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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 15, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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for cancer patients. >> my dog loves me. >> what's his name? >> isabel. >> thank you so much for watching. thanks for joining us this sunday. i'm leland vitter. thank you for watching america's hq. >> terror in the capital city of denmark. he was known to the country's intelligence agency and that he may have been inspired by what happened in france. we will have a live report. as coalition forces launch fresh attacks against isis and syria and iraq, there is a battle now growing on capitol hill as lawmakers argue over whether the president's war powers request to fight the islamic state does too little or too much. and blizzard warnings and whiteout conditions as the
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winter-weary northeast gets smacked with its fourth blizzard in a month. between bone-chilling temperatures and six feet of snow residents are ready to wave the white flag. what's next for that region? janice steen is here with the forecast. we begin in denmark where that country's spy chief says the gunman in two terror attacks there may have been inspired by last month's attacks in paris by islamic radicals. the head of the danish intelligence service also saying the suspect was known to the agency. that gunman was shot dead early this morning by danish police. more details are emerging about the suspect and the two men killed in the attacks in copenhagen. seen nor fornior foreign affairs correspondent amy is live. amy? >> reporter: the presumed target of the first shooting was a swedish cartoonist who had caricatured the prophet mohammad. he was unscathed but instead
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the gunman managed to kill a 55-year-old danish film director named fin noregard who had made movies movies, and later on when he went to the synagogue, he killed 37-year-old dan who spent years trying to keep the synagogues of denmark safe. we are learning more about the suspect just now. i spoke with police in copenhagen. they say he was 22 years old. he was known to police for criminal gang-related sort of activity. intelligence say they don't have any information at this point that he traveled to iraq or syria, but they are looking into whether he was inspired by islamism radicalism and those attacks last month in paris. france still reeling from its own terror spree last month, wasted no time sending their person over to lend support.
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he was shot dead in what they believe was early morning. he had been conducting raids and questions remain about what sort of network he might have been plugged into and if anyone in denmark or further afield might have been directing him. now, it would take a certain level of sophistication for a 22-year-old to know the swedish cartoonist, lars bilks, who was onnal kid al qaeda's hit list was there yesterday afternoon. the gunman didn't get in because of security but he fired dozens of shots through the window, killing one person and injuring three police officers. then many hours later he moved on to that synagogue where a bat mitzvah celebration was going on. he killed the guard at the door, and today there was just an outpouring of grief outside that synagogue. >> my heart goes out to the whole jewish community today. they belong in denmark. they are a strong part of our community, and we will do
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everything we can to protect the jewish community in our country. >> shannon, a danish newspaper was the first to post mohammad's cartoons back in 2005, and several plots so far have been busted up by danish police. plots to attack that newspaper, one involved an american citizen who was behind a sort of plan to carry out a mumbay style attack similar to the one at "charlie hebdo." he was caught he's in jail. until now, denmark has been quiet but always with that fear that something like this could happen shannon. >> amy kellogg live in london. thank you, amy. for more on this we bring in national security analyst ryan morrow. ryan, thank you so much for joining us. as you hear about this, and we're learning more and more over the past 24 hours after this attack is this more about a cartoon or is this more about
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radical islam and how it plays out in the west? >> it's about radicalism. they believe they are to wage a jihad in the west, including europe, and these are juicy targets for them in their mind. this isn't really about the cartoons. this is about the idealogy, and one of the objectives is to get us to implement shria's blasphemy laws. they know they can't overtake us and abort cartoons and all that but they can bring ourselves into compliance with their world view. >> scary stuff. what i thought was really striking is that both the folks in the "charlie hebdo" attack and the gentleman here we are learning, in copenhagen were both on some sort of watch list. i don't know what you want to describe it as, but at least the danish police, the french police obviously knew who the folks were in the "charlie hebdo"
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attack. we then hear about issues in the united states of watch lists and those kinds of things. both these people were able to commit these attacks despite being on the list. does the list work? >> they work as forming a basis for investigation. very often when you talk to average americans and you talk to them about these issues, they say, i'm sure the fbi is on facebook and aware of everyone who is expressing radicalism and is watching them as if that provides a maximum level of security and safety. and it doesn't. just because you know about a certain suspect that may have violent intentions doesn't mean you have the resources to monitor them 24/7 and even if you do you're not going to know who they're talking to necessarily, you still have to go through all the recordings of what they're saying if you're able to get permission for that. you don't know what's going on inside the meetings and inside the buildings where you don't have an undercover agent. so this idea if we identify someone and we simply keep monitoring them that that's an appropriate strategy simply doesn't work. it's bound to fail. >> we know in the case of at
