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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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about linzess today. i tweeted that video of a brawl in the turkish parliament. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. ♪ how do muslim imams feel about fighting the jihad? will they talk about it in their mosque this weekend? tonight, in a exclusive, we'll find out. would you say that barack obama as commander in chief has had a positive impact on the more rawl of the men and women of the united states armed forces? >> according to the military times newspaper, president obama's popularity among military people cratering. we'll have the facts tonight. >> you and i have this thing going, man. it is great. >> don't make any sudden moves.
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>> do you speak english? >> the outtake edition. it might be dangerous. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "factor" begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. more proof the american media is corrupt. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this man, 56-year-old david corn, who works for the far left magazine "mother jones," smeared me your humble correspondent yesterday, saying i fabricated some war reporting. "mother jones," low circulation, considered the bottom rung of journalism in america. in this internet age, the defamation they put forth gets
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exposure. and so i have to deal with this garbage tonight. i'm sorry. basically david corn a liar says i exaggerated situations in the falklands war and the salvadoran war. here is the truth. everything i've said about my career, everything, is true. 33 years ago in june argentina surrendered to great britain ending the falklands war. i was covering the conflict from argentina and uruguay for cbs news. after learning of the sur rinder angry mobs stormed the palace of casa rosada. i was there on the street with my camera crews. violence was horrific. soldiers fired into the crowd who responded with violent acts of their own. my video of the combat led the y cbs evening news with dan rather that evening. i never said i was on the falklands islands as corn reports. i said i covered the falklands
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war, which i did. now, in what i consider to be a miracle, i found this cbs internal memo from 33 years ago praising my coverage that day. cable was sent to the cbs bureau chief in buenos aires by the news desk here in new york city. quote, doyle o'reilly didn't have the time last night but would like to say many thanks for the riot piece last night. they called to say thanks for a fine piece. thanks again your piece made the late feed a winner last night, unquote. want more? here it is. shortly after my crew and i escaped grave danger on the streets ofes buenos aires the riots were bad, we were gassed, shot at, i had the best vantage point to report the story.
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we had rock solid proof that david corn smeared me. and some websites have picked up his defamation. it is well. now, i had to spend hours last night on the phone with various reporters and crawling around my basement covered with dust trying to find documents from 33 years ago. it was a miracle i found them. all because an irresponsible guttersnipe, a far left zealot which attacked fox news many times before spit the stuff out on the net. you know what? nothing is going to happen to david corn. mother jones and the far left websites couldn't care less about the truth. they're in the business to injure. this is a political hit job. at this point tv corruption has been scant but cnn tried to exploit the situation because the guy over there named brian stelter is another far left zealot. masquerading as a journalist. cnn can do a lot better than this guy. real journalists knew the story was bs from the jump. they knew corn was trying to
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take the brian williams situation and wrap it around my neck. for ideological reasons because he has a history of attacking fox news. corn actually wrote that i hammered brian williams. when everybody knows that i went out of my way on kimmel and the factor to be compassionate to the man. it reminds me of another guy who completely got away with it. that man is al franken. who years ago accused me of faking my working class upbringing. he actually said in public many times i was not raised in levittown. he ran around telling that to the media who gleefully printed his words. despicable franken the biggest liar i've ever known wouldn't even retract when i produced this. the deed to my parents' house. levittown, al. but you, a dishonest smear merchant wouldn't retract your false story. i'm sure corn won't either.
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what happened to al franken? elected a senator from minnesota. and that's a memo. now the top story, reaction with us here in new york city geraldo rivera and miami bernie goldberg. you were working at cbs when i was down there covering the falklands war. what say you bernie? >> well, yes, i was at cbs. i was in new york covering domestic news around the country for the dan rather evening news while you were in argentina. i am not going to get into anything that mother jones said about you, you dealt with that and if you want to deal with it any further that's up to you. the serious question for me is this, is mother jones using journalism as a weapon a political weapon to go after an enemy? you know you. and they could have run this story years ago. could have run their charges or allegations years ago. but they chose to run it after the brian williams episode,
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right? and that makes you wonder is this about, well, if one of ours goes down, a liberal journalist brian williams, one of theirs, bill o'reilly of fox news is going to go down. for a liberal journalist, for a far left journalist, going up to bill o'reilly is like opening presents under the tree on christmas morning. one more point. and this is important. the brian williams story broke because soldiers went to the military newspaper stars and stripes. this story broke because the far left journalist working for a far left magazine made the charges. i'm going to be overly generous and simply say it makes you wonder if this was about journalism or about politics. >> how do you see it, geraldo? >> i have no doubt the purge of brian williams by nbc led directly to this. this was the yin to the yang.
