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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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returns tomorrow 4:00 eastern on the fox news channel. catch me on the fox business network weekdays at 11:00 a.m. eastern. the 5 is next. hello everyone, i'm greg along with kimberly. she gets lost in a shag rug. this is the five. a gunman shouts on a rampage through copenhagen. the root cause obviously a criminal gang. >> new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two civilians and injured several police officers in a frightening attack over the weekend. >> yes, you see he's a gang member and here we have the latest installment of n.i.d.m.i.
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it's the reoccurring game show where a parlizing case of phobia links no islam to terror whether it's the christian or murder at synagogue, there's never a threat. unless you count climate change. we haven't been driving all those suv's, those folks might have lived. never mind the shouts or killer target targeting, the synagogue is totally random. for the media and our president, islam is that scary neighbor who plays music too loud and we're all too petriscared to tell him to turn it down. you can see isis is now a threat. the u.s. says it wants to defeat isis. is the mission inevitable now?
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>> you can see isis is now a threat in eight countries. the u.s. says it wants to defeat isis. >> we're a country more worried about our reaction to evil than evil itself which leads to one question. who guards you from the maniacs we cannot name? the answer won't be found on cnn but maybe the golf course, his head still buried in the golf trap. all right k.g. with a banner weekend for evil you had the attack at denmark. >> evil stole the show. >> and you have a horrible video of 21 christians being beheaded. where do we go from here? >> how about let's eliminate the word degrade from the lexicon and let's go with destroy. no matter what anybody says like bob to my left and i do mean to my left, this is not a problem that is going away. they are not getting weaker. in fact, they are gaining ground. now it's not just the united
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states'problem. we've got to step in and do something about it. you can't continue to try and look for someone else to lead take the charge. we certainly now have enough support from other countries because its become everyone's problem. let's unify with this and have our president do that. >> egypt air force bombed isis targets in libya. that's a good thing. >> absolutely. >> when does this become an argue genocide? when do we look at this the same way we did and get away from this? >> go back and it's genocide and the worst type. the most frightening thing that happened is there's not a communication cable from europe to the middle east and it's one country you don't want to pick on. egypt is one of them.
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egypt with a strong air force and good intelligence and they took their own country. >> what do you make of this? the fact that cnn fwoez and looks at the background of a killer and says he's part of a criminal gang? >> all weekend long all of these are local criminals who are easily persuaded to join a fight. i heard that over and over all weekend long. if there's no link to another group of people, they could say these are long wolves and maybe what they're doing is the model for what may happen here. can i talk about the isis video for a second? i've watched all of them. this one, for some reason, particularly stood out to me. to see that many people executed at once. i don't recommend doing it unless you're already saying how much worse can they get. if you're there, watch this one. they do step it up.
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it's not one person or two people being beheaded. this is 21 people and the crying out of these men who are being beheaded is chilling. it's awful. it tells you what the isis group is about. if you want to really get angry and you want to really just resynthesize yourself to what's going on watch it. it's five minutes long and it's a well produced video. you'll come out of that with no renewty of isis. >> they're just guys laborers. >> it's not just civilians or soldiers. i think there was a time i told the story before but i think it's worth repeating. in syria the war against civilians has basically lured the lines. the war is actually here on your
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phone. i remember in the story of the young man told by the checkpoint guard to give him his phone. didn't want to give up his phone. the soldier insisted give me the phone or i'll shoot you. he gives over the phone, has to give up his passport. they shoot him dead in front of his brother. this is a type of psychological warfare that's going to go on. it's going to inform how we decide to fight it for the long run. this is not going to end by the end of the administration. as much as they might like to be able to say, the warfare is going to go on for years and we're not ready to plan for it because of what you said earlier. they've already creeped on our mission. we have to do something about it. >> these creeps need a mission creep. >> yes. >> i want to transition. you're making a good point.