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least the europeans, a lot of times they're saying, look, we just don't have the resources to watch all the people who are on the watch list. in another sense what really is striking to me and i know with the clarion project you monitor a lot of what's coming out of the arab world not only the extremist preachers but also the government and the more moderate folks. i was struck by the fact that after you saw this shooting down in north carolina of three muslim folks the embassy of jordan sent their ambassador all the way to the carolinas. the palestinian government said we want to be involved in the investigation. in the past 24 hours, have you heard any outrage coming over the arab world in copenhagen and strongly condemning it? >> yes, actually. when you look at line and you look at the editorials, i haven't seen any major proclamation in support of it and i've only heard negativity. but one of the problems we face is there will be islam groups like the brotherhood who will say, this has gone too far. but what they will do is pros
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could you tell someone for printing a mohammad cartoon, bring them in front of a judge and kill them that way. so coming under attack doesn't mean you're a moderate. it just means you think they went one step too far and you have a procedural difference, so that can't be used in deciding who is our friend and who is our foe. >> that goes back to the sense that they want to intimidate us having their own blasphemy laws. there will be lots of discussion about breeding radicalism. we saw it in france with the attack. we don't know if that happened here in denmark or where this person came from. is it only a matter of time where those communities come to the united states or do you think we have enough protections here to keep that from happening? >> i think you're already beginning to see signs in the united states of that happening. if you want to see the future of the united states you need to look at europe. that's why when we look at these trends, we have to say there needs to be a course correction
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here, and luckily the french prime minister said the other day that part of our course correction needs to be confronting the idealogy of groups like the muslim brotherhood and not just focusing on the individual who sets off the bomb in the last phase of the radicalization process. >> interesting words with the french especially when you cross it with the administration's current feelings on things and what they will or will not say or call it for that matter. ryan mauro from the clarion project, i appreciate your insight. take care. >> thank you. u.s. coalition forces continue to pound isis in syria and attack. more than a dozen airstrikes this weekend. the battle is with the president's request to use military force in the fight against isis. with several key players weighing in on the sunday talk shows, doug is here with the latest. hi, doug. >> one of the ironies of president obama is it would impose more restrictions on military force than the one he is already operating under. while it puts no geographic
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restrictions on fighting isis it does put restrictions on the use of ground forces. that despite the view of many military analysts that the fight cannot be won without ground forces. despite america's 13-rear-long war against terrorism, the fight against isis remains reasonably strong. an nbc news maris poll release said on friday that 54% think we should vote for obama's authorization. but many don't think the authorization goes far enough. >> i think we need to have a robust authorization. i don't believe what the president said here gives him the flexibility or the authority to take on this enemy and to win. >> there is also bipartisan concern about the weakness of obama's authorization. other members fear that the three-year time limit imposed on the authorization sends the wrong message. >> oh, i think the resolution of the three years of time limit is
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not appropriate. we don't want to send a signal to the world that we're there for just so many years. unfortunately, this battle is going to take a long time. some of the fundamental issues are not operational tactic on military, they're political. >> president obama promises robust action on just how congress can strengthen the authorization of military force. the trouble is congress can provide all the authorization it wants, but it's useless if the president lacks the will to carry it out. he alone is the commander in chief, and it appears that he's opting for a limited approach to fighting isis even as it gains new ground. shannon, back to you. >> much more on that to come. doug, thank you. remembering kayla mueller a community is coming together to honor the humanitarian hero who died at the hands of isis. scores of students gathering last night for a candlelight
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vigil at mueller's alma mater northern arizona university. classmates were recalling a strong-willed woman and a selfless human being. >> there was something that was just pouring out of her, and it was just her willingness to never give up and how her heart was really in the work and that she really truly truly believed in what she was doing. >> another candlelight memorial for mueller is scheduled wednesday in her hometown of arizona. this week the president formally asked congress to authorize the use of force against the islamic state. but the white house proposal is taking heat from both the left and the right, so what now? joining us now from palm springs where the president is enjoying the long holiday weekend richard grinnell, former ambassador to the u.n. good to have you with us today. >> thanks, shannon. >> does the administration have a clear strategy for taking on isis? the latest numbers show only 19% say yes, 73% say no.
