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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 6, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

8:00 pm let us know what you think. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here monday. the "o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> we aim to avoid sending many thousands of ground forces into combat in hostile land. >> president obama putting forth his strategy to defeat isis and islamic terrorism in general. the problem is, the strategy is general. very few specifics. colonel peterson hunt will analyze. >> since the president frankly said you ought to close your mouth because you just gave them a gigantic propaganda tool. they called us crusaders and you just confirmed it. >> worldwide outrage over the president comparing historical brutality by christians to present-day atrocities by muslims. we'll take a hard look at that.
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>> any man i see out there i'm going to kill him. take a shot at me i'm going to kill him and kill his wife. >> also ahead, the king of jordan using clint eastwood in "the unforgiven" as a model for attacking isis. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "factor" begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. is president obama destroyingn legacy? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is simply inexplicable that barack obama would compare historical injustices by christians 1,000 years ago to the current atrocities being committed by muslim jihadists today. but that's exactly what the president yesterday at a prayer breakfast in washington. the reaction predictable.
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president getting hammered nearly everywhere, except on the network news programs which chose not to cover the story. well, today the president's national security adviser susan rice gave a major speech at the brookings institution in washington about the strategy to protect america and the world. quoting ms. rice the president believes that most threats can be diffused by enlisting partners around the world to join together against the evil doers. but ms. rice completely avoided any definition of how to stop isis for example, from committing daily atrocities. instead she said this. >> while the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied, they are not of the existential nature we confronted during world war ii or during the cold war. we will always act to defend our country and its people but we aim to avoid sending many thousands of ground forces into
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combat in hostile lands. >> that was the most specific thing ambassador rice said that, american ground troops would not be confronting the terrorists because the threat they pose is quote not existential, meaning not an armageddon-type situation. to me, ambassador rice is diminishing the terror issue. certainly isis was an existential threat to the jordanian set on fire the americans beheaded and now we hear that kayla mueller, an american, was killed. the isis savages say by bombing but they probably killed her, right? hitler was not an existential threat until 1938. to flail around while kill are groups gained power as isis has is unwise to say the least. but the obama administration apparently believes the bombing campaign and other secondary measures will eventually downgrade the isis savages. meantime, thousands of people are dying and thousands of
8:04 pm
people are plotting to come here to kill americans. the rest of the speech was your standard issue doing great, what's the problem. it's kind of bizarre, though, to hear ambassador rice refer to climate change as a strategic talking point. but hey, standard issue on the left, right? there was mention of universal values and international order. that kind of stuff. which means absolutely nothing. summing up president obama believes that isis can be degraded without ground confrontation. that his policies in iraq and afghanistan have made the usa stronger and that iran will give up the nukes in the face of world pressure. that is what barack obama believes. and that is a memo. now to the top story tonight reaction joining us from boston colonel david hunt from washington lieutenant colonel rob peters both fox analysts. colonel peters what is the headline of ambassador rice's speech for you? >> secure expand, defend,
8:05 pm
leverage, her four points. bill, that's not a strategy, it's a bumper sticker. i mean, it was really -- it was mush. the yogurt i had for breakfast had more intellectual structure. she's talking about -- and i'm using my notes -- secure u.s. allies partner and partners expand prosperity. three, defend democracy. four, leverage american leadership. there's no there there. >> it's right. >> let me just say this. you nailed it. that this was an exercise in self-congratulations. the message was, wow we're doing so well we're going to give you more of the same. and my barf factor soared when toward the end susan rice speaking of the administration said called it our unparalleled leadership. this was not a strategy. america deserves better. by the way islamic state deserves more than this. >> you know what was good about
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it, colonel hunt now everybody knows. there's no debate anymore. the white house believes they're doing a hell of a job. they're really kicking some serious butt around the world. meantime, we see what we see. i get a little upset when ambassador rice says well, we have this coalition and we're going to join together. 90% of the isis bombing is being done by the usa. the emirates bailed out because they didn't like the security that we were providing carrying the whole ball. 60 coalition nations maybe have five guys standing around. do they live in your opinion, colonel hunt, in awn real world, a world of delusion, or do you they they have valid points? >> i think anytime you give a speech that spend as much time on transgender issues as it does terrorism and it's a national security speech, you've got a real problem. and that's what we just had.
