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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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looking out for you and you and you, but not you, fred stevens, you used to beat me up in seventh grade. we're definitely not looking out for you. breaking tonight, the first big test for the 2016 presidential hopefuls is underway. already some contenders are rising to the top while others are seeing their political dreams slip away. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. gop hopefuls testing the waters at the cpac. over the past couple days we've seen a full slate seeking to woo the crowd. two of them will join us tonight. first, a look at some of today's big hits. >> imagine if we had a commander in chief that understood the way to defeat isis is not to find them a job. imagine if we had a president who doesn't trafl the world bad
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mouthing america. after all that's the u.n.'s job. >> you think about it, we've survived worse. we had a civil war in this country. we had two world wars. we even survived jimmy carter. we will sur sooif the obama years too. >> isis wants to establish a seventh century caliphate. they want to behead, crucify, burn. in response the obama-clinton foreign policy team refused not only to acknowledge it but they insist that the greatest threat to american security is global climate change. we don't need a weatherman in chief, we need a commander in chief to run this country. >> it's time for a new way, a new set of ideas, a new leader. one you can trust, one who works for you. and above all it's time for a
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new president. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, that might be the one thing all those guys agree on. let's talk with chris stirewalt our fox news digital politics editor. you spent a lot of time at cpac watching the candidates and listening. we know this is a group where someone like rand paul usually fairs well with these folks. what did you think today? >> this is a different look for cpac. it's a bigger tent. there was new leadership and definitely a different vibe in the sense it wasn't just libertarian minded folks there, the rand paul folks certainly were well-represented throughout the place, but there was a lot of interest in this big broad sort of bumper crop of candidates that the republicans have a lot of talk about scott walker who spoke yesterday. yes, but even jeb bush who this is not exactly the hometown favorite when it comes to the arch conservatives at cpac. he got out okay. he did all right.
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he went into a difficult space where people on common core and on immigration are very skeptical of him. and maybe he had a little help from some folks who showed up for his event that maybe weren't there for the rest of the event. but he did okay and got out with his skin. >> yeah, it was interesting knowing he was going to have to tackle those issues head-on. more of that at 10:00 tonight. the minute sean brought them up there were boos and scattered things in the audience and addressed that and moved on. said, listen, i understand you've had problems but here's where i am. i found when he fleshed out his of applause. you suggest maybe some extra showed up to help him through that, but sounded like the crowd was, okay, thank you for explaining. we appreciate that. >> well, i think on the issue of common core he is moving towards his party, it sounds like. in which he says hey, look, i just want good standards. it doesn't have to be federal
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necessarily, i just want every state and every student to have good standards. so he's not getting wrapped around the axel on that. when it came to immigration what he was saying was also moving towards his party which was we have to enforce first. his message you have to do enforcement first. he obviously disagrees with a lot of people in that hall and in his party about how to do a pathway to citizenship as he calls it they call it amnesty. but he was moving in their direction and saying enforcement has to come before you do any amnesty on the backside. >> we heard that same sort of thing from senator marco rubio often viewed as sort of a protege of jeb bush. both knowing each other for a long time working together coming out of florida. we want to play some of what rubio had to say today. >> we have millions of hard working families living paycheck-to-paycheck and wondering when things are ever going to get better. and around the world because of the obama-clinton policy our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us.
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>> he had an early morning slot, but a lot of folks think he did well. he had domestic and foreign policy issues. >> oh, he was very good. in the q & a that followed with sean hannity he did a great job. he was nimble. he demonstrated an ability to handle tough questions. and he was far more conservative -- he sounded far more conservative than jeb bush when he talked about immigration, when he talked about social issues when he said those things. he spoke unreservedly to the base and seemed very comfortable doing so. >> i want to play quickly rand paul thought and get your impression of that as well. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and forgetfulness cause a nation to hesitate, to waiver and perhaps even succumb. when that time comes those who love liberty must rise to the occasion. will you, will you lovers of
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liberty, will you rise to the occasion? >> he didn't hesitate to take some pretty bold swipes at some of his potential contenders for 2016 either. >> oh, yeah. he's going to stay in the space with grappling hooks is what he's going to do. he's going to stay hitched on to the bumper of everybody who's passing by. and that will work for him to some degree. the big challenge that paul faced was that people in that crowd who, again tend to be more libertarian because of the threat they see in isis, because of the threat they see in islamist militancy across the middle east and around the world, vigorous foreign policy and strong national defense makes it very hard to preach that strict of a gospel. >> all right. it's been a very busy coming out party for a lot of these folks. chris stirewalt, thank you for spending part of your friday night with us. >> you bet. >> good to see you. our next guest made big headlines with her cpac speech and one new republican fans went after the woman expected to be
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the lead candidate for the democrats. >> like mrs. clinton i too have traveled the globe. unlike mrs. clinton i know flying is an activity, not an accomplishment. i have met vladimir putin, and i know that his ambition will not be deterred by a gimmicky red reset button. >> carly fiorina is the former ceo of hewel packard. when you first started testing these waters some thought you were very much a long shot. but sounds like you're making progress in sort of exposing yourself to a group of potential voters. how do you feel like it went this week? >> well, i've been very encouraged. first of all i've been coming to cpac for several years now and i'm honored to serve as a chairman of the foundation here. and cpac is just a great event.