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is it a public perception problem or is it reality? is it both? >> you know, i think the fact of the matter is that this authorization is extremely political. it's been written in a very political way. and we shouldn't be surprised. former obama secretaries of defense, multiple secretaries of defense have told us that this white house when it comes to writing authorizations and strategies for foreign policy and national security issues that this white house is governed by the political people. susan rice our u.s. national security adviser, is extremely political. she was the campaign spokeswoman in 2008. so this is all about politics. one thing that i don't understand, though is why are democrats really comfortable with fighting the iraq war or fighting isis by air-dropping bombs with limited and old
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information? that's what happens when you have this authorization that limits greatly the intelligence personnel on the ground. what you have is a very expensive campaign because you have to drop a lot more bombs because you don't have the right information, and i think that it's less accurate. so we're moving away from this precision airstrike, and we're going to kind of a general airstrike policy. >> i want to play a little bit of what the president had to say about what we are facing moving forward with this particular threat. listen to this. >> make no mistake, this is a difficult mission. and it will remain so for some time. it's going to take time to dislodge the especially from urban areas. but our coalition is on the offensive. isis is on the defensive and isis is going to lose.
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>> rick, there are those who would argue that as they continue to gather territory and spread across syria that they're not exactly on the defensive. what do you make of the president's characterization? >> you know, i'm hopeful that we have the best military in the world, and our men and women in the military are very focused on winning, and they can do it if their hands aren't tied. and i think the president is kind of pointing to the fact that, look, america is strong and we can do this. but what we're missing and i think democratic senators especially have a responsibility to stand up to this president and say, stop writing our security -- our national security strategies and our foreign policies with a political bent. that's what's happening inside the white house. again, shannon, this is not just republicans that are complaining about the president being political and trying to keep campaign promises of no boots on the ground when terrorism is increasing, this is a bunch of, you know former secretaries of defense that obama -- president obama appointed.
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they are the ones that are calling out in their book after they leave office saying this white house is extremely political when it comes to national security strategy. >> well, and on the issue of ground troops, our polling also shows most americans believe that can happen, 60% of them saying they think ground troops will be required rather than just 23% saying airstrikes alone. the rest are not sure. they have to know there is not a lot of opposition. it's not a popular idea but as you said the question becomes whether or not we can unleash the men and women of our armed forces to do what they're trained to do. what do you think the president does moving forward? as you noted, democrats are pushing back saying they don't want to commit our men and women to what they need to do on the ground. can we win without that? >> what's interesting about that is that the democrats are actually going farther left. they're really being protectionists. they're trying to withdraw america from the world stage, and i just don't think that's
10:17 am
going to happen. it's this fundamental idea that if you just ignore terrorism, it's going to go away. i think we saw during the clinton administration, we saw the u.s.s. coal attack we saw tan tanzania leveled. terror is coming back. we tried to ignore it and say it's not our fight. every politician needs to stand up and tell the public, whether they like it or not, this is a very long war against terrorism. it may never end and it's going to be expensive, but we have to be out front. if you've ever worked in a multilateral setting, the united states must lead. it doesn't necessarily mean we have to put boots on the ground, but we have to call the meeting and we have to figure out who is doing what. >> rick grinnell in the delightfully sunny palm springs. nau very much. it's good to see you. >> thanks. i'm sorry to rub it in. >> it is what it is, right?
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and most of us really are glad we're not in boston. as we speak, another winter storm is slamming into new england bringing more than 2 feet of snow to some areas. many cities are simply shut down as back-to-back storms are actually too much to deal with. the blizzard warnings go from connecticut all the way to maine. meteorologist janet stein is tracking it all from the weather center. how bad is it going to get? >> you know, we are setting records all over the place in boston, leland and shannon. your average snowfall is 41 inches. you are at the third snowiest on record at close to 90 inches, and so far the snowiest 30-day period on record 7 feet. it just keeps coming and it looks like we have the potential for more snow tuesday and wednesday. we'll get to that but here's the system right now starting to taper off in the snow department, but we still have very gusty winds, so the blizzard warnings are still in place and the cold air, we
10:19 am
haven't seen cold air like this in really a decade in some of these areas where it's going to feel anywhere from minus 20 to minus 30 across the northeast. your winter weather advisories, blizzard warning still posted for coastal massachusetts up towards maine. then we are going to be talking about this southern winter storm that's going to start to develop today through monday and tuesday. look at the snow. look at the ice that's going to move through oklahoma and arkansas, across the tennessee river valley the mississippi river valley the ohio river valley, and then we're going to watch this potentially develop into a nor'easter on tuesday and wednesday for the northeast. but the takeaway here is we're going to see incredible amounts of snow in areas that don't typically see the snowfall. this is one of our forecast models showing in excess of 6 to 12 inches in these areas and we could see measurable ice tomorrow into tuesday across these southern areas, so that's going to be really dangerous, leland, and shannon, we will continue to monitor it from the
10:20 am
fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >> you know, janet sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. this is what shannon did when she heard your forecast. that works, too. janet stein, stay with us. thank you. are you in the northeast in the path of the latest storm? if you are, we want to see your weather pics. we're going to show you some of them later on the broadcast. coming up, congress leaves town for another holiday week without hammering out a deal to fund the department of homeland security. can they strike a deal in the few days they have without risking a partial government shutdown? and if that happens who is going to get the blame? our political panel weighs in. plus a lavish birthday party for a brutal leader. his people are forced to essentially worship years after his death. a ceasefire goes into effect in southern ukraine, but will it hold.
