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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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approving a extension before the midlight deadline. the homeland security department oversees the secret service. many were furious over a potential shutdown saying it would jeopardize our national security. a stanch critic of vladimir putin gunned down near the kremlin as he planned to release evidence that proved russia's involvement in the ukraine conflict. moscow denies the accusations. i am patricia stark hannity starts now. >> hello! you are going to hear from the next president of the united states right here from this stage during this cpac.
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the conservative movement must be a great agent of reform. we must offer a vision of change. >> it is the destiny of this country to stand as a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world. >> there comes important critical moments in history. we have to stand up to say if we keep doing what we are doing now we will lose what makes us different. >> it is good to oppose the bad things. we need to start the enforcing. >> welcome to hannity. we are from cpac. we will check in with donald trump and former governor rick perry. on the main stage i had the opportunity to sit down to discuss issues with former
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governor, jeb bush. >> we had your dad and brother. you made a statement to say you are your own man. >> if i go beyond the consideration of running, which are many of the people here are using, not to trigger a campaign. i get beyond that and i run for president, i have to show what is in my heart. that i care about people and their future. it can't be about my mom and dad and brother who i love. i love them all. it has to be the yets that i believe in so we can have high sustained economic growth where more people have the chance to have success. more people in america don't think that system works for them anymore. for conservatives to win, we have to give them hope if we create the field of dreams people can rise up again. >> last time you were at cpac you said all too often we're i
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think you were talking about conservatives, we are labeled and associated with being anti-everything. way too many people think republicans are anti-women anti-gay, anti-worker and the list goes on. >> i knowledgethink the conservatives in washington have done a pretty good job. the president jammed down the throat obamacare, affordable act. but he is now using his executive power to carry out his agenda. but over time we have to be things again. a strong national defense, where we are committed each and every day to protect the homeland with these new threats that exist that are real. it is not a joke. these are threats that not just have an impact in a neighborhood in the middle east or israel it
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impacts us as well. we have to stand for a strong national defense and defense of the homeland and if we start growing our economy again, the middle would have rising income again. you would offer compelling alternatives to the fails tax policies and regulation policies a broken education system and making sure that people know we are on their side to rise up. we need to start being for things. here is the deal. obviously there are a lot of committed conservatives in this room. this is why it is a spectacular gathering. there are a lot of other conservatives that haven't been asked. if we share our enthusiasm and belief in our philosophy we will be able to get latinos and young people and other people that you need to get fifty.
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>> governor, every article i have read talks about you and a divide with the conservative movement over two issues. >> i read about it. >> it has to do with immigration and common course. let's directly deal with this. you said yeah, they broke the law. it is not a felony. it is an act of love. you also said you support a path to citizenship. when you were governor you supported driver licenses for illegal immigrants and you supported in-state tuition prices for those of illegal immigrants that were not citizens. hang on. i want to give you an opportunity to address that. >> sure. on immigration, i wrote a book about this. instead of people opining about what i believe they might want
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to read the book. you can get it on amazon deeply discounted. i talk about the need to enforce the borders. great country needs to enforce the borders for national security, public health and the rule of law. first and foremost we need to do that. we need a narrow family petitioning. spouse and minor children not a broad definition of spausouse minor challenge, adult parents. those that want to come here to work. to create opportunities for all of us. that is what we need to get to. so the plan also includes a path to legal status. i have not seen anybody and i know there is disagreement here. some of the people are angry about this. i kind of feel your pain. i was in miami this morning.
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it was 70 degrees. the simple fact is that there is no plan to deport 11 million people. give them a path where they work where they don't receive government benefits. where they don't break the law. where they learn english. where they make a contribution to our society. that is what we need to be focused on. >> a lot of reaction. let me do a follow up. we had senator rubio, friend of yours from florida. i asked him the same question. we hear about spending cut and tax increases. we always get the tax increase and never get the spending cut. the congress tried comprehensive immigration reform and it failed. we have a crisis going on with the department of homeland security and the presidents' orders. why not secure the borders first. once it is verified secure. >> let's do it, man.
