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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 2, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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going to dance anyway. >> we'll have more with our navy s.e.a.l. after the show. >> financial aid is not something we understand, because we financed schools at syracuse. >> working right? >> great to see you. benjamin netanyahu arriving to a divided washington, d.c. the israeli prime minister will speak to the largest pro-israeli speech before he speaks to congress tomorrow. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the white house stepping up its push for a nuclear deal with iran. netanyahu expected to speak to apac in an hour from now. he explains why negotiating with iran will be an extremely dangerous move. bill: not anyone from the white
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house is expected to meet with the prime minister. martha: this tense situation seems to be ramping up in the last 24 hours. >> reporter: the administration is trying to make some efforts to diffuse it. not too long ago dr. susan rice was describing this address to the joint session of congress as quote you be quote destructive. speakers to the annual washington convention of apac. last week there was an alarm that the administration might not send anyone at all. aides on both side say there was tension between the u.s. and israel before. the contentious issue is the obama administration's fervent
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effort to clinch a nuclear deal with iran. israeli officials consider the deal as it's outlined and specifics are presently understood to be an existential threat to israel because it will allow iran to keep its centrifuge uranium enrichment program despite the cheating from the past. >> israel is safer today because of the interim agreement we created. the 20% of enriched uranium has been reduced to zero. we stopped the flu tone -- stopped the blue the plutonium reactor in its tracks.
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>> reporter: iran may be able to stroll towards and not have to make a break for nuclear capability. martha: tell us about the two big speeches? >> reporter: this moment is fraught with peril as well as opportunity for the israeli leader. now in his second stint as israel's prime minister since he used a red marker on a diagram of a bomb. his speech at apac will be a dry run for his speech to congress tomorrow. also israel still retains the ability to strike militarily at iran's nuclear apparatus.
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election day in israel just two weeks away. bill: the relationship between netanyahu and barack obama has been rocky but recently the relationship has gone to a new level. >> the animosity between the white house and the prime minister is no secret but they certainly made it worse the last 5, 6 weeks. bill: remember when the story broke. you can debate whether the notification was sufficient time. but this in your words has become an ugly spectacle. >> there are so many different levels. delays conflict between the united states and israel and a difficult conflict between president obama and congress. mostly republicans but some
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democrats, too over this visit. the bitter conflict is the iranian nuclear deal. there are concerns the president is basically about to give away the store. he threatened to veto any congressional action that would require review of the deal. congress is looking for a way of influencing this deal. bill: nothing is public yet. a lot has been reported. but one of the bigger issues is the battle over balance of power. congress does and will have a say on any deal or sanctions on iran. >> there is a large domestic con tocchet this fight between the obama administration and israel. that is both president obama and congress are having this fight
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over separation of powers. members of congress believe in a number of issues the president encroached on congress's power to make law and they are encroaching on the president's power to make foreign policy. john boehner says we are inviting benjamin netanyahu to speak because we can. you see the executive branch and the legislative branch banging up against each other. bill: when netanyahu left israel tuesday he said he was speaking for all the jewish people. >> i think it's a rather arrogant statement. i think the jewish community is like any other communities.
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there are different points of view. i think that arrogance does not befit israel, candidly. bill: about two dozen democratic senators won't be there tomorrow, but still the room will be packed. the deadline with iran is three weeks away. what is netanyahu's mission today and tomorrow. >> to strengthen the hands of americans trying to force president obama to demand a tougher deal with iran. and to perhaps have a deal to reimpose sanctions if these talks go nowhere because sanctions were working before the president let up on them. but senator feinstein did point to a lot of disagreement not just he monday american jews but among americans and israelis about this visit. there are a lot of people who support the prime minister's mission here but a number of
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people oppose it and think it is a bad idea. there is no consensus that will emerge from this visit. bill: high drama. byron york, thank you. martha: as we await benjamin netanyahu's speech to apa dplrks an hour from now what do we make of secretary of state john kerry john kerry's statement that the deal has made america safer. bill: we'll do a joint show tomorrow from new york and washington, d.c. martha: a fierce new battle is raging in iraq. state tv reporting that iraqi forces are launching a new operation to take back tikrit, the hometown of saddam hussein
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from isis. the northern town was captured by the terror group last summer. the iraqi prime minister warning those to who joined isis to lay down their arms and help liberate that city. connor, what can you tell us about this operation. >> reporter: there are 27,000 iraqis taking part in this. but there are several hour shiia millihas backed by iran that are also participating on this assault on tikrit. but there are fighters from the shiia militias as well. it's obviously the hometown of former strongman saddam hussein. iraqi tv says pro-government forces attacked the city today using artillery and airstrikes
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carried out by the iraqi air force. we heard they don't have much, much a credible air force. but iraqi officials are claim something success there whether they will be able to hold the city, that's a large question. martha: you mentioned there is a iranian shiite militia force fighting beside them. we have a coalition put together to peel back isis but does that complicate factors that iran is involved in this? >> reporter: iran has been involved in this from the start. they have had shiia militias backed by iran fighting isis long before the u.s. international coalition began. it was a question officials had to answer, whether they were willing to coordinate with iran in fighting isis. the administration and the european leaders said they don't have a choice. in order to defeat isis they will have to be on the same side
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as iran and bashar al-assad in syria. a complicated trend in this crisis. bill: the islamic state has released at least 19 christians. they were among the christians abducted in cyril yeah last week. no word on why they were released. still a lot of concern over the fate of the hundreds still being held captive by isis. martha: new surveillance video possibly capturing three teenaged girls traveling to join up with the terror group. plus this. bill: shots ring out on new cell phone video. the police shooting that was captured on video. martha: rand paul pulling off a
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hat trick. could the kentucky senator pull off the wig win? >> we must rise and stand with our forefathers who stared down the king. we must rise as freemen and women and reclaim our birth right. we must protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
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martha: turkish media broadcasting this surveillance video of three british girls dressed in heavy jackets and carrying back packs. the families of the three girls have begged for them to come home in statements and interviews. bill: there is a new battle that has begun against isis trying recapture saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. this is where the action will be in iraq from bag duped mosul. but at the moment tikrit, saddam's former hometown, can the iraqi forces be successful?