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hello, greg. >> reporter: hege lo shannon. the ceasefire in eastern ukraine we're told is generally holding with some deadly exceptions. i'm greg palkot in kiev, and that's my story coming up. eh, you don't want that one. yea, actually i do. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up. i can't sleep when i'm all stuffy. i take offense to that. i'm not going to argue with a talking ball of mucus. i think you're being a little hasty... he's not with me.
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vladimir putin is not a
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mystery. we've seen him operate before. the intelligence community has nailed down pretty well what putin is all about, and putin is all about russia and expanding the influence of russia. >> that was former defense secretary leon panetta this morning saying his intentions are clear when it comes to ukraine. a ceasefire is now in effect between ukranian forces and russian-backed separatists. but mistrust is still lingering on both sides of this bloody con quest. greg palkon is live inside ukraine. greg? >> reporter: leland, we just spoke with an official of the oxee. that's the organization monitoring the ceasefire, and he told me the ceasefire is being overall respected, but there are some exceptions. the main cities in the troubled east including ydonetsk
10:26 am
generally quiet. and a ukranian official is telling us that pro-russia rebels are still fighting near the key city of opal on the coast. they are trying to get closer to russia-fought crimea. there are something like 8,000 ukranian soldiers stuck inside a town and surrounded by russian-armed rebels, a rebel chief telling us flatly, that territory is ours. meanwhile, so-called humanitarian aid convoys have entered ukraine today from russia. it is claimed they are bringing food and medical supplies to the people there. we cannot confirm that because the border between those two countries is run by the rebels. the accusation has been made these convoys are bringing
10:27 am
ammunition and weapons. we went to one of the biggest churches. it was packed. we are told by the pastor it's more crowded than usual because of the war and embassyiesembassies' fire. i asked the pastor if people are praying for peace. he said, yes, but we have to defend ourselves. hello, obama, we need weapons. >> unbelievable. that country of ukraine has been through so much, greg, and you've been there through it all. greg palkot in ukraine. thanks greg. kim jong il died three years ago, but they are marking kim jong il's birthday. officials had high praise for their so-called dear leader. >> reporter: the immortal
10:28 am
achievement of the dear leader kim jong il keeps shining on our nation forever. he made the country with military power and a dignified nation which no one dares to intrude. this is the miracle of the miracle in human history and the great achievement that will be praised for generations to come. >> meanwhile his son, kim jong un, who has become dictator, has revealed political quotes he wants the country to live by. quote, let us turn the whole country into a fairy land, and let's let the fishing blow across the country. i wonder if there is a loss of tran translation there. >> this may be an issue of press releases. >> i speak a little korean. not enough to support the fish farming, but i'll have to get back to you on that. record snowfall and in some
10:29 am
places near hurricane force winds, are battering new england. we have pictures for you from it. one from a viewer in boston and that is where rick levanthal is live, and he is in the thick of it. rick? >> we think the snow is starting to stop, but it's hard to know when the wind kicks up. we'll have more on this dig out from the land of the big dig coming up. what a blast. you won't believe how many air miles this human cannonball -- here she is flying around -- has racked up. and political heavyhit terzters coming out swinging over the budget. that's just a few days from now. our political panel will debate coming up next. ♪
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the boston area getting battered today by yet another major snowstorm. the blizzard could bring more than a foot of fresh powder to the region this weekend. it's been a really tough winter for new england as some six feet of snow already piled up in some areas from the previous storms. rick leventhal is live in it all from the heart of boston. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, shannon. it's tapering off, we think but it's been snowing all afternoon and this is what boston did not need. boston has gotten 7 feet of snow in just the past several weeks, and you can see what it looks like in copley square. there are huge piles of snow lining most of the roads, the snowbanks getting in the way of pedestrians and vehicles. many of these roads are down to single lanes now, and government officials are asking everyone not to drive so the plows can clear and salt the roads. the airport has been shut down, hundreds of flights grounded.
