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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 25, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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going to take questions and use them. so head over to twitter and let us know what you think. thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a great night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the bottom line seems to be who hates obama mat worst, the right wing of the republican party may be looking for champion hater of barack obama. >> hating president obama, it's a reality. but hating president bush was real too. tonight, a special report on how republicans should evaluate the president. >> rights contained in the bill of rights do not come from the constitution. they come from god. it's clearly stated in the declaration. >> do not come from god, your honor and you know that. >> battle between america quoting the founding fathers and secular press people who reject any divine presence. how does president obama see it? you may be surprised. >> where shall i go?
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whattable i do? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> the honored movies that the folks like not any longer. martha maccallum has been investigating. >> wings in your [bleep]. awe! >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hating president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. at the height of the iraq war, the ville ifification of president bush the younger was off the chart. the left in america accusing him and vice president cheney of lying to get us into the war sacrificing american military people who haliburton could make money and a variety of other vial allegations. having seen president clinton go through impeachment, i thought president bush got it even
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worse with the smearing. enter president obama, who is also loathed by some americans. >> you want to know about that fight among republicans running for president is all about? what's it all about? it is about who can hate president obama the most. let me finish with the contest of hate that seems to be going on among republican candidates for president. who can hate obama the most? let me finish tonight with this contest of hate we are watching among the republican candidates for president. how much do you -- how much you can hate president obama? >> did somebody say hate? now, there is no question that barack obama's policies are controversial. he is a big tax and spend guy. has increased the power of the federal government. has ordered a quasiam amnesty for illegally aliens. chaos o. imposed the health care system many people despise. as far as policy goes, there is much angst directed at the president and that's fine. on the personal front though mr. obama gets it too much. this is a letter from tom who lives in florida who
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says quote it's time to impeach obama and the islamization. he is clearly sabotaging our country. islam station? obama is a muslim, many muslims do not care about christians. the president fights the crisis all over the world politics and love for his muslims. talking points laments the haters on both sides. smearing anyone should be unacceptable. in the upcoming presidential campaign the republican candidate surely will point out where they differ with president obama and by proxy hillary clinton. one of mrs. clinton's challenges is deciding whether to repudiate some of mr. obama's policies. is she going to do that? interesting dilemma. if she doesn't, republicans certainly have an opportunity to put hillary clinton on the defensive. any republican candidate who says personal things about either the president or mrs. clinton will be making a tremendous mistake. the haters on both the left and the right make a lot of noise. they get a lot of attention but most americans don't like this kind of stuff. once in a while a takedown is necessary. but, to make a living out of
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gutter sniping ticket to defeat. right now america is in a bad place where weak overseas, economy is mainly rewarding the relty. president obama has had six years to improve that situation. in my opinion, he has failed to do so. that's an objective analysis based upon facts, not a personal attack. here is a final fact. i have had discussions with both george w. bush and barack obama. they see the world very differently. but they both have absorbed tremendous punishment in order to serve their country. i respect that and hope the upcoming presidential campaign will not be a smear fest. there is simply too much at stake for that to happen. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction with us liberal radio talk show host alan colmes and conservative radio talk show host mike gallagher. when you get somebody calling your show, obama is is a muslim, obama is -- wants to destroy the country on purpose. he is the candidate. what do you say to them. >> there are a lot of those kind of callers, frankly.
