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tv   FOX News Reporting Election 2016 -- The Many Early Contenders  FOX News  February 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last all the way until morning. new aleve pm, for a better am. . ♪ the gop has no shortage of prospects with their eyes on the white house. some are traveling across america. some are traveling overseas. some are already done. >> the third time will not be the charm for mitt romney. >> and some -- >> i would not bet against me. >> seem to be on their way up. when the dust clears, who will be left standing? fox news reporting, election 2016. the many early contenders. from washington, d.c. bret baier. >> it seems like we just had an
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election but the political world is gearing up for 2016. the republican field is especially crowded even with mitt romney recently dropping out. tonight we'll look at the early race with a closeup on the man the "washington post" just called the first "it" candidate of the 2016 race, scott walker and we'll talk to our all-star panel on who is hot. but with a different perspective on the candidates here's john roberts in beverly hills. >> we're on rodeo drive in beverly hills. this hub of glamour is the last place you expect to find me in a show about presidential politics. but glamour is not just for high fashion and hollywood glitz, the image and mystique and glamour surrounding a presidential candidate is just as important as policy prescriptions and speeches. i spoke with the author of the
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book "the power of glamour" to find out what happens when politics and glamour meet. >> what is glamour? >> it's a persuasion or poetry that takes place less with words than with images. when we see something that is glamorous to us, it makes us think if only if like could be like that. >> glamour is casting a spell, is it not? >> yes, the word "glamour" was a scottish word that meant a literal magic spell. you cast a glamour on somebody and they saw something that wasn't there. >> looking over american political history who do you believe were some of the really truly glam mouse politicians. >> the first that everybody thinks of is john f. kennedy. partly he was glamorous because he was rich and handsome and young. he had a beautiful family.
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but the key thing is he got shot and he died. so that all of the bad things that came out about what was going on in the kennedy administration didn't really spoil the way a lot of people remember him. a president who was glamorous in a different way was ronald reagan. he was graceful and always hit his mark. one thing that reagan pulled off very well was he could stay strong and conservative and controversial things but he was genial and jovial. president obama represented what they wanted in a candidate and the world. an escape from politics and racial conflict. a progressive idea. >> mitt romney had a lot of what people would think the constitute the ability to project glamour. he was good looking well
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spoken, well educated and rich but had a huge image problem. why do you think that was? >> people did not look at mitt romney and say that is the america i want. he did not speak to sort of a deeper feelings of hopes and dreams. >> are any of the republican candidates for 2016 glamorous? >> glamorous candidates are rare because to be a glamorous candidate, you need to be mysterious and we don't like mysterious candidates. but that say, you can find elements of glamour in candidates. >> who out there has the greatest potential to instill a sense of glamour some time over the next 18 months? rick perry? >> what helps rick perry is texas. texas has a glamour in some people's eyes. what hurts him is that he doesn't make things look easy. he makes things look hard and he can be offputting to people not
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from texas. >> looks like he's trying too hard. >> ted cruz? >> the texas glamour could help him too. >> chris christie? >> he does not have glamour at all. it's unfair and i could be wrong. but people want a slightly idealized type as their president and it's not just that he's overweight. because in a way, much of america is overweight. maybe that would be a plus. they could identify. it's that he combines that with a kind of angry quality that is not reassuring to people. >> jeb bush? >> jeb bush could have had glamour if his brother had never existed. but unfortunately he has to deal with the legacy of being the other brother. >> rand paul? >> rand paul as a person doesn't have glamour. but as a message, has kind of glamour of an ideal libertarian
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or constitutionist america. >> marco rubio? >> marco rubio is still largely an unknown to people but he could have glamour because of his life story. >> bobby jindal. >> i think the idea of bobby jindal is glamorous to people but like rick perry he tries too hard. >> rick santorum. >> rick santorum is so narrow in his appeal it is hard to see glamour. >> ben carson? >> ben carson does have a lot of is a surgeon, not a politic not a policy wonk. but behind the mystery is somebody who is completely new to politics. >> mike huckabee. >> he represents the folks. it's me in the media kind of glamour but that's not glamour. it's a down-home charm. >> there is a sense of glamour about donald trump but does it
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translate to the presidential field. >> it's a rich guy in new york glamour. it's not a glamour that has anything to do with politics. >> scott walker? >> scott walker has managed to make a very difficult task of taking on special interests which doesn't sound glamorous. in retrospect he can cast himself as a hero. people like the idea of a brave candidate, a guy who stands up and yet he is not scary. >> could someone emerge with a glamour, charisma and pizzazz? >> it's certainly very early days and most of these candidates are unfamiliar to the public. so there's a lot of opportunity for people's images of political figures to be crafted of time. >> you can walk into a louis vuitton and buy something that adds a little glamour to your life. but as she explains, glamour in politics is rare.
