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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> jordan, vowing to wipe isis from the face of the earth as we wait for the word of the fate of the american women held hostage bite terrorist thugs. raising doubts about isis claims that kayla muler was killed in an air strike. kayla's family is holding out hope she is alive. jordan called the claim of the death is criminal propaganda. >> they are stepping up air strikes in syria and iraq. jordan is vowing revenge. leland viter has the latest. >> are jordan's air strikes
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having impact? >> doesn't seem as of yet. they are symbolic are unlikely to change the battlefield equation by that much. the jordan hit weapon depos. and experts point the law of the diminishing returns against the terrorist army. there is growing criticism on the administration's handling of the isis threat. susan rice doubled down on the president's policy for confronting terror. >> while the dangers we face are more numberous and varied. they are not of the nature that we confronted in world war ii or during the cold war. we cannot a forward to be buffeted by alarmism, and the nearly instantous new's cycle. >> it was a exercise in self congratulation. and the message is wow, we are
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doing so well and we'll give you more of the same. my barf factor soarred when susan rice speaking of the administration call today our unparalleled leadership. this is not a strategy. and by the way, islamic state deserves more than this. >> isis continues to hold in syria things in iraq are looking up for kurdish fighters in mosul. they still need more from the united states rather than just air strikes. >> if they have a night vision google. they could detect the isis militants miles away. however, by the time they are discovered, they are hearing their foot steps and next you know they are fighting with hand grenades and handguns. this is where the the casulties are taking place. >> reporter: there are growing questions about the administration's strategy
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against isis. still to be decided is the congressional authorization of use of military force. so far there is deep divisions with the democrats wanting a time line and republicans on the other side said they would like to encourage the use of ground troops. >> what more do we know about kayla muler's fate in particular? >> reporter: precious little. the jordans have pushed back hard on her dying. the state department spokeswoman ducked questions and she is an american aid worker and taken hostage in syria and leaving the doctors without border hospital in a leppo. her family are holding out hope she is alive. >> they do it out of their heart, the goodness of helping
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and they go there with the intent to do good and they are on their own basically. and they get captured like that, it affect us all. >> reporter: kaylan is the last known american hostage that isis has inside of syria. leland reporting from washington toni so much. united arab emirates defending a entire squadron of fighters to georgia. that will support the georgia air force against-- jordan air force. >> and the ua e had stopped carrying out strikes against isis late last year. >> and mother of four appearing in court on terrorism charges. she has been sending money to
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isis in the middle east. she could get 15 years in prison. >> how did the bosnian immigrants reach terrorist overseas? >> reporter: they used western union and pay pal and facebook and point people to supply terrorist with cash and weapons since may 2013. yesterday police arrested a 34-year-old illinois mother for conspiring to support isis in syria and iraq. she appeared in court. they collected cash among themselves and donations from others in the u.s. and either sent it directly to terrorist or used it to purchase military equipment like u.s. military uniforms and tactical gear and firearms and accessories. and the gear was purchased and
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shipped to contacts in turkey and saudi arabia who sent it to terrorist in syria and iraq. she is specifically accused of transferring $3,700. they posted videos and images and discussing travel plans and use coded language and described iraq and syria the beach. >> interesting how social media play a crucial role in the way terrorist operate. how is the bosnian terrorist linked. >> they lived in the u.s. legally. three of the six lived in st. louis, missouri and three are u.s. citizens include canning the 33-year-old mother who lived in illinois. her arrest shocked her neighbors. >> it makes you feel less safe. we have to go out and be ourselves and not try to let it
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bother us. and knowing that it is a few doors down from your own, it kind of makes you wonder. >> reporter: they are accused of giving the bosnia native and u.s. citizen who left st. louis, missouri to join the terrorist. five of the six has been arrested and one man is overseas. if convicted she faces 30 years in prison. >> some would say that is not enough. turning to the crisis in ukraine. vice-president biden and john kerry attending a summit in germany. the vice-president telling top officials that russia must not be allowed to draw the map of eastern europe. and warned russia that the cost will rise if moscow interferes with ukraine sovereigntyty.
