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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the one on the dvr. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, use your dvr follow me on the handle @greta. good night from washington d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: they have the other capable to basically do what they have to do to it attack this country. they are a real danger. >> former secretary of defense leon pa that once again warm warning the obama administration and the country that islamic fanatics are getting stronger. tonight, charles krauthammer and i will analyze this intense situation. >> it's an open season against islam. washington general media dehumanizing muslims in a movie like "american sniper." >> the sister of a muslim man in north carolina blaming american society in part. >> fdr what does the d stand for, do you? >> delaware.
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>> also ahead watters world, the presidents' day edition, oh boy. >> who won the civil war? >> i don't know. >> take a guess? >> america. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the jay vee doing some serious damage. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. over the weekend isis savages in libya beheaded 21 christian migrant workers on camera. 21. the barbarity of that hard to believe. these men simply workers who traveled from egypt to libya to make some money for their families. but they were coptic christians so the jihadists executed them for their religious beliefs. almost immediately the white house issued a statement, quote: the united states condemns the despicable and
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cowardly murder of 21 egyptian citizens in india by isil affiliated terrorists we offer our condolences to the families of the victims. notice they did not say the victims are all christians and that's why they were killed. didn't say that statement also did not mention islam or muslim extremists or the jihad. again, the avoidance of the true issue is truly shocking. americans should demand that it stop. leon panetta former cia chief and secretary of defense once again defined the problem isis truly represents a whole new phase in the war on terrorism. and have to be net tooth and nell with everything we have got. that's the reality. isis a whole new chapter. in terms of the terrorist threat to that look at
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terrorist threats around the world the ones you have to worry about a n. al qaeda kup. basically do what they have to do to attack this country country. they are a real danger everybody in washington defensive way. preferring to play word games. because of that jihadistst all over the world beheadings in libya. in denmark, a lone islamic militant killing two people. five others pretty much on a regular basis now. muslim fanatics are are running wild. not just president obama failing to condition front evil, just about every nation in the world. this fable about a 60 country coalition united against isis is insulting.
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what are these nations doing? nothing. it's easy to sign a piece of paper and not show up. egyptian planes are now bombing some isis positions in libya in retailation for the slaughter there. we hope egypt, which has a strong military will join jordan in consistently attacking these killers. where is the coordinated effort? where is the worldwide summit in where is president obama trying to lead the world to crush the jihadist movement? to those very simple questions, there is no answer. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington, charles krauthammer. i'm getting a little angry about this. you know i mean i'm sitting here and i'm seeing james buchanan in the white house. who knew that the civil war was approaching, who didn't do anything to stop it. he knew the south was going to it launch, which they did. and president obama has got to know that isis expanding. he gets intel every morning on his desk. he has to know it. and he does nothing. and you say?
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>> well, he has told us, he told us in the vioxx interview about a week ago. this is note a year ago. it's not two years ago. i mean this is directly after the savage emulation of the jordanian pilot. he said that the terrorism threat is overbehind. it's like the local news. if it bleeds it leads. it's a media phenomenon and then he said that this fight, that what we call the war on terror, is really like a big city mayor trying to control crime. which means his heart isn't in it, no mayor of a city images he is ever going to wipe out crime. there is is always crime. the poor like the bible says it will always be with us. so he thinks it's something to be managed. and that it is being hyped by people who are either hysterical who don't understand this or who want to get us into bigger wars. he is the james buchanan. and he is not going to be
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dissuaded from that. >> you don't think he is going to be dissuaded no matter what happens? look, right now we have got isis. they have started in syria. they took over a third of iraq. now, they are in libya. algeria, the intel people say. saudi arabia. lebanon. jordan yemen. they are establishing affiliates in afghanistan. so, and he is going to continue to say he is a big city mayor trying to stop crime. i don't think that's possible. i think the american people are going to -- there is going to be a crescendo where he is going to have to do something. he certainly isn't reacting. here he is a week ago. he goes to correct me if i am wrong. supposedly to request authorization for the use of force. and in the beginning of his speech he says that isis is on the defensive. the coalition is on the offense. he says this the very days that isis is now approached a base called allah assad.
