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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 27, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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payne 6 o'clock. >> we are back on monday noon eastern for the tv version of us. live long and prosper. and we'll miss you. and "happening now" starts now. fox news alert. crunch time on capitol hill, law makers working to reach a compromise and fund the department of the homeland security. >> and will a deal actually get done? >> the past few minutes, the house abruptly went out of session. one gop aide telling fox news we need more time. >> it is a who's who of big name conservatives and several presidential contenders will be on the scene. and fox news is there for a exclusive look of how the economy will play in the 2016 game plan. >> and plus a police officer reacts to his dash cam and the driver speeding the wrong way on
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the highway moments before a head-on crash. >> and down here right in a large track next to the presidential platform, is this old hulking train arm. >> what a story this vintage piece reveals about what lies below a luxury hotel. it is a secret passage way reserved for president's only, it is all "happening now". but we begin this hour with link of al-qaeda and iran. documents now public for the first time shoes that the terrorist group desired to use the rogue nation as a safe haven. >> i am jenna lee. >> and these information coming from documents from the 2011 raid on osama bin laden's compound in afghanistan. all of this merging as talks go
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to a possible nuclear deal with iran. peter, what sort of a link do the documents make between al-qaeda and iran? >> greg>> reporter: al-qaeda thought iowa ran would be a great place to train and thrive. we know it from the documents inside of bin laden's house. this is wristen in a new report. one letter to bin laden in june 2010 lays out the plans of a core al-qaeda leader to travel to iran. the shriek unit is ready to travel and he has 6 or 8 brothers that he choose. hays wrote it looks like the administration is ignoring publicly the evidence when the
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israeli president netanyahu comes next week, he probably won't. >> peter you don't get a sense that the white house might want to suspend nuclear talks with iran? >> reporter: no. gregg, and the reason the white house think that these talks about scaling back the nuclear program is helpful to our friend and ally israel. >> peter doocey live in the the white house. thank you. >> and the u.s. led coalition bomb boarded isis position in syria and striking kobani and towns northeast where isis reportedly kidnapped 200 christians and took over ten villages in the past week. walid phares. what are we doing now walid? we are turning isis and making
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sure they are not gaining new territory. is it work something >> no. it is working in every mission is successful and every mission contacted by the military and air forces hitting targets on the ground. but what is not working is the strategy in kobani or eastern syria and kurdish and christian minorities. hundreds of syrians are taken by isis and god knows what they will do with them. >> what do we do about that? >> i have heard from ngo's representing the christians and also from the kurds at lost in syria, they have launched many demands with the administration regarding obtaining weapons. we hear the administration saying we are training people
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and sending weapons. but these men are telling us that they are not receiving anything. are they not giving them support? >> we could be leaving them vulnerable to the clutches of isis? >> if we don't supply them with weapons and training and make sure that the air strikes are surrounding the the area the same way in kurdisstan. if we don't do this christians of syria and kurds around them will be targeted again and again. >> all we can do is watch the story and see the entd results of the hostage taking. we'll talk about the bin laden documents. there is a terrorist suspect on trial and first look at some of the new bin laden documents that were collected from his lai. and we are talking about isis, i read through the documents i saw
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a reference from baghdadi in the letters to bin laden. he allegedly is the head of isis, but just a reminder these documents were collected from the years prior to bin laden's death. and this letter said we'll ask for more information about a bu bak ra l- baghdadi and hope hadfully this will give reunioniction. >> what does that mean with the name and reference to unitty? >> inside of al-qaeda there are branches in iraq and syria and across the north african area and all the way to afghanistan. and sometimes these branches act more than others. we know that for a fact in iraq. under bin laden and after others there was calls to unify and making sure the leaders are
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mentioned and isis is another organization. it is not a part of al-qaeda and so this documentation should have been revealed in 2011 and at one point, i don't understand how we have access to the documents only because of legal cases. i mean outside of important confidential information they are are general information. and the u.s. got them from the administration four years ago. >> answer they not released? >> it is not a secret. it would have proved that al-qaeda was bigger and stronger than claimed in 2012 because of the situation. and number two, it may have also shown the linkage with al-qaeda and iran in the muslim brotherhood and other organizations in north africa that would be problematic. >> and you talk about isis, there has been several, several
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officials on the record that talked about isis as a new threat and something we haven't seen before. and what you are saying walid, the foot prints or the blue prints of isis go to al-qaeda and perhaps they were known enitties all a long. >> isis is nothing but a chunk from al-qaeda that developed on its own. and most of their commanders according to local intelience and not just u.s. but arab intelligence. and the other ones are jihadist and it is the same crowd that is modifying their own structure. they should have informed the american public of isis growing and they may be a post isis organization. >> i do think that your final thoughts on this and teuching about how to wage war on