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they need weapons and the ukraine military is badly under armed and underfunded and struggling against the russian backed rebels. >> when benjamin netanyahu will address congress. vice-president biden will the not be attending. >> reporter: we don't know where the vice-president will be on march 3rdrd. his office said he be out of the country. vice-president biden usually would attend the joint meeting of congress especially when a foreign leader speaks. he's missed another address by the australian prime freedom in 2011. and the vp's office said this trip was planned before house republican speaker john boehner announced that netanyahu would address the law makers. the white house is critical with
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boehner for lining up netanyahu without coordinating with the white house. the other democrat include congressman john lewis. gk butterfield. and taking the vice-president's seat will be orin hatch who is president pro tem and third in line to the presidency. john kerry will not meet with netanyahu and they say they don't want to take sides. >> and that leads to the question of the day. what do you make of president obama and vice-president bide boyd not meeting with the israel leader netanyahu in his next visit to the u.s. tweet me at julie bandaras and i will try to read your answers. we are already getting plenty of
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comments. and nbc anchor brian williams is taking himself off air at least temporarily. williams as many of you know, has been at the center of a big controversy when it was recently revealed that he made false statements about his time in iraq and he apologized on air for saying he was in a helicopter hit by rpg fire in 2003. williams said in the midst of a career spend covering and consuming news it is painfully apparent to me i am too much a part of the news due to my actions. as managing editor of nbc news, i will take myself off move daily broadcast for the next several days and lester holt has kindly agreed to sit in for me
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to allow us. to adequately deal with the question. upon my return i will continue it my career long effort to be worthy of the trust of those who place their trust in us. >> right now an investigation underway after bruce jenner was involved in a deadly multicar crash. the details behind the chain reaction pile up coming up and the shutdown that could be affecting your wallet. cargo ships are forced to wait offshore delaying the drop off at dozens of west coast ports. . i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food fruit, nuts, and whole grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole.
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here at fidelity we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today. >> a fox urgent now. children among the victims in a shooting in douglasville, georgeia. a deadly shooting 20 miles west of atlanta. police say a gunman opened fire in a home, killing four people and turning the gun on himself. two others were wounded. no names or ages at this time
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are being released but police do tell fox news that all of the people involved are related and an investigation is ongoing. bruce jenner involved in a deadly accident in malibu, california. according to the sheriff's office. the crash involved multiple vehicles on the pacific coast highway after noon local time. one person was killed and as many as sen others were injured. jenner's banged up escan laid was at the scene, he appeared to be okay. >> he cooperated with the investigation and did a fold sobriarity cash and donate a blood sample to disprove alcohol or drugs in his system. >> a rescue helicopter was brought in to transport one of the victims. the sheriff's department is still investigating. bitter labor disputes are having an impact on the u.s. economy
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after shipping operations were suspended this afternoon. they are being forced to wait offshore unable to unload cargo. 25 percent of the gross domestic product is linked to cargo that goes through the court. how big of an impact does the shutdown have? >> julie, big. estimates that it could cost 1 to 2 billion a day and the shutdown continues and we can tell you with the ships stuck at sea, they are carrying goods that people carry every day. like bottled water and iphones. now the specific maratime said the union has been slowing down work and creating gridlock on the ports as a tactic to leverage negotiations over pay and pensions. >> the slow downs are having the
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same result as a strike. and the workers are still getting a paycheck. >> the terminals cannot withstand anymore and we are close to grid lock. >> the union said it is not true and said the pman is responsible for the congestion and trying to get the upper hand. >> this is a shocking development. to have the companies close the ports down in the weekend in the middle of the congestion mess that is affecting customers for the better part of 2014 is a real blow. >> union members protested and the pma points out a average union maker makes 140 this happened a year. and they were offered an increase and full benefits. julie? >> has it ever happen before? >> it happen in 2002.
