can win at this point in time. >> we want to play a clip from somebody you mentioned just now govern ever scott walker of wisconsin who has come on very strong especially in the past two weeks. >> when i heard his state of the union address this sounds like a person who wants to grow the economy here in washington. i think the rest of us in america want to grow the economy in cities and towns all across this great nation. i mean think about the disconnect. >> that was governor walker obviously talking about president obama. so often when you listen now to the 2016 possible republican contenders it sounds like they're planning to gear up to run against president obama. is that the right move or should they be talking sort of in the greater sense about what they want to do for america moving on from 2016? >> you've diff got to move on. we don't have the luxury of running against obama anymore. obama has two more years left but for all practical purposes he's lame duck.
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you contrast his lack of leadership with something you provide. walker has been a effective leader. he's also done the job. he's basically broken the back of municipal unions in his state. every democrat in the had world has been out there trying to beat governor walker. he's a very effective candidate and i think he will be one of the top three or four all the way through here. he has taken the unions on and broken them. was a great county administrator. he has put some top notch political people together, dave plan ski who basically just won joni ernst campaign in iowa. knows iowa well he has been brought on as a major consultant. bush is going to be the establishment candidate. i don't think christy really has much of a chance in that after if a. i think bush will be the establishment candidate wall street chamber of commerce. the others will be the moral
9:19 am
agenda ee van gel calls tea party people and i didn't mention rand paul who is a very viable, very credible candidate. >> ed roll lynn's we appreciate your insight, sir. thanks for joining us. >> uma. ankd debt pies the promises of obamacare the nation's emergency rooms are seeing huge numbers of patients enough leading to over crowding now there is a booming city in a very unkpaekd place. and firefighters risking life and limb in and out of the ordinary rescue. i have to see what happens next. plus security reaching new heights in arizona as thousands of folks gearing up, ready to celebrate as all american super extravaganza. >> seahawks breaking down media breaking down why the patriots shouldn't be here. it's like we're not worried about that, but 24 hours here
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welcome back.
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turning now to a story had a effects lots of americans the unexpected consequences of the president's controversial healthcare program. with thousands of emergency rooms confronting overcrowding right now abandoned strip malls across the nation are being transformed into health clinics to cope with the overflow of patients. joining us brian len necessary who has for on the story. >> there are now about 10 million more insured americans looking for healthcare about 500 now walk in clinics are opening a year. there are now about #,400 nationwide up 20% since 2009, but it's still not enough to meet the demand. doctors say with more insured americans primary care physicians are overwhelmed making it harder to see walk in patients while also creating more packed emergency rooms, then there are the costs. >> most obama plans have very high deductibles, therefore,
9:25 am
patients have to really be smart in spending their dollars for healthcare. going to an urgent care center they can have easy access to quality care at a much lower cost than that of the emergency department? er for patients especially parents like yvette urgent care clinics offer the flexible alternatives she needs while taking care of her four children. almost all clinics are open seven days a week and no need for an appointment. >> the convenience is perfect, it's on a main road easy to get to i drive through here at least four or five times a week pass by this office whether it's taking kids to soccer practice or pump pet lessons or work. >> now, pen many of these clinics are replacing closed down chains like blockbuster and radio shack. landlords say the credit tend to have higher credit, they pay higher rent and bring in business to other stores. >> medical use is very
9:26 am
complimentary to other shopping center uses. many times we're next to a drugstore or grocery store or something like that. it also expands the hours of our shopping centers because people use these weekends, late at night, early in the morning. anything that generates more traffic to our shopping centers is good for the other tenants, good for the shopping center. >> reporter: now, david said next to restaurants, walk in clinics are the fastest growing category in strip malls across america. uma. coming up up on "america's news headquarters" this saturday five cal ban detainees released for sergeant bow bergdahl, now one has been caught trying to reconnect had his old bud wrees in the taliban. we'll tell you what's next to stop the terrorists. that hurts and you're not going to believe why this cop is actually asking to be tasered. >> i've heard at other
9:27 am
basketball games cops are getting tased next week and it's really fun. >> we do what we do. >> a unique opportunity one twin sends a year in space while his stays home. evidently that's not the right video. uma is going to talk to brothers mark and scott kelly coming up. >> this is a historic important mission not only for scott but for nasa. i'd love to be more of a part of it than just the guy ordering samples on the ground.
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i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you.
