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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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washington. don't forget and join the talk on open thread. a lot going on on gretawire. dhekd checked it out lately? do so. see you tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> doesn't invoke in me the sense that he loves this country. >> the giuliani obama controversy continues to rage. tonight, we will tell you exactly why mayor giuliani said what he said. [shouting] [gunfire] >> cbs news releasing the video from the falklands war riot in buenas aries the one that far left zealots said was a day in the park. >> we think paul revere would do about all the snow. >> he would probably ride his horse around and shovel it out with his horses. [ laughter ] >> also ahead, jesse watters trying to get to the bottom
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of global warming in chilly boston. >> this is gold. white gold. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. giuliani versus obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know last wednesday, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani questioned whether president obama loves america. in the mayor's opinion he does not. that's ignited a firestorm but the mayor is not backing down. he points to the president's background. i'm talking about a man who grew up under the influence of frank marshall davis who was a member of the communist party who he refers to over and over in his book who was a tremendous critic of the united states. this is a man who worked under solon ski who was a
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tremendous critic of the united states. i believe his initial approach is to criticize this country and then afterwards to say a few nice things about us. >> mr. giuliani saying in the last sentence that president obama's tendency to run down the u.s.a. and then offer intrepid endorsement at the end of the criticism. now, no one, no one can know what's in the heart of any individual. let's look at the two men both of whom i know. rudy giuliani was deeply affected by the attack on 9/11 day after day after day. he had to console the families of those who were killed. that ordeal has redean find mr. giuliani, he takes terrorism very personally. you might say the mayor was a casualty himself of the terror attack because he experienced so much pain. put yourself in the mayor's position. you don't have a minute without someone in deep anguish, asking you for help. rudy giuliani did a tremendous job leading the city and perhaps worse crisis ever.
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thus mr. giuliani despises the terror killers who murdered all those innocent people. so, if you are not aggressively fighting those savages, rudy giuliani does not approve of you. therefore his opinion of president obama is negative. on the president's side, he is not deeply emotional about fighting terrorism. we all know that. we saw that demonstration demonstrated. hours after condemning the beheading the journalist james folly, the president took to the golf course. that was a mistake and rudy giuliani certainly noticed it. president obama is a man who lives in his head. as i said he is larkly unemotional. rudy giuliani is the opposite. he takes wrongdoing very personally. so you can see that these two men have a jury was stickily talking points believes president obama does love his country. it has certainly been kind to him. i have had conversations with the president about helping wounded vets and american history. and i don't doubt his
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patriotism. but if barack obama were here today on this set, i would tell him that he needs to stop equivocating about terrorism. on his watch, isis has grown from a nothing organization to a powerful terror threat. that's not a good thing to have on your resume. so right now, right now the president needs to begin taking isis and other jihadists somewhat personally. the way giuliani does. he needs to step it up. in a smart way and realize theoretical strategy is no longer effective. that doesn't mean dropping u.s. forces on the ground all over the place. but it does mean devoting most of your time mr. president, to this clear and present danger. take a leadership role in defeating the jihad mayor giuliani and the other critics would begin to support him. i firmly believe that one more thing. and those hater who's call rudy giuliani a racist, are absolutely despicable. as mayor of new york city, mr. giuliani saved thousands
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of black lives devoting much of his time to making poor neighborhoods safer. that's what the man did he took crime and murder in the black precincts personally and he succeeded in driving those crimes down making the folks safer. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from denver mary katharine ham and here in the studio juan williams. am i going wrong anywhere. >> well, i appreciate your argument bill. i think you make a rational argument. you argue if, in fact, president obama was more aggressive in taking on the terrorists then rudy giuliani would be more supportive. >> i do. i believe that's the crux of the matter. >> but i think that's a policy argument and that's why i salute i say you i said that was a rationale argument. what giuliani did was divisive bill. he basically said the man is not a patriot. does not love his country. that's a personal attack. >> it was based on his
