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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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accent. >> you can vote on and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have this evening. thanks for joining us. have a great night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i'm baffled by this white house. it seems as though they want to try to believe a lie, that everything is okay when it's not okay. >> national outcry by christian and jewish clerics demanding that president obama do something about the growing threat from muslim jihadists. tonight, we'll continue our reporting. >> is this the glory of god you bragged of? >> also ahead on this ash wednesday. the new movie killing jesus now has an air date. we will tell you what it is. >> are you king of the jews? >> >> just beyond this door. >> what is? >> my. >> like your x box and system? oh my god.
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>> the movie "fifty shades of grey" attracting millions of americans. dennis miller believes he knows why. >> do you remember that night? >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. judeo-christian philosophy vs. the jihad. that is the judge of this evening's talking points memo. we received thousands of letters from clerics all over the u.s.a. after our discussion last night about the holy war. and on this ash wednesday it is appropriate to define the worldwide conflict between muslim fanatics and nearly everybody else. as you may know, president obama is a reluctant warrior, not willing to define the jihadist atrocities as anything other than criminal actions. of the president does not even use the words islamic terrorism for fear of offending good muslims
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around the world. now, some of you believe mr. obama is a muslim sympathizer. others on the far right even say is he an actual muslim. >> there is absolutely no evidence to back that up. today the president issued a statement marking ash wednesday, quote: lent is a season of sacrifice and preparation repentance and renewal. we remember those suffering including those persecuted for their faith. we join millions in their faith as we look toward the easer celebration. in that statement the president describes himself as a christian. however, once again the president does not say who is persecuting people for their faith. that would be want jihadists, primarily. it's important to understand that isis and al qaeda want, want a worldwide war against the u.s.a. and infidels in general. they want us to attack them on the ground. they have believe such a military campaign would mobilize millions of other muslims into the final worldwide confrontation they see.
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long predicted ultimate holy war that must understood when developing a plan to defeat. north downgrade. defeat these muslim killers. there is no question that critical mass has been reached. schieffer what reverend franklin graham said last night. >> this is something that the white house doesn't understand the religious aspect of this. these men are doing what they are doing because they think they are pleasing god. koran teaches. this islam says you can have slaves and cut the heads off of people and kill jews and christians and anybody else that doesn't believe like you. >> with all due respect to reverend graham most muslims don't accept the fundamentalist just that most christians don't believe slavery is accepted as in the old testament. an honest person has to know that millions of muslims do accept sharia law and the human rights violations that come along with it in the irname of their god.
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they do accept jihad and the atrocities that go along with that. those muslims have to be dealt with when they start murdering men, women and children as they are doing now. in our judeo christian nation murder is the worse crime,ing that, taking a human life unacceptable when left self-defense. symptom parts of the western world murder is justified if you are a nonbeliever or believe in another tenet of islam. you now the fanatics to do believe that are on the march. and president obama's reaction is confused to say the least. last night talking points called for the american clergy to speak this friday, saturday, and sunday about the moral obligation to protect innocent lives from fanatical killers. many of the clergy have responded directly to me. pastor brad, palm beach gardens, florida the church needs to be bold and courageous and take the leadership role that is theirs to take it is time. reverend paul whetstone hollywood, california. i'm a veteran of the gulf
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war era. i will challenge my folks to call, write and email to beg the president to actively oppose the jihad. pastor from norman oklahoma. mr. o'reilly your call for the clear to stand against isis what's needed. this sunday from the pulpit i will address. this we are with you. rabbi. mr. o'reilly when moses stood at the red sea he prayed to god. god told him don't pray, take action. i applaud your call to clergy to encourage the president to act and i'm honored to join the effort. father vasquez corpus christi, texas. this weekend i will ask the the clergy to speak out lead a defense against the leader of radical islam. today president obama spoke at the white house summit on countering violent extremism once again summit long on rhetoric and short on proposed action. >> al qaeda and isil and
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groups like it are desperate for legitimacy they try to portray themselves as religious leaders. holy warriors in defense of islam. we are not at war with islam. [ applause ] we are at war with people who have perverted islam. that is true the holy bar has been launched by those who misuse the islamic faith. again, there are millions of them they are acting in the name of a deitiy. they are motivated to impose a barbaric religion. the japanese worshiped their emperor during world war ii. we americans didn't diminish the danger from that country by saying their insane view of religion was not a threat. it was. president obama it s. right out wrong in not describing the terrorist threat accurately. muslim fanatics want to kill us. and there are millions of