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can i always line up 50 callers in two minutes who think he has a chip in his head and getting instructions from mars. just because people are are over the top doesn't mean that represents the view of the criticism. >> when she say to you gallagher, obama is a muslim, what do you say. >> i think they have a write to feel the way they feel based on his words and actions. they don't hate him. >> do you believe is he a muslim. >> i don't believe is he a muslim. i think people have right to say this guy. >> that's what talk radio is about. >> he appears to be more sympathetic often to muslims than he does christians. he ignores christian cop picks whose heads were chopped off. he immediately goes into the white chapel thing. that's what they believe that based on. >> to make the linkage for a poor response to the egyptians migrants and they were just workers who got their heads cut off. >> christians. >> right. >> to make a linkage to obama is a muslim, i mean that's a pretty big leap. can you criticize the policy. >> i think it's over the top and i think you your talking points memo was perfect it
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shouldn't be about personal. >> weather somebody calls you and says obama is a muslim, what do you say? >> i say it's ridiculous. i say when people call me and say bush is is a nazi that's over the top. it is totally wrong, regardless as you point out. >> did you cut those callers off. >> i give them a chance to speak and meet them with my free speech. >> bush nazi thing. okay, bush lied to get us into war. you hear that all the time charch. >> absurd or 9/11 was inside job. they knew, bush knew. that's absurd. >> we shouldn't shut it down. >> no. >> people get to feel that way. they can say wait a minute. why aren't you defending the fact that christians are under siege in sudan. why don't you speak out people are allowed to. >> when you say that obama is too sympathetic to muslims over christians. that's dog whistling too. >> no, it's not. anything wrong with being equal toward all religious faiths? >> colmes, colmes. surely you understand the
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perception. surely you do. i know you don't agree with it but the perception is that the president goes out of his way to give cover to muslims. while on the christian side he brings up tough that happened a thousand years ago. >> i think he was making a bigger point. >> surely you understand when you do that when do you that, you are opening yourself up to hey you don't give a hoot about the christians and you are trying to give cover to the muslims. >> you hope yourself up by being president obama or any president and stating. >> intellectual argue. i just made you understand do you not? candidate obama said when he disparaged people and mocked people for clinging to guns and their religion people take that personally, bill. that's a very personal attack. and, guess what, that's why people don't like this guy. >> wait wait wait. gallagher, you don't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. i'm sure that's a daily theme on your show.
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>> also a theme that christians believe in you can hate the sin and love the sinner. >> as long as you say on the actions of the man. >> people do. >> you know, look, that's why giuliani got in trouble. i hope you guys saw my t points on giuliani. because i perfectly understand where he is coming from. he takes it personally. he had to go through it. it changed him dramatically. and he sees the president dithering about it and it it drives him raze. >> he went after obama's parents saying he wasn't raised properly. that's over the top. that's absurd. >> he said his grandfather introduced him to this frank lloyd. >> that's dog whistling, introduce him to a guy who a communist. >> i think that's a fact. >> all right? i think. >> so what? so communist. that's. his background is. a far left back ground. raise american way.
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the same way. absurd. >> took giuliani up. did an evaluation of president obama's speeches. every time he expressed extreme patriotism. he also accompanied that with a scathing. of the united states. >> i don't think even colmes will deny. >> even colmes. >> even. >> you even me? >> that the outlook of president obama, a man of left is that many times america has brought all this on itself. that's what the left's mantra is. >> that is too simple an explanation of what the left quote, unquote, as if we all walk in lock step with each other believes. yes, he has been willing to stand up and say this is where we have been wrong so we can be a better country. there is nothing wrong with that by the play. it seems to be what he believes though that america is bad and that's what rudy was saying. how about some optimism from a commander and chief not what's wrong with america.
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>> highest form of patriotism. good debate. thank you both for coming in. >> thank you. >> next on the rundown do our human rights come from god or from politicians and judges? have another spirited debate on that. later, miller rove martha maccallum, all warming up in the bullpen, factor will be right back. ing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. (melodic, calm music.) hi this is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call.
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human rice, where do they come from. in alabama chief justice roy moore arguing that the state should decide gay marriage that the feds or courts have no right to impose gay marriage. >> i believe that's a matter of law because our rights contained in the bill of rights do not come from the constitution. they come from god. >> our rights do not come from god. that's your faith. >> that's my faith not our country. our laws.
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>> that's not a matter of faith. >> collective agreement and compromise. >> as americans we believe that workers' rights are civil rights. that dignity and opportunity [ applause ] that dignity and opportunity aren't just gifts to be handed down by a generous government or by a generous employer they are rights given by god. >> joining us now from tampa, florida jessica irlick and jessica can tantaros you see her on outnumbered at noon. >> siding with the the secular press and say rights are given to us by god which opens up an interesting door. does it not? it does i prefer to watch what president obama does than what he says. >> the fact that he said that to invoke sympathy policies for working people that's why did he it it blows he believes rights come from god.