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and i have to go back today. the doctor's worried its so close to her eye. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. . the glaem more factor. how important is it in presidential politics? what does it take to be elected president? let's ask our panel. steve hayes. george, big picture? >> what does it take to be president? first of all, convictions since margaret thatcher and ronald reagan put that in our vocabulary. sometimes there is a contrast
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from the outgoing president. but most of all, and this is not glamour and not charisma, it's likable. peter hart has that. he's a fine democratic polist. he says go back to truman-dewey, in every election except nixon, the most likable candidate wins. they have all these alg rhythms and metrics likability. romney won his argument. he said i know how to fix the economy. >> but in our society, steve, where there are stars who were not really sure why they're stars and there are, you know, people following people on twitter. i mean, is this a different environment to be elected president? >> it certainly is different but i think george is right on the likability factor. there have been studies that suggest as much.
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i have done this exercise. you compare one to the other. it's the case that the more likable candidate wins every time. in this day and age i think there's another factor and that is authenticity. i think the american people are sort of sick of being -- sick of candidates who are too blow dried and whose answers seem focus grouped and everything is so well thought out. they want someone who is real. the politicalically say is someone they can have a beer with. but someone you can imagine having a real conversation with who is not going to lean over to a consultant and say what do i say now? >> part of what likability means is someone who understands my problems understands what i'm going through. ordinary americans who are struggling. can this person get me? that's where mitt romney fell down. he looked like he could fix the economy but he didn't look like
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he was going to fix average people. because he heepd scorn on them privately. >> 2 to 1 is who identifies with me, it's president obama. >> right. that's what i think likability actually is. >> charles? >> and it bleeds into this idea of whether he cares for people like you. that, to me is the most single most striking exit question in 2012. obama won that 82-18. that is simply an astonishing difference and obama all the objective conditions were for the incumbent to lose the election. the lousy economy and things are not going well. and yet on that he lost so badly that romney had no chance. he was a likable guy. but they had a sense that he was distant. i think our country has changed
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in the 50 or 60 years since kennedy. it's not so much you like the guy and want to have him for a drink. it's a therapeutic society. we want the government to take care of it. and you have to have a sense of a president who gives that sense. billy wilder once said you have to have authenticity in movies. if you can fake that you've got it made and that is what a candidate has to do today. >> are the candidates more likely to go on "the view" and talk shows and "people" magazine profiles? >> it is. when you talk about someone who has the common touch. they are implying someone who doesn't give a chilly distant demeanor but a sense that he cares. >> one of the differences between republicans and democrats is that president obama made himself available to things that republicans thought
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were beneath the dignity of the office. they wouldn't do youtube interviews and evening chat shows or "the view" in the way that obama did. one of the ways the republicans should adapt is to do more of that. where you are not talking about policy issues but letting people know who you are. >> heads up between two ferns. next up we'll meet the republican candidate who seems to be the man of the moment, wisconsin governor, scott walker. for many prescription nexium helps heal acid-related erosions in the lining of the esophagus. it's my prescription. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache abdominal pain and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. it's my prescription. nexium 40mg is available only by prescription.