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george burn had to stop it after it went for ten days. the national retail federation issued a statement by the vice-president of the supply and johnathon gold said enough is enough. the inability to find common ground between the two side are driving up the cost of products and jeopardizing american jobs and threatening the long- term viability of businesses large and small. they want to so an end to the dispute as soon as possible. >> thank you very much. jordan is vowing to wipe out isis complete plea. and we'll go to amman in minutes. >> a new report suggest that bobby christina may be a victim
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new developments in the case of bobbi kristina brown the daughter of whitney houston remains on life support in georgia after being found unconscious in a bath tub last weekend. according to tmz police say some of her suggest foul play may be involved and nick gordon is the focus of an active criminal investigation. it is almost three years to it the day since whitney houston was found dead in a bath tub. extreme weather alert out west. powerful storms packing heavy winds and rain to washington
4:23 pm
state to arizona. downed trees and power line causing widespread damages and outages. flights are delayed and some areas are suffering from drought conditions. but the sudden downpours could trigger major flooding and land slides. another snow storm setting its sights in the northeast. listen up upon if you live between connecticut and maine. some areas could see two feet of snow before the storm moves out. janice dean, i can't wipe the grin off of my face. i am sorry. >> i need support with the snow. >> you got mine. >> we'll talk about it in a second. but let's focus in on the west. they are getting moisture. it is a good news story because they need moisture in the drought- stricken region of california and great basin.
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but it is coming fast. we have seen a foot of rain in northern california. there are flooding concerns and drought is extreme to exceptional drought in california. they will take what they can get. but too much of a good thing is causing flooding concern. they need the snow pack they need in the next couple of months. >> for san francisco more rain in the forecast for sunday and monday and things start to dry out. this is their rainy season typically when they get the moisture. tomorrow's highs. two-thirds of the country will feel like spring. look at dallas and kansas city and only area that does not feel like spring is upper northeast. there is look at the snow and ongoing situation. not one big snow event but several over the next couple of days. there is sun tomorrow morning
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and we'll watch the the snow in new england and sunday and monday. we could get a wintry mix where we could so ice on the roadways heading in to monday morning's commute. and still with us, maybe reaching south of philadelphia. and the bull's eye of the snow will be new england and some cases over a foot of snow. and west of boston some computer models are indicating two feet. and it is great for the ski vacation. >> and it is out. and very much love it. it is beautiful. it is hard to travel, of course. thank you for much. >> and jordan not buying isis'
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claims that american woman held hostage in syria was killed in air strikes. >> the irs is hiring employees with checkered pasts. you have to hear this story, next. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare.
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was killed in a jordan air strike and calling it part of their criminal propaganda. conner powell is in amman, jordan tonight. >> reporter: the u.s. led coalition is expanding the military offensive against isis and the uea joining in the campaign. they suspended flights after a jet crashed in december. the there is more than 20 strikes in iraq and syria they are launching dozens of strikes in retaliation for the brutal execution of the pilot. isis claims that one of the jets killed a u.s. aid worker kayla muler in an attack on
4:31 pm
insurgents. jordan said the isis' statement is propaganda. the u.s. is trying to determine if the arizona native is still alive and remains skeptical that she would be killed in a coalition air strike. her parents are concerned for their daughter but remain hopeful she is alive. >> thank you. people all over europe marking the one month since the terrorist attack of charlie heb do. >> and a philosophy professor from italy brought his students to the site to pay tribute to the victims. >> we believe in the values of the french revolution and we are all today charlie. we believe in freedom and fraternity and in criticism and we can relating to the biting style of charlie. >> the president said france's
4:32 pm
honorable response said it is a great lesson to students and the world. >> isis is recruiting new followers across the globe. gretta takes a in- depth look of the mysterious leader and where they came from. >> we see 125 different language used by isis and isis accounts. >> people may not have homes or jobs. but they have a phone. >> right. isis has a media center. >> it seems to me that isis has a rapid response team and an event happens, they have their message up and old style al-qaeda takes weeks to respond. that is tonight on fox news channel. >> 40 people killed in bombings in baghdad. one explosion targeted a street lined with hardware stores and
4:33 pm
another part of the city two bombs detonated and more than 50 people wounded. it was before the old curnow was lifted and ordered by the iraqi prime minister. and more remains have been found in eastern ukraine where malaysian aircraft was shot down last year. they will be examined in the nother lands. experts have identified all but throw of the people killed in the crash. transasia airlines said all pilots will undergo proficiency test following a deadly crash in taiwan. and you may remember can you believe this. caught on someone's camera watch the wing as it clips that taxi before crashing in the river below.
