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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 27, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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dhs. that runs out tonight at midnight tonight. it looks like by these votes the house that has moved forward with something that will fund dhs for one week. if that's accurate we'll do this again next week. see you then. in the meantime, thanks for watching "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream. hello cpac! >> you're going to hear from the next president of the united states right here from this stage during this cpac. >> the conservative movement must be a great agent of reform. we must offer a vision of change. >> it is the destiny of this country to stand as a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world. >> there come important critical moments in our history where we have to stand up and say if we keep doing what we're doing now, it isn't going to matter anyway. we're going to lose what makes
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us different. >> we can make this country rich again. we can do it with smart leadership. >> it's good to oppose the bad things, but we need to start being for things. welcome to "hannity" as we are from cpac. later we'll check in with senator marco rubio donald trump and former governor rick perry. but first on the main stage earlier today i had the opportunity to sit down and discuss issues with former governor jeb bush. we've had your dad and your brother as president of the united states. you made a statement the other day, wait a minute, i am my own man. >> yeah. so if i go beyond the consideration of the possibility of running which is the legal terminology that many of the people here are coming to cpac are probably using to not trigger a campaign, if i get beyond that and i run for president, i have to show what's in my heart. i have to show that i care about people, about their future. it can't be about the past. it can't be about my mom and my dad or my brother who i love. i love them all. it has to be about the ideas
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that i believe in to move our country forward so that we can have high sustained economic growth where more people have a chance at earned success. because in america today more and more people don't think that system works for them anymore. and for conservatives to win, we need to give them hope that if we create the field of dreams that people can rise up again. >> let me ask, the last time you were at cpac this was picked up i think in "the washington post" today you said all too often we're, i think you were talking about conservatives, we are labeled and associated with being anti-everything. way too many people believe republicans are anti-immigrant anti-women, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker and the list goes on. i want you to expand on that. >> sure. look. i think the conservatives in washington have been principled in opposing the overreach. and they've actually done a pretty good job. the president jammed down the throat obamacare, the affordable care act and dodd frank and the stimulus.
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but we have fought in a principle way increased -- he's now using his executive power to try to carry out his agenda. but over time we have to start being for things again. and i think what we need to be for is a strong national defense where we are committed each and every day to protect the homeland with these new asymmetric threats that exist, that are real it's not a joke. these are threats that not just have an impact in the neighborhood in the middle east or certainly have an impact on israel. it impacts us as well. so we need to stand for a strong national defense and the defense of the homeland. and we need to give people a sense that if we started growing our economy again the middle would start having rising income again. and what you would do to do that is offer compelling alternatives to the failed tax policies, the failed regulation policies, a broken education system and making sure that people know we're on their side to rise up. so it's good to oppose the bad things. but we need to start being for
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things. sean, here's the deal. there are a lot of -- obviously there are a lot of committee conservatives in this room and that's why it's a spectacular gathering. there are other that haven't been asked. they don't know they're conservative. if we share our enthusiasm and love for our country and belief in our philosophy, we will be able to get latinos and young people and other people that you need to win to get 50. >> governor, let me -- every article i have read talks about you and a divide with the conservative movement over two issues. >> i've read about it. >> you saw it once in a while. it has to do with immigration and common core. >> yeah. >> let's directly deal with this. >> yeah. >> you said, yeah, they broke the law. it's not a felony. it's an act of love. you also said that you support a pathway to citizenship.
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and when you were governor -- two other things. when you were governor you supported driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. and you supported in-state tuition prices for those children of illegal immigrants that weren't citizens. hang on. i want to give you an opportunity to address that. >> sure. on immigration -- i wrote a book about this. instead of people pining about what i believe they might want to read the book. it's called immigration wars. you can get it on amazon for probably a buck nine-nine. i talk about the great country needs to enforce borders for national security purposes, public health purposes and the rule of law. first and foremost we have to do that. secondly we need a narrow family petitioning so it's the same as every other country, spouse and minor children. not this broad definition of spouse minor children, adult sibling and adult parents crowds
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out what we need which are economic-driven immigrants. those that want to come here to work, to invest in their dreams in this country to create opportunities for all of us. that's what we need to get to. the plan also includes a path to legal status. i have not seen anybody and i know there's disagreement here, some of these people are angry about this, look, i kind of feel your pain. i was in miami this morning, it was 70 degrees. the simple fact is the simple fact is there is no plan to deport 11 million people. we should give them a path to legal status where they work, where they don't receive government benefits where they don't break the law where they learn english and where they make a contribution to our society. that's what we need to be focused on. >> a lot of reaction. let me do a follow-up. we had senator rubio, a friend of yours from florida.
