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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 4, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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julie tweets religion wasn't meant to be convenient. #disrespectful. >> hillary clinton is staying quiet on e-mail will affect our 2016 chances? >> keep talking. >> have a great day. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> i'm elisabeth half beth.sselbeck. >> to save him from the death penalty will justice be served? a live report from boston straight ahead. what e-mail scandal? hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail last night but ignoring the controversy. this after the white house refuses to say whether or not she broke the law. are they all hoping it goes away? i bet so!
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welcome back home, ed? edward snowden wants back to the united states and will we let him back in and will vladimir putin let him go? morning is better with friends. how compelling. ♪ >> look who dropped by today. how do you feel? >> a lot better than yesterday. a lot of gas today. thanks to my great friend who stepped in. i watched you from the floor of my bedroom and watching president benjamin netanyahu's speech. i'm that have gone to her for being here. >> she is not around to thank. she is off today. you must have wiped her out being with us! >> one minute after the hour. this news we start with your
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permission. the boston marathon bombing trial is nearly two years in the making. why? 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev facing death on more than 30 counts. the problem is getting a jury. >> molly is live in boston with more right now. good morning to you, molly. >> reporter: good morning. the efforts of the attorneys of dzhokhar tsarnaev get this moved out of boston have been denied. the opening arguments expected to get under way even though a bad winter and jury selection taking longer than anyone expected. the opening arguments expected at 9:00 today. dzhokhar is accused of along with his brother of killing three people at the boston marathon. it killed a child and two young women and later it is alleged the brothers ambushed a police
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officer. katherine ulf saying he she had no knowledge. she is meeting with investigators and no word she will be testifying. as this try gets under way people in boston and the surrounding areas have some pretty strong feelings. >> i think it was awful what happened and i think that he should be found guilty, and i think he should spend life in prison contemplating what he did, if he even has a conscience. that's how i feel about it. i'm not sure how it's going to play out. i believe in the justice system and i believe justice will be served. >> reporter: of the 30 federal charges thatsarnaev is facing 17 carry the death penalty. back to you. >> molly, thank you very much. yesterday, at this time, we told you about the latest hillary clinton scandal. apparently the whole time she
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was secretary of state, she never, not once, used the official state department e-mail. she had a separate e-mail a secret, private e-mail that was actually set up to computer servers that were registered to their house in chappaqua new york. there she is last night at at festivity and did not mention that or the scandal at all. >> didn't mention it within the 30 minutes. then the white house actually when asked about it questioned about these e-mails and why she had this private secret account. couldn't seem to come up with anything good. look at this. >> the white house believes that hillary clinton broke the law. yes or no. >> secretary clinton's team has said, that at the request of the state department they have reviewed her record to make sure -- >> he know what her team has said. i'm asking that the white house believes that hillary clinton broke the law or did she fully
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imply to the law? >> if in fact what the secretary clinton's team said they were going to do and that they did and that could be verified by the state department who is responsible for maintaining these records that would be entirely consistent with what the federal records act requires. >> that is about as defensive as josh earnest got. he has enough on his plate rather than worry about the secretary of state that didn't work there any more and doing something different than the current secretary of state who puts everything on what i'm amazed is more officials didn't put their hand and saying, hillary, i keep getting personal e-mails from you on the personal side and not the state side. you might want to change that. they mentioned on the network she has to answer some things. there is a pattern here and innocently gawker asked hillary to hand over some documents some e-mails. she wasn't really able to do it. then the citizens united requested e-mails to figure out
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who was on her plane as she traveled from country to country. they were unable to produce anything. the ongoing benghazi investigation! they wanted all of the documents! she can say i handed over those e-mails. now it's all of a sudden evidence that the e-mails we would need or these other people would need are on her personal e-mail account but she will decide what they eventually receive. this is a problem! >> it is a problem. if they write him he decides to then copy himself, his government e-mail so the records are there and available, should anyone ask for them. it's up to the discretion of the person in a lot of the case and really, as you mentioned it's a trust issue. we are supposed to trust her time and time again if she has not been transparent? >> here is what it comes down to. she is running for president and should have known better. reminds us of the clinton scandals years ago. speaking of years ago hillary clinton defenders have come out
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in the last 24 hours after "the new york times" broke this bombshell store and say the secretary of states have done this forever. condy rice really used e-mail and never once used a personal e-mail. yet when you go back to 2007 one of the -- hillary clinton's defenders, john podeska, when referring to what was going on in the bush administration, they said he is end of the day it looked like they were trying to avoid the records act by operating official business off the official business. >> tim:. there he is saying that what the republicans were doing is wrong but now the. >> dick: are saying everybody does it. jason cha frksfchaffis was part of a news story. according to his business card it's got his gmail address on it. if you wade through the whole story, the last line is that the business card is not paid for by the federal government.
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also it says that congress is not subject to the federal records act which clinton administration and the old obama administration and the bush administration have been. >> drag him into that situation. did he it too. at the very end of the article you find out -- same standard. we will ask him about that. >> colin powell did use personal before it was on the book. john podesta looks like he is heading back to hillary clinton so that quote means a lot. >> it sure does brian. we are here with you more for you. heather is standing by. i missed you yesterday. >> great to have you back. hope you're feeling better. big news in the washi it is a fox news alert. a suspected serial shooter in the d.c. area is now under arrest. the fbi saying they believe that he is the lone gunman behind a string of incidents taking place in maryland including a shooting we told you about
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yesterday at an nsa building and a shooting at a truck on a maryland interstate as well as three more attacks within the past week. two people hurt. at this time, the fbi is not releasing his identity but we will stay on the story and bring you the latest when we get it. a near disaster as turkish airlines plane skids off the roadway. the plane bounced off the pavement and into a grass field. the front landing gear completely snapping. the whole thing ignite be panic to the 238 people on board that plane as they frantically tried to escape into that field. no one was seriously hurt. the only international airport in nepal remains closed at this hour following that accident. brian said spring was march 1st now? brian declaring it march 1. it is here, according to brian. you wouldn't know it across most of the country. right now, 30 states are under a winter weather alert.
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icy roads in oklahoma and so much snow there some people had to abandon their cars on the road in oklahoma. in utah, whiteout conditions making it virtually impossible for drivers to see on the road there. a slow go around salt lake city. similar site in indiana. snow and ice covering the roadways and making it hard for drivers to make it safely to their destinations. be careful out there across the country. one wanted criminal learning about taunting police the hard way. andrew markum thought it would be a good idea to post something online to the ohio county police department facebook page. he is wanted for assault and abduction. the butler county sheriff responding with his own taunt posting this photo of a jail cell saying this. hey andrew we got your room ready. 24 hours later police got the last last. markum turned himself in!
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i love how the police call him andrew. >> andrew now clean your room. we have your room. >> waiting for the middle lane there. you're really in trouble when they go for the middle name. edward snowden has obtained asylum in moscow through his attorney, he says he would like to come back to the united states if he is guaranteed a fair trial and he is working with a lawyer who is working with german lawyers and russian lawyers and american lawyers to try to make that work out. i think it's great. he should come back to the united states. he broke the law. and answer for what he did. he says he did it so that people would know that the federal government is spying on them. problem is he wants an open trial and the federal government wants it closed under the classified information procedures act. >> he is welcome home as long as he faces the criminal charges they say. >> russia seems like a great time. i'm surprised he is coming here, especially how well the government is rolling and how short the winters are.
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here is his leverage. if he does as many people fear have more intelligent, that would be his leverage to say you want me to release this or not? that is hardball for him. but for him coming back here having an open trial is that is a no go. >> why not? >> i think people are so concerned what he has given up already and potentially give up when he told everybody including the terrorists how he listened to their intercepts and where we get their websites. >> the problem for a lot of people the government is spying on all of us through all of our phones all of the time. he wants an open trial. the federal government says no. what do you think? tweet us or go on facebook. >> we will read them throughout the hour. >> the last thing he'll get is an open trial. a 6-year-old forced to get out at the wrong bus stop and walk half a mile home alone. >> six? >> i just saw him run around the corner with snow up to his knees
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and face was red and he was crying. >> how could could something like this happen? >> we will find out. is netanyahu's warning a warning or a campaign speech? we will debate it. the brothers are across the aisle to scream about it next. tell me who your favorite is. ♪ you just fade away don't you know i'm still standing better than i ever did ♪ when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a “selling machine!” ready for you alert, only at
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wr words of warning from israeli's prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday in a jointed session in chronic. he voiced his criticism for the nuclear deal on the table right now with iran. let's bring in our panel. good morning guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> brad what do you think? i thought netanyahu made a compelling case saying iran is on the verge of getting the bomb. don't let them have it. >> well i mean, that is what he said but he didn't outline any alternative to stop him. >> yeah he did. he said don't let them enrich any more. >> well he said -- but what is he suggesting, steve? does he want the u.s. to put ground troops to stop them from
3:18 am
doing it or bomb them to stop them from doing it or us to use nuclear weapons. he made the case the sanctions have not stopped them from speaking the inspectors out and the sanctions have not stopped them from pursuing a nuclear program. it should have been in the national press club and not to a joint session of congress. >> i'm sorry i was arguing with you. that is your brother's job. i'm getting ganged up here! >> my brother and i have both been to israeli with deceased. i'll stand with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. i wish we could trade president obama for netanyahu if we throw in a couple of draft picks and a box of popcorn and a player to be named later because we saw
3:19 am
real leaders in washington yesterday. >> you saw bluster. >> no. he was not going to let his country -- further risk. >> he didn't say -- >> he -- >> he did not say. >> anything more new. >> bad behavior. i have never seen an ally of -- >> he didn't suggest -- >> -- that president obama has treated -- >> is wrong -- all right, guys. >> i two are not going to agree on that which is good and why i brought you both in. you expressed both point of view. hillary clinton's e-mail had a server up in her basement in chappaqua chappaqua. this is a problem for somebody who wants to be president? >> i don't think so. >> are you kidding me? >> i'm not. michael chertoff used private e-mail. >> he wasn't secretary of state. >> colin powell used private e-mail.