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it brings together conservatives from all across the country to talk about the issues we all care about. so the event itself is really invigorating and energizing especially all the young people we have here. as for my own speech i was very pleased with how it was received. and just so delighted to have so many people here come up to me and encourage me to run and encourage me to continue to speak out. >> you have been very bold in the leadup to this and including this speech in going directly after hillary clinton former secretary of state, former senator, asking her to identify some accomplishments. so how do you respond to your critics who say you haven't held office, she has a different kind of experience that may better equip her to run for the white house. how do you respond? >> well i actually think most americans, a lot of americans for sure, are sort of tired of professional politicians. and the things that qualify you for high office are an understanding of how to make tough decisions and tough environments and understanding
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of how the economy works and understanding how the world works and understanding of how bureaucracies work and how technology can transform them. and i have those experiences. i'm not quite sure when we became a nation that believed that only professional politicians could run for office. it's not how we were founded. ours was intended to be a citizen government. and because i come from outside the world of politics, i think it's a very fair question to ask people to speak about their resolve. outside the world of politics we actually are expected to produce results day after day. so when i asked mrs. clinton what are your accomplishments, that's the world i come from where we need to be held accountable for our results. >> and coming from the world of business i know that in your speech you said now in the u.s. it's your opinion that we're destroying more businesses than we are allowing to be created. how would you rectify that? >> well, actually it's not my opinion. it's fact. and indeed the gallup poll has identified this as a fact. it's been clear for some time
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that we are destroying more small businesses than any time in the last 40 years and we have to solve it by attacking crony capitalism. crony capitalism is alive and well. elizabeth warren's right about that. the little secret is of course big companies do well with big government and like wise because big companies can handle all the complexity and all the rules. they can take advantage of all the complexity and all the rules. meanwhile small businesses are disappearing because they cannot deal with the complexities. and the powerless are trapped in a web of dependence without sufficient opportunities. so the way to solve these problems is with less government, not more. >> all right. carly fiorina, keep us updated on your decision making schedule. good to see you tonight. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you shannon. all right. some possibly big news breaking tonight on the murder of a reality show star and a new report questioning whether the suspect in that case was here
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illegally and possibly part of the president's dreamers program. also breaking tonight one of the chief critics of president vladimir putin is shot and killed in the streets of moscow. we have late reaction from the white house. plus, we're learning a lot more about what critics are calling the obama administration's new effort at gun control through executive action. the head of one of america's biggest gun groups joins us next. how do i know i'm getting the best price on this? we'll match any competitor's price. what about this? price match guarantee. and this? yup. so no monkey business? no tom foolery? oh, we do have tom foolery... ...tom? staples has a price match guarantee. make on budget happen. make best prices happen. staples. make more happen. ♪ how did i set a new personal record today? i started with a test run. then i got a solid night's rest in a great room.
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all right. some breaking news tonight on capitol hill. the house is expected to vote in the next hour on a one-week extension of funding for the department of homeland security. just a short time ago the senate put something together, quickly got that passed and now it bounces back over to the house. as you know the funding is due to run out tonight at 11:59:59.