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>> yeah. >> and i asked him the same question. we always hear about spending cuts and tax increases. we always end up getting the tax increase we never get the -- this is a fox news alert from new york i'm patricia stark. the house approving a one-week extension of the department of homeland security bill preventing a partial shutdown at midnight. with the midnight deadline looming, there was a lot of back and forth on capitol hill. earlier tonight the senate passed a one-week extension of the department of homeland security funding. it was today's second vote in the senate forced by a failure to pass a three-week funding extension in the house. let's turn now to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. mike. >> patricia good evening, the vote to extend funding for the department of homeland security for one week the big difference being that the democrats, house democratic leader nancy pelosi asked her members to support this measure when they rejected a three-week extension earlier
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in the evening. we're hearing from congressional sources. there's been talk about an agreement between the various leaders to have the house vote on a longer term extension which is something that democrats very much wanted to fund homeland security through the end of september. so expect this time perhaps next week there may be a vote on the deal through the end of september to keep homeland security up and running to make sure that customs the coast guard, secret service and more all continue working and have some budgeting certainty through the end of september. but the bottom line crisis averted, there will not be a government shutdown to want. everybody will continue to work and they will continue to get their paychecks. patricia. >> thanks, mike. once again congress passing a one-week extension of funding for the homeland security department. now back to "hannity" already in progress. >> -- for what law is about. >> yes or no 100,000 people came from central america. we all watched over last summer.
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>> right. >> should they be sent home? >> i thought they should have been sent home at the border to be honest with you because it would have created -- here's the deal. the humanitarian thing to do would have been to consistently say from the beginning don't risk your lives crossing as young people don't pay the gangsters in central america money from your family members in this country to come all the way across and get into the country and be processed. and now with our broken system it may take three or four years to even begin to process them. send a clear signal that this was a dangerous thing to do and a wrong thing to do and it would have stopped the flow. we did that as it relates to in miami, in florida, that was exactly what bush 41 did as it related to haitians. and it stopped the flow of people. and people didn't lose their lives trying to come to this country. >> i mentioned this earlier when i had an opportunity to speak to this great crowd here. and that is right now at this point in the country at this moment in history we have 50
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million americans -- nearly 50, in poverty. nearly 50 million americans on food stamps. >> yep. >> the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s. i want you to connect it to immigration. shouldn't americans have the opportunity for those jobs first? you say go to the back of the line. but if they go to the back of the line they still get to stay here and compete for those jobs that are available. >> sean, here's the deal. >> you either believe the pi is static and many on the right don't agree with that but by policies imply it. and therefore we're splitting up someone's benefitted someone else's detriment. i believe what we ought to be focused on is growing the economic pie. and growing at a rate that looks more like the '80s in america. growing it closer to 4% not 2%. if we stay this this anemic economic rate then your argument becomes fall id.
