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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 2, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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"animal house," it's a michigan ski resort destroyed by fraternities and sore rorties. the student refuse to pay, and the resort owner may file a lawsuit and probably should. >> thank you for joining us today, and fox and friends starts right now. all right, bye. good morning to you, it is monday march 2. a fox news alert, a massive military offense going on right now to reclaim hussein's hometown hometown, tikrit from isis. we have a live report for you. john kerry on the claims that the world has never, ever been safer. >> i stand by what i said with this enlarged terms compared to the last century, there are, in fact, fewer people dying. >> this as the king of jordan warns isis the gloves are off. why can't the white house send that clear message to the enemy?
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>> they continue to wear gloves. jumping out of a plane 12000 feet, then unconscious, going into a free fall. here from the man who had a caesar and passed out while he was sky diving. was he safe? mornings are better with friends. >> hi everyone, peter johnson. good morning. >> i thought he was old for spring break, he he says no, i want to have a good time. >> great to see you guys. >> always great to see you. >> absolutely. >> thank you to all of you joining us this morning. >> right. >>. >> we have a lot to say, an extremely businessy week. listen to this, a huge military operation against isis in sue
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hussein hussein's hometown. >> trying to recapture the hometown of tikrit. >> we have breaking details, kevin? >> we just learned of this offensive in the last few hours. sunni fighters abandon isis we're going to return tikrit to its people. in june, there was an offensive, but that fizzled out quickly. isis seized control of several stroechs country sooids, and president said those misled or made a his take lay down your arms. secretary of state john kerry says it's the latest in the series of offenses by the iraqi army to reclaim their homeland. >> each time the iraqis have now gone forward in an offensive effort together with allies the coalition, we have routed isil and the fact is that in iraq they have gained back a fixed
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percentage of the area that isil was controlling. >> you're going to hear a lot more about this particular offensive. just to give you perspective over 1100 people were killed in iraq in february alone. more than 600 of them civilians, a very bloody circumstance right now, guys. >> well it's a little surprising. thank you so much, kevin. here's the thing, you worry about this, you want them to take tikrit back and isis are the worst of the worst, but at what price? if it's true that irani forces are leading a shia charge into suddam's sunni homeland, it could be a quick vick drink, but will the average sunni fight to give over their town to a sunni-led opposition orchestrated by the iranis?
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it's not the iraqi forces doing this alone. >> it's a complicated situation, and the confidence level is not great based on what we saw in the past. in terms of their ability to execute at this point. >> we'll bring you updates as we have them here. remember when secretary kerry said this is a safer time facing fewer threats than ever before, and a day later clapper declared 2014 the most lethal year for global terrorism. we thought kerry would say, you know, i was wrong. no, he actually doubled down on his message of safety and our lack of threats right now. watch. >> i still stand by what i said which is in large terms compared to the last century, there are, in fact, fewer people dying as a means as a state war, violence, health, et cetera. that's not what's important.
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what's important now is what james clapper said is there is an uptick in the level of terrorism and specific incidents of people being killed, and that threat is very, very real. nobody's trying to minimize it. >> mixed message there from the administration. why can't they just make a clear statement. >> that's what the ambassador would call it, mixed messages. others call it double talk. clapper is right. he's right on the history. it's not as bad as world war i or world war ii. be happy we don't have the same 20th century threats, but clapper is right terrorism is bad. >> this is after 21 christians were beheaded and individuals burned for their religion. the jordan pilot burned alive and a threat in our mall. we're in a situation that does not feel safe. >> he said yesterday, if we don't fight isis there we fight them here. he's a democrat, so you wonder
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where that was coming from, and you have king abdullah giving a report and he leads jordan and the king saw his pilot burned. let's not look at the stats and decide we're safer than ever before, but made the mission clear. >> if isis or dash as we call them try to intimidate the jordanians, that has the reverse effect. look at our history we're a country used to being outgunned and outnumbered. we've always punched way above our weight and if anything, it is a tiger by the tail, and it just motivated jordan to rally around the flag and the gloves have come off. >> the gloves have come off. >> the key is to get someone in there to see what's happening. >> mostly, we don't know what's happening. we saw jordan's pilot day one
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and two, evidently, it's going on. there's not a journalist even in the region to deliver the situation on the ground. >> you're right. a small nation a small air force, but with a big voice and big message for isis that they are not backing down. >> powerful. >> powerful message heard. >> that's right. more this morning, heather has the headlines from l.a. to start, right? >> back at home, brand new video comes into fox news. dramatic moments that a los angeles police officer fatally shoots a homeless man. take a look. you hear the shots fired and police overheard yelling drop the gun. they say it began when officers approached a 45-year-old man while they responded to a could about a possible robbery. officers say that that man then became violent and tried
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grabbing an officer's gun. >> i don't know how much of the officer's gun was removed from the hulgsolster, there was a struggle for a police officer's firearms. >> when they would not apprehend them, they backed up and started shooting, pow, pow pow, pow. >> well, they are vowing to hit the streets today to protest. we'll hear more on the story throughout the day. meantime, march kicking off with another winter storm pummelling the midwest as well as the northeast. indiana slammed with 9 inches of snow, and then black ice, so dangerous, this in north carolina sending cars into the grass off the roads. making traffic there a message. in new jersey large trucks, well, the snow makes its way up the east coast. we'll keep you posted on updates in just a bit. brand new video released showing three schoolgirls who ran away from the u.k. to join isis. the 15 and 16 -year-old girls in
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istanbul turkey. that's the same day they left their homes in london. the three girls are in the bus station there, large bags and then they get on a bus. believed they were smuggled over the border to join isis. overnight, chris william lands in china for the first official trip to the country, antefirst british royal to visit there in 30 years. the 32-year-old is meeting with the country's communism president before forbidden city to boost ties after disagreeing over the pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong. hong kong is a former british colony. there's a lot going on today. >> like nine people in black suits. fantastic fantastic. >> should there have been an evacuation evacuation? >> where are the people?
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>> all right. boston right now, you want to talk about boston strong? okay. there's been a lot of stories of kids threatening and using social media as the weapon. well, one high school principal and iraqi war vet had enough. it's in boston outside of massachusetts there calling kids he learned about, some students use anonymous twitter accounts to cyber bully classmates in his school. he responded quote -- >> i have more respect for insurgents who fought in iraq than the people behind this twitter account. i'm mostly a teddy bear, but sometimes a grizzly bear, and i'd rather be more aggressive as a grizzly bear. this puts a stop to it. >> e e-mail was in the school. a strong handed statement, and he said maybe i should have been less enforcement like with my e-mail e-mail, take a softer stance, but parents said no. >> some people stood up, others were not. one mother of the student said i
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thought it was great. if maybe more people stuck up, less kids would be bullied and less bad things would happen. we see this in the atmosphere now where technology fosters suicides and even, yes, murders in terms of one case where person was allegedly encouraged to actually commit suicide in a text and in another case where the facebook dispute wound up in shootings and deaths. we're seeing in used in very bad ways, and so i think this principal principal's recognizing the potential for bullying and beyond. >> as a parent you want someone to stand for your child, and if you know it's going on, for him to have a strong hand, those accounts were taken down after the comments were made to the school in the e-mail. that seemed to work there. what do you think, though? e-mail us, facebook, twitter, what do you think about the principal having strong words? >> tough guy. >> that's right. coming up, a muslim
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professor in tennessee college says isis does not represent his faith, and isis wants him dead. he is going to join us live next. the video is terrifying. a sky diver goes into a caesar in a free fall 4,000 feet in the air unable to pull his parachute. how he lived to tell the story coming up. i love life, whether i'm on the go, spending time with friends or with my favorite date. i take care of myself, and i like what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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one of the most influential ultraconservative muslim clerics in the united states, but this southern college professor says isis does not represent his faith, and now they are threatening his life as a result. joining us now is religious studies professor at rhodes college in memphis, doctor, good morning. >> good morning. >> why are you speaking out so forcefully against isis? >> well, i think it's the religious duty of every single when a group hijacks the faith, misrepresents the faith, to clarify to the broader world that faith has nothing to do with the brutal actions of isis. its burnings, beheadings of people, the viciousness does not represent my faith and i feel obliged to speak out and tell
3:17 am
the world that my faith gives me peace and security and tells me how to live nothing doot with the fa gnattism of isis. >> when did you come to understand the fanaticism andof isis? one particular set of events that caused you to speak out in a courageous way? >> well i think that all muslims, as soon as they saw the reality of the cult, this group that just rose to fame pretty recently, i think muslims around the world condemn isis vigorously, and there was not any one particular moment because isis from its very inception has been so barbaric but beheadings of innocent people burning of the jordan pilot, these are things that are simply unparalleled in brutality, and they make muslims around the world extremely angry at the group. >> in terms of muslims around
3:18 am
the world, what should americans who are not muslim understand about the muslim faith, and muslim-americans about you like you? >> so islam and american-muslims, like every religion, has rituals theology and islam is about the worship of god and the god of abraham and moses and jesus and mahammed, don't believe everything you see on tv and go to the local mosque or find a muslim colleague and ask directly, go to the source and see where we're just as human and american as every other religious group out there. >> muslim-american, you are threatened in the united states, isis threatening to take your life. will that detour you? will you continue to speak out against what you call the brutality and fanaticism of
3:19 am
isis? >> i along with all other american-muslims and worldwide it's our religious duty especially with regards to muslim clerics like myself. it's my god-given duty and responsibility to speak out against this group. as long as i'm alive, i ask god for courage to speak out against every injustice and brutality including that of isis. >> is there an opportunity of any discussion with isis? or does it need to be handled in a different way? >> i think that's the sympathizer of isis that we can't talk to them. we saw the video clip of three girls, i wish i could have talked to them before they decided to go. people who are actually running isis, i think that they made up their minds, and there's just no -- you cannot negotiate or talk to people that are going to burn people alive. i think that's beyond scope. >> doctor, as a final question, is there a met mori my sis, a
3:20 am
change in understanding of muslim relationships in the world over the last 10 to 15 years. >> yes, of course. there's -- i think all of us grow immature and as i matured as well, all of us have basically learned from life's experience and wisdoms, and i think if a person remains the same at the age of 40 50, 60 as when they were when they were 20 they lost the experience life gave them. all of us including myself, have ma chaurtured over the last few decades. >> we wish you safety and thank you for your courage and for speaking out in a fourth right way. be well. >> thank you for having me on your show. towns upset about the governor's town to ban fracking they are threatening to secede and join another state. can it happen? did you sit in a restaurant next to a guy like this? >> you don't put me on hold. i put you on hold. you put me on hold and you're a
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quick headlines for you.