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the issue with -- two points. the united states is leading the world on the fight in terrorism. we want obviously more done. the issue is how to get more done. because the administration right now thinks it is doing it. and what's happening on the ground is stopping isis to a point but nowhere near destroying it if you want to destroy isis as an example, you have to do it with soldiers on the ground, u.s., because nobody else can do it. things like jordan can't make the move from 500 miles tomosul without u.s. help. >> i'm going to appoint you. you're ambassador susan rice, colonel peters right now. this is my magic wand. i just made you ambassador rice. i cited yesterday ms. ambassador, two reports one from the united nations and one from amnesty international that said, girls ages 10 to 12 are being raped tortured and forced to marry isis savages.
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and that there are unparalleled atrocities going on in all the territory that isis covers, okay? on your watch ms. ambassador, and on the president's watch isis has gained thousands of square miles of territory, which mostly they hold. and every day little girls are getting raped. and you're telling me that you believe somewhere down the line they'll be degraded or whatever. what about all the people who are suffering now? do you have no responsibility for that? and you say, ms. ambassador? >> well, unfortunately when you don't want to fight when you're unwilling to send ground troops, nothing is going to happen. and this is such a sad thing, bill. because the atrocities, the bar
8:09 pm
bare barbarism in the middle east. >> do they care about that? >> no they don't. i personally had no problem with susan rice mentioning the lgbt community and their human rights. i want decent human rights for all law-abiding decent people. >> not in this speech a national security speech. >> here's the key thing. they didn't mention the destruction of 2,000 years of christian civilization. they didn't mention the burying little boys alive the destruction of other mine anotherities, the slaughter of muslims, beheading children watching soccer matches. >> they don't see that as an existential threat. >> they don't care. your point about nazi germany was right. it's 1933. >> right. >> get ready for '38. >> i believe the parallel is frightening. i'm going to spend the next 90 seconds on the pentagon. they're obviously embarrassed on the bowe bergdahl front. we'll have another report next week on that. whereas the army won't publicly say what they're going to do even though they know what are going to do. they know what happened there. they won't say it publicly.
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they're embarrassed. are they embarrassed colonel hunt in your opinion from talking to people you know about americans impotence in the face of isis? that isis does what they want and america can't seem to stop them? does the pentagon care? how do they feel about that? >> two things. the army is embarrassed about the bergdahl incident internally. because of the way they've acted. that's a u.s. army problem with some politicians. as far as the isis-isil, there's a strong argument about more to do from the air force particularly. but there is this hue and cry about we have to reattack in iraq. the problem is, they can't get the right definition out of the white house, which is destroy or -- >> destroy or contain. >> detain now, yes. destroy means soldiers on the ground. but nobody's arguing on either side of the aisle for american soldiers on the ground. what i'm trying to say is, this
8:11 pm
can't get done with any other army in the middle east because turkey is not coming in, et cetera. it's gotting to to be u.s. guys. >> pentagon embarrassed over bergdahl. is there any kind of groundswell of opposition about isis? >> yes. well, first of all, they're not embarrassed about bergdahl. they're cynical about it. the troops i know the officers they're just disgusted by it. they're repelled by this administration still playing politics by this. by the way, president obama in his own selfishness and cynicism has made pfc as far as i'm concerned bergdahl the most hated guy in uniform. as far as the air strikes go cynicism again. they know obama is not going to do something. they know it's not working. i mean soldiers are cynical by nature. >> i know. [ overlapping speakers ] >> never seen it like this. it's a level i've never seen. >> gentlemen, thank you. next on the rundown how should you react to president obama's
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comparison of muslim and christian injustice if you're a christian? how would jesus react? later gutfeld and mcgerk on king of jordan using clint eastwood in the fight against isis. coming right back. for only $5. save 40% on a 50 pack of bass pro stik-o baits. and save $15 on new johnny morris signature series spinning reels. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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and through the nail. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. tackle it! ask your doctor now if new jublia is right for you. factor follow up segment tonight as you may know. president obama began a contro as we know, president obama began a controversy yesterday by comparing christian atrocities nearly 1,000 years ago to muslim atrocities today. sound bite played over and over. just in case you didn't see it, here it is. >> lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the crusades and inquisitions people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. and our home country, slavery and jim crow all too often was justified in the name of christ.