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performance though in the terror arena. he didn't say. you know he what he said? he said the stuff about saul lynn ski. we can't know what's in anybody's heart. what he said was divisive. it was a personal attack. he said this president's is no patriot and he wasn't raised the way he was. >> they were all terror based that's what prompted it. >> he said he wasn't raised the way he said his guys. i guess he means republicans over 60s not liberal not democrat. >> you don't want to guess. >> no elm grants. no women. too much. >> out in denver snowed. in do you believe that giuliani's criticism and juan is right. very honest criticism is generated by the president's performance terrorism? >> i do think he is probably emotionally reacting to the way see the world on that subject which he takes very
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personally. talking points on you, bill are very right to go after president obama's policies and avoid the attack on the patriotism because i think it's the right thing to do. it's more productive. but, here's the issue. when you are talking about whether this is out of line, do i think the media is so incredibly comically overblown this issue. they do not need to get their underradios in -- roos in a bunch. >> specific attack on barack obama. i don't blame the media for covering it. >> hold on, hold on. i agree with you and i don't do that kind of thing and impugn people's motives when i'm arguing with them. if you are going to call it call it both ways when the president and the democrats call republicans terrorists, hostage takers unamerican. you have got to call it both ways out are just silencing one side. >> i wish it never happened. you know, i wish that this didn't happen. >> yeah. i agree. >> but i do believe that the way the president is handling the jihad is really
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starting to define his whole presidency. >> that's fine let's have a policy argument. what i'm saying to you is rudy giuliani did something here that i think actually hurt republicans with most americans who say don't go around saying that our president, no matter who he is, is not a patriot. >> why? most of the republicans disavowed the remarks. >> that's right. republicans this weekend have been right. i i said remember when the liberals went crazy on bush there were people like me that said don't question the man's motives and don't make it personal. >> that's true. last word, mary katharine? >> i think the problem also as juan was alluding to every republican has been asked about this story. again, on the other side is not elm policemennatic not every single candidate asked to answer a for everything democrat said. if you are going to call it, call it both ways. >> i have not heard one republican contender say that mayor giuliani was aappropriate. >> rudy himself in an op. ed
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said look i obscured my message. >> they ran away. >> i don't know. he can talk for himself. jindal oh, don't ask me. why are you asking me? >> they are politicians, juan. >> okay. how about chickens? >> personal attack. >> come on. all right. by the way, ms. hammond out today, end of discussion will be on sale june 9th. next on the run down james rosen sneaking up on the ladies at the state department who are sometimes mocked and talking about under fire. cbs news releases a controversial falklands riot video. [gunfire] >> i was in the middle of it and we have a special report up ahead.
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personal story segment tonight as you may know the state department spokeswoman
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jen psaki and marie harp have been roundly criticized for making statements like these. >> i would argue the president doesn't give himself enough credit for what he has done around the world and that's how the secretary feels too. >> what specifically are you talking he doesn't get enough credit for. >> for engagement in issues like iran, what we have done on ukraine. our efforts to dive in and engage around the world. >> we have not kill our way out of this war. we need in the longer term, medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. >> i myself have criticized miss psaki. >> with all do respect. you don't have to comment on this. that woman looks way out of her depth. the way she delivers. it doesn't look like she has the gravitas for that job. >> i think that when the anchor of a leading cable news show uses, quite frankly, sexist personally offensive language, that i
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actually don't think they would ever use about a man against a person that shares this podium with me i think i have an obligation and i think it's important to step up and say that's not okay. >> but now shocking development. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen sticking up for the ladies. he joins us now from d.c. rosen, you said some of the criticism is, indeed sexist right? >> let's make sure your viewers understand the context here bill. i appeared on media buzz the sunday program of our fox news colleague howard kurtz, you were a guest as well on a different topic. and in response to a question i expressed dismay at the treatment of jen psaki and harp on social media you described the internet a sewer whether there have been photo shopped images as a valley girl mall rep. phone sex operators. women in a mental ward with
5:15 pm