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north korea flexes muscles with missiles firing two into the sea off the west coast. it's north korea's response to the start of the annual joint exercises with the u.s. and south korea. while you were sleeping blas blast off. >> three two one. spacex launching from cape canaveral, florida the rocket carries two boeing made communication satellites to distribute television programming, internet, and mobile phone connectivity across the world. elizabeth and brian? >> thank you peter. right now, there's connectivity here by cell phone. have you been seated in a restaurant next to someone like this? >> yeah get me ken. get me him right now. you don't put me on hold. i put you on hold. you put me on hold, and you're a
3:25 am
dead man. >> i got to watch that movie. >> this restaurant owner had enough and put the phone on silent and absolutely no selfies. owner of harry's velvet room. deon, what prompted this direct behavior series of rules? >> well, when we started this, we wanted it to be an environment that was more about one-on-one social interaction instead of being social media. we did not want people to silt there and be preoccupied with the use of the phone while they are at the table with a beautiful room around them. >> you seem to be doing the impossible here. restaurant rules are mind your matters, silence cell phones no yelling or hollering and men should not approach uninterested ladies. if there's no cell phones, selfies are a no-no. >> you know, there's a lot of selfies going on for photo bombs in the back, and people don't
3:26 am
want to be involved in your selfie. you're in a restaurant. you're there to enjoy it or dare to be part of the ambience and there to be social with friends and your date and whoever. you need to pay attention to them more than paying attention to what's on your phone or what you're posting. >> sure. >> it also has, you know it's kind of -- it's taking time. your server is delay because they cannot serve you properly because you post a picture on instagram or whatever the case may be. >> right. you're saying, too, these are things to make your experience better saying what helps. what's the feedback like for you doing this? >> you know, people love it. they are kind of -- they are really embracing it. it's a more adult lounge build in chicago. we wanted something that was classier sexier that really made it more of an experience, like, a going out experience rather than something you post on facebook all the time. >> if they are on the phone or
3:27 am
taking a selfie do you ask them to leave? what's the policy in enforcing the rules? >> we're not banning cell phones, just discouraging it. it's on the manifesto there that people understood that, you know, we want you there to enjoy the room, and note to be, you know, preoccupied with your phone. >> if someone is on the phone, will someone say to them, hey, did youed not read the sign or step outside? >> no. if someone is talking on the phone, and they are loud and they are a little out of line with it, we'll have ask them to take it outside, yeah. >> now if it only stretched to the long island railroad, my life would be betterment thank you so much. appreciate it. >> no worries. >> two minutes before the bottom of the hour, straight ahead, one of the most popular ads in super bowl history, but did the snl go over the line mocking it like this? >> take care of her.
3:28 am
>> this morning, your comments are pouring in. more on the online outrage ahead. >> and he was called captain jerk for skipping leonard mimoy's funeral this morning. william shatner responds. >> bon jovi's birthday today. >> he used to call all the time, i don't know what happened.
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>> you be careful, okay? >> dad it's just isis. [ laughter ] >> take care of her. >> and america. >> wow. well, "saturday night live" attempted to be funny mocking one of the best super bowl commercials that i think many people felt warmed everyone's heart with an attempt of comedy. you remember the commercial about a daughter who had gone through tough times, her father stood by her. >> i think it was -- that's it. this is it. toyota commercial. >> this commercial. this one grabbed everyone's heart who knows any person at all. this is a daughter you see her go through the stages of life,
3:33 am
tough stages and her dad sticks by her and at the end, she decides to enlist and this is something that was so meaningful at a time this country has had so many veterans sacrificing for the rest of us and the best of us have gone to fight and now "saturday night live" in deep contrast decided to run the skit where a daughter in a heart warming moment is leaving, dad's wishing her well to join isis. >> unfortunately, there's been too many americans, fathers and mothers who dropped off children at the airport only to have them return in a casket. they didn't have the opportunity to pick them up. >> so many -- we've seen too many people headed over to join forces who then intend to kill those leaving to fight for freedom in the entire world. the complexity -- >> is this funny? >> snl says they are mocking
3:34 am
them through comedy. one says i love comedy and snl, but the atros mys committed by isis are not laughing matter. >> others say this is in poor taste to make a mockery of what they are doing through comedy. >> mark on facebook, i thought it was funny, we can't live in fear. so mark saying that fear is the greatest enemy and that we need to be able to laugh at the enemy enemy. >> i don't think there's anything follow-upny about this. >> i don't think it's funny. >> it's hard to watch. watch it time and time again, how insensitive can you get? right now? let us know what you think. facebook e-mails, and tweets. heather, this was unbelievable. this was like, what you're about to show us, like a movie saying, oh that could never happen. >> right, right right. you don't want to do this if you have a history of seizures.
3:35 am
a sky diver cheats death after having a seizure mid-air, his free fall caught on camera. watch this. unbelievable. that is 22-year-old christopher jones who started seizing seconds after jumping out of a plane in western australia. his instructor flew over him and pulled the parachute and made a safe landing after regaining consciousness 3,000 feet from ground. he had a history of seizure but had not had one in four years. closing arguments expected in the new york trial of the accused al qaeda operative, nassir acting as hen iowa attorney in the case in the two week long trial. he's accused of plotting 9/11 style attacks in england denmark, and against the subway
3:36 am
system in new york. he faces life in prison if convicted. well, they are no longer in an empire state of mind. talking about 15 upstate new york towns who are angry about the governor cuomo's ban on fracking, and they want to secede and join pennsylvania and that's where fracking is allowed. they claim the ban hurts the struggling economy in upstate new york. a two month study is underway to compare the taxes and cost of doing business in the two states. once the data's in they'll figure out whether or not it's worth leaving new york. what a story. >> captain jerk? william shatner called out for a headline for slamming the alum for not attending nimoy's funeral. he tweeted the paper saying this. you know what i find puzzling? the headline is horrible, but the article contradicted it. he was 83 years old. those are the headlines.
3:37 am
we'll see you in just a bit. >> thank you. >> heather, thank you. we've been hearing a lot of, you know, texting cases, facebook cases, cyber bullying cases, peter, you walked us through many cases. right now, we're talking about one. there's a girl accused of manslaughter by smart phone okay? there's a young man by the name of conrad roy, 18 took himself and killed himself last july outside of a k-mart in fair haven, massachusetts. before he went into his car, apparent apparently, he text his friend, michelle carter, 18 at the time, he was not sure he could go through with the poisoning plan. she texted him back apparently quote, get back in. get back in the car. he did. went through with it. took his life. she's charged with involuntary manslaughter and punishable to 20 years in prison. >> they wonder now, are the text messages enough here to
3:38 am
encourage someone to take their own life. >> saying take your own life or i wish you die, and they kill themselves, are they responsible? >> bristol county prosecutors say the allegations are deeper than this one occasion but multiple efforts multiple messages multiple communications between this young woman and this victim of suicide encouraging him to actually kill himself, and so the charges have been brought now for involuntary manslaughter in that state. certainly a unique case, and if the accusations are true, you have a hard time thinking about something more dieinhuman and insensitive to the suffering of another person, to take advantage of someone so mentally ill that they want to kill themselves, and then push them over the edge to do it. certainly, it's like standing on a roof saying step off.
3:39 am
>> that's morally wrong, but is it legally wrong? >> i think it is if they can prove it. we talked about is that text sufficient to show to a jury there should be conviction in terms of what happened there. >> we hear about the power of social media isis recruiting tool, so pervasive and continues to pound the mind of young individuals in a vulnerable state. if that's the case, can't you say the text messages kids in the phone in their rooms, no escape repeatedly texts them saying, take your life, that's a weapon. >> we've seen bullying that caused people to kill themselves, and here, if there's not so subtle somehow friendly message encouraging someone to do it, that's an even weirder twist on the whole thing. >> new territory there. thank you for walking us through that. this coming up, ahead of benjamin netanyahu's speech, the white house is down playing any sort of tension. watch. >> the prime minister is welcome
3:40 am
in the united states any time. we have an unparalleled close security relationship with israel. we will continue to. >> well why have they been so opposed to the speech before he says one word? when a die hard eagles fan invited her favorite linebacker to the prom, she certainly was not expecting this. >> i already talked to the school board but would you like to go to prom with me? [ laughter ] >> the surprise does not end there. that's the football star, and this lucky high school senior will be here live coming up. i love life, whether i'm on the go, spending time with friends or with my favorite date. i take care of myself, and i like what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room.
