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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we hope to see you. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. i want you to remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, with the nightmare of a nuclear armed iran growing larger, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is getting ready to share a high stakes warning with the american congress, one the obama administration would prefer the american people not hear. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the stakes could not be higher. republican senator john mccain says leaders across the mideast are warning if the u.s. strikes a weak nuke deal with iran we can expect a nuclear deals arms race across the middle east. maintains our best chance of peace is to agree to get iran to limit its program. roughly hours from now israeli
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prime minister netanyahu is expected to stand before a congress with democrats boycotting initiated by not house -- but john boehner. not a single member of the obama administration will be in attendance. not even the u.s. ambassador to israel. because many democrats consider this a political stunt. >> first, let me clarify what is not the purpose of that speech. my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. my speech is also not intended to eject israel into the american partisan debates. the purpose of my address to congress tomorrow is to speak up about a potential deal with iran
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that could threaten the survival of israel. iran envelopes the entire world with its tentacles of terror. this is what iran is doing now without nuclear weapons. imagine what iran would do with nuclear weapons. and this same iran vows to annihilate israel if it develops nuclear weapons, it would have the means to achieve that we must not let that happen. american leaders worry about the security of their country. israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country. you know. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry is live tonight at the white house. ed. >> good evening megyn. bottom line what senator john mccain told fox today is that
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he's had multiple conversations with various arab leaders who say that there could be a nuclear arms race in the mideast in the days ahead. that if this iranian nuclear deal goes through they will try to get their own bombs. they will go nuclear themselves. saudi arabia, other countries in the gulf. and that may explain why tonight from the president on down various officials are walking back some of their recent attacks on benjamin netanyahu but also some comments that angered the jewish community. susan rice telling ap -- "anti-semitic" cleaning up the president's recent comments calling it a random act of violence. the president himself did an interview with reuters in which he tried to clean up susan rice's comments where she explained the prime minister's trip would be destructive to this administration. >> i don't think it's destructive. i think it's a distraction from what should be a focus. and our focus should be how do we stop iran from getting a
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nuclear weapon. >> today i pressed josh earnest about another big development today, the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog saying they have not gotten cooperation recently from iran. josh earnest pushed back saying the iaei said they did get cooperation on freezing on one track but on a second track they are not getting cooperation on alleged explosives tests by iran that's raising new questions tonight about whether they're cheating, megyn. >> that seems important. ed thank you. as ed mentioned the president's national security adviser susan rice was hammering the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for accepting the invitation to speak to congress. here is mrs. rice. >> what has happened over the last several weeks by virtue of the invitation that was issued -- >> by speaker of the house? >> by speaker and the acceptance of it by prime minister netanyahu in advance two weeks is now on both sides there's
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been an injection of partisanship. i think it's not unfortunate but destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> here now in a "the kelly file" exclusive governor mike huckabee, former arkansas governor and former presidential candidate. he returned from israel last week where he had a chance to meet with mr. netanyahu. good to see you tonight, governor. so there have been real questions about why benjamin netanyahu is doing this. why if it's not about politics did he not say to john boehner i'll do it but i'll do it after the israeli election. then i'll come then i'll address the american people. if he had done that, no one would be accusing him of playing politics with this. but he took the invitation without alerting the white house. and now some are crying foul. >> well i think if he waited until the israeli elections the deal might have been already done. and part of the issue is the deadline with which this negotiation goes forth that's dangerously close. this is not a good idea for netanyahu for his own political
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benefit. and anybody who thinks he's doing this in advance of the israeli elections because it's good for him, well they haven't been reading the israeli press. megyn, i was just there. i'm telling you, this is very destructive to him politically. he's doing it because he realizes that a nuclear iran is really a death sentence to israel. and it is a proliferation of nuclear arms across the middle east. and he's risking his political life because he values not just the future of israel but the future of civilization. the iranians are just crazy enough to use a nuclear weapon if they had one. >> secretary of state john kerry says, look give the president of the benefit of the doubt in these negotiations. he is not going to and has no incentive to strike a deal with iran that would not actually curb its nuclear abilities or be acceptable to the american people. >> well this is a president who told us we could keep our doctors we could keep our health insurance, they're going