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so what this new bill if it passes the house would maybe buy another week. that kicks us to the same showdown next thursday or friday. again, we expect the house to vote shortly on something the senate just passed a one-week band-aid for funding at the department of homeland security. we'll keep you updated. breaking tonight, new details in the murder of a former america's next top model contestant and three others. questions now cropping up about whether the suspect could be in this country illegally and maybe, maybe even a part of the president's dreamers program. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom tracking down the facts. hi, trace. >> and shannon, we have uncovered some very troubling details about this tonight. senator chuck grassley has now sent homeland security secretary jeh johnson demanding answers because we just spoke to the senator's office and they tell us that a reliable source has now confirmed to grassley that
6:15 pm
the alleged killer, that man, emanuel jesus hernandez was a known gang member and was not deported. grassley has been told he applied for and received permission to stay in this country under deferred action for childhood arrivals, that's the program president obama created in 2012 to allow younger illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents to seek protection against deportation. but the accused killer clearly did not qualify for protection. and now grassley wants to know when the administration knew this guy was a gang member and why was his application approved. the judiciary committee has set a deadline of march 9th for the department of homeland security to provide all documents in this case. dhs told us because of privacy concerns it won't release any information about the accused killer's application, but dhs does confirm a detainer has now been placed on ronguel hernandez, meaning if for some
6:16 pm
reason he was released from jail in north carolina he would be wanted by immigrations and customs enforce, a little late, right? authorities in north carolina say they believe the quadruple murder was drug-related but they still won't release more details including the cause of death, shannon. >> trace thank you very much. there is new fallout tonight from an administration proposal to ban ammunition for certain firearms. critics are calling it "gun control by executive order." tonight, the head of one of the country's largest shooting groups is here to weigh in. larry keane is senior vice president and general council of the national shooting sports foundation. larry, good to see you tonight. >> good to be here, shannon. thanks for having us on. >> okay. i want to explain a little bit. the atf is putting out a process in which it may take away an exemption that currently exists for certain kinds of ammunition that are sold and widely, widely used. now, there are those who believe that because the administration's not been able
6:17 pm
to get tougher gun control restrictions and outlawing certain things, firearms that they wanted to through congress they're going to use executive action to go about this another way. and tonight you're actually demanding an apology from the atf. tell us why. >> well, we've been talking to the atf about these issues for some time. and then on friday the 13th at 4:00 they put out this proposal that would ban this very common ammunition. and friday of a three-day weekend. and then give the industry and public only 30 days to comment. and in the document they refer to criminals as a consumer group, which is really pretty offensive to industry. we don't sell our products to criminals. we sell our products to law-abiding americans exercising their constitutional rights. >> all right. so the atf says, listen, this stems back to a law meant to protect law enforcement officers. and they say that is the goal here, they want to make sure we're protecting our men and women out there on the front lines. a laudable goal of course.
6:18 pm
they say this is just a proposal at this point and what they're trying to do is provide clarity to the industry about what kinds of ammunition are going to be legal and which aren't. so what part of that doesn't ring true to you? >> well janet, we all would agree that we don't want police officers to be shot with any kind of ammunition ever. the problem is that they are going to -- they're seeking to withdraw an exemption that they granted that's been around for 30 years. and because of that would ban one of the most common types of ammunition used by law-abiding americans for rifle target shooting in modern sporting rifles, ar-15s that are the most popular rifles being sold today. and the concern is that they weren't able to ban those firearms, which is a stated position of the administration. and so now they're trying to ban one of the most common types of ammunition that's used. and ammunition that's never been used to harm a police officer. there's not one single documented case where a police
6:19 pm
officer has been shot through a vest and killed with armor -- so-called armor-piercing ammunition. so this exemption's been around for 30 years. there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of rounds of this ammunition that are used by consumers lawfully for rifle target shooting every year in the united states without harming police officers. and rifle ammunition that's made with lead ammunition is also unfortunately capable of penetrating vests as well. and so banning this is not going to advance law officers safety. certainly a goal we all share the industry shares, atf shares, everyone does of course. but the problem is they're going to ban an ammunition that's widely used that they've granted the exemption for 30 years because it's for sporting purpose. which is what the law allows. our problem is the way atf is approaching this is they are misconstrueing the law. congress is very clear, they
6:20 pm
were only intending to ban certain types of ammunition that was designed specifically for use in handguns not rifle ammunition, for hunting and target shooting. >> all right. we've got to leave it there. we're out of time. but we know chairman goodlatte we had on last night, is pushing for this as well. we know you are too. thank you larry. >> thank you shannon. attorney general eric holder giving five interviews so far to major media outlets. but he is refusing to talk with fox news. howie kurtz is next why he thinks eric holder is running scared. and after the obama administration spent weeks defending its potential nuke deal with iran, wait until you see what some damaging documents today revealed about the relationship between iran and al qaeda. >> so you don't believe some of the documents that were released in the course of the trial underway in new york that suggest that osama bin laden and some of his outfit were actually