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quick headlines interracial
3:44 am
discrimination set to be released this week, and officials close to the say the feds will likely fault ferguson on racial bias made in traffic stops. they will be required to make changes or face a civil rights lawsuit. hillary clinton ready to run? "the wall street journal" says she'll announce next month. expect to announce this summer but she was advised to do it sooner to raise more money. elizabeth? today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addresses the lobby in congress. he'll warn of disaster if iran gets a nuclear weapon and now the white house is down playing any tension. >> the prime minister is welcome in the yieds at any time. president obama has done more to ensure the security of israel by the creation of iron dome by the development of weapons that are
3:45 am
specifically calculated to be able to deal with iran's nuclear weapon problem. >> congress is attending tomorrow's speech, joining us now, and happy to have you, congressman. should every senator and congressperson in the united states attend the speech and why? >> there should be no conflict as to where they belong tomorrow. they should be in there embracing the visit, the historic important words confident that will be remembered for decades to come. this is a critical time for not just israel's security and america's security but many nations are impacted by the fact that it looks like the president is making a deal just to make a deal. >> you say that benjamin netanyahu made it clear he does not oppose a deal but a bad deal with iran? >> correct. you don't want iran to be pursuing uranium enrichment or
3:46 am
have thousands of center fuses. we don't want them to make permanent concessions on our side in exchange for temporary concessions on the other side, or for us to say there's a deal where the irani government refutes the terms of the deal because, in essence, that's not really a deal or inspections. if there's no accountability and transparency afterwards, how do we know iran would be complying? >> has the obama administration made an effort to politicize the speech, making it about the prime minister's re-election efforts more than the existential threat that israel faces from iran if it gets a nuclear weapon, and if they get a nuclear weapon, what happens when other arab states, in terms of them wanting nuclear weapons? >> there's no doubt it leads to iran nuclear arms race in the middle east. that's the last thing we need with the stability of the region, everything facing with extremism, and state sponsored
3:47 am
terrorism. the white house and congressional democrats have been overly politicizing the speech. the prime minister's the leader of the nation's strongest ally and wants to work with america in efforts to stabilize that part of the world, and, again, he does nots oppose any deal just a bad deal. >> diane feinstein said he was arrogant in representing the jewish mind set, do you say, does he represent you? >> he represents what i feel about where america's foreignle policy should be better than what diane feinstein believes america's foreign policy should be. we need a stronger foreign policy and know better who our friends are and who our enemies are. the fact is that the president while urging patience on the part of israelis and praising palestinian authority last summer, negotiates with a country at the same time looking to overthrow the government in
3:48 am
yemen, american backed up a allies, so it's unfortunately. we have to hold the president accountable. >> thank you for your service in iraq. >> thank you, congressman. coming up warning us what happens when you defy vladimir putin. >> threatened me with death, kidnapping, try to arrest me any place i traveled. >> this american businessman reacts to the murder of one of pew tip's harshest critics. >> when a die hard eagles fan invites her favorite linebacker to the prom, she was not expecting this. >> so i already talked to the school board, but would you like to go to prom with me? [ laughter ] >> oh, the surprise does not end there either. well that line bankbacker and lucky
3:49 am
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3:52 am
listen to this high school junior tweeted a prom invitation to eagles linebacker. who he responded challenging her back to 10,000 retweets she wasn't even expecting this. >> i already talked to the school board, but would you like to go to prom with me? >> and they are both joining us
3:53 am
post prom proposal. hannah, how did you get this idea? >> i got the idea from twitter. i saw a bunch of other kids do it. not football players, but other people and i decided since i'm an eagles fan i should ask an eagle. >> you went toon a game and you saw him you said he's single maybe he'll say yes. >> she direct messages you. >> yeah. >> what did you do? >> she messages tmesis on instagram. i said 2,000 is low for me. you get 10,000 and you've got yourself a deal. 10,000 retweets on twitter she has a deal. she ends up getting roughly 15,000 in three and a half hours. >> you thought -- you said get to 10,000 in how long? >> a week. i figured i'd come back from hong kong and i'd be like thanks for playing. >> when you told your friends, they said there was no way it
3:54 am
was going. >> i didn't tell them they saw it on twitter. i told my mom and she said it's not going to happen. >> because she wasn't going to let it happen? >> she just said you're never going to get 10,000 retweets. >> we're looking at that video, what is going through your mind? >> reframe the video. were you surprised when he walked in? >> yeah, at first -- they didn't tell me anything was going to happen. i was going to school expecting to get it approved because of his age. i walked out of the room and i had to do a double take fast. i said wait, that's him, he's right there. >> the cameras are rolling. what were you thinking man, you can't rehearse this? >> i didn't know what to expect. i got to the school and people said how do you think she'll respond? then i saw her and she started crying. what do you do whether a girl cries? i acwardly hugged her. >> you don't know what you're dealing with because emmanuel
3:55 am
has something else up his sleeve. another surprise for you, hannah. >> here you go. >> did you know he was a renaissance man. >> a little bit of a renaissance man, you know what i mean. i dabble. let's see what we got here. ♪ ♪ >> wow.
3:56 am
wow. that is something else. wow. >> so kind on and off the field. >> what do you think of that? >> it was all right. >> i taught myself during ball, man. too much time not to do anything in training camp and not enough time to go to sleep. >> going to be at the prom in may. >> what a promposal and surprise. thanks for being with us. what are you doing for senior prom? >> we want to see your pictures after. more "fox and friends" in a moment. thank you. protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older
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3:59 am
good morning. today is monday, march 2nd. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. a massive military offensive underway right now to reclaim saddam hewussein's hometown.
4:00 am
>> is the donald throwing his hat into the ring? let's ask him in four minutes. he jumped out of oo plane at 12,000 feet and passed out. the incredible skydiving save caught on camera, which proves that morningings are better with friends. >> welcome everyonement so glad you're here on this monday. it's an extremely busy day. overnight iraqi troops launched a offensive against isis. the iraqi government said troops are currently making their way into the city. >> kevin corke is live in washington, d.c. with the breaking details. >> good morning, you're right. this is a full on offensive to
4:01 am
retake tikrit from isis militants. you may remember back in june, part of that really lightening quick offensive, they were able to take not only tikrit but also the second largest city in iraq mosul. rockets are said to be raining down on several isis forces. secretary of state john kerry says the latest response, part of a massive operation that will likely stretch all the way into spring. but iths already paying off. >> each time the iraqis have now gone forward in an offensive effort together with allies the coalition, we have routed isil. and the fact is that in iraq, they have gained back a thick significant percentage of the area that isil was controlling. >> the iraqi prime minister saying in a statement our goal is to liberate the people from
4:02 am
oppression and tearism. we should protect the citizens and their properties. we'll be watching this very closely from here in washington. obviously since i'll be at the white house, we hope to hear a response from them as this offensive continues. back to you. >> thanks. al everybody wants isis out, but how much better isis than the shia militants or these groups that we have no control over that iran controls. is this iranian forces on the ground? we don't know. >> we don't know the answers. >> great questions. >> it's not us. >> no. it's not. >> we have heather nauert. she's right there. >> she's one of us. >> you're our ally. good morning. hope you all had a great weekend. i've got a story out of los angeles that's going to get a whole lot of attention today. there is brand new video that shows the dramatic hoemts that los angeles police officers fatally shot a homeless man. take a look.
4:03 am
police are overheard yelling drop the gun. they say it started with officers approached a 45-year-old man. officers say the guy became violent and try today grab the officer's gun. listen to more. >> i don't know how much of the officer's gun was removed from its holster i know there was a struggle for one of the other's firearms. >> when they couldn't apprehend them, that's when they backed up and just started shooting. >> that's his take at least. residents now vowing to hit the streets today to protest. and in march wasting now time going in like a lion. another winter storm hitting the northeast. that same storm brought ice to north carolina and made the roads there a real mess. cars slide in on the black ice
4:04 am
and right into the grass off the road. tragedy in texas when a surgeon and two passengers drove off an overpass and fell into a broken -- in a frozen creak below. investigators believe the icy roads may have contributed to that accident. and then a tragic story to tell you about. did text messages lead to the suicide of a teen age boy? an 18-year-old girl has been charged with manslaughter in the suicide of her exboyfriend. massachusetts prosecutors say she encouraged 18-year-old konrad roy to kill himself last july. the two were reportedly texting one another when konrad specced doubt about killing himself with carbon monoxide poisoning. carter allegedly told him to go through it. after his death she led a antisuicide campaign. >> if she really loved him as
4:05 am
she said she did, why didn't she try to persuade him not to? >> carter heads to court next month. it was considered the worst play call of the nfl season, maybe even history. the seahawks throwing the ball on the goal line in super bowl xlix instead of handing it off to marshawn lewis. what does the star think about that call? >> to be honest with you, i would be a liar if i didn't tell you i was expecting the ball. >> that was on turkish television. he said he does understand football is a team sport. >> he went on to say they didn't want him to be the face of celebration. i cannot see him going i'd rather lose the super bowl. why did they let him run it to the one then? it's monday which means one
4:06 am
thing donald trump is ready to tell us what's going on in the news. welcome back. >> good morning. >> this week is all about what happened last week at cpac. you had a very well-received speech. why was it important for you to speak there last week? >> i was asked to speak by cpac. thaivl been terrific people. there was great enthusiasm there, amazing enthusiasm. thousands of people. and it was you know for me, very interesting. a lot of fun. i met a lot of great people. i enjoy it. i want to see this country be great again. that's one of the steps to doing it. but they really have done a good job at cpac, no question about it. >> you drew the largest crowd there as we hear and know. what do you think about the straw poll results? rand paul is at the top with almost 26%, and then scott walker taking second place. you thoughts on that? >> i think it's excellent. there was a lot of fussing going on and -- i know rand and i like him and i like scott a lot.