3:20 am
>> he wasn't secretary of state! >> john kerry is the very first scketed to even use ansecretary of state to even use an official e-mail account. >> dallas, 15 secretary of state to even use an official e-mail account. >> dallas, 15 second.secretary of state to even use an official e-mail account. >> dallas, 15 second. >> unwillful misconduct. as a former first lady and secretary of state she knows the value of records. what happens now is all of those e-mails need to be public immediately because they are public to some people the people who own the server that is not in government hands and she has to answer for this. >> the clinton's are on the server and that is the problem. brad and dallas thank you very much for joining us live. he took on insurgents in iraq but now this vet turned high school principal is taking on bullies by calling them cowards. you will meet him next. ♪ reaching out with both hands
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♪ just about 24 minutes past the top of the hour. a man facing charges after deciding the cockpit after jetblue plane would be a good place to take a nap. the 26-year-old was a passenger on a flight that landed in new york's kennedy airport but he never deboarded when the ground crew found him. they removed him and he faces tres passing charges. a clean get-away foiled. a man is arrested at jfk airport who stashed over 750,000 bucks in his luggage and tucked away in band-aids and alka seltzer.
3:25 am
he was headed to qatar and then yemen. take a look at that. he took on insurgents in iraq but now this vet turned high school principal is taking on a new battle you can relate to. he took coward behind cyber bullying after learning about a twitter account filled with hateful messages one of those anonymous twitter accounts. josh, why did you feel as though you had to take action here? >> basically, what happened was i got in contact by about a dozen of parents and students and teachers over school vacation about two twitter accounts that had been set up that just had these vicious attacks on about two dozen students. now, the message that i sent out was a little stronger worded than i might have done if i had taken a little longer to reflect on it but i had just spoken to one of the parents involved.
3:26 am
what bothered me 50 students were following this and the word was spreading very quickly. i think the thing that is on the back of most principal's minds when you deal with bullying is students taking their lives with regard to bullying so you worry about that. i felt i needed to take strong action to set a brournedoundary. this is what the boundary is. >> here is a little bit of the e-mail i feel more respect for insurgents i fought in iraq than people behind this twitter account. josh, interesting on your personal story. you said yeah, i was bullied as a kid. but when i got home the bullying was over. with this cyberbullying it's never over. >> it follows a student wherever it goes. by the time the student comes to school the next mornings it's gone to everybody in social circle. everybody they know has seen
3:27 am
whatever vicious thing somebody wants to say about them and now they have to try to go to school with that. that's where it falls into my purview and why i think the parents contacted me. this happened over school vacation. the parents didn't contact the police or twitter. they called me. >> right. because they know personally you can -- they have respect for you and what you accomplished and to become a principal this soon in your career. the reaction from the parents mostly positive so far? >> mostly positive. mostly very positive. few people concerned about the strength of the language. i'll concede that it was a very strongly worded e-mail but done in the emotion of the moment and done with genuine concern for my students. but i have received about a thousand e-mails, phone calls, letters coming in now from people all over the country sharing their stories about how when they were bullied as children and the impact it had, that they have carried it with them throughout their lives, or the experiences their children
3:28 am
have had with being bullied. >> the invisible life you have behind a keyboard and you took action and on friday, going to release some certain hard and fast guidelines. josh romano you learned in the military to take action and you did. now the country is reacting. thanks so much for sharing your story. >> thank you very much. >> good luck implementing that plan. do you think you look like your mom? science says no. you're more like your dad genetically. check out this vieddeo. >> a mom and a daughter trapped inside this fire. the rescue is caught on camera. we are sharing it with you now and more of it in a moment. first happy birthday to our friend governor rick perry. he was here yesterday. he didn't tell us he would be 65 years old today!
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boston is trying to break a record for the snowiest record this week. they are calling dibs on their parking spaces they shoveled out weeks ago, so they are putting all kinds of junk in the street to save their spot! i guess it's gonts out of hand. take a look at this. >> today, though boston transportation crews will start removing parking spot savers. everything from orange cones to dining room tables, office chairs and even laundry baskets. >> that is not even the worse one. check out what someone used to save their spot. >> technical, this space and every other space saver on this street needs to be done by thursday. that is their trash pickup day in this part of south boston. as you can imagine, they weren't happy about this.
3:33 am
>> it is so true. we have dear friends i put my chair here and you love it or you get to me. >> unbelievable. >> just put the child over there! >> stay there, little billy. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> it's parking. it's boston! >> aren't they three inches of snow away from the boston record for snow? >> didn't they break it? i feel like they broke it. i say give them credit just because right? >> i think they should but knowing them they don't want to break it. >> mark the spot is what i say. >> joel where is our tv tray? >> we put something on our couches to make sure these sats stay here for us. this time it could lead to a total collapse of obamacare, the affordable care act. doug is live on the u.s. capitol steps this morning. >> reporter: supreme court the
3:34 am
looking at a fragment of a sentence. it's part of the law they are examining is pretty clear. it says that individuals can get subsidies for health insurance in it was purchased through an exchange, established by the state. those are the four words they are going to be looking at. plaintiffs will argue that this was by design, that the federal government was trying to strong arm states to try to convince them to set up their own exchanges so their residents could get insurance step premium support. >> we say to members of congress didn't expect the law to work that way. we are just admitting that members of congress didn't read the law before they passed it. >> reporter: which is certainly possible. the federal government, though, the administration will defend this, saying that you have to read the entire law in context, that this was never their intention to deny premium subsidies to individuals who purchased through the federal exchange. >> so the thing is working and there's, in our view, not as a
3:35 am
plausible legal basis for striking it down. >> reporter: the implications though, of the administration losing here are pretty significant. take away those premium supports and, all of a sudden the individual mandate simply wouldn't work, it could impact millions of people. back to you guys. >> it could. that is why republicans have come up with their own plan be. doug, thank you. >> thanks. there is a massive manhunt under way. heather is here with the details. >> police in the miami area are very, very busy this morning. there is a manhunt to two armed men who were caught on camera rob ago pizza hut in miami. they jumped the counter. forced a manager to open the safe at gunpoint and when she couldn't get it open, the robbers turned frantic and tried to tape up employees of that pizza hut. one terrified worker tried to escape on his knees before he was pistol whipped.
3:36 am
after that, the robbers got away with $43 in cash! wow. incredible video just released out of california. a mother and a daughter trapped inside their two-story apartment building with nowhere to escape. flames inching closer and closer every single second. listen to this terrifying 911 call. >> is it you, your mom? who else is inside? >> just me and my mom. >> help us, please. >> they are already there. they are coming, okay? >> fire crews helped that daughter climb out through a window and they were able to carry their elderly mother down the stairs. amazingly, no one was hurt. a mother simply outraged after this 6-year-old little boy of hers is forced to walk half a mile in knee-deep snow through busy traffic after a bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop and wouldn't let him back on that bus. little cameron beards was on a bus with a substitute driver in indianapolis and when they reached the last stop, the driver made him get off any way.
3:37 am
listen. >> i just saw him run around the corner with snow up to his knees. his face was red and he was crying. i'm, like, what happened? he said the bus driver dropped me off at the wrong stop and wouldn't listen to me when i told him i didn't live there. >> the school are deeply concerned about this and they are now investigating that incident. which parent do you take after most? mom or dad? well, the shocking answer is shocking as this famous reveal. remember this? >> obi-wan never told you what happened to your bomber. >> he told me enough! he told me you killed him! >> no! i am your father! >> so here is the story we are talking about. you may have your mom's eyes. but you've got more dna that was actually passed down from your father. researchers say that although we get the same number of
3:38 am
chromosomes, the active genes in creating who we are are actually tipped in dad's favor. interesting! that is trouble for some of us. but not you, elisabeth. >> my two girls getting out of bed. i have never seen that movie. i have no idea of it. i like the theme song. i played in sixth grade in gym. jim harbaugh is a big-time hero. he pulled two people out of a bad car wreck as opposed to a good one in ann arbor. the car flipped over and landed in the opposite lanes. harbaugh and an employee were passing by when they saw it and he leaped into action. they gave a 73-year-old woman and the driver first aid and coats to keep them warm until paramedics arrived. another great harbaugh story. hey, we are now learning
3:39 am
details about the settlement between the baltimore ravens and former running back ray rice. "the baltimore sun" saying the team paid rice nearly $1.6 million. the ravens cut rice after the video emerged knocking out his fiancee in an elevator in atlantic city. the free agent was scheduled to make 3.5 million last year. he said he contemplated suicide. watch this from the harlem globetrotters. >> hey! >> how great and cold is that? the basketball sensations taking their talents to the battle ship new jersey and putting on a show for the u.s. army. they sunk the ball on a nearby tug boat. now you know why the washington generals keep losing! >> amazing. >> coming up at 9:00 and noon, i think allen dershowitez.