their underwear showing. they have been called dumb bitches and. partnershipy long stockings. let us be clear to discern an element of sexism in all of this which sin arguable not to endorse everything they have sewed or the way they have ted. >> let me get a few questions. in number one, i don't go into the sewer so i don't know about these terrible things said about those women and you are absolutely right to defend them rosen, and i respect that. i think you are absolutely right. >> thank you. >> but, the sexism card, they used it against me that was absurd, i hammer everybody. >> when they impaleudissed sexism to you i rejected that. when i have been in a state department briefing room i have given each woman tough time pointed question they did not enjoy that's also on the internet. in short one can disagree with the policies that these women are paid to promote and can you even entertain some professional critique of their conduct or delivery. there is no doubting that
5:16 pm
both of them are smart and accomplished professionals and they don't deserve to be scuered along. >> should you take the internet that seriously you know and every american should know he that those voices are, many of them, disturbed mentally and emotionally disturbed people. i don't see any responsible voices being condescending to the women. do you? is there any responsible voice that's doing anything to them that's untoward? >> there may not be major mainstream media voices and, in fact, i made that point on howie kirtz's show that by and large jen and marie, i think, enjoy good standing among the state department press corps. some are saying that i was saying this just to curry favor and preserve my access with these women. i don't even cover the state department day to day. i'm saying because it's a matter of common and simple decency. >> you did a good job with that you write a little internet column yourself,
5:17 pm
column yourself. >> do i it's called the fox hole. >> very original i don't know how you came up with it? >> it's copyrighted. >> you write about leslie gore probably the early female pop singer and she passed away and i want everybody to go to the fox hole and read it. >> to my twitter feed. >> whatever it is is directly ahead. far left zealots accusing me of trumping up the violence at the end of the falklands war in argentina. now cbs news has released the footage. in gunfire. [that report moments away as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles... coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor and he prescribed lyrica. it helped me.
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factor follow up segment tonight, as you may know some left wing zealots have attacked me your humble correspondent. they say i trumped up my war experiences in the falklands conflict and el salvador. the huge riot after surrendered to the british in 19 2. as i reported accurately the violence was horrific. today cbs news released the video. >> as word of the argentine leaked out in buenas aries thousands of demonstrators began to gather outside of the presidential will palace. the demonstrators as many as a thousand of them began shouting traitor, traitor. moved in with tear gas. some television crew members were knocked to the ground. of the fighting in the falklands is over. new fighting now on the streets of buenas aries. tonight there are signs that the falkland war could be the argentine. in gathered outside the
5:22 pm
gates of the palace in the biggest antigovernment in years. biggest loser the argentine government. on the streets of buenas aries did battle with its own people. >> there were arrests and beatings. then, with guns that fired tear gas and plastic bullets, the police opened fire. [gunfire] it is not known how many were hurt but witnesses reported at least some serious injury. >> as the mob grew to 10,000 they broke through police lines, pelting officers with unknown number of demonstrators were injured. unknown because of a virtual news black out in buenas aries. >> posted the entire video on bill o' with us here in new york city columnist for media ite and don brown nbc bureau
5:23 pm
chief in central and south america. including the coverage of the falklands war and el salvadorian war. you have read the mother jones article on me. what's your assessment of the situation? >> there were two things. number one i was surprised at the article because interestingly enough, you came on my radar, i was overseeing the coverage in el salvador which was a brutal war. you were there to cover the war. because it was an opportunity for young to get they're ticket punched. that was a time when satellites had just come on line and that was a war that was the number one news story at the time. so you came down to get your ticket punched and you did. >> and we went up to morazon most dangerous providence. we did a story up there as you know. we seeing weighed down through the falklands war. you were overseeing the coverage there in the falklands. you know what happened that night when the government surrendered to the british. in my reporting i told it exactly the way it was or did i make any mistakes
5:24 pm
mr. brown. >> no. let me take you the progression of the war. at first it was a joke. nobody took it seriously. we had the only reporter that actually got on the falkland islands. robin through the argentine navy. as the war went badly, there were demonstrations every day. there were tanks in the street it was a country at war. at first it was casual and it became more and more serious. and as the military were losing badly, the populist began to turn on the military leadership. >> you said there were tanks in the streets you mean the streets of buenas aries where we all were. >> yes. it was a real country at war. it wasn't a joke. it was a real war and they were taking it very seriously and at first buenas aries was a pretty nice place to be if you are covering the war. but as it turns out it got progressively more intense.