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kt mcfarland, good morning to you. can you answer that question? can isis be defeated in this battle here? >> having taken this battle to isis, if the iraqi military is unsuccessful you have to look at a different bat until middle east where isis looks like it can capture and hold territory. that's their goal. to continue to expand throughout the region. bill: you have you anyone fight nerlts iraqi army fighting alongside shiia militias backed by iran. are they beth willing to fight and win knowing the isis fight rerls willing to die? >> that's the best question of all because there are three groups fighting each oath. isis which is sunni. iraqies army with the shiite
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militia and then the third group that's starting to emerge, that's egypt that be jordan and maybe saudi arabia. and the big question is which side is the united states going to be on? the american hope was we could have everybody fight together against isis. bill: you say the issue is much bigger than just the town of 300,000 i believe is the number i saw. if you go back to the map and look at where isis is spreading we'll show if you western iraq and northeastern syria and this is a map that we have shown quite often. those are the territories they still control. on the global map you see is very spreading to algeria and libya and the far east and indonesia and the philippines. you have a comprehensive strategy that you believe we've should pursue. >> if we are talking about whether we can retake tikrit or
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mosul, it's so much bigger than this. this is radical islamic jihad making war on western civilization. they are all in the same ideology. they feel they have been chosen and directed by allah to destroy western civilization. but they are recruiting, they are getting the momentum behind them. how do we stop them? i don't think you stop them. i think you stop them with a whole bigger picture. you need an economic components. where is that money coming from? does it mean you bomb oil field that is very controls? you bet. where we say radical islam and western civilization are not morally equivalent. the crusade is not isis.
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they take our people like sheep and butcher them. we need to turn that down. and no more ransom and negotiation. we'll put bounty on your head and it does need a military component. but it can't be just american boots on the ground. it has to be a coalition as you points out at the beginning takes on moderate sunnis. bill: we have 3,000 american boots on the ground, let's not suggest we do not. congratulations on your award you won in washington. >> it's a clare booth award to encourage women to be strong conservative women and have a say in their lives. martha: thousands marching over
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the weekend after an outspoken oh own end of vladimir putin is shot dead on the street. new video may provide clues in that attack. bill: a travel nightmare for millions of flights that should have take knowledge an hour. the weather system pounds us again in early march. >> every time they say 15 more minutes. people start laughing. so we heard that before. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with walk-in medical care, no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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bill: this is a travel nightmare. passengers spend more than 8 hours inside an airplane waiting for it to take off. and it was suppose to be a 30 minute walk from dallas, oklahoma city. some passengers said people
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started kick each other's seats as the tensions boiled over inside. >> by the end of the day everybody was frustrated. everybody wanted to go home. there was a lot of yelling back and forth between people. tensions were high. >> reporter: the nasty winter weather keeping that plane ground in texas like this one. a lot of black ice. dangerous conditions in the south. that weather system running up through the east coast that affected millions sunday. martha: mourners continuing to lay flowers at the site in moscow where boris nemtsov was gunned down a day before his planned protest against the putin government. grainy video shows the moment when he was walking along the
6:26 am
bridge right before he was shot. they will be analyzing that video and make it as close as they to be figure out what happened. do we know anything more than that amy? rue * as you can see from that grainy footage. to the naked eye it's difficult to make out what's going on. it may be terribly useful for experts. but all we can tell is that a snow plow appears to be blocking the view of nemtsov and his girlfriend. the fear among many russians is nobody will be held accountable. but the government says they will do everything they can to find out who is behind what they call a despicable crime. he had become a leading in the opposition night putin years.
6:27 am
the opposition was incredibly weakened. he never gave up campaigning against corruption, and for accountability. there was a march of,000 carrying flowrlses and slogans say we have no fear and propaganda kills. nemtsov planned a bold march for yesterday. some at the march said they would not have bothered to go to the anti-war march but they felt it was important to go to the rally to protest his killing. bill: high drama on capitol hill. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu gearing up to address the largest pro israeli group in the nation. the head of his controversial
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speech to congress tuesday on iran's nuclear program what will he say? martha: the lapd is under fire for this video capturing an officer hitting a homeless man on skid row. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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bill: democratic senator barbara mccull mckulski is set to retire. word from washington just a moment ago. martha: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu set to speak before the largest conservative
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group. samantha power is one of two representatives from the obama administration authorize will today. a lot of members of congress will not be there tomorrow when he addresses both sessions of congress. top republican law makers agree with him. here is senator lindsey graham. >> every day we talk about something other than the threat from iran is a bad day for us. to the president i expect congress will reject yoirn is tense that we shut up and go in a corn and not have a say. martha: good to have you here, sir, good morning to you. >> good morning it's good to be with you. martha: i want to get your reaction overall to the way this has been hand.
6:33 am
the president the vice president, many democrats will not be present at the speech tomorrow at all. >> i think it could have been handled better on both side. i think some mistakes may have been made. but i think the reaction by the white house and president is totally out of proportion. because at the end of the day there may have been other ways to do it. but the prime minister of israel is in your capital and vows to deliver a speech to your congress your elected officials. he's doing that out after sense of urgency and anxiety because he feels the deal that may be signed with iran is a bad deal which will endanger israel and civilization as we know it. it's very strange to me that while the secretary of state is hugging the foreign minister of iran and the president is
6:34 am
exchanging letters with the ayatollah comainy the supreme leader of that terrorist state they are snucking their closest ally the leader of the a strategic partner that is at forefront of the fight against taish rifle. that to me is unacceptable. even if there was a breach of protocol, they have to understand for israel this is not about protocol. this is about life and death. with israel being the canary in the coal mine, they are coming with a wakeup call that i hope will be heard on the hill and those in the white house. martha: you mention the relationship the president has built with khomeini in iran. he says he has a true understanding of what their intentions are based on his
6:35 am
relationship with them. israel obviously has a different take on how much you can trust them. >> i hope the president has a good understanding of the iranian intentions. fan he does he will make sure this deal prevents iran from ever becoming nuclear. but it's not only about intentions. iran is the main harbor and perpetrator of terror in the world. he has the blood of thousands of americans on his hands. he still carries out terror activities not on with its approximaties hamas in our region but in every part of the world including south america. that's the country we are dealing with, the country that has pledged to wipe israel off the face of the map which is preparing the next holocaust while denying the holocaust.