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so instead of having the political argument about this, the president did use authority he doesn't have. the courts will overrule that. let's control the border. there is nothing wrong with that. that is what a great nation has to do. there is nothing back to put a comprehensive plan in place to do that. but this nation needs to grow at a far faster rate we are growing today. we have to be young and dynamic and aspirational again to get a job, purpose and meaning. we need to change the subject to high sustained economic growth. >> i don't want to spend all of our time on immigration. but number one do you agree with conservatives that say congress shouldn't pass a homeland security funding bill that would fund the presidents' illegal and unconstitutional amnesty? >> i think the congress ought to pass a bill that does not allow him to use that authority.
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>> they should stand their ground? >> i don't know. i am not an expert on the ways of washington. it makes no sense we are not funding control of our border, which is the whole argument. i am not an expert on that. but the president went way beyond his constitutional powers to do this and congress has every right to reinstate their responsibility for what the law is about. >> 100,000 people came from central america. should they be sent home? >> i thought they should have been sent home at the border to be honest with you. the humanitarian thing to do would have been to consistently say from the beginning don't risk your lives crossing as young people. don't pay the gangsters in central america money from your family members to come all the way across and get into the country and be processed and now with our broken system it might
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take three or four years to process them. send a clear signal that this was a dangerous and wrong thing to do and it would have stopped the flow. we did that in miami in florida. that was what bush 41 did as it related to haitians. people did not lose their lives trying to come to this country. >> i mentioned this earlier speelk speaking to this great crowd here. we have nearly 50 million americans in poverty. on food stamps. the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s. shouldn't americans have the opportunity for those jobs first? if they go to the back of the line they stay here and compete for the jobs that are available. >> sean here is the deal. you believe that the left's
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point of view. many of the right don't agree with that. but by their policies they imply it. and therefore we are splitting up. someone's benefit is someone else' detriment. we need to focus growing the economic pie. growing it at a rate that looks more like the 80s in america. closer to 4% than 2%. if we stay at this anemic economic rate it will be like this. it is not a zero sum game. that is not how conservatives and republicans think. we don't think it is about the government divvying it up. we believe we should pursue our dreams as we see fit. the more doing that the more it will benefit us. >> as governor, do you stand by the decision driver licenses -- >> didn't happen. >> you tried.
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the other decision about in-state tuition. >> i do. i do. in fact that was the in-station tuition was passed this year by one of the most conservative state legislatures and a conservative governor. >> the second big issue that always comes up when you read about governor jeb bush is the issue of common core. i didn't know until i was researching you that you were the first governor to institute vouchers in the country overruled by the supreme court of florida. but a lot of conservatives believe in vouchers. >> i will do it in the context of comprehensive reform. high standards by themselves are not meaningful. they are better than lower standards. but if there is no accountability and consequence between mediocrity and failure
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or excellence than the system won't move florida. in florida we did have the first state-wide voucher program and more school choice in florida public and private than any state in the country and the largest virtual school. the largest corporate tax dollarship program 30000 students where if their child has a learning disability they can take the state and local dollars and send them to any private school of their choice. we eliminated social promotion in third grade. difficult thing to do. we did all of this and we raised standards. the standards have to be high enough where it is college or career ready. that is not what is happening right now. here is where i think conservatives and myself all of us are deeply concerned with
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this president and this department of education there is a risk they will intrude and they have when it comes to race to the top. what we should say in reauthorization of the k-12 law that may have been on the floor in the house of representatives is to say the federal government has no role directly or indirectly no role in the creation of curriculum and content, no access to student i.d. or student information. the role of the federal government, if there is any, is to provide incentives for more school choice. take the money and if states want to innovate give them the money to create their own programs. >> when we come back we will have more with former governor jeb bush and check in with marco rubio, donald trump and more. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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welcome back to hannity as we continue from cpac. this is my sit down interview on the main stage with former governor, jeb bush. >> i mentioned candidates. some people when i mentioned your name i'm to give you a chance to talk about your record directly. >> for those that made an ooh sound, i am marking them down as neutral and want to be your second choice. this is a record that may be hard for people to imagine. taking conservative principles and to say i believe we should cut spending and believe we needed to take on the trial bar