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to get to the bottom of benghazi. and that was all about a video. we were told they're going to get to the bottom of the irs scandal. we're going to get to the bottom of the fast and furious. i'm sorry, but the president has no credibility when it comes to saying, look, you can trust me. actually, we can't. and the truth is we certainly can't trust the iranians. and whatever legacy the president wants to have by saying, look i made a deal with the iranians, it can't be a good deal because you can't trust a government that is vowed openly and publicly that it's going to wipe another nation off the face of the earth. >> it was like within the last year they had their nine-point plan for doing exactly that. >> well, megyn, this is like saying they had 19,000 centrifuges, we're going to only let them have 6,000. we're not going to let a pyromaniac a blow torch but a cigarette lighter and a can of gasoline. you just don't put those kind of
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opportunities in the hands of crazy people who would use those destructive forces. >> what do you make of the fact because we're going to have a democratic representative, a jewish democratic representative going to boycott the speech coming on right after you. what do you make of the 50-plus some democrats who will not be there, walk out of a packed u.s. congress tomorrow when mr. netanyahu shows up. and not even one member of the administration including our ambassador to israel will attend? >> it's disappointing and disheartening. i would say this, listen to the speech. if you don't agree with it, then in a free country you can certainly say that you disagree with it and you can explain why. but to not listen. to say we want diversity of views as long as they agree with ours, shouldn't we want more information not less information? shouldn't we want more voices speaking to this not fewer voices? i don't understand this boycott mentality. look, if you want to go and fold your arms and say i'm not going to stand up and i'm not even going to applaud, knock yourself out.
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go for it. but i think the prime minister's speech is an important speech certainly for members of congress because they need to monitor this deal. but, megyn, this is important for all the american people and all the people of the free world who value their -- and believe there's a threat from the iranians. >> governor, good to see you. >> thank you, megyn. one of the house democrats who says he will not attend the israeli prime minister's speech tomorrow is tennessee democratic congressman steve coen who is himself jewish. good to see you tonight sir. thank you for being here with us. tell us why given what governor huckabee said he thinks the reason why you should attend, tell us why you won't. >> megyn, just like people watch you on television and i can understand why, i'm going to watch the speech on television. i'm not going to not watch the speech, i'm not going to not listen to what the prime minister says, i'm just not going to be part of a spectacle
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oftentimes you're judged based on how many times you stand up or don't. >> that applies to the state of the union too. you go to that. >> well, that's different because that's about the american president speaking to the american congress, which is a traditional annual event that goes on forever. to have a foreign prime minister come into congress and speak two weeks before his election and to speak against the foreign policy objectives of the president of the united states and the state department, foreign policy is different. i'm going to watch it on tv. i've been to every briefing. i think israel's going to be hurt by this speech. and i think it has been hurt. because the bottom line is president obama's the most important person in america for israel to have a good relationship with. it's important that the commander in chief and the prime minister of israel work together. >> uh-huh. >> and the fact is this debate shouldn't be in washington. the debate really is in geneva. >> now -- >> wait a second, megyn. >> no i have a follow-up question. >> -- follow -- >> i think i gave you a nice
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long time for the first answer. >> you gave me a heck of a buildup too. >> i would like to ask you a follow-up question. which is that's fine. obviously they have negotiating to do which hasn't gone very well from the look of where we are with netanyahu. >> we don't know where negotiating is. >> but congress has a rule too. you may have to step in and pass sanctions or god forbid something military if things go really south when it comes to iran. why shouldn't he speak to you directly on something you heard him in those sound bites earlier, he really believes is an existential threat to israel. >> he believed in 2002 when he spoke to the foreign relations committee that iraq had weapons and ability to transport on movable railroad. none of which was true and all false. unfortunately there's been reproduced and distributed quite widely and even mo sad contradicted something mr. netanyahu said. i wish it wouldn't have happened but prime minister netanyahu doesn't come to the table with
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the best marks either. >> you know who doesn't either? iran. >> iran's bad. believe me, they're bad actors. but for the first time we have inspectors at their facilities -- >> the inspectors say they're not complying. >> well i think if they're not, we can pull out and whatever happens, happens. >> they're not. that's what the inspectors say. >> if we don't have an agreement, the alternative is according to prime minister netanyahu is additional sanctions. it's my understanding from people i know respect will get them to stiffen their back. when their stiffen they're more likely to proceed to get a nuclear weapon and put us on the edge of nuclear war. i think negotiations always are more important, diplomacy's important. and i think to have -- >> it's helpful if you have somebody you can trust on the other side. and what these inspectors are saying is you cannot trust iran. they are continuing to -- and they will not allow full inspection so we can ascertain their compliance. that remains a problem. i'll give you quick final word. >> assumeing you're right and you
