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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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suppers." you'll find her recipe for pork chop with glazed sweet onions. i promise you don't want to miss it. that's it for today. well here we go again. this time the storm in full force already right now. blizzard warnings and winter advisories are in effect for much of the nation. a giant storm is sitting right on top of the midwest. and it is the winter version of severe weather. more than a foot of snow is expected from illinois to michigan. at least 1500 flights already canceled, most of them at chicago area airports. a couple of the busiest in america. the city's mayor says they are in the thick of it. >> our goal is clear. streets are to be plowed and passable. folks are to be safe and secure. we're going to take the resources of the city and make sure the city that's on the move stays on the move for the people of the city of chicago. >> speaking of on the move so
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the storm's going to go from there and hit the northeast the boston area expected to get pounded again when the storm reaches that part of the country. parts of massachusetts and connecticut are still digging out from the blizzard that hit just a few days ago. senior meteorologist janice dean is in the fox weather center. here we go again, but this is on top of so much snow already. >> yeah, for new england they could get the snowiest week on record for boston, if we get over a foot of snow, which is quite incredible. look at the snowfall amounts we've already received just within the last six to 12 hours. this is illinois around the chicago area. so over 15 inches and we still have this storm in effect. we have blizzard warnings in and around the chicago area where could feel those winds in excess of 40 miles per hour for a period of hours. visibility is next to nothing. people are urged to stay off the roadways. you can see that snow continuing to fly across portions of northern illinois indiana much
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of michigan, also ohio in towards pennsylvania. there is your blizzard warning for the chicago area until midnight tonight. people are urged not to travel, and then it's going to move into the northeast. d.c., philadelphia it's going to be mainly a cold rain for you. new york, you're going to hover around rain, freezing rain ice and snow. so let's take a look at it as we head into the overnight hours. right in the new york area and long island hovering here. we could see a period of heavy snow and then ice on the morning commute, harris. that's what i'm concerned with. north of that a snow event for friends in new england yet again over a foot of snow is expected as we get into the monday area. so there's your forecast snowfall. 3.5 inches for the new york area. but again concerned about icing tomorrow morning around 6:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., the rush hour commute. north of this area that's where we'll see the bull's-eye of snow. boston could get over a foot of
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snow and that could be their wintryiest week in toefrms snowfall. then it will get cold so any of the moisture still sitting across the northeast, parts of the midwest, we could have a flash freeze. that's what i'm concerned with, very, very cold air in place for the next several days. so that snow is not going anywhere across new england. back to you. >> a flash freeze. and this is setting up just like you said it would about a week ago. you said once you have one of those big blizzard systems come through, it kind of perforates the system and more storms can fall into that trough it creates. i remember you talking about that. by the way, thousands of power outages to report in the state of illinois. we'll keep a watch for it. janice, thank you very much. let's turn to growing questions over the united states' response to the rising terror threats across the middle east, particularly with the islamic state also known as isis. a growing chorus of lawmakers now questioning whether president obama's current strategy, which relies primarily on air strikes by other countries, is really enough.
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>> i think many of those in the arab nations are looking to us that we could work with and saying, can we count on them? will they stick with their word? >> i think anywhere and everywhere, we have to go beyond just aggressive air strikes. we have to look at other surgical methods and ultimate he prepared to put boots on the ground if that's what it takes. >> we're hearing there from wisconsin governor scott walker. he's certainly not the only one hinting that ground troops may be needed. outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel said this weekend it might be necessary to send noncombat american forces to help out the iraqi military on the front lines against isis. i thought in part we were already doing that. peter doocy is live in washington. republicans say they have a plan. they say they know what the president should be pushing for. what is it? >> you just heard it boots on the ground in the parts of iraq and syria now controlled by brutal islamic state militants. >> there's got to be some regional force formed with an
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american component somewhere around 10,000 i think american soldiers to allow with air bombings in the region and go into syria and take back territory from isil. that's what will make it stop. >> he's backed up by two former secretaries of defense. hagel, who had his going-away party just a few days ago, and who says the forward deployment of some american troops could help improve the accuracy of air strikes against isis and then there's robert gates, who says the president is being ambitious in the fight against isis aboutbut that his goals are unrealistic based on the tools he's given forces in the area. >> there isn't just an argument on the other side of this, it's the fact that for the longest time president obama had said openly this is not a road we'd go down. i know the white house has maybe massaged that language a little bit. what is the argument now? >> basically harris, as you know, there are war weary members of congress who are strongly resisting these calls to send american troops to fight isis up close, and this is why.
