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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 6, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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gretawire ted williams will probably never come back. anyway at least i had fun posting it. i love ted we have been friends forever. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington d.c. check out ted's picture. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" does tom shillue have the power to bring down buildings with his thoughts? we'll debate whether he is the most dangerous man in america or the world's first super hero. which states are the vice president convinced are completely made up? >> ohio pennsylvania, missouri. >> come on, guys, come on. >> and finally behind the scenes of the rocky movie spinoff "creed" but will it backfire or make it the greatest film of all time? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> i am tom shillue filling in
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for geeing gut -- greg gutfeld. by the way, we turned eight years old a few minutes ago. we celebrated by telling greg to go home. now let's welcome our guest. i am here with first time guest beating out nat king, my favorite cole, my personal financial contributor. he is the only regular contributor so if it goes back it is his fault, andy levey. and comedian sherrod small who co-hosts the race wars. >> happy birthday "red eye." >> and next to me he is brighter than don johnson's wardrobe. it is john tierney. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> brian was lying. as was reported brian williams
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now admits that a story he has been telling over and over for a decade simply isn't true. williams had been claiming in speeches and on his own show and on shows like david letterman that while this iraq in 2003 a helicopter he was on was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and forced to make an emergency landing. here he is just last friday. >> we want to share with you a great moment that took place last night. the story started with a terrible moment in the invasion of iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg. our traveling nbc news team was rescued, sur rounded and kept alive by the third infantry. >> on wednesday the military newspaper "as far as and stripes" quoted service members who were on the chinook saying that williams was no where near them when they were hit, and williams offered an apology on wednesday night claiming he
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miss remembered. >> i made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago. it did not take long to hear from some brave men and women and the aircrews who were also in that desert. i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft hit by rbg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. this was a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran and by extension our brave military men and women and veterans everywhere. >> oopsie. >> video surfaced of the incident in question. let's take a look. >> john, williams basically he said he miss remembered. can't we forgive him and move on? >> it is not the worst story.
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he was telling classes that he had been a paratrooper in vietnam. it turned out he was teaching history classes during the war at west point. >> he was probably talking about things like that. he was talking about paratroopers in class. >> he had to write a memoir about it. he made the history class sound like a firefight. >> do you think this is the same situation? he was in -- i make up stories when i am on a regular airplane. >> i can't imagine how fast i would -- >> he was actually on a real helicopter that was shot at. >> he didn't get shot at. >> no, no, he was actually. >> he was an hour behind -- >> no they corrected it. the guys that remembered he was not there, they were wrong. the original stars and stripes guys were wrong. he was actually shot at. he is not so stupid that someone as prominent as him could make up a story -- 20
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witnesses and no one will call him out? i think he really did forget. >> i want to give him the benefit of the doubt but you don't. >> i like brian williams, and i like his daughter even more. >> he was in a helicopter shot at. who cares if it wasn't an rpg. i don't even know what it looks like. >> listen, you're a newsman. we are just joking around here. he is a news dude. once you are caught lying or fabricating or changing the story, you're done. you need a new job because nobody will talk to you. did we go to commercial? what just happened.? >> is this other news organization piling on the last of the walter cronkite-type news men? >> i don't think so overall.
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i agree with what my brother sherrod said. if you are a newsman a network news anchor people are supposed to trust you. that said i agree with john. there is a difference between what we heard from the crew members in stars and stripes who says williams was no where near that helicopter the chinook when it took rbg fire. what the pilot of the helicopter williams was on is saying they were in the same formation and took small arms fire. i think there is a difference there. the part i really don't like i don't like the part of williams' apology where he said when he was telling a story he was doing it in tribute. >> it was a command sergeant major. the problem is he has told this story a bunch of other times. >> it was the rangers' game. >> that was supposed to be a tribute to the command sergeant major. >> i remember when it was on letterman. >> and it has never been about paying tribute to anyone.
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it has been about look what happened to me. i don't like the way he was trying to do that. >> do you think it was a planned apology? we watched the broadcast and he didn't mention it at all. >> i think if they are smart they won't mention it again. the way it works the outrage machine will move on. >> let the new person talk. >> i wanted to save her for the last comment. >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> you are a certified financial planner. your profession is basically lying to people about how their retirement is going to turn out. how do you feel about telling a white lie every once in awhile? >> i have to say i don't think he did it on purpose. i believe he miss remembered but i also agree it will hurt his credibility. the bigger story is to remember that our servicemen and women are seeing traumatic things when they are over in war zones. we need to really validate and appreciate the work they are doing and not make up white lies.