4:07 am
they were up in my office. we discussed a lot about politics and the country. we've had a lot of fun. a lot of fussing going on. a lot of the results -- i'm not saying with them there were a lot of results where buses were pouring in with people that had nothing to do with anything. a lot of people questioned those results. >> you're saying buses of people came for rand paul right? you're indicating buses of people came for rand paul, correct? >> i don't know. i know buses were all over the place. you can't walk without stepping off buses. people were pouring out of buses, voting and then they'd leave. everybody knows that's a cpac. there were four different people. and then they'd get out. i think the poll isn't so important. i think what was important was the enthusiasm in rooms. and there was a lot of enthusiasm in those rooms. and rand paul gave a good speech. scott walker gave a good speech.
4:08 am
there were good speeches made and a lot of good enthusiasm. i think that's much more important than the polls. the numbers of the polls i'm not sure they mean very much. >> they got enthusiastic about you. i want to ask you about that in a second. you gave some indication about your idea of running. do you think scott walker will face pushback on the fact he's changed his stance in immigration. 2013 he was pro -- wanted to take steps for people if they were here illegally. this is what he said this sunday. >> the reason for that is over time -- >> you said you supported it? >> my view has changes. i'm flat out saying that. candidates can say that. >> you changed from 2013. >> absolutely. i look at the problems we experienced. i talks to governors and i talked to people all across america. the concerns i have is that we need to secure the border. we ultimately mead need to put in place a system that works
4:09 am
part of this is put the onus on employers. i don't think you do it through amnesty. >> does that hurt him, donald? >> i don't think so. i think he's better off doing that than trying to justify his previous statement. i think he did the right thing. al i watched that interview. and i don't think it will hurt him at all. i think you're allowed to change. obviously you grow and change, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. i think that's better than trying to explain it away like it never happened. he was for it and he was against it and he changed. he said, you know life is full of changes. so i actually think somebody is better doing that than trying to avoid the subject. >> you had a great reaction at cpac. now you've told folks there that you're 75%, 80% likely to run. and that you are the only one that can beat hillary clinton. why is that? >> well i feel that. i feel that i am very very
4:10 am
strongly considertish. i have retained some people from new hampshire, iowa, and we have a great team. i'll make a decision fairly soon. if i run, i think i'll win and beat hillary. i understand hillary, i know hillary, i know the weaknesses and the strengths. i think i would beat hillary. i think it would be more likely i would win than somebody else. i know many of the other candidates. and many of them are coming up to see me. they're in my office asking for support. and frankly some are very good people. and some aren't. >> april is going to be the time when hillary makes it official. are you anticipating trying to get in ahead of her? >> i don't think she's actually maybe going to do it in april. you know she's deciding whether or not to do it in april. maybe she's not going to do it at all. it looks like she is. talking about a coronation over on the democrats, and i actually think that it could be a little bit tougher than that.
4:11 am
i think she's not going to have such a clear road as people are saying. i think the election is going to be a very tough one depending on who the republicans pick. look, they picked mitt and something happened. he disappeared at the end of the election. that was an election that should have been won against obama. something happened to him, i don't know what happened to him. he disappeared. we don't want that to happen again. we have to pick a very conservative strong, intelligent person that knows what to do and how to make this country great again. our country is in serious trouble. >> right. real quick, you're timing last night was built on the eaprintts. the other company says we're bringing it again. when is your deadline when you're coming back? >> i'm one of the few people in television that we've is had a tremendous season with your friend geraldo doing very well.
4:12 am
we had a tremendous season. if they want to bring it back, they announced they want to bring it back. i told them i have something else to do and you have to wait. we'll see what happens. i'm not doing anything with respect right now. i'm looking at something very much more important. i think you understand what that is. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. coming up, he warned us about this. that it could happen. what could happen if you defy vladmir putin. >> they threatened me with death, with kidnapping. they have gone to interpol to try to get me arrested anyplace i travelled. >> what does he think of the murder of putin's most out spoken critic? it looks like something out of animal house. some college kids trash a ski resort leaving a half a million dollars in damage. now they are refusing to pay. ♪
4:13 am
i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.
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4:17 am
nemtsov. john kerry remains hopeful they'll find who killed him. >> we hope there will be a thorough transparent real investigation. not just of who actually fired the shots, but who, if anyone may have ordered or instructed this or been behind this. >> my next guest has been in the kremlin's crosshairs before and remains there. al he says the most likely suspect in nemtsov's death is putin himself. he is the ceo of a major company and the author of this book red notice. first off, this was a friend of yours, right? >> yeah boris nemtsov was somebody who i worked with very closely in lobbying for sanctions genlts russian killers and torturers so they couldn't come to america. he was coming to washington and saying the guys in the putin administration should not be allowed to come to america.
4:18 am
we eventually got a law passed named after my murdered lawyer so that these people were indeed sanctioned. he was a partner in arms with me. he helped mead out in america. he came to brussels to lobby the european parliament. he was a good man and i'm very sad what happened to him. >> it seemed like a well orchestrated assassination. he was walk ing with his girlfriend who is holed up splar. they were able to block the cameras at just the right time, do the assassination and get out. vladmir putin says i'm going to personally lead this investigation. what do you think about that? >> well, i mean, if you look at it -- who is the most likely suspect here? boris nemtsov was an opposition politician challenging putin's thieving and thieving. he was trying to get people out on to the streets of russia to overthrow putin. all of a sudden this guy is shot down in a professional contract execution in front of the
4:19 am
kremlin. the one person who is most lakely to be responsible is vladmir putin. what is he going to do, investigate himself? it's absurd. >> you see the truck go by obscuring the camera when the bullets go off. this is well-orchestrated, a professional hit. it's not going to result in anything substantial. he was about to reveal definite proof that the russians were directly involved in the ukraine. he didn't want that out. why take this risk? what was vladmir putin so scared of? after all, he evidently as 85% approval rating. >> first off, i don't believe that approval rating. if you're living in a totalitarian state and a stranger calls you up and see do you support the preds, what are you going to say yes? of course not. secondly, they're going into a major economic melt down. the ruble has crashed by half. people are losing their jobs. what putin is worried about is that he's always been the good
4:20 am
economy president. he's worried now when the economy goes bad, people aren't going to support him. people like nemtsov would get people out on the streets like they did in ukraine. putin is scared of that. >> scared enough to do that execution perhaps. thanks so much. i appreciate you putting your life on the line and telling your story. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up the video is testifying. you got a skydiver going into a seizure and unable to pull his parachute. you know her as our national security correspondent. jennifer griffin is here with her battle she and others may be fighting right now. ♪
4:21 am
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4:23 am
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4:24 am
edition of news by the numbers. 93%, that's how many pediatricians say they're asked by parents to delay their children's vaccines. this group of doctors say they get that potentially dangerous request at least once a week. next, $500,000. that's half a million dlz. that's how much damage university of michigan fraternities and sororityies allegedly caused a a ski resort. guess this the students are refusing to pay it back. the resort's owner may in fact sue them. and, finally $19.1 million. >> first of all you got to wait till she gets her. >> you can trust her. >> will smith's new con man caper debuting at number one this week. thank you. tuesday is triple nevada breast
4:25 am
cancer awareness day. we are paying tribute to a fellow nox news employee who lost her battle with this disease. >> i had a mastectomy. i had 25 rounds of radiation. and i only lasted remission one year you remember wants important. you want to experience as much as you can. that's the big thing. is like, stuff no longer matters. it's not about having things. it's about spending time with your family, it is about having experiences that i've always wanted to do. you want to cram in as many things as possible. because you just don't know. >> amy goodman was just 33 years old when she died in december. she devoted her time to educating people about this hostile form of cancer. joining me now is one of amy's ceo workers and friend. jennifer griffin. she was diagnosed with triple
4:26 am
negative breast cancer and now is in remission. >> i was just weaning my son and nursing him and i found this lump which was nine centimeters centimeters. it was very large. that was on -- a few days later, i started chemo. i ended up doing 17 rounds of chemo. what was interesting, was when i was diagnosed, people weren't talking about triple negative breast cancer. they had only named it in 2000. what it is is there are three different -- many different types of breast cancer, triple negative mooenz you're negative for estrogen progesterone and the reason amy and i have spoken out so much about triple negative. and we're here because we remember annie and tomorrow is triple negative breast cancer day. the reason we speak out is we need more research for drugs to
4:27 am
block the recurrence. amy was 33 years old when she died. she was too young, she was very involved with the triple negative breast cancer association. tomorrow is triple negative breast cancer awareness day. >> i didn't realize we have a family history of breast cancer. i didn't know every half hour in the united states a woman is diagnosed with triple negative breast cancermentf how meteorologist is it to watch her, and know you share this common enemy? >> i remember as though it was yesterday when she came to washington after she was diagnosed. she was 30 at the time. we went to an ice cream shop in our neighborhood. i told her here's what you're going to do. you're going to get your wigs. this is going to be your armor. clean up your diet, eat a vegan diet. we stayed in touch through her
4:28 am
journey. there were other members in the fox community who had been touched by cancer. we formed a support group. and we e-mailed each other all the time. every day we miss her. her death is something that we are going to use to tell women out there. if you've just been diagnosed with triple negative, there is hope. there is hope. and i can tell you that chemotherapy is your friend. >> words of wisdom. she did leave the gift of wisdom and love. in this tweet it was october 28th. she said this i beg the world stop complaining. find ways to be happy seriously. >> i smile today because today is my son's 6th birthday. i think every day how lucky i am to be here. he was six months old when i was diagnosed. there are a lot of mothers going
4:29 am
through this. >> and two older daughters as well. >> that's right. >> lots to smile there. we're thankful you're here to oner annie, her words and wisdom. we love your fight. we really do. you are a warrior. now, coming up, secretary of state john kerry just speaking out moments ago about benjamin netanyahu's visit to the united states. what he said. and senator john mccain's reaction coming for you live. a high school principal taking on social media bullies with this e-mail to his entire school. i have more respect for the insurgents i fought ipiraq than the people behind this twitter account. did he take it too far? we'll read your e-mails on it next. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm.