3:40 am
coming up an american carmaker calling out some of its own dealers tag your money when they can't deliver. are you getting scammed? what you need to know is coming up. hillary clinton plaiged bygued by e-mail scandal and is she hoping this will go away? congressman jason chaffetz is joining us next! ♪ you played it to the beat ♪
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3:44 am
new challenger because they don't use a lot of gas but dodge says production is limited and the cars should not be promised to anybody if they can't deliver. check it out. every boy's dream come true. ford just unveiled its first-ever full-sized tonka truck to look like the toy that we grew up with! based off of ford's 750 dump truck. the automaker will take it on tour during truck and equipment shows. that is a cool ride! former secretary of state hillary clinton claims to care about transparency. >> i believe in transparency. i believe in taking responsibility and i have done so. >> but investigations have revealed she may have violated federal law by using her personal account during her time at the state department. so did chef something to hide? in fact, joining us now is chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee
3:45 am
congressman jason chaffetz. why should we care about these e-mails? >> she is subject to the federal record act. president obama, i'm told issued a directive not to use personal e-mail. the state department handbook says don't use personal e-mail. the reason is the federal records act is subject to the freedom of information act so judicial watch and outside groups and individuals can ask for these e-mails. but if you're using a personal e-mail they will not be in that mix. congress is also asked for these in light of benghazi and a lot of other investigations. evidently those e-mails were not included in the document production. to maximize transparency they are supposed to adhere to the law which for her means implying with the federal records act. >> on top of which do you see this as a national security issue in terms of information which may have been just been on a personal e-mail account or server? >> west it does beg the question were there any sort of classified pieces of information that were flowing through her
3:46 am
personal e-mail account which is something you can't do and something yesterday general petraeus had to plead guilty to or was going on a deal dealing with his personal e-mail and interaction with somebody who didn't have a classification. so again, it begs a lot of questions. she did not maximize the transparency she said she would. >> they are trying to get you into this. posted your business card saying, hillary clinton isn't the only one using personal e-mail. you were using gmail. we have the picture of the card here. explain to us why it's different and why you are not hillary clinton! >> well, that is like comparing apples to, you know a boat. look. i put it on my business card, so in terms of openness and transparency i'm handing it out to reporters. i'm not subject, as a member of the congress to the federal records act. i have two different e-mails. a house account but i also have that card there which was paid for by campaign funds, and so
3:47 am
it's ridiculous. we are not even subject to the federal records act. >> it's clear as day right here when you see it. interesting. in the initial article wasn't until the very bottom they decided to include that bit of information. good news for americans, by the way. a lot of them feel congress is useless. your committee is getting along quite well under your leadership so congratulations to you. elijah cummings said this i appreciate the committee's new bipartisan approach. what is the secret to this success? >> getting along. i went out and visited his district. i brought him out to utah. we went down to moab and in the state of utah. got to build a personal relationship. i have tremendous respect. the best piece of advice i got from speaker boehner and that is you can disagree just don't be disagreeable. we happen to get along. we disagree on probably almost every issue but you don't have to be a jerk about it long the way. so it's working -- so far! >> a great message. one final comment before we go.
3:48 am
those who did not show up for benjamin netanyahu's speech yesterday, your words? >> that was inspirational. to hear him -- i think what the world saw was a very united congress in support of israeli. that was one of the most amazing speeches. it was inspirational. i absolutely love it. i'm proud of speaker boehner for calling him before congress. it was a great speech. >> certainly seemed to give congress the respect that it deserved. congressman thank you for all that you've done and for being with us today. >> thank you. now this is coming up. she came face-to-face with a gunman but his one mistake had her turning his gun into a weapon of defense. meet the brave store clerk just ahead. plus, just waking up? don't skip the most important meal of the day. new york city giants star victor cruz is serving up breakfast for us! an important lesson every parent needs to hear. hi, victor! ♪ i'm on the edge of glory and i'm hanging on a screw ♪
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3:52 am
. it is the nfl receiver best known for his touchdown sautsa dance. victor cruz's passion is helping other people. he is teaming up to make sure every kid in america is hitting a healthy breakfast. please welcome. >> here we are.
3:53 am
>> it was one kick. >> that was good. >> all right. victor cruz. >> how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> how close to 100%. >> about 75% right now. i'm talking one day at a time. we got plenty of time to get healthy. >> we paved the way for you running. i know how important youp understand nutrition is for kids. this campaign you're running is so important. tell us why breakfast counts for kids. >> i'm here for fuel up the 360 campaign to get kids started with a healthier breakfast in schools and making sure they're getting their day started. we got healthy options you see in front of you that kids will be getting in their schools across the nation. >> this is fantastic. why did the dairy farmers decide to do this? >> i think they understand there's been a ton of research out there that kids who have
3:54 am
breakfast in the morning do better in school. they wanted to bring that to schools and get behind something that was important to them. >> which of these food items do you start your day with? >> all of them. >> i'm a waffle dunker guy. >> how does that work? >> you take one of the waffles and dunk in this low fat yogurt with the peaches. >> that would be your butler doing that, right? >> you're disguising the waffle with the yogurt. >> how do you feel yourself in terms of calorie? >> i don't really count calories i try to stay away from fried foods. i try to eat things that are healthy. i try to have three balanced meals a day. >> the blueberry delight is healthy? >> yes. >> the trick is you could tell them to eat but they've got to
3:55 am
like what they're eating. they're going to dump it when you go in the other room. fruit, go for the colors they like that. bran muffin. >> yeah, absolutely with blue bares in there as well. >> not just any bagels, these are wheat bagels. >> whole wheat bagels yes. >> your fruits. >> good glass of milk, can you teach us that salsa dance? we've got some music. i'll pass the ball to you. >> you got to dance with me. >> i'll try. i'll try. completion score. touchdown. >> and then the salsa dance. >> you're wearing blue that works too. >> touchdown like this? >> a little breakfast a lot of salsa and a lot of fun with the kids. >> last time he says i don't salsa in the off season. something about hasselbeck got
3:56 am
him to dance. >> that's the first breakfast we have had on "fox and friends" that started with salsa. >> thanks for the new york giants for the gear. we love our jerseys right here and we love having victor cruz. >> with you and beckham healthy? >> you can check it out on our website for sure. >> you can. meanwhile imagine driving down the road and you see this. >> yeah, i'm on i 95 at mile marker 114. there's a couple of guys that look like they've got their hands zip tied. >> brand new 911 calls where people witnessed a gold heist in action. >> also, two big studies this week. they say drinking more coffee is good for you. that's great news for the guys on taster's choice. haven't we heard this before?
3:57 am
we'll get to the bottom of it next hour. just drink coffee till we come back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
3:58 am
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3:59 am
you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue?
4:00 am
diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? good morning. today is wednesday march 4th. a fox news alert. a terror trial two years in the making. the case against the boston bomber about to start. will he live or die? a live report from boston for you. meanwhile a death scare for passengers on this plane. when the landing gear snaps and sends their plane skidding off the runway. we'll have details. just hours after hillary clinton's e-mail scandal was exposed the democratic frontronner responds. >> i suppose it's only fair to say don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? well.
4:01 am
>> she didn't even mention it. is she ignoring the elephant in the room that we are all talking about? we will talk about it on this wednesday morning live from new york. you're watching "fox and friends." if you do want to see a woman president, e-mail her. she has a personal e-mail. >> she sure does. >> she's always on. >> more about that. >> i think the e-mail is hrc >> first we'll start with a fox news alert for you. nearly two years after the boston bombing the deadly one at the boston marathon justice may finally be served. opening arguments will be heard later today as tsarnaev faces the delth penalty if convicted
4:02 am
good morning. >> good morning. after being delayed because of this historically bad weather as well as a jury selection process that turned out to be much tougher than anyone expected the opening arguments expected to get underway at 9:00 this morning. tsarnaev is accused of placing two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon. later it's alleged they murdered a mit police officers. his wife remains under suspicion. her attorney said she had no knowledge of her husband's plans. her lawyers saying she had been cooperative and there is no word she'll be testifying. ads the trial gets underway, people all over boston and
4:03 am
massachusetts have pretty strong feelings. >> i'm not sure you're going to find anybody anywhere who hasn't heard about it. but will people try to listen to the evidence and base on the evidence? i believe people will do that because i believe that the jury system does work. so it will be interesting to see. >> there were 12 jurors and six alternates. they may have a long road ahead of them. the trial phase is expected thoolast four to six months. and the penalty phase is expected to last four to six months. back to you guys. >> finally it's getting started. all right. thank you. all eyes are on hillary clinton the former secretary of state making her first appearance since being accused of conducting official government business on her personal e-mail account.
4:04 am
leland vittert joins us live. where the white house is deal ing with the fallout. good morning to you. >> the growing storm over mrs. clinton's e-mails is causing not only problems for her, but for the white house. who is having to answer for a former secretary of state who's practice was at best highly unorthodox and many say illegal. >> does the white house believe that hillary clinton broke the law? yes or no? >> secretary clinton's team have said at the request of the state department they have reviewed her records. >> what does the white house believe? does the president believe his former secretary of state broke the law? >> if in fact what secretary clinton's team said they were going to do that they did. that can be verified by the state department who is responsible for maintaining these records, that would be entirely consistent with what the federal records act requires. >> the associated press reports that the e-mail server itself
4:05 am
was housed at mrs. clinton's home in new york and sometimes used commercial backup systems like google. a series departure from using official government systems for government business. >> these are people who have long history. the clinton family, the clinton political shop has a long history of evading public scrutiny and engaging in practices that most people consider out of bounds. >> mrs. clinton for her part, didn't talk last night about the scandal. nor is it deterring her. she gave a speech to a very friend friendly crowd. she asked the crowd if they were ready for a female president. now surprise the answer was a resounding yes. there was not much doubt about who she or the crowd was thinking about. back to you guys. >> leland, we thank you very
4:06 am
much for that. do you know how we know that she had a private e-mail? the hungarian packer who is in prison. he hacked into blumenthol's e-mail account he said he got an e-mail from that e-mail address. trey gowdy revealed she had more than one secret account she was using. he wants to see as much from those who can. gawker wanted to find out about the the story so they requested those e-mails. they came back to the records so none. really? there's no state department e-mails? no, there aren't. it turns out it all went to her personal e-mail. >> it's a national security issue. john padesta, he a couple years ago was criticizing the bush administration for not being transparent and trying to evade the records act.
