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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 3, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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happened 84 years ago today. suddenly occurs to me when my father was born, we had no national anthem. he is older than the national anthem. dad, man, you need to start going in reverse or something. see you later! if iran changes its behavior, the restrictions would be lifted. if iran doesn't change its behavior, the restrictions should not be lifted. if iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country. >> i have repeatedly said that i would rather have no deal than a bad deal, but if we're successful negotiating, then in fact this will be the best deal possible to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. nothing else comes close. >> all right you be the judge. did israeli prime minister netanyahu make a far better case to nix a new deal with iran than
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president obama just did to make one with iran? welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. this is "your world." if bibi hit it out of the park, did he put that iran deal out to pasture? doug wing due says at the least, the president has a much tougher sell now. doug, explain. >> well this is not some talking head on fox like me. this is the prime minister of israel, and he made quite an accusation. he is saying this administration is kicking the can down the road, and unfortunately that resonates with us. we've heard that before. that's what benghazi was all about no, this isn't a terrorist attack, there will be no terrorist attack on our watch. there will be no nuclear war on our watch. ten years ago from now when we are not here, when hillary is not here, they can have all the nukes they want. that's the suggestion, the idea that's raised here that's very
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alarming. this isn't obamacare, this is survival of a people. >> there were a number of democrats who didn't attend this speech today. we are going to talk to one of them. but their argument was that this was all just politics and that there was no place certainly in the well of the house. >> when we talk nuclear weapons, that's so serious. we can't mess around with that. it is not about can you keep your own doctor. we are talking about a country and regime that hasn't recognized diplomatic protocol. this regime seized our embassy seized our people, made them hostages. now we are going to say in ten years it is inevitable they're going to have nuclear weapons they'll have as many as they want in ten years as long as it is not going to happen in my administration.
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i think that's serious. >> the president is not saying that as you know, doug but the inference certainly from benjamin netanyahu was that he might be with the best of intentions on striking a deal with iran but that's what would happen. do you agree with that? >> yes, he's saying that's what could happen. you know this was a very historic day, neil. there has been 100 of these speeches ahead before of joint sessions of congress, nothing like this. i go back to douglas macarthur's speech to find one that had the political impact this had. what transcends everything to me is the fact we are talking not about a can being kicked down the road but the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons that's being kicked down the road. that needs to be discussed. >> you know, you mention macarthur, he had already been relieved of his services by harry truman. many argue that, you know, the
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prime minister is in the battle of his life might be in a couple weeks reaching the same fate. what do you think? >> yeah, macarthur was fired i believe april 11th he came back here spoke before joint session of congress on april 19th. it was a nail in the coffin for harry truman if you want to talk politics because his approval ratings dropped to 22%. >> that's true. >> the next january lost in new hampshire and withdrew finally to run for re-election. i think this is more than politics. again, you talk about nuclear weapons, there's more at stake here. >> doug, always good to see you, my friend. and he was there for the macarthur speech, by the way. kidding. do you go wead. to the democrats sitting it out, take a look. >> each was straight out of the dick cheney play book. this was fear mongering at its ultimate. he was trying to make people afraid. and somehow saying that the
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president wasn't doing his job. >> i resented the condescending tone. >> i was not going to dignify a charade and be part of netanyahu's next campaign commercial. >> i recent the fact he was telling us how to negotiate. >> illinois democratic congressman luis gutierrez wasn't there but wasn't at the speech either. why didn't you go? >> neil i don't want to be backdrop for a campaign commercial and for partisan political politics. my record on israel and its strategic importance and its security, those things are clear. look, think about it, neil. is there anything netanyahu said today that he couldn't have said in two weeks after the election so that he could have come back as the prime minister right with the credibility and with the backing of the israeli people. >> in that event, congressman,
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you would have gone? >> let me just say something. extending an invitation to the prime minister of israel should always be an open invitation from the congress of the united states, but should be an open invitation. neil, you know as well as i do when the speaker sent that invitation, it said on behalf of the bipartisan leadership of the house and senate that's the first sentence in the invitation, and that was a falsehood. >> you're offended by protocol being violated than being rude to a head of state? >> what i am saying is the following. i think protocol is very important. let me just say, last week speaker of the house boehner chastised members of the house about protocol. said you have to comb your hair shine your shoes, you have to wear a tie. how about when we invite someone who is of strategic importance to the united states of america invitation be truthful. >> so you're still upset about the protocol.