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my lenses have a sunset mode. an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. transitions® signature™ adaptive lenses... are more responsive than ever. experience life well lit®. ...upgrade your lenses to transitions® signature™ israel's security is absolutely at theforefront of all of our minds. frankly, so is the security of all the other countries in the region. so is our security in the united
4:33 am
states. >> okay. i guess that was moments ago. john kerry took to the mic and spoke about israel and talked about their security. why is this so apropos today? because israel's prime minister is here addressing a jewish organization here. and tomorrow he will be addressing a joint session of congress without the president vice president and any administration official. joining us right now is senator john mccain. great to have you on the couch. what's your reaction to secretary kerry's comments now? >> it's just nonsense. i used to get really upset. did you notice on sunday he said, well, netanyahu supported the war in iraq what about that? he supported the war in iraq. and the fact that every country in the region is going to go nuclear if we sign this deal that -- apparently that he is
4:34 am
desperate to get done with iran. listen i have heard from middle eastern leaders direct they will go nuclear. you will see a nuclearization of the entire region. the saudis have got a lot of money. it wouldn't take much to purchase a couple of them from pakistan. henry kissinger, not a renowned demagogue testified before the armed serviced committee said the original intent of this would get an agreement that iran would never get a nuclear weapon. now the agreement seemed to be it is delaying them. >> for ten years. >> or a year breakout. they still haven't complied with the i 8. we could spend all morning talking about how ridiculous this is. >> it has split the sunni allied nations and america. this is because of a deal that our chief enemy and ourselves
4:35 am
are leading. >> the foreign minister of one of the middle eastern countries told me and some other senators in munich, he said we are beginning to believe it is far better to be an enemy of the united states than a friend. that's what it's becoming. >> how controversial should benjamin netanyahu's speech be? >> if leaders of congress wants him to speak to congress it seems to me -- why should someone be so offended? that's not what this is all about. this is because bibi will make a compelling argument against the outlined of this agreement. that's why they're acting in such a hysterical fashion. the president and national security advisors is saying this is rupturing the fabric of our relationship or something like that. this is really the worst situation by far that any of us have seen as far as u.s. israel relations. the only democratic nation in
4:36 am
the entire middle east, and it's very serious. and it's very unfortunate. >> what's the basis of this disconnect? why, in your view, is senator kerry and this obama administration so disconnected? what's the motivation -- they talk about exostential threats all the time. isn't this an exostential threat to israel and the region based upon what you're talking about that everybody ramps up with nuclear weapons if the deal goes through goes through. >> they have a delusion. it took me a long time to really believe it. but it is true. they have this delusion as they make this nuclear deal with iran, there's a brand new relationship with iran. iran and we are partners for peace throughout the middle east. it is crazy. the iranians are on the move, whether it be lebanon, certain yemen. they are all moving throughout
4:37 am
the middle east in iraq it's the shia militia that is doing the fight. >> we should not be celebrating this invasion of tikrit. isis is worse. how much worse is a shia militia if they take back tikrit. >> these were the same people we were fighting against in the surge. >> john kerry says we are taking back tikrit. >> look, as i say, i've gotten to the point where i think all of us are a little bit numb technically speaking of vladmir putin. tell vladmir when i'm reelected i'll be more flexible. remember that? the reset button. and now they're killing off one of the great really leaders for democracy in russia. and i'm very, very sad. >> you want to talk about numb and callus. "saturday night live" had a parody. one of the most moving super
4:38 am
bowl commercials was the one with the father and daughter move through life and then the daughter ends up signing up and enlisting in the united states military. we see that was an meteorologist commercial. snl decided to parody this as the daughter decides to go off to join isis. we'll go to watch and i'll love your reaction. >> you be careful, okay? >> dad, it's just isis. >> take care of her. >> they think that's funny? i'm a big fan of snl obviously but that is just not -- frankly it's offensive. particularly since we have these three young british women right
4:39 am
now, they've been able to get them into syria. by the way, that shows they've got a pretty good network of getting people out of europe and into syria or iraq. >> these three brits decided okay we're teenager isis looks attractive to me we'll head there. >> do you think that's an indicator that perhaps maybe because of this administration's inability to name it specifically and not take a tough stance on isis and terror as many have said, that now we have the world of comedy taking it lightly too? >> maybe. but the fact is, i country directly connect the two. but i'mthe failure to identify them for what they are, it's more than just the naming, it is an indication of the refusal of this president and his team that this is radical islam. these are radical islam terrorists and they've perverted
4:40 am
the islamic religion. the failure to identify is an indicator of the dream world in which they exist. >> it's an you here. >> my pleasure. >> chairman of the senate armed services committee. heather nauert i know you've been listening but you want to talk about something different. we do have other news to bring you. it was the case that shocked the nation, a mother of three, a young mother of three in fact vanished without a trace. the same day that she argues with her exfiance on national television. >> somebody grabbed me and yanked me around. i'm crying, he's sorry i'm sorry. we brushed it under the rug. >> you're addicted to each other. >> three years later, police renewing their search to try to find michelle parker. they scoured a wooded area in orlando, florida, near her home in a body of water where her
4:41 am
cell phone had been found two weeks after she disappeared. so far the search has turned up empty. her fiboyfriend has been -- an unconscious free fall was caught on camera. that is 22-year-old christopher jones. he started seizing seconds after he jumped out of his plane in western australia. his instructor was able to fly over to him and pull his parachute. he was able to make a shave landing after he regained consciousness 3,000 feet from the ground. he says he hasn't had any seizures in four years. a war veteran has had enough of bullying at his school. he is comparing bullies to terrorist.
4:42 am
saying their cowards worse than insurgents. the veteran made the comments after finding out that high school students are using the internet to bully other students. some say they support his efforts to combat bullying. he's considering suspending anyone who makes hate filled threats. those are your headlines. >> thank you. thanks so much. let me tell you what's coming up next. hundreds of thousands of online accounts get hacked every day. now it just happened to me. how did i get my -- how do i get my information back and how did they get my e-mail to begin with? the cyber guy is here to help. >> is president obama trying to ban guns by going after the bullets. the backtop door tactics by the administration. >> born on this day in 1968, this bond actor made his film
4:43 am
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make it clear to the american people. we can still bring about meaningful ways to reduce gun violence. >> president obama pledged to pass a gun control law by any legal means necessary after his proposal to ban assault rifles. it got blocked in the congress. now the president is using executive action to push for a ban on m 855 green tip bullets which are used in america's most
4:47 am
popular firearm, the ar-15 assault rifle. is the president missing the mark? lieutenant current allen west is a fox news contributor and the ceo for the national center for policy analysis. good morning. >> good morning. >> is the president off the mark on the mark is this a violation of the second amendment? what's going on in this country? >> well, the president is definitely missing the target. but the target is certainly what the progressive socialists of the left want this is to undermine the second amendment. if they cannot go after the gun itself they will continue to go after the means by which the systems of the gun are operating. but it says very clearly in the second amendment, it shall not be infringed. they go after the magazines now they're going after the bullets. as i've said before the objective of the obama administration is to turn a handgun into a hammer and a rifle into a baseball bat. >> let's talk about the
4:48 am
so-called green tipped bullets. should folks have the ability to purchase these for ar-15 weapons? >> yeah, absolutely right. why should we infringe upon the right of a law abiding american citizen for whatever reason. these bullets are used at target practice, at many shooting ranges. i've shot ar-15s at ranges before as well as for some hunting. if you don't see any need or necessity to go after this, why is the obama administration doing it? you know the obama administration refuses to go after, you know, when you look at new town and some of the other things the mental illness side of gun ownership. the fact that we should not have access to those type of individuals, as we saw out in colorado. once again to make rules and laws that affect law abiding citizens, you're only going to promote the criminals and what they seek to do. >> how do you respond to the
4:49 am
obama administration's argument these green tipped bullets can be used in semi automatic handguns, and that folks should not have the capacity to have these armor piercing bullets because they're a risk to law enforcement in this country? >> well, i would prefer it if the law enforcement officials were bringing that up as a concern and thought the obama administration who did this quite secretly and is doing this by executive order. if we're going to do something that affects the second amendment, it should be done through our elected representatives. it should be voted on. changes should be done there, not with what the obama administration is trying to do which is a means by which they can undermine the second amendment by affecting the system of the weapon. >> next time we'll take about
4:50 am
the fear that -- has your e-mail ever been hacked. people want to know if you're really in the philippines. it just happened to brian kilmeade and he is looking for help. we called kirk the cyber guy. on this day in 1981. i love a rainy night by eddie rabbit t was the number one song in america. watch it. ♪ ♪ i'm a weight watchers coach, all of us have lost weight with weight watchers and are now helping other people do the same. log into your computer or your phone at anytime and you can chat with me. you're not alone and you can do it. i know you can do it because i did it. join for free today at let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional.