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enemies and national prominence when he took on his state's government employee unions. his political survival was in real doubt. ♪ bring back bring back wisconsin to me ♪ >> blind ambition. >> compassionate. >> faithful. >> mr. andpolite and deadly at the same time. >> they are talk about scott walker. 45th governor of wisconsin. to some he is a political pit bull. to others he is the savior of his state. >> may god continue to bless the great state of wisconsin. >> his political fights with unions and their allies made him nationally famous. >> it obviously catapulted him into national stardom among conservatives. >> and it gave him presidential buzz. >> if you're not afraid to go
7:21 pm
big and go bold you can get results. >> one of walker's strengths is that even in the heat of political battle he seemed to keep his cool. walker says that turning the other cheek was a lesson he learned at home. his father is a baptist preacher. >> any time the preacher's son does something wrong they look at you. >> patrick marley is the capital reporter for the milwaukee journal sentinel. >> he called it a fish bowl but from the early days he was ready to have the eyes of the community on him. >> in high school, walker was an eagle scout and a delegate to boy's state and that's when he fell in love with politics. he carries that on to marquette university where he ran for student body president and lost. he left in his senior year without graduating. he got a job and started running for public office.
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losing his first bid for state assembly at the age of 22. that was the last time scott walker lost an election. he eventually made it to the state assembly and served four terms before being elected milwaukee's county executive. walker tried to run for governor in 2006 but yielded to a fellow republican who got the nomination but lost to a democrat. >> we have to undo that damage and get the state working again. >> in 2009, when walker ran again his message of tax and spending reductions and on opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage prevailed. he won 62% of the vote. >> we are ready to lead. help is on the way. >> one of his first acts is attack the deficit. >> he was facing a $3.6 billion deficit. >> the state of wisconsin was in a tight spot. >> february 2011, walker
7:23 pm
presented to the legislature, the program that would define his career. a bill that reined in the ability of the state's public sector unions to collectively bargain. it became known as act ten. >> what the bill did was it required public employees to contribute to their pension fund. and to pay a portion of their health care benefits that are provided by the taxpayers. >> tyler august, the wisconsin assembly speaker pro-tem. >> we included language that prohibited the state and local units of government from collecting union dues on behalf of the union. >> the law enraged the unions. and put walker at the center of a noisy, long-running political drama that attracted national attention. >> he wanted to drop the bomb in his own words.
7:24 pm
>> democratic minority leader jennifer shilling. >> it was literally draw dropping and polarizing and it started with a couple hundred people who came to protest and that grew to a thousand and that couple of thousand grew to 5,000 to 10,000 to 100,000 people that we had marching on the capital. >> jason stein, co author of the book "more than they bargained for". >> people lost their jobs over it. friendships were ended. bars banned discussions of politics. >> people screaming at you. i got a beer dumped on my head at a restaurant. >> we had to have escorts wherever we went. i found out about secretthat i never knew existed. >> our supreme court in the midst of discussing a lawsuit over act ten we had a member of the court wrap his hands around the neck of another justice.
7:25 pm
>> walker's opponents nationalized their battle against him. they turned a state supreme court election into a proxy referendum on walker. and lost. next, they mounted a recall election against walker himself. and he won. the first governor in history to do so. >> and we can get back to business. >> and last november after democrats went all in to defeat walker in his re-election bid, he prevailed again. and that's why, at this very early stage, a lot of republicans like what they see in scott walker. an uncovermpromising conservative who has taken on state democrats and won. >> he has all the keys to be successful. >> if i had to grade him on being a presidential candidate i would give him an incomplete. >> he is certainly ready. >> next i sit down with governor scott walker and go indepth with
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the man some say could be our next president.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. the united arab emirates is joining the air strikes against isis. jordan's interior minister saying his country will go after the militants wherever they are. meantime, u.s. and jordan raising doubts about isis' claims that american kayla mueller was killed in a jordanian air strike in syria. meantime in iraq at least 40 people killed in bombings across baghdad and more than 50 were hurt. the attacks coming before the
7:30 pm
decades old curfew is lifted. now back to a fox news report with bret baier. >> i've said all along i would not bet against me after three elections in four years in a battle-tested state like wisconsin. >> as we've seen in the political world, scott walker is a battle-scarred veteran. i talked to him about the war over wisconsin's act ten and what might be his toughest battle yet a run for the white house. >> scott walker's got to go. >> when you rolled out act ten that was a tense time. >> it was. it was scary. i had 100,000 protesters around my capitol. there was violence. >> you had real threats not just i don't like you. i had death threats.