4:34 pm
apparently both pilots shut off the working engine. it may have contributed to the tragedy. 15 people survived and seven remain missing. >> six people were killed when the bus they were riding in is attacked. our top stories around the world in 80 seconds. >> bangladesh. attackers throwing fire bombs at a packed bus. at least 30 people were hurt, some had to be treated for severe burns. the attack fls the latest violence in the nationwide transportation blockate aimed at forcing the country's prime minister to resign. >> albannia the country deploy deploying military as they face the worst flooding in decades. the country's prime minister blaming deforation for the rapid rise in water. >> china a suspected drunk
4:35 pm
driver caught in the act. surveillance camera capture a driver attempting to get his car on a sidewalk. nearby police saw what happened and got involved. the driver tried to speed off. he didn't get far. police stopped the car and arrested the driver. the party getting started early in venice. it kicks off this weekend and people are gathering and donning elaborate masks and jackets and wigs ahead of a carnival. it lasts for weeks and leads to the roman catholic period of lint. >> new questions tonight surrounding the embattled internal revenue service as the agency tries to move past a targeting scandal that is unresolved on irs.
4:36 pm
>> irs rehired more than hundred employees who had issues paying their own taxes. mike emmanuel has the details. >> there are new questions about the irs's use of taxpayer money at a time when the commissioner is complaining about the lack of resources. >> it is a difficult filing season and the service is abysmal. >> the treasurer rehires employees that had serious conduct issues. more than 7000 rehired. and 824 of them and 11 percent had prior employment issues including 541. and orin hatch said there is no reason to hire employees who failed to uphold those expectation. and this week a senator blasted the agency for practices that don't make sense. >> the irs shelled out over
4:37 pm
a million in bonuses and 10000 hours in paid vacation time, to 1100 irs employees who owe back taxes. >> there is also a new report for institute for justice that said thanks to the civil forfetture laws, the irs seized thousands from bank accounts without criminal behavior. the irs seized more than 242 million for structuring violations and more than 2500 cases. one- third of those cashes with a series of cash transaction with no other criminal activity. the irs will focus limited resources on cases where it comes from illegal sources. >> mike thank you. a tanker spilling the content and going up in flames on a highway. we'll tell you what happened
4:38 pm
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water,
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but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always. announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. >> today family and friends gathered to remember the man who was killed by former rap mogul. carter was laid to rest in los angeles this afternoon. carter was hit in a parking lot in compton on january 29th. >> i was at work and i got a phone call the worst phone call of my life.
4:42 pm
>> he would give you anything you wanted. all you had to do is call him and he would take care of that for you. nanother man was injured. after pleading not guilty to murder and attempted murder and hit and run in court. suge experienced chest pains and rushed off to the hospital. he was having symptoms dow to a fatal blood clot. >> and suspect accused of causing it all. books on multiple drug charges. nevada, several others were injured in this pile up in las vegas including the man who started it all. the driver took off after getting stopped by police. he sped away and ran a red light
4:43 pm
causing the fatal chain reaction. it is very said that innocent people are hurt and killed and lost everything because someone cannot obey the law. the intersection was closed for an investigation. >> washington state, raging flood waters overtaking homes and forcing evacuation. emergency crews going door-to-door to make sure everybody gets out safely. many homeowners are worried about losing everything and others are taking it all in stride. >> you are not the nervous? >> no. >> we came out a lot of times and watched all of the logs come down. >> the rain sparked a mud slide that closed two roads. >> utah, a tanker truck goes up in flames and spilling crude. the driver drifted off of the road and rolled down a hill.
4:44 pm
and he was not hurt and the highway was closed as crews worked to clean up the spill and put out the flames. it is not clear what caused the driver to loedz control. in california a young raccoon was rescued after spending three days dropped inside of a pipe. people heard crois and maintenance worker exposed the pipe and called for him. the fire department and animal services worked to get the raconout. >> new details about a family accused of staging a little boyteaching hymn a life lesson. the three along with another suspect seen here face serious charges, for luring a boy in a truck and terrorizing him and teaching him about stranger danger.
4:45 pm
paul reports from st. louis, part of the outlandish plot was captured on camera. >> a lot of people want to understand what the framework and thoughts were behind it. it shocks the conscious of the community. >> reporter: the lieutenant is getting calls from as far away as great britain. four adults accused of faking a boy's kidnapping and terrorizing because they felt he was too nice and needed a lesson on stranger danger. >> they removed a video from gnathan's cellullar phone where he recorded the incident where he lured the child in the truck. it was apparent all of the parties committed a conspiracy to kidnap the victim. >> it happen when he lured the boyin his truck and blind folded him and told him he would not
4:46 pm
see his mother again and took him to the basement of his home where his mother and grandmother and aunt allegedly told him he would be solid in sex slavery. after it was all over the boy, told the school what happened. >> we want children and students to know they can trust a teacher or counsellor or employee and if there is something that they report to us that we will take swift action and do everything we can to protect them. >> the lieutenant who himself was abducted as a child and never reported it, said he was glad the boydid. >> i think the guilty feelings as a adult. you know what i did as i let that man victimize someone else. and maybe it was worse because i was unwilling to tell. >> that was paul shankman from st. louis reporting.