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i might agree maybe they didn't go through normal protocol but what i am worried about here is everyone is getting their nose out of joint whether proper channels were pursued when in fact here is a guy who had the most at stake in an iran deal that may fall through or be a phony deal because i believe he and his country are the first target. >> here is what i have to say. nothing he said today could not have waited two weeks when the election would have -- look, neil -- >> could be within a couple weeks of a deal that he is -- >> we are not within a couple of weeks of the deal and the fact is that much of the intelligence services, of the israeli intelligence service and our intelligence service, we are sharing it each and every day. let me suggest to you as member of the intelligence committee, one of the reasons i wrote to speaker boehner last year, i said you know what, you really need to set a time for all the members to get a briefing from the different intelligence agencies so they can know what
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it is we know about the situation. look neil here is my point of view. we don't know what the deal is because we haven't seen it yet. >> congressman would you be of the same opinion if it was a liberal leader of israel? >> can i say this? let me say this. i can only think of what shock it would have been if 2003 when bush said we were going to -- was arguing to invade iraq, arguing to invade iraq, if we brought the prime minister of france to give -- >> if this were a liberal prime minister, if this were a liberal prime minister of israel would you be stepping out of that room. >> let me tell you something, the last time netanyahu came to speak before joint session of congress, i was there. i sat there, i listened and appreciate what he had to say. >> this is the first time he has been openly opposed to a deal the administration is working on. you sided with the president of the united states. that's fine that's your want.
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but you sided with the president. >> if i could just, neil this is the third time he has come i have been there the other two times. i have a clear unblemished record, and i don't think it is right to come and suggest that there are those of us who would not be steadfast supporters of our strategic relationship with israel and more importantly historic relationship with them. we will defend them and defend that relationship. there will be no agreement that allows iran to get nuclear weapons. that is our goal. >> that's what his concern was. but congressman thank you very, very much. my next guest is no fan of today's boycott by democrats, new york assemblyman doug hike ennis a democrat. what did you think of what he is saying? >> bottom line, i am thrilled most democrats were there, both in the senate and house.
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they were prepared, they were going to attack netanyahu regardless. >> chuck schumer was there. >> fantastic. the fact is the secretary of state is negotiating with iran. a deal could be made in days. the prime minister of israel was powerful today in terms of implications for the people of israel and for the people of america. >> allrats that didn't go. >> neil, it is an empty argument. they would have been there if circumstances were different if there was a republican president. if things were turned around politically, they would have been there. i am really ashamed of the president of the united states and his administration that they are pursuing the deal that is dangerous for the people of israel. >> the president stands by the deal. he says that deal is going to help. >> you know something, the president of the united states talked about having israel's back.
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the people of israel in every single poll taken, one that was taken only days ago, they do not trust the obama administration. it is a very sad fact. they do not trust obama. you look at the world you look at what's going on in the middle east, you look at america's strength and leadership, it is missing in action. israel is going to entrust john kerry, obama. >> we are going to get to a reporter at the scene there, not everyone in israel is enthused with netanyahu. >> neil this is dangerous and the prime minister was powerful today in terms of creating the debate. neil six weeks, six weeks this president has been undermining the prime minister of israel. what did the prime minister of israel do today? he made a speech. why is the obama administration so afraid? >> fair enough. assembly plan fair and balanced. get this from the pro and con crowd. good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> how is this playing out in
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israel? our reporter is on the phone from jerusalem. what's the reaction there? >> reporter: good evening. the reaction here in israel is very mixed. first of all, had the opposition attacking prime minister benjamin netanyahu, he was saying this speech will not stop iran's nuclear program. he was saying it would cause further damage with the administration. i think this is a position here that you heard again and again that this speech and congress is something that won't help relations with the administration and therefore many israelis, many, according to polls most israelis did not think mr. netanyahu should have gone to the united states. >> well did they share his
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view, sami, that this was a potentially bad deal the administration is brokering with iran? >> reporter: yes. on the other hand, when it comes to the content of the speech you find many praising content of the speech. many thought the speech was a good speech, just that the timing wasn't good. it could have been given -- the speech could have been done after the elections, maybe another two weeks and he should not have gone to the united states and put himself in confrontation with the president of the united states of america and we heard the former head -- the chief who was head under netanyahu was saying that prime minister netanyahu strategic threat to relations with the
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united states. you have here admiration for the way netanyahu is capable of speaking but they say the timing was very bad. >> all right, sami, thank you very much. interesting read from jerusalem. all right, you know about the americans that go abroad to train with isis. wait until you hear about all of the ones we let back in after they have.