7:31 pm
somebody saying they would gut my wife like a deer. i would be the first wisconsin governor assassinated. they went into detail about where my sons went to school and it reminded me why i ran and i stood up for the people of my state. >> there's then a recall. when you hear there is a recall, as a sitting governor what are you thinking? >> there have only been two recalls of governors in the history of this country and they were unsuccessful for the incumbent. i thought it was a big task. i thought i was toast. two big things happened all the students in the state went back to school and for the districts that used the reforms the schools were the same or better. and two months later property tax bills came out and after a decade of 27% increase the property taxes went down. we saw people start to realize these reforms are work. this guy is standing for us.
7:32 pm
he's doing what we asked him to do when we elected him. it's time we stand with him. >> you won re-election in 2014 even with democrats gunning for you. really gunning for you. >> the lesson learned nationally for republicans is you can actually go big and go bold and get results. and when you get things done voters will stand with you. what they crave more than anything is leadership. >> if you were president would you do the same thing for federal unions? >> you have to transfer power through the arcane rules that deal with federal employees and the things that happen. the federal things that happen under these arcane rules you can't hold people accountable. that is frustrating for people who say i pay a lot for my government and i expect something in return. we cut down on overtime abuse and other abuses to provide
7:33 pm
better, more effective government. medicaid i did not set up a state exchange because the federal government ultimately is make a promise it can't deliver on. it hasn't in the past. it is not going to in the future but we have no insurance gap. why? because we did something creative. we provided health care for everyone living in poverty and those living above we transition them to the marketplace. >> as governor you cut taxes. as president would you do the same? >> absolutely. i want to bring american jobs back from overseas and part of that means having a reasonable tax structure. >> immigration? >> we have to secure our border not just because of immigration but because it's a threat to our national security. i do not believe in amnesty. i believe we have to enforce our laws and have a legal system for immigration that works. >> in 2013 you said you supported a path to citizenship
7:34 pm
for immigrants living here illegally. >> i'm glad you asked about that. because the newspaper erroneously quoted me on that and listed a video on their website that showed the person who asked the question said that, not me. that's wrong. it's not what i said. i have said i believe we need a legal immigration system. i oppose amnesty. we are a nation of immigrants but a nation of laws. we should have a legal way for people to come into this country just like we have for generations and that -- part of that deal is that we need to make sure that we have a border that is secure not just for immigration reasons but for national security. >> president obama and his team believe the war on terror is over. what do you think? >> you look at an administration that called isis the jv a year ago there are serious problems with american foreign policy because we have a president and administration who consistently underestimate our adversary.
7:35 pm
a lot of people are just being introduced to you around the country but it's even for the people who follow you, what is something that people don't know about you? >> instead of golf or tennis, my respite is getting on my motorcycle. i love my motorcycle. that's one of my get aways. one of the most enjoyable things is pulling up next to a car with a recall walker bumper sticker and realizing they have no idea who is riding next to them. >> are the family in? >> my wife and i will celebrate our 25th anniversary. we have two sons in college 19 and 20 who are actually engaged and said dad, if you decide to do this we're all in. >> you seem to be a hot name in republican circles now especially after your speech in iowa. here's the dig on you. that you are too bland.
7:36 pm
how do you respond to that? not enough sizzle. >> you can't win three elections in a blue state without having passion out there. for me the fact that i don't spew off red meat talking points i tell people what i'm going to do and i go and do it. one of the strengths i bring is that nobody doubts i'll do what i say. >> when we return we'll ask the all-star panel if scott walker might be the real thing or just the flavor of the month. a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. ♪ stouffer's mac and cheese with real aged cheddar now in a convenient cup. new stouffer's mac cups. made for you to love.
