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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 21, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PST

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gement stability. >> but you like viacom. why? >> because inter met regulation from the government will be toothless. >> what do you think? >> no, jon stewart is leaving. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." thank you all for watches. have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here eric bolling and "cashin' in" is next. want to win the war against isis don't kill them give them jobs that's the bizarre solution served up by the obama administration. take a listen. >> we cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in the longer term medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs, we can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance we can help them build their economy so they can have job opportunities for these people. what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ac 47 had instead of start a business. >> is that really how to stop islamic terrorists? i'm eric bolling welcome to "cashin' in." jonathan hoenig, juan williams,
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monica crowley and lisa booth. state department spokesperson want to give radical islamists jobs. >> we've all been piling on and mocking marie hart for that comment but she was just echoing what her boss believes because the next day this week president obama said the exact same thing. this is what you get when you put leftists in charge of national security. you get this kind of indulgence of the victim hood cult get this transfer of responsibility that somehow it's our responsibility to remake the economy of the middle east. look, you are dealing with a global religious movement, the objective of which is the global domination of islam. what the left wants to do starting with the president is apparently air left access to obamacare, subsidized housing and job fairs and think that somehow those things are going to make it all go away. >> lisa, is this a good idea? i'm baffled? i'm actually shocked this is what they're going to do now. if you want to fight terror
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fight terror and if if you win you can open up all lease different economic opportunity ideas. >> look, monica is absolutely right. look, the only jobs that isis needs is digging their own graves. what we're dealing with is an administration and president that is dangerously incompetent when it comes to islamic extremists. this is a president who said that climate change is more dangerous than terrorism. this is a president who called isis jayvee despite the fact they control more territory than the united kingdom he has pointed to yemen as the beacon of his counter terrorism policies despite the fact that our u.s. embassy staff just had to deal with. >> i'm going to bring it to you, juan. take a look at this cover on the new york post this week. if this done peek for many millions of americans it's the cover it says islamic terror i just don't see it. unfortunately, juan, we kind of agree with that. >> look, that doesn't have
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anything to do about marie har of's comments. i think it had to do with getting to the root causes of what's attracting so many young people to get involved with these sadistic murderous people who hide behind the name islamic and swrooed and all that foolishness. these folks are crazy and you think what is it and you understand they have deep grievances, they have a sense of, i think, jealousy over western progress they have of course troubled economies that are ruled by the royal families that take care of themselves but don't take of their own people. to me you've got to get out of the whack a mole strategy one minute you're fighting al qaeda, next minute isis. you've got to find out what's bringing all these people to such a bloody purpose. >> but it's ideas, juan, it's not poverty. obls and a lot of those 9/11 high-jackers were he will
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dated -- osama bin laden was quite wealthy. the 9/11 high-jackers had college degrees. i think to had a point it's the ideas. they hate the secular successful west and the only way to counter force is with force. >> we're braeg on that. i know, juan, you're shaking your head, but, again, the timing of this really is baffling. look -- >> but hang on a second. >> i want to get this in. >> we are bombing, we are fighting, we're taking the lead as americans. >> here is the problem, juan -- hold on. >> here is the problem we've launched 800 air strikes in syria, but they're not doing their job because the reality is that now in syria isis controls over one hird of syria. so the problem is the president -- >> come on. isis is on the run. you are making isis into a giant. they are not the. but i guess you're doing that because you're so interested in beating up president obama. >> part of the problem is the left is getting their talking points from the white house whose telling us this that we're driving isis back.
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they're getting more and mortar fore. juan we've dropped 2,300 air strikes on isis in six months. in the beginning of iraq war in the first month alone we dropped 100,000 sort yeets, 88000 tons of bombs in the first 30 days alone. that's the way you fight terror. hon can a, jump in here. >> that's what we've been doing. >> no we haven't, juan. >> you just said it. >> i'll do the math for you. 100,000 sorties in five weeks comes to 2000 or 34,000 per day. what we're doing now with isis comes to less than 10 per day. big difference. >> we are we've got jordan syria, we are -- >> i'm including them. >> egypt getting in the fight. we've got lots of people fighting them and they've been unable to capture kobani. you guys thought they're going to overrun kobani. never happened. >> look, our middle east partners need american leadership which is not being provided by this administration.