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>> it reminds me when i was two clicks south of the beijing border. >> we fought our way out. >> are you saying that he is in a fog of war? he may remember things differently sph. >> maybe it was so traumatic -- that's not what i am saying. you can't take away from those who are actually experiencing them. >> all right. i'm getting your point. i want to take issue with one thing you said. how could he be so stupid as to purposely tell the lie? the people who do things like that and i am not saying he did, but you wouldn't think they are stupid. you wouldn't think anthony wiener would be as stupid as he was. >> he was a psycho path. you say he couldn't have done that. but it turns out they did do it. i don't know. just once i want someone to miss remember something in a way that makes them seem less heroic.
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>> you saved the baby. >> i was there, but you saved the baby. >> well, i think he was. i think he was in the helicopter and he was probably frightened and it is a frightening experience to be flying with these servicemen in harm's way. there is lots of danger. sand is a danger. i think the fear and there were bullet holes with the other birds. they called them birds, you know. >> he called them birds like they were one of them. >> you are not one of them. you are not one of the fighting men. >> the controversy is over. >> they have contempt for the exempt. a group of california lawmakers have announced a bill that would abolish a vaccination exemption for parents' personal beliefs. here is the democratic senator richard pan who unlike his brother peter is a pediatrician. >> in too many schools not enough children are i'm mu
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thighed to prevent -- immunized to prevent an outbreak. we should thought wait for more children to sicken or die before we act. >> the l.a. times reports that almost 14,000 children in the state are not vaccinated because of the parents' personal beliefs. an attorney called the proposal insane and expressed concern that the parents quote, would not have a right to make that decision for themselves and their children. we asked a rooster to weigh in. >> never shy when you ask for
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comments guy that was on the record. >> people say what just happened? >> especially people with pets. the pets are freaking out right now. >> sherrod you seem to be looking down and what do you think sph what is more important? their personal belief or public health? >> good question. no commercial? you have to vaccinate your kids. here is the thing with vaccinations. the vaccinations worked so well over the last 60 or 80 years that people think they don't need it no more. they are their own worst enemy. you think you are protecting yourself from diseases. you are not stupid and your kids will get sick and go to disney world or land and get the measles. >> how did disney get involved? >> it was a break out there because a lot of kids got together who weren't vaccinated. let's see what the new person here thinks.
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>> sherrod you really want to get in on the discussion. i agree. you should get your kids vaccinated, but does the government have to force them? >> laws exist to protect us. everyone wants to protect their kids and vaccines have been proven to protect kids and protect all of us. it is obvious. >> they should be compelled by the law? >> p would be great if people vaccinate without the law. i really don't want to go to disneyland and get measles. the vaccine wears off. >> there is a law you have to feed your kids because you know what? people wouldn't. they would not. >> you made that point. you don't want to go to disney world. john, maybe we leave this up to to -- if a school says you can't go to school here if your kids are not vaccinated. i'm fine with that. if disney world says you can't come in here -- that's fine. we have people getting
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exemptions. people with weakened immune systems, so why do we draw the line at personal beliefs? >> i agree with you. >> they want to compel the government to force people to get vaccinations. >> there are different vaccines. i say trust parents. my compromise is for schools. if it is an individual school or school system they could require that for kids. and maybe a school system sets up a special school called the natural measles high school for all of the county's organic. >> bubble boy. it is a bubble boy school. a school of bubble boys. >> for all of the parents who don't like the vaccines, they can send their kids there together. >> most of the people who opt out for personal beliefs, they are the home school crowd and that type of thing. they are not exposing -- it is not like they are walking down the hallway of your high school.
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>> do you have stats to prove that? >> i make these things up. >> what i am saying is you can't go to -- i would say public schools -- >> you are okay with the government saying that? >> i am okay but i would draw the line at forcing 100% of the population to go and get -- >> but you don't have -- i understand that there would be a home school exemption in this california bill. it is not like those kids are never leaving the house. >> you are still going a game and you are being brought to the grocery store with your whole foods mom and dad. i really want to go full libertarian. public health i think over rides it. >> where do you stop? >> you don't. never stop.