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can't trust them, then you don't negotiate with them, you don't have diplomacy what's the alternative? the alternative is war. i don't think anybody wants to put war on the table. and that would be a -- >> well, sanctions are a step we could take too. >> sanctions won't work. >> all right. i got to go. sir, i thank you for being here with your perspective. >> you're welcome. we are hearing new threat from the islamic state terrorist tonight as they declare a death sentence for the head of an american media company and all of his employees. ollie north is next on how exactly we're supposed to fight this kind of war. plus, judge napolitano is here on the murder of a tv reality star and the question of whether the suspect was here as part of president obama's dreamer program for illegal immigrants. plus, "the kelly file" investigates the lapd shooting that leaves a homeless man dead. what does the video really show? sheriff clarke is here. there's a gap out there. that's keeping
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how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at two horrific incidents involving terror leave us wondering how to confront this threat. first involves twitter and all employees in an online threat being passed around by isis for
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closing accounts linked to radical islam and for promoting isis' propaganda, twitter refusing to do it and now under threat for it. this comes just days after an american blogger, known for being critical of all religions, is hacked to death on the streets of bangladesh while riding a rickshaw with his wife. she survives, here's a picture though not unscathed as you can see. the state department suggests it has no idea what could have motivated this attack. colonel oliver north is a fox military analyst. colonel, good to see you tonight. so we see an american hacked to death in bangladesh by this radical islamist, they have a suspect in custody today. at the same time we see the co-founder of twitter under direct threat for refusing to spread isis propaganda. how are we supposed to fight this? >> well, not the way we're doing it now. the obama administration is treating every one of these events like street crimes.
6:17 pm
and our president's behaving like a small town mayor living at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. all this to them is a criminal act. radical islam has been at war with us since 1979. they're waging war against us. killing thousands of us on 9/11. propaganda on the internet. their videos. and in hometowns and foreign cities. we didn't have such a hard time figuring it out in world war ii. >> but in world war ii i don't have to tell you but in world war ii we knew where they were. we could go fight them. it was an army. it was hand-to-hand combat. it was normandy. but what are we supposed to do? is the u.s. army supposed to go protect the co-founder of twitter? are we supposed to provide armed guards around anybody like this american citizen in bangladesh critical of radical islam? how are we supposed to protect against this? >> let's start with declaring war. this is the same state department that didn't know the iranians were leading remnants of the iraqi army and hands full
6:18 pm
of -- they didn't know that last night. tied to another piece of today's news white house still beating up on prime minister netanyahu because he's come here to tell the truth about the iranian weapons program. it's the same administration that can't tell whether a beheading video from isis is real or not. we're supposed to believe this administration's capable of verifying that iran is going to play nice on nuclear weapons? think of it secretary of state said today the american people if they knew about the deal we're working on in geneva it would come apart. why do they have to keep it secret? >> netanyahu is threatening to reveal information that the congress doesn't know and people don't know and the administration is not too keen on that. >> and they're denying it. the reality is what has to happen is there has to be a coalition built that will tell the truth, knows who our enemies are, knows what our enemies and our allies are is willing to tell the definition of what you can do to these radicals and
6:19 pm
extremists. >> with respect how does that combat these radicals who hop up in all the countries, these terrorists who want to take down anybody who fights their messaging or what they stand for. >> i just heard the congressman say that the alternative to anything is war. the fact is you don't need to put the first marine division and the 82nd airborne division on the ground in iraq and syria. number one, stop bashing the israelis and steer clear of any nuclear deal with iran. because if they get the nukes, they will use them. step two back jordan's king abdullah's plans. three, backup egyptian president to break isis in libya. step four, give them the eight tons the u.s. air force wants to moth ball and send a couple carrier battle groups and marine corps to mediterranean. show those people we're serious. put on the ground to wage a real war and air campaign against isis and all the rest of the
6:20 pm
radical islamists that are occupying a broken country called syria. and in short destroy the willingness of people to join and stay with this jihad. what prime minister netanyahu is going to say tomorrow, never again. that is not a political slogan in israel. it's their way of life. it ought to be ours instead of this phony we're going to hold the perpetrators accountable cow dung. >> ollie north, great to see you. >> thank you. >> he went from going to moth ball this to cow dung that. that's hard to do in one little segment. i admire the use of language. coming up a tv reality star's murdered along with two others. and now there are questions about whether the suspect was here as part of the president's dreamer program for illegal immigrants. judge napolitano is next. plus, the speeches are over and the polling's in, laura ingraham is here on the winners and losers from the unofficial kickoff to the republican primary for 2016. >> it's full-timetime for a new way
6:21 pm
a new set of ideas, and above all it's time for a new president.