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but if we grow at 4% there's going to be opportunities for all. that's not a zero sum game. that's not how republicans and conservatives think. we don't think it's about government divvying it up for us to get our crumbs. we believe we should pursue our dreams as we see fit and more people doing it with the capacity for success, the more economic growth for all of us. >> my last question on immigration, as governor do you stand by the decision driver's licenses for -- >> didn't happen. >> didn't happen. you tried. and the other decision about in-state tuition -- >> yeah, i do. in fact, that was -- in-state tuition was passed this year by one of the most conservative state legislatures i might add. and a conservative governor signed into law this last year. >> let me ask you the second big -- >> not by me. >> that always comes up when you read about governor jeb bush is the issue of common core. it was interesting i didn't know until i was researching that you
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were the first governor to institute vouchers in the country. it was eventually overruled by the supreme court of florida. but you were the first governor to allow a voucher system. i think a lot of conservatives believe in vouchers. i want you to address the common core issue. >> i'll do it in the context of kpre hence reform. high standards by themselves aren't meaningful. they're helpful better than lower standards, but by themselves if there's no accountability, if there's no consequence between mediocrity and failure or excellence, then the system won't move forward. in florida we took a comprehensive approach. yes, we did have the first statewide voucher program. and we have more school choice in florida both public and private than any state in the country. and we have the largest virtual schools. we have the largest corporate tax scholarship program. we have 30,000 students that if their parents -- if their child has a learning disability, they can take the dollars, the state and local dollars, and send them to any private school of their
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choice. we have all of that. and that's improved public schools. we eliminated social promotion in third grade which was a pretty difficult thing to do. we did all of this and we raised standards. and my belief is our standards have to be high enough where a student going through our system is college or career ready. and that's not what's happening right now. >> is common core a federal takeover -- >> no. it shouldn't be. here's where i think conservatives and myself all of us are deeply concerned with this president and this department of education there's a risk that they will intrude. and they have as it relates to race to the top. what we should say quite clearly and the re-authorization of the k12 law i think it may have been on the floor in the house of the representatives today is to say the federal government has no role in the creation of standards either directly or indirectly. the federal government has no role in the relation of curriculum and content. the federal government should have no access to student id or student information.
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that the role of the federal government if there's any is to provide incentives for more school choice. take the title i money and i i.d.e.a. money and if states want to give them the money to create their own programs. that's a better approach. >> when we come back more with former governor jeb bush. and also check in with senator marco rubio, donald trump and former governor rick perry as we come to you from cpac. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue tonight from cpac. this is more of my sit-down interview on the main stage with former governor jeb bush. earlier today i was surprised, i was mentioning candidates, some people woo when i mentioned your name. i want to give you a chance to
7:17 pm
talk about your record directly to the people here at cpac. >> you bet. first of all for those who made a woo sound, i'm marking them down as neutral and i want to be your second choice if i decide to go beyond this. but here's the record, and it's a record that may be hard for people to imagine because it's a record of accomplishment of getting things done, of taking conservative principles, running on them for starters and having the courage to say i was for statewide voucher program, that i believe we should cut spending, that we needed to take on the trial bar and all the things we did. so we created a world class business climate, 1.3 million net new jobs were created in eight years more than any state but one. don't tell rick perry but more than texas during those eight years. i left the state with 3% unemployment rate. we made florida business friendly and they came. and they created jobs. our economy grew by something like 3.9% when the rest of the country was growing at 2.6%.
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we have reformed our education system as i mentioned. and florida it wasn't just the fight that mattered, we actually have led the country in rising student achievement. kids in poverty now are the leaders. in florida they outperform all of their peers in most of the categories in other places. florida is a place where conservative principles have helped not just republicans but everybody. we eliminated affirmative action, sean. i know there are people that come here and talk about the courage legitimately so of their efforts. i eliminated affirmative action by executive order. trust me there were a lot of people upset about this but through hard work we ended up having a system where there were more african-american and hispanic kids attending our university system than prior to the system that was discriminatory. one more thing. >> yeah. >> i left the state i left the state with $9.5 billion of reserves. no drunken sailors were around.
