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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  February 1, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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drinks with tumeric on line. the show is over. i hope you learned to be more of a healthy you. i'm arthel >>time time now for sunday house call. i'm eric shawn. welcome. joining us as always, dr. marc siegel. he is an author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> and dr. samadi, a chairman at lennox hill hospital and chief of robotic surgery. good to see you. >> you know, turning up the volume on the tv screen or cranking up the head phones? you know, it can lead to the troubling ep kickic of hearing loss. dr. siegel sat down with a fellow physician who describes how much damage we could be
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doing to our ears. >> you can imagine a loud noise coming into the inner ear. that's like a tsunami coming in there. and that causes those hair cells to die f. there is no hair cells, the nerve is no longer being stimulated and you can't hear. >> how big a problem is this? and how widespread? dr. siegel. >> you walk down the street and you can hear the music from someone else's head phones it's so loud. >> you can. >> that's a huge amount of the problem. 40 million people are affected now. with baby boomers, age affected hearing loss and hearing loss from the head phones and from medications and diseases, we are look at bigger problem going forward. he talked about the hair cells in the inner ear. there is three parts to the ear, outer, middle, and inner. the ear drum is right there. you can see it. you all know about the ear drum because you have been hearing about it since you were little. the inner ear is that snail thing that you can see in the picture n the demonstrate trags. way on the inside of the ear.
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and it has inside of it, erik, tiny hairs which vibrate. and they transmit to the brain hearing sounds. now, they die with that tsunami coming in that he is talking about, with that sounds. they die from aging, they die from medication. and humans cannot regenerate then. animals can. humans can't. what do we do. >> we use heir hearing aids, a $10 million industry. nobody is ever happy with the way they work. nobody. they don't like how they look, the stigma, they don't like they can't separate the crowd noise from what we are saying. we have coclear implants that replace the snail inside the ear. no one is happy with that. now there is a genetic therapy, they take a harmless virus, they put a gene on it and inject it into the inner ear and regrow the hair cells. it worked in animals. looks like it's going to work in humans. to answer your question, five years dbs -- one other final point i want to make, the
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problem with that treatment is it washes out of your ear. you can keep it for long. critics say, fine, it will work for two weeks. then what? another company, with an otonomy has come up with a gel that will allow that treatment to stay in the ear. >> can you get that right now? >> no, it's five years away. five years before you will be able to go to the doctor and get it instead of a hearing aid. >> if it's that far away, dr. samadi and currently it's irreversible, is there a work around arc way to prevent sit in. >> that's a good point. i think one of the main reasons for hearing loss is this noise induced hearing loss. you want to be sure you keep the noise level below 85 des bells. that's a number you want to remember. if i can hear your music in the elevator, we have a huge problem. that's too loud. i think we are getting older and the wear and tear of those hairs that we have -- hair cells, are important. and i also want to talk about
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something called manyiers disease. people ask about henniers disease. hearing loss is part of the syndrome. they will have also vert go, nausea, vomiting, visual losses that go along with it. usually, hearing syndrome in 40 to 50-year-olds. you can see it in children, and it's really devastating. the fluid that mark just showed in inner ear and its imbalance. sometimes taking too much salt, genetics, imbalance of that fluid for whatever reason can cause that. there are treatments, if you are in a nightclub, make sure you put in a nightclub. check with your doctor, you should check your hearing every year and make sure you are in the right plan and stay away from the noise. that's really the way to go. because some this damage to these cells are permanent. now, the genetic testing that's being done, i think we have a long way to go, and i'm not sure how it's going pan out.
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but it is a good attempt. >> what should we do, if you if someplace, and it's too loud, walk out? >> i bring ear plugs. >> the thing is to be conscious. i want to make a comment about menniers disease. in that case, that treatment i talked about with that gel might be available in one to two years. where they can take a steroid and inject it in there. we have got lot of things happening. >> the reason it may work is the gel they are putting in, it's very thick. if you put something in the middle ear in order to say there you have not to not swallow about 30 minutes and it has to really keep it there in order for this steroid to work. this is what this company is working on. we have a long way to go. but the thing is, we are living longer, you need your hearing for many more years. this is obviously a huge social problem because when you can't hear, everybody else is affected.
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they get irritated. it affects the whole family. these are good treatments that are coming up, but we still have a way to go. stay away from the noise. that's the bottom line, which is exactly what you are doing. check your hearing once year with your doctor. >> quickly, you see the commercial for the vitamins and things over the count for tinites and stuff. does that work? >> no, none of them that works. in addition to what david is saying about staying away from the loud noise, huge point, especially with the head phones, be prepared if you are a baby boomer. this may happen to you. we can't prevent that hearing loss just from living longer. >> some of the surgeries works well, and i never really promote anybody but my own brother is an ent surgeon and they do cokecally implants for kids and they have good results. when everything else fails, surgery is an option. >> i hear he is a big supporter of our campaign. >> what campaign is that. >> they should go to facebook. dr. david samadi, facebook.