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but president obama also, i think, interprets that to mean that god has given him, president obama, rights to do certain things like redistribute wealth. >> maybe. but. >> very radically different view than our founding fathers, bill. cuomo, if you want to talk about cuomo cuomo used the rights that he believes are afforded to him. i think to bully and intimidate that judge. >> that judge can't be bull idea or intimidated. >> he shouldn't have gone on that show in my opinion. >> whatever, you but the lines, jessica, are here. that the declaration of independence clearly states that our whole justice system and our whole system of interactions with each other is based upon the rights given to us by god, not by man. so mr. cuomo and the other secular progressives say, you know what? that's nice theory, but it's the judges and the legislature who really give us our rights. where do you come down on it? >> well, there is a difference between our rights, which are the inalienable rights we have set out based upon the fact
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that our nation was founded on judeo-christian values. and our legal system and the justice system justice is supposed to be blind. we are a nation that was created not only on those values but by people who are suffering religious persecution. and our legal system is specifically set out so that it will not be affected by that. we're not the middle east. we don't have clerics who are handing out, you know biblical justice. we are based on the british common law system where you have case law and authority is and judges and there is a difference between church and state. >> that's the criminal system. in the social system what president obama is telling the country is that americans' rights come from god. one of our rights is to treat people justly. all right, so workers should get certain benefits and should be treated a certain way. all right, if that's true if that's true then judge moore, his argument becomes
8:17 pm
more powerful. you can't take away our rights in alabama to vote and want marriage to remain between a man and a woman. you can't take away those rights. >> i think the key thing is, it's not just justly, it's actually equally. people are equal under the law. if you are equal under the law you have equal rights. >> same amount of money. that doesn't hold up. all right, let's get back. >> no, you have the opportunity to make money but you are equal under the law, meaning the law whether you are gay purple martian, if you are an american, you are seen as equal. >> can't be discriminated against based on anything that means you can't be denied. all right. but the judge is saying -- i want to get your point of view on, this that you are are denying we alabamaians our rights to determine what our state and local situation should be that's his argument. >> the judge is right. rights do come from god. but they don't come down in some metaphysical form. they come down to flawed human beings and they expect us to it sort of sort them
8:18 pm
out. but the founding fathers gave us rights. god given rights. and those rights were to let us be left alone. really. >> but also the people who favor gay marriage can say the one of the rights given us to from god is all men are created equal. >> um. >>um all right. so if heterosexual couples can marry why can't gays because we are all equal? >> right. >> that's a pretty powerful argument. >> it's definitely a powerful argument. >> that's what the supreme court decision is going to hinge on. >> that's right. i do just want to quickly go back to what cuomo said though. because, if you believe what cuomo said. >> god doesn't have a say. >> it means that anything goes. that's right. >> hierarchy. >> there is no right and wrong. that anything goes. >> that's not true. >> no, that's exactly what he said. >> no no. no i'm going to give you the last word. jessica, surely you know, because i'm sure you read my book culture warrior that the secular progressive belief system discounts god
8:19 pm
totally 100%. god should not have any place in the public forum at all. you go to your church. you go to your synagogue, you go to your mosque and you shut up. that is what the. >> that's actually the same argument that president kennedy made which i'm sure you know because when he was running as the first catholic president is that his core beliefs is how he would act were based on his religious values. that doesn't mean he would impose them on other people. >> nobody is looking at an imposition of anything. the alabamaians are just saying listen, we want to decide what kind of state we're going to have and that's all. >> state rights argument has gone back to the basis of the bill of rights that it should exist in general. it's the history of our country right there. >> everybody thinks the supreme court is going it rule against judge moore. you do i do i'm sure jessica does. >> i do. >> it's a very fascinating debate and we appreciate it ladies. directly ahead, major. is president obama trying to impose amnesty against federal law? and then miller on who he wants to send to mars
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factor follow up seeing many tonight. last week a judge in texas federal judge granted a request by 26 states to block president obama's executive action on illegal immigration. that action would allow certain aliens to remain in the u.s.a. without sanctions. many people believe it's an undeclared amnesty by the president. joining us from austin texas, republican karl rove. so, in the long run, you see the courts deciding with the president? >> you know, i think it's question very much up in the air. i think that they may not. the president himself, remember, the starting point for this is the president himself said 22 times i don't have the authority to
