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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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in a 6-7 inch gap, this happened in west hollywood. rescuers tied ropes around the dog and wiggled him out and he is now back with his owners. see, we ended with good news. >> thank you so much for being part of a news packed real story today. i'm gretchen carlson. here is shep. hours ago, benjamin netanyahu warned the united states congress the iranians cannot be trusted. their proposed deal will help them build a nuke. >> that deal will not prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons it will all but guarantee that iran gets those weapons. >> president obama disagrees saying the israeli leader did not offer up any new options. even as the prime minister spoke halfway around the world, iranian forces were fighting alongside the iraqis against the islamic state militants. the prime minister warns that does not mean iran is on our side. >> iran and isis are competing
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for the crown of militant islam. >> ahead a look at the iranian threat. the nation's expanding influence in the middle east and what our options are for containing it. let's get to it. first from the deck this morning, the israeli prime minister, ben jam anyone netanyahu making his case against the obama administration negotiations with iran. he is telling the u.s. lawmakers that the do el in the works does not block the path to the bomb. instead, he insists it waves the way to the bomb. >> if anyone thinks this deal kicks the can down the road, think again. when we get down that road, we'll face a much pore dangerous iran, a middle east littered with nuclear bombs. and a countdown to a potential nuclear nightmare.
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>> the israeli prime minister also said if iran would act like a normal country as he put it then the west would lift its financial restrictions. for now, he argued, we are better off without a deal. >> president obama then responded an hour ago telling reporters there was nothing new in the speech and that the prime minister has been wrong about his warnings in the past. the president also said there has been progress with iran and negotiations are the best way of preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. more in a moment. >> prime minister, netanyahu did not offer any better solutions. >> on the core issue, which is how do we prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for greater action in the region, the prime minister didn't offer any viable
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alternatives. >> the prime minister broke protocol by inviting the prime minister here without giving the white house heads up. dozens of democrats did not attend the speech. president obama refused to meet with the israeli leader during this speech. the prime minister regrets that anybody views his speech as political. insisting, that is not his intention. israel is not the only country concerned about iran's nuclear ambition. many a rab governments share israel's concerns. they are careful to steer clear of aligning the public statements with israel, saudi arabia, egypt, turkey and qatar are all aposedopposed to a nuclear deal with iran. it would likely drive saudi arabia to quickly match iran's nuclear capabilities and lead to a nuclear arms race. because they don't trust iran's government to police itself.
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saudi arabia's concerns over iran may go back many years according to a series of diplomatic cables released by wikileaks, saudi king abdullah asked the white house to cut off the head of the snake by striking iran. the u.s. and five other western countries are continuing negotiations. very few people know the answer to that question. the details are being kept mostly top secret. obama administration officials said their policy was to completely dismantle tehran's nuclear infrastructure. just yesterday the national security adviser said it was no longer doable. any final deal would leave some nuclear deal in place scale it back some and freeze it for a number of years. that's something that's making u.s. allies in the middle east nervous. secretary of state, kerry, is in switzerland meeting with the foreign minister. he is telling them that all
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sides in the talks are working productively. secretary kerry will travel to saudi arabia to get middle easted leaders on board. iran denies they are developing nuclear weapons at all. peter barnes is on capitol hill for us this afternoon. israel's own future is on the line when it comes to iran. >> that's right, shep. the prime minister saying that what he is looking for is a better deal that will protect israel as well as some of the a rab neighbors. that would include eliminating all of iran's nuclear infrastructure sending a short period that could allow the u.s. or anyone else to strike militarily to strike if iran should be found to violate any agreement and it would keep restrictions in place until iran stops its aggressive behavior. >> the alternative to this bad
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deal is a much better deal. a better deal that won't give iran an easy path to the bomb. a better deal that israel and its neighbor may not like but with which we could live literally. israel could act on its own if it had to. israel can defend itself and stand alone. >> regardless of the politics, the president made clear, we are very much on board with israel. our relationship is strong. prime minister netanyahu said the same thing before he ripped the president apart. they seem to be in this together. they continue to down play their differences in this dispute. here is white house press secretary, josh earnest, just a few minutes ago. >> the president has made clear
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there are other concerns in mind principally, ensuring the relationship between the united states and israel isn't subjected to the turbulence of partisan politics. >> prime minister netanyahu went out of his way to thank president obama several times in his speech lists specific things that the president has done in the last few years to help insure israel's security. >> after that, it changed. >> peter barnes on capitol hill. let's turn to john busy. if not this deal, the israelis don't like the deal if not this then what? we don't know what the deal is. there is another deadline toward the end of this month. we will get more details toward the end of the month. easier for israel to respond to the complex of what it entails
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at that stage of the game. what netanyahu managed to do, he entrenched the positions and made it clear israel is not in favor of this. for those in congress that are alied with israel, it gave them a little more standing. stay with the sanctions. the sanctions arrive china and russia. there are a lot of negotiators. it is not just united states and iran. the president says, this is not a trade deal. i don't need to go to congress to get it approved once we agree to this. we can do it through executive order. at the end of the day, the president will need congressional approval to roll back some of the more severe sanctions. this is going to require a certain amount of cooperation