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graham wood, how do you fight something that cheers near their own obliteration? they don't mind being murdered. how does america fight that? is it mission creep inevitable? >> i guess. we shouldn't be worried about that. we should be worried about taking them out completely and destroying them and obliterating them so nobody can be attracted to the ideology they spread. shut it down completely. they're naive to think they're not going to. even the pope guessed it and is speaking out about it. it's sad in this day and age what is it going to take for people to build the strength to cam bat combat and confront them. how many countries are they
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going to gain ground in, bob? you say their losing speeds and i say they're not. >> there is a coalition for us. they don't care. what they're doing is adding the opposition. more and more strength to our side of the state and i think they're not stupid people. they're evil people. they're not stupid. there's got to be a reason they're doing this. for some reason it's like they want to get egypt brotherhood stirred up. i don't know. >> they've moved the fight up. they said we're not going to keep this within the arab world anymore. they said we're going to conquer our own. killing people on the shores of the mediterranean sea, you literally see blood rolling in the surf. it says we're actually europe too. whatever they're doing they don't care who they're ticking
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off. >> they're blind. >> we talked about 20,000 fighters who have taken up arms in favor of isis because of stuff like this. i don't know if you know. last week i mentioned do something like we know rocka is their headquarterers their administrative headquarterers. just date certain april 1st may 1st. whatever date, get out or you're going to be obliterated with the rest of them and carpet bomb the places and see what happens. whatever what do they call them, the air strikes, it doesn't seem to effect them. >> let's just hit them but it hasn't been sufficient. it's been woefully insufficient. they have ground in iraq, syria,
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they have ground in indonesia. they're getting help and support from other groups as well. this is spreading. when they see videos like this it's water for the ones who want to join up. >> that map does not include nigeria which has been in direct communication with isis. it doesn't include the ones that just took over the government in yemen and lebanon. i think that the other thing we have to look at is the underpinnings of all of this. you have ideology war and iran who wants to be the leader. >> nuclear iran. >> that's where it all comes down to that debate. hopefully, when the president comes back and can congress gets back it will be time to get serious about it. >> the thing they need to get
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serious about, we're way past the islam ek ter riss. what are you really -- the islamic terrorist. i've slept through fairly rough seas but on this one, i don't get it, i don't see where it's going and i think at you know what i'm emphasizing there's probably another terrorist organization. is this going to be their time? i don't know. >> that's one of the schools of thought that says let them go and battle it that's not a good strategy. >> why? >> because, bob. >> it wasn't just a member of a criminal gang. he might be a different type of terrorist or a criminal that then gets some direction from isis to carry out the attack in copenhagen. when you want to shut down our borders to say let's let all of them fight it, it's in our
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interest. what happens ma ttters to us. >> it's like saying let the bloods and crips shoot it out in comp ton compton. >> it's nothing but a good thing. to bring in the people to help on our side, the investment recruiters recruiters. >> is this going to be a third world war? is the radical islam. >> we're already in it. they won't label it that. >> the problem is the coalition is there, the coalition isn't completely there. >> no one wants to call it world war iii. >> this is a big a challenge as communism was. >> world war i, world war ii we had to defeat entire nations. >> that's the problem. it's the islamic state. once you declare a state a nation then maybe you do get a
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coalition and have everyone. >> you do. they're electing their own leaders and printing their own currency. >> where do they get all their pickup trucks? >> that's a good question. >> from syria. >> you see all these new pickup trucks. >> i think the iraqis gave it to them. >> that's one of president obama's former defense secretaries talk about strategy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save.