6:36 am
it's you be acceptable. >> israel is safer today and that is the standard that we'll apply to any agreement going forward. it is the guarantee that we'll know that iran cannot develop a nuclear weapon under the procedure we are putting in place. martha: they are telling your country not to worry they know they will be able to broker a deal that will keep your country safe and you don't sounds like you have a lot of confidence in that. >> i have a lot of respect for secretary kerry. but unfortunately past history does not really support his statement. i think the u.s. said to the shaw of iran he's safe and he threw him under a bus and
6:37 am
replaced him with ayatollahs. one day america woke up to a nuclear north korea. iran is seeking them out of the aspiration. as graterful as we are for the american support and israel's safety, at the end of the day we have to weigh the situation and make tough decisions because it's us confronting iran together with the rest of the world. begum said one day who by the way was condemned by the united states for bombing the nuclear reactor in iraq. just imagine if you dam hussein had nuclear weapons. begum said he would rather have the world criticize a living
6:38 am
israel than eulogize a dead israel. that's how benjamin netanyahu feels. he feels he's on a mission. i wish the president of the united states would mow more empathy and understanding in the situation israel find it self. rather than snub the prime minister, welcome him in and talk to him in order together prevent this evil regime from becoming nuclear and threaten civilization as we know it. martha: some strange times sir. ambassador, thank you very much. bill: this is the ambassador to the u.n. samantha power talking about israel and iran. she just stepped to the microphone. let's drop in real quick and see what she has to say. [applause]
6:39 am
this is aipac the largest israeli-american organization you will find. there will be several speeches today. power first then netanyahu. >> it is why we have stood by israel's side every minute since. our commitments to our partnership with israel are bedrock commitments rooted in shared fundamental values cemented through decade of bipartisan reinforcement. this partnership should never be politicized and it cannot and will not be tarnished or broken. [applause]
6:40 am
now, debating the most effective policy within our respective policies is more than useful. it's a necessary part of arriving at informed decisions. the stakes are too high for that. on policy the negotiations we have entered into with our negotiations with iran have generated reasonable debate. my colleague and dear friend national security adviser susan rice will speak in department will iran later tonight. but i'm struck when i read about alleged policy dings on the iran nuclear negotiations i rarely see mention of the foundational strategic agreement been the united states and israel.
6:41 am
bill: this comes at a critical time when many in washington have observed the relationship between washington and israel has not been this strained in decades. and at a critical time. you are three weeks away from this deadline in the united states and iran. so that is what is on the table as we continue this heated debate from our nation's capital. back there in a moment. martha: a massive brawl breaks out inside a new york city deli. we'll tell what you happened that led to noles -- led to those fists flying. bill: senator rand paul at cpac. but he has been there before. >> will you lovers of liberty will you rise to the occasion?
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martha: the u.n. am bass doirs still speaking. samantha power. she reiterated that the united states will not she says, allow iran to get a nuclear weapon period. very strong statement from samantha power. now netanyahu in 10 minutes will take the stage following her. all that coming up live. >> the winner of the cpac 2015 presidential straw poll is rand paul. bill: kentucky senator rand paul winning cpac. the third year in a row for paul. scott walker came in second followed by texas senator ted
6:46 am
cruz and ben carson was fourth and jeb bush finished number 5. ladies, good morning to both of you. there is also news on hillary clinton. we'll get to clinton next. two years ago scott wearing said a plan to citizenship made sense. now he's against that. >> my view has changed. candidates can say that. sometimes they don't. >> you changed from 2013. >> absolutely. i talked to governors on the bored and others. i talked to people across across america. the concerns i have is that we need to secure the border. bill: what did we learn about scott walker this weekend? >> that's tough question because we learned a lot about scott walker this weekend.
6:47 am
there was good energy at cpac, although rand paul won which he won three years in a row. scott walker started to make a name for himself. scott walker has been very quiet the last couple years about running for president. now he's become more vocal and cpac gave him that opportunity to present himself and present his ideas for moving forward and if he decide to run for president. bill: maryanne what do you think? you think he made two big mistakes. what are they? >> he had to great performances. this is within of the big mistakes. when you change a position, you look traction actional. he did it this quickly and glibly. that doesn't make you look trustworthy. people are still getting to know scott walker. when you change positions like
6:48 am
this it may not hurt him now but it can be fatal. when you change positions on something as big ason. bill: he told wallace i'm flat out saying it. walker and paul put all that to the side. hillary clinton. the news from today is she'll announce her candidates candidacy in april which would be sooner than expected. >> actually when you go back to last year we expected hillary clinton to declare earlier than april. we thought she would give an official announcement at this point. but what this has to do with is donors. they are saying we are not willing to cut the checks unless we know you are officially running. she'll hopefully make an announcement in april. they will be able to goal after
6:49 am
her. this politically isn't necessarily going to be great for her. there is a lot of questions about her time at the state department that are coming up. bill: you would think those questions are inevitable. they will come up in time. marianne you believe that hillary clinton needs to get in the coffee shops. what do you mean? >> i think the timing her announcement is not as important as how she uses her time. the best way she can use her time is to go into coffee shops. don't go into iowa. go into coffee shops around the country and just talk with people. when she spends time with people like she did in new hampshire in 2008, she gets to hear people's concerns. she gets her legs under beneath her. she was a terrific campaigner in new hampshire and she beat
6:50 am
president obama. as great a campaigner as president obama was in 2008 and 2012 it's because he spent time with people. bill: thanks to both of you ladies. questions about the clinton foundation that will know go away as you know. thanks to both of you. martha: we are minutes away from benjamin netanyahu's speech to aipac. john bolton is coming on next on what we might expect to hear. all that coming up live.
