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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 2, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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show? got it. >> that's it for us. reminder we are about to answer your questions on facebook. we hope you will join us in a few moments. "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert i'm bret baier in washington. president obama is trying to diffuse an explosive situation with israel's prime minister over nuclear negotiations with iran. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the u.s. a few moments ago president obama tried to minimize differences and blame a familiar foe. >> i'm less concerned with prime minister netanyahu's commentary than i am with congress taking actions that might undermine the talks before they are completed. what i have said to members of congress is there will be plenty of time for us to reapply sanctions, strengthen sanctions,
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to take a whole range of other measures if in fact, we do not have a deal. what we should not deal is prejudge the deal and initiate sanctions that might allow iran to walk away. >> netanyahu says he does not intend to disrespect president obama and while he adds his country's relationship with the u.s. should never be politicized his speech about the dangers of the compromise with iran has polarized an already divided american capital. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry is at the white house but we begin with james rosen and netanyahu's opening earlier today. >> prime minister netanyahu said his address to the joint meeting of congress is already being misperceived, that his main objective is to use the voice he commands as head of the state. >> greeted withstanding occasion
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by the american israeli public affairs committee israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sketched out obliquely how a nuclear armed iran would reshape the middle east. >> no one makes alliances with the weak. you seek out those who have strength those who have resolve, those who have determination to fight for themselves. >> reporter: israel's dispute with the obama administration the prime minister likened to a family disagreement and said the alliance will grow stronger even as netanyahu explains why he thinks president obama misunderstands the iranian threat. >> america is the strongest power in the world. israel is strong but it's much more vulnerable. american leaders worry about the security of their country.
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israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country. >> reporter: hours earlier in europe secretary of state john kerry met again with iran's foreign minister as part of the talks aimed at reining in iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. iranians feel the accord would allow iran to keep the massive uranium enrichment apparatus and after which iran could have a nuclear weapons capability. with negotiators working to strike a deal kerry warned israelis not to try to torpedo the talks with unauthorized leaks. >> we are concerned by reports that suggest selective details of the ongoing negotiations will be discussed publically in the coming days. i want to say clearly that doing so would make it more difficult to reach the goal that israel
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and others say they share in order to get a good deal. >> reporter: the aipac crowd heard from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations who rebuked the palestinians for unilateral moves that the u.n. and israelis. minutes later netanyahu vowed to keep jerusalem as the eternal undivided capital. >> thank you. the obama administration boasts that u.s. israeli relations have never been stronger the tension between the two leaders has been almost palpable. ed henry has that part of the story tonight. >> that bond is unbreakable. >> reporter: president obama and top aides appear to be back pedaling after attacking israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's visit. >> i think that it is a distraction from what should be our focus. >> reporter: while top officials are offering tough words for netanyahu they are trying to
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turn down the temperature. >> the prime minister of israel is welcome a stake in the united states. we don't want to see this turned into some great political football. >> reporter: the president's national security adviser earlier appeared to be doing just that slamming speaker boehner's invitation to the prime minister. >> on both sides there has been injected a degree of partisanship which is not only unfortunate. i think it is destructive. >> they say they will start a nuclear arms race in the mid east if the president is determined to sign a nuclear deal with iran. >> every country in the region is going to go nuclear if we sign this deal that he is desperate to get done. >> with iran. i have heard from middle eastern leaders direct that they will go nuclear. >> reporter: mccain charged rice and others reacted in hysterical
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reaction because they are concerned he will pick apart vulnerabilities in the deal with iran. today the head of the nuclear watch dog said iran is stone walling on details about nuclear war head research it conducted in the past. >> the agency is not to [ inaudible ] about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in iran and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in iran. >> that appears to fly in the face of white house claims iran had been cooperative. >> the international community has verified that iran has lived up to the commitments that they have made. >> reporter: earnest blessing compliance with one track freezing nuclear activities and officials claim that is unrelated to iran not cooperating on a second track. the state department has previously said the questions have to be resolved so the two tracks are essentially
