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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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can explain what the personal reasons are those two guys chose to dig this elaborate tunnel. leah: if they are 13 years old it would make perfect sense right? we'll see you right back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on our sister network kennedy. jedediah bila is here. the #oneluckyguy also from fbn. push upexpert, charlie gasparino. >> back for more abuse. >> you're outnumbered. >> thanks for having me. >> lots of things cooking this morning. >> great stuff. markets. i've been preparing for this my entire life. intern, turned porn star. wall street intern turned porn star. >> usually other way around.
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>> she is entrepreneur. we'll do that at 2:20 on melissa francis's show. >> make a joke about wall streeters. >> a lot of double entendres. >> good to have you back. >> a hard job interviewing porn stars. portrait of courage, charlie. how do you get through the day? sounding alarm on iran's nuclear ambition days before a big speech speaking in front of a joint session of can guess benjamin netanyahu speaking before the largest pro-israel organization aipac, air american israel public committee. >> i plan to speak about inrarian regime threatening to destroy israel, that is devouring country after country in the middle east. that's exporting terror throughout the world. and that is developing as we
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speak the capacity to make nuclear weapons, lots of them. >> and now secretary of state john kerry appears to be doing an about-face days after national security advisor susan rice called the prime minister's visit, quote destructive to the u.s.-israeli relationship. >> the prime minister of israel is welcome to speak in the united states. obviously and we have a closer relationship with israel right now in terms of security than at anytime in history. >> republicans on the hill have been furious with the administration's treatment of netanyahu leader of america's most steadfast allies, senator marco rubio says all of this could have a disasterous effect on the security of the jewish nation. >> this administration is treating the ayatollah in iran with more respect than the prime minister of israel. and what folks don't understand, this is not just a diplomatic spat. any sort of distance between the u.s. and israel, incentivizes
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israel's enemies to attack israel. it creates real danger for israel in the region. >> net yaw hue's speech getting -- netanyahu's speech getting a lot of attention. he said, look, my speech is not intended to show disrespect he also said the reports of the relationship, the demise of the relationship being, are not just premature. he said they're also wrong. >> he gave examples how we differ throughout history america, israel, how we remain close like family, were his words. this was more than a warm-up tomorrow before congress. this was decidedly different type of speech. speaking with a crowd about our similarities about the friendship. he said at one point america is more like family than friends. even with our differences. we are rooted in common heritage upholding common values and sharing a common destiny. from what i'm reading tomorrow will be quite different. it will read more of a warning to the united states, what can
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happen when a friend makes an alliance with an enemy. it exposes both friends to disaster potentially certainly danger. this was more about the relationship. tomorrow will be from what i'm reading more about the warning. >> what about rubio said, charlie. talked about the friendly nature between president obama and letters? we know he is writing rouhani. seems more friendly with tehran and chumming up to khomeni. what do you think about that. >> i think it is high per bow lee. plays great on the campaign trail. >> you don't think it is true? >> no, i don't. i think what is going on you see explosion of the cultural rift between israel and united states. netanyahu, every day deals with existential problems. iran wants to take israel off the face of the map. you know, so do other players in the middle east. we don't have that issue. okay? do i think the president obama treats the ayatollah better
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than, israel? no. reason why we give so much aid to israel. we still are a major partner with israel. this cultural rift is real issue. every day netanyahu wakes up thinking you know who is going to try to take us out today. every day president obama gets up thinking, i believe, you know, i think he is a patriot. i think he cares about the u.s. but you do get the impression he cares more about his golf game sometimes than these other issue. >> he is thinking what will happen on season three of "house of cards." net-net thinks how we survive. that is what he said today. that is why he is here to preserve the survival of his nation. >> not just tough talk. if you look at it, that is a very real struggle that israel faces every day. if iran is making investments in hezbollah and hamas, you know, we're making invests in israel,