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from congress. the sentiment in congress does matter. it is not just a white house initiative. >> how is the leader of the government, not the head of the state, benjamin netanyahu and our president going to work together. >> they have not had a very good relationship for a lot of years. this probably doesn't make an enormous amount of difference in that relationship. what it might do is improve his position in the polls. it shows him speaking to congress carrying the cause that israel feels strongly about to the american people. it certainly won't help him with this president. i am not sure it is going to make it any worse. it is already bad enough. netanyahu says, no deal is better than this deal. if there is no deal, that means there are no more watchers in iran. there are no more sanctions against iran. the rest of the world wouldn't
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go along with them. does that not move them closer to the bomb and closer to this military action. does that not lead us closer to having to back up israel in a war in the middle east. they have not stopped developing a nuclear relationship. the u.s. relationship with iran is much more complicated. in tikrit, it is iranian not american soldiers backing up iraqi soldiers on the ground against isis. the u.s. is doing that withstandoff approval. there are a lot of things going on in the american relationship with iran that want to somehow delay the process by which iran develops a nuclear weapon. they want to verify it. they want to have inspections and some kind of verifiable process. we'll see whether or not congress thinks it is vire fiblerifiable
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enough. >> a little complicated. we are tracking the action in the house of representatives now. there is new stuff happening. lawmakers are voting on a bill to fund the department of homeland security. >> remember just last week they tried to fund homeland security. we have to put something about immigration in there. that had to happen. had to get that done. got a whole new thing today to show you. whole new thing. if you like new things stay with us. we have a new thing coming right up. edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? ♪ oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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the netanyahu speech, was it embarrassing for president obama? the irs scandal heating up. will the feds get to the bottom of it? is it legal investigating next. help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operations. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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the u.s. house of representatives has enough votes to end the stalemate over funding the u.s. department of homeland security. the vote is open. the bill is moments away from passing. not enough remaining votes to knock it down. house republicans tried to use the spending bill to block president obama's executive order which would stop the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants living in the country illegally. house gop leaders have done an about-face, and agreed to vote on a so-called clean funding bill. clean mink nothing is attached to it. it is about homeland security and nothing else. remember, it was the political right of the republican party that said, no way speaker boehner, we are not doing this. today, speaker boehner did this. on capitol hill, what are we to make of that, mike? >> essentially speaker boehner
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laid out for his colleagues there was no reason to continue fighting. it is time to move forward. dem kraths democrats and a number of republicans came together to get this done z. >> the president's executive order that i do not support and the american people do not support, we will continue this and allow funding for critical security to move forward. these two priorities are not mutually exclusive. we can and should do them. >> democrats are happy. steve israel expressed confidence that speaker boehner would make it happen. >> i believe an assurance was made that there would be a vote on one year of full funding for the department of homeland security without any strings attached. that vote will getartisan support. >> reporter: so democrats are happy. they have been fighting for full funding of homeland security through september. they rejected a three-week extension the house tried last friday. we expect more happy reaction from democrats in the minutes
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ahead. >> they rejected the three-week extension and got a one-week extension because the democrats came on to do this. speaker boehner had to say something to something, something big happened there. help our viewers understand what it is. >> bottom line, he realized if you continue going on with these short-term extensions, their agenda would get dragged down. they may get rejected. the democrats were holding strong. they were not buckling or giving in on these shorter-term deals. they wanted to move forward. he said, it's time to do this. there are terror threats out there. god forbid there are other terror threats. leading conservatives wanted to continue fighting president obama on immigration. >> it is unfa ir to tax payers that illegal, noncitizens are going to get tax refunds. it's unfair to seniors that they will participate in our social security and now they will have
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the documents that will make it easier for 4 million to 5 million people to participate in our election process. >> that's the sample of the house conservatives. 52 voted against the three-week extension. a number of them lining up against this today. >> this thing passes, it will go to the president and he will sign it. >> interesting to me as one that likes to watch the news. beside sit up here and chat about it, i like to watch it and read about it. this happened this thing that was frankly dividing republicans in their party. no doubt about it. mike reported just as much there. that happened under cover of this all that's been happening today. so did the former c.i.a. director, david petraeus, admitting that pleading guilty to charges that he shared classified material with a woman for her book. that came out at three minutes past 11:00, at exactly the same time the prime minister began to
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speak. if there is something you don't want to get a lot of notice, put it in there. the ex-cop that kept looking this. drew peterson is in court he tried to have a hit man murder the prosecutor that helped put him behind bars. we follow drew peterson since the old studio "v" dade. i have had the pleasure of speaking with him. the neighbors say they saw you carrying out a big, blue barrel. >> that's not what we agreed to talk about. >> i didn't agree to any restrictions on conversation. i would never do that. >> then, i guess i have to walk away. have a good day, mr. shepherd. >> he didn't want to talk about the blue barrel neighbors testified they saw him carrying out of the garage one that would have been big enough to put one of the former wives in there. mr. peterson has answered these new murder for hire charges by entering a plea.