4:07 am
he said this on april 10, 2007. at the end of the day it looks like they were trying to avoid the records off by operating official business off the official system. this is someone who was with the clinton administration. >> clearly it violates the current law. she had left the secretary of state job when this went into effect. still, for her to on the day of her confirmation to register this domain to that internet server in the basement of her house, you know, if that's something who wants to run for president of the united states someday, it just looks bad. and it looks so bad, some in congress are looking for answers as to why she was doing that. was she doing it to hide something? it kind of looks like it. you were talking to jason chaffetz, the chairman of the house oversight committee. he said this to say about that. >> president obama i'm told issued a directive not to use personal e-mail. the state department handbook says don't use personal e-mail. the reason is the federal
4:08 am
records act is subject to requests the freedom of information act. the judicial watch outside groups can ask for these e-mails. if you're using a personal e-mail they're not going to be in that mix. congress is also asked for these in light of againbenghazi. evidently those e-mails were not included in the document production. so to maximize transparency they're supposed to adhere to the law. for her, means complying with the federal records act. >> think about this, you're doing the benghazi investigation, you ask for e-mails and they give you some e-mails, and you wonder did i get them all. trey gowdy who is doing the investigation you don't need a law degree to understand how troubling this is. >> it's about as far from those regulations as you can get. we also have the congressman chaffetz about the allegations coming from abc news. hillary clinton isn't the only one using personal e-mail. jason chaffetz, he uses personal
4:09 am
e-mail too. we asked him for his first reaction to this accusation. this is what he had to say. >> that's like comparing apples to boats. look, i put it on my business card. in terms of openness and transparency, i'm handing it out to reporters. i am not subject to the federal records act. i have two different e-mails, a house account. but i also have that card there which was paid for by campaign funds. and so it's kind of ridiculous. we're not even subject to the federal records act. >> and hillary clinton is. she is according to one of the top litigators at the national archives she is the first cabinet level person who exclusively has used a secret e-mail in history. >> right. >> big news there. >> in 2008 that would have made it mandatory. prior to collin powell doing that. >> she only used the secret
4:10 am
emal. i can't hear what she has to say. nine minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert wants to drop anything else? she's trying to concentrate. >> do you hear that big boom. >> these guys were able to concentrate. >> we'll get it fixed. all right. good morning, i've got news to bring you out of the washington d.c. area. the loan gunman police believe is behind a string of incidents in maryland, including yesterday's shooting at the nsa building is now under arrest. the fbi still not releasing the guy's identity, but they are connecting him to yesterday's shooting on a truck on a maryland interstate. also three other attacks, including one in a walmart parking lot. no one has been killed. the suspect's motive is unknown. we'll continue to follow the story. near disaster overnight as a turkish airlines plane skids off
4:11 am
the runway in nepal. the front landing gear snapped and it forced the plane to bounce off the runway and into the grass. it was soaked after two days of heavy rain there. all 238 passengers on board frantically tried to escape. no one was seriously hurt. thank goodness for that. extreme weather, 30 states across the country now under winter weather advisory. icy roads believed to have caused this crash in missouri. one car left completely smashed and then a truck on its side. one person was killed in that accident. an suv slipping and sliding down a road in chicago. look at that. the coating on the roads around the windy city. it is dangerous on those roads. be careful if you have to head out. check out this ice off the coast of cape cod in massachusetts. the nantucket ferry plowing through the water there.
4:12 am
it is not expect today get better any time soon. they're getting another arctic blast today. brand new this morning, we're hearing the 911 calls from moments after a band of thieves stole nearly $5 million worth of gold on the side of a busy north carolina interstate. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> yeah, i'm on i 95 at mile marker 114. there's a couple guys that look like they got their hands zip tied behind their backs. >> north or southbound? >> there have been people trying to wave down and call police. >> what happened? security guards were transporting a truck full of gold from miami to massachusetts. they pulled over because they had engine troubles. they were approached by armed bandits who took their weapons. the thieves tied their hands behind their back and forced the men into the woods.
4:13 am
amazingly no one was hurt. there is now a $50,000 reward for their arrest. what a crazy story out of there. i hope they get their guys. >> it makes you wonder what happened. if they were on the side of the road, how do you predict an engine problem? >> maybe they put something in the vehicle to make it stop? >> gas can. >> interesting. coming up on this wednesday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday issuing a warning about nuclear armed islamist. what does congress think of this? >> new york attorney general investigating donald trump? learning the hard way. don't mess with the donald. wait until you hear what he has to say. i love life, whether i'm on the go,
4:14 am
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4:17 am
benjamin netanyahu yesterday addressing a joint session of congress saying iran has proven time and time again it cannot be trusted. colorado senator cory gardner a member of the committee joins us
4:18 am
live. i thought it was great. because among other things, making a you know, his clear case, he gave us a history lesson. he told us how we got to where we're at and why we can't trust iran. >> he laid it out sma system attic manner. he talked about the problems the white house is taking. he talked about the shortcomeings of the public details that have emerged. he talked about the reasons we can do something better. he did it in a logical manner with the emotion that was needed to appeal to the american people so they can understand where this is going wrong. >> the white house says, the president didn't watch it, although he then gave an 11 minute rebuttal to it t. he said nothing new there. said it's too late. they've got the technologies out there as well. whose fault is that? this administration for the last six years has been watching iran build it up. >> i think when you hear something that worries you or
4:19 am
you can't argue against you try to downplay it and try to make it sound like it was no big deal. i think what the prime minister yesterday clearly matters. the tentacles of terror, the fact they are a rejum who has stepped up their terror tendencies over the past several years. we've seen it around the middle east. now we're going to try to give them better treatment kid glove treatment. and expect things to change. i think that's what so damaging and dangerous to the middle east. >> some members of the political left, some, not all say this was just a campaign speech. and benjamin netanyahu was stretching the truth to make his case and win an election back home. what do you say? >> pick up the editorial from the washington post look at the wall street journal today, you can see they are demanding answers from the white house. again, it goes back to the people who don't want to hear this message. they will try to ignore it, downplay it.
4:20 am
to say this was about politics. the prime minister was risking a very high level appearance because of the importance of the speech. the existential threat that exists to the nation of israel because of iran. he wants iran to say we will not demand the destruction of israel. we will stop providing funds for terror. we will stop terrorizing or neighbors around the world. >> his point yesterday, the prime minister's was don't do the deal. from what the president said later in the day, it sounds like they're going to do the deal. we're not going to know what's in the deal until after they agree to it. >> it's an outrage. we need to be a part of those discussions. >> thank you for joining us early on this wednesday. all right. did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? it turns out, there really is a wrong side. which one is it? we're going to tell you coming up. she came face to face with an armed robber.
4:21 am
when that crook turned his back this clerk turned the tables by grabbing his gun. meet that brave clerk next. ♪ great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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4:24 am
24 minutes past the top of the hour. 100,000, that's how many amnesty applications the obama administration pushed through before a judge halted the program. saying it violates federal law. 200, that's how many jobs are on the line since oprah winfrey is closing her studios. 54%, that's how many americans prefer sleeping on the right side of the bed. the study proving you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. what side of the bed do you sleep on? >> i can't tell you. an armed robber barged into
4:25 am
a tobacco shop in kentucky. watch. wow. what he didn't expect, the store clerk grabbed his gun and started shooting. joining us from lexington, kentucky is that brave clerk. congratulations on fighting off this robber. reframe the scene. these two men walk in and do what? >> one starts coming towards behind the counter, and the second one tells people to start leaving. and everybody just runs out the door. and i'm actually following his orders i'm thinking i'll lock the door from outside because i had the key in my pocket. he made me come back behind the counter he was like give he the money. i opened the register. after opening i stepped back. and the second guy starts walking by the register and telling the guy get the big bills. meanwhile the guy is fumbling with his phone and the gun and trying to cover his hand. he only had one glove on.
4:26 am
>> i saw you grabbing the gun right here. he actually sat it down? >> he threw it down. he had his phone out for some reason. he couldn't juggle both of them. he threw the gun down, i grabbed it. i told him i'm going to shoot you both, run. one of them takes off, the other one jumps on me. we're fighting over the gun. when we finally go back into the corner, i shoot him in the shoulder. i take his mask off. because i wanted to know who is behind all this. i took his mask off. while putting his mask back on he's like let me go. i said fine. just don't take the money. and i let the gun go. i just let him walk out. you know, and then he goes for the register and that's when i got mad and j jumped on to his back and grabbed him by the hoodie. >> grabbed him by the hoodie. did you recognize him too? was this the second time he's been through?
4:27 am
>> he's been in the store as a customer. so i recognized him. i even asked him why he's doing this. because there must be a reason he's coming to rob somebody. >> wow. and you never got that. you were able to shoot him. in retroexpectspect you're 21 years old you were able to get the gun. was this a good idea? >> no. not really. i realize now it was dangerous and i could have gotten killed. something that i've been brought up with isif you're going to die you're going to die and if you're going to live you're going to live. you can't stop something from happening. >> i tell you what the courage you have r do you see yourself in law enforcement at some point? >> not reallyism i see myself as a doctor. >> all right. good. a doctor willing to fight for what she has and hold on to it. and stand up for what is wrong. thanks so much. the 21-year-old clerk who said i'm not going to be robbed
4:28 am
today. and you better not come in my store again. congratulations on standing up to two bad guys. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you. meanwhile, cyber bullies go after curt shilling's teen age daughter. a study says drinking more coffee is good for your health. we'll separate fact from fiction with dr. marc siegel. ♪ with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't seen this commercial.