7:19 pm
they called me veto because we did veto 2,500 line items in the budget totaling $2 billion. we left my successor $9 billion plus of cash for a rainy day. and then we had the financial meltdown. and so conservatives need to be focused on not spending everything that they have, of cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth so more revenues come in peoples pockets and the government gets their fair share as well. >> you think you can lower taxes with $18.1 trillion in debt that we have now? $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities? >> you can lower taxes and create more economic opportunity that will generate more revenue for government than any of the most exotic tax plans barack obama has. yes. >> let me ask national security, national defense, your brother predicted in 2007 unfortunately with pinpoint accuracy what would happen if we left iraq too early. we didn't keep intelligence on the ground training forces on
7:20 pm
the ground. now we have isis, people being beheaded, burned to death a war on terror that is being waged, coptic christians simultaneous beheadings. what would you do if you were the commander in chief to defeat isis? >> by the way, mitt romney was right in the debate about putin. and mitt romney was right about a lot of things the president sloughed off with not having a strong military. so our position needs to be to re-engage with a strong military and a strong presence. we can't disengage in the world and expect a good result. as we pull back voids are filled. iraq is the best example of that. where to from here? we need to re-establish relationships with countries we have managed to mess up. we've managed to mess up almost every relationship in the world if you think about it, including canada, which is hard to do. but we've done it. but egypt, we got it wrong three times in a row in the last few years, jordan the king comes asking for support. i've yet to see perhaps it went covertly but i haven't heard
7:21 pm
anything. >> israel. >> israel for sure. turkey, all of these countries have doubts about america. we need to be engaged in the world, build a coalition to isolate and then put isis around a noose and take them out. and that can be done not by ourselves unilaterally. that has to be done with american leadership. >> how would you do it? specifically what would be a first step? >> i like the idea that senator corker's talking about pushing, creating a safe zone for the creation of a free syrian army, which we should have done three years ago. but begin that process. i like the idea of not putting conditions of boots on the ground so we can have the intelligence capabilities and special forces capabilities to make a difference. i like these ideas but all of them require reengaging with the neighborhoods so they consider it a high priority for their own interests to be able to participate in this. in the negotiations with iran make this far more complicated. the idea that we're going to be tripping over finding a deal negotiating downward creating an
7:22 pm
unsafe world and basically legitimizing the ayatollah in his nuclear capability is really troubling. >> all the reports are that this deal that is being negotiated -- negotiations are going on now that in fact the mullers of iran who have threatened repeatedly to wipe israel off the map, will -- they have the enrichment program as president what would you say to any deal struck before you took office -- >> first, i hope congress acts on this and requires that this deal go back for approval in the united states congress. i think that is the first step so that we don't get to the point where the next president because it will be done by executive order is forced to undo that by executive order as well. that would be the best thing to do. but we need to be clear that there should be no light between uz and israel and be clear other discussions as it relates to iran need to include using
7:23 pm
surrogates to destabilize the region focusing on whether or not iran has a weapon and negotiating downward we're going to regulate it is just bad policy. >> what is your reaction to a president that can't acknowledge radical islam or the islamic state isn't islamic. what is your reaction? >> this is about economic uncertainty and they could just get jobs. >> a job program for jihadi -- >> the jihadi in london was college educated -- >> wealthy family. >> it's very dangerous because it doesn't allow you then to have the right strategy to deal with this. we need to heighten awareness of what this threat means and be honest about it. which is why i think prime minister netanyahu's visit is going to be really important. he's going to be able to tell the truth on this. and the american people, i believe, are going to reject what president obama's trying to do in iran. >> i'm running out of time. i've got to wrap up in a minute. i've asked every other candidate
7:24 pm
that i've had an opportunity to interview -- >> boxers. >> that was not the question. >> oh. just checking. >> the top -- i'll leave that for nbc news. the top five -- if you become president what are your top five priorities in the first 30 days? >> undoing the -- by executive order undoing what the president has done, you know, using authority he doesn't have. creating a regulatory reform agenda that allows for investment to take place in our country. presenting to congress a plan to reform our tax code so that we can seein inversions happen the other way where companies invest in our country. we need to get back to high sustained economic growth and send a signal to the rest of the world that we're going to be their partner for peace and security. >> all right. i'm going to do our lightning round. but before i do that a lot has been written about carrie shivo.