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then israel at some point because of their dependency is going to get really upset and resentful toward the united states. >> they are already. >> they are already. you're seeing personal strain this relationship that unfortunately these two men, unable to put their egos aside could be so disasterous for the region. all goes back to energy. we should be worried about our own nuclear capabilities and not iran's. they're silly with oil in the middle east. why are we so desperate to get them on this nuclear track? >> jedediah want to get you in here. you heard over the weekend mixed messages again. susan rice, calling the speech destructive which i thought was pretty harsh. john kerry saying, oh no he is welcome to speak here. do you think it has anything to do with maybe the polls? now i cited in the intro a poll showing favorability towards netanyahu but there was a politics days ago that showed americans sympathize with israel. and i do think they respect
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netanyahu and they respect strong leadership. maybe they're jealous of it. >> i think administration as usual is confused. they don't communicate. they recognize americans in general view netanyahu as a strong leader. they know his primary job is to defend and protect israel. and israel is our ally. he is saying i have no problem with president obama. maybe behind the scenes they do but saying this isn't about president obama. this is not about partisanship. this is about protecting israel and doing whatever we need to. i don't think at end of the day they feel the united states has their back in a way that we should if we are allies. >> have a question for you andrea. why does it seem that the democrats are trying to make this political? the reason i ask that is, if you look at the black caucus members don't want to go because the way, attend the speech because the way the prime minister was invited, they think it is disrespectful to the president. over the weekend we saw senator dianne feinstein. i intend go. i don't intend to jump up and
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down as that he speaks for all jews as he said he does. she was offended by that. when the president goes abroad he represents all mention right? when the secretary of state goes abroad, he represents all americans. am i wrong seeing it come down as democrats drawing a line? >> i think there is impression for really long line there are hostilities towards israel within the democratic party. this is exacerbate egg them. i think members about congress are feeling tremendous pressure from the president and white house who controls the political apparatus of the democratic party. that is foolish. >> there is debate inside of the democratic party how to deal with iran, this is culturally most progressive arab states besides turkey. >> ahead of prime minister's big speech before congress, his rocky relationship with president obama hardly gone unnoticed. seen many bumps since early 2009.
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to name a few back in november, 2011 the president was got on a hot mic. remember this? seeming to suggest he was frustrated with netanyahu. in 2012 the officials say the president refused to meet with the prime minister while both were in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. and remember this one? last october unnamed american official reported to call netanyahu quote, chicken [bleep]. meantime prime minister netanyahu is seeing highest favorability ratings among the american people. according to gallup twice as many americans view him favorably. that poll i mentioned previously 35% favorably up from 35% in 2012. tying heightest rating among six times gallup has americasured it. harris, i want to go to you on this one. as i mentioned earlier, seems like the american public sympathizes with israel but also respects the strong leadership and understands the position he is in.
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the. >> this morning's speech to aipac look consider what iran is doing without nuclear weapons. what would they do if they had nuclear weapons? on fox report last night we made the list what they were doing. as yesterday iran delivered with the first flight into yemen the rebels that overtook the government there. delivered supplies to them. and, we know that they violently kicked out the pro-u.s. government in yemen and caused us such instability around our embassy we had to close it. days ago they test-fired 20 missiles in persian gulf including a mock sinking of a u.s. aircraft carrier. they are military exercises since december. this is without a nuke. what will they do if and when they get one? >> jedediah couple other instance come to mind. remember president obama ripping netanyahu to president nicolas sarkozy. that was open mi consider. israel needed to go to '67
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borders. there have been a history of things. this has not happened in a vacuum. it is time to ask the question, is this white house anti-symphony mick. >> i don't think this relationship can be prepared. too much has happened behind the scenes in front of the scenes we've overheard in terms of policy unfortunately it is job of next president to solidify this bond. let israel know we have their back. i don't know that netanyahu is obama's biggest supporter. can you really blame him? he hasn't vocally had israel's back in way he should have. >> administration is not anti-semitic. this is rift in the diplomatic community about iran and culture and future. is it a moderate state? does it have the culture to be a moderate state? are there forces at work if it we engage with them they might become more moderate? >> charlie i understand if you believe that iran should exist and believe in iranian exceptionalism, if you believe those things you don't have to be openly hostile towards