6:21 pm
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attorney general eric holder is getting ready to end his six-year run as the nation's top law enforcement official. so yesterday he sat down with cbs, abc, nbc, cnn and politico for exit interviews. but he's refusing to speak with fox news despite numerous requests. fox's executive president for issued a statement saying "the attorney general does a deep disservice to the america's largest cable audience and interest of a free press." howard kurtz, what's this all about? >> i guess the attorney general would rather have melissa harry perry on msnbc saying you're as smooth as a duck and would you please quack for us. i'm sure eric holder doesn't want to be pressed on fox news about why he said we're winning
6:25 pm
the war against isis, his role in ferguson his relationship with al sharpton. but what he really doesn't want to be pressed on shannon is outrageous assault on press freedom that was the james rosen case where the attorney general authorized, as you know, surveillance of our fox news colleague. and in a separate case reporters at the a.p. and even authorized james rosen to be named as a criminal co-conspirator for doing his job. >> yeah, going through james' e-mails and those of some family members and certainly he would have to address that. i would imagine by any of us at fox that would interview him. but does he help us by walking out the door and slamming it in our faces essentially saying i'm not going to try to address your audience. it is by far the largest cable media outlet for news. maybe he could make some new converts. >> maybe he could reach a different kind of audience. look, i think that it's a sign of confidence when any politician political figure
6:26 pm
cabinet officer, congressman is willing to sit down and take tougher questions from those you might perceive to be your harshest critics. in the case of eric holder, you know, he is paid by the taxpayers. while it's not unusual for politicians in either party to pick and choose favorite outlets, when he's doing all these other interviews to thumb his nose so openly at fox i guess he feels he doesn't have to worry about it after this. but as the nation's top law enforcement officer really afraid of bret baier? >> well some people would be he's a good tough questioner. >> but a very fair questioner who with greta van susteren. president obama sat down with bill o'reilly twice. so i think it does say a lot about eric holder that he is say backing away from this opportunity where he could make the case for his tenure and for what he sees as his accomplishments and could knock down any criticism. it's a shame. >> well, i'm sure the door would always be open for him here at "the kelly file," although i'm
6:27 pm
not sure he'd want to tangle with megyn. >> justice department says it's still under review. i guess we might get an answer in a year now. >> howie in the meantime see you on sunday. >> look forward to it, shannon. >> thank you so much. as the deadline is pushed back on a major operation to take on isis, the state department is suggesting they're making serious progress in the fight. but wait until you hear what the progress involves. and with zero update thus far on the fate of hundreds of christians kidnapped by this awful terror group, we're going to talk with former presidential candidate rick santorum who sounded the alarm on this exact problem some ten years ago. also breaking tonight one of the chief critics of president vladimir putin shot and killed in the streets of moscow. wvo: caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another
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6:31 pm
chief political rival. boris nemtsov was shot while walking just outside the kremlin. his death comes one day before he was scheduled to lead an opposition rally in that city. president obama condemning his murder and calling on the russian government to conduct an impartial and transparent investigation. the rival served as the deputy prime minister before becoming one of putin's most outspoken critics. a major delay in the fight against isis now raising serious questions about our approach to defeating that terror army. the daily beast reporting that the operation to take back that critical iraqi city of mosul is being pushed back to next fall or possibly beyond. but have no fear, the state department says it is making progress in the fight. they're touting a "twitter offensive" that they say is shutting down thousands of isis
6:32 pm
accounts. pete hegsheth, a veteran himself, pete, great to see you. what do you make of this alleged change in strategy? >> shannon, think again, turn away. that's our hash tag strategy against isis right now. until you can take a hash tag, load it into a magazine, rack it into an m-4, charge it and put it in the forehead of an isis fighter, they can take their hash tags and sit on the sidelines. the reality is until you show the enemy that you're willing to kill them and defeat them, the ideological war, which is important, hash tags, online, social media is important in a comprehensive campaign. until you show you're willing to fight the fight, the online fight is just a tertiary, secondary component of it. the state department's touting this as a new front. congratulations, welcome to the information war. i'm glad you finally arrived. the reality is until isis feels the heat on the ground, this hash tag conflict isn't going to do us all that much good. >> we heard the theory on the ground was coming in a spring offensive. that's allegedly what was sort of semirolled out and people
6:33 pm
questioned why they were telegraphing so much information and where these leaks and statements were coming from. but now that we're hearing it's pushed back, what we're being told is, listen this is about the iraqis we have to make sure they are ready for this. this is on their shoulders. they're not ready so now we're not going to move forward. what do you think the indesissiveness telegraphs to the enemy, or are we trying to take them off guard and this is a switcharadiooo. >> shannon, i wanted to believe we were talking about a giant faint, a distraction a giant deception campaign from the pentagon. now it looks more like a three-ring circus than anything else. we know the iraqi army isn't ready and capable. i know that from hearing from guys on the ground in baghdad and training iraqi forces they're not where we need them to be. so while we're there talking spring offensive in the first place baffles me. i think we've got rhetoric getting in front of reality. now we're talking about the fall or even beyond.