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all right, james clapper says 40 americans that aided islamic militants in syria have headed back to america from syria. he sees no immediate threat, but house homeland security chief and texas republican michael mccaul sees something very
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different. what do you make of that? that's pretty scary stuff. >> it is very concerning. i mean, this is the same director of national intelligence that said last year was the most lethal year in global terrorism. >> that's right. >> and now we have 40 of these jihadists, americans we know traveled to syria and have come back. and he's not concerned about them. i don't quite understand that rationale from an intelligence or counter terrorism standpoint. i will tell you the fbi sees it differently. the fbi has opened active cases on every one of these americans that have come back to the united states, so i get briefed on this threat routinely. we are monitoring these individuals. the number was classified until mr. clapper released that. >> that number, the 40 is accurate, congressman? >> well he's now disclosed
1:19 pm
that so that is an accurate number, yes. >> there was a move when we were first learning of those that go abroad that hook up with isis that their passport should be revoked. why aren't we doing something like that because they're dangerous to put it mildly coming back here. >> you know, we have stopped a lot of americans that have attempted to go to syria. it is ones that have gotten over there that we don't -- remember, don't have good intelligence footprint in syria, don't know who's on the ground there. the main goal there is to stop not only western europeans but americans that could be traveling out of the region back into the united states. that's a number one homeland security goal and threat to the home land, and that's a great challenge. >> i guess we have this home land funding resolved for the time being. do you think it has injured republicans more to the point, conservative republicans that played into the administration's hands or what are your thoughts?
1:20 pm
>> well, yeah. i didn't like playing politics with national security. i never do. i voted to fund the department of homeland security. i think shutting down department of homeland security with a threat environment as high as it currently is would be one of the most irresponsible votes i could cast, and i didn't want that kind of blood on my hands. to shut it down and have a paris like attack occur in the united states would be a terrible situation for congress and i think we did the right thing just getting this done. the executive action had nothing to do with this, and the courts are dealing with that right now and effectively shut it down. >> real quickly you were there for the speech. do you sense a great urgency with iran, the president did not, said the speech paraphrasing here more distraction than anything else. what do you make of this? >> i thought it was a very powerful historical speech. i don't think i have seen a chamber that responsive to any
1:21 pm
speech in the ten years i have been in congress, and i think it galvanized the american support to israel against iran and raised the issues very brilliantly made the case against negotiations iran on their nuclear warfare program that i don't think is going to dismantle it, it is going to make it more dangerous for israel and the united states. most importantly, neil, the icbm, intercontinental ballistic missiles won't be shut down by this program. end of this year they can hit the united states with that delivery system. >> the president is up to other stuff, too, after this. with nearly 7 million investors oh hey, neill, how are you? you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners
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some people are interpreting this that you left the door open to the president raising taxes by executive action. is that possible? >> well, ed what i will leave open is always the president's ability to use his executive authority to move the country in the right direction. >> this is a little different here folks. is the president about to get out his pen again? white house press secretary josh earnest suggests the president is open to raising taxes through executive action, through executive order. scott martin saying stop there. >> i think it is great. when you have congress that doesn't do anything, in a state of emergency, can't support anything, can't support our infrastructure. >> congress decides the purse, not the president. >> unfortunately congress does decide the purse, but they're
1:26 pm
not, they're bought out by corporations, the same corporations that want to be -- >> we have this facility called the constitution. congress handles this not the president. >> there's also the ability of executive action. >> there's a little thing called the constitution. >> have you even read the constitution? here's the other thing. he has to move forward with what's good for the country. you're telling me one guy, omits all congressmen and women, says to do this to move the country forward. >> congress is sitting back, can't pass it. >> he is doing something like ripping up the constitution. >> this is a large corporation. >> lisa what do you think? >> this is a horrible idea but what do you expect from a president who has demonstrated time and time again if congress doesn't give him what he wants, he will rule by executive fiat. he did this with immigration and with atf.