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and all of the things we did. we created a world class business climate. 1.3 million net new jobs were created. don't tell rick perry, but more than texas. i left with 3% unemployment rate. our economy grew by like 3.9% when the rest of the country grew at 2.6%. we reformed our education system. not just the fight that mattered. we have led the country in rising student achievement. kids in poverty are the leaders in florida outperforming all of their peers in most of the places. florida is a place where conservative principles have helped everybody. we eliminated affirmative action. i know there are people that come here to talk about the
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coverage of courage of their efforts. we had a system where there are more african-american and hispanic kids attending our university systems prior than to the system that was sdrimdiskrim torre. i left the state with $9.5 billion of reserves. we did veto 2,500 line item in the budget totaling $2 billion. we left $9 billion plus of cash for a rainy day and had the financial meltdown. conservatives need to cut taxes so more revenue comes in people's pockets. >> you think you can lower taxes
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with $18.1 trillion in debt? >> you can lower taxes than any of the tax plans barack obama has. yes, sir, i believe. that . >> let me ask national security, national defense. your brother predicted what would happen if we left iraq too early. now we have isis. people being beheaded, burned to death. my question is what would you do if you were the commander in chief to defeat isis? >> mitt romney was right about putin. and mitt romney was right about a lot of things about not having a strong military. our position needs to be
10:21 pm
reengage with a strong military and strong presence. as we pull back, voids are filled. we need to reestablish relationships we managed to mess up. egypt. we got it wrong three times in a row. jordan, the king comes asking for support. i haven't heard anything. israel turkey. we need to build a coalition to isolate and put isis around a noose and take them out. >> that has to be done with american leadership. i like the idea about pushing and creating a safe zone for the creation of a free syrian army,
10:22 pm
which we should have done three years ago. the idea of not putting conditions of boots on the ground so that we can have the intelligence and special forces capabilities to make a difference. i like the ideas. all require reengaging with the neighborhood to consider it a high priority to be able to participate in this. the negotiations with iran make it far more complicated, tripping over finding a deal creating an unsafe world and relegitimateng the iotola. >> the people in iran that threatened to wipe israel off the map will be allowed to enrich uranium. what would you sty any deal that
10:23 pm
was struck? >> i hope they require it go back for approval in the congress. so the next president is not forced to undo that. but we need to be clear there should be no like between us and israel and other discussions as it relate to iran need to include their strategy of using surrogates to destabilize the region. simply focusing on whether or not iran has a weapon. now we are go to regulate it? that is bad policy. >> what is your reaction to a president that can't acknowledge radical islam? >> that it is all about economic uncertainty. >> the one identified in london
10:24 pm
was a college graduate. total misunderstanding of this islamic threat. we need to be honest about it. that is why the prime minister's visit really will be important. >> i have to wrap up in a minute. i asked every other candidate i had an opportunity to interview. that was not the question. the top five -- i will leave that for nbc news. the top five agenda. if you become president what are your top five priorities? >> undoing by executive order what the president has done
10:25 pm
using authority he doesn't have. allowing for investment to take place in our country. allow to see inversions happen the other way. >> i am go to do the lightning round. before i do that a lot has been written. you used to have a license plate that says choose life. >> we were the first state to have a choose life license plate that helped with crisis pregnancy centers around the country and around the state. i am pro-life. i also believe the most vulnerable in our society need to be protected. here was a woman that was vulnerable. and the court, because of our laws, didn't allow her.
10:26 pm
they were going to allow her to be starved to death. we past terry's law. it was passed unconstitutional. i act on my core belief that the most vulnerable should be in the front of the line. that is exactly what i did. >> there was an indication in an article today gay marriage. >> i believe in traditional marriage. >> okay. there are numerous reports that you are telling people privately that you are a moderate. i describe myself as a reagan constitutional conservative. >> as a practicing, reform minded conservative. that i have actually done it. >> marijuana in colorado legalization good or bad idea? >> i thought it was a bad idea but states ought to have the right to do it. >> i am go to mention a few things. we have gotten interesting
10:27 pm
answers on this question. hillary clinton. >> foreign fundraising. word association? >> kind of. you did good. >> how did that work? >> okay. bill clinton. >> bubba. >> all right. that is pretty funny. i do an impression. i want to say hi to the cute chick in the back there. i know. stay away from the radio and tv talk hosts. barack obama. >> failed president. failed president. >> you know there has been such a dig debate about the issue of american exceptionism. do you believe america is exceptional and why do you love the country enough that you will go through the difficult and he trials and tribulations of running for office? >> i do believe in america exceptional.