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trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i'm not worried about smoking my next cigarette. to me that feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. there are two court cases back here getting a lot of attention tonight. the first involves the murder of a former contestant from the reality show "america's next top model." found shot to death along with two other people two men, in a home in charlotte, north carolina. after police arrested 19-year-old emanuel rangel for the crime, senator chuck grassley sent a letter to the department of homeland security asking if this guy was in the united states illegally and whether he was allow today stay here under the president's dreamer program despite the fact he was in a known gang. there's still no response from dhs. joining us now judge andrew napolitano. even under the president's
6:25 pm
dreamer program if you are in a gang, if you're a known gang member, you don't qualify. so if he was in a known gang and was allowed to stay here under deferred action by the president, then the administration screwed up. >> right. let's set some basics. senator grassley says he has a source. we don't know who the source is. >> he's asking to confirm this of dhs. >> correct. >> he's received no response thus far. >> he's giving them a deadline. but the program under which senator grassley's source believes he was allowed to stay here was not legislated by congress. this is another executive order written by the president inconsistent with federal law, which basically says to people like this if you do a, b, c, d and e, i won't deport you. and the president made up the a b, c, d and e. it's not in the statute. this is not the part of the law. this is not an executive order that was challenged and then joined by a federal judge in texas two weeks ago. >> most recently. >> right. this was done two years ago.
6:26 pm
so as far as i know this has not been -- >> but doesn't this play in to what we're going to see happen in the courts now and the president's most recent executive action? because the congress is saying, hey, there's a reason we're here. there's a reason we get to weigh-in on the law when it comes to illegal immigration. >> and that reason is the constitution, which says the congress writes the laws and not the president. so when the president writes the laws and the congress does not sabt about it and the whole government apparatus follows the president's newly written law the way he wants it to be congress is as much to blame. we should not accept this sitting down. whether you think these people should be here or not is not the story. the president shouldn't be making that decision. only congress. >> clearly if this guy was a confirmed gang member and was here and never should have been here, the question about whether they can enforce their own executive orders according to the criteria the president sets with his pen and his phone is going to come up again in the context of the new executive order as well.
6:27 pm
i want to switch gears because there's a terrible case out of massachusetts where an 18-year-old committed suicide and now a frentd of his, a young woman, michelle carter has been charged with what? >> she's been charged with involuntary manslaughter by sending him e-mails and text messages and tweets that encouraged him to kill himself. this is a novel case maker. i've never seen one like this. >> do we know why she did this? >> there was a case of a charitable woman involved in families of victims of suicide and she may have wanted him to die so she could raise money for his family when they became victimized by his family. >> how good is the evidence -- cops are saying they got her cold. >> they have texts in which she pushed him. they have evidence he was a simpleton and she knew he was a simpleton. >> she was telling him to get back in the car and do it when he was getting out. >> correct.