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>> invasionary force of 10,000 americans to plunge them into the chaos and carnage of syria at this point would be a serious mistake in my view. let's work to build and support this coalition of indigenous efforts in the region to brild stability. >> and there is continued talk this weekend about the administration's refusal to characterize the enemy in isis-controlled territory as islamic militants. the white house keeps insistsing that not all terrorists are muslims so that's not a fair generalization. senator iyad, says it is time for the white house to cut it out with the political correctness. >> we'll have other military experts who say you have to identify the enemy in order to put best the strategy to fight them. peter doocy, thank you very much. increased security in japan in the wake of a apparent beheading of a japanese journalist. they posted this video online.
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it's raising concerns about another hostage, a jordanian pilot captured in syria. conor powell has more from our middle east newsroom. >> this latest isis video is still being authenticated, but already japanese prime minister shinzo abe is calling goato's death a heinous act. in japan has reacted with outrage and anger at the execution of the renowned journalist. across the country supporters paying tribute to goto. one japanese minister saying isis can never be forgiven for what they've done. in the roughly one-minute-long video a terrorist with an english accent appears to behead goto. originally they demanded 200 million to free him. but in recent days they tried to swap him with a militant who is being held for an al al qaeda-linked militant seemed to emerge. that deal fell apart thursday
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when isis failed to provide proof of life for ka says ba. isis continues to hold several other hostages including at least one american and there's a real concern that this latest isis execution video won't be the last. harris? >> conor powell, thank you very much. have you heard oil workers walking off the job? it's a strike that could grow significantly we're told. so what exactly do they want and how is this going to affect what we're paying now at the pump just as the prices are really low? and mitt romney is out of the running, we know that he made that announcement for president in 2016. he says he will not run. no doubt he'll play an important role in determining who will be the 2016 republican presidential nominee. the fox news political insiders will join me at home base in just a few minutes. we'll look at the new race as it's shaping up for romney's
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we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ heavy shelling is hitting donetsk in eastern ukraine. another day of heavy fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russian separatists. the government is reporting the rebels killed 13 of its servicemen wounded 20 others within the past 24 hours. now it appears this is all escalating at an important railroad link. if the separatists capture that town, they might further consolidate their control and rebel leaders are refusing to take part in any further peace taubs. we should mention we've seen russia move in on one of its neighbors. that's what we're watching. will they do the same thing in eastern ukraine? new york city fire officials say it might take a week or even
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two or even three weeks to finally put out a fire burning in a brooklyn warehouse. seven alarms and it started yesterday morning. since then nearly 300 firefighters have been fighting the flames dense smoke and frigid temperatures. no serious injuries reported so far, and that is a great thing. but the smoke is severe. so much so that some of it is drifting across the river into manhattan. health officials are advising nearby people to stay indoors. the warehouse contains stacks of paper. wow, so it's got plenty of fuel to burn. investigators are still not sure exactly what started it. now to the nation's oil industry. beef been we've been watching the plunging oil prices worldwide now the steelworkers union began a strike at nine facilities today. it's the largest walkout by oil workers since the early 1980s. while so far the strike's impact is pretty limited, a full walkout of those workers would
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threaten to disrupt as much as two-thirds of the u.s. fuel production. that's complicated because prices are finally low for gasoline. fox news senior business correspondent brenda buttner has more. >> harris, strike. american oil workers fired up for the first large-scale walkout in a quarter century as the united steelworkers union fails to reach an agreement with shell, which represents oil companies. this no deal is a big deal. it represents workers at 200 oil refinery chemical plants, pipelines and terminals. a full walkout could mean trouble for as much as two-thirds of u.s. fuel production. the union want months are pay and stronger rules on worker fatigue and other things more jobs, too. so as is often the case, politics probably plays here too. the keystone pipeline will likely not be built any time soon. >> what the unions are calling for is more jobs and more job
4:15 pm