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plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit president obama advicings us he -- advises us he ended the war in iraq and afghanistan. >> we have troops in iraq and after after afghanistan afghanistan. >> is that legacy really something something. techb president's allies on the left in the media are questioning his foreign policy strategy and his commitment to
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defending isis. >> we have another american hostage killed and congress and the president goes off to california to do a fundraiser and some other stuff and the congress goes on vacation and we'll debate what goes on with this. we're going to do it as long as it fits in the schedule. >> you said the u.s. should have armed the moderate rebels in syria a couple of years ago. do you think that would made a difference? >> there's no question in my mind mistakes were made here. >> there's never been a time when there are more threats to the united states than there is now. as i said once before we're either going to fight them there or we're going to fight them here. >> so that's the decision as it presents itself. i think we have to fight them on both fronts to be honest. that's what we've seen with copenhagen and they're bringing
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the fights to shores with the blood spilling in the mediterranean sea. they want us to feel isis is everywhere. >> they're on the march. they're going to take europe. they talk about getting the white house too, taking out the president's family. they have eyes on the prize. they want to continue to expand. i find it interesting you hear cbs now saying maybe the president should not have gone to the fundraiser this weekend. you have diane who has become strong in fighting isis. it's more proof no one knows what to do with them. we have 150,000 fighters in the area and 200,000 or so iraqis. >> why have we been so slow to help arm the kurds properly? >> there's been no one that disagreed arming the kurds. the question is putting american
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boots on the ground or arab boots on the ground fighting isis? another question, one of the sound bites pointed out should we have armed the rebels in syria and we know some of those rebels went off in isis. it gets dicey in the middle east. i think you continue to bombard them. >> you said that's a fundamental question. i think that is. let me ask you how you win this. other world wars we've had, we've won by taking a place in fact the head of the capitol of that country. we're not doing that. where do you stop and say okay. >> you said that's a good start. >> how do you declare let's say you put all the boots on the ground. how do you declare? >> i think you can, can you.
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>> this is part of the problem ft first. first of all put up the full screen. does the president in fact have a strategy? the administration for defeating the islamic group isis. 73% say no. 19% say yes. what is the strategy and how does he communicate it to a point where he can coalition bills. the time is now. >> i would imagine the white house would say we have told you over and over again what our strategy is. i pay close attention to this. i actually don't understand the strategy. they need to figure out some way to crystallize it for us and say this is what we're trying to do. it seems like every week there's another nugget that comes forward. i am for all the other countries getting involved. let me give you an example. the entire military all branches of the military is 60,000 people. the entire military in saudi arabia is 100,000 people and not
2:22 pm
very sophisticated. jordan has the same 60,000. that's the things the military is suppose to do for those countries. if we lead from behind and let them take the lead, that presents consequences we might be opening up a pandora's box of problems in the middle east. i think america is stronger when we're leading the world and the world is a better place for it. i'm for these people helping but they can't do it on their own. they don't have the capacity to do it. >> it's actually a recipe for failure if we don't take the lead on it. they're trying to do their best and have limited resources. how is it we can expect in terms of a conservative effort put forward the strategy with the leader at the beginning of this taking the wheel verses america in the little basket on the side of the bike. >> that is unfair.
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come on. >> no, bob. it's a matter of being focused and say this is what we're doing. stop looking for everyone else to clean up the mess. >> we didn't include egypt which is out in front. i want to know what you're talking about. the united states pilots are bombing over there. we've spent in the last decade a trillion dollars. >> it totally squaunderred by president obama. why are we fighting isis now, bob? how did that allow them to get so much territory and recruit so many people and operate with absolute abandonment? >> isis has been around for a very long time and do i think they took advantage of the politics? yes, i think they did. these people are determined to be successful and i want to know where it is we put together a
2:24 pm