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this was the action/reaction. they got him, therefore we had to get you. it was an absolute counterpoint to the brian williams scandal. i lament it. i saw it coming. i criticize the extent to which people were obsessing over brian williams and the lie, he told the lie, let him correct the lie, let him apologize for the lie. but he was destroyed. now they're coming after you to try exactly the same thing. it is so scary to me because what's next? is it senator -- >> absolutely. >> resurrected now and he'll hold in his hand -- i have a copy of every communist in the tv news industry and i will reveal them at a date in the future. it is scary and preposterous. >> it is. very frightening. it is not about me. i'm lucky. i'm lucky. i believe in god because god produced that memo for me last night. the odds of me finding that thing had to be 10,000 to 1.
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and i have a television show. i can fight back. i can discuss it with you guys. most people don't have any way to fight back. they get smeared on the net, could be any politician, could be any public servant, anybody anywhere and these people pick that up. there wasn't one, not one internet site that reran this accusation from mother jones that identified the political component that geraldo just spotlighted. not one. >> whatever else the web is and it is many many good things, whatever else the internet is, it is a platform for not in this case anonymous but in other cases, for anonymous defamation. that's what it is. >> it is a platform of destruction. you can destroy a person, a person's family, a person's livelihood and nobody is going to help you. >> listen i said something
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about jon stewart once that his many fans didn't like and somebody wrote, i am not making this up somebody wrote did you know that in 19 -- either 89 or 99 i'm not sure which. did you know in 1989 bernie goldberg killed a woman and kidnapped a baby. i'm telling you, they said -- and then i did some research and they said the exact same thing about glenn beck. so i rested easy figuring if -- that's what they say about people they don't like. >> i'm taking the viewers' time tonight to reinforce this is out of control. i'll give outlast word. you've been to a lot of war zones. you know the short-hand of it. you covered the war. this is the kind of stuff that people who have been there, like you and me, we do routinely. but now anything that geraldo rivera says, bernie goldberg says, bill o'reilly says, it could be 35 years ago, is going to be taken and tried to injure
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us with it. >> one of the most irksome things about this entire phenomenon is that the vast majority of these accusers have never put themselves at risk at all in their professional careers. they sit in the safety of their mother's basements, with their bitten fingernails on the computer attacking people they don't agree with ideologically, philosophically, whatever it is, demographically, whatever it is. it is absolutely the peril of the web. this is the future. i am glad that the news has been universalized and democratized and you can get from everywhere, but for goodness sake, there is no checks and balance anymore. there are editors now that can hold people accountable. this is absolutely the peril of the future. >> we're going to hold geraldo over, because he's being attacked for saying hip-hop is hurting black people. and it is almost th not quite, but almost. bernie, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. next on the rundown will american imams confront the
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know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. having reduced pain... is great, and i'm grateful for it. ask your doctor about lyrica and visit to learn about our $25 co-pay offer you may know i called for all american clerics to address the persecution of christians jews and moderate muslims by islamic terrorists. the jihadis. thousands of clerics have written to me saying they will do that this weekend but not one imam has weighed in.