security. so when the house passed keystone pipeline and the senate passed keystone pipeline in a bipartisan way and the president issues a veto threat, that's what these folks are upset about. they're upset with an administration that doesn't recognize that more energy and more jobs for this country are good things. >> the union doesn't have as much leverage as it did now that oil prices have plunged 5% since june fueled by a supply surge worldwide in part because of the biggest ever domestic oil boom. but the last walkout in 1980 lasted three months. unless this walkout sputters out soon, this could mean a little pain for you at the pump if it sends oil prices higher, gas could go up as well. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you so much. you heard brenda talking politics there. the political insiders will join me and we'll talk a little bit about this. the timing is interesting because the white house has just been touting those lower gas prices as relief for the middle class. so the timing of this is really
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interesting. we'll chat about it. the daughter of singing legend whit ne houston is in the headlines. bobby kristina remains hospitalized after being found unconscious in a bathtub. now new reaction from her father, bobby brown. and rescuers launch a tricky operation to save two injured hikers on oregon's mt. hood. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit bobby kristina brown the daughter of the late pop icon whitney houston remains hospitalized at the hour one day after being found unresponsive in a bathtub. there are reports that doctors have put her in a medically induced coma. brown's husband found her yesterday unconscious and face down in the bathtub at their home near atlanta. investigators say they have no
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reason at this point to expect foul play and they say there's no evidence at the scene that drugs were involved. her dad musician bobby brown issued a statement asking for privacy while he and his family deal with this crisis. it's been nearly three years since whitney houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub in beverly hills. the night before the dwramy ygrammy awards. we're fast coming upon them this month, next sunday night. wow. well two pilots have survived a midair collision and the ntsb is now investigating. it's our top story as we go across america. alaska, a wildlife trooper plane crashed into another aircraft creating two separate wreckage sites, one suffering serious injuries. no passengers were on board. oregon, two hikers hospitalized after getting rescued on mt. hood. a nasty fall left one of them
4:21 pm
with broken ankles, the other with a broken leg. emergency crews had to work carefully to protect the patients and themselves while they waited for a chopper to arrive. >> a lot of ice fall a lot of rock fall. and we've got two patients there, rescuers trying to attend to them with cantaloupes and bowling balls of ice flying down. >> a third person fell and landed in a steam vent. we're told he was able to walk off the mountain on his own. texas a building in dallas reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds. demolition crews imploded the former xerox building to make way for a sam's club. light rail service was tem temporarily suspended. also in the lone star state. a beaumont woman battling terminal brain cancer has just pulled off her dream wedding in just a week with the help of new century hospice and donations from the community. 21-year-old latasha merrick had planned to marry her boyfriend when their infant son was a little older but news she has
4:22 pm
only months to live forced them to move things up. >> i just want to encourage someone else who's out there listening, don't give up. there's always something out there that you can keep faith alive and fight for. >> bless you latasha, on your journey. and that's the fox walk across america. have you seen it? clint eastwood's oscar nominated movie "american sniper" just broke another box office record. "american sniper" just hauled in another $32 million in ticket sales. it's the biggest movie gross ever for a super bowl weekend. "american sniper" is the true story, as you may know, of u.s. navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle, one of the most lethal snipers in american military history. we should mention it has won at the box office three straight weekends.
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let's do fox fast forward now. tomorrow president obama is set to unveil his budget plan. a deficit of nearly $500 billion. tacked on to what we already have. the president hopes to offset that deficit in part by imposing higher taxes on overseas earnings by american companies. tuesday the world war ii special forces unit, the devil's brigade, will be presented with a congressional gold medal. members are being honored for their service which led to the liberation of europe and the end of world war ii. and wednesday the senate confirmation hearing set to begin for defense secretary nominee ashton carter. carter is the president's choice to replace chuck hagel who announced his resignation last november. if confirmed carter will become the obama administration's fourth pentagon chief. 2016 donors and supporters are shifting alliances as you
4:24 pm
might imagine. mitt romney has announced that he will not seek the white house for a third time. he's got a lot of money out there for other candidates. where will those dollars go? the fox news political insiders are getting miked up at home base, and we want to hear from you. because you know you can chime in while you tune in. which republican president's hopeful benefits most from mitt romney bowing out of the race? post your comments on my facebook page and we'll put that up at the bottom of the screen there or you can tweet us@harrisfaulkner # fox report. [coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine. sheila! you see this ball control? you see this right? it's 80% confidence and 64% knee brace. that's more...