6:28 pm
but the law usually requires some evil motivation. they may have it here. and something more than words. the cases where people have been convicted of this in other states -- >> hand you the gun. >> right. the person who did the encouraging handed the gun, handed the weapon, somehow more than just plain speech. >> but when he steps out of the car and says i don't know if i can go through with it and she says get back in and get it over with. >> it's a head scratcher as to why she would do this. if they convict her on that basis, it will be novel and dangerous because it brings pure speech into an area of crime. >> they're trying her in juvenile court but trying her as an adult in juvenile court. >> that's very unusual and unheard of. >> she faces realtime? >> yes she faces 20 years even though she was a juvenile at the time and now she's been waived up to an adult. >> well, she claims i really couldn't see him live like this anymore. i couldn't have him live the way he was living anymore. >> i did it but i was being compassionate. >> later texted internally my family is going to hate me and i could -- >> it's an interesting defense
6:29 pm
because the government has to prove motivation. if she gets on the stand and gives this defense, may defeat the plan. >> judge, good to see you. >> always a pleasure, megyn. a painter of presidential portraits that's a lot of lit ration, is tonight coming clean about the secret image he hid in the painting of bill clinton. can you see it? >> i'm afraid to ask. >> james rosen is not afraid and explain why the clintons may not really be thrilled. now that the speeches are over and the voting is done, who are the real winners? judge napolitano was one of them. i'll explain that later. and real losers in the first big showdown for the potential republican field. laura ingraham is next. >> you see here in america there's a reason why we celebrate the fourth of july and not april 15th. because in america we celebrate our independence from the government not our dependence on it.
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the winner of the cpac 2015 presidential straw poll is rand paul. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. way to go. >> a big night for kentucky senator rand paul as he wins his third straight straw poll at the annual political action conference. but the bigger story perhaps may be his runner-up. followed closely by wisconsin governor scott walker, then ted cruz, dr. ben carson and former florida governor jeb bush. >> the biggest divide we have in this country is between career politicians in washington and
6:34 pm
the american people. >> imagine if we had a commander in chief that understood the way to defeat isis is not to find them a job. >> like mrs. clinton i too have traveled the globe. unlike mrs. clinton, i know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment. >> we need a president a leader who will stand up and say we will take the fight to them and not wait until they bring the fight to american soil for our children and our grandchildren! >> will you l you lovers of liberty, will you rise to the occasion? >> joining me now laura ingraham, host of the laura ingraham show and spoke at cpac herself and made a lot of headlines. laura, great to see you tonight. who do you think was the big winner? >> well, i think look rand paul as the pauls usually do
6:35 pm
wins. and, you know he did a good job. it's a more libertarian leaning crowd, megyn. it's not all that surprising. there are a lot of people who at cpac are much more liberal on social issues pot legalization, that kind of stuff. so that's an interesting element to it. but in the end we know that it's not all that predictive of who ultimately wins the presidency. it could be. but usually not. the more interesting dramas that played out, i think, really wasn't who won although i like rand paul. interesting drama was jeb bush coming to cpac. >> you went to town on jeb bush. that was the big highlight. you got up there with this powerful microphone and really went after him as not being a conservative and he should join the hillary clinton ticket. why so hard at him? >> well, a little humor there. look, i think jeb bush was actually a good governor of florida. i think he did a pretty terrific job as governor of florida. but that was a long time ago. and politics that's kind of a long time ago.
6:36 pm
since then he's said a lot of things that are very at odds with where the grass roots of the party is today specifically about immigration, amnesty, obviously the common core, his views on some other things are much closer i think to -- more centeric democrats than grass roots. doesn't mean he's liberal on every issue. we had a lot of fun at cpac. but his mission, jeb's mission, i think, was to staredown conservatives. not to appeal but stare them down and perceive onto palm beach where he can go to the club for growth and say, look i stared them down and i survived and i did fine. >> chris christie did not get up there but sat with you for a long time. >> yeah. >> you pressed him. you really went at it. >> yeah. >> and i don't know did he persuade you? some of the criticism against him is he's like jeb bush. he's too moderate some feel. >> yeah, well i think, you know, we'll see. he has an uphill road to climb.