5:25 pm
>> now. i got their only three days before that giant riot so i didn't participate in all the fun that you guys might have had. but, your correspondents were with me in the plaza demaio when the riot broke out. what did your correspondents tell you about the danger that they witnessed and indeed experienced? >> well these were veteran correspondent, we saw the situation escalating. they weren't surprised. but they were surprised at the recovery reaction. and but it was -- to them, it was business as usual. that's what they were down there to do. it wasn't -- didn't happen one day. it was the progression that led up to -- you call it a riot. it was a very intense situation where people got hurt. and there was a very serious confrontation. and it was a defining moment when the pop police really turned on the military. >> it was extremely violent from the street where i was.
5:26 pm
and we couldn't get casualty numbers because, as know, it was a military dictatorship and they don't give that to you. i saw people hit the ground hard, i saw them hauled off. police vehicles and local reportage was that there were fatalities. we have not been able to say how many. all right? but i believe there were. and in the "new york times" article, there is myzel. everybody was trying to get the numbers but the numbers were impossible to get. no doubt this was extremely violent and volatile situation where reporters were in danger or am i wrong? >> no, it was. and any situation like that, when you bring that kind of intensity together in a protest whether it be police or in this case the military are reacting aggressively it's a dangerous cocktail. but nobody said it was a walk in the park did they? >> not at all. situation where a lot of
5:27 pm
people died. >> a lot of the people died. >> a lot of people on both sides. the british and the argentine. >> 900 deaths on the island and we don't know how many deaths in buenas aries. i appreciate you standing up. there is a lot of pressure to make this a political issue. but you have a sterling reputation mr. browne. you have been there. you have seen it. and i can't thank you enough for coming on today. >> my pleasure. >> okay. now, let's turn to you for the political component. you are one of the few guys who saw this from the beginning for really what it was. so, tell the audience what you wrote. >> okay. i in situations like, this bill, you always have to look to motive. because mother jones is in each web site appealing to an audience that it's giving its red meat to progressive democrats, liberals. then i have to look to who wrote the story and i see david corn, and he was employed by fox news as a contributor from 2001 to 2008. then wasn't -- his wasn't renewed. basically a nice way of
5:28 pm
saying you are fired. so then i see eric enter the scene. he goes on cnn yesterday answered says he heard no sirens. he heard no gunshots. he called it a relatively tame riot. then i see that video that cbs released today. and you say that he was called room service eric. right? >> right. >> i have got to think that turkey was on the menu that night because you would have to eat something that would make you fall asleep very heavily if you watched that video and you know and you say that there is no siren no sir gunshots. he watched that completely contradicts it. >> i can't say with any certainty that mr. was not in the plaza demaio when this all hell broke loose. i was there all day. when i left the hotel he was in the hotel. when i ran the video back to feed to the rather program he was in the hotel. >> so we look to motive again then, >> i don't know. all i'm telling is i report the facts. every single fact that i reported about this falklands experience in buenas aries is true.
5:29 pm
so to you on medial media -- i don't see any establishment major media picking up this story. >> i wanting to say to you, you have a lot of courage to do what you did because media ite fairly left wing. they are not friendly to me at all. >> eat a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get. >> i want everybody to read your piece. christian science monitor newspaper people covered the falklands conflict in a very responsible way on june 17th, 1982, james nelson wrote this about the riots, quote. widespread public anger spilled over into the streets midweek as violent rocked for a time tuesday evening police were unable to control angry mobs turn in front of the argentine white house into a, quote, battle zone. all right? so there you go. i want to stop this now.