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outside of baghdad. within a few miles of the brace housing some marines. about to take the rest of on bar province. so, the isis people are actually directly at the same time on the move. here they show up in libya. they are showing their strength everywhere. fill i can't tells are acting in europe. he is pretending or at least he is saying or at least he is trying to persuade the nation that the coalition as you say, it's a farce. coalition is on the offense and the bad guys are on the defense. >> i don't know where the coalition is. i mean, they never meet. who are they and what are they supposed to do? know, on the congressional side, he has the power to fight isis when he wants to do it. some people say he is looking for cover. other people, you know, the lefties say he is being too aggressive. what -- how do you see that? >> what he is doing? he is trying to give the impression of action. and imitation of motion. he is trying to do anything
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except carry the fight. so, what does he do? he is now going to involve us in weeks and weeks of debate in the congress with the resolution that is designed to hamper any effort against isis. >> then why would the republicans go along? they are not going to go along with that are they? >> they shouldn't. obama knows. this he is rather cynical about this. he doesn't really care which way the resolution comes out o. but, it will take up the oxygen for a couple of weeks. a couple of months maybe half a year. and he has already told us in the same speech. he said he already has the necessary authority to do anything he needs to do from the original resolution of 2001. >> he can fight them wherever he wants to fight them. >> it's just a way to distract attention from the fact that he is not willing to make this a serious campaign. >> now, he says that he doesn't want to get america involved in other ground war like iraq and afghanistan.
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we understand that occupation -- i wouldn't vote for that but certainly rapid antiterrorist strike force on the ground, you know comprised of many nations can go in and hunt these people down where they need to be hunted down. where we where they are. everybody knows where they are. bosoming can do so much. don't have to stay there just go in and get them. capture them, kill them and then leave, right? >> but he is so far away from that because what you just described would require going into serious. >> so what? >> is he not even prepared. >> so what? so you go into syria. who is going to complain about that? who? >> but here's my point. it's not just that he is not going to go into syria. he is not even willing to do the containment in iraq which is not even halfway as serious as that halfway is difficult as that we still are not giving the kurds the weapons they need. >> it's unbelievable. really is. >> still not taking any
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serious territory in iraq. as i said we have just lost the base outside of the allah al sar air base near in the anbar province. this is a man who does not want to prosecute this war. >> i just wish that i could sneak in to the bathtub where that woman was and then why, why aren't you doing it? that's all i want just one question, just one. >> hold charles over and talk about the personal stuff with kareem abdul jabbar again. a murdered. saying a bunch of stuff. and we want to talk about it the ultra liberal mayor says high school students disruptive will get more lenient treatment. that's the ticket. megyn kelly up ahead. because your bladder is changing, it doesn't mean you have to. with tena,
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impact segment tonight. putting the blame on the wrong villain. 46-year-old craig hicks has been indicted three counts of first degree murder. alleging shooting to death three muslim arab american students in north carolina. three people totally innocent lost their lives in a vicious way. the fbi now investigating to see if there is a hate crime. reacting to the horror, the sits ter of one of the victims said. this: it's currently an open season, a time where it's an open season against muslims in washington. muslims in general media dehumanizing muslims in a movie like american joining us is charles krauthammer. i see no dehumanizing muslims. fbi reports of below double digits for muslims. now this woman comes out, you know we know she is upset. but blames the movie. what do you think? >> i think it's ridiculous. i can understand her
5:15 pm
griefened acan understand how she would speak so illogically and irrationally. but that doesn't make what she says true. in fact, i looked up the fbi statistics for violent crime having to do with hate of groups and 60% of those were against jews. 13.77% against muslims. so, unless you think this country is seething with anti-semitism, you would have to say that it certainly isn't seething with anti-muslim feeling. if anything, given the injuries that united states and the west have suffered at the hands of islamic radicals and terrorists starting with 9/11 i think it's been quite remarkable how much outreach and sympathy. you remember the first week after 9/11, george bush, the president, spoke out about tolerance for muslims. this is not the kind of
5:16 pm