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intertwined. >> live on the north lawn thank you. fox news channel will bring you netanyahu's speech live tomorrow just before 11:00 eastern. our coverage starts with analysis from our special guest panel before and after the address. the prime minister of israel addressing congress. the woman who most people believe would like to take over for president obama in 2017 may be ready to make intentions known officially. chief correspondent is here tonight with updated timeline. let's talk about mrs. clinton and what she is saying about the netanyahu speech. >> she hasn't commented about netanyahu's visit but supports the president's drive for nuclear deal with iran that netanyahu still opposes. she is a tough critic of israel's settlement policy. the last time she visited as secretary of state was 2012. she gave netanyahu a 45 minute
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lecture by phone in 2010 which the washington post reports infuriated the prime minister. she is in d.c. to be honored by emily's list raising millions for democratic women candidates. her team leans to an april launch. that could give republicans a six month fundraising and message head start that could require clinton to report a huge haul just to catch up and in the process totally ail [ inaudible ] questioned in south carolina by former governor who is running to clinton's left and used the phrase referring to the deal cutting in the 90s triangulation is not a strategy that will move america forward. there was plenty of clinton bashing at cpac where wisconsin governor scott walker got a
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momentum boost saturday. he was a close second to rand paul who won it on the appeal to young voters. jeb bush was fifth under scoring challenge with many cov conservatives. chris christie got little positive buzz. one thing was clear, walker is hot in part because his last name is not bush and no longer supports giving undocumented immigrants a path to legal status. he admitted he was for it before he was against it. >> my view has changed. candidates can say that. sometimes they don't. >> reporter: several candidates attended the conference in florida promoting reagan area pro growth policies. >> instead of abandoning why don't we try to implement them for once? >> reporter: bush says it has worked in the past but the
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former florida governor refuses to sign no new taxes pledges something his father was famous for breaking in the '90s. the s&p 500 was up 13. also a record close. the nasdaq finished ahead 45 to close above 5,000 for the first time since the peak of the dot com bubble. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 47 in madison wisconsin where lawmakers are debating right to work legislation. wisconsin seeking to join 24 states that have passed bills prohibiting businesses and unions from requiring all workers to pay union dues. fox 5 in new york with a guilty verdict for a woman accused of fatally poisoning her son. lacey spears was convicted of second degree murder. prosecutors say she force fed
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her 5-year-old son heavy concentrations of sodium through his stomach tube. this is a live look at dallas. the big story there tonight one of two dallas nurses who beat the ebola virus is suing the hospital where she worked. nina pham, the patient she was caring for, thomas eric duncan died of ebola. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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already claimed large swaths of territory in iraq and syria is expanding into libya as isis faces a new challenge from a diverse group. we have fox coverage tonight on the isis move of setting up shop in libya. we begin with baghdad's effort to regain lost territory in
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northern iraq. >> despite the wide spread belief that the iraqi military isn't ready to take on isis the military is doing just that tonight. >> after weeks of speculation about an upcoming iraqi forces announced a surprise attack today. >> translator: our goal is to liberate people of oppression. we should protect the citizens and their property. >> reporter: the u.s. military command in baghdad tweeting that 27,000 iraqi troops begun on the town. the force is much larger as several thousand are also fighting along side troops. local media in baghdad reported ground troops carried out the assault with sport from
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artillery. >> translator: we will crush them. >> reporter: with a quarter of a million people living in tikrit its location is extremely strategic, considered the gateway to the triangle where isis has wide support. it sits on a road connecting mosul and baghdad. if soldiers can hold the town they will control a major supply route. any offensive will likely fail but holding it will be difficult. like many isis held towns the sunnis marginalized by the iraqi government and deeply distropical storm the security forces especially those working with iran. the u.s.-led coalition is not part of the latest push but military planners say they were aware of the planning for it but are reluctant to talk about it because of the large role that iran plays in planning all of this. >> live in our mid east news