7:25 pm
you used to have a license plate that said choose life. any regrets -- >> no, we were the first state to have a choose life license plate that helped with crisis pregnancy centers around the country, around the state. and i'm pro-life. i also believe that the most vulnerable in our society need to be protected. and in this case here was a woman who was vulnerable and the court because of our laws didn't allow her -- they were going to allow her to be starved to death. so we passed a law, terri's law that was a year later ruled unconstitutional. i stayed within the law, but i acted on my core belief that the most vulnerable in our society should be at the front of the line. they should receive our love and protection. and that's exactly what i did. >> where you stand today. okay. there was an indication in an article today, gay marriage, are you changing your position at all? >> no, i believe in traditional marriage. >> there are numerous reports that you're telling people
7:26 pm
privately that you are a moderate but then -- i describe myself as a reagan constitutional conservative. how would you describe yourself? >> i would describe myself as a practicing reform minded conservative. that i've actually done it. >> marijuana in colorado, legalization good or bad idea? >> i thought it was a bad idea but states ought to have the right to do it. i would have voted no if i was in colorado. >> okay. i'm going to mention a few names. we've gotten some very interesting answers on this question. hillary clinton. >> foreign fund raising. we're supposed to do word association? >> yeah. you did good. bill clinton. >> bubba. >> all right. that's pretty funny. i do an impression -- how you doing? i want to say hi to the cute chick in the back there -- >> love that over here. >> i know. stay away from these radio and
7:27 pm
tv talk hosts. barack obama. >> failed president. failed president. >> you know there's been such a big debate now about the issue of american exceptionalism. >> yeah. >> in your view, do you, a, believe america's exceptional? and do you love this country enough to go through the difficulty of trials and tribulations of running for office? >> well, i do believe in american exceptionalism. i got to be the chairman of the national constitution center for a couple years, it's the center that honors our constitution, it's a museum in philadelphia. i urge everybody to go. and i fell in love with the constitution, again being there in its presence. and this president has trampled over the constitution and put aside whether you like his beliefs or not, i imagine no one in this room does, the fact that he is disrespecting our history and extraordinary nature of our country by doing what he's done is deeply disturbing to me. so i think restoring a love of
7:28 pm
our country and its heritage and its tradition and expanding that love in a way that gives people confidence that they can rise up, that they can live the american dream has to be one of the prime responsibilities of the next president of the united states. >> all right. when we come back we'll check-in with senator marco rubio in florida, former governor rick perry of texas. and check-in with the one and only donald trump as we come to you from cpac. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food fruit, nuts, and whole grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. let's get real. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit this is a fox news alert from new york. i'm patricia stark. well lawmakers worked late on capitol hill tonight to make sure the homeland security department receives all its funding past midnight. moments ago the house voted to extend funding for one more week. just a few hours earlier the senate also approved a one-week extension. the senate had initially approved a one-year extension, but that plan fell apart in a divided house. the homeland security department is tasked with keeping america
7:31 pm
safe from terrorism. and many lawmakers were furious over a potential shutdown. house democratic leader nancy pelosi telling republicans "you have made a mess." while republican congressman peter king tweeted there are terrorist attacks all over the world and we're talking about closing down homeland security? this is like living in a world of crazy people. i'm patricia stark. "hannity" starts now. welcome back to "hannity." we come to you from cpac. earlier on the main stage i had an opportunity to sit down and discuss issues with florida senator marco rubio. i loved your family's story. >> thank you. >> that is the american story. here's where we are now. this breaks my heart and i think it breaks the heart of everybody in this room. nearly 50 million americans in poverty. nearly 50 million americans on food stamps. >> yeah. >> we have 92 million americans
7:32 pm
not working out of the labor force, but the government tells us the unemployment level's great. we have $18.1 trillion in debt. $100 trillion in liabilities. how do we dig ourselves out of that hole? >> we have to understand the world has rapidly changed. our leaders are still stuck in yesterday. they think it would just pour more money more of your money into the same programs that didn't even work that well in the past we're going to get us out of this. three things we have to realize. globalization is real. we are now in competition with dozens of other countries. unless we cut our taxes, reduce regulations, get rid of obamacare and fully utilize our energy perform, we can't compete. we do those things we can compete with anyone in the world. the second thing is we need to help our people be stronger than ever. that begins with strong
7:33 pm
families, by empowering parents. allowing them to choose where their child is going to go to school. >> so i'll put you down as yes for common core. >> but beyond that we need to understand that in the 21st century some of the best jobs require more than high school, traditional high school. but less than four years of college. that means we shouldn't be stigmatizeing those vocational careers. we should be graduating more people from high school ready to work as plumbers, electricians, machinists, bmw technicians, you name it. and by the way the four-year degree is still important. okay. i went to four-year degree. by the way i owed over $100,000 in student loans, which i paid off with the proceeds of my book now available on paperback if you're interested. we have too many people in america graduating with a four-year degree and owe tens of thousands of dollars.