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can't stop. >> can we believe that children are the problem? they are bringing us down. >> i believe children are the past. and i hear people talking about it all the time on television and i think people get a bad wrap. i think everyone should get vaccinated and we should shame them, but i don't think it should be forced 100%. anyway -- can a razor fix bad behavior? there is a new creative way to discipline unruly children. it is called water boarding. i kid website that will put that on a headline tomorrow anyway. it is a new hair cut. they are of onerring the ben jaw -- they are offering the benjamin button special which makes kids look like senior citizens. >> the haircut we came up with helps the parents out as far as reaching the kids that were
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being disruptive at home and at school. it worked on my son. his grades dropped and i shaved his head bald and his grades sky rocketed afterwards. >> his brain could breathe. >> he was the first to go george jeff. when the picture went viral others called in to praise the shave. others warn that shaming kids could have a lasting effect on their self-image. speaking of misbehaving -- >> who tore up the kleenex? >> did you do that? did you this right here? who tore that kleenex up? kasey? kasey, did you tear the kleenex up?
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>> i think it was kasey. what do you think? will this harm a child? do you believe in shaming a child to get results? >> here is what i think they should do.i think it is very cute which is not to get the reaction they are going for, but a better approach would be to do the haircut in the barber shop and say we will make you go into public if you do it again. then shave it off so they don't have to get shamed the first time. >> you believe in these kids? >> i do believe in them. >> then he goes full bald and he wouldn't look so strange. i think the kid looks fine with that hair. >> it is like a businessman. >> he can start something. john you were probably a guy partially disciplined as a kid. did you have a nun telling you what to do when you were a kid? >> totally. i was hit by every teacher. my father when i was young was
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very thrifty and he insisted on cutting our hair. it was a buzz cut. it was an effective punish meant. the one thing is the people who want to fire brian williams, maybe give him this haircut. >> i like that. sherrod, this is something no one is saying. the kid looks cool but it would not work on a white guy. a white guy with that haircut? >> somebody give him something. >> should discipline work on young sherrod? >> well i was a good kid, but i know kids it wouldn't work on. there was a kid in my third grade class. they didn't cut his hair like an old man but his mother came in the class one morning and took his clothes down to his long johns and beat him in front of the class. the teacher is like, hey, concentrate on your your worksheet. i'm like i'm trying but there is an 8-year-old
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screaming help me lord at my desk. i can't finish my sheet. that's my life. i don't want to bring you down. >> you don't have kids. are you skeptical about this message? >> one this is a really kind of long-term punishment. it is gonna take awhile for it to grow out. depending on what the kid did, that's not cool. the other thing, i feel girls dig bad boys, so what will happen is this haircut will become cool, and then you will have all of the kids -- >> he could make it cool. >> he will have all of the kids saying give me the george jeff and then it will be the cool haircut. >> it is already catching on. >> coming up, an exclusive behind the scenes tour of greg's tree house home. i can smell the cookies already. first, should restaurant workers wash their hands this only if they don't hate you.
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he would rather they not lather or be forced to. a freshman senator says restaurant employees shouldn't be required to wash their hands because it is an attack on freedom. republican thom-tillis was debating government regulations with some woman. this is how all great stories begin when an employee walked out of the bathroom. >> she said for example don't you believe that this regulation that requires this gentleman to wash his hands before he serves your food is important? he should be on the books. matter of fact, it is one i can illustrate the point. i don't have any problem with starbucks if they opt out of the policy.
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as long as they post a seen that says we don't require our employees to wash their hands after using the restroom. the market will take care of that. >> proper hand washing -- proper hand washing leads the path to food. speaking of clean, my cousin doesn't leave his bathtub. >> see you at the family reunion. let's go to lauren. >> lauren! lauren! >> you believe in proper hand washing, right? you probably wash and wash like lady mcbeth.