8:16 pm
>> joining us now from dallas pastor robert jeffers a fox news contributor. i want you to put jesus at the prayer breakfast. there's the nazarene and he's multiplying the loaves and fishes so everybody has plenty to eat, all right? and he hears this from the president of the united states. how do you think jesus would react? >> i would imagine that jesus would be outraged that the president would willfully mischaracterize a movement like christianity that bears christ's name. i believe that jesus who said it would be better to be cast into sea than to harm a child would be inincensed he would compare christianity to isis, a movement that tortures children and burris them alive and brutalizes them. >> he didn't compare christianity to islam in the sense that he was giving a moral equivalency. what he did say was, in the name of christ -- he used the word
8:17 pm
christ the redeemer -- that wars were launched. certainly true. no doubt about it. and that there was a period of inquisition where people were tortured if they wouldn't renounce what the torturers felt was heresy. that's historical fact. >> okay. >> but it happened a long, long time ago. >> but that's not the point, bill. bill, that's not the point. i keep hearing people say it happened a long time ago but it did happen and you're absolutely correct about that. but let's put that in perspective. the president mentioned the inquisition. the inquisition lasted 450 years. there were 2200 people who died. that's about five a year. more people died on 9/11, one day at the hand of muslim terrorists than in all of the inquisition. you know i hear people talk about christians who commit these abortion clinic bombings. do you know how many people have died in abortion clinic bombings? a total of eight. why, that's not even a good day's work for a muslim
8:18 pm
terrorist. there have been millions of people slaughtered by muslim extremist extremists. what i'm saying is, there is no moral equivalency here. >> okay. do you believe it barack obama at the prayer breakfast yesterday meant -- meant to slight christianity? >> absolutely. and let me tell you what his real goal is. his real goal in stepping up there was to deny the relationship between terrorism and islam and the way he was going to do it would be by demeaning and degrading the christian faith. it's kind of like a verbal slight of hand trick, bill. instead of focusing on isis burning people alive and burying kids, let's focus instead on these christians and the terrible things they've done. he knew exactly what he was doing and he should be ashamed of himself. >> didn't he know that people like you some extent me were going to come after him and that it was going to be very hard for him to defend his position?
8:19 pm
did he know that? >> he knew that and he doesn't care. look. people have asked me am i offended by what the president said? yes, i'm offended as a christian. but as an american i'm alarmed that we have a president who will not acknowledge the root cause of the threat that we are facing. you've been comparing night after night this movement to naziism. look, the nazis were trying to establish the master race. islamists are trying to establish the master faith. we better wake up and realize what's going on here. >> all right pastor, thanks. as always, directly ahead. a charity controversy surrounding actress eva longoria is getting pretty nasty. later the president says 99.9% of muslims all over the world reject the jihad. but survey data contradicts that. we'll give you the numbers up ahead.