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4:31 am
what? check out this heard of buffalo in yellow stone national park. watch this guy here.
4:32 am
he's just going to ram into the truck. i wonder if it's a dodge ram truck. park rangers say they were spooked by some cars chasing them down the road but found it strange they just bonked in somebody's car. >> they're just being buffalo. >> i've been up there to see the buffalo and bison and the elk. >> they're not going to push anybody around. >> they're awesome. >> they're aloof on their hooves. >> how about this bullying story. talk about taking a bat to it and ending it. from a baseball legend to a principal. we're going to talk about curt shilling. the former red sox pitcher is knocking down internet trolls who were bothering his daughter. this is what it says. >> she's going to college.
4:33 am
>> gun grats. he was excited about hids daughter's opportunity there. all these internet trolls come up harass her online. she actually does the smart thing. she takes screen shots of these tweets as people were sending them. curt did this. >> he said this is a generation of kids who have grown up behind the monitor and keyboard. the real world has consequences when you do and say things about others. if i was a deranged protective dad i could have been face to face with any of these people in less than four hours. not one of these gutless clowns would think of saying a word of any of this in person. one of the guys is a student at brookdale community college. the other is a student at mont claire state in new jersey. he said some terrible things as well. as it turns out, that guy was hired in january to be a ticket taker for the new york yankees.
4:34 am
he has been fired because of his inappropriate comments. >> this is a crime and giving them a taste of consequence right there on his block. >> congratulations to his daughter. >> he spoke his mind as a player and he's still doing it now. he's been a guest on our show also. another story we brought to you from an hour ago was from a principal in massachusetts. he is an iraqi war vet. sometimes i'm a grisly bear when he saw anonymous twitter handles and attacks on other people. cyber bullying going on. they didn't have addresses to return. he said this i have more respect for my insurgents i fought in iraq than the people behind the twitter account. at least i was able to see these guys. >> he is the principal of murdoch high school. this is what he told us today. >> the message that i sent out was a little stronger worded than i might have done if i
4:35 am
taken longer to reflect on it. i had just spoke to one of the parents involved. what bothered me about 50 students were following the accounts. the tweets were be retweeted. it was spreading quickly. i think what's in the back of most principal's minds is situations where people have taken their lives because of bullying. you worry about that. i felt i needed to take strong action to set a boundary. this is what the boundary is. >> he made a great point. he said he was bullied as a kid. at least he knew when he got home it was a safe place. when you're bullied through the cyber world. >> when it comes to bullying and internet trolls who sit in their basement and you don't know who they are, and they think we can't track them down. they can be tracked down one way or another. >> 24 hours a day these kids are faced with these e-mails. this is great because it's
4:36 am
someone fighting back. you saw two great examples of someone getting a little taste of what it's going to be like. >> nobody would ever think heather nauert would be a cyber bully. she's the opposite. online she's flowery and nice. >> you know times have certainly changed, haven't they? we didn't have to deal with any of that when we were kids. another big move as the republican field for 2016 heats up. >> we have put in motion the staffing and the mechanism to explore to see whether me running for president in 2016 is a viable thing. >> dr. ben carson officially testing the waters now, announcing an exploratory committee on "the o'reilly factor." that means the former neurosurgeon can raise money to fund an official 2016 campaign. new york state attorney general may be confirming what
4:37 am
donald trump has thought about him all along. the joint commission on public ethics is looking into whether or not he barraged executives at the trump organization with fundraising requests all while suggesting to them that he would drop a fraud investigation into donald trump's for profit school. the allegation should come as no surprise to mr. trump. months ago he told us how he feels about him and that fraud investigation. listen. >> he is a total light weight a dope. now they're saying he took coke. as far as i'm concerned he probably still does. he's done a very poor job. >> did you beat him? i know. >> yeah i beat him badliment most of his case is gutted. they wanted to settle the case so badly, let's settle the case. he wanted to get the publicity on trump. >> he now faces ethics violations if he did misuse his office and power.
4:38 am
six college protesters under arrest in california. the group making a umhuman wall across a highway by chaining themselves to garbage cans that were filled with cement. they were claiming to protest against the university of california tuition hikes. it took police five hours to free them. they had to use jackhammers to do so. they were arrested and charged with a felony and three misdemeanor crimes. good news to bring you, carrie underwood is a mom. isaiah michael fisher. he was born on february 27th. they just made the big announcement with this tweet on social mete. media. got bless an amazing gift. congratulations to her. we've got another little isaiah around here at fox. those are your headlines. let's head over to elizabeth. >> take a look at this, new studies suggest three to five
4:39 am
cups of coffee a day could help prevent series illnesses. haven't we heard this before? studies on coffee and health often contradict each other. joining me now is dr. marc siegel from the fox news medical a team is here to answer all of your questions pressing about coffee. the first part of this study had to be with preventing heart disease. >> this is a huge study of over 25,000 people based in korea. it showed the amount of calcium that builds up in your cornary arteries. when we see calcium building up we know heart disease is next. that's a sebsative indicator. in these 25,000 people, thoserank three to five cups of coffee a day had a much lower buildup of calcium. meaning their chances of heart disease is much lower. there's a lot of possible reasons for that. one of them is they may have had
4:40 am
a lower risk of diabetes. we already know that coffee de decreases your risk of diabetes. another possibility is coffee has compounds in it that decrease inflammation. we know that it's inflammation in the body that leads to heart disease building up. there's a lot of reasons to believe that coffee can decrease your risk of heart disease. there's been prior studies on this. this is powerful. >> does tea work? >> i think tea works for the anti-inflammatory reason also. i think it's the caffeine. i don't think the caffeine has anything to do with this. if you have a risk for heart disease caffeine can increase your heart rate. it may be for those at risk for heart disease you want decaf. this needs further study. i'm excited about this finding. i think some of these calm pounds in coffee are very good at protecting the heart. >> thanks for keeping an eye on that. where caffeine does come into
4:41 am
play is ms. >> that's an associated finding. it's not proof, but the study author from hopkins said i think it's the caffeine on these brain diseases. i think it's the caffeine that decreases your risk of aults hiemers and ms. decreased 1.5 times drinking coffee. she thinks it's the caffeine because caffeine is a brain stimulant. it keeps your nerves firing and overcoming the bad diseases that are building up. in this case ms is an autoimmune disease. the caffeine may keep your nerves to unloading that. the anti-inflammatory effect of coffee is good for you. if you don't have a risk for ulcers or rapid heart rate i think it's healthy. >> i'm going to make another cup of brew. >> i had a couple coming in here. i want people to be cautious to
4:42 am
not do pwithout your doctor knowing about it. >> check with your doctor and have those cups of coffee. now take a look at this, four star general petraeus pleading guilty to giving up clarify classified information. judge napolitano is on the case next. remember this viral picture of a supposedly unphoto shopped cindy crawford? we're going to get into that next. ♪
4:43 am
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welcome back. we have some quick headlines. 56 years after the big bopper and ritchie valens were killed. a ntsb is taking a second look.
4:46 am
initially the cause of the crash was a combination of pilot error and snowy conditions. the ntsb petitioner says there may have been a problem with the plane. and as it turns out right here in other news, this picture of cindy crawford was photo shopped after all. the guy who snapped the picture stole it and made the model look haggard. he's threatening lawsuits against the sites that posted it. thank you. on the heels of hillary clinton's e-mail firestorm one of our country's decorated war heriers, petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to leaking secrets to his girlfriend. will hillary clinton get the same treatment? let's ask those questions of andrew napolitano. judge, on the deal itself, what was he charged with in. >> he was charged with keeping
4:47 am
classified secrets after he left the military, after he left the cia in a desk drawer in his house unsecured. after he had signed a piece of paper saying he no longer had these and he returned them. the secrets he was accused of keeping were black loose leaf notebooks that had his daily diary and the classified documents in there that pertained to his various appointments. the originals of that stayed with the cia. so these were copies of it. he was not accused of sharing these secrets with his mistress. he did not plead guilty to that. he only pleaded guilty to the lowest level crime possible. it's actually a misdemeanor. it's not even a felony. meaning it won't affect his pension. but it obviously affects his reputation and credibility and his legacy. >> surely. you know doing that is definitely against the law. but you say it's overreach. and this is an administration that really cracks down on leakers. look at james rosen.
4:48 am
>> exactly. >> he's not a leaker, he's a journalist. >> they egregiously invaded rosen's privacy. look, to mrs. clinton, to your question, if she kept classified information on her personal e-mail accounts, say, for example, the plans to seize and kill osama bin laden that's the very same thing that general petraeus is about to plead guilty to. keeping classified materials on a non-government place non-secured. unapproved by the government. will they prosecute her? >> no. >> of course not. >> does the fact she had a security clearance mean anything? she had a top security clearance herself. >> there's three levels of security clearance. the general, mrs. clinton, the president, obviously have the highest.