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them. period. summing up. talking points believes that americans of faith and goodwill begin to take the holy war seriously. developing an aggressive strategy to stop groups from slaughtering people. stop them. not contain them. up to now president obama and congress has been have been timid on willing to define what is true violent strain of islam is on the march, occupying vast amounts of territory. executing and terrorizes pretty much at will. the civilized world needs to come together to eliminate the threat from the earth. if the politicians won't do it, the clergy must lead the way. once again, i ask all religion expwrus leaders including muslim imams to address their congregations this weekend. once the american people rise up president obama will
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continuing with our lead story confronting the worldwide jihad. joining us from los angeles rabbi marvin hire the head of the center. sally vance. santa clara university. we will begin with you professor. i don't have any confidence in the politicians, not only in the united states but around the world in confronting the muslim terrorists. they seem afraid to do so. so, you now i'm asking the clergy to rise up in defense of the poor innocence who are being slaughtered. >> have their voice to talk about what true religion is. what truth claims about
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relates are i do want to caution thighs terrorists it's not religion it's a cult of death that has more with politics than faith claims and truth who god is on how god operates in the real world. >> isn't it true that it's good vs. evil, professor? isn't it true that innocent people, human beings are being slaughtered by evil doers, using the name of god to do their killing? if that is true, it's a good vs. evil moral situation that we absolutely need religious leaders like poach francis did this week to speak out and tell the politicians you have got to stop it i certainly agree with that one of the roles of religion is to. >> i'm glad. now, rabbi jews, all over the world are target number
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1 each asking every rabbi and jewish leader to demand that president obama and the other western leaders do something about it am i wrong? >> you are absolutely right bill. these are not random acts it's true the are against jihad. whopping minority, according to the pew study, 22% are in form of a form of jihad that means it could be if you look at the numbers that more people are in favor of jihad than represented access powers in 1939 when they took on western civilization than is pandemic. >> i people understand a million and a half, billion and a half muslims arranged the world if you have got 22% of them saying yeah, we are going to kill christians and jews because we want to impose our perverted twist and sense of religion you
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have a major problem. let me ask you you this. comes from the left and far left in america. the progressive movement which is very popular among some jews. how do you explain that? >> i can't speak for them. that's my point of view bill. i want to say clearly, had the world listened to winston churchill in the 30's 50 million peoples' lives would have been spared. when i see this appeasement and the fact that no one is willing to call it what it is, this is a war against islamic fundamentalism not mentioning the name does a disservice to the battle. we are not fighting millions of christians who are terrorists we are not fighting milli who are terrorists. we happen to be fighting a significant minority of
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islamic fundamentalists that are perverting their religion sand it will take the rest of the muslim population. those who are against jihad to aggressively take them on. >> i agree 100% with that professor, religion by its very nature in america is peace-loving. both the christian faith and the jewish faith there aren't many muslim americans. i think a million and a half. very little violence in those communities. now we are calling for people of faith an clericking to demand people in washington protect innocent people from evil. i think a lot of religious leaders are very uneasy to do that. >> well, it -- i mean i agree with you that that there is a long strain in
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the judeo tradition that pushes back against violence, to the widow, the orphan, the stranger to marginalize. that's a central feature of the truth claim we make about reality as christian jews and muslims who believe that the human person has the distinct reality of being the interception of the human and divine. that god dwells in the activities of loving and knowing and hoping and doing good and creating beauty. i mean muslims,jews and christians all share that truth claim about reality. that is certainly true. and sometimes that doing goodness requires us to push back against violence. it's complicated in how we work it out. >> it's evil. >> rabbi, i will let you close out the segment. am i i wrong for doing, this rabbi? i'm putting pressure on my religion the catholic church which i think has been very weak. i think pope francis as i said has been strong but in america very very weak on
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this. they don't preach in the pulpit. they are afraid. i'm calling for protestants and jews this weekend to stand up and level with their congregations there is evil it's killing people and you have to confront president obama for president obama and congress and you have got to tell them this has got to stop. just as you said with the nazis, in the world had united against it in the 30's that wouldn't have happened. they didn't. it's exactly the same thing. last word rabbi. >> you are absolutely right. the almighty was a realist. the 10 commandment ms are equally divided five positive, five negative. why is that? because god knew this is the planet earth evil exists you can't just be a do gooder if you are not prepared to stand up and take on evil. that is what is required at this moment in history. >> all right. we appreciate you both. very good debate. >> directly ahead. we have more on president
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obama's speech today which, well, all right. i will tell you what i think of it in a moment. then how does hillary clinton do against some republicans who may run for president? we will have the latest polling on that. also, miller on why millions of americans want to see a trashy movie meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it.