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america. it was clear in one particular segment. it doesn't matter essentially and how many americans you kill on foreign soil, we have to do something bigger. and one large operation inside of america affects the security and nerves of 300 americans and killing 1000 soldiers has a weak affect on the mental strain as a whole. we are focusing on lone wolves and small attacks. and what about this, this reference to a bigger operation because of the potential impact? >> al-qaeda and isis and the others. they want to harm america and what is al-qaeda leadership wanted to do is a massive other 9/11 operation and crumbled the psychological will support to government. isanything. and all of the above mentioned things and they are trying hard. >> walid it is nice to have you
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on the program. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we have been covering the c-pac event that is close to washington d.c. where conservatives are screening potential gop candidates for 2016. and there is a similar event in florida hosted by the anti- tax club for growth. a lot of the same presidential hopefuls. former florida bush spoke last night. >> we have a look at palm beach florida. >> greg good afternoon. why is this group important. >> the conservative growth dropped 20 million on the election and half aimed at republican candidates who did not share their ideology. >> this is a good group to have on your side. jeb bush appeared sxheer one of six contenders. and tried to get past the
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moderate and republican in name only. and he touted his record of cutting taxes and shrinking the size of government and they appreciated the economic message and plenty of other conservatives are the not buying into that. and i asked jeb about that last night. >>y and so why are people skeptical? do they want not know your record? >> that's part of. it if i go beyond want consideration and becoming a candidate it would be my job to tell people what i have done and what is in my heart and why i care about them and why conservative policys implemented in the right way with the right leadership can help them. >> bush is firm in his support for common core but he moved to the right telling me that america must close the opportunity gap. >> how can you be for common
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core and not the enemy of conservative. >> i am for higher standards and we should have a state driven system. and i have been clear on this and cop siftent on this. >> bush did not back down in the top to bottom overhaul of immigration including a path to status for people who are in the country illegally. and saying he will not cower on the the issue because a bunch of people are upset about it. no way, knowhow. we'll see how that resonants in the c-pac appearance in 25 minutes time, greg. >> and john roberts in beautiful sunny palm beach, florida. good to see you, thanks. >> up next, we'll take you down to wall street to check the markets and less than 12 hours until the department of the homeland security runs out of money and at issue the president's immigration actions and tempers are flaring on
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capitol hill. we'll give you a play by play next.
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>> the house is debating a three gap stop bill to keep the homeland security running. there is a possibility that there is not enough votes to pass and that is not promising for dhs. since congress is far from reaching a deal, the house gop is including provisions in it a long- term bill to block the president's executive action on immigration. you know the senate just passed a clean bill without immigration riders and legislation that house republicans will not support. and dhs runs out of money at midnight. >> and if reid leads the democrats in the senate to
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prevent a a conference to the house on different bills. and that would be that would be a cause of the shutdown of the department. >> and if this were to fail, they would have no choice but to take up the senate bill. but instead, they want to go to conference. this is really really amateur hour to the inth degree. >> and the senior editor for fortune magazine. and rene is a senior editor on national review. the senate passes a bill to fund dhs all the way to september. and boehner i am reading a note. boehner is having trouble for getting votes for a stop gap, three- week measure. is it againing to look like a mess for the gop? >> it is looking like groundhog
10:18 am
day to me. it was a bad idea to shut down the government for 17 days, and in an failed attempt to defund obama care and hurt republicans and now linking anger over obama's executive order on immigration for the funding for the homeland security department. and the senate recognizes that and i think senate leaders recognize that and very much, the election, the 2014 election was built around electing republicans that would show they would govern in the advance of the 2016 election. this could end bad for republicans and making them look like they are are playing with the nation's homeland security. >> look, republicans wanted to reverse president obama's action on immigration. the senate wouldn't do it because the democrats blocked it there. and now that say federal judge is at least temporarily blocked
10:19 am
the president's immigration action, is it time for republicans to say you know what, it is in the courts let's move on? >> well there is absolutely some republicans who think that way. but there are other republicans who say we'll be fundingy department to implement that a judge said had no legitimacy. they are debating each other than just democrats. >> you know, nina, amid alarming reports and we seem to get new ones every day. that islamic terrorism is on the rise, is the timing for this being seen as blocking funding for you know our front lines, and the homeland security and the department against terrorism? the timing couldn't be worse for republicans could it? >> the time suggest awful.