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martha: samantha power ambassador to the united states from the united states. benjamin netanyahu will be making that stand himself. samantha power said moments ago the united states will never let iran get a nuclear weapon period. john bolton is former ambassador to the u.n. and it's good to have you here today. samantha power just made some strong statements. she got a lot of applause from the crowd. she says under no circumstances will the united states allow iran to get a nuclear weapon, period. >> that is what president obama has been saying for the last six years and it's simply not true. iran continues to make progress in terms of iranian enrichment and its weaponnization
6:55 am
activities. in terms of its ballistic missile programs. the on thing that this point that will stop iran is a military strike. and the president although he says all options are on the table is not repaired to do that. i think the deal is really going to give iran a clean path towards getting nuclear weapons. rhetoric is not going to stop them. martha: how much of this has to do with the iran deal. it appears he feels he understands their minds better than netanyahu does. >> barack obama and his entire administration are like putty in the hands of the hard men of history in iran. they have been massage can this deal for years. they have been negotiating with the west for 13 or 14 years. they have steadily used that time to advance their nuclear
6:56 am
weapons program. and that's what this negotiation is about. they will sign this deal in perhaps a matter of days. you know what this deal is for the ayatollahs? it's just a resting place until next negotiation starts. the next negotiation will start because they will violate the deal before thing is dry. i think that's something barack obama has never understood. you listen to what they say about the protections provided in the deal. every concession iran has made in the past year and a half is temporary, minimal and easily reversible. they are fully prepared to continue their work toward nuclear weapons. this is all blue smoke and mirrors. bill: retaking tikrit.
6:57 am
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martha: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about to address an influential pro-israel group in washington. this comes one day before his big speech. that happens tomorrow. that will be to congress of course, to warn against a possible nuclear deal with iran. welcome, everybody brand new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm martha mack. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning on this monday. prime minister about to sound the alarm laying out his objections to the nuclear negotiations which israel fears would allow iran to develop nuclear weapons. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry warning public discussions of certain details will only make it harder to reach an ultimate deal. martha: steve hayes, writer, "weekly standard," fox news contributor. he joins us now. >> good morning martha. martha: interesting watching
7:01 am
samantha power up there. she got a few big rounds of applause she quoted john f. kennedy, pointing out that the administration tactic on this, you need to discuss things with your enemies. the president has clearly built a much closer relationship with rouhani and khomeni than any previous president, that's for sure. >> she really did make that point. i thought there were two things i came away with her speech that was particularly interesting. the first was repeated calls at beginning of her remarks for avoidance of the politicization of these kinds of issues. i think one could argue that the administration has politicized this they really fought back, pushed back on netanyahu, on israel very hard over past couple weeks. there have been big stories written exactly how the administration sought to counter the netanyahu speech. i think politicization argument foes both ways. second point she seems to take
7:02 am
the administration back rhetorically at least, to the original position on iran. iran will not get nuclear weapons. as you heard from john bolton the negotiations, certainly what we read about the negotiations over the last couple weeks suggested that the administration shifted away that original goal is okay with a iranian nuclear weapon at some point down the road after iran crosses all of these hurdles. she seemed rhetorically trying to get back to that original administration position. i think there were probably many, many skeptics in the room as she made that claim. martha: we heard that from john kerry, reiterated last week as well and from the president reiterated they will not get a nuclear weapon period because obviously that is the concern that has risen in a lot of people's minds. i'm interested in the big picture here. when you look at relationship we had with iran it has changed dramatically over the course of this administration. we're basically partnering with them right now in tikrit.
7:03 am
you have got shiite militias fighting alongside iraqi soldiers who are fighting back against isis. all of that part of a larger coalition we have. you can argue they have taken prominent positions in damascus, egypt, all over the middle east over the course of this administration. >> i don't think there is any question that barack obama came to office believing that one of the ways he could leave his mark on the presidency on this country, was by encouraging a new era with iran. there is no doubt about that. it has been his position from the beginning of the administration. he started writing letters to the supreme leader almost immediately upon taking office. every time iranians pushed back sometimes insulting the president, the president held that at bay. he did not rush to judgment. he said i want to have better relations with iran. i think at times choosing to ignore the reality on the ground of what iran was up to not just with its nuclear program but it is continued involvement with
7:04 am
al qaeda sponsorship of al qaeda, its training of al qaeda officials. its allowance of free transit and safe haven for al qaeda officials in iran but this president is determined to have better relations with iran, almost facts notwithstanding. martha: it seems, she talked about our longstanding relationship and alliance with israel. the president had an opportunity here to if that is what he want todd do embrace both sides he could say yes, netanyahu is our ally. israel is our ally. we'll stand by him. we'll show up and hear the speech and convince them we're right about iran. >> yeah, i mean i think that could have been the more responsible thing to do and arguably could be more successful path for this president. if he wanted to engage iran be sort of tough-minded about it, but thought diplomacy is the way to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon, use leverage, democrat and republican in the
7:05 am
united states by leveraging negotiations with iran. look, i'm your best friend here. these folks don't want me to be even engaged in these conversations, i'm trying to help. martha: absolutely if you don't stick to your word iran, you know that israel, is more than willing to strike at the heart of that nuclear program if they think you're up to no good. it is an interesting tactic they have taken. i want to let everyone know, what you're looking at aipac is the person who will introduce benjamin netanyahu. as soon as that gets underway. we'll certainly take you there live. as you point out, steve. so much is put into this. the president has been very wary of any financial sanctions against iran, to impose this or more serious ones that some people argued for putting the military option clearly on the table as part of muscle in this deal. that has a lot of people worried. >> it does. if you look at the way the president handled this even original congressional sanctions
