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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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childers. >> thank you for starting your day off with us. we begin with this fox news alert. paul simon is dead killed in a horrific car crash last night. >> he was riding in the back of a lincoln town car when his driver slammed into a car. bob simon is dead. they had to cut open the roof to get out. the 44-year-old driver treated for a possible heart attack. it is not clear if it happened before or after the accident. an accomplished journalist he easterned more than 40 major awards covering over 40 major news ef voefrnts five decades. his reporting in war reporting was extensive beginning in vietnam. during the gulf war he was captured and detained for 40 days by iraqi forces. his death sending shock waes through you out -- waves through out the news industry.
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greta van susteren what a loss for all of us. larry king said leaves behind his wife their daughter and producer for 60 minutes. bob simon was 73 years old. >> the american sniper trial off to an emotional start. the widow of navy seal chris kyle breaking down on the sand there clutching her husband's dog tag as she faced her accused killer in the courtroom. they were just revealed. jackie is here now with the latest. >> very emotional. chris kyle's widow tearfully telling her story to the two men and jury on the jury. they will not allow audio to be kraud broadcast. you can see the pain in her eyes. you can see when she last saw
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her husband before they took routh to a gun range. she is he's accused of killing both of them. we loved each other and gave each other a kiss and a hug like we always did. she could tell something was wrong by her husband's voice during the phonelast phone call. routh kept his head down the entire time. she does not buy his defense that ptsd made him shoot two people. the defense attorneys tell jurors routh was insane. >> (indiscernible). he did not know what he was doing is wrong. >> they reveal a chilling text message kyle sent to his friend chad little field as they drove to the gun range. he texted back he's sitting right behind me watch my stick
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which is military slang for watch my back. chad little fooelsd mother told the room it was her son's birthday. he would have been 36 years old. >> he was suffering severe mental strain that day. routh faces life in prison without parole if convicted. >> now to a fox news alert. they flee the embassy and marines forced to give up their weapons. armored suv's were taken by the rebels as the embassies were evacuated. marine corps saying it was part of an advanced plan. the evacuation now being called the administration's latest foreign policy disaster. >> they hope they will be there amnesty will be perpetrated it
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is maddening how naive this administration is. it itself down to a humble reaction of a marine having to give up their personal firearm. john kerry's state department hasn't learned what hillary clinton's state department never learned you have to have a contingency plan. ben benghazi was one thing but we knew it was happening over weeks. >> they have not said who will guard the embassy kwhiel the u.s. is gone. >> a cease fire deal has been worked out. pulling back heavy weapons and with drawing troops from a territory. ukraine will get full control of the border by the end of the year. >> months after bombing isis president obama is just now asking permission to wage war. it leaves many asking what's the
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point? >> leland vittert is breaking it down for us. >> they invite another examination of the strategy to actually do that. the request for authorization from congress appears to be much of as much of an exercise in wordsmithing as national policy. >> it is not authorization of another ground war like afghanistan and iraq. statement at the same time this resolution strikes the necessary balance by giving up necessary balance we need for unforeseen circumstances. >> white house lawyers admit none of these terms have precedence. this is completely new ground that have to be broken when we figure out what is admissible what is proper what is allowed and what is not. >> the battle ground have now drawn. exactly what prohibition of
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ground combat operations means. if there are any geographical restrictions. americans seem a little less confident on what this strategy means when asked does the obama administration have a clear strategy for defeating isis. only 19 percent say yes. only 73 percent of americans right now say no the obama administration does not have a clear vatstrategy to deal with isis. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much leland. that brings us to our look who is talking. carl rove and jonah goldberg slamming the president's three-year time line to defeat isis. >> looking at a time line this is cosmetics to be able to say to the left wing base i am being true to my progressive groups i came to end wars not to win wars and everybody goes home happy. it signals to a lot of people in the region how unreliable the
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united states might be and how uncommitted it is to seeing all of this true. he said it in an interview at he sees terrorism as the way a big city mayor looks at street time. they don't take over embassies and declare a global caliphate. >> what do you think the president's strategy is to defeat isis? log on to "fox friends first facebook page after the show for a live debate #keep talking. >> that's it. you could be a millionaire this morning. there are three winning tickets for the $564 million power ball jackpot those matching office numbers sold in north carolina and texas.