10:35 am
mass transit at a standstill. no ferries, trains or buses running, and the wind is whipping with gusts up to 60 miles an hour in some hours. blizzard warning remaining in parts of massachusetts through tomorrow morning because of the high winds. so the government says the best people can do is stay home. >> we continue to encourage everybody to stay off the roads and to let the plows do their job and to give us and the folks at the local level the ability and the opportunity to continue to clear off the roads and basically prep for what i'm sure will be a very busy day of continuing to dig out tomorrow. >> reporter: and it's about to get a lot colder. the real feel temperature tonight into tomorrow is expected to be 25 to 35 degrees below zero, and shannon, there are at least two more storms in the forecast this week. >> wow. rick, i got to tell you you have the best video of the day,
10:36 am
the dog jumping through the snow. thank goodness you are made of tough stuff. reporting live from boston. thank you, rick. then senate democrats should be to blame. very simple. >> and you're prepared to let that happen. >> certainly. the house is active. we've done our job. >> that was house speaker john boehner just a dozen days before funding for the department of homeland security runs out. house republicans passed a bill that undermines president obama's executive action on immigration to fund dhs. it now sits in the senate. and to add to the tight deadline, congress is now on recess for the next week. let's bring in our fair and balanced panel republican strategist former deputy assistant to president george w. bush brad blakeman, and former ohio congressman and fox contribute contributeor. i appreciate it. does it mean there will be a
10:37 am
partial shutdown meaning the government doesn't get it's funding? two, if it happens, who is to blame? >> i can't imagine the republican leadership will permit the transportation security administration, border security, protecting the port, all to be shut down. i cannot envision that. secondly, the proposition the american people are being offered is this. either you shut that down or you deport anywhere from 5 to 10 million people at a cost, by the way, of perhaps as much as $200 billion over a five-year period and the loss of about a quarter of a billion dollars a year in economic activity. so, you know, there is some practical politics that have to be looked at here. and so far what i see is very impractical. >> is it impractical politics, brad? is it who is going to blink here first or are we going to see the house crumble in a case we saw a couple years ago in the case of ted cruz shutting down the government?
10:38 am
>> i have to agree. this is high stakes blinksmanship. hopefully somebody will blink and the government will not be shut down. assuming the house bill goes to the senate, the senate takes up the bill the senate passes the bill and sends it to the president, what do you think the president is going to do? he's going to veto it and we don't have enough votes to overcome the veto. you know what it is? it's a standalone immigration bill something the president promised to do his first year. right here at the capitol, he stood before the american people. he promised it as a candidate, he promised it in his first year. he's never done it. so acting beyond his authority is not the reason for republicans to do the same. >> i agree with that. >> it's nice you guys all get along. it must be the cold weather. i guess in a larger sense though, as the politics here are happening, you have a situation where democrats in the senate because they have six votes there beyond what they need for a filibuster. there are only 54 republicans,
10:39 am
you need the democrats to get to 60. they're able to, by procedural means, kind of gum things up for lack of a better term, and all of a sudden it appears as though it's the republicans when can't get anything done. are they going to use that to their advantage? >> i don't think it's a republicans' advantage. it will end up being a self-inflicted wound. look at the republicans' brand. the republicans have taken the brand of security. why would they cause that to be undermined? >> i said wouldn't democrats wouldn't want to undermine it? >> i think it's something more important. it's the country not interfering with homeland security. there is actually nuclear detection programs that are involved here. this is a big deal. so i don't think it's going to happen. i don't think there's going to be a shutdown. but the final point i want to make to you is has anybody really cost it out what it would cost to deport 5 to 10 million people? the senate and congress said it could cost $2.5 billion over the
10:40 am
next five years. >> in america we don't act that way. we're not going to deport the people that are here. what we are going to do is make a pathway of citizenship for those who came here legally and not those who came here illegally trying to get something over on those who did. it's something people should champion, something the president has not ever done. >> if only congress would agree in the way you two gentlemen did, we would get something done in this town. as we gear up for a 2016 presidential campaign, jeb bush is facing criticism over a high profile decision he made as governor. but he's saying you haven't heard the whole story yet. go! go! go! he's challenging the very fabric of society. in a post cannonball world! was it grilled cheese? guilty! the aquatic delinquency is a larger issue to this ♪