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sold injury bow bergdahl has prompted new and more deadly moves from terror networks. as we still wait for news on the fate of those two isis hostages, that terror group demands the release of a female bomber who is being held in a jordanian prison in exchange for knows two hostages. joining us now with more on the fallout on this we welcome author of a battle for the soul of islam and president of the american islamic form for democracy. welcome, sir, great to have you here. >> it's great to be with you, ooum. thanks for having me. >> it's a very tough and dicey situation whenever there's discussions over prisoner swaps and when you decide to engage with terrorists this this way i know you and others are very concerned about this and you believe that it only em bold ens the enemy who seeing this as weakness leading to further consequences since the hallmark of western nations as we stated is that you could not negotiate
9:33 am
with terrorists. >> absolutely. and i will alley tell you not only as former american naval officer but as a am muslim and somebody whose family hails from syria and is arabic they only understand fear and military power. we saw with bush 43 that al qaeda was on the way to being designated and they were decimated because we were feared. we are no longer feared and you hear the administration this week saying that the jordanians are wrong to negotiate with isis because it's a terror group while the taliban was an armed insurgency and anyone who knows 6, 12 months ago isis wanted to change its name to is for islamic state, they wanted to get in jihadists from that area. they want to continue. our administration continues to want to put its head in the sand, stay in denial and deny the fact that we're fighting a global ideology of radical and especially political islam that wants to -- and authorize these
9:34 am
five that we released? in some of the stop foreign mill officer of the interior, al qaeda high level operative intel for the taliban and now we see the taliban in pakistan blowing up mosques of she a. on their jihadi websites we are the laughing stock of the world and that's why they're recruiting more and more jihadists. >> we've had in us that at least one of the five terrorists released from u.s. custody to secure the of bow bergdahl is already trying to make contact with the taliban after u.s. officials confirmed that his phone calls had been intercepted. these five detainees are among the worst of the worst as you point out and is it any wonder that they're absolutely trying to get back to the front lines to wage jihad against the u.s.? >> no. i mean, these were not small little, you know happenstance terrorists they were high level
9:35 am
operatives in the taliban and sure they're going to call home and by the way we released them to cater who is on the side of freedom. they've always been an intermediary coincidentally with the taliban and even there's some concern of arming isis and other groups. it's no surprise that they're going to try to call home and, you know, impose themselves back on the battlefield. they're our enemies. what is our vision? it may help and feel good to in a whack a mole program get one prisoner back even though he was a deserter. in the long-term it's putting more and more americans at missing that's why the tall dan ban is blowing up churches, schools, mosques and radical islam pandemic grows because of how per portrayed as a peefrs and weak on returning prisoners. >> on that note i want to ask you how frustrating has it been for you to see the white house once again trying to draw a fine
9:36 am
line of distinction between the taliban and terror network lierks al qaeda even though the taliban remains on the official terrorist list. why do you think it's so difficult for this administration to say that these guys are part of radical islam? a new fox news poll, for example, we can put it up on the screen says a majority of americans believe that we are at war with radical islam. >> well, americans are smart. they're savvy, they understand that this is an ideological battle that doesn't understand borders and the president unfortunately continues to operate with the pension that we're going to pull out and somehow the world will solve itself and won't come to our shores and paris didn't happen and et cetera et cetera. the bottom line is we don't have a vision, we don't have leadership and we want to i go for the fact that al qaeda the taliban, isis are militant islamists swimming in that same pool of political supremacist islam. and if you're going to empower mod rats and reformists like
9:37 am
myself in all of our allies for liberty who believe in freedom against political islam you have to call the enemy what it is and you can't make distinctions between isis, hamas, the brotherhood or taliban. it's the same manifestation just different borders. until we have a strategy against them it's going to only continue to increase the pandemic of radical islam around the world. >> there are quickly some -- you know, final moments i have here, there are military leaders who are already saying that if you don't actually define the enemy then you cannot defeat the enemy. >> and this is why this is so important. this is a battle within the house of islam. the taliban just killed 40 shia muslims. if you want to empower the opposite reaction liberal reaction and unleash that silent majority of muslims you have to call the enemy islamists. so either we surrender or empower the mod rats to reform and take back the mantel of
9:38 am
islam. there's no other option. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, ooum. i appreciate it. we have a fox news alert for you. bobby christina brown that is the daughter of singing great whitney houston was found unresponsive in a bathtub in an atlanta suburb. police arrived and started lifesaving measures. the victim there ms. brown was transported po to a hospital. this is of course a sad echo to her mother the singing legend who was found in a bathtub unresponsive from a drowning two years ago and passed away in february of 2012. police say they are still investigating this incident. bobby christina brown and we're going to bring you the very late e. as we have more on this developing story.
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. the count down is on to
9:43 am
super bowl xlix. the new england patriots seattle seahawks square off tomorrow night. the big game is capping off a very difficult year for the nfl which has been dealing with a series of scandals. will car through this very tough assignment. he is live at the university of phoenix said yum in arizona. >> reporter: tomorrow marks the end of a very exciting but tumultuous season for the nfl. nfl kpish they are roger goddell came out addressing some of his critics saying that the league is still investigating so-called deflate-gate saying that he wants to protect the integrity of the league and also saying that if it is found that the pay tleets cheated then they will be punished. this is just one of the latest scandals in the league ray roois, adrian peterson concussions. goddell came out and said that he is taking all very seriously,
9:44 am
but has no plans to resign. >> it is t. has been a tough year. it's been a tough year on me personally, it's been a year of what i would say humiliate and learning. we obviously as an organization have gone through adversity but more important it's been adversity for me and that is something where we take that seriously, it's an opportunity for us to get better. >> reporter: goddell also saying thatent down in the league throughout the course of the season and that he is has created the position of a chief medical officer to look into those concussions that have made a lot of news. looking to the game richard sherman his girlfriend could go into labor tomorrow and if that happens he may have to choose between playing in the super bowl or seeing the birth offist first child. >> i think he's going to be a disciplined young man and stay in there until after the game.
9:45 am
he's going to do -- his first favor and stay in there for another week or two. >> so we'll have to see if this child will be respectful right out of the gate. seahawks coach pete carol weighed in on this is that for the seahawks they have the mentality it's family first and it will be up to sherman if he wants to play if if his girlfriend goes into labor. >> will car live out in arizona. thanks, will. and coming up nasa hopes to make history with an out of this world experiment with the help of two amazing astronauts who just happen to be twins. find out why they're gearing up to send one of them to space for a year. it's never been done before, folks. >> when he's sending me pictures of what he's eating out at a restaurant at night i might wind up being the jealous one.