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room. thanks. so if iraq can drive isis and possibly later mosul where will the islamic state go? the group is already setting sites on libya. >> reporter: on the ground and online isis claims responsibility for suicide attacks as well as massive weapon seizures. there is an isis presence and fox news has learned that more than a dozen fighters from iraq and syria are now in libya, some with direct ties to the group's leader but the u.s. has no authority to take them out. with training camps and a steady flow of recruits insisted u.s. policy is not to blame. >> are we happy with the situation in libya? absolutely not. at the end of the day this isn't just a line, it's true. this is ultimately up to the libyan people. >> reporter: james clapper recently testified that libya is
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not only a safe haven for isis but at least five other terror groups. it's the kind of freedom to train and fund raise that afghanistan guaranteed al qaeda and taliban before 9/11. also said the u.s. should send surveillance to libya or partner with france to identify the threat posed to the u.s. and >> from an intelligence perspective we i think clearly need to step up our game. >> reporter: after the libyan dictator was pushed out with the support of nato in the u.s. libya descended into civil war. a central player was once quoted by the obama administration and members of congress but leads a political sanction that supports establishment of law. >> some analysts believe the
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influence of isis is overstate skpd the group will have profound difficulty navigating the complex dynamic of tribes, militias and political groups. a government watch dog report says the nation's air traffic control system is at increased risk of being hacked. the government accountability office says while the faa has taken steps to protect that system significant weaknesses remain. an faa spokesman said the agency has achieved several mile stones. de ja vu for congress and homeland security. who killed a fierce critic of russian president vladimir putin? you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is
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there are conflicting reports whether surveillance video will help determine who killed a fierce critic of putin last week. amy kellogg on the moscow murder mystery. >> reporter: they chanted russia without putin. this was supposed to be a demonstration against the war in ukraine organized by -- instead it became his memorial march. >> the public demonstration that we saw on the streets of moscow yesterday i think was a pretty powerful statement about the commitment of the russian people to speak out. >> reporter: the russian government believes the murder was a provocation with the suggestion that someone did it to make the kremlin look bad. >> this is a heinous crime which will be investigated within the full framework of the law to ensure the perpetrateors are brought to justice.
3:24 pm
>> reporter: france's foreign minister recalled hinting at the possibility that justice won't ever be done in moscow. some opposition figures straight out blames the state. >> it was -- i believe it was a ritual murder. some of the people very, very close to him because that's a signal. if you speak out against putin you are dead. >> former deputy prime minister was gunned down friday night in the shadow of the onion domes of the cathedral. the spot has become a make shift shrine to his life. a tv station released this footage reportedly from a web cam. they point to a snow plow obstructing the view with his ukrainian girlfriend who said she is being held in russia against her will while the investigation continues. that's about as much detail as we have for now. investigators are looking into
3:25 pm
multiple lines of inquiry that as of yet there are no suspects in the case. >> we'll follow this. thank you. more on this with the panel. what do you believe? do you believe the putin government was behind this murder? let me know at or on twitter. you can use the hash tag special report. former cuban leader fidell castro has met with the five spies released by the u.s. as part of the prisoner exchange. it's not known why the 88-year-old castro took so long to greet the men known as the five heroes in cuba. the last of whom freed 73 days ago. have you noticed something a little unusual in the presidential portrait of bill clinton? a certain garment still casting a big shadow next.
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now fresh pickings. wisconsin governor scott walker's current status as the gop front runner has thrust him into the head lines some of which are just plain false. the daily beast is apologizing to the governor and has retracted a story that claimed governor walker wanted to remove requirements that sexual assault at state universities be
3:30 pm
reported. that, of course, would be alarming if true. the daily beast and other media outlets ran with that story after it was first reported by the website jezebel but jezebel misunderstood that some current rules be deleted because they are redundant with other efforts. the daily beast has retracted the story posting a lengthy correction that reads in part that scott walker's camp inshurz that he is committed to protecting victims. a famous portrait artist says he managed to slip the most memorable scandal of the clinton legacy into his painting of the president that hangs in the national portrait gallery, the infamous blue dress. the 2006 portrait shows president clinton in the office.