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the jackpot for now dwindles down to a measly $40 million. congress clearing the keystone pipeline bill. it sets up a veto battle with the president and while it was a bipartisan vote in the house 270 to 152 the president already issued plenty of veto threats. he has ten-days to make a decision. thousands of people attending a vigil in chapel hill for the three muslims gunned down has questions rise over a motive. >> the human community offers con dole blenss to the temple hill shooting victims. >> police and family are argueing over a motive. >> students teachers and members of the community
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lighting candles to remember the three young students killed allegedly by their neighbor. the shooting of the muslim family sparking fierce debate over whether it is a hate crime. police say craig stevens hicks pulled the trigger over a long parking dispute but the family of the victims claims he targeted them for their religion. >> we are still in a state of shock. we will never be able to make sense of this horrendous tragedy. we ask that the authorities investigate these murders as a hate crime. >> hicks is charged with three counts of first degree murder. >> weeks after pro golfer allenby was beaten senseless in hawaii police may have their man. this is what allenby looks like after a night in honolulu where he was robbed and beaten.
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32-year-old owen haveston for identity theft. they are no longer seeking any other suspects. >> woods saying his game needs a lot of work and won't be returning until he is ready. he came through a tournament last week after 11 holes. a week before that he shot the worst round of his career. woods says he is aiming to compete in the honda classic which is february 26th. >> former president george w. bush being greeted by students with a standing ovation. the former president accepting an honorary degree and talking about his time in the white house. >> this is a huge honor to serve thank you for twruryour fabbingsacrifice. i don't go to wal-mart without creating a stir. there's no sacrifice to serve something you love. and i love the united states of
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america, its people and what we stand for. rl >> you getter bundle up because the coldest air of the winter is about to hit the country. >> maria molina is in the weather center tracking it all for us. >> we are also tracking areas of snow. we have the first moving through parts of the midwest and also into the northeast. the storm system is going to remain relatively weak. we have another system that is going to swing through portions of the great lakes and northeast as we head into the weekend. a snowy forecast the active weather pattern continues across parts of the east. by the time we are done with both systems many areas could be looking at more than 6 inches of snow out there. ear otherwise temperature wise these are the forecast lows by saturday morning. it gets worse by sunday. these are actual temperatures not windchills and cold as we head into monday.
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>> thank you very much maria. check back with you. >> airlines discounting thousands of tickets. fox business is here with that story. >> good morning. some lucky customers scored first class tickets to europe on united airlines yesterday for as little as $70. the carrier canceled out those tickets and refused to honor the fares during a vending error then blaming customers for trying to take advantage. many are angry this morning. meanwhile american airlines is showing up with the cabin in the 787 dream lierns will look like 226 seats in all. 28 in business class. they lie flat and everyone has an i'll. the dreamliners start flying in may tickets become available for purchase on saturday. a kiss will cost more this year, the chocolate kind of kiss. ee bowlbola fears over the summer
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met with dry dusty conditions in the african producing nations. strong demand in asia pushing chocolate prices up. the good news is some relaler reretailers are looking at the price hikes. you may not notice it at the store. log on to to find maria on-line p. >> foul play the little league national champs stripped of their title now parents are claiming racism. >> it is amazing to me whenever african americans cease the expectation they are being caught. >> parents outraged chld the 50 shades assignment that will leave you speechless.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. a wild police chase in dallas comes to an end thanks to a productive mother chasing the robbery suspect with the stolen college challenger slammed right into a mini van. the mini van driver protecting her son traged the man out of the car and pinned him down with her boyfriend until police arrived. >> asked him what is wrong with you? what are you thinking? is you are in a school zone. he acted like he was trying to run so i remember kicking the door. all i could think about is you are not getting away. you are not getting away. >> alexander ran into mama bear. sure did. >> to another wild police chase this one in california it isn't with a standoff a dog running through the streets. leading cops on the streets and assault suspect at one point he drove through an apartment gate
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and hit someone. it came to an end when he reportedly took his own life. his dog who was on his lap the whole time runs out of the car unharmed. the pup now in animal control's care. >> a major league scandal in little league baseball. stripped of their title and the coach suspended after they used players out of their district. jesse jackson threatening to pull the race card for the all black team. they claim they did nothing wrong. >> me and my teammates we work hard all year long. we went down there to play baseball. we weren't involved in anything that could have caused us to be stripped of our championship. >> even the white house is getting involved. dirty dealings by the adults doesn't take away from the
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team's accomplishment. mountain ridge little league of las vegas lass will be awarded the title. >> it's the pro man's novel turning movie that is steaming up the big screen. >> parents want to know how on earth a puzzle based on that movie 50 shades of grey was handed out to their children in class. the 8th grader had to search for dozens of terms including the word submissive and bondage. others so explicit we had to blur them out. the school board claims the teacher made a mistake. >> now it is time to brew on this. love is in the air but new research finds men and women feel totally different about valentine's day. >> i want to meet the woman i love on valentine's day. i want her to love me back. i want one moment of relief from the gut wrenching pain that nothing is going to happen.