anti-muslim sentiments that is being spoken about. >> no. >> if anything, i think there has been quite remarkable outreach in humanity on this. >> 1.4 million muslims in the u.s.a. not a lot, obviously in a country of 320 million. enough to one of the guys who have become the spokesman of don't say the word islam in connection with with terrorism is basketball super star kareem abdul jabbar. out again this weekend with the big nba all star game saying look comparing isis or al qaeda to islam is like comparing the ku klux klan to christianity. and you say? >> well, he had a great jump hook. but i'm not sure that he has a great analysis of what's going on in the world. look, i mean, how much evidence does one need in the islamic state calls itself islamic. the islamic state affiliated in libya, as you said beheads 21 christians announcing that they are
5:17 pm
doing it because they are christians. speaking about and then issuing the video. the video was issued to the nations of the cross. it speaks about capturing rome. it's entirely about its interpretation of islam. i mean is it really so difficult kareem to say or for the president to say we don't see this as a war against islam. we don't believe in a war against islam. but, it's an unfortunate fact that one strain of islam expressing itself all over the world from nigeria to copenhagen to libya to everywhere in the world happens to believe that they are at war with other religions. added wechristians jews and even muslims with whom they do not agree and who they consider apostates. to the point where they're willing to slaughter them in
5:18 pm
a genocidal way. is that so hard to say? >> it apparently is a slur against islam and i have tried to reason with mr. jabar. i have tried to tell him that look, it's not you and the majority of the peace loving muslims but it is a situation where the peace loving muslims have got to start to get ahold of the non-peace loving muslims. that's my take on it. if all the muslim nations would crack down on these people, then the problem would be on its way to being solved. last word. >> the last word is that this president seems incapable of saying the obvious. the fact as you pointed out, that they would issue a statement today identifying the victims as egyptian citizens. >> egyptian citizens. that would be as if you were describing a lynching of a black man in the south 100 years ago and saying there was a lynching last week of
5:19 pm
a citizen of georgia or alabama or whatever without speaking about the racial content of that. >> that's right. >> that, to me, ask a willful ignorance. >> and the motive for the crime was stated. they are christians. we want to kill them because they are christians. not because they are egyptians. so, it's even worse. >> the beginning of understanding any enemy is to understanding exactly what he is about. otherwise, you are utterly disarmed in dealing with him. >> all right. charles, thanks as always. directly ahead. karl rove on hillary clinton hiring her presidential campaign staff. rove knows these guys pretty well. and later watters world, a presidents' day edition. if you have kids, tell them to watch this. those reports after these messages.
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you know podesta pretty well, savvy guy, been around. i think he is pretty far left, is he not? >> he is. the first and most important thing to understand about him, look, i don't know him personally but i have watched him for years. he is tough, committed, hard-nosed. energetic. the guy, one of his colleagues said i don't think he ever slept. and he is determined to move things in a certain direction. and, you are right. his politics are are very left wing. he was the founder of a thing called the center for american progress, which is you know, rage ranges are/b7],%u 3mmf:;gm+ uuuuuuuu$6 ]vmhr8#d uq c8íg(rx!%h!h("c8h9 /ul÷efy8+2dkr-1=6w81 5 for the last couple of years. and he has been consistently
5:24 pm
pushing the president to the extreme left. >> all right. so, i don't understand then why hillary clinton would want him pose 102 unless they made a deal, look, we will handle the politics bill and i will handle the politics, you handle the organization, make sure there is discipline and our message gets out. i can understand that podesta as you just pointed out is good organizer. but hillary clinton can't really run left of obama can she? >> well look, first of all, why does she need him? david axelrod had an interesting comment last week on msnbc. he said john podesta needs to get control of the clinton machine. now, there are couple of important points about that one is that it suggests that the clinton machine is out of control. if you look at the last seven or eight or nine months. it is not a pretty picture. she is getting consistently worse as a candidate. not better, and her machine is at odds with each other. we had this incident last week where david broke who
5:25 pm
heads their opposition research effort on the left resigned from the board of the hillary super pac claiming that other members of the board were bad mouthing him to the "new york times" and calling into question his fundraising most that's the kind of stuff that podesta will knock heads and cut to a minimum. the clintons know that remember are he was bill clinton's chief of staff during the impeachment. they know how tough he was in keeping the white house staff reasonably moving in the same place and taking people who were dissenting and knocking them off. and so they know how tough he can be. and, you know, so that's why they want him. now, it's a bad thing that you have to be worried about staff infighting when you are in january and february of 2015 facing an election that's not until you know, november of 2016. >> now enough of the inside politics. we have a minute left. i just need your opinion on this. i think barack obama is the most liberal president in american history. would you agree with that? >> yes.