coalition willing to fight every extreme radical that is a muslim. i didn't see it yet. you say put your best foot forward, england didn't. >> have we done as much as we can do, bob? that's what you need to be focussed on. >> i think the answer to that is we're doing absent soldiers on the ground, i think we're doing what we can do. >> we're not. that's not a truthful statement greg. >> the underlying philosophy is president obama is bummed. he wasn't interested in the world at large. he was interested in changing the united states to suit his progressive needs. evil got in the way. he's guilty of ocean privilege. he felt he didn't have to worry about what was going on out there because the united states
2:25 pm
was pervious to the deals. we have so many other things like gender and race and global warming, the apock -- the threat. he had rather sit it out like a bad storm. he's sitting in a diner waiting on the storm to pass so he can get back on the road. it's not going to pass and he's got to face it. >> coming up, jeb bush clears a major hurdle if he decides to run in 2016. his mom, what former first lady barbara bush has to say about another family member trying for the white house. plus saturday night live's 40th
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. governor scott walker getting a lot of attention in the g.o.p. race making him the right target for scrutiny. the new york times has published a hit out of the governor and it's titled scott walker needs an eraser. collins didn't do her homework and she had to issue a correction. blaming a politician for teacher lay offs in the state. it occurred before he was governor. our liberals are so desperate to tear down potential g.o.p. nominees and they don't bother learning more about them before they write. >> you can't blame them. any piece you see or a hit piece tells you exactly who frightens
2:31 pm
them most. when they do it on scott walker, that means he's the guy they think is going to hurt him. they're not doing a piece on donald trump and know he's not running and taking it seriously. they look at this guy and know he's powerful and took on the union and the governor. all she's doing is the job she's suppose to do is help the dnc take this guy down. >> how much time should a potential republican nominee spend worried about the liberal media? >> all the way through the election. >> yeah. >> remember what happened to mitt romney? they went to boarding school. >> yeah. >> i just read that time magazine just tracked down scott walker's high school science teacher to do an interview. >> are you serious?
2:32 pm
>> he's one of 24 potential nominees and they're doing this. >> what happened in the science lab? >> guess what that's the nature of politics now. whoever the democrat nominee is i hope is under the same scrutiny the liberals do to the conservatives. >> bob, this weekend, steven hayes in a weekly standard wrote a long piece relatively long, listing all the g.o.p. candidates and they're strength and weaknesses. he put in his top three rubio walker bush in his top three. do you think that's about right? >> no i don't. first of all one thing we got to keep in mind anybody whose running for president border states will do well. that aside, if jeb bush is running, all his resources here,
2:33 pm
i wouldn't put him in the top ten. i wouldn't. i don't think you can take on a guy as popular as bush was in florida after you retire. >> top three. >> i would say bush. >> walker. >> no, i don't think walker. the answer to that may be. >> bush. >> i mean i look at this list and it's so hard to predict these things. if rick perry gets. >> what about cases? >> he's too liberal. he's pro-life. he's got a very. >> pro-life is not liberal. >> that's what it is, pro-life. yeah right. he is too much of a liberal. he released a whole lot of people in prison on drug charges and they don't like the sound of
2:34 pm
that. after that i can't figure it out. look at this list. >> let me ask kimberly this. one of the things jeb bush did not have in his column was his mom's approval. this weekend she said she changed her mind on too many bushes. >> i love it. she's all in. she said let's do this. you want to have the support of your family and mother, of course. i think it's wonderful that the family is behind him. there's a tremendous amount of experience there and he's going to be the beneficiary of that going forward. >> what can't you say? >> well at this point right. >> he means it. >> i think initially she was worried about the toll it takes on you and your family. >> i think the first thing you say is the honest thing. well, you know. >> but it depends on the context and timing. at that time i think it was difficult for the family,
2:35 pm
everything they were hearing and having to go through. it made it better. >> i think bush, a couple of things happened which is very much in the press conference. one, the hits come early because you got out there and had to. so also a crowded field in iowa. there will be a crowded field. it's going to thin out what you need to win. i think bush alone will pick up. >> you know whose going to iowa next week? governor rick perry. i commend an article by steven hayes. next up, the fastest seven featuring snl's big night 50 shades of gray's big weekend. and a weather man's reaction to a weather phenomenon. >> it's hard to believe this show has been going on for 40 years. >> you mean this show right now
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three stories, seven minutes. first up saturday night line celebrated 40 years of making us laugh. 43 million tuned in. this guy. >>. ♪ you want to be in the show come on baby go.