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and a disgrace to islam and any other religion. i have been saying this to my congregation for the last several years, when i started attacking the people in iraq and other places. and that's what has been the subject of at least ten of my sermons, not only at the mosque in las vegas but different places in the country as well. >> have you been threatened or debated or had any scorn brought upon you for doing this. >> i think muslim americans feel themselve as the first line of defense against terror against this country. and they tell me that they are as angry as anyone else over
5:17 pm
what is happening in iraq and syria. and they are determined to speak up and condemn every act of violence, they do not put a tag of christianity and islam and judaism on human life. they believe that every human life is sacred and it must be protected and it is the covenant with god to protect that human life, even if it means sacrificing their own lives. >> at one time i suggested that perhaps someone, maybe you, should organize a march in washington, d.c. there are a million and a half american muslims, you're not going to get you know if you got 10% of them, that's 125,000 or whatever. and to show other people -- because the american muslim community is isolated from the mainstream. people don't know when you're doing. they don't know as you said, and i believe you, collectively american muslims are outraged by this jihadi savagery. but wouldn't it be good if you
5:18 pm
could do that and organize so that the news media could cover and there could be a bunch of sperz and speakers and things like that? wouldn't that be worthwhile? >> since 9/11, muslim americans have organized at least 11 such events in washington and other places. we are still trying and we will definitely take on your advice on that matter and we would communicate it to imams all over the country and muslim organizations that we must -- >> i think that would be very beneficial to show the world that, you know, you guys are not condoning this in any way, shape or form. isn't it true, though in the middle east, if you were to give your sermons anti-jihadi sermons there, your life would be in danger. >> yes, yes. i think the life is in danger generally in the middle east speaking the truth and speaking the atrocities that are being committed by the rulers against their own people. these are the rulers who are responsible for the status quo that is taking place at the moment. they're the ones who are
5:19 pm
responsible for all those kind of atrocities that these people are committing. and it is their responsibility to stand up and take position. but unfortunately for the last 60 years they have been the worst kind of rulers and worst kind of dictators toward their own people. if anyone speaks against them, he certainly has found himself in the prison or he's dead. >> a lot of fear in the middle east from both sides. the jihadies themselves and the corrupt government people as well. look, i'm glad you came on, imam. i'm glad you stepped up and came on and told us that, because -- >> thank you very much. >> you know who the jihadies kill the most? muslims. >> the muslims, yes. i think it is not an issue of islam and christianity. it is a question of humanity and we all are one against that. >> we all have to organize. >> exactly. >> thanks again imam. the commander in chief, president obama apparently very unpopular among military people
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assessing the commander in chief, president barack obama. according to a survey done by the military times, he's not very popular. newspaper asked 2300 active duty service members to answer the following questions. do you approve or disapprove of the way president obama is handling his job as commander in chief? just 15% approve. 55% disapprove. 2009, 35% approved, 40% disapproved. second question. my quality of life in the military is good or excellent? just 56% of military folks say
5:24 pm
yeah, it is good or excellent. that's down from 91% when president obama first took office 2009. that's stunning. finally, military health care is good or excellent? 45% say yes. down from 78% when the president took office in 2009. colonel david hunt and colonel tony shaffer. is this a big surprise to you, this survey? >> it is not. i think this has been a trend and one that is as you note in the numbers measurable. these numbers have gotten worse every year. >> why? >> well there is two reasons. first, leadership. the l word. as much as president lincoln during his range and president obama compared him to president lincoln a must be of time snumber of times, he fired people, but not performing. chuck hagel for refusing to -- or not wanting to do the release from guantanamo. it is notable that's the reason
5:25 pm
that the president fires people for trying to do their job. secondly, the missions. yesterday, announcing we're going to do this offensive operation in iraq that's demoralizing. everybody knows, bill that that's giving the enemy a huge heads up. that will give the enemy time. >> they want the enemy to pull out of there. that's why they did it. they don't want to fight them, they want them to pull out and run away. >> if i believe that i think that would be -- that's not the case. i think they'll dig in and start attacking. >> maybe that's true. but i think that's why they did it. colonel, why do you think the popularity of the commander in chief is declining? >> i think we have been at war for 14 years and i don't think anybody is popular. i think that obviously there has been an awful lot said about this president and it has shown up in this survey. it does not mean the morale is down. it means we have been at a war for 14 years and has to do with the quality of life and the care. the quality of care that was through the va, the hospital is awful. and guys are still deploying,
5:26 pm
even now. that has a lot to do with morale. the attitude of the president, normally we don't care. soldiers don't care who the president is. they do their jobs. i think they don't like the policy. that's fine. i'm not convinced it is a question of like or dislike. soldiers in my opinion in my experience, have not cared who the president is. >> a lot of military people watch this program okay. we know that. all over the world. everywhere. we salute everybody serving overseas now. isn't it the perception, colonel hunt, that the u.s. military is constrained? they can't go after the bad guys, be it in pakistan be it in syria? and that they're sitting around and they want to eliminate the jihadis, but they can't? doesn't that hurt the commander in chief, colonel hunt? >> there is two answers to that bill. we work for civilian authority.