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convicted wife killer, drew peterson, has pleaded not guilty he tried to hire a hitman. he made his first appearance in court for the murder for hire. he is serving a 38-year prison sentence in the state of illinois. the year was 2012, a court convicted him of killing his third wife, kathleen savio, nearly a decade after she turned up dead in a dry bathtub. prosecutors had reopened the case after his fourth wife, this woman stacy peterson went missing in 2007. drew peterson is to this day a suspect in her disappearance. he is a retired police sergeant. he has claimed that stacy peterson, wife number four, ran
12:23 pm
off with another man and is still alive somewhere. drew peterson's lawyer has said this new case against his client makes, quote, no sense because he is appealing his murder conviction and is confident a court will overturn it. she is host. drew peterson. >> what a dirt bag. he is the most disgusting person still living. >> wow. >> perhaps he is one of the worst kinds of people. he was a cop who turned into a murdererous cop. he has that wife they still don't know where she is. at any moment shlgs she is going to reemerge if she has run off with another man. >> i have o.j. in the car. i remember distinctly when the neighbors were testifying he brought out this big blue barrel. nobody has ever found the big blue barrel. the thinking at the time was that might have been wife number four stacy peterson, in 2007. >> they haven't found her. they don't know where she is.
12:24 pm
he is not only a suspect but the suspect. there are some unsochllved murders in illinois. the fact he was allegedly trying to hire someone to kill the prosecutor who put him away in 2012. maybe the guy isn't just a wife killer and someone who wants to seek vengeance on those that wronged him. maybe he has a thick trail of bodies they have not yet linked together. >> we can't confirm that. he did carry himself like a man that was very, very confident. he joked with reporters from time to time. >> that's because he is a total sociopath. that's why judges are so freaked out about certain domestic violence cases. here is aguy where police were called to his home 18 different times for domestic violence disturbances. that included not bringing the kids home on time. he was certainly a fan of procreation. >> what was never said in trial but was talked about everywhere else for the longest time was the fact that the third wife of
12:25 pm
whose murder he is now convicted. >> kathleen savio. >> kathleen savio. she died by drowning according to the report from the police department in a bathtub that contained no water. the suggestion was that the other police people and people within the justice system protected one of their own to the point he was going to get away with it and instead, he got to do it again. >> he had a friend that stood up and testified for him a co-worker, who said this guy is not capable of that. he is a good and honorable man. that's what sociopaths do. they convince you they are really good people. they move in and destroy your life or take your life. he is a text book example of some of the what can happen when one turns into absolute black. >> i was watching up there. we have him on a continuing loop on our ribbon of news. our ribbon of news. many monitors of news.