5:26 pm
>> okay. and i'm not saying that in a disparaging way. i'm just looking at how he has governed over sis years and his attitude toward the world in general. hillary clinton is she as left wing, do you believe she is in her heart as left wing as barack obama? >> no. but the problem is, she is going to have to -- she is going to look like she is going to be running for the third term of obama. she was there at the -- as secretary of state for four years in which all of these bad decisions were either made or the predicates were made for them. she now has as a chief operative of her campaign, a man who was the chief of staff forever president obama, or -- for president obama. counselor, left wing for years. it's going to be hard emotionally for her to break from president obama on foreign policy and tough for her to break from domestic policy when one of the biggest sitting at her hand.
5:27 pm
polled left and look like she is running for the third term of barack obama which is not a good place to be. >> mr. rove, as always, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. if you don't believe the national media is ardently liberal, we will prove it to you once and for all with the john steward reaction. also, megyn kelly on an incredible new york city student situation and watters with the presidents' day edition. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles... coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor and he prescribed lyrica. it helped me. it's known that... diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever
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factor follow up segment tonight, whenever you make the charge that the national media in america is pro-liberal, some people always deny it. tonight we have proof. last week after jon stewart announced he was stepping down from his program the media reacted. >> so hard to be funny five nights a week. did he it for 15 years. and also let's be honest, kept a lot of us in the press on our toes every night. when it comes to what he does next, he will be able to write his own ticket. >> every option available. >> when they do news segments they are better than any of us are doing. it's true. their production values their research and credibility and sense of humor. >> without anything as popular as fox on the left daily show really filled in someimes it was a counter weight to fox news. >> now mr. stuart has to be pleased with all the add jew legs. i'm sure when i retired i will get the same treatment. joining us now from washington. mary katharine ham and juan
5:32 pm
williams. so juan? say i get run over by a bus tomorrow okay? going to be snowing here. could happen. i think the media would mist over, 19 years o'reilly has been doing this every night. sore cogent points. interviews with the biggest people in the world. >> and the production values amazing. right, juan? wouldn't that happen? >> is this a mid winter's night dream? i think so for mr. gloirl why would i not get the same treatment that jon stewart is getting? >> you are a big boy. you are number one. there is just no question. if you compare your ratings to his, it's embarrassing for him. you are number one in all of cable news. >> that should make it more -- they should heap more praise upon me though. >> i'm just telling you that's not the way the world works, brother.