8:24 pm
do that after he did it, he said, quote, i just took an action to change the law. that's not the power of the president. the power of the president is to execute faithfully the laws. and in this 123-page opinion by judge hannon, he took on the core argument of the administration which was they were simply engaged in using their prosecutorial discretion. he said, look, in 150-page executive memoranda you have so many massive changes in the immigration law it consists of a blanket amnesty to a million people on the basis of being a class. and he said that quote, virtually extinguished discretion and i think it bass pretty strong attack. >> it's a powerful argument. i don't know how it's going to go either. but, i don't know if the courts and judges who decide this thing are are analyzing it on what happens. the extension of president obama's executive order, even though it's delayed he
8:25 pm
is we are going to have this right after you he doesn't care is he going ahead and implementing federal policy even though the judge held it up. is he insulting the federal judge number one. number two it is absolute amnesty that these people who entered illegally or who were don't have papers to be here, are going to have every right that americans have. it is amnesty. will the judges in your opinion take that into consideration? his finding was that this violated the administrative procedures act because the president didn't lay these rules out for comment and so forth. raises constitutional questions about the separation of powers. did the president in essence, usurp the right of the congress of the united states by changing the law on his own? did he have the authority to do this, and the second question, one of federalism that is to say what is the impact on the states and
8:26 pm
locals. judge hannon in his opinion held that there would be 500,000 people in texas who now would have a federally guaranteed right to a driver's license which cost just under $200 to provide and he said this clearly showed that texas had a stake in saying these unopposed public schooling goes on and on. now, the republican parity is going to have to come up with some kind of immigration plan if they want to up their hispanic american vote. still perceived by many in the hispanic areas that the republicans are against them. all right? that they are not fair. so, what do you think the republican party is going to do here? >> first of all, bill, let me say the real reason to get something done is because the system is broken. they do need to have a plan. the plan ought to be first of all geared at securing our borders and enforcing our borders. we should stop this policy
8:27 pm
which president obama has restarted of allowing people who are -- if you are mexican and you are caught near the border, you are imimmediately returned to cross the border. if you are otm other than mexican you are allowed to be released on your own recognizance and most of those people never show up again and the president has begun that policy. again, we need to have border security that allows to us secure the border and force people. >> play in places like mexico colorado where hispanic americans. >> absolutely. >> you do believe it will? >> well, i can't speak to every place. but i can speak to texas. i'm going to be in the rio grand valley on thursday and friday. let me tell you talk to latinos in the valley and a along south texas, they are concerned about the security of their communities, the security of their farms their ranches. >> mostly latinos down there. >> they want the border secured. they want them secured. >> the second issue is we do need to have a guest worker
8:28 pm
program and finally we need to have a way to resolve the situation of the people who are here illustrate legally and in an orderly fashion. i don't favor sending them back to mexico root them out and so forth. but, do i believe that if you are here illegally you have to surface. you have to -- you have to pay a penalty. you have to pay fines. you have to keep your nose clean. if you want to stay here and work fine. fur finished working and return fine. you go -- you know what? it's a position as a lot of conservatives, i'm a conservative for one that believes that way. so do a lot of others. >> he we will see. we will see how it goes out in the debates huge issue illegal immigration coming up. the movie "american sniper" shot down by the hollywood oscar crowd even though americans are flocking to see it martha maccallum has been investigating. then, miller on sending people to mars, that may eventually happen. miller, tell us who he wants to go up there? i hope you stay tuned for
8:29 pm
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8:33 pm
border patrol agents about deportation hearings. what is that? >> it all starts, bill on the ground with anta a notice to appear. >> notice to appear. those are given to illegal aliens who are detained right? >> yes. they are supposed to then go before immigration judge. a 9 immigration courts around the country. >> a date to show up here in front of judge janine or whoever, and then she will tell you what's going to happen to you. >> if you show up. >> okay. if you show up and most don't. we know that but what's new in this. >> what's new is this email this came courtesy of folks at the national review. presidential enforcement priorities comes from an official border patrol who basically says not going to give out ntas. >> any of them? >> under -- i'm quoting. under the executive action, there will be limited instances where we will issue an nta. limited. however, if the subject requests a hearing before immigration judge then the nta code. >> so the illegal alien has to go and scream i want a hearing? >> you can believe that?