1:27 pm
>> liberals are saying it is not raising taxes as much as closing loopholes, doing the kinds of things republicans agreed to, even though it amounts to over $100 billion over ten years, not small change. it isn't like taking over congress' jobs. >> it is raising taxes look at the budget to get an idea what he wants to do. he asked for $4 trillion increase in spending, and over $1 trillion in taxes. that's what president obama wants to do. but ultimately the people that end up paying are the taxpayers. his immigration executive order is set to increase deficits by almost $9 billion in the next ten years. >> he can do whatever he wants he just can't write a piece of paper. that scenario where he cannot go. >> every president has done so. >> no no president has ever signed an order to raise taxes on people. >> that's true. but previous presidents had congress that would actually --
1:28 pm
>> president can use executive order for issues germane to him, this is not germane to him, it is illegal. >> the irs will allow him to do so, they need the money. >> what do you mean? >> this is an idea that was floated by bernie sanders which is taken into consideration. >> she brings in an interesting point. previous presidents worked with congress. bill clinton worked with a republican congress to enact welfare reform. there have had presidents who had a willingness to work with congress. haven't seen this with this president. >> president obama has over aion in campaign funding. he is not bought out. what is he joan of arc? >> now he has the freedom to call for a tax increase. >> he is not free to ignore the rule of law and constitution. >> i am not here to debate
1:29 pm
executive orders i am here to debate this order that is a huge leap. if you give to the president the power to go ahead and tax on his own because he finds congress to be an annoyance, congress -- >> where does it stop? the president wants to have his cake and eat it, too. he wants to go off on his own. >> that's a dumb expression. if the cake is there, eat it. >> you know what neil, this is a guy that lost a lot of his cohorts in congress people are distancing from him. >> his approval rating is up? >> he has a couple of laps left on the track. he is going to make everybody watch it. >> neil -- >> the polls are on the side of the president they're up to 50%. >> right. >> obviously you're saying this is the general public likes this. >> the general public is appreciative of the fact that -- the general public is a middle class. right now what he is trying to do is tax corporations putting
1:30 pm
their -- >> same corporations that hire the middle class. >> i am glad you brought up the middle class. >> enthused with this when they start getting laid off. >> they're not going to be laid off. >> i love the fact you brought up the middle class, it is middle class families that suffered the most under president obama. they're making less than they did before president obama took office. further, jobs have been added at the top and bottom of the wage scale. >> i have to stop. sorry. look at the bright side, we are saving time. congress raised taxes, the democratic majority raised taxes, pushed through tax hikes this president wanted. i don't agree with that but that's the way you do it. congress follows up and votes on a presidential prerogative. the president won re-election. congress followed through on the consequence of that election. but it was done hand in hand. i didn't agree with the fact it was done, but there was a procedure for that.
1:31 pm
>> and unfortunately who bears the -- unfortunately congress is controlled by corporations and corporations are incentivizing. >> i don't know which god you pray to. >> we have a democratic congress in 2008 and you're telling me the middle class got crunched out because of that, too? you can't take it both sides. they had full control could have put in policies. >> be careful here. stroke of a pen, you're all of a sudden kissing the constitution good-bye. >> exactly, that's what they're doing. and that's what nimiki is supporting. >> i am supporting the middle class. >> you're supporting ignoring a nation's constitution. >> corporations have loopholes where they don't have to get taxes. >> what tax rate is the highest in the developed world? >> it is in the constitution. congress has the power. i thought your bank account being hacked would cause a
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forget about getting your pilot's license. if you want to fly a plane, that's what you need is a computer. and did cyber bullies meet their match. why curt schilling is socking to them. in 60 seconds.
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ed test test test you know about the threats over there but what about up there? i mean really up there because
1:36 pm
a new government report cyber security analyst david kennedy says the threat is real. david, what i don't understand when you say hacked or they say hacked, what does that mean, that they can start messing with the plane's instruments? >> that's what the gao said, came out with a 42 page document that basically showed the faa does not have any protection mechanisms to protect flight safety. when it comes to it, your imagination is as good as you can possibly do in this case, they can't detect unauthorized access don't have ability to protect the computer systems from hackers. you can impersonate, have planes pop up middle of nowhere pretend to be there, divert planes to different horrible scenarios of crashing planes. seems like there's a lot of support that they have no security. >> a lot of pilots say easier said than done, that's what the instrument panel, we can take over and fly the plane.