5:33 pm
that's jealousy, it's envy. it's interesting because his numbers, his numbers in terms of ratings are not that good. pretty good if you look at the demographics, you know 25 to 34 or whatever. his impact goes beyond the ratings in terms of liberal media you start to think about the impact he has had on everybody from jimmy fallon to stephen colbert and then you saw msnbc and all the rest, they tried with people like bill maher. they tried with al franken now the senator from minnesota. they could never find somebody to go up against the likes of rush limbaugh the comedic folks. >> nobody is saying, particularly not me because i think jon stewart is a tremendous talent. and his talent should be admired and should be praise that's not what this is about, mary katharine, it's not what it is about. >> yeah, i think he is always -- some of the praise has always been a little overblown because i do think is he a funny person and talented person. but he is also an
5:34 pm
ideological liberal comedian who did a good show. >> he is soul mate. >> right. so the ideological liberal journalists saying wow he did it better than anybody. here is the thing, when it comes to journalists praising him as a fellow journalist. i think you run into a problem there because there have been many reports from behind the scenes at the daily show. this is a comedy show. the rules are different there was ethically difficult stuff about how they put together those packages that they don't have to answer for because they are not journalists. >> the point of the matter is this juan, yard. >> glirm proves that the national press and the commentators and television and print, they are overwhelmingly liberal. that's what it proves, juan. >> yeah, i don't know how are fighting here. i mean, i think that. >> come on, you know every time you say this no, no, no. we are not. so this. >> i want to tell you something, what's interesting here is i remember going to watch you debate jon stewart, you know, the rumble in the air
5:35 pm
conditioned auditorium. the two of you have a lot in common in terms of securing american media as self-righteous defining what the common ground is the difference here is that you impact a larger audience. you take. >> no the difference is i'm a traditional american and mr. stuart is a liberal american. mary katharine gets the last word. go. >> i think kyle smith wrote for the "new york post" this week liberal journalist. they sont say the things he says. they want to be a snarky and dismissive of folks on the rice as he was. did he occasionally put people through a decent interview sebelius and barack obama among them. i appreciate that. and it may just be a little overblown to call him like the greatest national conscience of our time. >> i will be looking down from heaven and watching the coverage of my demise. >> oh yes. be there for you, bill. >> got to be optimistic. >> mary katharine and juan thank you. when we come right back, megyn kelly on an amazing
5:36 pm
situation in new york city. if you are a student, you can punch a teacher out and punch another student, can you expect leniency. kelly is next.
5:37 pm
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. . . . . . . . . . . . .
5:39 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. last friday new york city
5:40 pm
mayor bill de blasio perhaps the most liberal politician in the country. he is off the chart. announced an overhaul of the city's school disciplinary code. with us to explain that overhaul ms. meg glenn kelly you see her in the kelly file right after the factor. keeping in mind that i'm a former high school teacher. >> yes i know this. >> brook no nonsense please tell me what the new overhaul is. >> you realize you can't defend me. why are you threatening me? i'm going to deliver this news the way i see fit. >> all right. >> the most liberal mayor in the country was not liberal enough for the new york civil liberties union. the state version of the aclu who got ticked off he was taking too long to reform the suspension system here in the new york city public schools now it's happened.
5:41 pm
n pgd can no longer slap handcuffs on kids who are k through five unless it's an absolutely necessary. attention deficit and so on. this is no longer going to be allowed and the kid poses a safety problem. now, if you try to suspend a kid for insubordination, profanity, the wrong clothing a minor infraction in terms of altercation in the school that doesn't result in injury? >> if you don't punch the kid but knock him down and don't break anything. >> you have to go before this new york city board. the office of safety and youth development board. you have persuade them as a principal in this kid. >> the principal has to go
5:42 pm
before the board not the student? >> right. the principal has got to argue. >> do you realize there were a 3,000 suspensions in new york city police in new york city schools last year. here are the stats. there are only 15% of students in new york city, largest school district. 15% of white. that's it. >> that's right. >> only 15%. where are all the white kids? private school. why are they in private school? there is no discipline in any of the public schools. that's why. >> among other reasons. but the site, the statistic that the other side sights is 87% of the suspensions were black or hispanic kids 2013 or 14. 87%. where a at only 17% of the students are black or hispanic. they feel these suspensions what they feel are a drop of the hat promote the school to prison pipeline and that the only way to turn around these kids' behavior is not to kick them out of school for a week or two weeks but to keep them in school because suspensions beget suspensions beget bad bheefer beget dropouts. >> if a kid punches another
5:43 pm
teach other another kid doesn't get suspended. what does that lead to. lord of the fries. read it it i have a friend who teaches in brooklyn high school all black. got assaulted. a kid went after him beat him, cursed him in front of all the other kids. >> if you beat a teacher you can still be suspended. profanity, no. it has to go before the board. >> here is a hearing, all right. now there is a hearing for the kid. all right? the kid is not automatically suspended for hitting the teacher. now the no spin zone came in, you -- nypd came in. >> the teachers and the principals to don't have enough time for. this number one you can't keep control of your class if a kid is going fu, fu, fu. >> you can kick the kid out of class you can't just kick him out of school. >> has to write like i had to on my word raggedy ann. carmen, she says, listen, this is what she says. kids need to not constantly
5:44 pm
worry about getting suspended. for any minor incident. carmen. there is another way they can do that stop doing bad stuff. >> that's all you have got to say to carmen. all right? 15% white in your school district and there is a reason if you have any money at all, any money at all you take your kid into private school. >> i think you would have liked this in your high school teacher. they are pushing restorative justice deals with conflicts in holistic. >> incense in all the classrooms. watters world on deck. presidents' day edition. the kids should watch this. >> speak softly and carry big? >> brain. >> bingo. watters world moments away.