3:31 pm
the shadow, that is a shadow of the blue dress. shank says it signifies the shadow the scandal left on clinton's presidency. he claims the clintons hate that portrait and have pressured to remove it. gallery officials say it is not true. the portrait caused controversy when it was unveiled in 2006 because it also shows clinton without his wedding ring. another painting passed off as a cheap christmas present turned out to be a multimillion dollar picasso. customs officials discovered it. someone tried to smuggle it into the u.s. under the classification art craft worth $37 with a merry christmas label. inside picasso's "the hair dresser" stolen from a paris museum around the year 2001 believed to be worth more than
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$2.5 million. this is a fox news alert. moments ago senate democrats defeated the house attempt to go to a conference committee on homeland security funding legislation. the vote was 47-43. 60 votes were needed to go forward. this turns the attention back to the house again for a possible way out of the current impasse. tonight correspondent shannon bream tells us where we are right now. >> it reflects the failed leadership of the republican leadership in the house. >> that leadership held by house speaker john boehner is taking heat from all sides. some senators who say the house must accept there simply aren't democrat votes in the senate to move forward with a funding bill that also blocks executive actions on immigration as well as house conservatives who say any vote on a clean bill that doesn't bar the president's actions amounts to a sellout including many who are
3:33 pm
suspicious that house gop leaders struck a deal in order to get democrat votes needed to pass a funding measure. nancy pelosi's message to house democrats saying your vote tonight will ensure that we will vote for full funding next week. republicans deny any agreement was behind the vote. >> there is no such deal. >> a monday vote which would have forced into a conference to hammer out differences failed as expected leaving republicans back at square one facing a possible partial shut down and a negative back lash that would almost certainly follow. republicans ready to move forward with the clean bill point to last week's ruling by a federal judge striking down the president's executive actions as their best bet for avoiding bad pr and for stopping mr. obama. >> a district court judge in texas gave us the out we should take. >> reporter: the administration
3:34 pm
has asked that judge to lift a stay which barred them from moving forward with the president's executive actions. the judge has given the 26 states challenging the president until tomorrow to reply right in the middle of the continued dhs funding fight on the hill. >> thank you. more breaking news tonight from the hill. new problems for illinois republican congressman aaron shock. the associated press reports he billed taxpayers more than $10,000 for private trips. the chicago sun times reports the spokesman says the congressman sent a check to $1,200 to the u.s. treasury to cover the trip. the longest serving woman in the history of congress is announcing her retirement. 78-year-old maryland democratic senator mikulski says she will
3:35 pm
not seek reelection. she has been in the senate since 1987. no word yet which democrat will try to run for that open seat. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says president obama does not understand the threat to israel from iran's nuclear program but he means no disrespect he says by telling congress all of that in a speech. we will talk about it with the panel when we come back. ls great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
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the last thing that i would want is for israel to become a partisan issue and i regret that some people have misperceived my visit here this week as doing that. israel has always been a bipartisan issue and should always remain a bipartisan issue. >> i don't think it is permanently destructive. i think it is a distraction from what should be our focus.