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for governor is gaining scrutiny. one is involving terry shivo. it began with her decision to end life support. but as court battles played out, then governor bush emerge ld asd as a central player. he is now president and general council for the national center for life and liberty. david, thank you for joining us. >> shannon it's a joy to be with you on this sunday. >> so michael shivo, who was teri's husband and advocated for removing her from life support, came out vocally against jeb bush if he runs. he's had a lot of pointed criticism for the former governor. you were inside that story. what can you tell us about the other side of that equation? >> shannon number one, i think it's very disingenuous for mr. shivo to come forward and say that he is upset that the governor or government got involved in the decision over
10:46 am
his wife when he was the one who, in fact, did that. michael schiavo went to court. people need to understand he went forward and did not want responsibility as a husband to go ahead and make the decision whether to end life support or not because he knew he could be in trouble. he could find himself facing even murder charges if people felt it was an inappropriate decision. so michael schiavo refused to accept the responsibility for the decision and went and asked the courts in florida, asked the government to make these decisions. and i do think there is such tremendous confusion. it's hard to believe it's been now almost 10 years since teri schiavo died back in march of 2005. people forget this young lady was alive. she wasn't sick. there was no cancer or alzheimer's or heart dees in her body and she just needed food and water to stay alive. the question of that case, and people who remember back ten years ago, remember that teri had that food and water removed
10:47 am
and after 13 days died of dehydration and starvation. but the bottom line was michael schiavo brought the government in. he was the one that did not want to make the tough decision. >> and of course, he says governor bush owes him an apology and the people of florida as well. he said he very much overstepped his bounds. the legislature got involved, signed a bill that allowed him as governor to have her feeding tube reinserted. but michael schiavo said even though it was a family issue, it was not for public consumption and the governor was someone who would overuse his power, the very things we argue about here as executive overreach. >> shannon, i think again, mr. schiavo brought the courts in, he brought the governor in. but i do think there is some misunderstanding on all the issues. governor bush was not trying to decide whether terri schiavo lived or died, he just wanted to make sure that fair due process was in place. we knew ultimately her life was
10:48 am
in the hands of god but the concern was that here was this woman who had no lawyer the judge never came to see her and she was going to die in this painful way as something that we would not allow for convicted killers on death row in the state of florida. and what governor bush said and by the way so did the florida legislature, so did the united states congress, so did his brother who was in the white house, everyone had the same concerns. how was this innocent disabled woman not getting the constitutional protections that we give to killers. and so what governor bush was hoping for as was the congress was that she would have a fair trial, that the medical records would be evaluated, and that her rights would be upheld. so i think for mr. schiavo to go ahead and say the governor overreached, what he was really doing was saying i have a voice, i have some compassion, i have some concern for the disabled. i certainly have concern for the elderly.
10:49 am
i have concern for vulnerable citizens who can't speak for themselves. so the governor in our meetings when i was with him and bob schindler, terri's dad, was always very concerned about doing the right thing, upholding the law but his biggest concern was for this innocent woman to face this horrible plight without due process of law. >> then-governor bush said he stands by that decision and when it comes to a close call he would rather err on the safe side of life. thank you four your opinion. >> thank you. still another obamacare deadline is approaching. this time order health insurance or pay a penalty. but what if you can't afford either? a major milestone for a major daredevil. we're going to the circus after the break. >> what is it like to get shot
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11:00 am
we got a lot of those, a lot of people by the pool, the beach -- >> listen, weigh want to leave with our favorite video of the day, the dog in snow video. >> there's the dog the dog looks happier they rick leventhal leventhal. i'm chris wallace. the latest on terror attacks in denmark as congress dead locks over how to avoid shutting down the department of homeland security. we have an exclusive interview with speaker of the house john boehner. >> can you promise the american people that you're not going to allow funding for the department of homeland security to run out? >> we discuss the new republican majority in congress and that controversial invitation to prime minister netanyahu. >> haven't you taken one of the few bipartisan issues in this country, support for israel and turned it into a political


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