5:30 pm
i hope we can stop it. i really do. later in the tip of the day have another interesting take from the falklands from a rush limbaugh. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. brit hume will talk about a hit piece on governor scott walker. whether the pretty is so corrupt it will not be able to cover the presidential race accurately. wattersen the ground in boston with 8 feet is of snow. i hope you stay tuned to those reports. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food fruit, nuts, and whole grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. more processed flakes look nothing
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♪ ♪ up resolved problem seeing want tonight, county republican presidential contenders get a fair shot from the american media february 139 liberal "new york times" columnist wrote that wisconsin governor scott walker indirectly fired teacher named megan sampson because of the governor's opposition to unions. it turned out not to be true. joining us now from boca grand, florida so the "new york times" made a direction but ms. collins didn't correct it in her column. now, what do you think? >> well, i was surprised by. this i thought this was a pretty glaring error bill. basically what she said was. she was using the governor had said something about megan sampson is using her as an example of the damage that unions can do to careers or whatever.
5:35 pm
and she -- and he said in there did the governor, that she had been teach -- named teacher of the year. well, in fact, she had been named teacher of the year by the state. she had been named best first year english teacher by some outside group. the governor had made what i consider to be kind of a minor error. she takes him to task for that. and then she goes on to say that megan sampson lost her job because of budget cuts that walker had put through. well, those budget cuts went into effect before he became governor. it was a glaring error and a bad error. the "new york times" published on the web site a correction two days later, no correction appeared in the newspaper for six days. >> wow. >> now, and it has been customary, bill, as i'm sure you will remember this all through time when a correction is made on the air or in a publication it's just a matter of course that at the end of it you say your publication or you personally if it's you doing the correction regret the error. >> your comment as i know
5:36 pm
made an error at the column you put it at the bottom of your column and you say look i'm sorry i did this and it wasn't accurate. >> and if you make a biggerrer like that, which i think was pretty glaring you kind of want your audience to know that you recognize that it was a bad error. >> you didn't mean to do it. >> you are egoyer -- eager to say you made the error, acknowledge the error and regret it. >> no such regret appeared in anything that the times published. as far as we know the times doesn't say it's regretting the error and neither does the writer. >> this opens up the big question i'm going to talk to bernie goldberg right after you about. county republican contenders get a shot? we see an article today jeb bush's wife who is a big spender already? so what she spent a lot of money earlier in her life. i am starting to, you know look media and me like this. okay. they despise me. they don't like the news
5:37 pm
channel. they want to bring me down. they want to hurt fox news. everybody knows that but i'm getting so sick of it and i don't think the republican contenders, any of them are going to get a fair shot in the national media they going to tear them all down last word? >> it has been this way to a considerable extent for a long time. i must say bill there are examples of fair and balanced reporting being done even by the "new york times." the "new york times," by the way, had a fair piece about colunba butch. dan bolts of the "the washington post" had a good piece over the weekend about scott walker there are examples of fair and balanced reporting. i always thought bill, if we at fox news succeeded and drew an audience and became successful that our competitors in print and in broadcast would look at us and say what are they doing right. maybe we need ton more balanced in our coverage. i thought our competitive
5:38 pm
advantage might prove parable. that hasn't at all. if anything the bias has gotten worse. >> it's worse. >> from a business point of view that's good for us but bad for journalism and i think it's unfortunate for the country and it does mean that the republican party has s. at a disadvantage in every election. >> that's right. i think i can speak for brit hume if i say something you don't like you tell me right now but i can speak for hume, that o'reilly and hume and pretty much every other high profile analyst on this network going to be fair in our presidential coverage. we're going to be absolutely fair but tough. >> we'll certainly try. >> brit hume, everybody. >> that's what we are about. >> when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how bad the american. interesting things about the media and take a look at that as well. right back with bernie.