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>> 40 percent of women want time-out but only 30 percent of men have it planned. men think it is a total waste and women are envious of how others are treated on this day. >> men shell out $137 while women only spend about $86. well a new fox pole finds that it comes to -- when it comes to choosing a valentine 80 percent say a sense of humor is most important. 7 percent say political views. we want to know what are your expectations for valentine's day. send your comments to us on facebook twitter or e-mail. it's the agency already plagued by scandals. why did the va is in hot water again. >> plus the sun like you have never seen it before.
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>> move over james bond. there's a new spy in town. >> sorry about that. >> kingsman the secret service is hitting the box office just in time for valentine's weekend. with it a lot of action. vp of marketing michael tammero. >> this weekend is set to be a box office battle as we have never seen before. action verses well, a different kind of action ainsley. >> brawn, verses well...
2:25 am
one of the weirdest box office battle between kwings man and s & m best seller 50 shades of grey. >> dominates several holiday weekend what's the kingsman all about? >> we are the guys like james bond. this is kind of cool training program. >> whatever you like from 50's, 70's espionage movies crank up to 11. >> lack of on screen chemistry and a great cloud of early reviews 50 shades is hoping fans to forget the lackluster talk. >> it is the only way to describe it, exciting. it is a complete roller-coaster fun and tasty and no way you can't be entertained along with it. >> electrocute you. >> it's a hand grenade.
2:26 am
that would be ridiculous. >> it takes you on a ride. forget all of your problems. leave everything that worries you behind for a couple of hours. >> rated r often violent and definitely not for the kids the action packed fusion have what it takes to wipe out the competition? >> we are getbetter than 50 shades of grey. you can't make the kingsman at home you can make your own 50 shades of grey and it is probably better than what you are going to see. >> kingsman hits theaters tomorrow. log on to into the fox >> wish i had that special effect. you sold me p on the movie. i am going to see int now. >> heather over to you. >> still to come the time 26 after the top of the hour. a u.s. embassy staff in yemen topped out.
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>> it is thursday february 12th. a fox news lart. long time 60 minute correspondent bob simon killed in a car crash. what went wrong and how the veteran journalist is being remembered. >> american sniper moving from the big screen to the courtroom. the never before seen text messages from chris kyle moments before he died. his widow's powerful words on the stand. >> the house of cards comes falling down on netflix. the hit show leaked weeks in advance. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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♪ >> that's a shot of 6th avenue right in p front of fox news channel. we are inside the building bringing you the news. thank you for waking up to us. good morning to you. this is "fox and friend first. i am ainsley earhardt. a lot warmer in here than it is there. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with a fox news alert. long time 60 minute correspondent bob simon is dead killed in a horrific car crash in new york city last night. >> simon was riding in the back of a clinton town car driving a mercedes and slammed into a concrete divider. rescuers had to cut open the roof to get him out. the 44-year-old driver treated for a possible heart attack.
2:32 am
simon earned more than 40 major awards covering news events over 5 decades. his war coverage started beginning in vietnam. during the gulf war he was captured and detained for 40 days by iraqi forces. his death sending shock waves. he was a prell nant writer and reporter someone i admire deeply. the executive producer of 60 minutes saying quote bob was a reporter's reporter. he was driven by a natural curiosity taking him all over the world. he leaves behind his wife and their daughter who is a producer for 60 minutes. bob simon was 73 years old. >> the american sniper trial off to an emotional start. the widow of navy seal chris kyle breaking down on the stand touching her husband's dog tags as she faced the accused killer in court. for the first time chilling text
2:33 am
messages kyle sent moments before he was killed just reveal revealed. jackie evonez is here now. >> no doubt it was a tough ta in court. chris kyle's widow taking the stand. the mother of two tearfully telling her story to the two men and women on the jour re. you can see a pain in her eyes. she recalled the day two years ago when she last saw her husband before he and his best friend took routh to a gun range where routh is accused of killing him. we hugged each other and gave a kiss as we always did. she knew something was wrong during his last phone call. routh kept his head down in court. kyle said she does not buy his defense. the ptsd made him shoot two people she doesn't buy it.