6:34 pm
in the process isis fighters are saying if the siege is in mosul come on in as quickly as you can. right now they're counting 2,000 fighters in mosul. it will be much more than that by the time an offensive commences. remember the battle of fallujah so difficult for u.s. marines and soldiers america's most fearsome fighting force? there were 2,000 enemy in that city to expect the iraqi army to be capable and with nine months of training i hope they can get there. but military planners realize sustained logistics to push all the way up from baghdad, into mosul, coordinate with the kurds without american leadership on the ground is complex and difficult to do. they're suspending because of reality but all the while we're laying our play book in front of the enemy and showing how fundamentally unserious we are about a comprehensive campaign to defeat isis. >> best to be prepared. and the element of surprise wouldn't hurt in some of these situations either. >> wouldn't it? >> pete, thank you sir for your service to this country and joining us tonight. >> you got it. and with zero update on the fate of potentially update on
6:35 pm
hundreds -- new questions being asked about our approach to this fight. rick santorum's a former presidential candidate and pennsylvania senator. and he has been talking about this for a long time in one form or another. great to have you with us tonight. what's your take on what the world should be doing, what we should be doing as we see christians it appears being systemically rounded up and now subject to some type of genocide in that region? >> well, there's no question genocide is occurring to christians and muslims who oppose isis as well as jews. this is a caliphate that is being -- has been established. and that means they are as pete said, calling people from all over the world to come and fight this battle. as long as they hold ground, as long as they can continue to expand that ground, more and more will come. the fact that we are delaying means that the caliphate continues to exist. they're not losing ground. they're not being discredited in
6:36 pm
the eyes of the muslim world. they will get stronger. this is an urgent need to take on isis to get them out of mosul and do it immediately. not throwing a few sorties in a day but a concentrated effort with american participation. >> they have a theology these most hardened radical butchers as we've seen them demonstrate themselves that is sort of attempting armageddon. they want to bring about destruction on a level that we've never seen before. they think it's necessary for fulfilling their takeover in sort of the way they view the quote, unquote end time. if people are willing to flock there and martyr themselves in hopes of further to that end. >> the first thing we have to do is start taking back ground. this is important to understand. in the caliphate the reason we had a thousand-year war with
6:37 pm
the -- the west has a thousand-year war with islam is islam was ever expanding. when islam began to contract it collapsed. and the caliphate was eliminated. now they've established a caliphate. they are dead serious about expanding it. unless we begin to take back that ground and make this caliphate, you know irrelevant in the eyes of the muslim world or the radical muslim world we are going to have a bigger and bigger problem. so the key is to act promptly and to make sure that america is involved. we have to have -- i said today in my speech here at cpac we could put forth 10,000 troops in an advisory role, training role as well as to coordinate air strikes and to provide intelligence, all of these things are necessary to arm the kurds and to make sure that we get isis particularly out of mosul should be our first priority. >> you are specifically using a word that if used a couple years ago people literally would call
6:38 pm