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>> is that gwyneth paltrow's jumpsuit. >> it is very similar. watch him when he looks up at the reporters. he is so happy. i hope that things are not going as well for him in the hoosegow. i really don't think they are. all the guys in the joint, as it were, i think i can share my street ver knack lar with you. they have wives and kids. they don't want to hear about a guy that killed one wife and probably killed the other one. >> we will look for you on the break-out new program, kennedy. >> always use jazz hands when talking about it. >> kennedy tonight on the fox business network, finder. >> shep, i will always see you in my dreams. david petraeus led american forces and ran the cia and a stunning extramarital affair and scandal that cost him his career, he is pleading guilty
12:27 pm
and admitted he gave his mistress top secret information. look at the fight back in tikrit where the islamic forces are fighting with the iraqis against the islamic state. the iranian republic we are learning iraq did not alert the united states about this new offensive probably because iran is calling the shots. comforting, isn't it? that's coming up. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats... clear coats... >>you're getting warmer... leather seats... >>and this... my wife bought me that. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app,
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raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. a federal investigation has found direct evidence of racial discrimination in the ferguson, missouri, police department. that's according to a law enforcement official who is familiar with the justice department's brand new report. that official says they could release the report as soon as tomorrow. the department of justice launched that civil rights investigation after a white ferguson police officer killed an unarmed black teenager named
12:30 pm
michael brown back in august. a grand jury decided not to charge the officer. the shooting sparked weeks of protest across the country. a law enforcement official tells the "associated press" the investigation found ferguson police have disproportionately used excessive force against black people and stopped and so muched them more often than white people. no word yet of a response from officials in ferguson. we are expecting we will have that at some point. racial discrimination in ferguson. it is official and we'll have more after this.
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nsa leaker, edward snowden, is supposed to return to the you states. he has been hiding out after leaking thousands of classified documents about the national security agency surveillance program. ed snowden faces charges here in the united states under the espionage act. his lawyer says american and german attorneys are taking part
12:33 pm
against these talks. ed snowden looking to come back home to the united states. more when we get it. first breaking news. we just learned that iraq did not alert the united states about its plans to retake the city of tikrit from islamic state militants because iran's military guard is leading the operation. the iraqi forces are the ones that we spent more than $1 trillion on retraining. we gave them all kinds of weapons and in walked isis and they melted and gave isis all of our weapons. a new version of the military is working with the iranians to take back saddam's hometown. wonder how this is going to work out? according to senior u.s. military sortses involved in the anti-isis coalition in iraq. they say there is significant concern at the highest levels of the united states military over this development.
12:34 pm
local officials say bombs slowed the operations to recapture the hometown. on the wall, tikrit is located 80 miles north of baghdad. this forms more for the task of liberated liberated mosul. let's bring in james golddire the dean of international service at american university. he joins us live. thank you very much. how are we supposed to process this idea have o the iranians leading the iraqis whom we used to arm and train and now apparently serve under the iranians. >> one of the big outcomes of the 2002 invasion of iraq has been the expansion of iranian influence in iraq. we are just seeing that continue. here we have the revolutionary guard force from iran won the ground working with the iraqi military leading the defensive and the united states is sitting
12:35 pm
on the sidelines. >> what do we do? >> the big concern we have with the iraqi government is its ability to be inclusive its ability to include the sunnis. until it does, the sunnis will continue to be attracted to isis and the big concern we should have right now is whether or not the iraqi military working with the iranian government will exacerbate the sectarian divide that already exists in iraq. >> it feels like since we will be treated like libber raytors nothing has gone well with this group. when they talk, the iraqis talked about taking back mosul, which everybody involved seemed to believe was just some sort of fan tasty cal idea that maybe someone had while sleeping. it was only a week later that the united states went, nah, that can't be done. then we are believe that the iraqis were able to do this with the iranians behind our back without our knowledge.