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there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free.
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and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. i'm harris faulkner this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. here's what's happening if you're just joining us. a storm moving across the great lakes. moving eastward. blizzard warnings are in effect for the chicago area and a big chunk of the middle part of the country. chicago alone could see as much as a foot and a half of snow. already thousands of customers are without electricity in illinois, and it is bitter cold. and that could get even worse actually, as high wind gusts continue for the next few hours. the storm expected to work its way northeast as i mentioned overnight bringing more snow to boston. boy, they don't need it. they're still digging out from last week's blizzard. we're waiting to learn more
4:29 pm
about the fate of a jordanian pilot being held by isis. jordan's government has offered a possible prisoner exchange but that fell through when isis didn't give proof that he was still alive. oil workers going on strike at nine sites across america. this coming as bargaining talks between the united steel workers and royal dutch shell fell through. the strike could grow to more than 200 oil refineries, pipelines and other facilities. brenda buttner reported earlier that could hit us in the pocketbook at the pump, a move that could shatter two-thirds of the nation's energy production. the fox news insiders here with more on that. don't forget to chime in as you tune in, like us on facebook, tweet us @harris faulkner # fox report. a former pollster for president jimmy carter and fox news contributor. when you're on satellite, i feel like i need to yell a little louder, i don't know why.
4:30 pm
former congressman for new york and pollster for prk prk and fox news contributor. i saw you nodding when you mentioned that we might start to feel that at the pump, the oil strike. >> i don't know that. >> just coming together. >> i had a funny feeling that management, which is in opposition to labor, in a funny way may actually like this strike. >> why? >> because it will drive up price s prices at a time when the prices are low, the profit margin is way down. odd but that might be the case. >> doug? >> it provides a contrary narrative to the obama administration, which is gas prices coming down, the economy recovering could be short-term spikes in gas prices and potentially in the stock market as well about. bottom line bad news for the president. >> pat, just a few oil companies are affected now. but if we see 200 refineries
4:31 pm
hit, what i'm seeing from financial experts including our own at fox business news we're going to start to feel this. >> well, we would. administration, doug makes a good point about leadership and john makes a really good one about the companies wanting the prices up, they're really getting hurt by these low prices. the president has tools and he can invoke the stops for 45 days while they negotiate. he could get in the middle of the negotiations. >> do you think he will? >> but it will never happen because this would be beneath him. >> really? >> doug, you were asking. >> given how strong he's been in support of organized labor and how responsible they are financially and politically for his two election i don't think he will take what i believe is the responsible step and try to get management and labor working together to resolve it. don't think it will happen harris. >> and keep those prices low. you have to question how does keystone pipeline fit into this?