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit new polling about possible presidential race. 2016 pitted jeb bush against hillary clinton in three states. colorado, iowa and virginia. mrs. clinton beats mr. bush in colorado iowa ties in virginia. rand paul, she beats him in all three states colorado, iowa and virginia. same thing. mrs. clinton prevails in all three states. not a fair poll because hillary clinton is better
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known than the three candidates mentioned. maybe jeb bush's name is known but they don't know what he stands for that name gap will will close as the campaign heats up. it does point out that hillary clinton is a formidable candidate. joining us from tampa, florida, jessica irlick a democrat. co-host of out numbered. hillary clinton looks like a solid 35 to 45% base going to happen no matter what happens. >> big advantage. >> these numbers aren't that great. still not polling above 50%. >> not in these states. remember, she hasn't opened her mouth yet. >> what do you mean? >> the minute she opens her mouth and she campaigns, her numbers are going to start to tank she knows that too. that's by hillary is in hiding. >> i think she is very well defined. interesting numbers polling well with women and independents and these are swing states where independent votes are going to be really important in
8:23 pm
2016. that's why they polled there. and she has a huge opportunity here to really you know, move forward because the other polls show that she is -- people see her as looking to the future not just stuck in the past. >> okay. people think looking at the future. it's all b.s. and you know it do you think she is a good candidate and a personal candidate and charismatic candidate? >> i do. absolutely. >> you do. >> completely. absolutely. i have got to sigh i covered her when she ran against barack obama in new hampshire. i think hillary clinton is a very smart woman. i think she is going to be a very strong candidate for the democrats. but she was a terrible campaigner when i saw her and i was right there. that's bill o'reilly. and i think she threw a snow ball at me. it was really compared to barack obama shoe was comatose. that's a big difference. >> big difference between
8:24 pm
sometimes people have that she is certainly not slick. i think that's important. she is a person of substance. especially when you meet her in person. she is incredibly warm and interesting. >> she is smart. >> yeah. >> she is not her husband. >> i have got to get into president obama again and terrorism because this really is the big story for america here. so he gives a speech. at the little summit they had this week. here is the president's conclusion. go. >> that the united nations in september, i called on the international community to come together and irradicate this scourge of violent extremism. i want to thank you all of you from across america and arranged the world for answering this call. tomorrow state departments will focus on the steps we can take as governments. >> that was in september he made the call. it's now february and
8:25 pm
tomorrow they are going to focus on the steps? what is this slow motion? what is going on here? that's 8 months ago right? six months ago. whatever it is. nothing has been done. bombing has been done. bombing ain't working. the expansion is going on all over the place. tomorrow we are going to sort it out oh my god. >> a summit. what do they think it's going to accomplish. you have been to the conferences before. best practices, pathways to peace? that's going to solve this? by the way bill, the only reason there is some kind of international coalition is because isis beheaded a jordanian pilot. it's because they beheaded a number of christians. that's the only reason. >> there is no coalition. they are not doing anything. jordan and egypt doing some soaredies from the air. emirates doing a few and the united states doing everything else.
8:26 pm
there is no coalition. where are the other nations? what are they doing? >> well, we have to build a coalition. >> okay. we have to build. how long does it take to bailed coalition against people slaughtering beheading people. how long does it take? how much -- i wish i had an answer for that. we have to approach this so we are not alone. we can't be the lone ranger. what is he think thanking the coalition for, what? >> just coming to the table. >> what table? where is the table? the table is going to be at the state department. >> it's gonna be. jessica, thanks coalition thanks for what? what did they do? this is the first time they have agreed there is a problem. countries refusing to to turn on the muscle muslim brotherhood hamas and things going on today. >> national address thanking the 60 nation coalition for coming to a myth call table.
8:27 pm
that's what he is think thanking them for? you are silent. jessica, we love you. your silence, all right. and andrea's silence and everybody who is watching what is he thanking the coalition for? they haven't done anything nothing. he has been pulling this together since folly and the other guys got beheaded in the summer. what? what did they do? nothing. this makes me angry. and i have got to get out of here because i don't want to get out of control. >> i'm only quiet so you won't yell at me, bill. >> i'm not yelling at you. >> what's he thanking them for. >> anticipatory thank you maybe they will do something. >> maybe they will. but how many more heads have got to be rolling in the sand before that happens? all right. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. it's ash wednesday we are seeing when the new movie killing jesus is being shown. we will show you a preview.