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and we are back with news that nasa is getting receipt so make wrist ri. launch ago never before effort to keep an american astronaut in space for a year, all in in
9:50 am
preparation to one day send pan to mars and beyond. what makes it story all the more unusual, nasa is showcasing this experiment with the help of two brothers had also happen to be amazing astronauts. >> we have boosting ignition and lift off of the space shuttle discovery. >> unlocking the secrets of long-term space tassel which could fast-forward nasa into the recommend m of mars and kwlond may be in reach as the space agency gets set to embark in orbit for a year. >> as the longest singling add vend tear in space commander scott kelly will soon be in space on board the international space station while mark kelly space home on earth.
9:51 am
>> send people, you know, on a trip to mars and back or somewhere else. >> and having the only identical twins who have orbited the earth as human guinea pigs opens up all kinds of amazing research opportunity. the concerns over zero gravity on the human body are potent. it's believed that a year in weightlessness can, for example easily weaken the muscles supporting the body against the force of gravity. bones get brittle. hearts beat less effectively and
9:52 am
eyeballs can lose their shape and then there's the issue of radiation. spiking the risks for cancer. >> you know, understanding the effect of not only microgravity but radiation has on my dna when we're able to compare it to my brother's on the ground, how do we protect the astronauts from the radiation on such a long trip. you know, i hope we learn something about all of these things. >> there's so much gamma particles flying around when you close your eyes, you can see it going through your retina. you can physically see it. it's something astronauts notice first during the "apollo" mission and something i've seen on every flight. it's a hazardous environment and we have to figure out what that will do to people's genetic material. >> reporter: of the two, mark is older born six minutes ahead of scott. as young boys both shared similar interests from a love of
9:53 am
outer space that began as youngsters who stayed up late in their p.j.s watching the landing on tv and later signing up as test pilots. that was just for starters. and by 1996 amazingly, both secured a coveted spot among nasa's elite astronauts. >> it wasn't by design. it happened. same thing with becoming astronauts. we applied in the same year. we were about the same points in our career. and fortunately for the both of us, it worked out. it wasn't something that we planned. >> reporter: both insists there are no rivalries. to date mark has logged 54 days in space as a shuttle commander and pilot. with his younger brother, scott completed 180 days and if he returns as scheduled in a year, that number jumps to 540. a nasa first. there's no hint of jealousy at
9:54 am
all? >> yeah. i would love to go into space one more time and maybe sometime in the future. >> reporter: there's no doubt the emotional bonds between them run deep. mark is married to former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords who survived an attempt on her life back in 2011. scott was on his last space shuttle mission when that shooting happened. nasa arranged for brothers to later talk via satellite, scott says long moments in space can test your mind and spirit when loved ones are so far away. >> you definitely feel disconnected from the earth and disconnected from the people you love even though you can talk to them and e-mail them on occasion. you definitely feel like you're here and everyone else that is ever existed is kind of over there on planet earth. >> reporter: mark has gone on the record saying in the aftermath of the violent attack on his wife, the one person who could have given him the most support was off the planet but
9:55 am
as both gear up for this upcoming historic chapter in nasa history, this time it will be mark lending his younger brother by minutes steadfast support from the ground up. >> it's great to see my brother have an opportunity to fly in space again. this is an historic important mission. i expect we'll learn a lot from it. >> liftoff for scott kelly is set for late march as he hitch as ride on a russian rocket to the space station. what do you think about nasa's future and the space program? what should nasa's primary focus be right now? you can send us your tweets. we'll read some of your responses later on in the show. two amazing guys there. >> brings new meaning to the term the right stuff. you would like to meet the mother at some point. as you probably heard the stock market is way up. the price of gas is way down but the middle class is not reaping the benefits.