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controversy concerning a charity called global gift gal gal as. the honorary chair eva longoria. before i get to that you heard the debate about the prayer breakfast remark. how do you see it? >> i think there is no doubt, bill, that more people have died in the name of religion than any other single cause in the history of the human race. i don't think that is even arguable. look at the hundred years war. look what happened between the hindu and muslim when they separated bangladesh and pakistan from india. look at the crusades. look at what the irish and the british have done in the 20th century to each other. religion has been used to justify horrible atrocities throughout the human experience. the problem with what the president said wasn't the substance of his remarks as much
8:24 pm
as it was the timing. why do you give historic cover to groups like isis that are using religion to justify their horror. >> answer your own question. >> i think the timing is a horrible -- not a horrible. that's an overstatement. it is an unfortunate misstep by the president. why make this speech now? >> you don't know why he did it? >> well, i can't imagine that he thought through that he was going to help isis. >> he had to know the blowback was going to be huge. >> all right. now if you put here in the shoes of defending the timing which i don't defend. but if i were give than task i would argue the president's fear is that american muslims and other quote good muslims and we're all constantly saying the vast majority of them are law abiding all the rest of it. his fear is that there would be a backlash against american
8:25 pm
muslims. [ overlapping speakers ] i haven't seen evidence of backlash against american muslims. i don't defend his timing. his timing was terrible. >> now the hollywood reporter which is the industry newspaper of entertainment spotlighted ava longoria, who's a political activist as well as philanthropic woman. what is the beef against that charity and her association with it? >> first let me just say that you understate eva longoria's status in the latino community. she es is revered. not just for her philanthropy but also for her success in business. she's done magnificent. she just got eight projects okayed, "desperate housewives" teleknow telenovella the new one. here's the rap. she has two friends who have a charity called charity gift gala.
8:26 pm
they beg for things like a ride on a superyacht. then they auction it off and they go to charity. professional beggars get something of value to auction they auction it off and the money they say goes to charity. the problem is according to the hollywood reporter, very ambitious story for a show biz publication, by the way. is that not enough of the money goes to the specific cause annointed and that there is very shady bookkeeping in terms of how much money was raised and how much actually goes to the charity involved. >> okay. >> now a couple of things. the hollywood reporter states specifically that there is no allegation nor is there any suspicion that eva longoria herself took any of the money in any way. >> she didn't profit. >> she didn't profit at off. she's a good person by every account. are the two people maria bravo and elina peralta, the two women who run this global gift gala, are they as pure as the driven
8:27 pm
snow as eva longoria is? there's some questions. one has kind of a shady past. nothing in terms of criminal convictions. >> i only have 30 seconds. i don't know whether you run the life works but you're very involved in life works. >> i'm involved with that and other charities. >> i give you money for it. i assume you're watching what's going on. >> i am watching like a hawk. >> eva longoria has to watch, too. >> when you say that, you're absolutely right. look at what happened with wyclef jean the haitian singer who raised over $3 million, used it to build recording studios to hire his mistress and things of that nature. >> right. >> there is clear wrongdoing. in eva longoria's case too many celebrities put their names to too many good causes and don't pay attention to the details. >> i think that's fair. geraldo, everybody. gut felt mcgerk on the king of jordan clint eastwood and isis. but next, our mad as hell segment.
8:28 pm
>> god father i don't know what to do. i don't know what to do. >> you can't act like a man! what's the matter with you? >> i believe marlon brando is miffed, mad as hell. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. emma. i'm out of the office right now, but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join us for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food fruit, nuts, and whole grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. let's get real.
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8:32 pm
>> yes. but now i'm on the bill o'reilly factor. i'm so excited. >> this is big. >> let me tell you. like the bus that got me here. >> calm down. letter number one comes from laurel who lives in bemigi, minnesota. i called senator franken's office and asked him what his position is about isis and ukraine. they didn't know and i'm mad as hell. what is his position? >> we used to know what he really thought when it was closer to the election time. i only say that because it's true. when you look since then you don't find things like the letter that he wrote that mentions that one american from minnesota has already been killed fighting isis and he's kind of childing the obama administration for not doing more. >> we don't know what his policy is, right? we've tried to find out but he really doesn't have a policy. >> the only thing that we know is when he was going up against republican challenger mike mcfadden, it came up as a topic in a way, mcfadden may have done him a favor.