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israel. people are seeing it historically for the first time. >> agree with you. i'm not in favor of israel going back to '67 boarders. that is insane. when he did they'd that was touch-off of a lot of this stuff. i can't say obama and netanyahu playing golf. chicken [bleep] the furthest thing about this. henry kissinger's book, world order, talk of belief that iran is approachable. >> they had a mock sinking of u.s. carrier. >> i'm not saying they are. they had a debate. >> kennedy you get the sense white house sees israel not as ally but colonial occupying power. this is harsh rhetoric what supposedly is supposed to be a friend. >> iran will not be moderate until they get back to -- if we're honest about things. it is harsh rhetoric, but the
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president just -- [inaudible] >> spit it out. we want to hear it. >> haven't heard that word zorastrian. >> what were you going to say? >> no it's fine. >> did you have a joke? >> no. >> knock-knock joke maybe perhaps? >> no. >> all right. maybe she will tell us during "outnumbered overtime." a major battle just beginning. [explosion] fighting to take back a key city from isis as one world leader says this is world war iii. is he right? hillary clinton reportedly set to launch the campaign for the white house much sooner than expected. so the conversation she may be trying to change and whether it will work. and right after the show, catch more from the couch. maybe even what kennedy was going to say if you log on to "outnumbered overtime" by i can considering on
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>> happy monday. you're watching "outnumbered." a major military battle launched today in iraq, to take back tikrit from the savages of islamic state. it was saddam hussein's hometown. it fell to terrorists last summer. here is why it is critical to regain it. tikrit lies between baghdad and mosul where isis set up another headquarters. we learned from the u.s. central command that they are poised to liberate mosul, iraq's second largest city by april or may. reportedly they have rethought that. they would have airstrikes to squeeze out ground forces before they go in. secretary of state john kerry yesterday was not confirming that much. where are we in all of this? watch from jordan's king abdullah. >> said this to leaders both in the islamic and arab world and to the world in general this is a third world war by other means. this brings muslims, christians other religions together in this
9:19 am
generational fight that all of just to be in this together. >> did you catch it? a third world war. by other means. kennedy, your thoughts. >> i think isis unfortunately could be thing that launches into a third world war. >> you agree with the king? >> i don't think it's a third world war. i think we're getting ahead of ourselves. ramifications are so desire and serious. when people talk about need for strategy and figure out what we're doing over there it is so incredibly important because, we don't want to get sucked into something like that. we were talking about iran and israel. say iran gets the bomb and nukes israel. what is our responsibility in that engagement? we have imagine if something like that is capable of happening, you know we see what, with isis what human beings are capable of. there seems to be no end in the future? >> they remind us. they have begin to --
9:20 am
>> isn't it sad. king abdullah is upstaging president obama on this? >> he basically said it the way he said. there is issue, that can galvanize, right thinking people, muslim muslim moderates jews, christians the world against this despicable group of lunatics. it is i mean he said it better than any american politician said it yet. by the way there is common frowned on that. when these folks, isis goes into villages they destroy artworks. >> they're destroying everything. >> wiping away history. most muslims did not want to wipe away history. >> so, where are we show though, jedediah in terms of our national interests? isis is symptom of what is going on over there. they are not the only group. look at al qaeda still. definitely not on the run from
9:21 am
what we're still seeing? >> how do we deal with this? >> seems the administration, back to what charlie is say something afraid of reality. they're afraid of acknowledging what is happening. they fear recognize such terminology as third world war or need to have serious strategy to figure that out. figure out what our involvement should be. u.s. military was saying in article i said today iraqi's best military units are not up for the job. that scares me. what does that mean for us and our involvement? it emphasizes even more so, importance to have strategy, clearly laid out strategy where we're headed. once you're involved in step one, you're at step 20. you don't know why you're there. >> strategy is spending $25 billion on iraqi military. obviously not a good one. what will it take, another 50 billion? >> andrea. i heard you talk about what is our national interests in all of this. >> it is changing. it is morphing. might have been one thing six months ago when president was
9:22 am
busy calling them jv team. i outline, against backdrop of all this? they're playing fast and loose with their military and we're trying to do a nuke deal with them. >> i don't think this is third world war. if nations started to join and support isis. it would be. this is obama's new iraq war. nobel peace prize winner's war. think about it. samantha power today stand up and aipac or else what? are they mash stag tagging on card barred? they have drawn red lines before. i see a threat of real third world war. see relationship with vladmir putin is absolutely in the, tank. so that is really where i start to worry? more so than i would worry. >> if we learned, iran is behind