9:56 am
we'll tell you why coming up. a man takes ice climbing to new heights. wait until you figure out where this is. more incredible images coming up inside "america's news headquarters." ing back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. >> hello everybody. a fox news alert. breaking news right now. the daughter of singing legend whitney houston has been found unresponsive earlier today at her home in the atlanta suburbs. police are saying that brown's
10:00 am
husband and a friend found her in a bathtub about 10:30 this morning and began cpr treatment. police began those life saving measures before taking her to the hospital. the incident comes almost three years after her mother's death. whitney houston died february 11th of 2012 and she was found dead in a bathtub in her hotel room right before a scheduled performance at the grammys. we're closely following this story and we'll bring you any updates as they become available. thanks for staying with us on this saturday. we're glad to have you here with us. welcome to the second hour of "america's news headquarters" live from washington. from gitmo back to the
10:01 am
battlefield, one of the five swapped for bowe bergdahl last year is reportedly trying to go back to his old ways. we're joined now with the latest on this developing story. molly? >> reporter: defense officials insist five taliban leaders released from taliban prison last june to the country of qatar have not rejoined the fight against the u.s. even though one made phone calls to his taliban contacts in afghanistan, phone calls that were intercepted. the taliban five were swapped for bowe bergdahl last year. a deal the white house says it does not regret. some republicans said then and say now it was a bad idea to let those guys out of gitmo. >> they're the worst of the worst and to expect them not to go back in the fight and for them somehow to undergo some conversion is just damned foolishness and so again i repeat, additional american lives will be threatened because of these people which they most
10:02 am
likely will as 30% of the others released will pose a danger to american men and women who are serving. >> reporter: president obama was promised his country would keep tabs on the men through the end of men and then they'll be free to leave qatar. for now the obama administration says there are ways to monitor what the taliban five are doing. >> we remain confident as we were when we sent them there that the assurances we received are sufficient enough to help us mitigate any future threat that these individuals might pose. >> reporter: the white house and pentagon stopped short of calling the taliban a foreign terrorist organization instead of referringmed insurgency that uses terrorism tactics. >> all right. >> thanks so much. the latest news about the very
10:03 am
controversial prisoner swap combines with another hostage crisis in the middle east and there are a lot of questions about america's policy of "not negotiating with terrorists." let's turn now to fox news military analyst. does america negotiate with terrorists? >> no. but what we see as many allies do, the europeans have negotiated with terrorists for 30 years pretty evident the japanese are trying to do a deal and other nations do a deal. >> do they see a distinction between us that gave up five taliban detainees and our allies who are now talking to everybody and us who talk to the people but maybe sometimes doesn't? >> well, now we're getting into the real problem. the real problem is giving up these five senior taliban officials is worth more than just a few million dollars. remember, these guys are rock stars. i mean, when they are finally released in may, it's going to be a celebration on all blogs and all of the -- >> by released you mean for a
10:04 am
year they said we'll look after these guys but after a year of house arrest or the halfway house, they are done and are out. >> if anybody thinks these guys will go back to a villa and sip tea for their lives, they are wrong. these guys graduated from harvard business school of terrorism. they are very good at what they do. they will return to the fight just as we anticipated they would and what did we get in exchange? we get bowe bergdahl. give me a break. >> there's been a lot of discussion about that. the white house says they don't regret that exchange. they tried to figure out how to explain it's okay to negotiate with the taliban but it's not okay for the jordanians to negotiate with isis. take a listen to the white house explanation. >> the taliban is an armed insurgency. isil is a terrorist group. we don't make concessions to
10:05 am
terrorist groups. >> we do make concessions to armed insurgents who act like terrorists. is there a difference here and more importantly does the terrorist themselves who are sitting there in the middle east, do they see a difference here or do they realize now they can -- the u.s. may have little change here? >> this is all connected. anybody that wants to parse insurgents and terrorists is a fool. they're all armed this a global revolution run by islamist. no one wants to use the i word. that runs from morocco to egypt syria, iraq, all of the way to the eastern borders of afghanistan. this is a global phenomenon and what the administration is trying to do is parse it into groups. a small group here and small group there. >> there is one group that's become a big issue here in the past year and that's isis. right now they hold in addition to one american, they have a japanese journalist. they also hold a jordanian pilot. by all accounts this pilot great
10:06 am
pilot. loyal jordanian military soldier. flying a mission against isis. now he's there and they said they would execute him if they didn't get a prisoner exchange by sundown on thursday. since then there's largely been radio silence. what does that say? is there negotiations ongoing or has isis killed this guy and now they are stuck? >> isis has a bad habit of killing people first. holding onto video and finding the optimal time to release it to the world. i fear, god forred bid, that may be what happened to this lieutenant. he's a popular person. the jordanian military is popular with the people. the king is up against the wall here. if this guy has been executed and they can't show proof of life it's just going to be tragic not only for this poor guy's family but for the jordanian people. >> is isis running a little bit scared? it seems like for so long their public relations were so good. videos so slick. and now all of a sudden they lost kobani. they've got this mess now with
10:07 am
the japanese hostage. they want somebody back from jordan and then you also have this issue of jordanian pilot. is the battle starting to shift a little bit? >> no. first of all, let's go back to the basics here. kobani was a triumph by the kurds, not by the iraqis. kurds aren't going to retake iraq because they have no reason to. and in terms of the pr in isis they are riding a wave right now. a thousand young men a week are flocking to the colors of isis. why? because in the perception of the west, they believe war is a test of wills and they're winning the test of wills and as far as the arab world is concerned, isis is winning against this technologically enabled great satan and so far they view the future is on their side. >> we'll see whose future history decides that in the end. major general scales we appreciate your time and insight. thanks.
10:08 am
after putting considerable thought into putting another run for president i've decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. >> his unexpected move to drop out has so many folks buzzing about the 2016 presidential race now that mitt romney has pulled the plug on a bid for the white house. the former republican presidential nominee announcing that for 2016, other possible gop contenders are praising romney's record of service and courting his supporters. peter has more now. >> we're getting new insight into the romney decision this morning from the man who spent years with the family during campaigns for the white house in 2012 and 2008 during the making of the documentary "mitt." here's the filmmaker. >> i think he probably is smart enough to assess his chances,
10:09 am
looked hard and carefully. i think it must be alluring to run given his poll numbers. i think he just came down on the side that he would do more harm than good by running at this point. >> with romney staying on the bench, here's how the rest of the field fills out based on latest fox news polls. you have governor scott walker and chris christie in single digits. romney's republican rivals are releasing some friendly statements like senator paul who says this. "my family and i wish mitt and ann the best. we've gotten to know them over the last few years and deeply respect their family and mitt's service." and governor huckabee says i respect his decision and senator rubio who writes "he earned the right to consider running so i deeply respect his decision to give the next generation a chance to lead."