7:06 am
on iran, president opposed those. lobbied members of congress and members of his own party not to push for tighter sanctions on iran despite we discover ad secret nuclear facility back in 2009. the president basically sought to engage iran, i would say accommodate iran at virtually every stage of his presidency. back in june of 2009 when you had the revolution because the mullahs fixed elections in june 2009, the president spent almost a week without criticizing the violent suppression of that revolution. he was wary of even challenging the mullahs rhetorically in that instance. then we had the discovery that the president had some harsh words but not nearly as tough as gordon brown the perform former prime minister of britain and nicolas sarkozy former prime minister of france. all throughout his administration he sought to look at iran in the most positive light. he has as the end goal warmer
7:07 am
relations between the united states and iran. martha: fascinating. steve, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> see on the side of your screen, now on your whole screen. this is the person who is introducing benjamin netanyahu. we're waiting for the speech. just moments away. we'll take you there live. bill: that is bob cohen. we could dip in a moment. he does the intro obviously for benjamin netanyahu. he said on the tarmac before he left tel aviv yesterday he comes to america what he believes is something that is paramount to the israeli people and he speaks on behalf of all the jewish people when he comes here. the big event tomorrow, bipartisan meeting in house of representatives. today, this is the largest israeli american organization you will find in this country. this is a very influential group that netanyahu wants to address first. speech should go about 15 or 20 minutes. we don't know if today's message will be the same as tomorrow. it will certainly touch on some
7:08 am
similar things and themes we expect to hear. martha: hold back for tomorrow what he saves for his speech in congress and what he decides to share in his speech today. benjamin netanyahu has a mission. he wants to protect israel and secure it deep into the future. that is what he sees a the main reason for leadership of that country. he is here to tell the united states how strongly he feels bit. he feels this president is on the wrong path doing so. bill: to be clear nobody knows about the negotiations or deal that could be strike or might be struck or won't be struck in the end but what netanyahu is making case he knows details about what they are talking about. that is simply unacceptable to the people of israel. that is a big point he will make over the next two days. remember speaker boehner invited benjamin netanyahu to washington. that afternoon when the news break, speaker boehner said the white house was notified this morning, his words, his quote. we can debate whether or not that was enough notification on the administration.
7:09 am
here we go. benjamin netanyahu on monday. [applause] >> anyone here from california? [shouting] >> florida? [shouting] >> new york? [shouting] >> these are the easy ones. how about colorado? [applause] >> indiana? [applause] >> i think i got it. montana? texas! [applause] you're here in record numbers. you're here from coast to coast. from every part of this great land. and you're here at a critical time. you're here to tell the world that reports of the demise of the israeli-u.s. relation is not
7:10 am
only premature, they're just wrong. [applause] you're here to tell the world that our alliance is stronger than ever. [applause] and because of you, and millions like you across this great country it is going to get even stronger in the coming years. [applause] thank you bob cohen michael howard and all the leadership of aipac. thank you. [applause] for your tireless, dedicated work to strengthen the partnership between israel and the united states. i want to thank most especially, members of congress, democrats and republicans, i deeply
7:11 am
appreciate your steadfast support for israel year in, year out. you have our boundless gratitude. [applause] i want to welcome president zemen of the czech republic. [applause] mr. president, israel never forgets its friends and the czech people have always been steadfast friends of israel, the jewish people, from the days of thomas mosirk, at the inception much zionism. when i introduced israeli army in 1967 i received a czech rifle, a czech rifle. that is one of the rifles given
7:12 am
to us by your people in our time of need in 1948. thank you for being here today. [applause] also here are two great friends of israel, former prime minister of spain jose maria aznar. [applause] and his last month former canadian foreign minister, john baird. [applause] thank you both for your unwavering support, you're two champions of israel and you're
7:13 am
two champions of the truth. [applause] i also want to recognize u.s. ambassador to israel dan shapiro for your genuine friendship dan, and the great job you're doing representing the united states and the state of israel. [applause] and i want to recognize the two rones. i want to thank ambassador ron fresor for ex-assembly -- exemplary job at u.n. in a very difficult forum.
7:14 am
[applause] thank you. and i want to recognize the other ron, a man who knows how to take the heat israel's ambassador to the united states, ron dermer. [applause] ron, i couldn't be prouder to have you represent israel in washington. finally i want to recognize my wife sara, whose courage in the face of adversity is an inspiration to me. [applause] sara divides her time as a child
7:15 am
psychologist, as a loving mother and her public duties as the wife of the prime minister. sara i'm so proud to have you here with me today to have you with me at my side always. [applause] i bring greetings to you from jerusalem, our eternal undivided capital. [applause] and i also bring to you news that you may not have heard. see, i will being speaking in congress tomorrow. [applause]
7:16 am
you know, never has so much been written about a speech that hasn't been given. [laughing] and i'm not going to speak today about the content of that speech. but i do want to say a few words about the purpose of that speech. first, let me clarify, what is not the purpose of that speech. my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. [applause]
7:17 am
i deeply appreciate all that president obama has done for israel. security cooperation. intelligence sharing. support at the u.n. and much more, some things that i as prime minister of israel can not even divulge to you because it remains in the realm of the confidences that are kept between an american president and an israeli prime minister. i am deeply grateful for this support and so should you be. [applause] my speech is also not intended to inject israel into the american partisan debate. an important reason why our alliance has grown stronger, decade after decade, is that it is been championed by both party, and so, it must remain.
7:18 am
[applause] both democratic and republican presidents worked together with friends from both sides of the aisle in congress to strengthen israel and our alliance between our two countries and working together they have provided israel with generous military assistance and missile defense spending. we've seen how important that is just last summer. working together they have made israel the first free trade partner of america 30 years ago and its first official strategic partner last year. [applause] they backed israel in defending itself in war and in our efforts to achieve a durable peace with our neighbors. working together has made israel stronger working together has made our alliance stronger.