4:32 pm
>> keystone's part of it is an amazing thing has happened during the six years of obama who is anti-energy, proenvironmental left, against offshore drilling against fracking, nuclear power. all these things we need to become energy independent. guess what? despite that, we've become energy independent, which shows the entrepreneurial ability of these companies to work around government restrictions legally to get more supply to the market both natural gas and oil. and keystone would help that. >> interesting. all right. let's move on. i'm talking with some of our viewers online right now via twitter and facebook. because i'm curious to get an answer to this question. so who do you think, with mitt romney pulling out of the race, pat caddell who do you think will get romney's donor dollars? >> probably the bulk of it will go to george bush -- excuse me. see? that's where i did it. there's the problem, there's the
4:33 pm
problem. he will be the establishment candidate even though, as the iowa poll today shows, he continues to do poorly with voters. this is about the greatest mismatch i've ever seen of a class of donors for a candidate who so far has shown nothing -- has done nothing but to get very high unfavorables, in the iowa poll he actually had negative ratings. >> let's talk about that. this is new. bloomberg des moines register poll showing that governor scott walker apparently made a splash there last weekend. the poll was taken last week before romney's announcement, but look he was already doing well. >> yeah. >> scott walker. >> where's bush? he's not even on the list. >> exactly. doug, your thoughts? >> pat is undeniably right about jeb bush but let me provide a little context for scott walker. he may be a so-called regional favorite, but he's hardly put much time into iowa. he doesn't have a national profile. the fact that one weekend, one
4:34 pm
speech, has put him to the top of the poll augers extremely well for him. that being said, we have to be clear with the viewers what we've seen in prior presidential elections, particularly the republican side is extraordinary volatility. if you asked who the hot front-runner is with the most potential, obviously scott walker. >> the question, though, was where was the money going to go. and the answer for all three of us have to say the money is going to go most of it to jeb bush. so you get this weird situation that pat alluded to which is can all the money go to a candidate who the public doesn't really want? and can bush take a hundred million bucks whatever. >> that's the opening ante, john. a lot more than a hundred million. >> so can money buy a nomination when the voters don't really want another bush? i'm talking about republican voters don't want another bush. >> i'm seeing some of that on twitter. eileen payne is saying that, no
4:35 pm
more bushes. we started here with you guys talking about the president, president obama and this union situation with these oil workers. pat, governor walker has dealt with unions and quite successfully. >> public unions. >> talk to me. >> different unions. >> he is running on what he's done, and you know he's a favorite of many republicans because he took on the -- and other voters because he took on the public employee unions and he beat them. he beat them back down before his state went broke, and you know, they've recalled him they tried to recall the state senate, that didn't work, they recalled him. everyone said he was favored to lose last november won by big numbers. he has a message and he has been through fire. he is now hired mike huckabee's coordinator david ponanski, i'm sorry, who is a good team. my fear for scott walker, my
4:36 pm
god, i don't think you want to emerge this early. if i'm doing it to be a challenger, i would have preferred four of five months because it won't be long before they turn their fire on him. >> they'll do the romney 2012 play book. he'll have all the establishment money. romney had it now bush will have it. they'll have the same staff. >> is that the staff you want? >> forget it. their strategy was -- and they did it in south carolina iowa, new hampshire -- take the money and trash their fellow opponents. republican opponents. the 11th commandment, thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow republican, that went right outside the window. jeb bush is going to destroy scott walker and leaving the party god knows where in a year. >> do you agree with that doug? >> not only do i agree with it i believe that the net winner of all of this republican uncertainty -- >> oh, oh. >> is hillary rodham clinton. >> oh, boy. >> basically she is going to delay her announcement her
4:37 pm
public -- >> i knew you were going to say this, but i already have an answer, but i'll let you get it out. >> she's going to do that because what we've seen this year is the more time that she's been visible, the more her numbers have gone down. >> that's true. >> this plays directly to her hands. >> ring the bell. because here it comes, benghazi hearing. she's now going to be able to get on record, pat. i don't know if she's going to try to correct the what difference does it make at this point, blah, blah, blah, or the motive to push it back to july. maybe it's what doug said maybe waiting for the republicans to misstep or whatever she thinks might happen, but some of this is about hillary. >> i want to say some of it is about hillary. she does have the benghazi hearings assuming they actually have hearings this time as to allowing her to pontificate falsehoods and make comments like she did before. and assuming that they actually get to the substance which is the greatest cover-up since watergate. and she's got to either answer
4:38 pm
for it or against it. one of the two. right now by not announcing the other thing she's taking herself away from is having to respond to obama's terrible leadership and the crisis we have around the world. but she's not saying anything. and i want to tell you something. yes, bush will spend tremendous money. his campaign idea will be he's promised a different kind of campaign. i'm with john and doug, we won't. they'll try to trash him early. and because he's the threat of the outsider. but it tells you this party is up for grabs and it's not going to be settled any time before -- >> i wouldn't be surprised if the ultimate nominee is not even in the race yet. >> let's talk about the statement from mitt romney on friday. and one of the things that jumped out to our carl cameron and i said it right away was his line talking about there might be -- i'm going to paraphrase here there might be somebody
4:39 pm
better out there we don't know. look outside the party. moments later scott walker's account -- because we don't know if it was him, tweeted out governor walker, had a great conversation with mitt romney. he's a good man. thanked him for his interest in opening the door for fresh leadership in america. in other words, he self-identifies with what romney's talking about. >> let me try to provide some context. it is clear from mitt romney's almost announcement and then withdrawal that he wants to be in the game. the more uncertainty he sows in the party and the more he keeps himself a potential kingmaker, there's a greater likelihood that he's a vice presidential candidate or secretary of the treasury. >> you think he could take the bottom of a ticket really? >> he's going to take something because he's at the end of his career. more likely harris secretary of the treasury. >> look his father secretary of housing and urban development. >> i want to get this viewer in
4:40 pm
then i'll get your thoughts about this. c williams 1113 wy says don't rule out jeb bush. he's smart and can hold his own. good governor. he has a lot to offer. what do you think? >> look, i've said before many times, i'm personally very impressed with him. i just think the country is tired of bushes. what the republican party itself is tired of is their washington establishment donors the people who are sabotaging their view about supporting amnesty, he wants to run against that. i believe -- and romney, by the way, very interesting point. romney on the way out the door kind of took an unspoken slap, i thought, at bush by saying we need somebody new, and he could play a role. al gore tried to do it with howard dean who then blew up on himself. >> interesting. >> romney could play that. he could also be a secretary of state just like hillary clinton was. go from loser to secretary of state. i can see that.