12:36 pm
>> we haven't seen how this is going to turn out. the iraqi forces are going after isis. we don't know what the outcome will be. we don't know how successful they will be or how capable they are. we don't know how long it will take even if they are successful. there have been plans for an assault on mosul later in the spring. this certainly presumably upends the planning that the united states has been engaged in. >> we were hearing there was some degree of upending that had already happened. somewhere after that moment the iraqis said they might be able to do it. a half second later when they realized you can't do that. because they can't. we are still trying to come up with a government that would include, as you just mentioned, all the others, including the kerds in the north. they are the ones we try to get weapons to. >> this has been the problem all along, the iraqi government, shiite led, has not included
12:37 pm
sunnis and kerds. that sectarian divide is a major danger to u.s. efforts in iraq to combat isis. we see the potential for this exacerbating of the divide. we see this with the iranian military. >> so right now our strategy overall is to keep hitting them from the air with air strikes and other than that rely on the so far nonexistent sort of moderate theory and the iraqi army which has turned on us and given our weapons to someone else that now works under the command of the iranians. how is anyone to believe that we might use these iraqis and syrians as sort of foot soldiers against isis is absurd? >> our best allies to date have been the kurds. we supported them earlier and
12:38 pm
had some success working with kurdish forces. >> the kurds have said, as you well know, so our audience is up to speed. they say, we are not getting anywhere near mosul. we are trying to get to kurdy kurdistan up here. >> they are trying to govern themselves and be free of domination from the iraqi and syrian regime. that's another factor that plays into the dynamic, within the broader region. >> is there anything positive that you can share with us that maybe is happening in this pursuit to stop these people that chop other's heads off. >> if the iraqi military is successful in dislodging isis from tikrit and there is a battle that weakens isis that would be in the positive column. the real question is, can it be
12:39 pm
done without further exacerbating in iraq. will the forces allied with iran simply recreate or create more problems, specially with the sunni population. >> every single thing i've read every person with whom i've spoken suggested that your worst case scenario is exactly what will happen and has to p ha. there really is no other solution. if they see one secretary working with the iranians, then the other one is going to be mad. >> there has been talk about this already about revenge killings against sunnis, which is only going to drive the sunni population further into the arms of isis. >> james goldguier american university. thank you so much. an amazing fall from grace for the best known military commander of his entire generation. the retired four star general david petraeus pleaded guilty today to mishandling classified documents as part of a deal with the united states justice department. this plea deal allows him to avoid an embarrassing trial for
12:40 pm
giving classified information to his mistress when he was the director of the central intelligence agency. it is likely that the trial would have centered around his relationship with the mistress who was also his biographer. general petraeus is still married to his wife, holly. the retired general has led the war in iraq and afghanistan. he was the architect of a strategy that analysts called a model for future warfare unquote. at one time, general petraeus was discussed as a possible candidate for either president or vice-president of the you united states. he was popular with both parties in congress when president obama asked him to lead the united states central intelligence agency in 2011. a judge still had to approve this deal. in it federal prosecutors will ask for two years probation incompetent instead of jailtime for a four-star general head of the cia. katherine is in washington with the latest. from the surface, this might be
12:41 pm
the best case scenario. the thought of this trial with all of these details coming out is unthinkable. >> that's right shep. according to these documents, the retired general kept several black notebooks documenting his career including classified and unclassified notes. he admits he was wrong to share these notebooks with his biographer and mistress, paula broadwell, at one point hand delivering the notebooks to a private home where she was working on a residence not approved for the storage of classified information. the documents say in october, 2012 c.i.a. director, petraeus was interviewed at cia headquarters where he lied to fbi agents telling them he had never supplied classified information to broadwell. these statements were false. the acts taken by david petraeus were in all respects known and
12:42 pm
deliberate and not committed by a mistake accident or other innocent reason. lying to the fbi as you you mentioned, can get you five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. under this deal, both sides are recommending probation and a $40,000 fine. >> reaction from the white house? >> well, let's just have some context here. you are talking about a three-year investigation involving two people and a handful of computers. even today, the administration cannot explain why it took so long to reach this conclusion and that the briefs josh earnest deflected questions to the justice department and attorney general eric holder who is just about to leave office. >> i don't actually think that the justice department did find that he disclosed classified information. the charge that he pled to was the improper handling of classified information. that's different than the disclosure. >> also this afternoon, there was a statement from republican senator john mccain who was a
12:43 pm
supporter of petraeus. it reads in part quote, with the department of justice investigation now complete, general petraeus has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. he has apologized and expressed deep regret to the situation. i believe it is time to consider this matter closed. at this hour we are expecting a news conference on capitol hill from the benghazi select committee. they still want to call former directory petraeus to testify. the question is whether this plea agreement is going to have a lasting impact on his credibility and what he may say to that committee, shep. >> he shared. he did not disclose a distinction with zero difference. thank you. >> there is no difference. >> there is absolutely no difference. say whatever you want. it is what it is. thank you as always. breaking news in the jodi arias case. remember her. she murdered her ex-boyfriend, cut his neck so deeply, his head came off. now, there is word that the jurors are having trouble making