10:10 am
jim mussina who ran president obama's campaign in 2012 was joking about this decision tweeting that it ruined his friday but he knew god didn't love him enough to give him the gift of another romney campaign. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much for that update. romney may not be running and he's out for the count at the moment but a new fox news poll shows him leading the gop presidential pack. it shows him as the strongest candidate against former secretary of state hillary clinton in a hypothetical head to head matchup. joining us now to sort us out, we have angela fox news political analyst and richard fowler democratic strategist and radio talk show host. welcome to both of you. thank you for joining us. romney is out, angela. what does that mean as we go forward particularly when he spoke very specifically about younger people taking up the mantel? >> i think maybe he was referring to rubio or scott walker but what does this mean? whoever mitt romney endorses,
10:11 am
that person will more than likely be the front runner and i believe he may endorse jeb bush. the last three weeks jeb bush sources say took two of mitt romney's top fundraisers and also you know, took some establishment from mitt romney so he made a smart move to bow out gracefully. >> now we're going to see the scramble to make up for his getting out of the race and in a big way this could really fuel the momentum for some key folks like marco rubio and rand paul. >> no question. this is definitely going to be an interesting race. i think we have to see what happens as the field sort of begins to make its way out and see what it looks like. romney dropping out is a good thing. one, i think the entire country is tired of mitt romney three times running i think the third time is enough for this country.
10:12 am
way too much either way. i think this is a good thing for the republican party that they are trying to put new blood in. the newer the blood, the more right it goes. >> angela do you think people were tired of another potential romney matchup? >> i don't think so. look at the polls. he was neck and neck with hillary and i don't think that they now really feel good that mitt romney lost to president obama. what our party needs to watch out for in 2012 we actually defeated ourselves with the debates. 20 debates. we gave democrats ammunition to go against us so i'm hopeful this time that the presidential hopefuls will have the opportunity to distinguish themselves in a clean way. and not be so vicious like newt gingrich calling mitt romney a bolster capitalist. that won't good. >> not good at all. lots of issues at a time when
10:13 am
they should credit come together in a unified way to go after the democratic opponent. richard, as we go forward here, when you take a look at the names of jeb bush and older established candidates like him, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's got a lock either. >> i think you're right. one of the -- jeb bush has a couple problems. he's too center for this republican party. if you look at jeb bush's record, he's going to have to dealing with testing and common core. he's going to have to deal with issues of immigration where he's to the left of his party and being left of his party means we'll have a really hard time winning the nomination. >> of course you would say that. winning in states like florida. winning in states like georgia. >> the fact that he has certain unique stances on certain things, i believe that the left is afraid of him in defeating hillary. you talk about people having problems. hillary has a lot of baggage. a lot of baggage. we can go against that right now.
10:14 am
we can run commercials on that right now. >> i think it's interesting soon after romney made his announcement to drop out that he decided to have a powwow with governor christie and moving forward there will be a number of hopefuls who will want the blessings of romney, particularly because he's so good at fund-raising richard. >> that's exactly right. romney is connected to wall street whether we like it or not. romney is the wall street guy. so there's going to be a lot of republicans who will try to connect themselves to romney to get those fund-raising dollars. >> but to be fair, there are also democrats out there who have big bucks as well. particularly mrs. clinton. she raised a huge amount of money sitting back there waiting to decide whether or not she's going to throw her hat in the ring. it's unfair for you to label him as a wall street guy when there are a lot of democrats who have big bucks as well. >> i'm not saying that hillary clinton is not connected to wall street. mitt romney is known for working on wall street and known for big hedge fund dollars he brings in. here lies the problem.
10:15 am
when those candidates connect themselves to mitt romney, they sour themselves to the republican base. this election is going to be a base election. republicans tying themselves to romney separate them from the base and it's a bad thing. they'll have to walk a fine line and a tight rope. that will be hard for chris christie. >> he's right about the fact that the base is going to weigh in. i'm hopeful that this party will go out and recruit younger people, people of color hispanics, african-americans, to actually lobby them on this party being best for them. you have to win the nomination before you can run a general campaign and jeb bush has to court the tea party and more conservative voters in our party that really aren't that fond of him. >> it's going to be fun to watch as the days and months unfold and we have a chance to see how the campaigns will play out. i know you will follow this closely. we look forward to hearing from
10:16 am
you and sharing your insights with us. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. president obama's executive action on immigration is getting a lot of attention among immigrants and their families understandably. in chicago this afternoon homeland security secretary jeh johnson, mayor rahm emanuel and other lawmakers are hosting a workshop for hundreds of immigrants. the event provides information about how mr. obama's announcement and executive action may benefit them and their families. the participants also receive counseling to apply for protection from possible deportation. 14 states dealing with an outbreak of measles that began at disneyland. what should health officials and you do to take precautions against contracting the disease. and are you ready for some football? super bowl xlix is almost here. a live update from arizona where the prep and partying are
10:17 am