4:47 pm
>> a detroit man who walked 21 miles going to and from to work. has a new kwar. james robinson made the trek and the college student started a fund account for him on line. do inations poured in from around the world. >> around of applause for a man who is totally overwhelmed. he looks as if he might cry as he checks out his new car. a gift from suburban ford in sterling heights. james said he doesn't just like. it but find me a ride from a man whose honda broke down. and since then he's taking buses and getting from his job inro chester hills and home in detroit. back again, 20 miles of walking
4:48 pm
every day. it has been a long time since he had a car. >> put your foot on the brake and push that button. >> and last time james drove, cars had cos and now he had a fob as he listens to it the purof the engine he is overcome with emotion and gratitude. and it is so good to see him smile. >> in the car, he almost started to croi and i was like you can't do that. you will make me cry too. >> it was incredible and to see my goal to get in a work and back. i had a goal of 5000 to raise. >> the student in wrain inwayne state raise 300000. and the dealership donated the ford taurus. >> the reason i picked the ford taurus. i remember the old ones from the '80s. they were not this fancy or
4:49 pm
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7
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4:53 pm
>> they can nudge and bark and speak in dog language. we are giving them a way to communicate clearly with the handler. >> reporter: they are developing wearable technology to make it possible for a dog to talk by pulling on an elastic activator. and the vest can be customized to help deaf or disabled people or those with a medical emergency. nexcuse me i need your attention. >> and it could be worn by a bomb sniffing dog. depending on the kind of explosive, they could communicate it to the bomb squad. the dog knows if it is ta tp and might sploid or c4 that is more stable. >> georgia tech police say it is easy to get the highwayly trained dog and get it used to
4:54 pm
technology. >> it is a matter of conditioning the dog. >> they are working for a remote control and a vest with motors. it sends different commands to the dogs and a way to work with dogs far away from the handlers or situations requiring stealth. >> other ways they are exempt being cell phone or gps. and the dog could call nine bon one or stay with a missing person until rescuers arrive. in atlanta john roberts, fox news. >> president obama and vice-president biden not meeting with prime minister netanyahu next month. senator rand paul said president obama's behind is childish.
4:55 pm
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rosy odonle is quitting the abc the view for a second time. according to her publicist she will exit next week to focus on her five children this after she split of her wife of three years in november. she left the show first time in 2007. and time now for a final check of the headlines. the cian is looking into isis claims that kayla muler was killed in a jordan air strike. so far u.s. officials have seen no proof she is dead. brian williams pulling himself from the anchor desk temporarily. and tonight's power ball jackpot 380 million bucks. and one of the largest ever and the lu walk off
4:59 pm
with a quarter million after taxes. >> and earlier you asked what do you make of president obama and vp biden not meeting with prime minister netanyahu. we had a lot of relays. potus administration doesn't want to interfere with the lengz in israel but they are working against netanyahu. and daniel said it pains me to do it. i have to defend obama. the republicans should have consulted with him first. >> i think it is a slap in the face and unacceptable behavior for america's leaders. you can join in by tweeting me at julie bandaras and we'll keep the conversation going after i am off the air. that is how fox reports saturday february 2nd. and much more ahead.
5:00 pm
strange inheritance hosted by jamie colby is next. i am taking a little break and off to vermont ski country. thanks for watching and keep it right here on fox news channel fair and balance. >> a letter in the mail with a strange inherrance. >> if i got a letter like this i would think it fls a scam. why are we named. someone is scamming us. so is it a scam? >> there is a fine line brewing genius and idiot. he said i cross that three times a day. >> who is the mysterious benefactor. >> he didn't have a family life. he didn't have a friend to talk to. he really truly was a man. but inheritance. it is a strange inheritance and a stranger


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