you "looney tunes. you've been using the word caliphate. why do you think that's important versus what a lot of other people are saying islamic state or another version of what we think they're trying to accomplish? why is that word so important to you specifically? >> you know back in the 1930s winston churchill tried to warn the world of what hitler was up to. and the world didn't listen. all you had to do was read his book. that's the same case with isis. read the books. if you read the books, they say this is what they're doing. they're looking back to the seventh century and they're trying to execute the same game plan that was executed in the seventh century. all we have to do is go back and look at it and see what they're trying to accomplish. they're using the same tactics beheadings and torture and enslavement. they are trying to recreate something from history. and we need to learn from history in order to combat it and defeat it. >> you're coming to us live from
6:39 pm
cpac where you gave your speech today. have you made a firm decision about 2016? >> no, i haven't. we're doing what i think 14 other people here at cpac is doing which is out there laying out both our credentials which i did in great detail with respect to our foreign policy record here. and laying out a vision trying to see what kind of support we're going to get. we're just going to be getting around the country in the next few months. and we'll make a decision some time probably in late spring. >> all right. we'll be standing by. great to see you tonight rick santorum live from cpac. >> appreciate the opportunity. breaking news now the house is back in session voting right now on an extension of funding for the department of homeland security. the senate has voted on something that would last for about a week, we understand. the house now called back in gavelled back in you see the time remaining there ticking down usually 15 minutes for these particular votes. so they're going to have to vote
6:40 pm
now. you know the funding runs out at 11:59:59 eastern tonight. so there's been a lot of back and forth, a lot of finger pointing, a lot of blame about who's going to be responsible if this happens. now we also know the department of homeland security is not going to shutter and send everybody home and close up and padlock the doors should they not work this out tonight. things will change. but the department will continue operating. if they get through this vote in the next couple of minutes here we would expect that we then have funding for one week. so we'll do this again next friday night. but we'll watch and see. we'll keep you updated as what's continued to stream in and hill tries to resolve funding issue over dhs. difficult new questions for the white house over their ongoing nuclear talks with iran. we're going to tell you what the newly released documents are revealing about the ties between tehran and osama bin laden. and the end of an intergalactic era as the world says farewell to perhaps the world most famously known as
6:41 pm
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your next move. >> have i ever mentioned you play a very irritating game spock. >> irritating? oh yes, one of your earthly emotions. >> leonard nimoy passed away today after battling lung disease. better known as playing spock. he played counterpoint to william shatner's captain kirk. shatner and nimoy remained friends over the years. shatner saying today he loved him like a brother. also honoring nimoy nasa. today they tweeted many at nasa were inspired by "star trek," even in his last days he stayed true to llap, live long and prosper. he was 83 years old. developing tonight, newly released documents are shedding troubling new light on al qaeda's close ties to iran.
6:46 pm
the white house now in the position of defending their ongoing nuclear negotiations with iran. white house correspondent kevin cork filed this report. >> shannon, good evening to you. iran has been a safe haven for al qaeda, this according to newly released documents. all this happening as the u.s. and iran conduct nuclear talks and just ahead of a planned speech before congress by frequent iranian critic the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the deep relationship between the sponsor of terrorism and the terrorist group released in a trial of a pakistani national charged with planning an attack on new york. here's white house press secretary josh earnest. >> i haven't reviewed those documents. again, we have a long list of concerns with iran. at the top of that list is their nuclear program. but we continue to have concerns about their support for terrorism around the globe. >> the revelation part of a trove of intel collected nearly four years ago.