5:27 pm
that's one of the great things about this country. some of what you said has to do with the military leadership and not being aggressive and rules of engagement that are not political. and we add restraints on this military, since we have been in afghanistan and iraq from the previous administration. this is not new to obama. >> the perception is that president obama is a reluctant warrior. i think that's the perception. we have to wrap it up. i want an update on bowe bergdahl. you've been our point man on the coverage of that. last time we talked with you, you said in mid-march they're going to announce what they're going to do with the sergeant. do you have anything for us tonight? >> i reached out through my pentagon sources directly on this and yes, the general, general miley is being very thorough, reading through. i'm told that the one criticism, which is valid is taking far too long but it will happen. the other notable headline, new
5:28 pm
update, is that the house armed service committee is reopening its investigation into the whole issue regarding the legality of the trade -- >> because congress wasn't informed, right. >> more than that. there were other openings on the table the president could have selected that would have released bergdahl without having to release the five taliban. that's an issue they're looking at. >> you'll testify in front of that committee? >> a rumor is yes i will. >> when you do please let us know. >> yes, sir. >> if miley comes, i'm sure you'll be the first one to know when they make the announcement. everybody is obviously waiting. want to see what happens. gentlemen, thank you. plenty more special watters world, outtake edition. mcguirk on islamic terrorism, who they want to send to mars. sir, we're going to need you on the runway later. don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu... ...with the power of three
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5:33 pm
music business that has been a success in life walking around with his pants around his -- and with, you know visible tattoos or you know it is this whole ethos, i lament it. i do. i think it has been very destructive culturally. >> here is geraldo. so russell simmons hip-hop guy, comes after you, and all of that. but you know who has been saying this forever and that's me. and you're right. there is a culture here. and what they call the establishment culture. if you want to earn a good living, there are certain things you have to do to get into that establishment. and that's not being encouraged at all. >> i think that it is different when you say it than when i say it. when you say it it is like oh they expect that that old white guy, what does he know about our lives? with me -- >> are you referring to me? >> good looking old white guy.
5:34 pm
but with me, you know, as a kind of insider as more of a streety ethnic puerto rican guy -- >> used to be a young lawyer. >> they see me as a traitor. i lament that i have -- that i brought this up gratuitously. this came up in a wide ranging interview in huffington post, and it was in the post celebrity apprentice glow when i was supposed to be celebrating my -- >> you did a good thing. this should be discussed. >> i don't take back any of what i said, although i do -- i do you know, lament the fact that i -- there is a lot of re good hip-hop rap music that i enjoy. what i don't enjoy is the fact that there is a lot about hip-hop that is self-segregating. i'm an old integrationist. i want everyone to live together. i want those people, like in my building in new york i want anyone who can afford the money they earn to live there, i want people to be totally integrated. i want the kids in the south bronx and central brooklyn to have a shot to make it.
5:35 pm
they will never make it if their pants are around their -- or they're wearing those perennial hoodies and i'm not talking about out in bad weather, i'm talking about hiding their faces in the shados of the hoodies. they will never make it in mainstream america. it is limiting and self-serving. >> it is worse than that. in some areas, the peer pressure is to do that, which you say, but if you are a studious and respectful and well spoken kid, you're attacked or ostracized. you are not cool. you are not witty because you're not hip-hop. and that really burns right into the fabric of learning. >> i agree with that. and it is not just the fashion. the fashion is just the outward symptom. there is also the undertone that you have to be a bad guy, you have to have survived a near death experience to be credible in the hip-hop world. even the giants jay-z has been
5:36 pm
to the white house so many times, snoop dogg, puff -- p. diddy. all of them had run-ins with the law. we emphasize their wealth and success and glamour, without talking about, you know look at what happened with tupac. notorious big, lil wayne, there are so many who -- 50 cent shot nine times and survived. so many who give the ethos that you have to be a marginal character and risk everything in a street confrontation before we will accept you and respect. it is -- imagine what dr. king would say if he heard some of these lyrics. >> once you reach 30 years old, if you're still in the mentality, you have no skills, no education, can't speak english very well you won't make a living unless -- you're just not. this message is not being brought. and a guy like russell simmons you're not a bad guy, but starts to call you names and talk about an old guy. >> very defensive. very defensive. >> in his heart he knows what this is.