2:41 pm
>> that's chris farley. cast members host, actors it was truly entertaining for those of us that grew up watching and loving snl. >> it's really comedians who have dominated this stage for 40 years. >> comedians, what about actors? >> oh my god, it's america's tom haj hanks. oh my god it's paul mccartney. >> you heard him, a resounding no. >> 40 years packed in about four hours. >> someone else this weekend my miley cirrus. >> it's not necessarily a great place to work. it's a great movie board. it was impressive the incredible talent there.
2:42 pm
>> yeah a lot of them. >> i loved the open, i kind of loved the first hour. i failbailed after the bradley cooper betty white kiss. i turned it off then. i think the show needed an editor right. three and a half hours was too ambitious. if they would have done two hours they would have had their best stuff. >> i admit. i watched the hour red carpet leading up to it. i grew up watching this. amazing comedy. greg points out spring boards for everything. not just film. stand up tv everything. >> my kids grew up watching it. i was in the bedroom. >> civil war. >> i thought my job, particularly on the disney show what was the weekend show? >> that was really weird. my favorite is the cat that
2:43 pm
drives the car. i think it's so funny. >> very good. let's move to 50 shades of grade, it crushed valentines weekend box office totals taken in $90.7 million till sunday. >> if those numbers hold up it will become the fastest growing february. 50% of the movie goers for female and 58% were over 25 years old. >> people want to fire it up. this freezing weather, people want to make babies or something. >> these kind of numbers just one other thing about saturday
2:44 pm
night live. you all never mind. >> bob. >> i read it. it's boring. >> $90 million in the first week. they estimated $500 million world wide. >> it's a popular book. it surprised the publisher. it had a run away hit. with all the media hype leading up to it i think that 90 million sounds about right. >> and 50% females. >> i cried during the movie. i have to be honest, i don't like sex with plots. it's like having. >> you like plots with sex? >> no, i don't. it's like alcohol and chocolate candy. they should be separate. if take great movies like jaws or star wars put a sex scene in it, it doesn't make it any better. i want to have a story and the other stuff later. by the way, sitting in a movie
2:45 pm
theater watching a sex scene with strangers strikes me as a bit weird. >> i love this job. it makes it fun to come to work. that said, there's a guy who really, really loves his job. check out weather channel's jim cantore catching thunderstorm on tape. >> oh yes, yes, yes we got it, baby. we got it. woo. woo. oh, again. again. that's a two. yes. you can have your $500 million jackpot and power ball whatever the heck you want. i'll take this, baby. >> let's start over here and bring it over. >> accuweather guys. >> thunder snow. that was my nickname in high school. i had a gastro intestinal issue.
2:46 pm
where are where are all the students? what's keeping them warm during all this? >> david, jim cantore loves his job. >> i have to say i don't think, i don't think he was being sincere. i mean, nobody gets that excited for something. >> i think they do. >> honestly. >> you see a lightning bolt. >> i don't think i've ever been that excited in my life. >> about anything? >> you like jim cantore, right. he's very, very enthusiastic about the weather. >> he is. can you imagine being thrilled by the weather? some people do, i guess. >> i really love weather. i have a weather app. >> we got to go. >> that's not what you do before the show out here? >> still ahead. why you'll never find charles barkley on twitter or facebook.
2:47 pm
he's sworn off social media. his reasons coming up. the road. it can bring out the worst in people. but the m-class scans for danger... ...corrects for lane drifting... ...and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself. it is a luxury suv engineered to get you there and back safely. for tomorrow is another fight. the 2015 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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♪ social media is not for everyone.
2:51 pm
i still haven't figured out how to twitter. >> tweet. >> tweet, whatever. one person who wants nothing to do with it, charles barkley. here's why. charles. >> one of the reasons i do no social media whatsoever, i don't feel the need to talk to all these nitwits out there. so i never do any social media. and if anybody wants to say something bad, they can write it on the internet and put it out there. >> i didn't say anything bad before. but, eric, could you live without tweeting? >> i don't think so. i'm pretty much addicted to twitter and facebook and now instagram. but charles is -- >> and snapchat. >> if someone says something negative about you and you take it to hard, you shouldn't be on twitter. god knows, a lot is going on on twitter. >> it's so abusive. i find it useful and enjoyable. i learn a lot when i'm on it. i have a little bit of fun.