10:20 am
you have isis on the march. and al-qaeda launching attacks in europe and potential of lone wolves here at home and we are under threat and again this is not good for republicans and here's what people forget. obama when he signed that executive order, which i disagree with him doing that. he would tear it up if the republicans passed immigration reform. to me, the best thing to do is get democrats on board and put obama back in the corner so the republicans are not the ones in the the corner why are not not making a move for comprehensive reform. >> look, they disagree with each other about what that looks like and they don't believe they should make law of threat under a threat of a lawless action by
10:21 am
a president. we can't have a system of government where the president said i will act on my own unless you produce legislation to my liking. >> we learn that mcconnell and boehner haven't talked to each other in the last couple of weeks. how can that be? that is amazing. good to see you both. >> and more people are around the country can legally smoke pot. but a pricing problem may rethink growers getting in the business. >> and the driver is not facing charges. what he told investigators to keep him out of prison.
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the train derailment made a mistake. jose ramirez was released from jail without charges. the ntsb said ramirez was trying to turn on the street and made it too early and getting his truck stuck on the track. 30 people injured and four critically. and investigators are trying to figure out why ramirez was confused. >> the u.s. economy grew in a slower pace at 2014 than thought. the gdp numbers are down to it a gain of 2.2 percent from the fourth quarter and that is significant. and it looks like the dow is reacting to that down 32 points this morning and also driven down by lower numbers for jc penney. >> and of all of the problems of pot legalization and warning about profitability washington
10:26 am
d.c. joined four other states to allow recreational marijuana use. as more states join in and pot shots open up around the country. some growers may have to stop farming. dan? >> reporter: we are seeing growing pains in a brand new industry and regulated and taxed. many who thought they would make millions are seeing life savings and dreams go up in smoke. there are 400 growers in washington state and maxed out on the area they are allowed to produce. but not allowed to sell to the public. and the number of retailers selling the pot is hundred. the growers are getting squeezed on price. >> the more we sell, the more we lose. we find ourselves in an economic situation which can be a nightmare. >> and there are so few pot shops, many citizens don't want them and the cities that do are
10:27 am
restricted on where they are located. 11000 pounds of pot is solid and that is hundred million in sales and generating 25 million in tax revenue. the demand is what is expected and seems to be going up as more stores open. but the black market is a major problem. the price on the street is one- third. but there is not a lot of sympathy for the state regulators. >> there is nothing good about anyone who gets in a business and fails. it happens in every other business that occurs today and it is it a high rate of failure. >> growers say if they are not allowed to sell to the public the system will collapse and only big producers will be able to survive. >> british authorities identified jihadi john seen in the horrific isis videotapes.
10:28 am
that brings no comfort to the families of the victim media focusing too much on the man behind the mask?
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the secret line up and day two of c-pac is a who's who of candidates. rand paul and rubio and sanderium and they are speaking
10:32 am
earlier today. and florida governor jeb bush is scheduled to go to the podium. and political correspondent carl cameron is in the conference and joining us from national harbor maryland. >> reporter: a lot of interest in former are florida governor is jeb bush. all except bush has gotten raucus applause. but jeb bush has gotten boos and he will speak in a while and our colleague sean hanity will conduct the questions. he went for audience applause and the one guy who was booed was jeb bush. donald trump, the billionaire who has said he is considering a run said so today and took tight shots at jeb. >> likewise, jeb bush, he's in
10:33 am
favor, he's in favor of common core. he's weak on immigration and now think of it for a second in favor of common core, and weak on immigration, and you remember the segment they come over for love that's his stance on immigration. i don't see him winning and i don't see it is in any way. you people will have to make your own choice. >> former governor bush will defend and stick to his conviction on common core. and kentucky rand paul who stepped aside and said the obama care debate was a fault of the u.s. supreme court for deciding it was upheld and went after hillary clinton. this it is kentucky's version of rand paul. >> i believe hillary clinton's abdication of responsibility and refusal of defense of benghazi.