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>> do i give off that vibe this this -- give off that vibe? >> it is a weird issue to champion? is this what your legacy is going to be? the other thing is sign or no sign. we can't force them to wash their hands so they might thought be. this is exactly why i do not eat at buffets or salad bars. >> what about any food establishment? >> i always thought it was a silly sign. what do you have that goes, pedro, wipe your hands and clean your ass before you come out of the bathroom. leave that up to pedro, shouldn't he know? >> don't put your junk in the soup. put a sign up here. we want to make sure you know. >> do you think these guys -- do you think pedro is washing or not? guy some are washing -- >> some are washing but you noy it adds flavor to the food. >> have you ever been in a
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public restroom? do you use these public restrooms? >> i have once or twice. >> sometimes the sink is nastier than the toilet. sometimes i don't use the sink. i then people give me the eye like i don't want to use their sink. >> i think you are an insane person. >> i made my feelings on this perfectly clear in an instagram post 90 weeks ago. can we put that up? i don't know if you can see but i wrote -- i think it was ha ha losers or something. i didn't have to do that and they did. >> there was nothing that said guests. i skated free. the problem i have is i am okay with them opting out as long as they put up a sign saying -- but then what if i say well i am fine with them
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opting out and putting up a sign. i think the free market will handle that. people won't go if there is no sign saying they are opting out. >> what good is replacing the one dumb sign with another dumb sign. >> you are opting out of government regulation and okay with another one. >> the point is none of them do any good. the government does not hiding in the stalls. >> if there is no way to enforce it should they ignore the rule completely? >> if people start getting sick they will go out of business. >> exactly. we don't need the government telling people -- >> they are not checking to see if people are washing their hands. >> sports illustrated new plus
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side model edition. should we do a one piece or two piece segment? first, a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is the transatlantic bike lane. you always wanted to see europe, but worried about the carbon emissions produced by the plane. worry not. take the bribing lane and peddle to -- take the bike lane and peddle to paradise.
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have curves been served? a plus size model will appear in sports illustrated swimsuit issue. ashley graham a babe from lincoln, nebraska says the world is ready for more curves in bikinis. and sites like hello giggle where i get all of my news called it monumental news. but the fact is, she is in an ad and not an si spread. the ad is part of the swimsuits for all campaign that encourages women of all s apes to feel gorgeous in their own skin. here is a video from the campaign. >> so is ashley graham's appearance in si such a big deal?
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quote, graham is in the magazine because of ad dollars and not because the editors of si had a sudden urge to include some body positivity in their nudiemag for dads who don't understand the internet. >> what a hater. >> i think that was a swipe at me. john that woman is gorgeous. i am all over it. it is fantastic. even if it is an ad, there is nothing wrong with this, right? >> it is beautiful. and to me the mystery is why haven't sports illustrated put more variety in its issues. they tend to use women who look the same. men actually -- there is research that men prefer fuller women. men prefer fuller women. men's ideal of fee meal beauty is a curvier woman than the woman's ideal. the fashion world -- men like them all shapes and sizes. >> preach.
12:34 am
>> but the fashion world they are rail thin. >> the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin. >> there we go. >> your people sherrod. >> blacks? leos? >> don't go there. >> i said leos. >> comedians like girls with an ample -- don't that? >> a dumpy dump on them sometime. i like a little rump roast or what do you call it? a turtle pond. i like that. >> why did it take an ad? why did it take a paid sponsor to get it into the pages. >> they pay and you can get anything. sports illustrated be part of the action, maybe a couple. one girl will just feel like the fat girl around these skinny broads. when you flip through the magazine you say skinny, skinny, look at this ad. it will look out of place and
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elephantitisy. research the word. it is there. it is good to see clough -- kloe kardashian working. >> how does sports illustrated remain relevant in this digital world? why are we talking about sports illustrated? it is a magazine from my youth. >> i don't read it. >> read it? they have words in there. >> regarding the add they have a plus sized woman which is great and i am all for that and body positivity and whatever. i think there is another message. why not have an ad with a girl who is good at math. >> boo, hiss. boo. >> there are other ways to empower women rather than throwing all of us in our bikinis. >> i am starting to picture it. a woman who is doing a math problem. >> crunching numbers. >> and she is in a tiny