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they're trying to deflect attention on to unemployment and so on. there's meanty of unemployment around the world h particularly in the middle east. if that were the cause of global terror, then you would have christians and jews and other people unemployed blowing people up and beheading people. that is not the core issue. the core issue and it's not just isis it's not just al qaeda or the muslim brotherhood we are talking about a global religious ideology that is not going to be dissuaded by each if we took on the responsibility of trying to transform the committees of the middle east, we are dealing with something that comes from a religious root and dealing with a holy war is the most difficult kind of fight that you can possibly have. we have a white house that's not engaged hill taerl in the way it should or idea logically or economically in the way it should. they're fighting this war -- >> john, hang in there one second. let's take a listen to president obama balking up what marie said a few days prior to that. >> if we're serious about countering violent extremism we
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have to get serious about confronting these economic grievances. >> economic grievances. go ahead, john. >> well, i mean, is that really a hate the west first mentality. the west should be proud that we have suck a successful committee and know that islamic terrorism is the root cause of why they don't have a successful committee in many places in the middle east h we hit the nail on the head it's ideas not poverty that prompt this type of terrorism. you don't are go to war to provide jobs or provide a strong economy, you go to eliminate the threat. that's in dis crediting their ideas. we can't even say the word islamist we'll never do that. >> john kerry, secretary of state wrote an op ed in it he kind of fulfills everything that marie harf started that president obama followed in. look at what he said. he said we must taylor our efforts and target our resources to meet the specific needs of
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those places. it may be training young people so they can get jobs and envision a future of dignity and self reliance. now, lisa, we're talking about jihadists. >> exactly. we're talking about jihadists as monica pointed out that want the rest of the world to live under is that rea law and if you don't agree with their beliefs they will kill you. we saw them light a swrord yan pilot on fire, execute 21 christians because they do not agree with their extremist beliefs. it is incredibly ask a every that we have an administration and president that is dangerously incompetent with the facts and the realities of what we're facing with isis. >> let me ask you this, juan, let's say things were better for all these countries where all these jihadists are coming from, things were better economically do you think as lisa points out that would be okay then? then they wouldn't look for their caliphate, look to spread is that rae law throughout the whole globe because i think
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that's what the plan is. >> no. again, you guys i think you're enjoying this whole tone of mock erie but the idea is that's one element. the fact that they have bad governance, the fact that they are as jonathan pointed out jealous of western success, the fact that businesses can't get started there, all of this contributes on top of the fact that they have -- you mow -- islamic ideology -- >> job security will make them drop their arms and not try to rule the world with sharia law. >> they are crazy. >> once again, you've made our #wakeupamerica the world's leading topic on cable news social media. apparently we are everywhere, too. check it out. real db for president 16 sent this screenshot from a popular tv show, here we are pictured with the ladies of the view. i'm just kidding about the ladies of the view but we were the top ranked on twitter saturday. your turn to sound off tweet #wakeupamerica and tell us what gets you really fired up.
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coming up our pro union protests getting too personal. these activists take on republican governor scott walker just swarmed his parents' house. stick around walker responded to peg an kelly and it's completely unexpected. >> it's too much, right? it's like these folks have a right to be angry if they don't like the state budget proposals and they've been controversial they're going to make cuts to the colleges at in wisconsin but don't you think it goes too far to go to a person's home? i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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big labor sending a big bold message this week. if you're angry at a pool tigs's policy take it out on their elderly parents. yes. pro union protesters swarming scott walker's mom and dad's house. they obviously don't like the wisconsin governor who just happens to be a gop presidential front runner. juan, your union thug buddies tromting walk's parents.
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come on. >> i don't think they knew that that was the house of his parents, they thought that was scott walker the governor's house and certainly they have a right to protest in front of the governor's mansion or home and there's no law against it. i would say, though to megan kelly's point -- >> how do you know what they thought? >> come on juan. >> that's what they said. i don't think -- i don't think they had any idea. >> that's what they said. this is what the left does and frankly they do it really well because they've been perfecting this for decades. they send out their shock troops, union folks, the kids, they did it with occupy wall street, did it against scott walker three times in the last pour years. look, what they've ended up doing much to their probably chagrin is turning scott walker into a sympathetic figure. they've attacked his parents who were in their 70s and now scott walker comes out looking like a rose. >> let's listen to megan kelly asking him about that incident. listen to how he responds. it's pretty cool. >> were they there at the time?
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>> they were. i think my dad said this morning when i talked to him that he turned his hearing aid down a little bit. my mom is so wonderful she was actually half tempted to send them some chocolate chip cookies outside. >> he turned that into a win, didn't he? >> he absolutely did and that's what scott walker is so good at doing. these are the same union thugs that threatened to gut scott walker's wife like a deer and now they're attacking his elderly parents. he has been public enemy number one since his union reform bill. not only did he save tack pairs $3 billion but scott walker has been reelected three times in the past four years. >> why don't you just close down the university and what's all this talk about attacking and gutting -- they had a demonstration. you guys are so pro -- >> hang on juan. >> eric, can you imagine if a ceo did this, went and protested outside a worker's parents'
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house, grandparents' house? the unions are like the a till las of today, dealing in brute force and not persuasion and a ceo would never do that because they do deal in officer situation, they try to persuade people to act in their interest not physically coerce them. >> you must have missed history lessons about how american business has handled labor and sent thugs to beat up unions. >> i don't think that threatening to gut someone like a deer is peaceful protesting do you? >> what attack? there was no attack no physical confrontation and, again, they didn't know -- >> what about -- >> we don't have time. juan, you do think it's okay to go to scott auker's parents home and protest? ? >> i didn't say that. first of all, they didn't know -- >> they didn't mow? come on.