2:52 pm
and i am able to ignore a lot of the bullying that happens or the nasty comments -- >> you're good at it, though. you really are. >> i've said this before. i never tweet sober. if it's night and i'm home and i'm sober, i'm probably watching a movie or -- but if i have a glass of wine, if i'm on twitter at like 9:00 at night on the east coast you can bet i've had two or three glasses of wine because that's what it's for -- >> people are not listening. >> you get tweets -- >> what? >> why are you looking at me like that? >> i'm trying to figure out what you're saying. >> you like your twitter, don't you? >> no! >> did i say something here? >> here's why i like it. i like it for the news. i love the news -- you get a lot of people that are educated weighing in. that, i love. if i could siphon out the rest of it -- >> in my case, don't read them
2:53 pm
at all. i'd siphon 95% of them off. you big, fat, liberal -- and then -- >> that's from your brother. >> one guy said was it your brother that married your brother? i would be supportive of you guys -- but, oh no hang it out in the wind, let it go. cut his head off. "one more thing" is up next.
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how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪
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time now for "one more thing." let's go to dana perino. >> guys are you looking for a date? not with me. turns out there's a study done in britain and one in five women said a man with a dog is infinitely more attractive. and a dog is twice as appealing as a large salary or a big house. so i think that if you're looking for a date a dog can make you look more responsible and caring shows you're not selfish and that you're able to have fun -- >> you're exactly right. i used to rent a poodle from my next-door neighbor so i could walk up and down and i got a date out of it. >> there you go. >> what? >> dating advice. >> what i do is i go to a park around 2:00 a.m. and claim that my dog is lost and could somebody help me find it. >> then what happens? >> i get arrested.
2:58 pm
something better than a dog is a hairless rat taking a bath. look at that. >> gross. >> that is so gross. >> sometimes when you're feeling down and can't get out of a funk, think of a little hairless rat taking a bath. by the way, that's not really a hairless rat. that's bob costas. >> kimberly is next. >> was that an albino rat? >> why does it have to be about color? >> you're up! >> okay, let's talk about marriage, shall we? so these two individuals have been married for 81 years. they are 99 years old. dale and alice rocky and they were honored by the worldwide marriage encounter based in san bernardino, california, as part of the organization's 215 longest married couple project. i think it's fantastic they've been married so long. >> to each other? >> yes! five sons, 15 grandkids, 28
2:59 pm
great grandkids and six great-great grandchildren. everyone else out there are underachievers. listen to their secret of success. >> is there a secret to how you guys have stayed together for so long? >> i always let him have my way. >> that's so cute. that's going to be dana and peter. >> i was married to a nice woman who didn't deserve me. that list of republican candidates, if you get past iowa, it's john kasich, governor of ohio. >> there you go. >> very quickly, conan o'brien spent this presidents' day's weekend in havana, cuba taping a special that will air march 4th. it's the first time a talk show will be taped in cuba since jack parr did it. >> that might be useful. >> really?
3:00 pm
>> yeah spreading -- >> i wasn't really asking. >> i'm sorry. >> that's it. "special report" is up next. egypt strikes back after the beheading of 21 coptic christians and terrorism rears its ugly head in denmark posing yet another challenge to the president's embattled foreign policy. this is "special report." good evening. i'm ed henry in for bret baier. while the commander in chief spent presidents' day weekend playing golf far from home in southern california, terror forces in northern africa and northern europe staged new attacks and threatened to bring their violence to the doorsteps of the global christian community prompting an urgent plea from a key member of nato tonight. we have fox team coverage. it was a grisly weekend of terror.


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