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governor scott walker could he be the real thing? we're back with our panel. charles? >> he has the attributes you want for this kind of race. he has appeal to the tea party and to more established republicans. we're not talking about a senator or someone who makes speeches. he has been a governor. he did something really important. he took on the unions. he did it at very high risk and high costs he won three elections himself and two others indirectly about him a recall election and state supreme court election. he won five elections against all the union money in the country. he shows he can win. he shows he can govern. he shows he can handle hard issues and now people are looking at him to see what kind of candidate how he presents
7:41 pm
himself. he gave a good speech in iowa and that i think has rocketed him out of the mass. >> important caveat here. he is ahead in iowa. you have a poll in new hampshire. he's ahead there. but these are obviously very early. >> february 2015. >> exactly. >> let's remember that. >> and the numbers are pretty low. that said he got a lot of attention in a short time. >> he did. he's battle tested as charles described and every one of the fights gave him a widening circle of donors and people to tap for the race. if there is an establishment lane and tea party lane and he wants to bridge the camps can he emerge as the competitor to jeb bush. if jeb bush is the establishment figure right now who is going to be his competitor and right now i think it's scott walker. >> in some respects this isn't
7:42 pm
that surprising to see him do this well. maybe it's surprising to see it this early but for people in washington this comes as a surprise because they have not been watching scott walker's screen door. career. if you watched him in milwaukee. he came in after a pension scandal and said i'm going to clean this mess up and he did. he goes to madison and runs for governor after his predecessor, massive spending and big deficits and he says i'm going to clean this up and he did. $3.2 billion deficit is gone. he now wants to come to washington and says i want to clean this up. washington is a mess. i'm the guy to do it. >> in a dangerous time overseas without foreign pollpy experience is that a problem for scott walker? >> it's a challenge. when you hear
7:43 pm
questions he points to the fact he is a commander in the national guard. that's not enough in these cases. he's going to have to do some study and show he can answer these questions without pausing and hesitating. >> george? >> most politicians books are not worth the paper. scott walker actually has written a good book and it tells about the riots and 100,000 people and the death threats and all the other stuff. they he has made enemies of public unions who are looting the tills in state and local governments and everyone in america knows this and in the recall he got to know every major republican donor in this country. he has probably the best mailing list up there with jeb bush's which he inherented on his own. >> the trick for a gop candidate
7:44 pm
is to win a state in the blue column. can he do that with that resume of taking on public unions in places where unions maybe are powerful? >> he did it in one of them. 18 states and the district of columbia voted six times for the democratic candidate one of the 18 states is wisconsin. >> i think the argument is if i can do it in wisconsin i can do it in michigan and win pennsylvania, the great lakes region. that's what he is offering mid western, main stream conservative who has appeal in blue states. >> and your question about the foreign policy issue, there's no way you can have a candidate who can any way speak author tatively unless they have been secretary of state which hillary has been. and you want a governor if you're a republican, that's what the country is look for. and i think that's why scott walker has an advantage over marco rubio or others in the
7:45 pm
senate. we have tried senators like barack obama and we see what happens. but if your fluency is extremely important. you don't have to have achievements in foreign affairs but you have to know what you're talking about. >> ronald reagan. >> exactly. he was fluent and had ideas and knew how to implement them. if you are running against hillary she is going to tout how much travel she did. she has no record in foreign affairs and the obama record overall is going to be negative. i think it will be an advantage even if you have a governor who doesn't have a record in foreign policy. >> who would you compare him to? is he tim polenti on steroids? >> he is not. this is where so much is
7:46 pm
official washington had pegged wrong. they thought he was and expected him to be boring and not make a good splash. he goes to iowa and gives what i would regard as one of his better speeches. but it was a very good speech and because he so far exceeded the expectations of people who expected him to be bland and dry and boring, he catapulted to the front of the pack in iowa in part because i think the voters there in iowa and conservative grass root voters have been talking about scott walker for a long time. people were following his recall very intensely. when i speak to conservative groups around the country one of the first questions is about scott walker and about the recall. >> one of the things we have not talked about much is one of the attributes is you have to have some ideas. this is a race to see who is the conservative reformer the
7:47 pm
reformacons. and scott walker did it in 2012 and '13 and '14. scott walker has a case to make there. >> when we come back, gambling on the presidential sweepstakes. what are the odds? hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. . .