7:34 pm
if you graduate with a major in greek philosophy you're going to struggle to find the job because market for greek philosophers is tight. >> let me ask you about immigration. you went forward with your immigration proposal. and at the end of the day you said it didn't work, i tried, it's not going to work. >> right. >> last time i interviewed you on radio you said you regretted going forward, you learned from the process, you thought you made a mistake. explain. >> well, i wasn't very popular if you know from some of the folks here it's a serious problem that has to be cob confronted. it does. number one we don't have the mechanisms in place to enforce our immigration laws. we don't have an e-verify system. we don't track 40% of illegal immigrants come illegally and overstay their visas.are. we have to put that in place. there are at least three sectors in the border one in particular that are completely insecure. needs more fencing needs more patrols, that stuff has to get done. we also have a legal immigration system that's the most generous in the world.
7:35 pm
a million people a year come to this country legally. no other country even comes close to that. but it's all based on whether or not you have a family member here. and it can't continue to be based on family alone. it's got to be based on some sort of merit and economic contribution. that has to be dealt with as well. you have 10 or 12 million people in this country have not violated our laws, imother than immigration laws i get all that. what i've learned is you can't even have a conversation about that until people believe and know, not just believe but proven to them that future illegal immigration will be controlled. that is the single biggest lesson. >> this is what we call our lightning round. >> okay. >> abortion. >> i'm pro-life. it's just as simple as that. >> gay marriage. >> i believe marriage is between one man and one woman, that's what it's been for thousands of years and it's served our people
7:36 pm
well. >> colorado legalization of marijuana. >> i'm against legalization of marijuana. >> should every law-abiding american even in states that have restrictive gun laws like new york should they have a right to carry a weapon? >> absolutely. the only people that don't care about gun laws are criminals. >> i'm going to throw out a couple names to you. hillary clinton. >> yesterday. >> bill clinton. >> [ laughter ] really yesterday. >> barack obama. >> failed. >> last question. you talked about your love for america and how we all really we receive so much more than we could ever pay back. explain if you believe in american exceptionalism and why. >> i don't know if people realize, but in every other society in human history your future is decided by what your parents did before you. if your parents were rich if
7:37 pm
your parents were famous or politically connected, if they could pick up the phone and find you your first job, you were set. if they couldn't, you were stuck no matter how hard you worked, how much you tried. the fact that the son of a bartender and maid that worked at a hotel sitting on the stage with you today that's why america's special. >> when we come back we'll talk with the one and only donald trump. i had an opportunity to be on the main stage with him earlier today. and we'll check in with former texas governor rick perry from cpac. sir, we're going to need you on the runway later. don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu... ...with the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power. the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement
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7:43 pm
we have they say 5.3 and 5.6%. i think it's over 20%. during the speech -- >> how would donald trump as president get these people back to work? >> you have to take the jobs back from china. you have to take the jobs back from mexico. mexico -- in iowa companies are leaving for mexico. you have to take -- they give an incentive to leave our country and go to places like mexico. by the way, mexico is the next china. mexico folks, is not our friend. i hate to tell you this. i'm not just talking about the border. mexico is ripping off the united states big, big league. and we better do something. but jobs going to china, to mexico, to brazil. they're going everywhere but here. and we've lost our manufacturing. and we've lost our manufacturing base. >> what would specifically you do to, a, stop iran's nuclear program. and, b to defeat isis. i don't hear you say degrade them. i hear you saying defeat. >> defeat. well, with isis i'd just hit
7:44 pm
them really hard. and that would probably -- a year ago nobody would have said it and now everybody may like it but you have to have boots on the ground for a period of time until you get rid of the cancer. that's number one. you may have to have that. look they're cutting off the heads of people. they're burning people at the stake. it's like we're living in medieval times. with iran sanctions all over the place. believe me you can make -- if you have the right negotiator. part of the problem we have, sean, we have people that are diplomats they know nothing about negotiating. all they know how to do is keep their job. they know nothing about negotiating. if we had the right people, we could solve the isis problem. and we could solve the iran problem. and a lot more quickly than you think. >> there's so many young people in this room. obama, well, by the time he leaves office will have accumulated more debt than any other president combined. >> true. >> what do you say to them about