7:19 am
[applause] and that is why the last thing that anybody who cares about israel, the last thing that i would want is for israel to become a partisan issue and i regret that some people have misperceived my visit here this week as doing that. israel has always been a bipartisan issue israel should always remain a bipartisan issue. [applause] ladies and gentlemen the purpose of my address to congress tomorrow is to speak up about a potential deal with iran that could threaten the survival of israel. iran is the foremost state
7:20 am
sponsor of terrorism in the world. look at that graph. look at that map that you see on the wall. it shows iran training, arming, dispatching terrorists on five continents. iran envelopes the entire world with its tentacles of terror. this is what iran is doing now without nuclear weapons. imagine what iran would do with nuclear weapons and this same iran vows to annihilate israel if it develops nuclear weapons it would have the means to achieve that goal. we must not let that happen! [applause] and as prime minister of israel
7:21 am
i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there is still time to avert them. for 2000 years my people the jewish people, were stateless, defenseless, voiceless. we were utterly powerless bense our enemies who swore to destroy us. we suffered relentless persecution and horrific attacks. we could never speak in our own behalf, and we could not defend ourselves. well no more! [applause] no more. the days when the jewish people are passive in the face of threats to annihilate us, those days are over. [cheers and applause]
7:22 am
today in our sovereign state of israel we defend ourselves. [applause] and being able to defend ourselves we allow with others most importantly the united states of america to defend our common civilization against common threats. [applause] in our part of the world and increasingly in every part of the world no one makes alliances with the weak. you seek out those who have strength, those who have resolve, those who have
7:23 am
determination to fight for themselves. that's how alliances are formed. so we defend ourselves and in so doing, create the basis of a broader alliance and today we are no longer silent. today we have a voice! [applause] and tomorrow tomorrow, as prime minister of the one and only jewish state i plan to use that voice. [applause] i plan to speak about an iranian regime that is threatening to destroy israel, that's devouring country after country in the
7:24 am
middle east. that's exporting terror throughout the world. and that is developing as we speak, the capacity to make nuclear weapons, lots of them. ladies and gentlemen, israel and the united states agree that iran should not have nuclear weapons. but we disagree on the best way to prevent iran from developing those weapons. now disagreements among allies only natural from time to time, even among closest of allies. because there are important differences between america and israel. the united states of america is a large country, one of the largest. israel is a small country, one of the smallest. america lives in one of the
7:25 am
world's safest neighborhoods. israel lives in the world's most dangerous neighborhood. america is the strongest power in the world. israel is strong but it's much more vulnerable. american leaders worry about the security of their country. israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country. you know -- [applause] i think that encapsulates the difference. i've been prime minister of israel for nine years. there is not a single day not one day that i didn't think about the survival of my country and the actions that i take to insure that survival not one day. [applause] and because of these differences
7:26 am
america and israel have had some serious disagreements over the course of our nearly 70-year-old friendship. that started with the beginning. in 1948 secretary of state george marshall opposed david ben-gurion's intention to declare statehood. that is an understatement. he vehemently opposed it. but ben-gurion understanding what was at stake went ahead and declared israel's independence. in 1967 as a arab noose was tightening around israel's neck, the united states warned the prime minister, if israel acted alone, it would be alone. but israel did act acted alone to defend itself. in 1981, under the leadership of prime minister menachim begin
7:27 am
israel destroyed the nuclear reactor. [applause] the united states criticized is rainfall and suspended arms transfers for three months. in 2002, after the worst wave of palestinian terror attacks in israel's history, prime minister charron launched operation defensive shield. the united states demanded that israel withdraw it is troops immediately but that sharon continued until the operation was completed. there is a reason i mentioned all of these. [applause] i mention to make a point. despite occasional disagreements, the friendship between america and israel, grew stronger and stronger decade after decade. [applause] and our friendship will weather the current disagreement as well
7:28 am
to grow even stronger in the future. [applause] and i'll tell you why. because we share the same dreams, because we pray and hope and aspire for that same better world. because the values that unite us are much stronger than the differences that divide us. [applause] values like liberty equality justice, tolerance, compassion. as our region descends into medieval barbarism, israel is the one that upholds these values common to us and to you. [applause] as assad drops bombs on his own people israeli doctors treat his victims in our hospitals
7:29 am
right across the fence in the golan heights. [applause] as christians in the middle east are beheaded and their ancient communities are decimated israel's christian community is growing and thriving, the only one such community in the middle east! [applause] as women in the region are repressed, and enslaved and raped, women in israel serve as chief justices ceos fighter pilots. two women chief justices in a row. [applause] well, not in a row but in succession. that's pretty good.
7:30 am
in a dark and savage and desperate middle east, israel is a beacon of humanity of light, and of hope. [applause] ladies and gentlemen israel and the united states will continue to stand together because america and israel are more than friends. we're like a family. we're practically -- now disagreements in the family are always uncomfortable. we must always remember that we are family. [applause] rooted in a common heritage upholding common values sharing a common destiny and that's the message i came to tell you today. our alliance is sound, our friendship is strong and with
7:31 am
your efforts, it will get even stronger in the years to come. thank you, aipac! thank you, america! god bless you all! >> number of poignant remarks there from benjamin netanyahu. he started by saying the reports of the demise of the u.s.-israeli relations with regard to those who speak that way, quote, they are just wrong. he said my purpose here, no disrespect to president barack obama. the purpose is for a potential deal with iran that could threaten the state of israel. at one point, he said in our part of the world quote, no one makes alliances with the weak. one speech today big speech tomorrow. live from capitol hill you see it live here on fox. martha? >> let's bring in steve. let's get to you first. your impression? what was his goal there today? >> i think his goal was to reduce tensions to try to suggest that the case he's
7:32 am
making is a case on substance and that he's not -- doesn't have personal problems with the administration. now, of course there's been a lot of reporting of the anamosity between benjamin netanyahu and president obama. there's no real advantage to hyping those or play those up right now. he wants to make a substance based case about the threat from iran. this was basically his way of teeing that up teeing up tomorrow's speech. >> it felt like sort of a tease as we say in television, where you give people a sense of where you're going but there was nothing really in this speech that would be offensive or off putting. he wanted to embrace the entire congress. talked about our steadfast relationship. he made a reference to christians and women saying that their situation in israel is stronger than it is anywhere else in the middle east. he also made a reference to the days when israel is passive to
7:33 am
aggressors are over which i also thought was pretty pointed. let me ask you your response to that one. >> sure. i think he took the high road in the long view and made a clear view that israel still faces a threat and cannot afford not to live in history when it pertains to the very real cess pool whereof it lives. tomorrow is the real moment the real opportunity and israel for no doubt wants to forever remain a bipartisan issue and netanyahu rns it. his tensions have increased recently around this relationship. he did what he could to turn the temperature down in advance of tomorrow to make a clear case that iran is an extraessential deal. >> he made the reference to past frosty time after israel took
7:34 am
out a nuclear facility in iraq steve, and said we've had our differences before essentially. he's trying to open the door, it appears to reconnecting in a stronger way saying this is just part of the fabric of our relationship. come home in a sense. >> right. and you know he made a joke about the united states and israel having differences in the past and those being differences that you have within the family. i thought that was all appropriate to suggest that, you know, these are the kinds of policy differences that one might expect particularly given the different circumstances in which the israelis are today and where the united states is today but i agree with pete. what he was trying to do is refocus after all of the debate that we've heard for weeks, after all the news reporting, after reports that the administration is preparing a counter offensive for netanyahu's speech that might have at one point included a counter speech from president obama to sort of prebutting or preempting obama.