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go. only way to deal with this abomination of federal income tax code. put a sword. start again with single rate flat stacks for adults and children. >> what's the truth about the flat tax? you know my accountant swiftie would be unemployed number one would it raise more revenue for the federal government than the chaotic system we have now. >> it all depends whom you ask. knows who support the flat tax. 75,000 pages irs commissioners they have to use a professional preparer because they are afraid of getting it wrong. people who steve forbes says it's 17% or 20%. other proposals out there. make it so everybody has got skin in the game. everybody pays the same percentage out of their income and they claim that there are proposals at 20%
8:33 pm
the government using real numbers from 2012 would have come out ahead with the flat tax based on what they collected in 2012. >> one professor says they would make a little bit more money on the flat tax but the progressive argument against it is that the richer people, okay would make a lot more money because you are only taxing them at 20 instead of 40%? >> exactly if they get a huge break, the people who are are against this say where is the rest of the money going to come from the middle class and those who are poor everybody pays. >> if do you have a flat tax. middle income where it kicks in. you do want poor people to be up wardly mobleg. if you are making under 35,000 and got two kids. i don't begrudge you not paying any federal income tax. there is a lot of propaganda on all of this stuff, all right? all of the figures are speculative, right? estimating. this year more tax revenue going to washington than any time in history still in a huge deficit. based upon your research,
8:34 pm
would a flat tax be better for the country or should they do something else? >> those who argue in favor of flat tax say it will help the country because you can still make the same amount of revenue everybody then has some share of making sure that the government is accountable. if you have to pay out no matter where you are people might be a little bit more. they say it's going to take leadership at the presidential level. steve forbes talked with them. someone in 2016 run on this. >> this tax raises more money for the government is not going to happen. let's go to new york city, the school collapse lore and the mayor most far left guy i have ever seen de blasio. if you curse out a teacher hit another kid and don't draw blood you don't get suspended right away which of course is going to lead to chaos. what is the crime situation in no, schools. >> 1.1 million kids in new york city schools. as of the last year 956 arrests. and summonses 53,000
8:35 pm
suspensions. 5% of the kids getting suspended good news crime is down 24%. >> that's what i saw 24% drop in school crime. so why would you want to mess can the disciplinary code when school crime is dropping? why would you want to do that? >> more troubling than that school crime goes down 24%. suspensions 23%. but arrests they go down 55%. and summonses go down 66% like my graphics with my hands? the fact what that does there is still a big chunk of kids would have been arrested before not arrested even though they are still doing the bad things. de blasio administration doesn't want as many kids in the system. this is one way to try to use a different type of format for these kids. >> if all the bad things are declining, assaults are declining. most kids arrested for assault. felony and misdemeanor assault. >> 1,000 assaults.
8:36 pm
four rapes. >> you are not going to suspend for assaults obviously assault are going to go up. why would they want to do that? >> they think that being arrested is a bad thing. >> for suspended. >> or suspended do drop out got arrested. >> other kids getting beat up and not suspended and teachers getting cursed at. once you get cursed at in the classroom and the kid doesn't get suspended and comes back the next day you lose control of the class. i saw it happen in my own eyes i saw it happen. >> toughest teachers i ever had was were like you. >> they are not as bad of me. >> i would be scared of teacher o'reilly. >> you would learn now. but it wasn't happy time. >> no. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it when we come right back. it will be miller time. reaction to the jihad and "fifty shades of grey." miller is exin.