7:45 pm
how a president trump could balance a budget? >> i understand debt. i understand business better than anybody that's ever run in my opinion for office. nobody's had the success in a business sense that i've had. i know how to get rid of debt. i would get rid of that debt. and i would do it quickly because it's sitting out there. and it is a time bomb for this country. >> specifically though this is important, i like the penny plan. cut a penny out of every dollar. >> that's fine. but i like two plans. i like making the country rich again, taking in tremendous amounts of money stopping china from ripping us, et cetera. and also cutting costs. but not cutting them when it comes to the military. and not cutting them when it comes to social security either. >> you obviously the american dream has worked in your life and your father's life, your family's life, i know a lot about your background. we're now talking a lot about american exceptionalism. in donald trump's mind what makes america exceptional? and why do you so love this country that you want to be its
7:46 pm
commander in chief? >> it's got a great fabric. they have phenomenal people like the people in this room. we have so much going. we need the incentives, we can't take away those incentives. but we have a country that can be so great again. we have a country that will be absolutely admired by everybody. right now it's not admired by other countries. and i deal with these countries. they talk to me sean, and they say i can't believe -- chinese, they say -- they're friends of mine, they say i can't believe we're getting away with this. in saudi arabia i can't believe we get away with this. they don't put up the money we're fighting wars for them, they don't put up the money. i know these people. i have nothing against china. their leaders are just much smarter than us. so if we bring our country back to the grass roots, if we keep the incentives going -- i'm telling you, the potential of the united states is so incredible if we do it properly and if we have smart, really smart leadership. >> when we come back tonight on
7:47 pm
"hannity" from cpac, we'll check in with former texas governor rick perry. that and more straight ahead. in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. welcome back to "hannity" coming to you from cpac. i got to sit down and talk to former texas governor, rick
7:52 pm
perry. >> what are your top five items? you become president? >> the economic side of this is where you've got to go first you get the economic headed in the right direction, you lower the corporate tax rate that gives a clear message for people to come invest in the united states or bring back that manufacturing that moved off shore, but it also raises wages for workers out there. that is a powerful message. it's not just about the corporate ceo, but the blue collar worker out there seeing wages going up in the jobs. >> how do you balance the budget? obama accumulated as much debt as every other person behind him. >> we had two major down turns in texas.
7:53 pm
a $27 billion short fall without raising taxes americans want to see that leadership to say we're going to cut this spending, then do it. >> now rapid fire questions. >> adoption? >> pro life and proud of it. we put policies to make the most pro life state in the country? >> gay marriage? >> traditional marriage. the state of texas does. this is why the states need to decide these. >> i think absolutely the states need to decide these issues. idea we're a one-size fits all, whether health care or schools you name it. it needs to be decided by the state. the federal government needs to secure the border and do the things enumerated in the constitution. >> that means colorado? pot? good idea? >> bad idea but their call.
7:54 pm
louis randi said states are the laboratories of democracy. he said from time to time they're going to make a bad decision. >> should every law-abiding american have the right to carry a gun? >> it's the second amendment. if a state wants to have the conversation about where you carry them and what have you they said. >> but they should have the right in general? >> second amendment is clear. >> what makes americaw3 exceptional? >> america is unique was we're a country of volunteers we give back. and i don't see that in any other countries i've had the great privilege to live in. the volunteerism and giving back, because most people understand where they found themselves in life is because someone came before and volunteered for them. >> when we come back, we'll have more coverage from cpac, conservative political action committee, straight ahead. rk all the way until...
7:55 pm
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that is all the time we have this evening. thank you for being with us. have a great weekend we'll see you here on monday. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> that's comforting. with isis running wild across the middle east. has anything changed since the president admitted there was no strategy to destroy the terror group? we have been investigating. >> clearly have been times when you have felt disrespected on capitol hill. how much of that did you relate to race? >> there have been times when i thought that's at least a piece of it. >> well, there is a surprise. eric holder throws down the race card on his way out as attorney general is that just excuse for controversial legacy? we'll take a look at that. >> repeal every


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