6:47 pm
the weekly standard reporting that more than a million documents and files captured by navy navy s.e.a.l.s. who raided bin laden's compound in pakistan. in fact goes onto say a year later in may 2012 the obama administration had released just 17 of them. further more, the document suggests iran provided much more than shelter for terrorists. the weekly standard reporting that in 2012 the u.s. treasury noted iran helped move money documents, passports, weapons, even recruits to pakistan and afghanistan. all these disclosures coming against the backdrop of netanyahu's coming speech to congress in which he's expected to voice life and death concerns about tehran. >> iran has threatened to destroy the state of israel numerous times. if they had a nuclear capability, i'm afraid they would use it against israel and us. >> and so now the question is will the obama administration favor a future relationship with tehran more than it values a
6:48 pm
long standing relationship with israel? shannon. >> all right our thanks to kevin. our next guest says the revelations remind us who the u.s. is dealing with in tehran. a veteran american diplomat served as assistant secretary state in the reagan administration, former special assistant to president george w. bush. sir, thank you for joining us. >> sure, glad to be here, shannon. >> with this information now laid out why are we negotiating with iran and continuing to give them more and more time and a better and better deal? >> well, that's a very good question because these documents reveal something that we suspected we couldn't prove in the bush years that they were helping al qaeda. people said, oh that's impossible because they're shia, al qaeda's sunni. but it was happening and it's a reminder they're the largest state sponsor of terrorism. and they are a dangerous enemy of the united states with a lot of american blood on their hands. this negotiation is getting them closer and closer to having a nuclear weapon. >> and these two as you point
6:49 pm
out they have great differences but they have helped each other when it's beneficial to the two of them. how can we have any confidence that we're getting the truth from iran as we continue the drawn out negotiations and secondly if they get their hands on nuclearized weapons that they're not going to share it with al qaeda. >> exactly. the administration will tell you we have all sorts of inspections in line, we'll know all about that. but we don't really know about what's going on inside of iran very well. and the fact is it's extremely dangerous to let them get closer and closer to a nuclear weapon. and that's what's happening. this negotiation is leading them to get more and more of what they want while we abandon all the red lines that we've had for years and years. as the negotiation goes on we give up points they move forward. >> it's going to be very interesting to see how israel and prime minister benjamin netanyahu's remarks will influence this conversation next week. elliot abrams thank you sir for lending us your expertise
6:50 pm
tonight. >> you're very welcome. next up, the science behind the dress that went viral. but first go to tell us what you think about the show. we'd love to hear from you. real cheese people don't eat pasteurized, processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. with sargento 100% real, natural cheese slices, a patty melt becomes more than just a patty. ham unites with its better half. and a club sandwich becomes part of a club you definitely want to be in. real cheese people would never eat a slice wrapped in plastic when they can have a slice of 100% real. natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people. i love life, and my days are filled with important lunches and afternoon meetings. i also like to play hard whether i'm spending time with friends
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all right. now the science behind that daggum dress that's gone viral. is it white and gold or blue and black? trace gallagher has all the answers we need. trace, it's on you. >> what makes the story so ridiculously fascinating shannon, is the colors are polar opposite. it all began with this picture posted on tumblr by a 21-year-old in scotland. the dress was worn by the mother of the bride at a friend's wedding. but when mcneil and their
6:54 pm
friends saw the picture they disagreed about the color. then she asked the online world to weigh-in and good gravy did they ever. kim kardashian saying what color is that dress i see white and gold, kanye sees black and blue. who's color blind? it made its way into the white house briefing. >> has the president seen the dress, does he have an opinion as to whether it's white -- >> i haven't had an opportunity to talk to him about that specifically. but i did compliment my colleague jen friedman on her white and gold outfit today. >> by the way, experts say the conflicting opinions come from a combination of how your brain processes colors and how in changing light your eyes essentially see the color differently. so there's really a chance when you first see the picture the dress looks white and gold and later in the day it looks blue and black. for the record the dress is in fact blue and black. it was designed in the uk and even the maker says they were
6:55 pm
confused by the picture when they saw it online. i thought it was white and gold and then showed me the blue and black thing and i did a scooby doo thing. but it is blue and black. >> it is blue and black in that last picture. >> right. >> that's different than the first picture they tweeted out. >> it was blue and black. it's just the light. it's a couple glasses of wine at the wedding and, you know, who was taking the picture in the first place? nobody knows. >> i'm wearing a black dress in case anybody wonders. we are asking you on our poll tonight what color do you think that dress is, that picture of the dress. right now it's about even. more people are seeing white and gold, as they should. go to and weigh-in. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer but...i wouldn't have it any other way. lo ok at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. we've been watching the house as it votes now on a temporary funding measure for dhs. that runs out tonight at midnight tonight. it looks like by these votes the house that has moved forward with something that will fund dhs for one week. if that's accurate we'll do this again next week. see you then. in the meantime, thanks for watching "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream. hello cpac! >> you're going to hear from the next president of the united states right here from this stage during this cpac.
7:00 pm
>> the conservative movement must be a great agent of reform. we must offer a vision of change. >> it is the destiny of this country to stand as a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world. >> there come important critical moments in our history where we have to stand up and say if we keep doing what we're doing now, it isn't going to matter anyway. we're going to lose


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