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[bell chime] ting
4:53 am
the trivia question answer daniel craig the winner is from virginia. you get a copy of my book. i'll sign it and we'll send it. there's a new generation of big brother. >> big corporations collecting
4:54 am
and selling your information to the highest bidder. the cyber guy is here to explain exactly how. when i read this how many facebook pages are hacked a day. >> this is out from a gentleman who is a brilliant security expert in this arena. he was originally an lapd detective or officer. then he grew into this category over the last couple of decades. this guy has written a book that really is almost like a summary of every report we have been bringing here on "fox and friends" since august. it's one compromised security risk after another. and he does such a brilliant job at showing how vulnerable we are. he said half of us in america have been hacked. we're talking about target, all of the credit card compromises as well. he gets into the government how
4:55 am
the defense industry is having trouble catching up with this. the office of government affairs has come out and said very critically the office of homeland security is not ready with any kind of cyber defense. >> the name of the book is future crimes. thirz, my phone starts blowing up. people start calling. are you in the fill means do you really need money? someone got into my jyah oorks oorks account. i have been unable to get into my account. >> i'm going to get you fixed up. what happened this happened to a lot of people. it's called the stranded traveller you got. it's an e-mail that's being sent out to your e-mail data base. first of all you have to diagnose the moment of the attack itself. you have to stop the e-mails. change your password. then you go into recovery mode
4:56 am
where you regain control of your account. the next thing is to realize how did that happen. if you did not give out your password to someone, you know you got it in some other way you don't want them to have. which means malware is likely on your computer. you want to remove that. i'll show you how to do that. i will also post it online. >> this is valuable information. with that many people getting hacks every day. you're going to stick around and let people know how to do that. >> for the record if i'm in the fill means and i'm stuck i need more than $2,000. >> are you okay? >> you're so generous. >> when we come back bret baier reviewed cpac, the impact. in
4:57 am
4:58 am
i love life, and my days are filled with important lunches
4:59 am
and afternoon meetings. i also like to play hard whether i'm spending time with friends or an evening with my favorite date. i take good care of myself and i like what i see when i look in the mirror. in fact, i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection. only at chico's and good morning. today is monday march 2nd. a fox news alert. a massive military offensive underway right now to reclaim
5:00 am
saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. the man who killed osama bin laden joins us live this hour. >> benjamin netanyahu is in the united states to talk to congress about iran. getting a nuke secretary of state john kerry just spoke out about it. what did he say? bret baier is here live to tell us about it. ever been next to this guy while you're eating out? >> you don't put me on hold i put you on hold. you put me on hold and you're a dead man. >> this morning a new movement to ban cell phones while you eat. the restaurant owner who says save the selfies like these for dese
5:01 am
dessert. welcome everyone. peter johnson has been with us for three hours today. >> great to see you. thanks for being with us. bret baier is also with us. good morning to you, bret. >> good morning. >> in about an hour benjamin netanyahu is set to speak. tomorrow he will be speaking in front of congress. a handful -- i think it's three dozen democrats are set to boycott that. >> it's going to be a big speech. it's going to be well-attended despite the democrats who say they're not going to be attending the speech. and it is going to have a really blunt message from everything we've heard from the israeli prime minister. he will speak later on this morning at apac. the message to congress will be cut and dry about the threat that israel faces and believes they face from iran. i think it will be interesting to see, even though you will have 30 plus democrats protesting, you're knowing to
5:02 am
have a full chamber that will likely be receptive to his message. >> last week as you know susan rice goes out on another show and blasted benjamin netanyahu and talked about how inappropriate it is that he's coming here to speak and didn't check with the white house first. it's clearly the white house against the prime minister for the first time in my lifetime. >> those remarkings about susan rice were eye brow raising for a lot of people. she thought this move was destructive to the relationship. not that it increases tensions, that it's a problem, but it was destructive in her words. just a few minutes ago secretary kerry believes this tension is a result of different of points of view and expressed concerns and issued a warning to netanyahu not to release details of this upcoming deal between the u.s. and iran. >> we had the secretary of state, let's see what he says.
5:03 am
>> israel's security is absolutely at the forefront of all of our minds. frankly, so is the security of all the other countries in the region. so is our security in the united states. >> that seems unprecedented in some ways that we are issuing a public warning to what may be our strongest ally, not to leak details of a potential agreement with our biggest enemy. does it appear to be -- relationship so fractured at this point? >> with this prime minister and this president, it is fractured clearly. they are talking about it. there's a lot of scrambling from everything we hear about inside the white house. that they are concerned about the impact of this speech on not only the deal, but also on congress. and the ability of congress to step back and not move forward with sanctions ahead of a possibility of a deal.
5:04 am
listen the more anyone hears about the deal, israel or lawmakers on the hill the more questions they have. >> rand paul came out of the straw poll ahead. all the talk today seems to be about the guy in second place scott walker. what do you think about this, rand paul is 27.5% and scott walker came in at 21.4%. your thoughts? >> rand paul, third consecutive win at cpac. it is his type of crowd, 47% of those voting in the straw poll were 18 to 45 had years old. 21% say marijuana should be legalized. that gives you a perspective on the straw poll and who is voting. it's still significant. it's a marker. the focus is on scott walker.
5:05 am
not only was he second by far but he was also number one for second choice by far. of the cpac voters. >> one in last place was jeb bush who had some people walk out when he came in. not everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet. let's talk about what's happening on friday. we got a one week extension for homeland security funding. but the house just fell apart. what happened? what can we expect this week? >> well, there was just a lot of conservatives in the caucus who believed they needed to stand their ground and vote against this effort to take out the part of the bill that overturns the president's executive actions on immigration. you have a one week extension. what's going to happen? the republicans are going to try to push for going to conference, which means taking the senate bill and the house bill and talking about it and getting a compromise. that likely is not going to
5:06 am
happen. because democrats are going to hold the line. you're going to have to have speaker boehner probably move forward with a bill, the one that the senate passed that funds homeland security through september. and that could be a challenge to him. i don't think it's going to challenge his leadership. but it is going to make some angst on capitol hill. >> it is unbelievable because we could have another shutdown at the end of the week. it is one of these times when the speaker seemed powerless. >> he's got to heard the cats to get a lot of these things through. what it does show is how tough some of these big pieces of legislation may be to get across the finish line this session. >> you're right about that. we'll see you later on tonight. >> 6:00 eastern special report. >> breaking news out of iraq? right now 27,000 iraqi security forces are involved in a major operation there to try
5:07 am
to loosen isis' grip by retaking the key city of tikrit. that city was once home to hussein. it was taken over this past summer by isis terrorists. today's operation includes ground troops, also air strikes. it is considered the largest government offensive yet against the terror group isis. brand new video just released of three english schoolgirls who ran away to join isis. surveillance video shes the 15 and 16-year-old girls arriving in turkey on the same day they left their homes in london. the three are seen walking around a bus station and they're holding large bags. they eventually get on a bus where it's believed they were smuggled over the syrian border to join isis. back here at home some extreme weather to bring you 18 days until the official start of spring. winter not showing any signs of
5:08 am
slowing down. parts of long island this morning waking up to airth inches of snow and making for a messy commute. in philadelphia it is all about the ice there. cars and sidewalks completely covered in ice pretty much all over the city. it's the same story in washington, d.c. ice making for slick roads and a really dangerous commute through the nation's capital today. have you ever felt the need to take the cell phone -- well a selfie at a restaurant? these guys sure did. that's steve mayor guiliani it was a snow day, and they found rudy guiliani at a restaurant here in new york city. earlier we spoke to one chicago restaurant owner who says he's had enough and he has issued a no cell phone policy. >> when we started the restaurant, we wanted it to be this environment that was more about one on one social interaction instead of being social media. we didn't want people to sit
5:09 am
there and be preoccupied with the use of their phone while they're at the table when they have this beautiful room around them. >> they've got other rules there, mind your manners, no yelling, or hollering and gentleman shouldn't approach uninterested ladies. we're getting a lot of e-mails on this one. >> it turns out she's not interested. i gave up $9 for a marguerita. >> not there in chicago. >> lisa in texas wrote us this my daughter is a server. this is one of her pet peeves. families go out and ignore each other. >> bill in texas writes no cell phones in restaurants, that's a rule i would support. how about we make it a law for public places. >> it's sad that common manners have to become rules. >> maybe those cell phones are keeping people together. maybe if they were speaking they
5:10 am
would argue. >> here's the problem, people used to go to bars when they were alone and sit there and hope the bartender talks to them. now you can sit at the bar and read stuff. >> i got here alone, can i read my cell phone? >> that cannot be. they're crushing it at the velvet room. >> coming up a matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton. what are the donald's chances. we asked him and his answer ahead. take a look at this some rowdy college kids totally trashing a ski resort leaving a half a million dollars in damage there. guess what? they are refusing to pay the bill. >> that's a selfie. ♪ your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen.