8:33 pm
what did he say though franken? >> franken said you know what this is a priority for this administration. and that we've been fighting this a long time. this is something that's been part of my focus for a long time. >> harris, that's all b.s. he doesn't have a policy. here's the second letter. >> wait. who's supposed to get mad here. >> dr. james in la jolla california i'm angry colleges charge $50 an hour and up so students can listen to music on their iphones. these kids don't know anything. any stats on current events and what college kids know? >> so you know what this might be a little true. he might have a reason to be angry. in history in particular we're in trouble. students were asked in a recent poll what is the capital of france. in 1980, sixth most answered question correctly was that. now in 2012 it was the 23rd most correctly answered question. so we're going in the wrong direction. >> talking about college students that don't know the capital of france. >> we're going in the wrong
8:34 pm
direction. >> i'm not surprised. >> but science we did better. >> third letter, darrel whitfield escondido, california, i'm tired and angry about the coverage of all the storms back east. it's winter! easy for you to say in san diego! >> okay now, this is a little sore spot with me. because we've done a lot of storm coverage. >> yes. >> we're overdoing it. >> okay. but here are the facts. 2014 all right? 2013-14 actually one of the coldest seasons, winter seasons we've had on record. >> in america. >> in america, right? globally 2014 warmest on record yes. >> but not here. >> no it's more a mixed bag. remember the polar vortex? we've even named how cold it is right? >> okay. so it's cold here but the rest of the world it's hot. >> right. so they might want to call it climate change separate from global warming? >> all right. here's the final letter. bruce from delray beach, florida, mad as hell the obama family travels internationally continues to disrespect customs
8:35 pm
of other country like michelle obama not wearing a head scarf in saudi arabia. i defended the first lady saying i'm glad she didn't. she didn't have to, right? >> no. the protocol said you have an option. you can cover your head or wear loose clothing. >> we did anytime pakistan. but i want people to know in a muslim world women aren't treated well. >> do you agree with? senator ted cruz. he said the same thing. >> he did? >> he tweeted about it. >> i think he watches factor. >> he said kudos to the first lady for standing up to women refusing to wear sharia-mandated head scarf in saudi arabia. nicely done. >> how was that? fun? >> i don't know who normally does this? heather? >> heather does it. i think she has ebola. >> you need to quit. >> all right. we'll watch you at noon on fnc. if your mad as hell we want to hear about it. come back up gut gutfeld and
8:36 pm
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8:40 pm
jordanian pilot by isis has caused the nation of jordan to step up against that terrorism group. they claimed jordan killed an american hostage they were holding. difficult to confirm that. this week the king of jordan apparently used clint eastwood as a model for vengeance. >> anybody i see out there i'm going to kill him. any son of a [ mute ] takes a shot at me i'm not only going to kill him i'm going to kill his wife and all his friends. >> that movie "unfor given" won best picture. here now bernard mcgerk and greg gutfeld. gutfeld pretty pierce. >> king of jordan king of awesome. if it were our president he might have cited "notebook". this guy says kill em all. our president says degrade and destroy which is what i would
8:41 pm
say about my liver. so we've got dirty harry. king abdullah is dirty harry and we're dealing with barney fife. he should be out there like this guy. this is a good thing. this guy's a muslim. and he's finally standing up against an existential threat. this is very necessary that there is a person that finally stands up and says we're going to kill everybody. good for him. >> i just want him to kilt bad guys, not everybody. >> i love the cut of this guy's jib. i mean, he's a friend to the west. a muslim friend to the west here. he's a former military guy. one of his guys gets savagely murdered, he puts on a flight suit, he quotes clint eastwood. and he goes out and takes action. obama -- with obama one of our guys gets savagely beheaded. obama has a press conference puts on golf shoes and quotes ""caddyshack"" and goes out and hits balls around. this guy probably would admire
8:42 pm
chris kyle where obama would admire -- did admire somebody like bow bergdahl. that's the difference. the significant ver lining is it angered and galvanized somebody in the muslim world it is an existence threat to. these are the people should be taking care of this, bill, not necessarily us. you had this conversation earlier with the two military guys. let jordan and saudi arabia, maybe egypt, maybe israel let them all go in there. >> you've got to organize it, though. i mean, that's what president obama should try to do is a big conference and let's get everybody together. but it's got to be on the ground. it can't be bombing them from -- >> how could it be on the ground? you can't do that again. you can't conflate either iran and isis. they were both at each other's throats. let them fight. let the syrians fight the isis people. they're at each other's throats. people conflate the two. >> you've got to organize it. it's not being organized. >> hillary would have quoted "noting hill" she would have said don't forget i'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.