already under way and paying more than for service when it comes to honoring our wounded warriors. keeping a promise to build a one of a kind facility for veterans with zero government help. a project that really is changing lives. >> i'm getting a lot of confidence. sometimes i forget i have any kind of injury. and take a look at this, folks. you won't believe it. there are people who have gone over niagara falls but can you go up it? we're going to tell you about one man's attempt coming up. you don't want to miss it. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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bobbi kristina brown the daughter of whitney houston, was found unresponsive earlier today in her home in the atlanta suburbs. we've been following the story for a while. roswell police says her husband and a friend found her in the bathtub at 10:30 this morning and started cpr. they started life saving measures before rushing brown to the hospital. brown was taken alive to north fulton hospital in roswell. that's an atlanta suburb. brown's mother whitney, was found unresponsive in a bathtub and died just about three years
10:22 am
ago in california. of course we'll continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the latest as it becomes available. it has been a devastating day in the country of ukraine especially eastern ukraine. at least 12 civilians were killed yesterday in clashes between pro-russian separatists and government troops in regional capital of donetsk. five of those were civilians killed while waiting in a line for food aid. the fighting comes after the latest attempt to call for a new round of peace talks between russian backed separatisteistsened ss and the government failed. more than 5,000 people have been killed and a million have been displaced since that conflict began. switching gears now and back in this country the nation's largest wounded warrior center set to be built in mammoth, california. the state of the art facility aims to transition our heroes into fulfilling civilian lives through education
10:23 am
rehabilitation, health and wellness. trace gallagher has more on this story. >> reporter: in august of 2013 matthew lost both legs when he stepped on an ied. he went to afghanistan to fight for our freedom. now he's in mammoth to fight for his own. >> i'm not really used to going that fast since i've been injured so going that fast down a hill with a lot of speed and momentum and like you said freedom as well. >> reporter: on the mountain there is no misery. just company. very good company. wounded warriors from battles in iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, even korea. >> i think it's a marvelous experience to see all of these young guys and when i see what they have gone through compared to what i had, there's no comparison. >> i'm getting a lot of confidence. sometimes i forget i have any kind of injury. >> reporter: it's confidence courtesy of some people who vowed to never forget how much our military members have
10:24 am
sacrificed. kathy copeland has been welcoming wounded warriors to mammoth for nearly a decade. >> we know we can work our magic here and the mountains are healing. the community is warm and welcoming. >> reporter: soon when the snow is gone the warriors will stay. mammoth is building the nation's biggest wounded warriors center with zero help from the federal government. the 28,000 square foot facility will include physical therapy mental therapy, onsite college job training and even internships. and then there's the outdoors. they say time heals all wounds. it doesn't. but time on the mountain certainly helps. >> it's going to be an absolutely unique facility in that it's going to be the perfect place for these men and women who come back from war to really reboot their lives and restart their lives. >> illnesses from a lot of guys,
10:25 am
ptsd, gets them out of a depressed stage. i thought i would never hit the mountains again and now i'm skiing. >> mammoth calls this the arch of honor reminding them that someone is looking over them. >> you don't get that kind of love. almost teared up. >> reporter: i should mention mammoth is my hometown and has a history of helping disabled veterans. the national wounded warrior center is being built solely with private funding. if you would like to help, check out the website on the screen or on trace gallagher, fox news. still to come on this saturday, the race is on to contain an oil spill threatening the islands but the way to contain it could take days. we'll tell you why coming up. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great.
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welcome back everybody. for all of you super bowl fans, the countdown now under way to gear up for the big matchup between the patriots and seahawks. there's a major health issue right now that is hanging over the stadium this year and keeping close watch on what's happening and latest efforts to keep folks safe there let's check in with will carr joining us live from glendale, arizona. will? >> reporter: more than a million people will pour into the phoenix area this weekend and there will be almost 80,000 alone in the stadium behind me and with that in mind there are concerns about the recent measles outbreak in arizona at least seven people have come down with measles. there's also reports that almost 200 may have been exposed to a measles patient at an urgent care. local officials are taking this very seriously but they are downplaying the chances of a
10:31 am
mass outbreak with so many people in town for the super bowl. >> i wouldn't be worried about measles because there is way, way, way more flu and other respiratory viruses out there than there is likely to be even a case of measles in that crowd. >> reporter: the measles outbreak started at disneyland in california back in december. it has spread to 14 states since. if you want to protect yourself and your family the best thing you can do is go out and make sure that you have the measles vaccination. security is a top concern this weekend. there will be thousands of police officers on foot. they brought up blackhawk helicopters and x-ray machines from the border to try to enhance security here. federal authorities say they do have some concerns about a potential lone wolf scenario. the department of homeland security says they are taking it so seriously they conducted active shooter workshops here but they have been quick to
10:32 am
point out there's been no direct threats to anyone here at the bowl and make sure that everyone here will be safe and secure and enjoy the game tomorrow. >> absolutely. folks just are getting set to party hardy. thank you very much, will. later in our program, we'll have a closer look at the measles outbreak right now. an oil spill is putting one of the most beautiful places on earth in grave danger this is the video. officials are confirming that diesel oil have been detected in waters that surround the galapagos islands. a freighter became stranded there on wednesday. emergency personnel are stepping up their efforts to offload the tanker's cargo. authorities say the operation should last at least several more days. even after a down day, stocks are still way up and yet the middle class not really getting ahead.
10:33 am
hear why in just a moment. and one state is turning to bacon. that's the ticket literally folks. >> it smells close to the bacon that's in my hand. incredible that you're going to do the whole technology thing there.