3:39 pm
our focus should be how do we stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> president talking to reuters this afternoon, asked a question about his national security adviser and the fabric of the relationship between the u.s. and israel that this visit is destructive to that kind of dialing that back today as we get ready for the israeli prime minister to speak to congress tomorrow. let's bring in our panel syndicated columnist george will and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what about this dance back and forth and what is being said about both leaders? >> there is obviously personal animosity and a tremendous national interest, the trouble between the heads of the regimes. mr. netanyahu tomorrow will be speaking to an american nation that has been ingijed in three national attacks in the middle east, libya, afghanistan and iraq and he has to be -- the
3:40 pm
subtext of his remark has to be that there must be circumstances in which you would go to war for a fourth time allowing nuclear weapons in the hand of a regime because the hands of the regime cannot be deterred the way the soviet union was the theory being they are in the grip that they can't be rationally calculated. >> you heard secretary of state warn they don't want potential details of this deal coming out and they think the israelis know a lot about it. take a listen to the president with a little more substance about this deal and then the director general of the iaea. >> if, in fact, iran is willing to agree to double digit years of keeping their program where it is right now and rolling back elements of it that currently
3:41 pm
exist, double digit years, if we have a way of verifying that there is no other steps we can take that would give us such assurance that they don't have a nuclear weapon. >> the agency is not in a position to apply [ inaudible ] about the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities in iran and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in iran is [ inaudible ]. >> the director general of the iaea saying we can't tell you because they are not cooperating and how is the regime going to cooperate on this deal if they are not cooperating now? >> the president is saying he said he gave it a less than 50/50 chance and said the only way it works is if we can verify that iran is living up to this. and then you have the u.n. thing they are not living up to what they are supposed to be doing now. it is possible that the best outcome is that the iranians don't agree to a deal and the
3:42 pm
presidents can't get even his bar which netanyahu feels is too low met in these negotiations. i think what george just laid out was exactly the subtext of what netanyahu is going to say tomorrow. i wonder if he will be so clear and candid to say i am asking the united states to go to war to stop iran from having nuclear weapons. that would be a pretty huge ask right now of the american people. >> is the adverse true? if the iranians take the deal is that the worst possible thing? >> no. the iranians are resisting because they have a deep seated hatred of the west, of the united states in particular that might in the end prevent them accepting a deal in their own interest. i have to descend very strongly from what my colleagues are implying here that the point of the israeli position is to make america go to war. i think it is wrong.
3:43 pm
bb began his speech by talking about israel defending itself. it has never once in its history ever asked for american help in all of its wars it fought alone. it emphasized that. second, the idea that the only alternative to accepting a capitulationest negotiation, that the only alternative is equally false. obama always said it is either what i am demanding or war. it is not. we were imposing sanctions on iran which are extremely strong and caused a collapse of the currency huge inflation and grumbling in the streets among the merchants which is exactly what had destroyed the regime. now we are in a position where congress is trying to add on to that. remember the earlier sanctions which brought iran to its knees
3:44 pm
and to the negotiating table were in the condition of $100 oil. it is now less than half of that. it is in a position where its economy could collapse under sanctions. nobody is asking for america to go to war. what the israelis are asking, what a lot of americans are asking including the majority of republicans is real sanctions and give the israelis the green light to defend themselves. they have never asked for americans to go to war on their behalf and they are not asking that today. >> it certainly is the case that it is the heart of benjamin netanyahu's life and career that israel exists because jews will never again depend on the kindness of others. they are going to defend themselves. i am not confident to say whether the israeli air force is capable of the number necessary to suppress iran's air defenses
3:45 pm
and then do lasting serious damage that can't be reinstituted in a hurry to the nuclear weapons program. i do not see how this whole argument makes sense unless the threat of war is there. >> it has to be american war. i think it is simply false. >> you can see the israelis can't do it themselves. >> i don't think so. i think it is quite possible particularly if they have the assistance of the gulf arabs. we have heard reports that the saudis are offering air space which would ereduces the demands on the air force and reduces the refuelling issue perhaps even landing rights. so there is no -- we don't have access to israeli lands. the israelis conducted a rescue in uganda. the israelis are prepared to do
3:46 pm
it. all they are asking is for a green light that america won't turn against them as europe will if they launch an attack. and to apply sanctions. >> the couple of questions if there is no deal will europe stay strong in the sanctions regime? that is one of the reasons it is lasting so far. we hear from military experts that even if israel did launch a strike and got the help it needed from us or from the saudis it could only setback the program by a year. it would have to continue to do it over and over again. >> when israelis attacked in 1981 the estimate was they would have to redo it a year later. the israelis cannot live on promises and hope. if it means returning the israelis will return. the israelis have to think in one and two year increments. it's not like the united states with a 200 year history. israel lives on the edge every
3:47 pm
day. it needs something and what the negotiations offer is worst than nothing. >> last word? >> the united states december 11 leon pan eta said if we believe iran has decided to get a nuclear weapon we will do whatever is necessary to prevent it. three months later barack obama said my position is not the containment of nuclear iran but prevention of nuclear iran. makes no sense unless somewhere in there there is a threat of american force but no one believes that. next up a murder mystery in moscow. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer...