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♪♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. vo: we put members first... join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ thanks for stying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight. as we told you in the talking points memo americans getting fed up with a lack of action against the jihadi, cirlts. joining us from santa barbara the sage of southern california dennis miller. i'm sure you are in that category right? it's ridiculous, the whole
8:41 pm
thing is absurd. >> i usually don't like to reveal too much about myself billy. if you are talking about lighting people on fire in cages and decapitating them en masse, yes. i'm on board. i if think are jay vee we are the freshman team. he is more like the -- than gene hackman character in hoosiers. state department is being manned or women by all the young chics on the pep squad couldn't make the cheer leader team came out with the fake white guns at halftime. radical islam is exseller rave as the last one glimpse by the 21 coptic christians on that beach. i think our president heard the cop in coptic and just reflexively assume that they acted stupidly. we have got a leaning tower
8:42 pm
of appeasement in the white house right now decap takings noggin recalls. time to have a meeting he will sissy out of it. get those two guys over there and figure out how to croak as many of these pigs as we can. >> now, in the last segment, we discussed president obama today to fight extremism. they wouldn't put islamic on it. he is thanking the cletion of 60 nations miller. would you like to thank them tonight as well? >> you know i used to tease and say there is us and everybody else. billy, i assume that somewhere out there maybe monaco is more of a hawk now than we are. yeah. it's not like the old days,
8:43 pm
baby, when they rallied around the flag and the tent pole. we are a little soft right now. i can't denigrate these cats. i have to go to my go to voice netanyahu and he knows we are not there for him. that's almost good in a way because he is thinking great, one less phone call to make when it's go time. and the other guy knows that he has crazies in the house i hope those two get together and start playing whack a mole this guy is over here talking about jobs. i hope they don't vest these creeps in obamacare eventually. >> it's a grim situation. we haven't even begun to talk about putin his thugs. >> putin is a tele tubby compared to those nuts over there putin is godless man. these are god initiated men over there we have real problems and our guy is asleep at the switch. >> did you read this "fifty shades of grey" book. >> no, huh-uh,. >> i read it because i'm an
8:44 pm
author and they sold 20 million copies. it was the worst book i have ever read in my life. >> all the way through. >>ville to confess i didn't get through it. i read maybe 60% of it. i was going -- >> -- i didn't read any of it you know why they are doing so much business at the theater. it's a two prong thing billy. conservatives hear the title "fifty shades of grey" and think it's a biopick about mitch mcconnell and they all show up. then they find out it isn't. on the other side of it, you have got a little return business going because a lot of guys are coming out of the theater saying yes mistress, may i have another? and they go right back it in and watch it they are selling no concessions because the guys can't eat the popcorn, they have the ball gags in. so concessions are way off. but they are selling some duckets. >> you can't get big soda
8:45 pm
hands tied. >> having the big chew toy in your mouth. >> whatever. >> but i'm glad you only read it 60% through. had you accomplished your goal at that point? >> i just couldn't anymore. >> what did you mark the page you have a book marker. >> jihadist will behead you if they find out. keep it quiet. thank and remind everybody that the lone don't be a pinhead show rio rancho saturday april 11th great time to be in the land of enchantment. details on did you see that on deck is the report that isis burned 45 people to death in iraq true? martha maccallum moments away. e... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help.
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back of the book segment tonight. did you hear that? we had this report. a member of the iraqi parliament tells nbc news 45 iraqi security personnel kidnapped and locked in the back of a truck covered with gas and then burned to death by the islamic state militants. >> did that really happen here now martha maccallum. did it. >> it's a horrific report. latest report we had from admiral kirby at the pentagon we have the video and attempting to verify it. >> based on the history of how this thing works. the event happens and a few weeks later we get a look at the actual video. >> doesn't it tend to be that isis puts it on the internet and they didn't this time? >> it's possible in this
8:50 pm
case if it is true that the word leaked out it came from colonel who is part of the iraqi security forces it may be that he wanted to get word out about what bags happenings in his community. >> if isis did it and this really happened. >> then you will see abeheadings of our american citizens and with the burning of the jordanian pilot, we saw them two weeks to a month after the event actually happened. it's possible this event happened, they weren't ready to release it and word leaked out. >> i was skeptical of the report yesterday which is why i didn't use it on "the factor." but we'll stay on it. i mean look would they do it? of course they would do it. >> this is anbar province which we liberated during the iraq war. these are our trained iraqi security forces. it's a horrific, horrific story. >> every atrocity that happens from now on puts more pressure on the president of the united states. so we just heard miller and i mocked "fifty shades of grey."
8:51 pm
it's an r movie so kids under 17 can't go. but in orlando, florida there was a facebook posting that told a bunch of kids to go to a theater. and look what happened. >> in the movie theater was about 25 teenagers running in and out of the movie. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows hundreds of teenagers rushing past the ticket counter at the amc theater, the crowd getting so out of hand police had to be called to the scene. officials say the mob of more than 200 teenagers under the age of 17 forced their way into the movie theater to see "fifty shades of grey." after amc wouldn't sell them tickets to the film because they weren't accompanied by adults. >> so what happened there? >> fifty shades of obnoxious. hundreds of kids middle schoolers and high schoolers got on facebook and decided to basically crowd -- >> did it stop the movie? >> they did stop the movie and had to evacuate the theater. >> they threw everybody out.