10:28 pm
i am the kpiermchairman of a museum in philadelphia, i fell in love with the constitution being there in its presence. this president has trampled over the constitution. put aside whether or not you like his believes. i imagine nobody in this room does. the fact that he is disrespecting our history and the extraordinary nature of our country by doing what he has done is deeply disturb to me. i think restoring a love of our country and its heritage and tradition and expanding that love in a way that gives people confidence that they can rise up and live the american dream has to be one of the prime responsibilities of the next president of the united states. >> when we come back we will check in with senator marco rubio of florida rick perry and the one and only donald trump as
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live from america's news head headquarters i am patricia stark. the man that won't a shooting rampage may have snapped after his mother died. he carried out the killings at four separate homes in the town of tyrone. he later turned the gun on himself. an eighth victim was injured but is suspected to survive. a stolen oscar dress has been returned. the gown disappeared from the actress's hotel room. the suspect called to say where it could be found. he returned the dress after finding out the pearls were
10:32 pm
fake. >> welcome back. earlier on the main stage i had an opportunity sit down and discuss issues with marco rubio. i love your family story. >> thank you. >> that is the american story. here is where we are now. and this breaks my heart and the heart of everybody in the room. nearly 50 million americans in poverty and on food stamps 92 million not working. 18.1 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. how do we dig ourselves out of that hole? >> we are basically having the industrial revolution every five years and the leaders are stuck in yesterday. if we pour more of your money
10:33 pm
into the famed programs that did not work that well in the past, it will get us out of this. globalization is real. we are in competition with dozens of other countries. unless we get rid of obamacare, balance the budget and utilize our manager portfolio, we can't compete. if we do those things we can compete with anyone in the world. we need to help our people be stronger than ever. allowing parents to choose the school their kids go to. not having a national school board. >> i will put you down for common core. >> we need to understand that some of the best jobs require more than traditional high school and less than four years of college. we shouldn't be stigmall stigmatizing
10:34 pm
voekzal -- vocational careers. the four-year degree is still important. i owed over $100,000 in student loans. we have people graduating with a four-year degree that does not lead to jobs. >> let me ask you about immigration. you went forward with your immigration proposal and at the end of the day you said it did not work. i tried. it is not go to work. and you were, last time i interviewed you on radio you said you regretted going forward and thought you made a mistake. >> it wasn't popular.
10:35 pm
it is a serious problem that has to be confronted. we don't have a verified system. we don't know who they are. we have to put that in place. there are three sectors of the border, one in particular, that are completely insecure. needs more fencing and patrols. that has to be done. we have a legal immigration system that is the most generous in the world. a million people in the world come here legally it. can't be based on family alone. it has to be based on merit and economic contribution. that has to be dealt with as well. and yeah, you have 10 million people in the country who have lived here for longer than a decade and haven't violated the
10:36 pm
law it is. you can't have a conversation about that until believe and know future immigration will be brought under control. >> this is our lightning round. abortion. >> i am pro-life. that is simple as that. >> gay marriage. >> i believe a marriage is between one man and one woman. it served our people well. >> colorado marijuana legalization. >> i am against the legalization of marijuana. >> should every law-abiding american have the rights to carry a weapon? >> absolutely. the only people that don't care about gun laws are criminals. >> i am go to throw out names to you. hillary clinton. >> yesterday. >> bill clinton.
10:37 pm
>> nexone. >> really yesterday. >> barack obama. >> failed. >> last question. you talked about your love for america and how we all really receive so much more than we could ever pay back. explain, if you believe in american exceptionism and why. >> i don't know if people realize but every society in human history your future is decided by what your parents did before you. if they were rich and could pick up the phone and find you your first job, you were set. the fact that the son of a bartender and maid sitting on the stage with you today. that is why america is special. >> when we come back we will talk to the one and only donald trump and we will check in with rick perry from cpac. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia!
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>> welcome back to hannity. earlier i had an opportunity sit down with the one and only donald trump is. he running for president? we had a opportunity talk. >> 50 million americans in poverty. 50 million americans on food stamps. 92 million americans not working. we don't count them but they are not working. >> we don't count them. they say 5.3 and 5.6%. i think it is over. >> how would donald trump get these people back to work? >> you have to take the jobs back from china. you have to take the jobs back from mexico. companies are leaving for mexico. they have an incentive to go to mexico. mexico is the next china.