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what i call for is a full investigation and hopefully an
3:51 pm
independent investigation of what happened whether that can occur in today's russia or not is not clear. basic civil rights and civil liberties inside of russia are in much worse shape now than they were four, five, ten years ago. >> i believe it was a murder. that is a signal. if you speak out against putin you are dead. it's one man. as long as putin is in there we will never learn the truth about it. >> leading opposition figure in russia murdered over the weekend and vladimir putin, the president of russia is vowing to investigate in a letter to his mother says he left his mark in the history of russia in his political and public life and occupied significant posts. he always openly and honestly
3:52 pm
voiced and upheld his views. we will do everything we can to ensure that the perpetrators of this crime and those who stand behind them are properly punished. vladimir putin says he is overseeing the investigation. >> that was a foul and cynical statement. you can't listen to this stuff with a straight face. it was a highly professional assassination. they didn't kill the girlfriend standing there. the snow plow is positioned perfectly to obscure the view. you know he says he is personally conducting an investigation i guess that means we will never know who killed or somebody would be blamed for it. >> marches in the streets of russia. the russian leadership saying this is a provigation designed to blame the kremlin. >> it is a term from the '30s. hitler would shoot their own people and then cover it up and
3:53 pm
attack the supposed opponents who killed that person. stalin used the same technique. it's a classic of these dictators. you accuse the opposition of killing its own as a way to get sympathy and then you persecute them. there is not a chance in held there is anything that will come out of this that is true because the murder was either ordered directly by putin or he walked around the kremlin saying no one rid me of this troublesome agitator and somebody in the entourage did it. it is a message to the opposition that i ratcheted up. it is not just imprisonment but death. >> president is hopeful for an independent investigation. >> independent of what? we can't investigate the irs scandal without putting in charge someone who is an obama contributor. regimes don't investigate
3:54 pm
themselves. that is not the way it works. it's a basic principle of diplomacy that the nature of a regime tells you what its external relations will be like. how it treats people internally tells you how it will treat others abroad. what do we know about this? it is a gangster regime run by a tyrant who is a personal assassin fuelled by corruption and we're trying to deal with them in the ukraine. we have seen what happens there. they negotiate cease fires, they violate the cease fires. he wages what is called hybrid war. clearly this is the man who is part hitler. hitler at least farmed out his propaganda. putin does it all. >> there iscriticism that the u.s. is not doing enough to step up against putin especially in
3:55 pm
the ukraine because perhaps they want russia's help with iran and with syria. >> i think that it's a little more complicated than that because europe is taking the lead there. this is happening in the heart of europe. if europeans aren't willing to up the sanctions, get tougher on putin i don't know what we are supposed to do, go to war with putin on our own? that has been ruled out by pretty much everyone. i do think that after this i don't think there is a single shred of credibility left to anything that putin does. i would just hope the europeans move along those lines. >> that's the obama line, the only alternative to capitulation is war. the alternative is to supply ukrainians with weapons they have been asking us for for a year. the one thing ominous about the murders putin was elevated when he promised that he wouldn't touch him his entourage or
3:56 pm
followers. now putin has shown that that pledge is dead. >> by the way new defense secretary says he is for delivering weapons to ukrainians and just hasn't happened yet. stay tuned for some confessions from the administration.
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veterans affairs secretary apologized for lying about having served in army special forces. apparently according to one late night show he wasn't the only member of the president's cabinet to make a confession. >> attorney general eric holder confessed he has been dating oprah for 30 years. secretary of energyernest moniz confessed he is an 18th century composer. >> secretary of defense ashton
4:00 pm
carter confessed that he kind of wishes joe biden had given him a shoulder massage the other day. this is very serious business and sure does not help that they seem to hate each other. despite what both say about each other tension is at a feverish level. tomorrow prime minister netanyahu will deliver his controversial speech to congress. >> you're here in a critical time. you're here to tell the world that reports of the demise of the israeli/u.s. relations is not only premature they