6:37 pm
he's the underdog in this race now. so i think he had to almost make a first impression again with conservatives. and i think he did pretty well. i mean, you know, i asked him questions. if he were on with you you'd probably ask him most the same questions. >> yeah. >> i think he acquitted himself well. i think he got a standing ovation at the end which i think a lot of people might have been surprised at. but his comeback trail could be look, i'm the anti-establishment guy. you thought i was establishment, i'm going to swing for the fences. i'm going to fight for the little guy. we'll see how he plays that. >> did anyone -- >> that's an interesting narrative. >> surprise you? >> did anyone surprise me? i think perhaps rubio didn't wow the crowd as i thought he might have. it was a bit of flat performance. >> he was looking at his notes. first he drank his water. that was terrible. >> that was rough. >> kidding. >> i think in the end it was not surprising but illustrative of the divide that exists in the republican party today that going back to jeb, i mean he
6:38 pm
had to bustle out of people. which was smart. he's a smart guy. he knows that he has to win. he's going to try to win all wings of the republican party. but really win first and foremost with the donor class and the people who to some extent run the show in the republican party. >> i got to go but i got to ask you, if you had to rank one, two and three coming out of that conference, how would you rank them? >> i still say walker rand and maybe just because i had the most experience with him christie, but i think jeb in the end did pretty well as well. >> ted cruz? >> ted cruz it's hard to rank. i think cruz really illustrated the divide. the divide is between career politicians and the party. that is the ultimate drama in the republican party today. and he illustrated it really well. i mean, he speaks without notes. it's hard to beat him just for the showmanship. >> great to see you. great job. >> take care. >> judge andrew napolitano had a debate with general michael
6:39 pm
hayden which was extremely well attended and the judge was much beloved in that debate. up next, attorney general eric holder is leaving his post. but reports say he's leaving some bad news first for the police in ferguson, missouri. wait until you hear this. plus, a lot of media outlets drew quick conclusions about a fatal police shooting in los angeles. up next, we will play you the video and let you decide when sheriff clarke joins us on what really happened here. [ bleep ]. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! the pm pain reliever. that dares to work all the way until... [birds chirping] the am. new aleve pm. it's the first to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last all the way until morning. new aleve pm, for a better am.
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across the country many media outlets drew quick conclusions in the police shooting of a homeless man in los angeles. we asked trace gallagher to review the tape moment by moment to help our viewers actually understand what really unfolded here. he joins us with that investigation. trace. >> megyn, this was a robbery in an area known as skid row. as soon as police confronted the suspect a homeless man who went by the name africa, he began fighting. listen first to an eyewitness account. play it. >> he didn't have no weapon. they just shot him. they could have just wrestled him down and took him to jail, but they shot him five times. >> but police say the video and audio tell a much different story. they did wrestle him down. even tased him. police say he was shot because he tried to grab the officer's gun. so now watch the video and listen very closely to what the
6:44 pm
officer starts shouting. play it. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! [ gunfire ] >> did you hear it? police chief charlie beck heard e has my gun, he has my gun, others heard drop my gun, drop the gun. whatever he said the officer is clearly concerned about his weapon. this is an up close picture released by lapd of what police say shows the suspect's hand reaching for the officer's gun. now, it's almost impossible to say with certainty that's where his hand is going. but the lapd use of force manual says an officer should use every tactical tool at his disposal to avoid surrendering their weapon. >> had the individual not grabbed the officer's pistol, we would not be having this discussion. >> two of the officers had body
6:45 pm
cameras. and there is surveillance video. so lapd, the d.a.'s office and independent inspector general will have a lot of angles to review as they investigate this police-involved shooting. megyn. >> trace, thank you. joining me now with more, sheriff david clarke of the milwaukee county sheriff's office. sheriff, good to see you. so many were very quick today to go after the lapd for that video. basically sunlighting this was out and out murder. a homeless man wasn't armed and they executed him. your take on it? >> well, there's a lot about this investigation that hasn't been concluded and hasn't been released. and i want to be cautious in what i say but there are some things i think i can comment on. i mean skid row, what a great social idea that was right? it's been a disaster. but these law enforcement officers went in there on a call for service. they confronted an individual who like in some of the other situations we've seen recently decided to fight with the police. i'll tell you right now you go into a very dark place when you
6:46 pm
resist arrest. when you get into a struggle with a suspect, weapon retention is job one. and when that weapon -- your own service weapon is trying to be taken from you, charlie beck or chief beck i know him, i met with him on more than one occasion, he said it right. all bets are off. and had that individual complied with the officer's lawful commands to be taken into custody like he had a duty today, he'd be alive today. >> you heard what the people were saying. it's a homeless guy. and he wasn't -- they believe he didn't deserve to be shot because the police had a taser. we hear that a lot in these cases. why not use something less than lethal force? >> well first of all, we're talking about the rule of law here. you know this, megyn, the rule of law allows a law enforcement officer to use enough force to overcome the resistance, not meet the resistance. not with an equal amount of force but to overcome it. you get a lot of armchair quarterbacks standing on the side saying why didn't the
6:47 pm
police do this, why didn't the police do that? they weren't in that situation. these things happen in circumstances that are tense, very uncertain and they rapidly evolve. in a very short period of time that shooting took place. and now people on the sidelines want to put in their two cents. they get to do that. we have to deal with that all the time. but the rule of law is a standard i want to apply to this police shooting. >> you know we had obviously another case where the police were involved in the shooting of a citizen who was unarmed as it turns out. and that was in ferguson, missouri. and that police officer was not indicted. but nonetheless eric holder's doj is still taking a look at the ferguson police department. a very hard look. now we get reports that his very last before he leaves office is going to be a report that's highly critical of the police in ferguson, missouri. and they will be criticizing them for disproportionately ticketing and arresting african-americans, relying on fines allegedly to balance the city's budget and suggesting that there is racial anamys.