2:34 am
the defense says routh was insane. >> he was in the grip of a (indiscernible). at that point in time he did not know what he was doing was wrong. >> they also revealed a chilling text message kyle sent his friend chad little field as they drove to the gun range with routh. kyle saying this guy is nuts. watch my six which is watch my back. >> he would have been 38 years old. >> testimony resumes today. routh faces life in prison without parole if convicted. >> jackie thank you so much. now to another fox news alert. yemeni rebels ceasing vehicles and equipment as americans flee to the embassy and marines are
2:35 am
forced to give up their weapons. armored suv's were taken by rebels as the embassy was evacuated. once the convoy got to the airport he was ordered to hand over the firearms. it was part of an advanced plan. the evacuation called administration's latest foreign policy disaster. >> it is a strategic set back for partners because this is all about iran. this is iran gained influence and control over another capital and country. beirut lebanon damascus, syria, baghdad iraq and now yemen. they will ricci missiles, rockets sophisticated equipment. radical islam as we stated before is on the rise. that is why this is such a setback. >> no word on who is guarding
2:36 am
the u.s. embassy. >> president obama is now asking congress for authorization to wage war against isis but the language of the request leaving a lot of lawmakers to wonder if it is too vague. leland vittert is live to breakdown the plan for us. >> good morning. the president's statements are clear about what he wants to do defeating isis. his two-page request for congress for authorization and military force brings up as many questions as answers about how he wants to do this. consider this. under his own proposal the president would be prohibited from quote enduring offensive ground combat operations. there's a lot of smart folks trying to figure out what that means. many worry what it will mean for battlefield commanders. >> i am convinced the united states should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the middle east. that's not in our national security interest and it is not necessary for us to defeat isis. >> i find it hard to believe
2:37 am
anybody that is serious about defeating isis could vote for a measure that restricts our military and ties their hands behind their backs. >> when asked does the obama administration have a clear strategy for defeating isis the american people have a clear answer. only 19 percent say yes that's compared to a few months ago when 24 percent agreed. fully 73 percent of americans say no there is no clear strategy. the debate in congress begins on what exactly the president will be authorized to do. some of the battle lines whether there will be combat troops and geographic restrictions and lastly the possibility of a sunset clause as to when the authorization would end. >> lee p land vittert live for us in washington. that brings us to look who is talking two colonels calling out the administration for not saying boots on the ground. >> the problem is isis and we can't get anybody to say boots on the ground. we will not be able to somewhere any success just bombing.
2:38 am
>> this is what he said. he said we are going to do this deliberately. that is code for slow rolling it. i talked to my special operation command friends special operations command being held back. this is the time they should be at the front doing stuff. this is totally insane. plus there is a road to ground troops. he was out with ver actually no help with us. we need to get into the egyptians and jordanians on our side with the ground forces we need to use. >> what do you think the president's strategy actually is to defeat isis? you can weigh in on the topic on our facebook page right after the show #keep talking. >> one week nolgfollowing the devastating crash of a trance asia flight 29 of the pilots have been suspended. taiwan's aviation authority pulling the pilots after they failed to pass or take critical new jersey fest tests. those who failed will have to be retrained. 42 people were killed when
2:39 am
flight 235 crashed. >> the head of boston's transit agency stepping down. beverly scott under fire for her decision to shut down the entire rail system for 36 hours so crews can clear snow and ice. this following widespread delays and trained breakdowns through major snowstorms during the past two weeks. scott putting the blame on the aging transit system. her last day will be april 11th. >> a truck carrying the 43 foot yacht worth more than a million dollars. look at that. it got stuck in a snow bank and causing hours of gridlock in the financial district. it dug out and it on the way to the boat show. >> you might want to spend valentine's day snuggled up indoors. some of the coldest air of the season i hear is moving in. maria molina is tracking it for us.
2:40 am
>> that's right heather and ainsley. hello everyone at em who. we are tracking cold arctic air from the northern plains midwest and eventually into the northeast. we have one storm system swinging through portions of the great lakes and north east early this morning. it is bringing in light areas of snow. the good news is the storm system is forecast to remain relatively weak. we are not going to see significant snowfall accumulations. as we head into the weekend there's another storm moving through portions of the northeast and across up state new york western new yor into new england. you could be looking at potentially more tan 6 inches of snow. we will keep an eye on the next storm system. otherwise temperature wise the morning low temperatures the next three-days. these are not some of the windchills. 11 degrees will be the forecast as we head through saturday morning in new york city single digits across parts of new england and sunday gets even colder and colder air moves eastward by monday morning. i want to stwichwitch gears a little bit and show you incredible
2:41 am
video by nasa it is a time lapse of the sun. one frame was taken every 8 hours when data became available in june 2010. the solar observe tory was launched five years ago. beautiful video of the sun you got there. >> absolutely. thank you for sharing that with us maria. >> incredible. >> that's amazing. >> the most stylish police force in the world. the due by police department rocking a new fleet of super cars. the ferraris lamborghinis make up part of the unit. the newly added lexus can reach 167 miles an hour. don't try to run from police in due by. >> they stuck in the trunk. i almost killed both of them.