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit author david runyun once observed the race is not always to the twift nor the battle to the strong. here's john roberts on making a book on the presidential race. >> so right now who would you pick to win the 2016
7:51 pm
presidential election? >> rick perry. i think he's a stand-up ex-governor. >> hillary clinton for sure. >> it would be jeb bush. >> wanna bet on it? sorry, but you'll have to hop a plane overseas. >> when it comes to political betting. the u.s. election is a super bowl without doubts. the biggest betting event in politics across the world. >> and paddy power one of the largest bookmakers in europe has already laid out their odds. we caught up with spokesman rory scott in london england, the city where more money is bet than any other in europe. >> henry obviously on the democrats side of things has been a strong favorite. jeb bush, he odds have come down massively over the last six weeks. two months. especially after mitt romney dropped out. jeb and hillary are the ones to watch certainly. >> while most money are bet on the long runners some chaps are
7:52 pm
taking a long shot. a very long shot. >> kim kardashian has attracted a couple of dollars at a thousand to one. a couple of hopeful punters think her next reality move will be to the white house. >> kim kardashian, jeb bush or hillary clinton. betting on our election is a big business across the pond. t. >> despite being over a year away from the election this is big. taking 5,000 bets already. over $2 million. we're expecting $3.5 million if not $4 million in 2016. >> why not london? it is our bloody election. why can't we place the bet in the gambling mecca of our nation. in the u.s. it is illegal to bet on federal elections. and where sin city also seems to make its own rules. this is not one of those cases.
7:53 pm
>> i don't think something as serious as election should be the subject of official waivering in our state. >> in 2013 republican state nart greg broward voted against nevada bill 2014 which would have allowed wagers on federal elections. the bill passed the nevada senate before failing in the state assembly. >> it could have a negative impact. the chance for illegal activity with respect to affecting the outcome. it's certainly possible. >> so for now whether you want to put your money on front-runner hillary clinton at five-to-four odds or long shot desperate housewives actress eva longoria at 750-to-1. you'll have to leave the casino and travel long distance to a betting shop. >> so there are the bookmaker's odds. what are yours? it is time for another round of this candidate casino. it's so exciting to go back to the casino. this is the deal. you get $100. you can place your chips on any candidates.
7:54 pm
you could place it on the field as well. how do you break it down? >> $35 on scott walker for reasons mentioned plus the fact that he does not have a college degree. the last president without a college degree was harry truman. he could be the feisty truman of the republican party. second could be bush because of the swiftness and ruthlessness with which he has driven the the campaign so far. $10 on marco rubio. this could be 1980 over again. this is the first election since then. and foreign policy is predominant. $40 on the field. it's the best field in the republicans in the 40 elections they've had since 1856. >> steve $100 in chips. >> i agree with george on the field. i'm putting only $10 on the field. $5 on mike pens. we're not sure if he's going to get in. but here's the sort of three legs of the stool conservative,
7:55 pm
and i think could bring a challenge. $10 on ted cruz. despised in washington. not liked by the senate. that's all in good in washington. i put $15 on jeb bush, who i think is not the front returner in the traditional sense, but still will prove do be a good candidate, a tough candidate. but i think he has an uphill battle. and $30 each on scott walker and marco rubio. rubio will be certainly the best communicator in the field. scott walker's message will be simple. i've done it, and it worked. >> march raa, $100 in chips. >> at this ridiculously early time in the cycle. i put $50 on jeb bush. i think he has the potential to hoover up the money and get the establishment behind him. the establishment t canadas win the republican nomination even in the era of the tea party. however, i put $45 on walker because he's having such a good
7:56 pm
run of it better than people thought. he's the person i think is emerging as a competitor bush. i put $5 on rubio because if bush founders i think rubio is a good spot to move in. >> you're all approximately right. but you just got the numbers wrong. walker $40. rubio $35. bush $25. i think it's remarkable all of us sort of ended up with the three of them in the top tier. walker as the governor and the doer. rubio as the young, sort of the vigorous canada t. and especially strong in foreign affairs. bush is the establishment. he'll have the money. but i think this is going to be a primary decided on performance, on debates on your ground work not necessarily on the money.
7:57 pm
>> i put $100 on the field. it is early but still fun. >> oh, a lot of fun. >> that is our hour. we'll be right here through every twist and turn in this race for the white house. you can bet on that. thanks for watching. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ no chest-beating monologues about engine size, horsepower, or performance. no anthemic soundtracks to stir the soul. just a ram heavy duty that can carry more weight
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for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. tonight on "red eye"! >> coming up on "red eye", how long did it take lou dobbs to pick up snowboarding? our cameras were there as the world's most electrifying news man tried the sport for the first time. plus is the vice president just now realizing i comes before e except after "c"? >> since when? it's nothing further from the truth. >> and finally a goat with a life threatening potato chip addiction. we have the intervention everybody is going to be talking about next. none of these


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