7:35 am
after all of that he's trying to refocus this debate on what really matters and that is iran the nature of the regime and nuclear weapons. >> politically it's fascinating to me that he is seeking to defuse the tension. a lot of people might say the president has not taken that sort of magnanimous approach to this whole thing and said look. of course we're close, of course we're allies of course we're friends. this didn't come down the way it should have in terms of the protocol but we'll be there and we will listen. pete, that's not what we've heard from this president at all. >> no. netanyahu has had to needle and push and prod to make sure the administration disinterested in a good deal that they're reminded about this ally that they've had some anamosity toward, some difficult moments with and so netanyahu had to go up to the line to pressure to push to force the
7:36 am
administration. samantha power said we're not going to tolerate a nuclear iran. they're pushing the administration to get them to stand by what it said in the past about no nuclear bomb and then stepping back from that once the administration said something on the record to remind them that this is a long term bipartisan relationship that we share the same goals about with these democracies so he's had to play it touch and go and i think this is a perfect example. the aipac speech before his speech tomorrow. >> i imagine the speech before congress has more teeth in it and more grit than we heard today but we'll see what happens. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> two other points you said about the deal. we really don't know what's in the deal. it's just that some has been reported in the newspaper but you imagine too, there are intelligence agencies that have access to some of the information. when he said that america worries about security israel worries about the survival and that's something that he thinks about every day. look for more of that tomorrow. in the meantime one of vladmir putin's strongest critics murdered near the kremlin.
7:37 am
>> we have a problem in belize a problem in our hospital. we spend $50 billion for what? >> that man is now dead. and he is a long time friend of the man that is killed. vladmir putin has created a culture of fear and death.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> fox new as letter now. questions surrounding the death of a top russian opposition leader gunned down friday night while walking over a bridge in sight of the kremlin. president vladmir putin condemning the murder vowing to find the killers but opposition supporters are accusing the kremlin of supporters. he was one of vladmir putin's biggest critics in russia. >> we have 20 million poor people in this country. we have a problem in belize. we have a problem in our hospital.
7:41 am
vladmir putin spent $50 billion for what? to put on a show that tells the world -- >> a show for himself. he's too expensive for russian people. >> november of 2013 talking about the cost of the olympics. human rights foundation chairman with me now in studio and good morning to you. that shows us a little bit about what he was all about. you knew him for 22 years. why would he have been a threat to the russian government based on that? >> it's from a long story. he was a very prominent figure in yeltsin's leadership. he was simply too big for vladmir putin's power. he didn't want to compromise on his principles. he wanted to see russia free and he didn't want to be part of
7:42 am
vladmir putin's repression regime. and he moved eventually to run opposition and became the most vocal critic of putin's regime, talking about corruption and vladmir putin's en gijment in the most prominent cases that led to the violation of human rights. >> he alleges that billions were stolen because of the winter games there and also he's a strong and tough critic and has been, i should say of what's happening in eastern ukraine as well. and there is a rally scheduled for this weekend that he was going to headline. >> yes. absolutely. we know that he was about to release his new report to prove the presence of russian troops in eastern ukraine. borris was the fiercest critic of forces in ukraine and i think that makes putin angry.
7:43 am
>> do you think that vladmir putin gave the order to kill him? >> i believe in presumption of innocence, that if it's not putin, it's someone so close to him because this murder took place in the most protected area in moscow maybe in the world. there are more video cameras there than the fort knox and to tell us they couldn't find the car and look. the federal security service is in charge of protecting the kremlin area had no information about these people examine to see some of the -- some of this, that the camera couldn't catch the face of the killer. there's so many questions and the killer who can make six shots in two seconds and then ee evaporate in thin air, that gives you an idea of what
7:44 am
happened there and i believe it was a murder. not vladmir putin some people very very close to him because that's a signal. if you speak out against vladmir putin, even if you're borris you're dead. >> you write today regardless of whether or not vladmir putin is responsible to give the order, there's no doubt he's directly responsible for creating the conditions in which these outrageous occurred with such terrible frequency. >> it's hard to imagine the hatred that is pumped into the air by push an propaganda by vladmir putin propaganda machine and it has no positive agenda. it's all about hate. hating americans, hating jews, hating ukrainians condemning the fixed columns, national craters, enemies of the state. billboards, giant billboards with faces of borris and a few other leaders were spread around moscow and everyone could see them condemned as enemies of the
7:45 am
state. i grou up daib gru-- grew up in the soviet union. my mother tells me she can't remember such a concentrated amount of hatred and propaganda death and destruction ever in her life. >> if it is true, and there's some who believe that putin would be responsible for something like this, the question is why? why now? does it have anything to do with how the united states is responding to the ukraine? anything to do with the iranian negotiations going on right now that you know this administration wants to find a resolution to the iranian nuclear program. >> from history we know that no dictator ever stopped on his successes. if he believes he's successful he moves forward. he will stop only when he is stopped. putin believes that the west and especially this administration the united states, that is weak and he's looking for a timetable.