5:39 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie seeing isment tonight. the american media in crisis why they believe the national press will be very favorable to hillary clinton should she run to in 2016. back in 2011 when she was secretary of state. overthrow of the libyan
5:43 pm
tyrant qaddafi. >> we came, we saw. >> came, saw, died. didn't have anything to do with the visit. >> let us now, bernie goldberg. you wanted us to use that sound bite so you could make a point. >> women, first of all one of the points is that i think you are right. and your lead-in that the press is probably going to go easy on her. she said that when she was secretary of state and today libya is in crisis. ice is sis is in libya. they just cut the heads off of 21 egyptian christians. somebody needs to say to her. some political reporter on the campaign trail what about that? how is libya working out? you laughed when you said that. what about libya today? a million other questions they should ask her which i doubt they will. what's your thinking mrs. clinton on late term abortion? almost everybody in the country whether abortion rights or not thinks it's
5:44 pm
infantcide. when she starts talking about how women getting the short end of the stick on work place not getting equal pay for equal work. somebody should say mrs. clinton, if that's true. why wouldn't greedy capitalistic bosses only hire women. look at all the money they could save. >> look at all the money they can save. >> but my overall point is that they are not going to treat her. they are going to treat her like they treated barack obama. >> but that's precisely the point. he was historical figure. >> right. and so now she will be. >> right. because she is the woman. i think that i am overboard with the press thing. i you really do. i almost have to recuse myself now because the press has been so brutal to me as we demonstrated at the top of the program. so corrupt, so bad that i say you know, what o'reilly, too much. too hateful toward them.
5:45 pm
but in my heart i truly believe that this is the lowest level of national press the country has ever seen no question that it's gotten nastier in terms of ideology. the elite media has always been issue will. the "new york times" is liberal questions kissing up to joseph stalin and fidel castro. the culture has gotten nastier. the internet didn't create that but it fosters it people be nasty. i think the media in general has picked up on that. has mirrored -- the media mirrors the culture in many ways. the culture is nastier today than it was years ago. i think the media is nastier, also. >> but there is also the competence issue that the younger journalists now are not trained the way you and me and don browne who we interviewed at the top of the hour. we went out. i have been to 80 countries. you have probably been to
5:46 pm
that many, too. we have been around. we were trained that you had to get the story. you had to report it accurately. you had to get the other side of the story. you had to do all of those things. i talk to media people clueless, anonymous sources here. so and so there. there is like nothing. >> some of the radicals of the 60's guys marching on campus and setting fires teaching journalism. >> yeah. teaching journalism now. >> what do you expect the kids that come out of journalism school. >> if you you don't toe that line, it's hard to get hired at the network level with a bernie goldberg or bill o'reilly goes inenned a applies for a job not now because we are both super stars and happy to have us anywhere right? >> i don't know about you. >> you go and they pick up that you may be even a centerrist. you are not going to get hired. >> you made a point several years ago. that was the only time i watched the show as i recall. you made an interesting point. if you are at the "new york
5:47 pm
times," and you believe certain things like you're against abortion. >> right. >> whoa, sign of the cross. you are a vampire. so, the way i put it is, you could be as far as left of center as you want. you are not going to stick out like a sore thumb. but if you are that much to the right of center and you may be right even if you are a center but if you are that much to the right of center you -- they are going to notice you. >> if you go to church, if they see you at saint patrick's cathedral you are a weirdo. >> if they see me at saint patrick's cathedral it's because i am a weirdo. >> bernie goldberg, everybody. watters on deck. the global warming edition. we sent our intrepid correspondent to boston. don't miss it next.
5:48 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, "watters' world," later this evening at my house on long island it is expected to be zero degrees. that's not windchill. that's zero degrees. in boston it could be 6 below. so far this winter that city has had about eight feet of snow. so the question becomes, paging al gore, where the heck is the global warming? we sent watters to boston to sample an opinion. >> this global warming causing all this snow. >> i'm up to my rear end in global warming and if i seen al gore i'd punch him in the mouth. >> this is global warming? all this snow? >> i know the facts, right? this is [ bleep ].
5:52 pm
it's snowing because it's snowing out. >> wake me up when it's over. >> how many inches you have? of snow. >> yeah. >> take your foot off the gas. >> climate change they're saying is causing all of this snow. >> yeah. the more the temperature of the ocean water rises the more humidity's in the air and causes more precipitation like this. >> so if the earth is warming, you get more snow? >> yes. >> so if the earth starts to cool will we get less snow? >> a-ha. >> i suggest how about the patriots? they had their rally and then they left town. >> they said hand gronkowski a shovel. i like your pom-poms. >> thank you. >> al gore's saying there's this warming. >> al gore's an idiot. >> your truck's causing the global warming. >> i know. that's why i bought it.