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5:14 am
the manager and problems with applications have shaken public trust in the irs. in every area of the irs taxpayers need to be chft they will be treated fairly no matter what their background or affil ygzs. >> it's been two years since the
5:15 am
irs were first exposed for targeting conservative groups. now new reports reveal that it never even stopped. some tea party groups have applied five years ago are still waiting for answers on the tax exemptions and it gets worse. we have the secretary on the board of directors on the albuquerque tea party. what do you take of the testimony last week, that the e-mails that would have proven your case were never even lost or requested? you're talking about tens of thousands. >> it's a major problem. there is no truth coming out of washington on what's going on. we have been waiting five years, two months for our 501 c 4 aproouvl. >> you wanted that approval to have an impact in the election. without that 50 # 1 c you can't formulate a group or organize
5:16 am
events. while everyone has expressed outrage and therewater no follow up. the people perpetrating this crime get what they want. >> well they also when they get caught, they get retired. what they're doing is illegal. there ought to be some action taken against these people that are violating the law. >> on top of that, what about the fact lois and lerner were given incentives for doing a bad job rather than get fired for doing a deceptive job. can figure? it's just a big problem all over. they -- your commissioner you were just talking about says there are eight or nine tea party groups still awaiting authorization for their 501 c 4. in the group we are in in our lawsuit, there are currently 38
5:17 am
conservative groups that are awaiting 501 c 4. the numbers that he's giving to the public are not accurate. >> i saw a congressman last week addressing the irs official saying wait a second these backup tapes that would have revealed the lost e-mails that you were targeted were not lost, they might not have ever been destroyed. they were never even requested. what do you think when we find out the contents of these e-mails, what do you think this will do for your case? >> i don't know. it just goes on and on. we've waited five years. it could be another two or three years before this is resolved the way things are going. there is just no figuring it. >> what is the message that you wanted to get out to the electorate. when you said you wanted your voice to be heard what's the
5:18 am
message? >> the message is that there is opposition to a lot of the programs that are out there. we ought to be given a chance to explain that to the public without being intimidated and targeted by the federal government. >> it seems very american of you. thanks so much for joining us today. hopefully you'll get some resolve. >> maybe the irs will be accountable like they demand we be accountable. he was called cowardly by skipping leonard nimoy's funeral. this morning william shatner responds. an 8th grading suspending for handing out this form, that student and outraged mom joining us next. ♪
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
we're happy you're back. we have quick headlines. what looks like a scene from animal house is a ski resort that was destroyed by university michigan fraternities and sororities sororities. the students are not going to pay. the resort's owners may now file a lawsuit. here is one way to get over the winter blues. this is great. a dad turned his icy lawn into a luge track and sends his little girl down in a sled. he built it all by hand. using snow and ice.
5:23 am
elizabeth, you might want to go down that. >> that is fun, thank you. an 8th grader in new mexico suspended. her crime letting her class mates know they could opt out of the state's standardized test. she printed out the form and was rewarded with a trip to the principal's office. joining us is that student and her mother. thank you both for being with us this morning. you know it was a brave thing for you to do why did you want to let your friends know they could opt out of this test? >> i wanted the parents to know they had the option to let their students either take the test or not. while the principal said it wasn't my right, it was the parents' choice. i simply told her i was giving them the option they didn't know about until now. >> what happened when you did that? >> i was sent to the principal's
5:24 am
office for an hour and 20 minutes doing nothing. and then at the end of the day she ended up suspending me. >> you were suspended for just using your rights. the school sent this -- i have a question for you mom. santa fe's public schools supports a parents right to opt their child out of standardized testing. no students have been disciplined for supporting or promoting this district policy of a parentsright to opt their children out of testing. what do you think of that? >> that is correct. she is you know, her rights were violated there. the principal definitely violated it. i did talk to our assistant superintendent and he felt the same way that her rights had been violated as well. she did nothing wrong. all she wanted to do is the kids
5:25 am
were protesting this. and they were going to the round house and it needed to get bigger. everybody needed to know. and the parents needed to know that they did have the option to opt their children out. this is a form you can pull up on the santa fe public school website. it's right there. so it's not like we did anything wrong. >> how outraged are you to know that your daughter just expressing -- really looking out for everybody else was suspended for doing so? >> i'm furious. like i said, her rights have been violated. and you know i've talked to the senators, and the senators agree with me. that this is wrong. you know she did absolutely nothing wrong. and yet, they are making her feel like she did. >> sure. would you do it again if you had the choice? >> yes, i would do it again. i want the parents to know that they are -- have that option to
5:26 am
opt their students out if they would like to. >> it's a brave move by you. to say that, it's extraordinary in the face of such opposition. hats off to you for doing that. thanks for getting up early and being with us. thank you. we wish you well. >> thank you so much. that's impressive. coming up, breaking news on when hillary will announce. and donald talking about his matchup with her. what he told us coming up next. the testifying video, watch this. a skydiver goes into a seizure and is unable to pull his own parachute. and the hero who came to his rescue in the sky joining us live. ♪
5:27 am
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5:30 am
. welcome back. we have a fox news alert. just over an hour from now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be addressing america's proisrael lobby. it comes ahead of his speech where at least 30 democrats have agreed to boycott. this morning the white house is trying to down play tension. kevin corke is live with the latest. >> right now, a lot of people are wondering will this speech effectively damage the long-standing and strong relationship betweenthen u.s. and israel. that's a genuine concern back in
5:31 am
israel. that's why netten jaw hew is getting criticism. here people want to know what's the harm in having him speak and hearing what he says even if it comes before a joint session of congress. for their part the white house is arguing it's too close to an israeli election. others would say the fact that the invitation was extended through speaker boehner that's the issue that has the white house upset. dozens of democrats say they will boycott. senator mccain says he has an idea of why they're doing that. >> if leaders of congress wants him to speak to congress it seems to me, why should someone be so offended. that's not what this is all about. this is because bibi will make a compelling argument against the outlines of this agreement. that's why they're acting in such a hysterical fashion.
5:32 am
>> meanwhile john kerry hoping to tamp down the kraerveg said this. >> we have an unparalleled close security relationship with israel. >> it should make for an interesting morning not just here, but tomorrow when he speaks before the joint session of congress, without many democrats. >> a lot of things in motion this week. thanks. now we turn to heather nauert, big news of hillary. >> let's talk some 2016 stuff. hillary clinton, there are reports are still announcing her candidacy for president. clinton was expected to announce over the summer, apparently, her advisors. >> hillary clinton is ready to run. >> your batteries are dead. >> i got you. the wall street journal says she
5:33 am
will announce her bid for presidency this month. her advisors want her to do it before summer. donald trump says he is 80% likely to run for president. if he does he says clinton doesn't stand a chance. >> if i run, i think i'll win and beat hillary. i understand hillary i know hillary and her weaknesses and strengths. and i think i would beat hillary. i think it would be more than likely that i would win than somebody else. >> donald trump says he'll make his decision very soon. they're no longer in the empire state of mind. about 15 towns angry about the governor's ban on fracing. they want to secede and join pennsylvania. they claim the ban will hurt the economy. a two month study is underway. once the data is in they will consider whether it is wurkt leaving new york. captain jerk. william shatner calling out the new york daily news for the
5:34 am
headline slamming the star trek a alumfor not attending nimoy's funeral. he says he chose to honor a commitment he made a month ago to attend a charity event in florida. he tweeted you know what i find puzzling, the headline is horrible. but the headline contradicts it. an nfl line backer surprises a fan and says he's taking her to the prom. >> i talked to the school board but would you like to go to prom with me? >> wow. prom posal gone right. he was showing up at her school after she met his get 10,000 retweets online. >> i was like, wait that's him sglmpt it was great she starts
5:35 am
crying, she pulls it together. >> she got about 10,000 tweets tin three hours. she beat his action. she had another surprise for her on "fox and friends." he played a song just for her. how sweet is that? those are your headlines. >> it is a -- the former wolf of wall street now speaking out. he was known for his $6,000 shower curtain and other things. now he's shopping at bed bath and beyond. >> maria bartiromo has covered this story before. >> it's extraordinary to see the change and what he's talking about right now. i think the part of the story that struck me so much is he met his new wife. his wife right now while he was in prison. she started writing to him. sort of cold calling almost. she was a trader on wall street and she said what did you need and she said visitors.