7:46 am
22 months. he can do whatever he wants to do. and eliminating any prominent opposition leaders from russia is part of his agenda. >> based on the moscow legal system do you think we will ever know who is responsible? >> it's a whole jungle there and it's one man dictatorship. as long as putin is sitting there, we'll never know the truth about borris and others and we'll never see peace. vladmir putin is a ring leader. someone who is a godfather in the world. he already sits on the nucleus stockpile. >> thank you and our regards to you for the loss of your friend. >> thanks much. >> thank you for your time. martha? >> tensions are rising today in los angeles after police shot and killed a homeless man. amateur video of that
7:47 am
altercation is going viral. take a look. people wailing and crying in the streets. shots fired, this moments after someone yelled drop the gun. police were responding to a robbery call early sunday and the altercation ensued during a struggle for one of the officer's guns. listen. >> during that altercation, at least one less an lethal twice, a taser was deployed. at this time we still do not know if the taser struck the suspect. after that the struggle continued and an officer involved shooting occurred. >> one officer had minor injuries. the department is in the middle of as you would expect, an investigation. >> 12 minutes before the hour. honoring the man who made the ultimate sacrifice for america's security. and a brand new memorial paying tribute to the memory of u.s.
7:48 am
border patrol agent brian terry. >> this sculpture, the iconic image of brian carrying his team member on his shoulders represents everything good about brian. his strength his determination, his attention to detail, his love for border patrol and his love for his fellow agents.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
jon: you didn't hear much of it in his speech to aipac but tensions are thick over netanyahu's visit to the u.s. israeli prime minister ready to make his case against a nuclear iran to congress. how his thorny relationship with the obama administration will be put to the test plus potential g.o.p. candidate scott walker taking media criticism of him
7:52 am
head on. will intense scrutiny of the wisconsin governor make or break his campaign? today could be decision day in the jodi arias case. the arizona jury on day three of deliberations. will the convicted killer die for her crime or spend the rest of her life in prison? we'll have it for you "happening now." >> thank you jon. there's a search underway in new york city right now. police searching for seven suspects involved in this fight at a deli overnight in the bronx. they say a verbal spat sparked it. it left three people in the early 20's injured. nypd asking anyone with information to call the crime stopper hotline in the end they got away with 56 bucks and two cell phones. and one trashed deli. >> islamic state terror group now expanding into libya. we've been talking about this for several weeks. they're now setting up training camps according to the latest
7:53 am
reports and support networks there as well turning libya into a new base of isis operations. chief intelligence correspondent live on this in washington. so what are we learning about this now? >> thank you martha. good morning. senior u.s. official confirms that more than a dozen isis members from iraq and syria are now operating in libya but the u.s. does not have the authority targeting authority to take them out. counter terrorism sources confirm the new support base for isis in libya providing tangible experience through training camps in east libya around durham and the growing number of fighters in syria and iraq. senior most intelligence official said half a dozen groups including isis are using the north african country as a safe haven. >> from intelligence perspective, we, i think clearly need to step up our game
7:54 am
from a perspective where we can operate. i think there's a lot of merit to partnering with french who have sort of staked out their claim in the saw hill region of north africa. disrespect also included the intelligence community should spend their own spy planes to libya or partner with france that already has air assets in the region to work out how many isis members are in country and what threat they pose to u.s. interests, martha. >> and who is leading isis in that part of libya? >> this is one of the most significant developments. one of the leaders is a former member of an al qaeda linked network, islamic fighting group. he was seen by the u.s. and many members of congress as a willing partner in the overthrow of the dictator muammar qaddafi in 2011. he's firmly aligned with isis and in the training camps in libya. the execution of 21 egyptian
7:55 am
christians is also seen as a strength in eastern libya and their comfort operating there and design to further draw in ee gym. libya's new position reflects one of the most significant policy failures of the arab spring. >> thank you very much. >> there's a major new battle to retake the iraqi city of tikrit that began today. iraqi security forces teaming with shiite militias backed by iran take on isis. can they win this time? we're about to find out.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> statue honoring slain border positive trael agent unveiled at the brian terry border patrol station. he was murdered in 2010 by a legal mexican immigrant. fast and furious were blamed and found at the scene. his cousin talking about brian's legacy. >> i who up that every border
7:59 am
patrol agent that walks by that statue each day will remember those virtues and again, a reminder of brian's ultimate sacrifice that he paid on that day that he died. >> terry's family has established the brian terry foundation to honor his memory providing emotional and financial assistance for border patrol agents and their families. >> rather poignant. tomorrow i'll be in washington on capitol hill for complete coverage of the israeli prime minister address to congress. coverage starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. we expect the teach to start around 11:00 a.m. eastern time so it will be a split show from new york and washington tomorrow. it will be a day of drama. we'll see who shows up who does not show up and see most importantly what he has to say about what he believes. >> today was clearly just a teaser. >> appetizers. >> a little appetizer to what's to come tomorrow. we'll be watching that you from
8:00 am
washington. "happening now" starts about now. in 10 or 11 seconds. jon: fox news alert on a new phase in the fight to defeat isis. iraq launching a large scale military operation to take back a key town from the terrorists. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm in for jenna lee. now working to recapture saddam hussein's home town of tikrit with forces attacking the city from different directions. tikrit is 80 miles north of baghdad and it fell to isis last summer. it's one of the largest cities from the terror group and lies from baghdad to mosul. retaking it would reclaim more territory in northern iraq. >> conner powell is following the story for us live from jerusalem. why the offensive defense tikrit and why now? >> as lea just said the talk


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