1:37 pm
easier said than done, right? >> that's right. the system that they use for a lot of radar components in identifying where other planes are at is unencrypted system. it has been known you can impersonate a plane at any time, have a plane appear out of nowhere because they use andity kwated technology. they have a tough time upgrading. when it comes to security, there's no encryption. one of the big findings with the gao documents was that they have no ability to detect even if hackers were to break into it they wouldn't know about it. that's alarming. hackers could already be in there, bad guys could be in there, other government actors could be in there. it is damaging to see these types of reports out there. just a good representation of how far behind the federal government really is. >> then a worst case scenario pilots would not know where they are. there would be a time where collisions would be more likely bad stuff more likely. how realistic do you think this is? >> gao when they came out with
1:38 pm
wording, normally when you see gao come out with a document, i had a lot of experience with them with my proceedings with health they use strong terminology in the documents that threats are real, they're significant, and need to be addressed quickly because they're real scenarios that could happen. so i think that if someone were to go target these systems, they absolutely could do something that would be catastrophic. >> holy cow. david, we will watch closely. good to see you again i think. >> you, too. what if i told you the american dream, all of it, is now for sale? i mean literally. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have...oh boy.
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paying to come to america, having a baby in america, then leaving america, still getting all the benefits of america oon birth tourism bust going down. william? >> neil, number one, it is a scam.
1:42 pm
it is cheating. and it is big business, with wealthy chinese couple including chinese officials according to records paying 40 to $80,000 for their babies to get u.s. citizenship and legal permanent residency for themselves when that kid reaches age 21. today, dozens of federal agents fanned out to prove it. they allege at one apartment building alone one illegal operation cycled more than 400 pregnant chinese women in two years. and despite their wealth, according to court records women show up at area hospitals and claim to be indigent sticking u.s. taxpayers with up to $25,000 in medical bills for the birth of their child. >> that's so wrong. i think it is wrong sorry. >> and why? >> well, because it just it is like i have a 19-year-old son going to college, and the
1:43 pm
competition is just for the american citizens and jobs -- >> in china these businesses openly coach how to obtain a visa, owners of happy baby usa and win usa travel make millions. but they're not reporting income on their taxes. recently some began routing women through honolulu not only to avoid detection -- >> people don't get involved in that activity unless they're making money. >> now the feds hope to basically use evidence gathered today, neil to prove their case of tax evasion, visa fraud, and marriage fraud, two of the principles, entering into sham marriages with u.s. citizens, giving them $10,000 just to get a green card to live here. >> what's weird the chinese government, someone in the
1:44 pm
government would be part of this. you would think the chinese government would be embarrassed saying we are the greatest country on earth you don't have to spread the wealth to america. you would think they would outlaw this. >> reporter: number one they want, number one an out, long term out of china. they don't like the pollution but want u.s. residency so kids can get in state tuition for that university education and ultimately want to live here, given the choice. >> that's amazing. says a lot. welcome la jeannette, great report. curt schilling is used to shutting down hitters. wait until you see how he handled his daughter's cyber bullies on twitter. >> never in my life have i ever uttered half the words that these guys were posting. ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and
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curt schilling said something but nothing compared to what was said about his daughter. several made vulgar comments about her. too disgusting to show and share here. schilling called him out. one guy is out of work, another out of school, a psychiatrist, a lot on what drives people to tweet nonsense like this. and an attorney ashley mer chin on whether you can be punished. what do you think of that, is that legal? >> everything that happened in this case so far has been legal. they weren't punished in a court of law. how they were punished one was expelled from school, one was fired from his job and that's
1:49 pm
perfectly legal. most states are at will employers. you do something they don't like as long as you're not discriminated on race or gender, it is fine to be fired from your job. same applies to schools. if you do something the school believes is disgraceful and doesn't honor the tradition of that school that school can decide another not a student there, especially like secondary education like a college. >> they violated good conduct policies. doctor what makes an adult even do this sort of thing? >> so much of it is about this false courage that people have online. we know that people feel there's anonymity, they can write or say anything they want. when it comes to twitter, they feel they have a platform to maybe even become famous. people are drawn to wanting thousands and thousands of twitter followers and think the more sensational a comment they make, the more attention. >> or try to stay anonymous
1:50 pm
nasty people that say nasty things. >> sorry, neil it is. i will tweet something positive about you if you would like. >> not about me but it will be soon. ashley, i mean, is that fair someone is doing something thinking that they're just addressing the person who's bragging about his doctor when in fact their bosses are catching what they're saying? you always told me whatever you do online is for the whole world to see, right? >> it is for the whole world. there are classes being taught to younger and younger kids. i heard an elementary school was teaching a class to kids about what happens on social media you can never get rid of. i am scouring social media. everybody is looking at these and all of this stuff is out there. twitter is not private. unless you have certain privacy settings on your account which still aren't fail-safe, it's out there -- >> even more than that.