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bikini? >> sure, as long as she is plus sized. plus sized, doing math, yes. >> i am still in. >> andy, you said you are for objecting women no matter what their size. >> object fying is i think what i said. not objecting. >> i object. >> i will disagree with lauren. when i read sports illustrated i am not looking for girls good at math. when i read math illustrated i don't want athletic girls. it is two worlds and i don't like to mix them. totally agree, plus sized yay, hooray. i do hate this crap from the hello gig -- giggle. all bodies are beautiful. no not all bodies are beautiful. michael moore's body is not beautiful. not everybody is beautiful and not everybody is a good athlete and thought everybody is smart. i realize it is weird for someone who is privileged to be all three of those things to be saying that, but it is okay to not be a genius and
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not be smart and not be beautiful. people have different attributes and skills. this is participation trophy culture. not everyone is beautiful. that's why there are models. >> andy, where are the men's magazines -- why don't they have their annual ab issue and have me in there, right? >> there are a lot of reasons. i don't see the chubby guys in the fitness magazines -- why do we need the chubby girls in the -- i mean, i am just asking. >> she is not chubby. she is a normal sized woman. >> i have had bigger than that. ya. and smaller. hey! >> conrad -- listen to me. conrad is a dumb cad. conrad hilton paris hilton's younger brother is facing up to 20 years in prison after he lost his cool on a flight from london to l.a. last july. the
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20-year-old reportedly threatened the crew while using course language. because "red eye" is primarily a children's show, i have cleaned up what he said. hilton screamed, quote, if you want to square up to me, jiminy cricket bring it. i will apple sauce and fight you. when confronted he yelled. i will shaz body kill you. also the hotel heir told a passenger i will fire fly and rip right through you. he intomorrowed the crew, i will freak truck incorporated. they are french connection and uk and peasants. tmz says hilton smoked weed in one of the bathrooms and took a sleeping pill before boarding. well that's it. that combination, weed and sleeping pills? that's a get out of jail free card right? >> that's one way to look at it. wealth in america is fluid. by the third generation the money is gone and this is a perfect example of why.
12:39 am
being raised rich doesn't mean you have to be a spoiled brat, but a lot of kids do end up with no sense of the value of a dollar. i read his dad paid $300,000 in the past to get him out of trouble. that's a lot of money. he may not realize that and that's how you burn through it. >> they think conrad hilton is an heir to the conrad hilton hotel fortune. conrad senior gave away all of his money. the second generation had to make their money in real estate, is that right? >> i believe so, but it is not the hotel. there you go. so these guys -- >> they are still rich though. >> they know how to play monopoly. >> yeah, they do. >> do you really think a sleeping pill is to blame for this? >> if he grew up in the same home with paris hilton somebody as disciplined and responsible as she is -- >> clearly. >> he must have the same -- >> she is obviously the older wiser sister, right? >> i think it is completely --
12:40 am
he probably has a lawsuit. >> his lawyer is rabbit -- robert shapiro. no kidding. >> sherrod, you have been out of hand, right? >> on planes and on land and in the studio. >> never at sea though. >> never at sea. i show respect to the water. maritime laws. you have rich kids who will not always be successful and you are not proud of all of them. paris seemed to straighten herself up. nicky married a rothchild so she is doing well. this kid will be dead in two summers so let him have his fun. >> i think he will straighten up. i have faith. even the 1%. you know what before we go to break let's check in with joanne and see how she is doing on vacation.
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>> andy, i didn't let you comment. >> no, you went to a tape. >> i was dying to go to the tame. >> i will have a chat with our producer. >> coming up staged robbery. stick around for the stick up.
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should he pay the price for a stage heist? i speak of a tennessee music store owner who faked a robbery attempt hoping the surveillance video would go viral and drum up business. it shows victor jenkins pulling a knife on a suspect. after he plays dead for a little bit he gets up and takes off. the video did get over half a million views on world star hip hop where i get all of my news. but it also caught the attention of local police who wondered why the crime was every in -- was never reported. they figured out jenkins lied and he is facing charges for false reporting. the stunt was apparently cooked up by one of his employees. the brilliant employee calling it a social experiment prank.