12:44 pm
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more breaking news. the jury in the jodi arias case is having trouble deciding whether she should spend the rest of your life in prison or die for the murder of her ex-boyfriend according to our producer. they seem to be as an impasse. the judge appears to be ready to send the jury back to see if they can work out their differences. those jurors are not deciding whether she is guilty. she is absolutely guilty. another jury decided that. instead this jury is deciding whether she should spend life in prison or die for her crime. a different jury found her guilty of the murder nearly two years ago. arias stabbed her ex-boyfriend, not once but 27 times. she also shot him and sliced his throat so deeply that it nearly took his head off. in that trial, the jury could not reach a unanimous decision on her punishment. a new jury got empanelled and
12:48 pm
got this case. sh he she gets the automatic life sentence. she attacked her ex in a jealous rage just moments after she snapped these pictures of that guy, travis alexander in the shower. prosecutors say she was mad because he wanted to end their affair. the defense argues she did it in self-defense. they were overruled and the jury spoke. hillary clinton did not have a government e-mail address during her time as secretary of state. instead, she used her personal account. that's according to the reporting of "the new york times." under federal law, government officials are required to keep a record of every e-mail they send and receive. according to the times, secretary clinton's aids did not take any steps to store her e-mail until the state department asked about them two months ago. her spokesman tells fox news any e-mails she sent would be stored on their government account. he said aids are working with
12:49 pm
the state department to make sure appropriate records are preserved. doug mckellway. >> this is looming very large given the controversy while she was secretary of state. there are other concerns. this raises the question of her being vulnerable to espionage or hacking assuming her private e-mail account was not encrypted. the use was uncovered by the house select committee on benghazi. today, white house press secretary, josh earnest defended her use of the personal e-mail account noting that last november, long after she had left office president obama signed a modernization of the 1950 federal records act to include electronic documents. secretary clinton's team in response to that request reviewed her e-mails and complied with that request by sending all of the e-mails on her personal account that pertained to her official responsibilities as secretary of the state.
12:50 pm
>> a spokesman for miss clinton added that because she e-mailed state department aids at their own accounts, she had every expectation that she had every expectation they would be retained. as to her gop rivals' reaction we heard from two thus far, i am sure many more to come. here is rick perry this morning on fox news. >> there's a pattern here of nontransparency is the real concern for most people. >> and former florida governor jeb bush tweeted transparency matters. unclassified hillary clinton e-mails should be released. you can see mine here at the student loans skyrocketed. jerry willis has tips on how to deal with financial aid, the bubble that it is, next.
12:51 pm
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seven minutes before the hour. here is some not breaking news. college students are taking on more debt than ever to pay for higher education. who gave us this pearl of wisdom? the federal reserve bank of new york. we have a chart showing the explosive growth. overall student debt has more than tripled since 2004 to nearly $1.2 trillion as of last year. the new york fed reports the average debt per student grew 74% in the last decade and there are ways for parents and students to save money, like go to community college. jerry willis is here with the willis report on the fox business network. some offers are open for negotiation. >> everybody is getting admission letters, but it is financial aid offers that matter most. you're going to get into one of
12:55 pm
the 4500 schools across the country, absolutely, but can you afford it. that's the big question. as you say, prices are going up. you can negotiate if you're not getting enough free money. the way you do that, contact student aid office once you get all of the offers in you want everything aligned ducks in a row so you know what you're offered where. call the aid office. tell them you want to appeal your offer, not that you want to negotiate. they think that's a dirty word. no negotiating. that insults them. usually have a process to go through. with private colleges about a third of appeals go through and are honored you actually get more money. this is possible, you can do it. >> can you pit one school against another school? >> absolutely. some schools are more likely to go along with that the ivies, if you get offers from two iefys might get a better deal from harvard or whatever. has to be similar scope and size competitive school. >> with state schools, too?
12:56 pm
>> yeah. here's the problem, out of state schools are super hard to get into now, they're very expensive. $32,000 on average. amazing. my best advice to parents now make sure your kid saves for only four years. 39% of college students graduate in four years. >> 39%. >> 39%. >> i did not. never graduated. worked out okay. thank you, jerry. last look at the dow on a snowy day in new york city. that's next. unity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪
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on this day in 1931 the star-spangled banner became the united states national anthem. francis scott key wrote it after seeing the british attack in the war of 1812. later somebody set words to the tune of a popular british song. for years musicians played the star-spangled banner at major events. finally, president herbert hoover signed the law making the tribute to the battered flag our official and them, and it happened 84 years ago today.
1:00 pm
suddenly occurs to me when my father was born, we had no national anthem. he is older than the national anthem. dad, man, you need to start going in reverse or something. see you later! if iran changes its behavior, the restrictions would be lifted. if iran doesn't change its behavior, the restrictions should not be lifted. if iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country. >> i have repeatedly said that i would rather have no deal than a bad deal, but if we're successful negotiating, then in fact this will be the best deal possible to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. nothing else comes close. >> all right you be the judge. did israeli prime minister netanyahu make a far better case to