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give me a break. they have you had have known. >> we've seen it all the time. >> please they didn't mow. that's very convenient in the after matt they didn't. coming up, terrorists still spreading their evil message through social media now calls are growing for companies like these to help america win the war, but is that their job? sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪
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coming up, point click and air rise, radical islamists spreading their message of hate, fear and violence on
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. . i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. just mere days after being sworn in as defense secretary ashton carter has landed in kabul afghanistan. carter telling reporters there is no timetable but the plan is for success. the senate confirming wart
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carter 93-5 to replace chuck hagel four days ago. thousands of ukrainians gathering in kiev's independence square to mourn the activist killed in the city a year ago. the activist's deaths are not pointless, he is vowing to plight, quote, the fear, panic and mist trust that he says a neighboring country was trying to sew in ukraine and we'll preview the storm's met for cal brungs in washington. more on this and the rest of your top stories coming up at the top of the hour right here on "america's news headquarters" live from the nation's capitol. see you then. terrorists are taking to twitter and by the thousands, a now report saying isis sympathizers have used 46000 twitter accounts eventually and it's no secret in the past they've used facebook and
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youtube, too. they say lawmakers are sending a letter to social media companies urging them to do more to fight terror. should they? >> they should and i think they should have a moral obligation to do so. isis tweets out and uses 90,000 social media responses per day and they're using social media to pushing videos of burning people alive, executing 21 christians and murdering people on a daily basis. i think we should be doing everything we can to thwart this kind of propaganda from isis and these social media companies should be active participants in doing that. >> john there a first amendment situation going on here? should twitter sensor their own account users. >> i don't think there's any first amendment when it comes to declaring war and acts of war against the united states. most of the online services have worked to exclude and get rid of this type of material but the job to protect us from islamic extremism is not facebook's or twitter, it's government's job,
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you don't win a war with hashtags and social media postings, you win it with brute force and by that esh approximate ur government is failing. >> juan, some people are relating to child pornography. if you can krenser that on twitter and facebook and other social media platforms why wouldn't you sensor isis's call for jihad? >> absolutely. i think twitter has been notoriously reflectful in not only going after people like isis which use social media, jonathan, to recruit people and it's a major, major platform for them to bring this their mad men who do these horrific acts to we have to fight them on that front. you guys -- you guys are always about more military boots on the ground more bombing. you know i think you guys -- all you think is one strategy. more war. there are other ways to win in the who had earn worl. >> of course. we need youtube videos, retweets. if we can get 10000 retweets --
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>> monica. >> social media cuts both ways. obviously we've been auking about how the about bad guys use social media. good guys use social media too, we saw them using facebook and twitter to get people out on the streets this iran in 2009 for that reslolt. the problem here is that they are so savvy and so good at it think about world war ii hollywood, so many american companies took it as their patriotic responsibility to try to promote our values and try to win the propaganda war and go after heararts and minds, it they did it really well and now it's time for the tech people in the 21st century to get with the program. >> that's a hot debate. i'd love to have more time. coming up wake up america how the p clchlt game at the exhaust to be putting our way of life in danger. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge
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>> you can head over to"cashin' in" to sigh jonathan's tok picks. time to wake up, america. isis is on a terror rampage, gobbling up land and leaving a trail of death and despair in its wake. unfortunately the president and his administration are wandering around deep in the woods lost and the harvard textbook under his arm didn't come with a map. so the choice was lead or blame. guess which one the administration chose? first the president blamed christians and the crew said when we called out that louann's the president pivoted and pointed the finger at us. >> what's the famous saying about local newscasts, right? if it bleeds it leads. >> if if it bleeds it leads? baedings, burning and burials i'd say it's bleeding, mr. president. i'd say it's hemorrhaging. eric holder followed the president's lead and blamed fox for the isis news. >> if fox didn't talk about this they'd have nothing else to talk about. >> do you know what sad?
8:59 am
the obama administration is tougher on fox news than they are on isis. then this happened and it scared the be jesus out of this me. >> we need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. we can help them build their committee so they can have job opportunities for lease people. >> our own state department suggests we might beat isis by offering them jobs. what, like jobs flares for jihadists? you've got to be kidding maybe they think isis will stop rolling heads and start rolling burr treat toes or perhaps they'll use their cooking skills in in had more approximate he can testify ways. they must be laughing their suicide vests off at us right now. wake up america. make up wake up the obama administration when you suggest jobs for jihadists you make it clear you have no clue how to fight terror. here is an idea, find them and kill them. drop more bombs supply the kurds when ens, retrain iraqi soldiers and support the
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coalition. in fact, we should demand arab members of the coalition put boots on the ground and when you win then you can throw your job fairs. stay safe, america. thanks for spending your saturday with us. i'm leland vittert welcome to "america's news headquarters" live from a very snowy washington, d.c. >> indeed it's snowing quite hard. i'm uma pemmaraju and here is what's making thus right now. ukraines remember a mournful day that took dozens of lives and was a terrible sign of things to come this that nation as the fighting goes on another agreement aimed at ending the conflict falls apart. tox news exclusive as ukraine's prime minister talks about the state of the latest ceasefire, a live report. >> the new defense secretary is on the ground in afghanistan. he says more u.s. troops might stay longer than planned. we'll have a live report on


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