6:48 pm
your thoughts on eric holder's last act. >> first of all there's this mistaken belief that unarmed means not dangerous. in both of these situations at least it's alleged in the l.a. that the suspect was going after the officer's gun. some of the same parallel circumstances went on in ferguson, missouri. eric holder has been the most race-obsessed attorney general in the history of the united states. lady justices are supposed to be blind, you know, megyn, the symbol with the blindfolded lady. supposed to be color blind as well. eric holder makes decisions color coded. everything he does is put through the racial lens. he's had ferguson missouri and its police department in his crosshairs ever since he went down there in that tragic situation with officer mike brown and darren wilson. and he said we're going to make this right. on his way out the door he's got one more kick at the cat. he wants to put ferguson,
6:49 pm
missouri up on his mantle as another law enforcement agency that he indicted for some sort of racial practices. i don't know everything that's going on in ferguson, missouri, but if i were the city father, city officials if you will, i would fight these charges. eric holder is using traffic stops, megyn, simply because he can exploit that data. that's the first thing that race hustlers jump to is looking at traffic stops to make some sort of determination that some sort of racial impropriety's going on here. if you're a cop and you're working in an area that's predominantly black, most of your field interview stops most of your police contacts, your calls for service and most of your traffic stops are going to involve black individuals. >> got it. >> officers don't target. they don't racially profile. >> i understand. >> they criminally profile. >> i apologize for cutting you off but the computer's going to do the same thing to both of us in just a minute. sheriff clarke, great to see you. right after this break, we today
6:50 pm
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quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. from picasso to da vinci and van gogh all known for hiding things in their works cht tonight we're learning about something else hidden in a portrait of one of our presidents. james, what's the story? >> the story, megyn, in a nutshell is that rand paul isn't the only person still upset about monica lewinsky. for the downright forgetful monica was the 22-year-old white house intern with whom president bill clinton carried on an affair in the mid-90s.
6:54 pm
mr. clinton's testimony denying the affair were proved false in large measure thanks to the unwashed blue dress from the gap that ms. lewinsky held onto. this image is in black and white because the fbi generally favors that kind of minimalist style of photography. the scandal climaxed, yes, i said climaxed with mr. clinton's impeachment in the house and his acquittal in the senate. now we learned the artist rendering of the 43rd president never forgot those lies about lewinsky and in said portrait notable depicted him without his wedding ring the artist embedded, yes, embedded, a sly reference to monica. note the shadow cast by mr. clinton's body at right near the column. now note the other shadow on the left. nelson shanks tells the philadelphia daily news that's the shadow cast by monica's blue dress. the actual dress was returned to
6:55 pm
monica by prosecutors in 2001. >> guess the clintons are unhappy about this. shocking, i don't understand why. james, great to see you. >> likewise. >> embedded. overstimulated lower, what? anatomy? we're taking your thoughts. go to or send me a tweet. we'll be right back, but first on -- no hannity has j christian adams. a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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tomorrow night, full coverage of mr. netanyahu's speech. a celebrated seven years of wedded bliss to doug blunt yesterday. a never-before-shared wedding photo, head to welcome to "hannity." israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the apaic congress today and israeli prime minister boldly declared he has a "moral obligation to speak up about the dangers facing his country." this comes 24 hours before he's said to address a joint session of congress tomorrow. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. israel has always been a bipartisan issue. israel should always remain a bipartisan issue. for 2,000 years my people the jewish
7:00 pm