10:34 am
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for bolder caramel-ly espresso. whole milk... steamed to a sweet velvety microfoam delicately poured, so the espresso rises to the top. the perfect union of bold and sweet. simplicity is its own artistry. a small town in iowa has a police chief taking extreme measures to raise money for his department. the chief agreeing to be shocked with a taser at a high school basketball game. people who come to the games and donate money will get to watch the chief get taken down by taser. wow. >> i heard other meets they say our cop is getting tased next week and it's really fun. >> we do what we do. >> all of the money will help
10:38 am
the police department buy some bicycles, body cameras and other equipment. extreme measures there folks. >> a very dedicated police chief. a new scratch and sniff lottery ticket in new hampshire and it is off to a sizzling start. >> you can't get better than bacon. there's gingerbread. there's peppermint. chocolate. different states played with different scents but nobody played with bacon yet. everybody likes bacon. people who don't like bacon are afraid to admit it. >> just so we're clear this is a bacon flavored scratch off lottery ticket. when you scratch it, it feels like bacon. other scents were a flop in colorado. officials in new hampshire think that bacon is going to be a winner. we'll see. >> and here's a programming note. you should stay tuned to see a special program called "strange
10:39 am
inheritance." back-to-back episodes of the new show. a facebook chat live so check it out. talk about going above and the call of duty. check out this dramatic rescue by los angeles firefighters. a sudden thunderstorm turning the los angeles river into a raging torrent and sending one little brown dog swimming for his life. the l.a. fire department helicopter coming to the rescue lowering a firefighter on a cable to grab the pup. the dog a bit shaken up but healthy. he's recovering now at a shelter and you can guess what firefighters are naming him. they are calling him lucky. >> can you imagine the dog as it is flying through the air. i'm in the water and now i'm flying through the air. scared dog. disney is ground zero of course for measles in america. now there are worries about the super bowl as will carr was telling you earlier.
10:40 am
we'll talk about containing the measles outbreak. you can't turn this video off. an attempt to be the first person ever to climb niagara falls. we'll tell you if this man was able to complete that challenge. >> niagara falls is the coolest, wildest, largest volume waterfall in the world. best known waterfall in the world. as an ice climber, you have to go do it. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ in my world, wall isn't a street.
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for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit that's the mighty sound of the rushing falls. it's enough to keep most folks viewing its splendor from quite a distance but a professional canadian climber embracing the cold and ice making history to become the first person ever to scale niagara fall ss upwards taking that just under an hour to complete. believe it or not it was a big success. look at those images. unbelievable. >> hard not to notice your 401(k) balances bouncing around a bit this week. dow jones industrial average was
10:45 am
hot and cold all week. big swings that ended the week down about 500 points. what does this mean for you? let's make sense of all of the numbers. you saw these big swings today. up 250. down 300. is that something people should be concerned about? >> not really. what you're seeing here is a typical market in january. you see a lot of earnings reports coming out and that's what really moves these markets higher and lower. i would be concerned about projected earnings for these companies. as you enter the rest of the year, as january goes some say goes the rest of the year. january is not looking that great as we end it right now. these big swings are not that unnormal. good english which it wasn't. 1% or 2% moves which isn't uncommon. i would be concerned about how earnings will come in for the
10:46 am
rest of the year. i'm concerned about 2015. >> everything comes down to economic reality at some point. i found this interesting. a popular burger joint went public. opened in the tweens and closed in the '40s and reminds me of the dotcom bust, are we in that situation now? >> it wasn't a huge offering. when it comes to ipos and how much money they were raising and initially the forecast was low and they expanded the numbers of shares to offer but it does speak to something very important. their target market for that for their customers, it's not a high end restaurant. it's a lower end restaurant. food is great. that's where restaurants are going these days. heavy turnover. low cost. they'll do very well. that's where people are tending to eat more than these higher end restaurants. it says something about our economy. >> there's a lot to be said about the economy as you look at
10:47 am
the polls in terms of the number of people in america who think the economy is getting worse versus getting better. getting better now 53% said getting worse 36%. 9% staying the same. i'm interested here as things are looking -- the president used these poll numbers and low gas prices and market going up saying we're going to return to what he calls middle class economics which is code for tax the rich and we'll do other policies to give more money out. will that help the middle class in the sense of you take money out of taxes of corporations they don't have tax money to then pay wages. >> i got to tell you i agree that the economy is getting a little bit better. depends on what time periods you're looking at. here's what is really interesting. i threw out this challenge and i'll throw it out again. i want anybody to share with me a policy that this administration has presented that has been passed that has specifically helped the middle class. the problem is that the middle
10:48 am
class wages are going to rise as the economy does better but more importantly when their employers are taxed a lot more and when there's more regulation on employers, there's less money to trickle down to higher wages. we have wage stagnation in large part because we have this really terrible economic environment out of washington. anybody who is in business knows there's more regulation. my business, i don't have a big business but i spent more money last year in complying with regulation so people that work with me didn't get raise thezs they wanted. >> maybe you're just a cheap boss. >> i might be. here we are on national television. i might be. i'm also prudent because i want to make sure our business runs well and because of that there's less money to trickle down but this also speaks to a much bigger picture and that is we need a rising economy with less regulation. we hear it all the time.