1:51 pm
it's one thing to say nasty stuff it's quite another to make sexual comments, derogatory comments. >> shocking. >> they were just -- >> they were. >> i was proud of curt schilling. >> they were shocking comments. >> what makes an otherwise rationale person do this. ? >> it's also about the psychology of sports fans. they have found a high correlation between sports fanatics, people obsessed with a baseball in this case, and aggression aggression. >> you're not going to like anything having to do with him. >> yes. and he even wrote that he knows yankee fans don't like him, he knows people who have opposing political views don't like him. >> he drew the line. >> absolutely. some people would say don't tweet anything personal or private. there is so much pressure on stars like this by their agents
1:52 pm
saying in order to be relatable you need to tweet about your family. i say we need to reject that. if it's your professional twitter account -- >> i wonder if schilling overstepped it by public sizing these nasty tweets e-mails, whatever. >> i don't think he did. i think that's a personal opinion. what he did was perfectly legal, but i was proud of him for doing this. it's what you want a father to do. he lashed back out to the online community, the same communicate that said these vulgar texts and i was proud of him. a lot of times people on these twitter accounts, they're really what we call paper tigers. they get this sort of power where they can say these horrible things that they would never say. >> those are the ones you can trace and track because they left their name. others that are anonymous or code words, it's something you can never track them down. >> unfortunately, curt did bring
1:53 pm
his daughter into this even more by bringing her on television. i wish that he had removed her from it. >> my producer told me the daughter thanked him on twitter. >> i think it's time for people to realize, especially for teenagers it's not the place. you know, when it comes to sports fans, if someone wants to support their favorite sports fan, come on a show like this and say -- >> absolutely. >> best baseball player in the whole world. that's all they have to do. they don't have to do the negatives for the other players. >> you don't have to get to that level of nastiness. did you hear the one about the president finally waking up and addressing entitlement spending head on? unfortunately, he's not a real president. but, man, oh, man, is he really getting a lot of grief. >> what are you looking at? that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back
1:54 pm
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we'll get both sides of the netanyahu speech, was it embracing for president obama? also the irs scandal heating up again. next factor. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪
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here's how tough it is to ever get a handle on entitlement spending. a fictional character on a fictional tv show toys with the idea and viewers go seriously nuts. spoiler alert. i'm talking about an episode in the latest season of "house of cards." let's just say that president frank underwood is proposeing sweeping cuts to social security, medicare and medicaid. to create 10 million jobs although he doesn't detail exactly how. just that the president underwood, who's fake, will tell americans they're entitled to nothing. he says pretty much cut everything. now, left wing blogs are going nuts. the huffington post detailing
1:58 pm
how underwood's goal of zero unemployment is impossible. and even if he did get there, inflation would get out of control everywhere. i must stress, my friends, this is a fictional show about a fictional president proposing a fictional concept. and you know why i know it's a fictional concept? because it's about getting spending under control in washington. as if. but that doesn't stop a huffington contributor from getting really riled. he takes fictional president underwood's america works program to task. quoting here, the greatest deceptions on house of cards can be mound in the misleading arguments cutting its truth. and raising taxs isn't even an option. richard, you're a great writer but it's a tv show. it's not real.
1:59 pm
and underwood, he is not really president. it's true. it's all fake. no matter. is it just coincidental that netflix has insisted upon heavy tax breaks for filming that show in maryland. damn that president underwood, i knew it all along. damn them all to hell. i think richard is onto something or maybe richard is just on something. because the last time i checked, this is just something a fake character is discussing on a fake show that not even on that fake show has a serious chance of remotely passing. after all, it is called house of cards for a reason. not at all to be confused with our financial house of cards, which is real very real. all you need to know. that even cutting entitlement on a fake show with a fake
2:00 pm
president gets this type of real irate response. this is rome in the final days. i'm convinced. see you tonight. hello. along with kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. benjamin netanyahu gave his long waited address to a joint session of congress today to make the case against president obama's top foreign policy initiatives, a nuclear deal with iran. as usual he didn't mince his words. >> this deal has two major concessions. one leaving iran with a vast nuclear program and two lifting the restrictions on that program in about a decade. that's why this deal is so


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