5:53 pm
>> if barney frank had an igloo, would you go in there and stay warm? >> no. barney frank no i wouldn't go stay in his igloo. >> don't look, stop the bs here. stop the crap. >> how do you think john hancock would handle all this snow? >> who is john hancock? >> he signed the declaration of independence. what do you think john adams would think of all this snow? >> he'd have another beer. >> you mean samuel adams. >> me? >> are you -- or blowing it. >> i don't do anything. >> you know i get anxiety when i have to meet people. >> do i look like a blower or a shoveller? >> a blower. >> okay. >> do you think this is god's way of punishing boston for cheating to get to the super bowl? >> i'm not going there. >> come on, use your head.
5:54 pm
i'm in "watters' world." ask me some intelligent questions. >> this is god's way of punishing liberals who voted for obama and elizabeth warren. >> we did not cheat. we didn't shrink the balls. >> do women know about shrinkage? >> what do you mean like laundry? >> did you know bill o'reilly used to live in boston? >> yes, i did. and i watched him on channel 5 news all the time. i liked him. >> i like his pithy remarks. >> do you think bill's a snow blower kind of guy or shoveller kind of guy? >> bill hires people to blow his snow. >> i think he at one point probably shoveled. >> he still shovels he just gets paid for it now. >> shovms what? >> do you ever watch "watters' world"? >> the guy with the big muscles? >> please get your hand out of my face and stop calling me hulk. >> i'm not as stupid as those people on the beaches. ask me political questions. >> collar and everything. >> i'm watters. and this is my world right here.
5:55 pm
>> are you saying waters? yeah, i don't get it. >> very few do. and there is watters. i love boston. >> yeah, it's a nice town. >> but you get the best folks. >> i never been to southie before. >> the best. >> we should hire those arabs they'll shovel us out. they need the jobs. >> it's the most politically incorrect place in the united states. >> absolutely. >> south boston. they will say anything. >> and they did. one person said it's snowing so much in boston elizabeth warren is now calling herself an eskimo. >> off the indian thing. >> right. >> oh man, i knew you were going to have a good time up there. you got to feel sorry for massachusetts and new england with all this snow. >> that's right. they got a lot of digging to do. >> watters everybody. we have a secret assignment for him next week. "the factor" tip of the day tonight, fighting smears. the tip moments away.
5:56 pm
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no mail today because we have a rather extensive tip of the day. as we reported earlier, the far left lied about my saga covering the war in argentina. one guy who knew this was bogus from the jump is on the radio. you may have heard of him. >> i've got us new york daily news has this story brian williams apparently isn't the only one under the microscope. fox news anchor bill o'reilly facing allegations -- oh, yeah mother jones david corn. that ought to tell you -- david corn once wrote seems like a 5,000-word article on me and how i was in copyright violation by playing my city was gone is the theme song. a 5,000-word hit piece on how i was a major violator of the law. and they've only been able in all this time this is the best
5:59 pm
they can do. to go out and claim that o'reilly lied about things 33 years ago in covering the falkland's war. what a stretch. but it's classic. and it was -- and o'reilly is running around calling it bs and sure it is. >> mr. limbaugh did not have to do that. and i thank him very much. from the jump he had this thing pegged. "the factor" tip of the day, stand your ground. if you know you're being treated unfairly stand your ground. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from also spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o'reilly@fox name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be mordant when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly.
6:00 pm
please always remember the spin stops here cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight america's top homeland security official questioned about playing politics at the expense of our safety. after issuing an explicit terror warning to american shoppers shortly before accusing congress of putting people at risk. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for kelly tonight. al shabaab releasing a video calling on followers to attack american malls including minnesota's famous mall of the americas. considering this is the group that once launched a deadly assault on a mall in kenya killing dozen of people. homeland security secretary jeh johnson seemed to be taking this threat very seriously. here he is yesterday. >> if anyone


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