12:46 am
sherrod, you and i are in show business. this is a click bait economy. you have to give the guy props. >> he got some views, right? you can't be mad at that. he got more than the video we had on tonight. >> and no one got hurt. the guy with the long hair is obviously a guitar picking friend of the owner. >> the cops are just angry because it is not a real crime for one thing. it is not like he reported -- if he reported it, then you get in trouble because you report a fake crime. are you policing the internet, oh we missed something. >> they went to him and said what happened, but then he lied. >> he should have said in the beginning this is a joke video. that's where he got into trouble. >> this was a public service. if you say nobody was hurt, the only people that were hurt are criminals worried that his store is not -- and criminals
12:47 am
get more worried now that they are more crazy store owners with guns so criminals would be discouraged. i think this is a great new cheap security system. you don't even have to buy a gun. you can buy a gun and put out a video showing a gun in your store and people can come in. >> that's an interesting take on it. lauren they are keeping the video up and calling it a stunt. they admitted it is fake, but they say it is like a reality show. that is making lemons out of lemonade, isn't it? >> i think enviro market cking is a risk. marketing is a risk. i thought it was funny when he got up and ran out. i have never been robbed before. >> tonight's the night. >> let's hope not. >> where is your purse? >> is that the kind of knife people use to rob? >> that was like a sword. >> what was he doing? he was waiving it. >> >> do these pranks do any
12:48 am
good? what do they do besides showing us surveillance video can't be trusted. >> can we talk about all of the banjos? >> do you want banjos? >> don't tell me there is not two americas. this is tennessee. there are a lot of banjos. there were more banjos in that store than maybe all of new york. >> they need banjos. >> of course, it is tennessee. they need banjos. >> did you ever go on a river trip down there? >> that's exactly what it is like. >> oh it is so good. >> coming up a block of cheese velveeta specifically.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" greg returns as your humble, humble host. guests include rob long remi spencer and will ron. >> e block. last story that's the last story. they are making cheddar from
12:53 am
cheddar. kraft foods was prepared to send the velveeta brand out to pasture. in grocery stores shoppers prefer to buy fresher foods so the krafty foods tanned a way to boast velveeta sales. cash-strapped millenials have cash and elders have smaller meals and kraft has bigger profit margins. we a a comment. >> andy it sounds like good news for you. you get to head to the dollar store to buy dinner for one. >> i have to say good for them to figure out a good miss model. i am not a cheese guy but i will buy a box of mac and cheese because the mac part is
12:54 am
the perfect sized serving portion for one person. there is to guesswork involved into how much you need to pour into the pot. >> the whole thing. >> and then i throw the cheese out as a good american should do. i am all for this. >> what a bad dinner. >> velveeta is for guys who are not cheese guys. >> is that right? >> that's what it is made for. john, what do you think? you were struggling one day too. >> bringing velveeta everywhere. they should be so lucky to get kraft cheese! >> you are a financial person. do they sell stock in the dollar stores? that's the future of america. did you ever go in these places? things cost a dollar. >> they are not lying. >> do you go in places? >> but there is a lot of things for $1 in there. >> it is cheap. >> they have a brian williams
12:55 am
aisle. >> kraft went backwards they didn't say let's hit the dollar stores. they push their merchandise there and say it is catching fire there. let's keep pumping it. >> that's what is brilliant about it. that's what the dollar store is. that's how it works. >> there is no free cheese in new york. >> i think it is a brilliant move by kraft. >> it is brilliant on their part, but they could get healthier food at the same tries at the grocery store. >> you are probably a whole foods type aren't you, lauren? >> yeah. >> but food is not where you cut back. cut back on rebt and recuring bills like cell phone or car payment, but food -- >> never eat organic food if you are poor. that is a real paste of money. >> i can agree with you on that. however, you can find healthy food for cheap.
12:56 am
>> and whole foods has a bar good evening can in the -- a garbage can in the back. you can find some healthy choices back there. >> don't laugh. they have a lot of good food back there. >> i call it harvest. >> we were wondering how a handsome white guy looks with a bald head. >> let's take a look. >> that was big in germany. >> beautiful. >> lauren your first show, it is pretty good. >> thank you. it has been so fun. thank you for having me.
12:57 am
>> a special thanks to lauren, sherrod small tv's andy levey and john tierney. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue and i will see you next time.
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hello, i'm kimberly gill foil, bob beck. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the 2005." i have opened cases in every state except alaska. >> that was the director of the fbi revealing the frightening news that his agency has opened cases on suspects who may be tied to isis in 49 u.s. states. here's more from james comb bill on the islamist threat inside america. >> we are focused keenly on who would be looking to travel to


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