5:37 pm
>> because he's been ploetromoting this whole alternative fashion and culture that i think, and again, the worst thing you can do is self-segregate. that's not the way i envisioned it when i was a -- >> you think if i grew a mustache like yours and -- >> i would give you credit. >> and spoke a little spanish, i would have more influence in these -- >> hang out with me. i'll take care of you. we'll hang out. we'll get trump. trump will come with us too. >> we'll all be down. geraldo. when we come back, mcguirk on who they want to send to mars. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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if you've had chicken pox that shingles virus is already inside of you. it ain't pretty when it comes out. now i'm not telling you this so that you'll feel sorry for me. i'm just here to tell you that one out of three people are gonna end up getting shingles. i was one of 'em. so please go talk to your doctor or pharmacist. i'm bill o'reilly. what the heck just happened segment tonight, there is a private concern that wants to establish a colony on mars. first, more serious subject, the islamic jihad. this is serious because i want you guys on the record, most of our contributors have been, why do you think that the obama
5:42 pm
administration is so reticent to really deal with the issue head on? is it a smart strategy not to enflame muslims who, you know are in the middle? i think that's what they are worried about. >> you know what he reminds me of, in the tv shows where there is a marriage counselor who takes sides with one partner, even though he knows that the partner had the problem, that's how he is with islam. he will always continue to defend islam even though perhaps there is an issue going on there. and the other side, which is america, is going, like, hey, what about us. what about our concerns? he is intent on separating islam from terror, which is basically, you know blaming rebel for an earthquake. >> you can't do it. i think the strategy that he is imparting, mcguirk is that we all know really what it is wink wink, why -- you might be able to get the help from the
5:43 pm
turkish prime minister why put it in his face. >> why help the isis people recruit more idiots by legitimizing them into the muslim world by saying it is a muslim thing. it is a combination of things. he has a soft spot for the muslim world given his background, no doubt about that. >> indonesia as a child, and his father is a muslim was a muslim, dead now, educated in some muslim-based schools. but you don't believe he is a muslim. >> not at all. >> there are people who do. >> i think the reason for the anger here like some on the right, doing everything but calling him an anti-semitic terrorist sympathizer. his attitude, his behave yes the guy gets his head cut off and he goes to play golf. and then the week the ejipgs get their heads cut off, the christians, he goes out and says, don't get on your high horse, and --
5:44 pm
>> crusade. >> and he won't send substantial ground force over there to fight. >> they have no plan. no plan at all. >> but they shouldn't. those guys are surrounded by a bunch of countries who are threatened by isis and so why should we send our -- >> isis never should have been allowed to conkquer thousands of miles of territory. there is a private outfit, all bs this is not going to happen, but they want you to sign up to go to mars to colinonize mars. but you can't come back. that's it. once you go you're in mars. so you can actually sign up and thousands of people have. did you sign up? >> i've been thinking seriously about this. i was thinking jesse watters, we could say there is water on mars. i have serious suggestions. three people there is this woman heather, a hostess at a nearby restaurant, she always
5:45 pm
asks me for reservations even though the whole place is empty, which is stupid. and monique works at the pharmacy. she always says my order out loud. while there is people in line. they don't need to know what ointment i'm using. then there is carl on the 18th floor of this building keeps microwaving -- what is that smelly, brussel spouts, which stinks look a port authority bathroom. this is not right. they got to go. but on a serious point, they should send me beyonce and scarlett johansson. because we'll be the first people on mars we're in charge of creating the civilization. they must be beautiful hot people on mars. we don't need ugly martians. we need beautiful people. like myself. >> mcguirk a question for you. why did i give this assignment to -- >> you might have been -- >> shouldn't i have known better. i should have known better. who do you want -- who do you want to send to mars? >> get the obvious kanye west, chuck schumer all personal for
5:46 pm
me. charles krauthammer who is to witty and charming the women love him, i want him to go away. he makes me feel -- >> you want to get rid of him for jealousy reasons. >> he makes me feel look i should be interviewed by jesse watters, he's so good. >> and who else? >> the woman who wrote the book "50 shades of grey." turn the nation of housewives into a bunch of freaks. >> would you accept that, you, beyonce and scarlett johansson. >> she would make it more interesting and exciting. i would add charles payne because it is black history month. >> what? >> on that note -- >> what's wrong? >> on that note -- all right. okay. got to get out. get your head out of the shot all right? watters world, the outtakes edition.