4:49 am
i don't know what level ms. broadwell had. in the recitation of facts in the case which general petraeus agreed to. it talks about his relationship to this person. yet, the government did not charge him with that. it did not wharge him with lying to the fbi or signing a document. it did not charge him with espionage. it only charged him with keeping national secrets in a unlocked desk drawer in his house after he left the cia. >> the prosecution, the government has suggested probation and a $40,000 fine. this judge is going to ultimately decide. they could send him to prison. >> theoretically. i've taken so many guilty pleas in my prior work. theoretically the judge can deviate from the guilty plea. when the government says two years' probation and the defendant says two years' probation, it would be very unusual. al in my view, if i may, the general is a national hero. if ever we have had one. this prosecution had to be
4:50 am
personally approved by the president of the united states. the definition of crime is harm. no one was harmed by those documents innocently sitting in a desk drawer. >> took them two years to find that out. >> thank you very much. a double standard there. coming up, she's 76 years old and in love with a man nearly 20 years here junior. is it true love or is she nuts? dr. keith ablow answers your beach boy oriented question. ♪
4:51 am
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4:54 am
is a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning elizabeth how are you? >> i am well. let me get your take on this one. first is this my widows mom is 76 years old and in love with a 57-year-old neighbor who has a shady past. we try today reason with her. is she normal or are we being nuts? >> you know, she sounds lovely and 76. nuts, she's in love, but she's a little crazy in love. guess what? people in their 50s don't generally fall in love with people are 76 when those folks are females. they may be unfair. but it's the way of the world. i would give this guy a message if we found out you've been taken to as many as two expensive dinners on our mom's dime you may be investigated for crimes against the elderly. >> here's another e-mail. it says, it's february and my
4:55 am
two and a half-year-old still cries in preschool every dropping him off is a nightmare i often have to go back when the school calls. is this nuts? >> no, i think it's sad, but normal. first of all, if it weren't their culture now requires folks economically that both parents work and many families make that decision, even if economic terms don't demand it. we wouldn't be dropping two-year-olds off anywhere. the anxiety of that is real. certainly they should check to see if anything is amiss at school, a bully, a teacher who's not kind. you know? it might need a little bit of care here. maybe you go in 30 minutes a day with your child and then slowly taper it off. 15 minutes, ten, maybe medicine might be needed in some rare cases. >> final question for you today, it's a news story. it's been so cold out there for so long that many new yorkers are hitting the couch in their shrink's office.
4:56 am
they just can't cope with this lousy weather. >> i'm doubling up on the couch. if you're willing to lie down with another person on the couch you get a discount right? people are -- two fer. here's the thing. people have a sense of helplessness face would things they can't control, especially unmovable things like the snow when the gets hit with a little bit of rain and you can't move it. it slows people down. there's less light so there can be seasonal affective disorder. a long winter can recall other events in your life that seemed painful. >> nobody's got more snow than boston, so your doorbell must be ringing all day long. >> i got my shovel, i got my couch. i'm in i'm out. it's incredible. >> that's normal. thank you sir. >> take care. coming up hillary's e-mail
4:57 am
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for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! good morning to you. today is wednesday, maenchrch 4th. hours after hillary clinton's e-mail scandal was opposed. the frontrunner responds. >> i suppose it's only fair to say don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> is she ignoring the elephant in the room. former mayor rudy joll yawny live on that. >> a homesick edward snowden want to come back to the united states under one condition. what's that one condition? you're about to find out. >> it will be good to see him again. passengers in a panic. a jet crash lands overnight after overshooting the runway.
5:01 am
the frantic escape of more than 200 people on board. this is the final hour of "fox and friends" unless you know something different. well it's raining here in new york city. and tonight, big snow. more lousy weather. >> that's right big cancellations in d.c. with the snow over there. >> they canceled the government for tomorrow yesterday. >> they sure did. we're going to stay ahead of things for you. heather nauert has all the headlines. >> good morning. i've got a story for you about this weather around the country coming up. first we start with a fox news alert. the loan gunman police believe is behind a string of shootings in maryland including yesterday's shooting at the nsa building is now under arrest. the fbi is still not releasing the guy's identity. but they are connecting him to yesterday's shooting on a truck at a maryland interstate. and three more attacks, including one that took place in a walmart parking lot.
5:02 am
no one was killed, right now the suspect's motive is still not known. we'll keep you postsy we get more on this. overseas near disaster overnight as a turkish airlines plane skids off the runway during a hard landing in nepal. two days of heavy rains causing that plane to bounce off the runway and snapping the landing gear before it nose dived in the grass. all 238 people were trying to escape down the slide, no one was seriously hurt. the extreme weather i mentioned, right now, 30 states across the u.s. hit with a blast of messy winter weather including texas, whiteout conditions there. it made it virtually possible for drivers to see. in chicago, now strangers to this kind of whether, look at what is happening on a highway in chicago. how frightening would that be? this suv losing control on the icy roadways.
5:03 am
drivers in the windy city being urged to take it slow. no easy commute in oklahoma either. some places the roads were so bad that drivers had to abandon their cars. and then mayor guiliani is here, so this story is for him as a former prosecutor. one wanted criminal learning about taunting police the hard way. he thought it would be a good idea to post something on the butler county sheriff's department facebook page. this guy is wanted for burglary assault and abduction. the butler county sheriff's office responding with this taunt. posting this photo of a jail cell saying we've got your room ready for you. police getting the last laugh. 24 hours later this guy turned himself in as he sobbed in his mug shot. those are your headlines what a story. >> look who's here rudy guiliani former mayor of new york. "the new york times" attacks you before. were you surprise they lead the attack against hillary clinton that she used her personal
5:04 am
e-mail. >> excusing me for being cynical. it's early. she hasn't announced yet. this is the time to get it out. normally a story like that you save for the day she announces. you get it out of the way. i didn't realize and all the other stuff that "the new york times" will let her get away with. >> this will add fuel to the fire and reminds people that the clintons have a separate set of rules. it also reminds us, i saw a list in the wall street journal about the ethical short-cuts during the clinton years. johnny chung, white water, billing records, cattle futures, the mark rich pardon. >> i was prosecuted mark rich. almost fainted when i heard during bush's inauguration that he had been pardoned. i had my press secretary check and said do you mean michael
5:05 am
milken. he straightened his life out to a large extent. no it was mark rich. i think they brought it out early to try to take the heat out of it. i think hillary, though this is the beginning of the baggage. >> did she break the law? >> i can't tell for sure. i don't know that law that will. it existed before i was in the federal government. we didn't have e-mails, we just needed to telegraph that. >> all right. so we'll see where it goes from here. the other thing is the word is from eric erickson that a democrat leaked it to "the new york times". >> maybe they're trying to soften her up. that she's not the perfect candidate. i don't think she is. we've got bush and scott walker making a great impression. chris christie, once he gets his campaign organized will be a powerful campaigner. >> you got about 20. >> you've got -- >> the list goes on for a while. >> my friend george pataki.
5:06 am
people with strong viewpoints. people who can speak like netanyahu spoke yesterday. >> i had leadership envy. >> i watched it twice. and i said, you know, not only was it a very well done speech, very well constructed legal argument. >> i noticed on one of your opposing stations here's your attack on him. he doesn't propose an alternative. did they miss the last 15 minutes of his speech? he has an alternative. no agreement. a non-nuclear iran. we don't recognize iran until they stop doing the following things. what's hard about this? they stop sponsoring terrorism and killing people. they stop chopping their heads off. they stop killing a thousand people a month. here's what people don't recognize. i'm going to berlin this weekend with a group that could replace the iranian government. it's a group run by a woman.
5:07 am
they believe in a constitutional democracy. they fought for constitutional democracy. when they didn't get it 120,000 of them were killed by the ayatollah. there are alternatives in the muslim world to these theocratic maniacs. >> listen libya gave up the nukes they said come and get them. south africa comes and get them. there should be no deal. democrats see it differently. here's one from kentucky. >> this speech was straight out of the dick cheney play book. this was fear mongering at the ultimate. it's like the child who says i want to go to didsney land every day and not go to school. this is very serious business and it is being conducted in a very, very real world. >> thank god he doesn't have responsibility for our protection and security. i mean how can you miss the fact that we're talking about
5:08 am
giving nuclear weapons to a country that has killed hundreds of thousands of people? that continues to kill hundreds of thousands of people. here, i'm asking for the nuclear button and here's the button. i'm asking for the button and i'm saying i'm going to destroy the state of israel and kill jews. america, is the satan. i'm going to kill as many americans as possible. please give me the button. >> we're letting them keep -- >> what's wrungong with that? what world is he living in? does he not read what the ayatollah says? has he not read the history of what has happened in iran? do you know under rohani, more people are being killed in iran than before do you know why that's happening? i'm going to tell you exactly why. there's one thing netanyahu didn't mention, they are trying to make sure nobody spies. they got caught last time when we had a cessation of enriching
5:09 am
uranium. this is like playing poker the third time with a guy who cheated you three times before. >> iran started by saying, we want to start this nuclear program because we need electricity. of course, they're sitting on a gigantic pool of oil. i'm surprised president obama didn't say, look in this country we're pushing green energy. you know what you have a lot of? sun? how about solar over there? forget about nuclear. >> for 30 years we've licensed one nuclear power plant in the united states. >> we're going to shift gears. edward snowden is over in moscow. he has official aaasylum through vladmir putin. he wants a fair and open trial. the federal government wants it closed so he doesn't spill the beans. >> i think the federal
5:10 am
government is entitled to that. we're talking about a person who is trailer and used classified information. i have tried cases with classified information. it can't be revealed publicly. it's revealed under seal to the judge. why do you think it's classified? for that reason. so i'm afraid mr. snowden is going to have to come back and he's going to have to get tried under what are called the laws of the united states not the laws of mr. snowden. want to come back? his lawyers can argue that it's an open trial. a judge will get to decide that. >> i need to ask you this, the one leverage he might have and a former nsa director brought this up, he might have more intelligence and he might be able to say -- you tell me how it works with the big boys -- i could turn this over and make it worse unless you make us a deal, what do you do? >> i cut a lot of deal as u.s. attorney i wouldn't have cut if i didn't have to with people who were bad people because i got a worse person. i can't evaluate that.