4:41 pm
>> john last thoughts? >> i think jeb bush has a lot of problems. i think not just the bush name, but he's purposefully doing a mccain. he's running against the conservatives. he thinks that's the way to get elected in the fall, but he's got to get nominated. so on common core and amnesty for illegals, he's at odds with the voting majority in the primaries. it will hurt him. >> can he make up the difference quickly? >> yes, in a multicandidate field. >> you know who is giving him time? hillary clinton. because she's delaying getting into the race. that gives everybody time. >> she's beating him 54-41 in the head-to-head polls. >> at this point. >> very close. >> can i make one last point? >> quickly. >> just quickly the difference between all of the pundits i saw this morning all think this is the establishment versus the tea party. this could be an anti-establishment insurgency against the entire republican leadership. >> all right. peace ufo rights, we no longer
4:42 pm
need a political president we need a nonpolitical u.s. leader to take charge over the white house. >> no, wrong. sorry. this is at the heart of it being president is being the best politician in the country. and getting people to work with you and you're not a dictator. you have to convince people -- >> you would agree there's such a desire for outsiders, fresh faces, new leadership. >> that's why obama got elected. >> turned out to be a terrible politician. >> and how a republican fresh face could well emerge. >> interesting. >> new concerns that inmates released from guantanamo bay are returning to the terror game. i don't think that's breaking news. i think that's happened, right? >> yeah. >> inevitably happen. >> but it's really concerning when you consider that the president brand new back in 2009 executive order to close gitmo. he's determined to do it. we know at least one of the taliban five has reached out on the phone to taliban leaders since he was freed. the fox news political insiders
4:43 pm
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pay only $15 a month. visit today. at least one of the so-called taliban five, those commanders that were released in exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl is actively trying to return to the battlefield. that's what the experts are saying based on one of the phone calls they intercepted. this as the obama administration inches closer to its goal of shutting down guantanamo bay in cuba. the fox news political insiders are here. if you shake your head any more your tie will fall off. >> i'm so angry over this thing because last june -- first weekend in june this happened. we found out the president let these five guys go in violation of federal law where she was supposed to give congress 30 days notice he doesn't do it. sends them to bahrain with the promise they'll never get back into the fight. here we are eight months later or seven months later. >> or qatar.