8:52 pm
>> their punishment is they can't go to the mall any longer until the age of 18 but ruined everybody's chance to see the movie. >> this where you would get the word out that everybody would meet in a certain place and cause destruction. but i'm glad the theater shut the showing down. the cops came in, they got everybody's name. and that's what they have to do here. >> one person arrested for assaulting an usher on the way into the theater. but, yeah, bad scene. >> you know. >> just like when we were kids, right? >> oh, yeah. hey, mom i'm going out to see "fifty shades of grey," but i'm going to storm in with other kids. >> guaranteed awful movie. not worth it, kids. >> did you see it? >> i read it, but i haven't seen it. what a piece of garbage. >> i wish she'd seen it. >> i can come back and report. >> martha mccallum everyone. "the factor" tip of the day, a good movie, killing jesus, we'll announce when the big show will
8:53 pm
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a dry mouth.
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"the factor" tip of the day the movie killing jesus big announcement in a moment. first, minnesota. monica monica kroully was right and she nailed you. you're half right, steve. back on september 9th monica defined the jihad as a holy war. and i wondered whether that was a constructive description back then. subsequent events prove monica to be pers pi kashs. newtown, o'reilly, please stop calling the situation a holy war. that demeans -- historical term. kudos to you o'reilly, for calling isis what it truly is a
8:56 pm
holy war. fresno, california. hey, bill, if you want to fight your imaginary holy war, go on over and fight. you do better with the war on christmas. joe, florida. bill, it is not the job of our clerics to rouse our leader's defend us against savage muslims. of course it is. religious leaders are supposed to speak out against evil are they not? england, as an atheist i believe your call for holy war is wrong, bill. i am totally against the islamic extremists but concentrating on -- gives us no voice. look at it this way, nick, you're an infidel, in the eyes of the jihadist you'd be executed in a second. they'd use their twisted religion to kill you. john, protecting his last name saudi arabia. i work here and we are in the midst of a holy war. i don't understand why america is not responding. lack of leadership, john.
8:57 pm
nancy, new york. bill, don't hold your breath waiting for catholic priests to make statements in church about the jihadists. i wouldn't hold my breath nancy. i believe the pope's doing what he can. but you're right the american catholic church basically frightened of any controversy other than abortion. bill, dallas, texas. bill, i was disappointed to learn premium members go to the head of the line on e-mails. not true bill. they get their e-mails read quickly, but everybody has an equal shot based on content. best content wins. the advantage premium members have is they can talk directly to me through the message boards. toby illinois. bill, i noticed that killing patton is dedicated to your father william and grandfather john who fought in two world wars. i thank them for your service. well, thank you for noticing, toby. if you want to buy killing patton or any other books, we got 45% of in honor of president's week. it is ash wednesday, very appropriate time to announce
8:58 pm
that the movie based on my book killing jesus will be shown worldwide on palm sunday march 29th. here's a preview. >> those are a generation -- you are a warrior king. your voice can make a vapor of phantom. >> yes. >> are you king of the jews? >> my kingdom is not of this world. >> truly fit to be king. >> end this threat. end it. >> humiliated.
8:59 pm
>> is this the glory -- >> yes, that was kelsey grammar. i was involved in putting the movie together somewhat. i would tell you it will provoke conversation. i think you will like it. you will certainly not be bored. very different than what you've seen before. it will be shown on the national geographic channel palm sunday march 29th. "the factor" tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from also, we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be apocryphal. to our viewers overseas we want to hear what you say about the jihad and holy war. want to get your opinion on that. you clerics around the country continue to write to me please.
9:00 pm
tell me what you're going to say this upcoming weekend. if you're going to say anything. again, thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the sps here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, with horrific new atrocities playing out each day and americans increasingly unhappy with how the administration is taking on terror, the president tries to repair some of the damage and convince the country that he can keep us safe. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in just the last week the administration has been rocked with repeated controversies over its handling of the threat from the islamic state terror group. first, almost two dozen christians are beheaded. and the president's team is hammered for failing to identify the victims as christian or the killers as islamic. as the white house told it, egyptian citizens were killed. then the attorney general of the united states comes out and declares that we are not at war


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