10:34 am
and derelection of duty should preclude her from the higher office. (applause) it is time for hillary clinton to permanently retire. >> reporter: a lot of discussion is foreign policy and this is a sampling today. >> imagine if we had a commander in chief that understood the way to defeat isis is not find them a job. isis is the worst threat to freedom since communism. if egypt and jordan recognize that they are at war with radical war with radical islam
10:35 am
isn't it time our president proclaim the same? >> and jeb bush is taking the stage and this the big event to it see how he will fair. he leads in the national polls and a serious fund raiser and probably dominant on the field. but has a problem with the right and how he addresses it today will determine how his campaign will be or not. >> carl cameron thanks. >> new controversy surrounding jihadi. he is believed to be emwazi and carrying out the gruesome beheadings. some wonder if the a strosities are lost because of the media coverage. and if that is romanticizing him. howie, before we launch into. it i want to play a snap of a author who wrote this on iwis and said this about emwazi.
10:36 am
>> he loves to take people's heads off and syria muslim. not only a butcher of western hostages. he is elevated to a high target status. and i don't think he has operational control or command. >> he's the star of the show? >> he is the star of the show. >> no operational control but the star of the show. >> howie what do you think? >> i understand the media interest of jihadi john. isis is a faceless group of killers. we see them in the black hoods and we love nicknames in the press going back to the iraqi war. and what british intelligence knew about him and the savagery of isis where i draw the line is the profiles i am reading, jenna, nbc reporting that young mohammed loved soccer and loved to listen to pop bands and usa
10:37 am
today talking about howard jarvis this guy is making the turn and how was disaffected as a muslim. i don't care. i don't want to hear about his childhood, the focus should be on the way in which the butchers carry out the killings. >> and you know they have the defectioned and say celebrities are just like us and the details of hollywood stars are just like us and reminds me of this as well. and trying to find out more about the guy than perhaps we need to know. you have to balance your reporting with his background and what he is doing now. and how do you strike the right balance and tell enough to follow the pieces of who he is and how he became that way. and don't provide manufacture information about him as we would the crim names in the united states. and looking at how he made his
10:38 am
way from a comfortable mitted class life in london. thanks to the reporting washington post. that is appropriate and how he was able to get away with it. when you get in the touchy feely stuff about his childhood and it was done with the the surviving boston bomber and i feel like we walk up to the line and cross it in glorifying killers. >> and look at the sources of who is providing that information and could be sympathetic. you have to be careful of the journalist on that. what do you have coming up on sunday. >> you are exactly right. we'll cover the way media is covering c-pac and donald trump saying he's serious this time about running a 75 percent
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10:43 am
targeting of the tea party groups. 30000 e-mails from lois lerner has showed up. and the irs may have lied about getting them. and every now and then we need a llama running around. relaxing benefits of llamas unloosed for all of us. >> we have to watch the llama. >> llama drama. police in texas releasing a driver going the wrong way on a freeway before hitting another vehicle head-on. this is scary stuff. corpus christi police said the driver was drunk when he went the wrong way. he hit a family. both parents were hospitalized and the kids are okay. the 23-year-old zachary was arrested and charged with intoxication assault in the
10:44 am
crash. >> a new study seeing that certain cholesteral drugs can cut the risk of cancer. research shed statins and cut their risk and those taking it a long time cut the risk most. and here is the doctor who is a member of the fox news medical a team. i was surprised by this. i was under the impression that people with statins had to have the liver enzymes in check. and now it reduces liver cancer? >> that is a good point that you are making. this study obviously was published in the journal of natural cancer institute and making a lot of news and people are questioning how much is due to observational study. and your point is well taken the
10:45 am
the cholesteral medication and the concern is that they cause liver damage and check and make sure there is no liver issues. 1400 people had chance and 4600 without. and again it is an observational study and finding on out those on the statins, the risk of liver cancer was reduced. this doesn't mean that if you want to prevent liver cancer start taking the statins. it is it an observational one and i am skeptical when it comes to the study. i am not convinced it is a positive test. we need bigger groups and longer study to find out and if blind group to find out if this is the way to go or not. we know that cholesteral medications have their own side affects and it is an interesting find but not a home run.