9:23 am
rebels in yemen that would be fourth or fifth territory they are with rebels that have taken territory. so iran is growing in strength. all right. let's move on. republicans. why number two finisher is grabbing all the headlines. plus speaking of 2016 a new report reveals hillary clinton may announce her candidacy earlier than expect. why, what is happening? i don't know foundation donations? people talking about. ♪
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to "outnumbered." "the wall street journal" is reporting that hilary clinton may announce a run for the white
9:28 am
house as early as next month. moving up the time table to rally the base and donors. but the timing is raising eyebrows coming on the string of controversy for the former first lady. we learned the clinton foundation accepted millions from foreign governments while ms. clinton was secretary of state and one violated an ethic agreement with the obama administration. and then it is said the man expected to be clinton's campaign chairman has to "get crel of the clinton operation". and clinton charged $300000 to speak at ucla despite the request of the reduced rate it because it is a public school. she wants to come out and say i am the candidate, give me the money, i am going to take it.
9:29 am
>> she wants to do this to fund raise. there has been ethical questions surrounding the clinton's for decades. i do think this is starting to get traction. i don't think this is the end either. i think there is questions about the massive amounts of money being transferred into the clinton organization. my prediction is she wants to take control of the story line. so you will see her coming out in april and she is going to launch a listening tour. yes, america she is going to go around the country, not have to say anything and listen until the headlines say she is still listening, not talking and then she will have to start talking >> i don't think she is worried about being a target. if republicans are looking at one person on the left they are looking at hillary and aural going after her. i don't think it is a concern for her. >> i don't think it as a concern either. there was a strong point in the new york post saying in this
9:30 am
circus she is still the celebrity performer and not the star. she poses as a celebrity and that is how she puts herself out there and saunters on the to stage. the university of california los angeles where she gouged them for $300000 for the same celebrity driven non-sense. >> the key is her record. people will look at what her accomplishments were and where were her flaws. where was there an opportunity to show leadership and she didn't. i don't know if people will focus on the money as much. >> she made money an issue by talking about how they didn't have it when they left the white house. and she is trying to be there for the family. and elizabeth warren is making money and undoubtedly she is
9:31 am
feeling heat from elizabeth warren. but i would say this if they are going to do digging there is a article out with a man who left the foundation because of the nature of the people there for the clinton. he found things going on. if they talk to him it will be interesting to see if they want the country ran the same way. >> what i like what i like about the clintons is they have no shame. it is nice to work for "the wall street journal." i would like to teach people they can make money in commodities. and i don't think she can. the shame part is going to get her. taking the money from golden sacks. >> she doesn't have the likeability or the need to --
9:32 am
>> he is the middle man. >> we going to go on with the theme. for the third year in a row senator rand paul was way ahead head of the man some call the leader. here are the final results. scott walker 21%, ted cruz in third, ben carson third and jeb bush in fourth. many say the more moderate bush held his own. >> again my toes were not curling when bush was speaking. scott walker and marco rubio -- i do think he does deserve style point for showing up. he knew it would be an unfriendly audience. the straw poll isn't a surprise
9:33 am
rand paul won. i like him a lot. libertarians win because they organize and get their people in. you look at who won last time around and it was ron paul. that was the big name. but the real key is look to see who comes in second. look who came in second last time around. mitt romney. scott walker this time around. he is the one to watch. >> if you are jeb bush are you concerned that scott walker is ahead? >> common core is a huge issue and he is not loved by conservative. and he is still saying common core raises standards and no it doesn't. that is going to hurt him. scott walker is a real reformer and overcomes odds is a conservative warrior and on policy he is reliable and you could send him to washington he is a regular guy with regular guy appeal. you send scott walker into
9:34 am
washington and he is going to dig his heels in. >> scott walker does bridge the gap between the establishment and conservatives particularly in fundraising. i know a lot of people who raise money for romney last time around. there is a lot of wall street guys giving money to scott walker. he does bridge the gap. i don't know if walker can pull it off. he is smart on policy and he does speak to the establishment. >> this is the most reliable audience. you saw scott walker take a bite out of royalty and that audience. walker poses a bigger threat to jeb bush because they are both governors and executives. if that is an attractive quality for bush versus paul scott walker negates that.