4:47 pm
>> wherever it was. they're back in the fight. meanwhile, we set the precedent of trading bad guys for bowe bergdahl. now look what's in the news today. jordan trying to trade with isis and isis wanting 200 million bucks from the japanese. they slice these guys' heads off. we opened ban door eded pandora's box. >> and isis not willing to do the prisoner deal. >> they're not willing. >> and eric schultz the deputy press secretary for the white house saying we don't do prisoner swaps passing judgment on what other countries do to get their guys home. wow. >> my take on all this is the united states looks feeble, inept and impotent. where is the president of the united states to say i will not accept if two loyal citizens of one of our closest allies are beheaded in public we will go after these people we will not
4:48 pm
stop till we take them out. >> he's watching the super bowl doug. he's not focused on this. >> well i'm not watching the super bowl, john but i am watching what's going on in the middle east. and what i see is a dispirited group of american allies isis taking major territory in iraq and syria and us having no strategy at all. >> when you talk about -- and those words are so cutting dispirited group of american allies. remember how hard it was pat, to wrangle a coalition of the willing? >> well, and it's not even much of a coalition to the willing. we still don't have any ground troops. i'll tell you, the other thing that doug's pointing out and you can add the ukraine to that today. >> yes exactly. >> we have more action by the russians in the ukraine. the president -- we have the entire region and much of the world with a vast either interrelated or at least in spirit connected group of people
4:49 pm
who are not amish or buddhist extremists and who are not allowed to be called by the president what they are. you have the military leaders, former military leaders of this country including general keen op our network who went to congress and others another one today, screaming about what he is doing and the danger it is presenting. this president's personal petulance, just as he is on keystone. he wants to raise taxes on infrastructure, but he wants to -- you know he won't approve infrastructure for keystone. he won't say what these people are because he's afraid people will associate him with being painting with a broad brush. the real problem is he sits in his bubble, doesn't lead and the world is going down the tubes. >> right. >> and i'm still waiting again today for some democrat, some leadership in this country starting with hillary clinton. >> don't hold your breath.
4:50 pm
>> to go down and tell him what time it is. >> don't hold your breath. >> you never have to wonder what pat caddell thinks about. hannah writes, you talk about the law. why haven't lawmakers or why are lawmakers -- why are they allowing president obama in her estimation and from what you said to get away with releasing terrorists. >> it's in the defense appropriation act which the president signed into law. >> why won't they challenge him? >> well it's a good question. the republicans we were going to do a segment. where have all the scandals gone? the republicans run the house overwhelming more than in 80 years and the senate. have you heard a peep out of them about lois lerner and the e-mails and the irs? we're not hearing much about benghazi. >> we will be. >> how long does it take -- >> obvious terrorists are being released from guantanamo and there's not a peep out of the president, the secretary of
4:51 pm
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit fox news political insiders are back. john i want to come to you first because we're seeing twitter chatter on this. megan says the taliban five will switch to old school methods like bin laden and others. they're already hooked back up after being released with one of these prisoner swaps that apparently we don't do. >> this is why we capture them in the first place. they were already doing horrible things as i said before. one of them, the wall street journal profiled them. he killed everybody in a village in afghanistan. he exterminated everybody in the
4:54 pm
village. the idea that we're letting this guy back out is incredible. i can see shipping him to another country where he would be locked up but to let this guy back on the battlefield. >> and i know you said the taliban five went to cutter but your point was -- it's difficult to imagine our allies, our partners in this being able to do more than we can do on our own soil in terms of keeping up with these guys but i haven't seen any test they set that shows they're going to do a great job of that. >> the last group were released to uraguay where they were going to live as ordinary citizens. >> senator john mccain says our relationship with israel is the worst he's seen in his lifetime. pat weigh in on this. >> yes i think it is. given what the white house has been leaking and i know because
4:55 pm
we have friction during the carter years when he was prime minister at one point and i know some leaks were placed. i placed one of them. those are not placed without someone wanting anonymous statements about leadership. coming down on netanyahu. the sending of the campaign team to try to drive him from office which i believe if he would use it would probably make him win because israeli's feel so bad about obama but they're after destroying this relationship. they are. >> would you have ever thought the president of the united states would go to saudi arabia to see the funeral of king abdul la but not receive the prime minister of israel when the prime minister is in the united states nor go to paris after the tragic killings there by al qaeda. >> never. >> so we have benjamin netanyahu who is set to come here in march at the invitation of speaker of the house john boehner.
4:56 pm
he'll talk by camera before and the president has already said he's not going to meet with him. that's what you're talking about. >> that's horrific. >> that's going to do it for us. have a great week.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> it was something that hasn't anywhere been done before. >> the apollo astronauts were american heros. >> it's what we were asked to do. >> we choose to go to the moon. not because they are easy but because they are hard. >> did you actually ever think i might -- [ inaudible ] >> today, nearing historic lows as
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