5:45 pm
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5:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight. everybody is off except us. california to ask the folks about presidents. ♪ ♪ >> presidents' day is upon us. who is your favorite president? >> john f. kennedy. >> just because is he attractive right? >> yeah. >> i don't know. reagan maybe? >> you are a reagan guy? >> abraham lincoln. >> yeah, abraham lincoln. >> babes who like abe. >> if you were president babera hamlin con. >> did that go out. >> no. i'm fine. >> girls, you are looking at a man with a tremendous problem. >> all right, who is this? >> george washington. >> he was the biggest pot
5:49 pm
farmer in american history. >> sexy. [ laughter ] >> what bill is he on? >> hundred? 10? he is not on the one. >> he is on the one. >> oh, he is on the one. >> talk to you about freedom? >> who is this? >> john f. kennedy. >> very good what's the f stand for? >> franklin or something. >> francisco. >> francisco. >> he was hispanic. >> fits jeralds. >> nailed it. >> who is this? >> abraham lincoln. >> do you remember around when he was president? >> 1786? [ buzzer ] >> no, that's not right. >> do you remember who won the civil war? >> i think we won. >> who is we? california? >> yeah. >> i don't know. america? >> north or the south? >> the south? [ buzzer ] ♪ ♪ >> your boy. >> reagan. he looks sharp. >> ronnie. he acted with a lot of monkeys, remember? >> real ones? >> is there any way you could let me keep him for a while? [ laughter ] >> he just seems like thetypical dad because he was the father to the next
5:50 pm
president. >> what do you mean? >> right? wasn't he brother or something? kennedy? wasn't there two kennedy's? >> bush. >> what did you guys just say? >> rose kennedys? >> bush. >> reagan. >> roosevelt. >> yes. fdr. >> what does the d stand for, do you remember? >> delaware. >> take a wild guess. >> not eisenhower. >> that was hoover. that was the hoover guy. >> john adams. nope. who is that? >> who's this? >> that one's teddy roosevelt. >> oh, my god, you nailed it. >> good job. >> adrian, i did it! >> speak softly and carry a big -- >> heart. >> brain. >> hammer. >> circle. >> broccoli. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> carry a big -- >> stick.
5:51 pm
>> well done. >> george w. bush. >> the older bush. >> you'd listened to me it would have raised taxes. >> then it would have had one term. >> what vegetable did he raise? >> tomato. >> eggplant. >> brussels sprouts. >> broccoli maybe. >> yes! you knew he hated broccoli but you didn't know who won the civil war? >> that's peanut guy. right? >> oh, is it carter? >> you got it. >> i don't think that's the president. i'd be really surprised if it is. >> first name's jimmy. >> jimmy carter. >> yes. >> oh, that is a president. >> i'm kicking -- right now jen. >> we had that hostage crisis with what country? >> south korea. >> what country took hostage sns. >> germany. >> germany? no. >> berlin. >> that's in germany. >> oh, yeah. >> iran.