5:11 am
that's something you -- >> deals are done? >> you only know that when you evaluate what does he have what is he giving you, how much are you getting out of him. then you make a deal that's in the best interest of the government. should he goome and go to trial? of course he should. it should be by our rules. >> you think he would be happy in russia. it seems so nice there. >> under putin? last time i was in moscow it could be the most depressing trip that i took. >> stop going. >> i just came back from dubai and israel. and i spent a couple of days with bibi a week ago. wasn't it a great speech? i tell you, the idea that a man standing up for his country is just -- it gives you goosebumps. he's standing up for his country that could be destroyed. >> absolutely. man with a plan. thank you very much. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday.
5:12 am
we have a fox news alert. a twitter trial two years in the making about to begin in boston. will the prime suspect live or will he die? we are live outside the courthouse next. a six-year-old boards the wrong bus by accident and the driver will not turn back. he says get out and walk. >> i saw him run around the corner with snow up to his knees. his face was red and crying. >> wait till you hear how the school explains it away. i'm a weight watchers coach, all of us have lost weight with weight watchers and are now helping other people do the same. log into your computer or your phone at anytime and you can chat with me. you're not alone and you can do it. i know you can do it because i did it. join for free today at i love life, whether i'm on the go, spending time with friends or with my favorite date. i take care of myself, and i like what i see when i look in the mirror.
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5:16 am
get more facts at a fox news alert. less than an hour jurors hear arguments in the boston marathon bombing trial. where 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is fighting for his life. molly line is live outside the courtroom right now. >> reporter: good morning. despite the efforts on the part of the defense to get this trial moved out of boston even filing a if you everth change of venue request. the opening statements are slated to get underway at 9:00 in the trial of the accused boston bomber. this being delayed by the bad winter and a jury selection process that proved to be far more arduous than anyone
5:17 am
anticipated. he accusef of conspiring with his older brother to place two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon. those explosions killed three people, two young women and a child and injured more than 260 o. later it's alleged the brothers ambushed and murdered an mit police officer. tamerlan's wife remains under a cloud of suspicion. she has never been charged her attorney is saying she had no knowledge of her husband's plans. her lawyer saying she has met with investigator. people in the boston area have some pretty strong feelings. >> i think it was awful what happened. i think that he should be found guilty. and i think he should spend life in prison contemplating what he did. if he even has a conscious. that's how i feel about it. i'm not sure how it's going to play out. you know i believe in the
5:18 am
justice system. i think that justice will be served. >> reporter: there are ten women serving on this jury, eight men. there are 12 jurors in all, six alternates. they may be spending quite a bit of time here. there are three months expected for the trial to take place. if it moves on to the penalty phase, if he is convicted of any of the federal charges he's facing they will still listen to aggravating and mitigating factors as presented by the attorneys. and will ultimately decide whether or not tsarnaev lives or dies. >> it starts in winter and sounds like it will go right through spring. we thank you for the live report from boston. what about this? she came face to face with an armed robber. when that crook turned his back, this clerk turned the tables by grabbing his gun. why that young woman decided to fight back. plus from army wife to good witch. actress catherine bell here to tell us about her latest role
5:19 am
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5:22 am
we've got some quick wednesday morning headlines for you. an unusual warning from dodge, the car company, calling out some of its own dealers for potentially scamming customers. dodge says dealers are taking deposits for cars they can't deliver because demand for the new charger and challenger so great and production is limited that the cars should not be promised to anybody if they can't deliver them. if you use an apple orgoogle device, as many of us do, you need to hear this cyber crooks
5:23 am
have found a way to break through incription and your information could be vulnerable. google has provided a fix and apple is working on one right now. they've got the geniuses behind the scenes. from army wife to magical mom actress catherine bell latest role is being called bewitching. take a look. >> since i can remember i would get these feelings, things that haven't happened before they actually happened. >> it's a wonderful gift. >> but the things i saw, they were always just about us. the family. >> now? >> i've been seeing things about nick. who i only just met. >> the new show good witch follows the adventure of a mother and daughter. catherine bell is here to tell us all about it.
5:24 am
you and i can watch as a family. >> it's rare these days a show that both adults and kids can appreciate. >> intew wigzuition or magic? >> she knows things about people or what to say or give someone to send them on a journey that changes their life. >> do you have any of that in real life? >> sometimes. sometimes i do. you know, you kind of have a perception about something and you have to learn to trust it. >> james dentine new neighbor what do we need to know? >> we're having a blast working together. he's a doctor who is just come from new york. and of course i'm the small town you know, eastern medicine -- >> hello doctor. >> yes. >> the good news for you is, this is steady work for you now. because for a number of years it was a yearly special, you do a two hour special for hall mark. now it has premiered as a series
5:25 am
last week. you broke the records at hallmark. >> it's on every week. we did ten episodes this first seen. it's on every saturday at 8:00. >> it's amazing, you're not shooting in hollywood. up in canada what's going on? >> toronto in the winter. >> it's too expensive here? >> we started the movie seven years ago in toronto. the cast is from there, the town where we shoot. the victorian house is there. >> sneak peek first i have to know, you mentioned in the break your daughter said something about the show that i think would resonate with everybody. >> when i told her they were turning a show into a series she said a show my friends can walk. >> this is kind of like the show they had in the 70s where there
5:26 am
was this mom and her mother and tabitha tabitha. >> it's a modern version of that. my daughter has abilities of her own. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> safe travels too. >> appreciate it. >> 26 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, in the last 34 minutes of the show. in just a few hours the supreme court takes on obamacare again. this time it could lead to a total collapse of the plan. senator bill cassidy, who worked in healthcare for 20 years breaks it down for us. then, skip's sitting in the confessional and repent via your smartphone on snapchat. good idea? e-mail us tweet us. holy cow.
5:27 am
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5:30 am
. in just a few hours the u.s. supreme court takes on obamacare again. this time it could lead to a total collapse of the plan. because the president says there is no plan b or backup. >> we will have to wait and see what the supreme court decides. if they rule against us, we'll have to take a look at what our options are. but i'm not going to anticipate that -- i'm not going to anticipate bad law. >> so what does this mean for both sides? joining us right now is a veteran of the healthcare industry and republican senator from louisiana bill cassidy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it all hinges on this. in the official bill for the affordable care act it says that subsidies flow through an exchange established by the states. but there are a whole bunch of exchanges not in states because they didn't start them. instead they go through the federal government. it hinges on those few words. what are the chances of your side winning?
5:31 am
>> if you go by plain reading of the law the plaintiffs win, the administration loses. there's evidence. the administration knew that they should implement it so subsidies only went to those on state exchanges. they made the decision not to. i think of that woman having chemotherapy. she lost her insurance because of obamacare. she only affords it by subsidy. she will enter uncertainty. >> what is an alternative for everybody at home that republicans can put forward that you believe would be a solid alternative? >> a solid alternative, obamacare tells people what they must purchase and therefore they're purchasing things they do not need. which drives up the cost of insurance. if you gave those people who needed it, however you define
5:32 am
that need, a tax cut or a tax credit with which they could buy the insurance they wish to have. one, they have the power of choice and keep their doctor and plan if they wish. it also lowers the cost because they're not buying things mandated. they're only buying what they need. >> senator, here's the thing, if they strike this down and say everybody who did not set up a state exchange and any state that's getting money from the federal government as a supplementicts that money goes out the door. 7 million people temporarily might not have insurance. what do you say to them? that's the big difference now. now they're getting used to obamacare. there's going to be a sense of people getting it taken away. what do you say to them? >> the obama administration does not have a plan b. what republicans have said in a variety of ways you can bridge until you come up with an alternative to the status quo. one of my colleagues had an editorial in the wall street
5:33 am
journal recently, let's use cobra laws. this is a way using current law that we can bridge until people can have an alternative. >> cobra you have to pay out of your pocket. >> you have to pay out of your pocket. there may still be financial aicistance for those who cannot afford until we can replace this which drives up the cost of healthcare, the mandates with something that lowers the cost. >> the administration says they don't have a plan b, apparently the republicans do. dr. bill cassidy joining us today from capitol hill. thank you. >> thank you. even though they ended up winning the case. heather nauert is here with more on what's happening. >> hi listen to this story. this is going to have a lot of moms upset this morning. there is a mother who is outraged after her six-year-old son is force today walk half a mile in knee deep snow through busy traffic. after a bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop and then wouldn't let the kid back on
5:34 am
that bus. he was on a bus with a substitute driver. this happening in indianapolis, where they've had terrible weather lately. when they reached the last stop the driver made him get off that bus anyway. >> i just saw him run around the corner with snow up to his knees, his face was red and he was crying. i'm like what happened? he said the bus driver dropped me off at the wrong stop and he wouldn't listen to me when i told him i didn't live there. >> officials say they are concerned about this and are investigating the incident. a manhunt is on now for two armed men robbing a pizza hut in miami. they jumped over the counter and force the manager to open the safe at gunpoint. when she couldn't get it open, the robbers turned frantic. they tried to tape up employees. one terrified worker tried to escape on his knees. >> i felt like my life was on
5:35 am
the life definitely. nobody should go through that. >> how terrifying for them. after all that, the robbers got away with $43 in cash. caught on camera the terrifying moment an armed robber barged into a tobacco shop in kentucky. what he didn't expect, and what you see right there, that store clerk, the lady in the blue, grabs his gun and then starts shooting. stopping that robber in his tracks. that brave clerk spoke with us earlier about her decision to fight back. >> i realize now it was dangerous and i could have gotten killed but something that i've been brought up with is if you're going to die, no matter what. if you're going to live, you're going to live. of you can't stop something from happening. >> police have now issued a warrant for that suspect's arrest. which parent do you take after the most?