2:42 am
>> what the couple was doing inside the truck and how they ended up trashed in the first place. >> he may be in the 70's. that didn't stop histhis guy from taking down a shoplifter. >> and the house of cards comes falling down on netflix.
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: ashley? >> good morning. the economic data says things are getting better. it sure doesn't feel like it. at least that's what the latest fox news poll reveals. 65 percent of respondents said
2:46 am
we are still in recession. that is down from the peak 88 percent. it is still high. some ta the recession is over. close to half say they were justable to pay their bills one-third said they were getting ahead nearly 1 in 5 said they were falling behind. it is evenly split with 58 percent approving 46 percent giving their approval. they think the country is still in a recession and things could get worse. 70 percent should be cutting spending. don't miss ash on fox business
2:47 am
network go to fox business/en channel finder. the department of veteran's affairs has been declared high risk for the government accountability office. the agency found to be especially vulnerable to fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement. they have ignored recommendations for years. >> to arizona they are standing up to michelle obama's school lunch plan and it is all over snow cones. the tasty treats don't fit with the smart snacks provision of the healthy hungry kids act. they p can't be sold at fund raisers. the rules are perfect example of government over reach. now all fund raisers are exempt from the law. frank under wood can't be pleased with this. the house of cards comes falling down on netflix. >> and the butchering begins.
2:48 am
>> season 3 of the hit series house of cards hitting netflix two weeks early. netflix calling it the glitch. this is washington there's always a leak. >> well, now the time is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up should the names of police officers involved in shootings be released. what law americas have planned for the kids. >> how one teen wound up wedged inside this chimney. >> not a good idea. >> first steve doocy is coming up here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up in 12 minutes president obama sends cop gres a draft war resolution to fight isis. what are the goals he wants to accomplish? that's not exactly clear so judge nap pal ton no is coming in with that. >> they are about to drop the
2:49 am
long standing warning against cholesterol. dr. seigel has what that means for the millions of americans who take statens in life. mornings are always better with friends.rt ge shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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>> welcome back to "fox friends first. a bill moving forward would ban police from releasing the names of officers involved in shootings. police departments would be barred from disclosing the officer's names until 90-days after shootings. supporters say it will protect officers and their families.
2:53 am
>> leave the chilly climbing to santa. the fire department hoisting this kid out. they forgot their house keys and got locked out. a neighbor heard him and called 911. >> charlie jumped into action. i got his arm and gave it a big twist he kept falling and hurt my arm. i said you better quit fussing around and fighting. i said i will just break it. >> charlie is a former karate instructor helped hold him down until backup arrived.
2:54 am
it is now 7 minutes to the top of the hour. he's america's most wanted groundhog. the why police are unt had gone for punxsutawney phil. >> flowers and candy what women want from valentine's day. men, not so much. >> valentine's always falls on a thursday. >> what do you expect february 14th? your e-mails are pouring in up next.
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three minutes till top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today, day two of testimony of the american sniper trial about to get underway. defense secretary ash carter expected to be confirmed by the national today. his first full day expected to be next tuesday. check your powerball tickets. the winning numbers are 11, 13 25, 39, 54 and 19. the winning tickets sold in north carolina texas and puerto rico. now it is time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. taylor swift sending words of wisdom to a fan who sought her help painful break-up. she offered her sympathies through tumbler even making her a moving on play list. the bad, come ououououououou a new hampshire police department offers a warning for punxsutawney phil. they say it is not right the little rodent is toasty warm in his house while we're freezing.
2:59 am
the ugly this gives a whole new meaning to getting trashed. >> 911. what is your emergency? >> i got two people, i don't know how they got in the back of the truck but they're stuck in the truck. i almost killed both of them. >> a florida couple rescued from a garbage truck after getting drunk at a tampa casino and climbing into the dumpster and falling asleep. >> it is time for valentine's day and told you men and women feel differently about this. what are your expectations? bedazzler tweeted and said i expect the same loving and caring that we pass. >> kelly says i have no expectations. my husband is good to me every day. i know it's cheesy but it's true. he gives me so much regularly. >> alicia agrees saying i don't need a fancy vaflt.
3:00 am
-- fancy valentine's day. my husband tells me every day how much he loves me. >> what do you think the president's actual is? head to our facebook page to weigh in. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it is thursday, february 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping marines guard a united states embassy ordered to destroy their weapons and abandon their posts. wait until you hear what the state department had to say about it. >> emotional testimony in the american sniper murder trial. what we're learning about eddie ray routh's condition before he murdered chris kyle. what did the v.a. know? did they release him too soon. >> a student gets in trouble for saying the words god bless


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