5:47 pm
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. back of the book segment tonight. "watters' world," the outtake edition. some viewers believe watters and his presentation could not, could not get any more bizarre. wrong. ♪ [ bleep ]. >> do you have any special talents? sfwl i do like a little kind of cabaret. >> oh, god, oh, god, okay. >> i'm not helping him out there. [ laughter ] >> all the way through. >> this is an awkward moment for
5:51 pm
me. >> it's really scary. i don't know. i'm really sort of uneducated and ignorant about the whole thing. and that's what's really scary. i don't think there's been enough information to let us know how it really is spread. like where it's coming from. is it airborne, is it fluid? >> i'm freaking out, man. >> see, that's over easy right there. perfect amount of runniness over the egg. what would it look like when you celebrated after you scored a touchdown? what would you do? >> after three months, okay. >> get that? >> how's your license out of new york there? >> how is it? >> yeah. >> perfect. >> okay. >> credit rating is junk. politicians have ruined the state's -- [ bleep ]. >> we're here at columbia university to find out what
5:52 pm
people think. >> one more time. >> not too hard and congealed but not too sloppy either. >> will thrust very nicely. >> i'm a big thruster. >> caught me after i had purchased of excellent high-grade medical marijuana. i don't think it's bad when you have a day off to go ahead and smoke another one. >> ask not what your country can do for you but -- >> i don't know. >> what you can do -- how to tell if hubby's gay? >> kinki is very gay. >> are you sure you're a nice person? you keep putting words into my mouth i'm not putting there. >> what's the best part about new york city? >> new york new york -- >> do you speak english? >> you don't want it liquid.
5:53 pm
you want it just in between. do you want to streak right now? is that what you're telling me? >> oh, god, no. please. i have a test. >> no way. >> here's my business card. >> no way. you rub it on the king of diamonds and then if -- kills the diamond. >> no way. >> way. >> can you hear how all the questions are slanted? they're here to kind of get you -- i'm not. i'm not. >> you're definitely republican. >> big time republican right here. ♪ >> very distracting playing with you. >> it's a bit nippily out, i
5:54 pm
mean nippy out. [ laughter ] >> we're approved. >> we're going to get a boat -- no i think we might -- either that or take a plane. don't lie. i want to say thank you. >> oh, you're welcome. >> for giving me this -- and i'm sorry to all those people that died. >> turn that camera away from me. get that camera off me! >> all right. settle down. >> get that camera off! >> take a deep breath. we're good. we're going to put the camera down. what happened, man? what about me? am i all right? >> you're [ bleep ] dude. >> whoa! >> "the factor" tip of the day, god fearing and godless states. we'll name them next. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast
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"the factor" tip of the day in a moment what states are most about and what states are most secular. great time to pick up killing jesus because the movie's coming up. all the killing books still doing well, as well as the audio and a few have become a premium member you get the book of your choice absolutely free of charge. the mail. louisiana, bill, do you think isis and hitler's regime are similar? how stupid. i am completely done with you. well, take it easy, lou, the mentality of both groups is the same. exactly. sorry you can't handle the truth. alberta, canada. bill, you say there's no proof obama's muslim, but if it walks like a duck -- waterfowl aside we deal with facts. detroit, bill as the mother of a soldier deploying for kuwait today i thank you for the moral clarity you bring to the coverage of isis. thank you. and tell your son for me i admire his patriotism. bill, christian churches need to
5:58 pm
talk about terrorism and reassert their -- in society. they are doing that. suggesting churches in his diocese -- an army chaplain i say shame on us clergy member who is have waited too long to diskuz worldwide terror. bill, i agree with your assessment and will inform my congregation about the threat. thanks for your coverage. pastor ken -- big springs, west virginia. i aplaurd your challenge to the clergy, but why does it take a tv personality to accomplish this? i don't know but i believe in our ju -- the show here sold out. ticket vendors in line were charging $600. i know that's what happened. scalpers. the only one right now with tickets ri tickets ree yo ranch -- "the
5:59 pm
factor" tip of the day on the subject of church going, list the states where church attendance is the highest and lowest. first and most devout, utah, mississippi, alabama, louisiana, arkansas arkansas. the least church going, vermont leads the league. new hampshire, maine massachusetts, washington state. interesting new england doesn't go to church that much isn't it? because new england was founded on the church, the pilgrims. "the factor" tip of the day spirituality's good for all human beings if used for reflection and the advancement of others. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from spout off from anywhere in the world o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not cajole when writing "the factor." hope you all have a very nice weekend. it was 1 degree at my house this
6:00 pm
morning at 8:00 a.m. hello to everybody in florida. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, as critics launch new attacks on the obama administration for failing to get tougher on islamic terror new reports surface from the department of homeland security that outlines the threat from right wing radicals right here inside the united states. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. as the details go public the administration is continuing to take hard questions about the just-finished summit on combatting violent extremism an event focused on fighting terror through social media and powering communities and creating economic opportunity


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