9:35 am
>> we had another paul win in the past. if you want to talk about dinesty and talking about names. libertarians do well at this event. >> one of my favorite moments on the couch is showing all of the names and one day you yawned because so many people were on the screen. >> it is hike the early stage of a beauty pageant. you don't want to watch until the swimsuit competition. >> goodness gracious. the verdict is in in the lacy spears case. the woman accused of poisoning her little boy with salt to gain attention. a dramatic scene in the courtroom as the verdict is read. we will tell you what the jury decided. plus there is this. i have not seen that with the beep. i almost jumped off the couch. harsh words on the basketball
9:36 am
coach from a coach to a student athlete. should that coach still be in the game? we debate. and can't get enough of "outnumbered"? i see you tweeting that a lot. there is more on the web at it gets swamped so go early. stay close.
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one of the things i love about social media is people can take pictures of the screen. we had something on the screen that misidentified him and we had the mn showing up on the screen and we apologize. we thank the viewers for calling that to our attention. >> maybe he was born in
9:41 am
minnesota? >> vanderbilt university decided fought to suspend their coach after he was caught on film cursing at a freshman player. the coach didn't like the player's behavior and watch what happened: [beep] [beep] [beep] >> you don't do that! [beep] [beep] >> i feel like i am listening to my old nwa cassette tape. there were quite a few beeps in
9:42 am
there. charley college basketball is perhaps one of the most passionate sports. this kid is a freshman. he deserved it. >> it will be onethi thing to do that rant to a woman which i would not do. >> how good of you. >> i think that is completely appropriate behavior for a young man to be straightened out and straightened out in that way. as someone who was called an f-ing dumbmy bybymy by boxing coach a million times. let's make sure there is a difference between men and women. men should be disciplined and brought up as men. >> and women --
9:43 am
>> let's hear from andrea. >> she likes it i think. >> i was giving you a slight side eye. >> it wasn't a demonstrive. that would probably make a lot of women upset and cry but i have had pretty tough talk in my life. i think it has thickened my skin and a lot of women can take it. there is a lot of players and men who don't have fathers. i think the coaches are sometimes the only male figure in their lives. and you sited the movie "whip lash" where the instructor was yelling the most vile things. he was sadistic. i am not condoning this.
9:44 am
>> he took to twitter and said he didn't hold his coach responsible. he knows he did well. >> twitter is a great man movie as the lucky guy here. because most men secretly seek the approval of the guy that pushes and beats you up. >> women do that too. >> you know what? i grew up in brooklyn and was surrounded by people who talk like this. i don't think you can say talk one way to men and one way to women. i grew up in an area where women were a hot tougher than men. you could talk to me like that and i would not walk away crying. i think people are individuals. >> oh come on. >> charley, my father was so tough and so strict with me and sometimes i needed it. >> that is like saying women capt can't handle.
9:45 am
i can handle it. want to try it out? >> i can totally beat you in boxing because i have a longer reach >> i would have had more respect if he did it in private. >> find that glass jar mother trucker. >> he could have said it in private. the best way to reconcile this is on overtime. three british girls ran off to join isis and saturday night aired a skit that is causing controversy. did they go too far? we will dive in. stay right here.