10:46 am
>> and so buyer beaware and talk to your doctor about statins. >> and want to move to another subject. healthy thirst for coffee may reduce the risk of multiple slers onnis. this seem a study, 4500 people. and they determined that you can reduce by drinking four cups of coffee a day susceptibility to multi multiple sclors onnis. >> i talked about drinking 3 or 4 cups of coffee. not only in ms but it reduces diabetes and prostate cancer it is helpful and certainly parkinson and alzhimer. there is something in coffee and
10:47 am
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10:48 am
and i asked if cappicino. >> i am waiting for the $25 co-pay. >> she's been bouncing off of the wall. >> thank you, doctor. >> and you know, iced coffee and i asked him about that. does it matter. he said no. >> dry deca f. and so clean bill of health given to two bald eagles and they could be released after a tragic incident and we have left the the presidential sweet in the waldorf astoria and now the tunnels that carried one president in a hotel but helped the secret be kept. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash
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the first hour i took you into the presidential suite of the waldorf.momv i last left you underground at secret track 61, a crucial part of a story about how past presidents traveled to and from the hotel without anyone on the streets knowing. it's cold, dark a little spooky. we had to wear hard hats but it was worth the walk. >> when franklin dell anor roosevelt would arrive in new york city, since he had polio, he wasn't to be seen by the public, by the press most of the american public had no idea their own president had polio. he would arrive on his own private train. on that train would be a train car that carried enclosed within it his limousine. by the time his train came into the tunnels of grand central, he would be seated inside of that presidential limousine that was
10:53 am
inside of that train car. the train would platform over here. a door would open up. he would be driven off of that train car, onto this platform and from this platform directly onto that elevator, custom designed for the narrow width the length, the weight of his armored clad limousine and so tall so that the secret service could remain standing on the running boards. >> now, dan i went into the waldorf astoria to the presidential suite because if i wanted to, i could rent it out. if i wanted to could i potentially still use these tracks and use this elevator? >> theoretically these tracks are absolutely serviceable. this elevator is in one of the best conditions of any elevator in new york city. however, for someone to use it, they'd have to be at a far higher pay grade than any of us.
10:54 am
>> all right. fair point. i've read, dan, that when the president stays at the waldorf astoria there's still a train that waits in this area just in case he needs it. is that true? >> i have never in my life said no comment to the press. this is the first time i'm going to say no comment. >> interesting. will you show us around a little bit more? >> i am. because here in fdr's secret train station is even a greater secret, one that we've uncovered. it's right over here. down here right at a yard track next to the presidential platform is this old hulking train car. here's what we've known about it. we knew that it was built in the 1920s or 1930s. we knew that it was designed to carry either private automobiles
10:55 am
or horses. but other than that, a lot of things made absolutely no sense to us. the extrawide pocket doors can easily accommodate a long pierce arrow limousine driving diagonally onto this train car. it has been determined that this is indeed fdr's train car that carried he, his presidential limousine, and it's come here to rest right next to his own private train station platform and elevator. >> can you imagine that? it's just sitting underneath new york city. >> all those years. >> yes. >> it makes you wonder what else is under new york city. >> i know. what other artifacts are down there? i asked, why don't they take this train, when you go up to it's in good condition, from my amateur eyes, and you ask, why is it still there? i guess it belongs to -- it's -- the city is not responsible for it. the federal government might be responsible for t. >> nobody wants to pay for its
10:56 am
maintenance. >> the question, how do you move it out of there? >> just park it there. >> just leave it there. that's where it sits. >> we'll get it next week. that was what, 70 years ago. i don't know. all right, nice reporting. >> thank you. >> very nicely done. we do have some sadness from here to beyond, the united federation of planet. leonard nimoy, the actress best known for playing "spock" in the hit television series "star trek" has died. family says he died from end stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. flowers sitting on his star on the hollywood walk of fame. he was 83 years old. >> and we'll be right back. three generations of people spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in fake or phony, artificial this or superficial that. they know that in a world of over-processed
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10:59 am
we're happy to report that two bald eagles are in recovery mode after being shot. the birds are being rehabilitated by the zoo in
11:00 am
oklahoma. they hope to release the birds by the end of march. we're happy they're on the mend. who would shoot a bald eagle? that's awful. >> they have a little pt program, that's nice. >> physical therapy for the birds. hope you have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" starts now. court case in new york city exposing bombshell documents scooped up in that raid that killed osama bin laden. files kept hidden away for years. so what are they revealing? new information that could interfere with president obama's iran peter doocy is live at the white house. what kind of things was al qaeda doing or wanting to do in iran? >> gretchen, al qaeda apparently thought iran was a great place to train terrorists and leaking through the document that's were taken out of osama bin laden's house. you get a since that al qae


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