10:44 pm
mexico is not our friend. i am not just talking about the border. mexico is ripping off the united states big lean. we have lost our manufacturing base. >> what would you do to stop iran's nuclear program and to defeat isis. >> with isis i would hit them really hard. a year ago you would not have said it. nobody would have liked. but you may have to have boots on the ground for a period of time until you get rid of the cancer. they are cutting off the heads of people and burning people at the stake. with iran, sanctions all over the place. believe me you can make the
10:45 pm
right deal with the right negotiator. we have people that are diplomats doing negotiations. all they know how to do is keep their job. if we had the right people we could solve the isis problem and we could solve the iran problem and a lot more quickly than you think. >> there are so many young people in this room. obama, by the time he leaves office, will have accumulated more debt than ever other president combined. how would you say about how president trump could balance the budget? >> i understand business better than anybody ever had in office. i know how to get rid of debt. i would get rid of that debt and do it quickly. it is a time bomb for this country. >> specifically though. this is important. i like the penny plan. cut a penny out of every dollar.
10:46 pm
>> i like making the country rich again taking in tremendous amounts of money. stopping china from ripping us and cutting costs. but not cutting them when it comes to the military or social security. >> the american dream worked in your life and your family's life. now we are talking about american exceptionism. what makes america exceptional and why do you love this country and want to be its commander in chief? >> they have phenomenal people. we have so much going. we need the incentives. we can't take away those incentives. we have a country that can be so great again and will be admired by everybody. right now if is not admired by other countries. they talk to me sean. chinese. they are friends of mine.
10:47 pm
they say i can't believe we are getting away with this. in saudi arabia they say we can't believe we are getting away with this. i have nothing against china. their leaders are just smarter than us. if we keep the incentives going the potential of the united states is so incredible if we do it properly and have smart, really smart leadership. >> when we come back tonight on hannity from cpac we will check in with former texas governor rick perry. that and more ahead.
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit >> welcome back to hannity as we come to you from cpac. i got to talk to rick perry. >> the top five things you want to accomplish out of the box? >> obviously the economic side of this is where you have to go first. you get the economics headed in the right direction. lower the corporate tax rate. not only does it give a clear incentive to invest in the united states or bring back that manufacturing that moved offshore but raises the wages for the workers.
10:53 pm
not just about the ceo and stockholder. about that blue collar worker that sees the jobs and wages going up in those jobs. >> obama basically accumulated as much debt as every president before him. >> we need to cut the spending and do it. we had two major downturns. 2003. eye 27 billion in 2011. we did it without raising taxes. americans want to see that to walk in saying we are go to cut the spending and do this. >> abortion. >> i am pro-life and proud of it. >> gay marriage. >> traditional marriage. i believe in it.
10:54 pm
i think absolutely the states need to decide these issues. the idea we are a one size fits all whether it is health care or curriculum from the schools, it needs to be decided by the states. federal government needs to defend the border, everything else states. >> colorado pot. >> it say bad idea but it is their call. the old liberal supreme court justice said the states are the laboratories of democracy and need to experiment. from time to time they will make a bad decision. >> should every law-abiding american have a right to carry a gun? >> it is the second amendment. if a state wants to have the conversation about where and what have you, but they should actualitily have the right in general, in principle? >> second amendment is clear about that. >> what makes america
10:55 pm
exceptional in your mind? >> we are a country of volunteers. we give back. i do not see that in any of these other countries i had the great privilege to live in. the volunteerism. where they found themselves because somebody came before and sacrificed for them. >> when we come back, more from cpac straight ahead. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised?
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>> that is all the time we have from this evening. thank you so much for being with us. we will see you back here monday. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> that's comforting. with isis running wild across the middle east. has anything changed since the president admitted there was no strategy to destroy the terror group? we have been investigating. >> clearly have been times when you have felt disrespected on capitol hill. how much of that did you relate to race? >> there have been times when i thought that's at least a piece of it. >> well, there is a surprise. eric holder throws down the race card on his way out as attorney general is that just excuse for controversial legacy? we'll take a look at that. >> repeal eve


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