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ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. these kinds of decisions are decisions that should be made by parents, because ultimately when we're talking about vaccinations we're typically talking about vaccinations that are given to children. but the science on this is our public health professionals would be happy to tell you the science on this is really clear. >> that was white house press secretary josh earnest earlier this week weighing in on the ongoing debate over the measles vaccine amid glowing concerns about the increasing number of americans opting to forego the
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measles shot.uple of questions off the top. should you pass on getting the measles shot? what if you had the measles shot some 40 years ago, do you need to get it again? what if you can't remember if you had it in the first place? >> these are very good questions. and we can certainly check your antibodies to see if you're immune for measles or not. so that's the easy part. and if you are not we can always give you a booster or if you've ever had the disease you're probably covered for this. this whole concept of why we have this uprise of measles after 15 years of completely eradicating the disease from the u.s. is a huge problem. and i think that, you know, they're not making any kind of sense at this point. because they're saying about the parents if they don't want to give the shots they're free to do it. but it's affecting the entire society. it's affecting everybody else. now, why are people not getting the measles? either they just don't want to get the vaccine because they're afraid of the side effects. or the vaccine doesn't work. or we have a whole flow of people that are unvaccinated.
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it's one of has to reasons. we know that this disease is 90% contagious. it's one of the most contagious virus we have. the vaccine works also 90% plus, 95%. and so, we -- this is completely foolish. and if you look at the pockets of people that are coming with measles, it's only few states either from religious reasons or maybe they've seen the side effects that cause autism which we already have put this to rest already and it's enough of debate, and i'm sure a lot of people may not like it. but this is a safe vaccine. now 1 in 500,000 you may have a side effect. you may have a bad side effect. if you don't get this, one out of 1,000 are going to get encephalitis and this kind of thing. the other important part you is may have absolutely no symptoms. meaning that you may have -- you may be contagious before you start having the symptoms. like a day before. we talk about the rash, this rash may show up way down at the time when you're contagious, you're already contaminated so
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many other kids. so is it fair for me to say i'm not going to get this vaccine and put your kids in danger? that's what the government, that's what the cdc needs to do and they need to make a call. >> it's a huge issue especially dealing with some parents who don't want to vaccinate their children. dr. siegel wrote about this in "the wall street journal" this past week writing quote, 2014 saw the worst u.s. measles outbreak in two decades. what else happened last year? more than 13,000 parents nationwide claimed on forms that vaccinating their children from preventable diseases like measles violated their personal beliefs. you know dr. siegel, you've got 20, 25% in some schools not vaccinated. a california man whose son had leukemia demanding the school board not allow unvaccinated children into the school. is this a crisis from parents refusing to vaccinate their children? >> absolutely. and 145,000 kids died around the world last year of measles. 145,000. this is not a disease that's been eradicated around the world.
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and people travel here from countries that have measles. and if you're not vaccinated you're at risk. you know who are really putting at risk? immunocompromised kids. our precious kids. kids under the age of 1 year old that can't be vaccinated yet are going to start getting measles. david was mentioning some of the complications. pneumonia, ear infections, brain swelling, death in one out of 1,000 to two out of 1,000. we can't risk that. we eradicated this disease in the united states in 2000. it's very simple. be afraid of measles. measles is very, very risky. don't be afraid of the vaccine. it's a safe, safe vaccine. >> let's say you have your child in school like 20% of the kids in the class aren't vaccinated. should you send your child to school -- >> well, he should be able to send his kid to any school he wants. the question is, should the ones that are not vaccinated to come and contaminate his kids. and that's the big debate -- >> let me ask you marc a medical question because i think this is also big deal. people are saying some of the
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ones that got measles, they had the vaccine. so what's the answer to that? >> and why should i get this? >> that's a great question, david and that makes the answer even more to the point. because of what you said at the beginning, 10% of the time we can't even be sure that the vaccine is going to give you a permanent immunity. so even if you had the vaccine, there's a small chance your kid is going to be at risk if someone unvaccinated is paraded into the school. >> so this is a numbers game. >> immunocompromised can't get the vaccine. we can't give it to somebody with hiv. >> so it's not 100% guarantee just because you got the vaccine but it works in 95% of the time. >> exactly. >> is there anything new that you want to say about autism? because i know some celebrities said they got the vaccine, they seau tichl, and with diet change autism went away which is all hocus-pocus to me as a doctor. >> i think they're parading off of the fear again that there's vaccine injury which has not been proven. studies on autism again and again and again. in 2002 there was a huge study
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in pediatric that looked at over 300,000 kids. found no increase of encephalitis which is brain swelling. no increase of autism whatsoever in the population that received the mmr vaccine. put that away. >> and finally you think -- what do you think about whether the cdc or government should intervene and make this into a mandate? that's a big question that comes from you guys who cover all of this. >> it's going to be a big issue especially if you have a potentially ill child going to a school where kids are not vaccinated. i guess the -- >> become a health crisis. >> vaccinate your child. >> one thing that states have started to do to david's point, making it a lot harder to get a deferment on this. come on. because then people get put at risk like in california. >> all right, that's not the ends of it. >> switching gears now you know today is super bowl sunday and a few hours away the game will have kickoff. some tips coming up from the doctors on how to make your super bowl party fun and more healthy. my name is daniel. i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain felt like my feet were on fire. i had these very burning, needle-like sensations.