8:34 pm
>> i can believe it because i am convinced this whole thing is an amnesty play. that that's what this is now. >> but you are not going to ship them back in the trunk of the lincoln. >> it doesn't make any difference. the president is not being upfront about what this is about. all right? he is saying i'm only going to do for 5 million people because of extenuating circumstances that they were brought here by their parents. they had no say about it. okay that sounds logical. but what he is really doing is now ordering the border patrol not to give anybody these hearings. and that's -- and that is sneaky and it is wrong. that's why we are doing the segment. that's what's happening. what's the second one? >> the second one has to deal with highly skilled workers. h 1 b visas, spouse of immigrant who is here on one of these visas now. you will be allowed to stay here in america. come over with spouses and their spouses are allowed to stay indefinitely. critics say taking jobs
8:35 pm
away. >> i don't have a problem with that. somebody is over here doing a highly skilled job. recruited to come over. they have papers to come over. i mean, come on. give the wife and their kids some slack. all right. good. shannon bream, everyone. alaska. have you been there, shannon? >> i haven't. >> beautiful. >> i love to visit. >> but very, very cold. not as cold as long island but close. okay? and a lot of people don't go out in the winter because there is 18 feet of snow and bear. like bears everywhere. >> and it's dark. >> yeah, it's dark. they stay inside and a few people like the little substance. and now alaska has legalized pot. what is the downside to that? >> well, listen, there are leaders there in the tribal communities of alaska's native population saying we are really worried about this because they say our young people are already showing us they have got a problem with alcohol abuse and dependency and we are really fighting against that and, listen, the recent survey out of alaska shows that 10% of kids in alaska, we're talking 12 to 17 admit they have smoked pot in the
8:36 pm
last 30 days. >> yeah. 12 to 17. >> it's a problem. >> and you are talking about the intuit population. they have enormous alcoholism problem and drug addiction problem. so now the state of alaska has made now the substance even more available even though you have to be, i think, 18 to get it. >> actually 21. >> 21 in lawsk? >> yeah. >> but, lenny can go in at 21 and bring it out and give to t. to all his 12-year-old friends if lenny wants to make some money. that's how it works. it's not funny but intuits have been voices against this. >> they have. it's interesting. because there is generational split between the elders of the tribe the leaders and the more millennial youngser population and the teenagers are saying listen, we don't see it as a gateway drug. it's not a problem. we can handle it here. you can have a ounce of it legally. you can't shell it but you can share it that's not illegal. grow up to six plants in your own house. my guess is there are already people doing plenty of that.
8:37 pm
>> free fire zone up there. once children and teenagers our children get involved with substance of any kind, their whole life changes. thank you very much. very interesting segment. when we come right back, d time. miller has a lipps of men he wants to send to mars. miller is next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here?