10:49 am
we really do. and people in the middle class, people middle income earners and lower income earnings their salaries are tied to the cpi which brings up a whole other story because cpi does not reflect the real cost of living increase and we see a big gap between higher wage earnings and middle class and lower wage earners. >> exactly. so many people are saying they just don't have as much money or feel like they have as much money to spend. only 19% of americans feel as though their financial situation is better off than it was when president obama took office. a stunning number. appreciate your time. give everyone a raise. buy them lunch or something at the office. thanks, ed. >> i'll do that. thanks. this breaking just last night. california now reporting 91 confirmed cases of measles in that state. the source of that outbreak coming from disneyland. the cdc numbers have not quite caught up yet. they do indicate that other states affected by the initial infection are raising some alarm
10:50 am
bells here. joining us now to talk more about this, the measles outbreak confronting america right now dr. manny alvarez senior managing health editor confronting america right now, dr. manny alvarez, senior managing health editor at fox doctor, great to have you here. >> thanks. >> how worried should folks be about the measles outbreak at a time when we're hearing more and more stories of folks opting not to have the vaccine? >> well look it's for physicians in general, you know, seeing this outbreak of over 100 cases now and you see the distribution, very clear there on the west coast, it's very troubling because, you know, we thought that we had this measles problem eradicated. vaccination rates are high but parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids and now unvaccinated kids are getting the measles, kids coming from
10:51 am
mexico with measles and now you have a lot of adults getting measles. this is a problem because measles have the secondary side effect and you can die from the measles. i wrote an article on friday saying maybe it's time that we have the federal mandate to make sure that every child in america short of not having a contra indication, medical contra indication should get vaccinated but over 500 people have written to me calling me all sorts of names. but people still have this gigantic misconceptions about vaccines and i think the federal government has to come out in the proactive approach and explain that vaccines saves lives. >> but what about those parents who will say for example with their children they have the right to make the parental decisions and the government should stay out of it? >> well, listen, then that applies to every aspect of health care and we have seen in many other medical conditions
10:52 am
where parents have really opted not to treat their children. recently here in connecticut we had a mother that agreed with her 17-year-old daughter that she should not get chemotherapy for cancer and the supreme court of connecticut said not so fast. you have to listen to the doctors. you know, you can become a doctor over the internet and that's what has happened. what is the purpose of having physicians if people are going to decide based on a blogger they don't want to follow instruction instructions? if that's the case, then fine but don't come crying and saying i should have known better. we have to have an adult conversation. in most westernized countries where you have nice -- you know they have free liberties, they also have certain regulations to keep our society safe and health care precautions you know public health precautions are something we have to agree. >> i hear you because you're saying personal responsibility
10:53 am
is important, particularly when dealing with the public health and safety. at the moment, what do you think of the fact that arizona cdc has issued a health warning about folks going to the super bowl and that they set up sites there to monitor folks in case people feel like they have spotted someone who might look as they have come down with the rash or that they're feeling symptoms? is that helpful? >> well, yeah i think it is. you know look, you'll have over 50,000 people gathering in one location. we have seven cases in arizona. i think it's prudent. i think this is a topic that's relevant. even if that i don't pick up any cases and i hope they don't, people will become aware, maybe we should get our kids vaccinated or should get a booster shot or whatever the case may be. when you have public gathering, when you talk about measles which is highly infectious highly infectious if you don't have immunity to measles and you come in contact with somebody
10:54 am
you have an over 90% probability that you're going to get the measles. right now, a lot of the cases, one out of four, is ending up in the hospital. so i think this is a good awareness. i think the people at the super bowl -- at conventions are doing the right thing. arizona officials are doing the right thing. i hope we get more leadership from the federal government in informing the american public on how beneficial the vaccine programs are. >> indeed. because certainly this -- as you pointed out, you thought it was eradicated, it's come back. people need to be aware and understand what the risks are in order to protect themselves and their families. dr. manny, always great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. fox news alert for you. as we have been reporting bobbi kristina brown, the 21-year-old daughter of whitney houston is in a hospital after being found
10:55 am
unconscious in her home. brown's husband and a friend found her in a bathtub about 10:30 this morning eastern time. started cpr and then called 911. we have obtained some audio released by roswell police of officers responding to that call. >> possible cardiac arrest. 21-year-old female in the bathtub, face down. >> brown was taken alive we're told to north fulton hospital in roswell. the incident comes nearly three years after her mother's death. whitney houston died february 11th of 2012. she was found dead in the bathtub of her california hotel room before a scheduled grammy performance. of course we'll keep you updated on the story as it develops and we'll be right back for more news in a minute.
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and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? well an internet star born earlier this month after the picture of this young koala getting medical treatment for his burned little paws went viral. nicknamed joey, his paws injured after brushfires raced through australia. now he's made a full recovery and is back on his feet or rather his paws in his natural habitat. jeremy's caregivers said he has to get used to no more room service. and now on to your twitter responses to our question about nafta. i did however like walt's comment. finding out ways to transfer usa
11:00 am
astronauts to outer space without having to depend on russia. >> nasa should -- should nasa focus on earth bound asteroids to divert their path? >> thanks for watching. see you next week. this week on "the journal editorial report," after years of saying that bashar al assad must go, is the obama administration now set to cut a deal with the syrian dictator? plus the senate passes a keystone pipe line bill as the president set his sights on the new fossil fuel target. is alaska ground zero for the next energy showdown. and mitt romney bows out. as two gop governors inch closer to a 2016 run. who is most likely to benefit from his exit? >> so syria's future can begin. >> the only way to bring stability and peace to syria is going to be for assad to step down. >> assad needs to go.


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