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well super bowl kickoff about five hours away. but enjoying the game doesn't have to come at the expense of your waistline. dr. samadi, i know what you're going to tell us. i ain't giving up my nachos or jalapeno poppers, eggs in a blanket, i'm not, i'm not, i'm not. giving up my treats including big in the blanket. >> not a lot of meat or fatty food and you can have fund but but drink a lot of fluid so you are not dehydrated and always move. do not sit around just for four hours and not do anything. something we do is when the
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opposite team scores, the other people have to do pushups and run around and make sure -- it is fun. >> i am not coming to your house to watch. >> ten muscles. after you get your measles vaccine. >> and the hand sanitizer because there is a lot of touching. >> in double dipping. >> keep warm. when it comes to drinking, i am okay with some beer but do not mix it and stay away from sugar drinks that add a lost calories, et cetera. you know the average number of calories on super bowl? almost a thousand calories after the first quarter. >> the chips be on the table and everyone is putting their hands in and then off to the bathroom. >> great point. second point, 11 million pounds of chips are sold every super
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bowl. third, dr. samadi and i gives great advise do not be depressed tomorrow. but how about baking your chicken wings? i will put a great recipe using lemon and vodka and became them. or light beer? last, at half time rather than watching katy perry, get flout and play touch football. >> no. you lost me. i like everything you said but i will not play football the i am all about watching the move tim. >> we should all have a great time but if you want your burger, have it but have turkey burger or lean meat or zucchini or carrot sticks. >> there will be no malfunction of the wardrobe so do not look
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for it. >> duly noted. >> listen to this: drinking wine is just as good for you as going to the gym. i am very exited on this study. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need.
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>> a new study showing drinking a glass of red wipe is as if as spending an hour at gym but how can that be? dr.siegel? >> do you direct red. >> i prefer white because i think it is fun but i drink red for the health properties. >> it is legitimate but it is studied mostly in animals, i think it can is good for the hard and decrease certain cancers but it needs more study. it is found in peanut butter and blue waries and red grapes. >> but i like to drink the wine. >> but do not do it rather than exercise. i am not a fan of this study because exercise is very different. can you not quantify what exercise does. you go to the gym you do not want to eat. you drink water instead and it changes the hunger hormones in
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the brain. exercise has been well studied and decreases your risk of heart disease in cancer i am for exercise first and red wine second. >> arrest both -- or both, red wine and exercise at the same time. there are a lot of studyies -- studies and it does not have to be either or. a lost studies show it can actually satisfy the insulin receptors and may reduce the risk of diabetes. based on the study it can basketball your -- can boost your heart function. how much red wine do you need to drink? to work, because there are gallons and gallons of red wine that will affect your police officer and it does not work. a glass a night, socially, is perfectly fine if you do not have police officer disease and are not take any other disease.
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that is feign. a lot of the vitamins that have verisotol show it does not >> should you have a glass of red fine? >> yes, the red wine is different than the substance. >> or get it in other food. a point that david mentioned is, watch out what the study shows? you may want to look on the internet and see, red fine is better than exercise or as good but you have to use gallons and gallons and gallons and of the stuff to get the amount that is needed. >> over a short period of time which is not possible. >> the antioxidants such as dark chocolate or wine, all are good and if you add exercise to it you will look healthy. >> dark chocolate.
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>> on the treadmill, burn enough calories to assume wine. we. >> and watch super bowl while you are on the treadmill. >> one glass. >> on the buzz beater mitt romney hammer by the media for exploring a third presidential campaign decides not to run again. >> you had this sense there wasn't momentum there, there wasn't a lot of anything there. he wanted to be the nominee the it is clear he did not see a path to get the nomination. >> did the barrage of negative press push him out? >> sarah palin was so popular and is pounded by conservative pundits for suggesting she might run for president and delivering a rambling speech in iowa. >> the man can only ride yeah when your back is bent so strengthen it! then the


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