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment last week we asked gutfeld and mcguirk who they would like to send to mars. private company signing people up for the journaly, one problem they can't come back. joining us now from santa barbara the sage of southern california dennis miller. this was too good miller, i had to give you a shot of this. who do you want to send to mars? >> well, in the interest of time billy, why don't i give you a list of people i don't want to send to mars. house about how's about that? how's about we start right there. first off, if i had to send a group to mars, to the red planet, i would send the green movement. i don't know, i don't know what green and red ink but at least they could whine about martian warming up there. pick a couple individuals i would request a couple pitches, dual headed high
8:42 pm
dra of nancy pelosi and barbara boxer send those two space cadets up there so when they examine them they assume we are all that stupid. they don't come with their full force, the martian community, when they come to take us over. we beat them back at the gates. we have a meeting afterwards they go i thought you told us they were all stupid like those two women. they go, no those women are ano, ma'am his. really stupid. the rest can kind of stupid and we kick their butt. >> green movement and two ladies that you just mentioned. >> as i said it would be easier to me to give you a list of people that i don't want to send to mars. >> i'm just shocked that you didn't put biden on a rocket there, miller. first one up there. >> where did you get the idea i hated martians that much that i would send biden there for god's sake. i had to shovel snow you are
8:43 pm
you say about it? >> had a falloff in the ratings. depend on regular people throughout the year to make your nut and infer that those people are nuts. do you know what i mean? there is a discrepancy between the audience they are trying to please and them. i have got a new approach to the oscars. i watched the first -- you know do you goy do -- dougie do the warm-up. that's a hard job. first award and go out get mexican takeout there is a woman behind the counter i remember patty arquette had scolded me before i left the house with not coming across with the goods for women. she was right, god bless her for coming out against the obama white house and saying they only pay 87 cents on the dollar to the men that work there i gave a big tip to the mexican lady behind
8:44 pm
the counter. i take the mexican phone home and watch casablanca and they didn't mince around it. come in for the last five awards and everybody is happy. that's how i watch the oscars now. >> casablanca won best picture, did it not? >> i don't know if he won best picture. >> well, maybe,. >> i don't even know if they need a host anymore billy. they ought to have that chick's voice from the atlanta airport host it and move along. >> finally our pal putin causing trouble breaking tweetys, invading people we call them salad the -- vlad the invader now. >> look at him. this came to me. i usually think he looks like the dog from the target commercials. but as i was looking at him i thought he looks like the oscar. i think we ought to kidnap him and dip him in gold sheath. you know that big oscar they put on the stage, we can hide him in plain sight
8:45 pm
billy. >> he does. >> everybody say where's putin? he is right behind the host. >> he looks like the oscar. he does. >> yeah, and he has the bare chest and he is always reaching down at his genitals, the tight head. he is the oscar. puti. >> there is he. lucky we haven't had to see these pictures in a while. >> bill, i have the the vapors. [ laughter ] >> look at that freak -- the world wants gone nuts. >> you think this is bad, you should see the don't be a pinhead show with putin, oh my god it's bloody. >> rio rancho, new mexico only don't be a pinhead show with tickets left. great time to be in atlanta in spring bill o' martha maccallum on deck. the movie "american sniper" closing in on $400 million in ticket sales. yet, it walls snubbed at the oscars. martha has been investigating why it was snubbed moments away.
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight did you see that. this year the academy award for best picture went to: >> who gives the son of a bitches green card? >> bird man.
8:49 pm
>> nuh. because bird man the movie grossed less than $40 million while "american sniper" which lost will most likely gross $400 million before the first run end you may remember movies like gone with the wind where both box office smaches same thing happened with titanic in 1997, the james cammeron film walked away with best picture of the year and made gazillions of dollars. last year best year of slave. year before argo. separation between hollywood and what the folks are going out to see. here to tell us why ms. martha maccallum here anchor the news at 9:00 in the morning with hemmer. >> there definitely is a divide. look at the numbers for "american the numbers for "american sniper," it was the only best picture nominee that made more than $100 million which is the general benchmark for a successful film. it was also the only one of them seen by more than 12 million people. so a lot of movies that neil patrick harris was talking about and making jokes about most of america had not even seen.
8:50 pm
>> right. i haven't seen them. >> many of them. >> i saw the imitation game. >> did you like it? i thought it was good too. good story. >> but populous movies like "american sniper," that's a populous movie but so was "casa blanca," we saw "gone with the wind," these are movies that are popcorn entertaining movies where they were taken very seriously by the academy are no longer. why? >> there's sort of a divide. i spoke to a couple of hollywood insiders today reporter and one former producer in hollywood who basically said the money is all in the superhero movies now. the russians and chinese are gobbling up. so 70% of the income of those big movies comes from foreign viewers. so hollywood wants to make smaller more artistic independent films proves its artistic meddle and those are the movies that get voted on. over the years more and more are producers and actors in these small films that nobody else is
8:51 pm
seeing. so it creates this cavern. >> so the folks are pretty much shut out. >> yeah. >> so maybe mccallum you and i should start an alternative oscars for movies people actually see. although "argo," "12 years a slave," these are good films -- >> but "american sniper" was right in the sweet spot. got a sound but that was it. >> they don't like him anymore. >> they like him. but they don't like the fact that eastwood and the whole production crew didn't make america the villain. that's what they didn't like. that's exactly what happened. the iraq war's looked upon by hollywood and many on the left as an evil enterprise. >> yep. >> so eastwood says nothing about the war or its intentions. he just says here's how the u.s. military conducted itself.