5:36 am
and she started visiting him twice a month and they got married. >> wow. >> interesting. it's interesting to see the come down that has occurred through the sector. >> is the general feeling that he's paid his debt and this is over with? >> it was six and a half to 25 years. he got out in six and a half years. he was told he is in fact a free man. he is trying to build back his life. during that moment in time when you saw all the pipes being laid down in the ground and you saw this enthusiasm around telecom. it's important to remember how people went over the line. it's important to learn from it and feel like people do go over the line and make mistakes in periods of massive euphoria. >> united airlines has got a little issue right now. >> it does. basically united airlines had a mistake in terms of fares going
5:37 am
overseas. $51 to go to europe. and it was a mistake because they actually converted the dollar into the danish krona. thousands of people bought it thinking it was a cheap fair. they're not honoring it. the transportation department is looking into this to try to figure out why these cheap fares were online in the first place. >> overall, it seems the airlines are facing these fees and they're just passing them right on to the consumer. >> i think it's a great point. the fact is airlines now have seen their cost go down with the 50% sell off on the price of oil. they have not passed on the cheap fares to customers yet. people are saying your expense side of the business have gone down howcome fares haven't gone down. all you need is one airline to drop fares. >> is that part of the new business model? i see a big portion of the
5:38 am
profits that they're making is on extras. they're charging more for extras. >> i feel like you're getting fee'd to death. for a little while they were coming out the financial crisis. the airlines were under pressure and they were not doing well. now it's a different story. yes, they are hedged for long term, many years but right now, they are saying their cost base go on. >> what's next we're going to be charged for oxygen masks. >> she was complaining about how bloody marys have doubled. >> how much? don't give me one but i'm outraged. >> we got to watch you today, you're on the fox business network. we actually know where to find you in studio. for everybody else they got to go through television. >> channel finder is the best
5:39 am
way. >> we'll see you in minutes. now this, a fox news alert. massive military offensive underway right now to reclaim hussein's home town of tikrit. well, the man who fought there and killed osama bin laden joins us live. the video is testifying, a skydiver goes into a seizure mid-air and is unable to pull his parachute. the hero that came to his rescue in the sky joins us live. next.
5:40 am
5:41 am
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5:43 am
is standing by with us now to tell us what exactly happened in his first american interview. first we'll bring in dr. siegel to see what happened mid-air. >> a seizure is a burst of tiv in a brain. what happens in mid-air, most likely it's due to the stress of skydiving or the change in oxygen pressure. because when you're high up you've got less oxygen pressure. that can cause a seizure. when he got lower down he woke up maybe because the oxygen pressure increased. what do we know about his history? >> probably primary epilepsy meaning we might not know the cause. he said he hadn't had a seizure in four years. i don't know whether he was on medication for it. you can't fly a plane if you have a seizure history. i don't think you should be sky diving.
5:44 am
>> let's talk to the man who actually rescued this incredibly lucky skydiver. good morning. this is the first american interview. thanks for being with us. >> i think it's my first american interview. >> we're calling it your first american interview tell everybody us. >> give us the breakdown what you did, what was happening how many feet? >> chris was an accelerated student who was learning how to sky dive by himself. he's jumped with me. previous jumps have been good work. he's been a text book student. i had done well up to that point. we were taking up the airplane and he was going to do a solo exit. he left the airplane unstable for the first part of it raed for
5:45 am
the rest of the jump. he was set to carry on with the jump. halfway through the first turn, he just stopped and started going fetal. his knees came down, his shoulders rolled forward and he rolled on to his back. >> you're seeing him spin in front of you. so your first instinct is to get to him as quick as possible. what were the difference in time from when you jumped and he jumped. >> we were jumping the same time. j exited with him. the angle is wide on the camera. i wasn't too far from him. i was expecting him to roll himself over. i had no idea he was having a seizure at the time. i couldn't see him in the eyes. i couldn't see what his hands were doing. i thought maybe he was suffering from sensory overload or something like that.
5:46 am
i wasn't aware he was having a seizure at the time. so i was trying to give him the opportunity to roll himself over and continue the jump because he wasn't stable for the first part of the jump. >> so you jump in you're able to get to his chest and pull the cord. after you pull the cord is he out of danger then? >> yeah, his parachute opened up. the parachute are used for accelerated jumps. he probably landed as hard if he had used a parachute they used in the military a while back. our drops is two automatic parachute devices. once you open the emergency parachute about 750 feet above the ground. i don't think he was in any risk
5:47 am
of it hitting the ground. i had to look at the situation and thought you know, it's not rectifying itself. he's not turning himself over. i would rather give him more time and prepare for the landing. >> did you notice any signs he was showing before he jumped that something could be wrong? >> absolutely not. that was approximately his third jump. it was his second or third jump of the day. the briefings i got from instructors before him said he was really good. i wasn't expecting anything of the sorts. i was expecting to be out in front of him and tell him what to do and film his jump. no i had no indication whatsoever that he was going to have a seizure. >> when you got to him, were you able to see anything unusual? was he awake and responding to you? >> no. i had tunnel vision. the only thing i wanted to do was stop him spinning and to see
5:48 am
that he was opening the parachute in due time. >> i just can't believe you had the calmness of thought to pull that, to get to him through the sky and to pull the cord. it's staggering for people like us who don't do this. >> have you spoken to him since? >> i am seeing him for the first time today again. i was on -- i woke up this morning and had a look at my facebook page and was tagged to something. by the time i got to work my phone is ringing off the hook. high boss told me what was going on. i've couldn't believe it. >> i'd give you a raise immediately. >> great work. >> thanks for visiting with us. >> thank you very much. >> impressive. now this. >> thanks so much for joining us a crazy situation. >> i wonder if he's going to jump after this. he seems to want to be in the sky. he has to be careful. maybe he needs medication adjustment.
5:49 am
>> he has a second chance now thanks to him. a fox news alert, a massive military offensive underway right now to reclaim hussein's home town of tikrit from isis the man who killed bin laden right there. first we'll dhek in with martha maccallum. >> good morning. prime minister netanyahu about to kick off his two day campaign warning against the iran deal, a deal that he says is extremely dangerous. the white house has a far different take on this. the speech live this morning on "america's newsroom." ambassador gillerman, john bolton, all lined up with their reaction. and we have a guest on the murder on russia. we'll see you at the top of the hour. . that dares to work all the way until... [birds chirping] the am. new aleve pm.
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. a fox news alert. overnight iraqi troops carrying out a major offensive. military operation against isis in tikrit. government forces trying to take back hussein's hometown. what needs to be done there? >> we're going to ask former united states navy s.e.a.l. rob o'neil, the man who killed bin laden. he's joining us now on the curvy couch. we thank you for your service, for all you've done. describe what you know about what's going on. >> what's going on right now, i think is there was a plan put out to retake mosul, which is the largest city held by isis. it was -- there was some people not happy about that being released, so i think tikrit is sort of a see what we can do see if we can get the shia backed army to fight with the sunnis who are part of the town. this is kind of a precursor to
5:54 am
what may happen later this summer. >> senator mccain said earlier a lot of the people is people who were fought against in the surge. there might be iranern officers on the ground leading the charge, how does that make you feel? >> that's part of the problem. the sectarian violence has always been there. the obviously the government and army is backed by the shia, some of the militiaman. and you have the sunnis, even in the towns of tucreak and mosul who have to deal with the shia coming in and whether or not they are loyal to isis. >> there have been plans to take mosul, not take it. >> mosul is very important. because it's almost like a design thing, part of the caliphate. when they took mosul they could declare a caliphate.
5:55 am
that's their spot, the most populated city that isis owns. it's very symbolic. tikrit is a -- >> the weigh station? >> i think it could be. >> can mosul be taken back without the american forces on the ground? >> i don't think so. their rules of engagement will be very restricted. we will have people there on the ground working with sunnis, shias and the kurds to direct some of the air power. >> how long is this attack in tikrit going to take if it goes well? >> if it goes well, maybe a few weeks. last time they tried to take it, it didn't last very long and they kind of backed out of it. it's interesting it depends on what kind of coalition we can get on the ground. >> on iraqi television, they said if you put down your arms now you're not going to face any redemption. >> if they let the shia come in if they don't.
5:56 am
>> we're coming right back with you, more. "fox and friends" just moments away. no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches. just a ram 1500 ecodiesel that gets the best fuel economy of any half-ton pickup. get more facts at
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don't miss tomorrow's edition of "fox and friends." among our guests former texas governor rick perry who wants to be the republican nominee for president. >> a complete guide to college financial aid. are you going to dance tomorrow? >> i was going to dance anyway. >> we'll have more with our navy s.e.a.l. after the show. >> financial aid is not something we understand, because we financed schools at syracuse. >> working right? >> great to see you. benjamin netanyahu arriving to a divided washington, d.c. the israeli prime minister will speak to the largest pro-israeli speech before he speaks to
6:00 am
congress tomorrow. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the white house stepping up its push for a nuclear deal with iran. netanyahu expected to speak to apac in an hour from now. he explains why negotiating with iran will be an extremely dangerous move. bill:


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