8:43 pm
>> you're the only man that i know that saw that movie. >> 16 times. >> okay. what college you go to gutfeld? >> berkeley if you believe it. >> i can. you went? >> college of saint vincent in riverdale in the bronx. >> dartmouth. ivy league up in new hampshire having a big course. i mean a big course. black lives matter. and ten count them ten dartmouth professors are going to participate in the course. what do you think about it mcgerk? >> inspired by the events in ferguson, missouri. >> and staten island. >> right. well, this professor came from ferguson. that's what started it. the objectives one english professor says is to context wallize the systemic extra judicial killings in ferguson and around the nation. do you believe it jib rush, bill? talk about guilty self-hating cop hating egg heads who don't know squat about the real world this. hashtag black lives lives matter
8:44 pm
has been discredited. targeted towards cops. as though the cops think black lives don't matter, these cops have saved more black lives than any of the academic clowns in any country any state or whatever. the cops have. >> they're having a big course up there. are you going to enroll? i think you might be able to do it. >> it's an indoctrination into police trolling. basically the campus has become a puppy mill of mindless activism. they're churning out young dependents who have absolutely no career prospects. all they can do is pain paint a sign and scream. i wonder if they'll include the sent sentiments of sentiments clarence thomas. >> they don't include the black lives in the inner city at all in this course. apparently those lives don't matter to these people.
8:45 pm
>> guilty white lives. >> president obama says 99% of muslims reject jihad. our poll on the republican presidential candidate right back. captain obvious: i probably wouldn't stay here tonight. man: thanks, captain obvious. captain obvious: i'd get a deal for tonight with deals for tonight from and you might want to get that pipe fixed. in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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8:48 pm
rejecting the jihad. president obama says most muslims do. >> it is absolutely true that i reject a notion that somehow that creates a religious war, because the overwhelming majority of muslims reject that interpretation of islam. it's very important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9% of muslims who are looking for the same thing we're looking for, order peace prosperity.