5:52 pm
>> excellent. >> who do you think's going to be the next president? >> probably hillary. >> probably jeb. >> economy gets better. >> the economy's stupid. >> is it stupid? or are you saying -- >> that's the famous line. >> is the economy stupid? >> never mind. do you ever watch "watters' world"? >> "water world" the movie? >> i'm watters. and this is -- this is my world. this is my world right here. >> oh, you got me on that one. >> it was the secondhand smoke from the guy's reefer. you were totally out of control. >> when i ran into the guy he was in a win bay goe, he called it his office. >> and in malibu with the nice weather you can do that all year round. >> all year round. nothing going on. >> that's watters, everybody. can't tell you where he's going
5:53 pm
next, but it will be interesting. "the factor" tip of the day, i was at the "saturday night live" bash last night. tell you all about it. a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. the road. it can bring out the worst in people. but the m-class scans for danger... ...corrects for lane drifting... ...and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself. it is a luxury suv engineered to get you there and back safely. for tomorrow is another fight. the 2015 m-class.
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get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm. "the factor" tip of the day this "saturday night live" show your humble correspondent was there. but first, killing patton remains the number one audio book in the world after five months in the marketplace. if you're driving somewhere or on the beach, audio's a lot of fun, so is the book. people are celebrating president's day by offering 45% discount on all the killing books. not 50%. now the mail australia o'reilly, you've been critical of the president not having a strategy to defeat isis and the polls back you up. but if you poll americans on whether they want another war like iraq, they'll say no. we have, byron that's clear. but ground operations against an economy dint mean occupation. we need a fast strike and leave
5:56 pm
after the captured. iowa. o'reilly's infuriating speculates muted reaction to muslims murdered in north carolina means indifference to muslims. if the vikt m ims -- please tell geraldo that about 20 blacks are killed in america every day. no one says anything. illegal action against jews comprise 70% of hate crimes. the number is 2% against muslims. actually, dean fbi stats say 60% hate crimes against jews 14% muslims. pennsylvania, watters' piece on ethnic l.a. was well done. it was respectful to all. texas, does watters keeping the acupuncture needles in his ear mean he's a pinhead? quite possibly frank. scott, tallahassee florida i made it clear in one of my college classes i watch "the factor," my teacher called my ignorant. send me the teacher's name, scott. that goes to all american
5:57 pm
students. if your instructor attacks you verbally for your belief system, even if it's for watching a tv program, i want to know about it. bill, we are watching "the factor" while cruising around new zealand. show's great even a day ahead of time. well lucky you guys. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. a couple years ago i did a spot on "saturday night live". >> what we need most now is leadership. we got to pull together -- ♪ pull together ♪ -- all right it's going to take the kind of tremendous leadership that president lincoln had to give this country. all right. that's what we need to get it back on force ♪ back on the path, yeah ♪ >> okay. so we can have that leadership. and it was just a tragedy that he died the way he did ♪ it's a tragedy baby, and i
5:58 pm
got -- ♪ >> so last night i was invited to "saturday night live" show. it was a fascinating look at the culture. when i go to these things i'm more of an observer than participant. most people are very nice, with bill murray the exception. the funniest part of the show is the "jeopardy" skit where will farrell plays alex tribek. norm mcdonald's hysterical as burt reynolds. most of the skits were good. nbc got big ratings. a well-needed boost in a tough time for them. here's a "the factor" tip of the day, when you get an opportunity to do something different take it. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also, we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world.
5:59 pm
o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, brand new word do not be a tatterdemalion. the word is tatterdemalion. and the next time somebody misbehaves around you, you say please don't be a tatterdemalion. you'll be very popular in your crew. what else do i want to tell you because we got a little time to kill here. got a big week this week. we are closely watching the bowe bergdahl investigation, the alleged investigation. we know that the army knows. and we're just trying to get it out of them because we think we should clear this up right? we should clear this up. so we're on it. we've got an interesting show this week. a lot of interesting people coming on. ms. megyn is next.
6:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, disturbing news out of libya as the president's mideast policy appears to be in complete collapse. days after news hit that the country of yemen, which houses a savage version of al qaeda, is on the verge of collapse. horror emerges in libya where isis beheaded almost two dozen christians over the weekend yet again in a country president obama was celebrating as a success story just a few short years ago. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. a sickening video out of libya surfacing this weekend showing isis jihadists beheading 21 christians who had reportedly traveled from egypt in the hopes of finding some hon


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