5:36 am
the answer may be a shocking as this famous reveal. >> obi wan never told you what happened to your father. >> he told me enough. >> he told me he killed you. >> no, i am your father. >> everyone but brian kilmeade remembers that scene from the movie. here is what the story is you may have your mom's eyes but it turns out you actually get more dna from your dad. researchers say that although we have the same number of chrome zoemz they're tipped in dad's favor. >> all right. let me tell you what's happening in the world of sports. former 49ers coach and the quarterback of the bears
5:37 am
won't -- will be sitting on the sidelines for the university of michigan for six more months. he's already a hero to the university. harbaugh pulled two people out of a bad car wreck in michigan. the car flipped over and landed in the opposite land. harbaugh and an employee were just passing by when they saw it so they stopped to help. they gay the 73-year-old woman and the driver first aid and coats to keep them warm until paramedices arrived. what a hero. >> we just had a breakfast of champions with a super bowl champion. >> joining us live with the help of his team, elizabeth, and brian. please welcome. >> here we are. >> how embarrassed is victor cruz to be with us. he stopped by earlier -- you were so pumped up, elizabeth. he's pairing up with the dairy council to make sure every kid in the country is having a good
5:38 am
breakfast. we asked him about his recovery from his horrible knee injury in october. >> i feel good. >> how close to 100%? >> about 75% right now. i'm taking it one day at a time. we have plenty of time to get healthy. >> cruz says he hopes to be ready for training camp. and with mr. beckham, it's going to be a pretty exciting wide receiving core. >> he did the salsa with us. his knees looked good. >> his hassle back solo. >> i did a little dancing at the end. >> you did? >> we have some time now, steve if you want -- >> i got to do tap dancing in this final talking point. if you are catholic, you know one of the sacrament is the sacrament of confession. you go into the confessional or sit right next to it a priest and you tell him what you did. now apparently a self-proclaimed
5:39 am
anonymous ordained priest who has been working in texas over 20 years he says is hearing snapchat confessions. noerd you take a picture of yourself on the snapchat app and send it to him. it's got to be less than ten seconds and he will forgive you. >> once he watches it that sin vanishes away. he says he's aiming at a younger person who can be drawn to the church. >> or brief. it's got to be done in ten seconds. >> confessions can't be that extensive. what do you think about that? >> i think it's a great idea. >> you think it's a great idea? >> it's a genius idea. i feel bad what i did yesterday, but i don't have time to go find a priest. and wait in line. this way i can snapchat on my iphone. >> does he absolve the sin back on nap chat? >> there are a lot of people who don't think he's a real priest. it's a guy who put this out and
5:40 am
all these people are sending him all these sins they feel they are committed. and he's getting the last laugh. >> one reverend out there saying he's not a catholic priest. the church priests you should go to a priest. >> the bible says nothing about snapchat? >> i'm going to look. >> are you sure? >> maybe. i'll check the book of zef zephaniah. netanyahu is warning congress there will be kwnss to cutting a deal with iran. senator rand paul looked less than thrill. he'll join us coming up. this buffalo was born to run and run and run. the wild encounter that buffalo had with an unexpecting car.
5:41 am
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some quick headlines for you on this wednesday. incredible video just released of a mother and daughter trapped inside their burning apartment. fire crews helped the daughter climb out through a window then carried her mother down. whoa. both thankfully are safe this morning. a woman trying to steal a plant ends up with a face plant. california homeowner got a good laugh from watching their surveillance footage. down she goes. like that. watch. a wild buffalo rams right into a couple's suv at yellow stone causing almost $3,000 worth of damage. apparently the vehicle, not ram
5:45 am
tough. lyze over tuesday. >> first he by-passed congress on immigration now he might be trying something similar to raise your taxes. >> the president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goal. the president is interested in this avenue generally. >> it seems to be the case. joining us now with her reaction from our sister network, fox business. maria bortartiromo. your thoughts? >> i think this is more of the same. ever since congress won, the republicans won in november, the president has been saying stick it to you. i'm the president, i'm going to do what i want. he did a deal on immigration and cuba without anyone understanding the details until it was done. even then we didn't have the details. this is more of the same.
5:46 am
he is not coming out and saying i will raise taxes. he's basically reminding people i have executive action and i am examining everything. i think this is harmful in two ways. al number one, the uncertainty of what will my tax rates be if you're an individual as well as a corporation. will keep people sitting on cash that will slow the economy. keep it at the stand still we've been at and not see a big creation of jobs. the second thing, it just continues to poison the waters. and these two groups will never get together. it continues to foster the fighting attitude that it's my wite or the highway and i don't care who's running congress. that's bad for the country. i don't know why he keeps throwing these things out there. >> diminishing the role of congress is something that's not sitting well with the american people. >> this morning, we have a great show. we're going to talk with andy card, the former white house chief of staff about this as well as hillary using her personal e-mail. apparently she had a server at
5:47 am
home. in addition we'll speak to the council general of israel. we'll talk with him about what he heard yesterday from prime minister netanyahu and why it's so important that he came and discussed the potential deal with iran. we'll talk with the council general of israel. in addition we'll talk about the economy. from a business standpoint, what is all of this mean? he used to run chrysler. he was a 20 employee of ge and the ceo of home depot. >> excellent. thank you. you don't want to misher on the fox business network. log on to >> was benjamin netanyahu warning about radical armed islamists a warning for a campaign speech. sand rand paul was there and looked less than thrilled. why? he's here next to answer. we'll check in with martha maccallum for what's coming up. >> good morning obamacare could come down to four little words
5:48 am
in the original bill. how the supreme court interrupts them now is a crucial moment for millions of americans. we'll explain it. and the fallout from the netanyahu speech continues today. as the clock ticks toward a deal. what you need to know. why the obama advisors are not rushing in to defend hillary on the e-mail debacle. we'll talk about that when bill and i see you right here at the top of the hour.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
benjamin netanyahu warning members of congress there will be consequences to cutting a bad deal with iran on its nuclear program. >> this deal won't be a fare
5:52 am
well to arms a fare well to arms control. the middle east would be crisscrossed by nuclear trip wires. a region where small skirmishes would turn into a nuclear tinder box. >> so is the prime minister playing politics or trying to win an election or trying to keep the world safe, rand paul joins me. your thoughts before your thoughts now. was it politics or a warning to the world? >> as you know, i was a co-sponsor of inviting netanyahu to the speech. and i thought he incapsuleated the mesening it's about spreading terrorism and the spread of conventional arms the potential for the spread of conventional arms throughout the middle east. i thought he brought it together well. kr most important thing i think was made, it's not a choice of no deal or bad deal. a good deal ought to be on the
5:53 am
table. >> the president 45 minutes after said he offered no solutions same old stuff. you felt differently. >> no, i think there really is a possibility. one of the things that i'm co-sponsoring is senator corker's bill. this bill says any agreement has to come back to congress and be voted on. this is consistent with what we've been arguing with this president. he doesn't get to act on his own that anything he does that changes legislation like changing the sanctions against iran would have to come back and be voted on by congress. >> we have some of your reaction during the speech. you looked less than thrilled hearing the speech. as we roll it back. let me tell you what the national review said. rand paul's outspoken views against a muscular foreign policy and foreign aid you look less than enthused while the prime minister spoke. what were you thinking? >> you know, i think what's funny about it is you have these gossipy websites who demean
5:54 am
themselves by putting stuff like that out. i gave the prime minister 50 standing ovations. on the day i decided to co-sponsor the corker bill, we have gossipy websites looking up at the metric of how fast you clap. i think they demean themselves by putting that out. >> fine. so you clap slow but thoughtfully, and there's no there there. >> i'm sure you pick up "the new york times," one of the last stories for the last few days, hillary clinton's lack of using the state department e-mail using a personal e-mail for four years, and when people request to get it she has not been handing it over because she wasn't using it. is this a big deal to you? >> yeah not only is it the e-mails and directly flouting the law. i think there's going to be a constitutional question or whether or not she was receiving foreign gifts while in office. the constitution explicitly
5:55 am
as a senator or a secretary of state you're not allowed to receive gifts frumt foreign countries. they've been receiving millions of dollars in their foundation. they're going to say that's not us me directly. do they profit in any way from their foundation? does it pay for their travel or any of their expenses? she's got a lot of questions she's going to have to answer. >> real quick you won cpac for the third straight year. most people are talking about scott walker, does that bother you? >> i think only one other person ronald reagan has won it three times. cpac is a great event because it's full of a lot of young people. the only way to win elections is to have the enthusiasm. >> senator rand paul who will go anywhere to tell his message. thanks for joining us this morning. i thought you clapped fine. up next every little boy's dream comes true. one for the road just minutes
5:56 am
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before we leave you, check it out. it's every young boy's dream come true. ford has unveiled its first ever full sized tonka truck that looks just like the toy we played with. it's based off of ford's dump truck. >> thanks to you a high school basketball star's dream comes true. she has stage 4 brain cancer after making her first basket. she announced her goal was to get on ellen. guess what? today at 4:00, she's on ellen. >> that's fantastic. >> everybody did hashtag that got behind her in that campaign. >> it was great. she hopes to be at william smith
6:00 am
college playing on the basketball team. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back here tomorrow same time, same couch. we go up to studio j good morning. obamacare heading back to the supreme court yet again. at issue a cornerstone of the law and a decision against the administration could mean a staple blow. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. obamacare at the feet of the supreme court. this is a live or die decision and it could leave millions without insurance. bill: stuart varney on the financial impact of the decision. shannon, what else at heart -- at the heart of today's case? >> reporter: it's about the


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