8:49 pm
>> well, looks like the president is being very generous in his appraisal. according to a study by the pew research center, a significant minority of muslims support jihad. when asked if it can be justified against civilians 46% of muslims in the palestinian territory say yes. 29% of muslims in lebanon agree. 24% in egypt. 18% in turkey. in bangladesh a whopping 44% of muslims support suicide bombing against civilians. do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of al qaeda in palestinian territories 25% favorable. bangladesh, 23% egypt 15% indonesia 15%. are you surprised by the results? >> no. i'm not. >> you thought they'd be more? >> i did think there'd be more. only because i find that when you're doing polling, people are apprehensive to be fully honest. however let's assume those
8:50 pm
numbers are correct. do you know what i was most surprised about? the 99.9% number the president cited, bill. >> that's a crazy number. >> it's basically saying 100%. that's as close as you can get. it tells me bill, that he is not just saying jihad isn't a problem. he's saying it doesn't even saying it doesn't even exist. 100% almost of ms. lms don't believe in jihad. and i looked in the united states and it says that 7% of united states muslims muslims living here believe that jihad is sometimes justified. that's a small city in the united states alone. >> it's nothing like the numbers in the middle east. >> it's still 7% sometimes justifying jihad. that's crazy. >> you would get a crazy number about that if you ask americans about a fringe group. >> but we didn't ask every
8:51 pm
americans, we asked the president of the united states. >> and even you who is a huge fan of president obama? >> i'm not a huge fan. how the study was conducted, number one, is always an issue. >> but that's pretty reliable. >> it is but you have to look at each region and see -- >> i don't dispute it. i think it's accurate. in fact, it came away very moderate. >> and that number has gone down in places -- >> they don't like it when it's in front of their eyes. >> exactly. >> and there are angry people there in the palestinian territories. and i want to focus on president
8:52 pm
obama because he's the leader of this nation and if he has an unrealistic view of the war on tear and i believe he does, we should be worried. >> i think he has a very realistic view. he's releasing bombs against isis. should we put boots on the ground? >> yes, and kill them all. there's nobody attacking rackau from the ground now. i'm surprised, meagan, that you're not surprised by this. you are because you don't like barack obama. but i don't know if he believes this stuff, he says it but does he really believe it. >> he wouldn't say something like they are not an islamic organization.
8:53 pm
>> he didn't say that. >> he did say that and he said that tag banliban is not a terrorist organization. >> he didn't say that. a spokes person said that. >> oh his mouth piece. i get the peaceful aspects of islam, i get that but if he really cared about salvjing the respect of islam he would be worried about the people who are blanketing it. >> hurt peaceful muslim -- >> they're religious. >> i don't think you guys would like living in saudi arabia. >> i wouldn't. >> because it is a theoceracy based on islam. you would not like it. okay. your selection for the
8:54 pm
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the results of our pres dengsal pole on the repu side. and we heard lauraing ruham say that if ronald regan was president, he would confront isis. which regan is she remembering. and occurring around the world a german pastor once said that -- and take direct action against isis will not work. his ambivlance is his strongest character trait. and will someone please tell president obama that the only thing worst than america being
8:57 pm
the world's policeman is america not being the world's policeman. and i guess the elite take care of their own. cheap shot harold. storys all over the place. i don't need to belabor it. and good night, chet, good night david. president obama had a meeting with leaders and didn't let us know. sometimes they like to keep these things private. and i ordered killing patten for my 93-year-old grandfather who says it is the best christmas presents he ever received. and you are a good grandson something we need much more of in america. don't forget your grandparents and the elderly in general.
8:58 pm
and loved all the killing books, mr. o, when is the next one coming up? i will announce the next title in the spring and you will be surprised. and claten north carolina, my 10-year-old son has a school project where he had to dres up as journalist, he picked jesse waters and put the caller of his shirt up. i hope he wasn't expelled john. and if you want to meet your correspondent at the theater, you better move it. reo rancho the same thing, about 6,000 seats there. so there are some seats but you got to move it, because they go fast. and the land of enchantment always great in the skin.
8:59 pm
and facts of the day, one of the most -- about 75 thousand of you voted for one candidate from the republican field. here are the top three. governor scott walker senator ted cruz comes in third and we appreciate everybody who voted but not those of you who tried to slam the poll. our software is not that sophisticated. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the news factor website, different from o'reilly. and o'reilly at fox and the word of the day. do not be blooter when writing to the factor.
9:00 pm
next week we will be reporting from los angeles. nice weather, out there i hear. and remember, the spin stops here as we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> breaking tonight some of america's formost christian leaders delivering a harsh rebuk against president obama after he said don't get on your high horse. tonight, the white house responding to a growing corofshs of critics. after many found the president's remarks that annual prayer breakfast insulting, misguided or confused. they say the president was simply telling people to hold themselves accountable. >>


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