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jon scott has what is coming up on the second hour of "happening now." >> when "happening now" resumes at the top of the hour say it isn't so. another storm with much of the u.s. in its cross hair and boston poised to break their 20 year snow fall record. is there any end in sight to the weather? and a nurse set to sue the texas
9:50 am
hospital she contracted ebola at. nina pham says she will be the voice for others. and alzheimer's device could detect symptoms 50 years before it starts. >> i love that medical story. >> it is really interesting what they are doing >> jonyou. >> thanks, harris. >> you be careful. >> dad it is just isis. that snl skit featuring dakota johnson is sparking outrage. it is a parody of a toyota
9:51 am
commercial in which a girl joining the army is driven to the airport by her father. the skit is coming three days after three british girl were running off to join the terrorist. the reaction on twitter was quite different. one person writing can't be serious? isis skit like going to college when people are people are being killed? depraved. >> i am going to you. did you think it was funny? >> humor is not always appropriate number one. and number two, if we don't laugh we die. >> really, we die? it is that profound. >> it is a saying. it is a well-known saying and i think sometimes when something is so serious you have to find the obsurdity in it to make it tolerable. >> they say the best comedy
9:52 am
comes from darkness. in isis' case if you laugh you do die. >> i think it is a copeing mechanisms for many. if i have a scary situation i make a joke or get caught up in the laughter and that is how we escape and that is what comedy is about. i don't think the subject matter matters sometimes. it can be a serious matter -- >> i don't know. >> conceptually last week there were three brooklyn men ages 19-30 picked up for wanting to go to syria, wage jihad and some back. one of the mothers held back the passport. and i wonder if this isn't reaching out to those parents, and maybe i am putting too much into it but it is interesting with that being a backdrop do
9:53 am
we have to do more to watch our kids? we know recruitment is a problem. look at the brothers in boston. isis is recruiting and trying to get young people to go. >> mel brooks -- >> is that the job of a show like saturday night? >> mel brooks said the reason he did the producers is he felt if he could make fun of hitler he could go down three notches and realize what a jerk he is. i think it is too raw in this case. isis is despicable human beings and cutting people's heads off. there is a time and place. listen i don't like knee slappers about the hall holocaust or slavery. there are certain things you should not do. knee slappers about isis are problematic right now. >> not giving you the side eye
9:54 am
on that one. i have a twisted sick sense of humor, i really do. i think if we minimize the threat people start to laugh the uninformed and then trivalize it. >> lynch has a theory on why he didn't get the ball at the finale of the super bowl and some are asking if he is just a poor sport. get this. up next.
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and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch. he's claiming he was not gip the ball on the one yard line because the seahawks didn't want him to be the mvp. and he quotes, and he said quite "the face of the nation," uh-huh. i think marshawn lynch should have been given the ball. there is a lot of tension in the locker room between him and
9:59 am
russell wilson and suggestions that russell wilson. >> i can't. >> no go ahead. >> i want to point out, i was on the field for the kick off on the seattle side even though i am a patriot's fan. i would never saw it to his face because he is huge and might put me in a garbage can. peete carol wants a win badly. to be honest, breaks always even out. >> it is ludicrous what he's saying. everybody in the world thought they were going to give lynch the ball and that's why they didn't give him the ball. and i don't want to get mad at him either. nrun it over. >> and sounds like he is crazy. >> he is upset with russell wilson and jealous and sour
10:00 am
grapes. and we are staying right here for outnumbered on the web and fox and "happening now" starts right now. >> a fox news alert. the verdict is in. a jury convicting lacy spears of second-degree murder. >> now the mother found guilty of poisoning her son with salt is looking at life behind bars. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> american- trained iraqi military forces taking the fight to isis. the target? saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. will this time be different? plus a deadly encounter caught on cell phone video as los angeles police respond to a reported robbery. after that the struggle


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