8:52 pm
we shot evil people like al qaeda. no, you can't do that. that's what they brought into it. >> of the voters i guarantee a lot of them never even saw "american sniper." they turned their nose up at it exactly for the idea you're talking about without seeing the movie, which really is the story of chris kyle. it's the story of one man and his experience. it was beautifully shot and well-done movie. >> now i'm a member of s.a.g. the screen actors guild, are you a member? >> no i'm not. >> i called up ken howard remember the white shadow? or is that before your time? >> yeah, you mentioned it. >> yeah, i mentioned it before. now, s.a.g. jogged "american sniper." they absolutely did. i wanted to know why they did and what was the mentality. but the white shadow disappeared. >> the white shadow does not know. >> no, he knows. but he wouldn't say. i still pay my dues. come on. >> i think the oscars lost all credibility when "dances with
8:53 pm
wolves" beat "good fellas" in 1990. they lost me after that. >> did owe see the sequel of "good fellas"? good movie. we are going to protect the presidential candidates. we'll tell you how in just a few minutes. hehehehehehe my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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"the factor" tip of the day, protecting the presidential candidates. first, the mail. randy, pennsylvania. bill, kirsten powers was unable to articulate any plan to defeat isis yet criticized your plan as being overly simple. general patton said it best, a good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow. las vegas, kirsten stated you can't just get a bunch of people together and invade a country. isn't that what isis did? that's an excellent point, ed. i wish i had thought of it.
8:56 pm
penny, oklahoma. is kirsten becoming more disrespectful of anyone opposing her opinion? please share this with her. you got it, i shared it with her. but i see ms. powers and monica krou crowley as smart and spunky. mississippi. bill, you speak with forked tongue. monday you said the president does love his country. yesterday you lam baste him for lack of action on isis. policy failure does not signal you don't love your country, al. come on. it's policy failure. paul johnson portland, oregon. the reason left fox news is fascism. they want to silence anyone who doesn't think like they do. new york the reason some people roll their eyes when they hear fox news is because of the essential message, liberals bad, conservatives good. we have a more diverse guest and anchor list than any news network in the history of broadcasting, vince. that's a fact. michelle, california. bill, as long as liberals hate
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people like me for watching fox news, i know i must be doing something right. you have a lot of company, michelle. there are two liberal news networks on cable. and fnc annihilates both of them in the ratings. we report, you guys have decided. england. over here the left goes ballistic at the thought we might get our own fox news. sunrise, florida. mr., o, gave my wife a belated valentine's day present. i could not decide which book i got the box set of killing patton and killing jesus. i am golden and you deserve to be mario. nice husband. the killing jesus movie set for palm sunday march 29th on the national geographic channel. good time to read jesus if you haven't already. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. it's clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that the internet has become a superhighway of
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factor website different from also, we'd like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world, o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not vilipend when writing to "the factor." no, it is not the french finance minister. tomorrow night charles krauthammer and i are going to put together a strategy to defeat isis. somebody has to. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new signs of the sick ideology of isis infiltrating the united states with word tonight that there are three arrests in new york city and an ominous warning for the director of the fbi. welcome everybody to "the kelly
9:00 pm
file." i'm martha mccallum in for megyn kelly. so as we continue to witness these atrocities, these kidnappings, these beheadings at the hands of isis, the threat now hits closer to home today. because three men originally in this country legally now face charges. two nabbed here in new york. they were living in brooklyn. the other in florida. two waged to plan jihad overseas. and if they couldn't get there, they


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