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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 6, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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policy of churches was a most nontriumph tant move. god does not charge. thanks to everyone who wrote in. thanks for joining us. see you at 5:00. fox and friends starts now. good morning, today is friday march 6th. actor harrison ford's vintage plane plunges. the actors condition from overnight. fox news exclusive. new trouble for hillary clinton. a brand-new memo from the state department shows she was breaking her own rules. all right, and one man starts a nationwide movement. >> it's amazing that people reach out to help me. it shows -- >> fox and friends viewers urged hi and responded in nearly
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100,000 ways. we'll give you details shortly because mornings are better with friends. >> hey, this is kelly osbourne and you are watching fox and friends. good morning, everybody. hi tucker. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you are in for steve doocy today. >> we all right don't like tucker. he's already worked out today. >> it is incredible. that part of my day hangs over my head all day long. >> i needed to wake up. >> you ran the stairs? >> yeah i did. >> he's going to do push ups during the break. we thank you all for joining us here on this friday. we are going to begin with a fox news alert. battered but okay. actor harrison ford waking up in a hospital after crashing his vintage plane on a golf course. >> dramatic calls to air traffic control detailing the moments the star realizes he is in serious trouble.
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we are here with the breaking details. leah? >> 72-year-old harrison ford just took off from an airport in santa monica saying he was having engine trouble. > return. >> clear to land. >> go to three. >> last location? >> unit three. looked like it was short of the runway. >> ford never made it to the runway. he crashed into a neighboring golf course off the end of the runway. video shows the plane as it starts to go down. witnesses say it hit a tree on the way. doctors playing on the course rushed to the wreckage. he cut his head and had brok bones. he's expected to recover. his son tweeted dad is okay. battered, but he is okay.
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he is every bit the man you would think he is. there are a lot of homes in the area and this could have been much worse. >> lucky. absolutely a pilot in anytime a human being is in an accident is a lucky individual. >> ford has been involved in two other crashes in the past. he's helped rescue a missing hiker and boy scout in two separate incidents in 2001. ntsb is expected back on the golf course later today. >> we hear he had a broken arm blood on his face. overall wharks do you think happened? some say his engine cut out and he was gliding? >> as you know, i'm a pilot as well and fly single engine airplanes. when you lose the engine, you are going to go through procedures. you are going to point toward the best place to land, then slow yourself to the best glide speed.
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you are basically going to trim the airplane to fly hands off. shut off your fuel, try to minimize the impact and restart the ent)á in this case, when i look at the video, looks as though he was in controlled flight when he came down. the only area that looked anywhere near safe to land near that airport was the golf course. it was there on the approach end. unfortunately, you can't move the trees. you are coming down. sounds like he hit a tree but in controlled flight. >> what does that mean, controlled flight? the engine was on or able to control where it was going? >> controlled flight means the plane is still flying. you can fly without an engine as long as you have air speed over sometimes, people get nervous and start trying to pull back and away from the ground. they get too slow, stall, pitch down and crash. looks like he did not do that. >> so calm when he made that
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call. >> experienced pilot. think museum. why are you flai flying a vintage plane? >> how cool is that. you drive vintage cars? >> a car is on the ground. >> good point. >> i think of getting hit by lightning. shocking appalling. a one-time experience. that is not the case with him. he's been in airplane crashes before. >> in 1999, he crashed a helicopter near the lake after practicing an emergency landing procedure. there, he was not injured as well. in 2000 he was rescuing a 13-year-old boy and woman in two incidents, he didn't take credit. he said i happened to have a helicopter, that's why i made the rescue. representatives said with this accident, he's ail to make a full recovery. we are thankful for that. he's an experienced pilot.
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you can hear it in his voice. you hear the calm cantor letting everybody know his situation. that is impressive, not how i would sound.ñi >> she can't fly a plane but can fly a shark. >> i have an update on the plane crash yesterday. the plane that skidded off the runway at new york's laguardia airport near the water. it's being investigated as we get the radio communications from the cockpit. listen. >> an aircraft off the runway. >> the airport isñi closed closed. we got a 3-4. >> they are trying to figure out what went wrong with the plane. moments before the flight from atlanta touched down, the runway had been plowed and two other planes landed with no problem. 132 people were on board safely
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evacuated sliding down the plane's wing. passengers praising the pilot's quick thinking. >> it didn't feel out of control. i felt the pilot was in control. job, a really good job. >> i'm grateful. i know there's a higher power that was holding the plane from doing whatever it could have done. i'm just grateful. >> no kidding. the crews removing the plane sent it to an empty hangar for further investigation. breaking overnight. another terror attack in israel. this happened months ago and now it is happening again. a palestinian man reportedly slamming his car into a group of pedestrians in jerusalem injuring six soldiers and one other person. the guy stumbled from the car then tried to stab people before he was shot by police. officials believe the attack was in palestinan officials voting to halt security operations with israel. this is close to a site in
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jerusalem where similar attacks were carried out last year. back here more winter storm. a mess from the south to northeast. in kentucky, a 20-mile back up strands drivers for more than 12 hours on a highway there. at one point, crews had to hand deliver water and sup ploois to the drivers stuck in their cars. the highway in louisville is back open this morning. then in dallas a mix of snow and ice. the roads, ice rinks, once again stranding drivers. catholics around the united states mourning the loss of cardial egan. he was rushed to a new york hospital. he served adds new york's archbishop for nine years. he is known for his compassion after the 9/11 attacks. he was 82 years old and those
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are your headlines. see you in a little bit. >> thank you heather. eight minutes after the hour. brand-new fuel for the hillary clinton e-mail fire. a memo from 2011 obtained by fox news, exclusively shows clinton told all employees not to use private e-mail. >> that memo warning them about punishment if they dead. we are live in washington with details on this. kevin, seems as though hillary clinton wasn't following her own rules. >> yes, the old do as i say, not what i do. that's what critics are saying about secretary of state, hillary clinton. it happened in june 2011 making it clear her staff was not supposed to conduct state department business by using personal e-mail. that was sent to her counselor and diplomatic staff. john kerry is coming to the defense of his predecessor
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saying the state department received a lot of volume of e-mail from hillary clinton. they are going over all of it as quickly as possible. >> to provide the department with the e-mails that span her time at the state department. after reviewing those e-mails, the department produced 300 responses to the requests from the committee. >> just a few of those 55,000 pages of e-mails and there's more to come on this. coming up in the next half hour or the next hour, i want to tell you about somebody else in 2012 who was actually canned, okay, resigned for using personal e-mail. did you hear about that? it's a big story. we are going to have more on that at 7:00. >> i never thought you would end your report with a quiz. >> a cliff hanger. >> we have to pay attention more. >> on our toes on a friday.
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thank you. >> it is unbelievable that one of her ambassadors, her own ambassadors was relieved from post using private e-mail. let's tell you what happened yesterday. e liz best, you brought us this. >> this young man, evan todd is a columbine school survivor from the awful incident that occur occurred. he was a football player. they got a ring one year after the event. he wanted to honor all the live that is were lost that day, but teammates who were killed. evan was shot. he was speaking, lost his ring the state championship ring, that meant the world to him. a veteran, a homeless veteran, bobby smith found it. he went through tough times, lost his wife and daughter. he was homeless. he needed the cash. we spoke with both of them yesterday.
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meeting for the first time on fox and friends. that vietnam veteran explains why he didn't take the cash he needed. >> to be completely truthful when offered it, i said to the gentleman, yes/no. he said what does that mean? i said yes, i would like to take the money, but no i can't. it's not the right thing to do. if it was my ring would want it back. simple choice. >> incredible.ñ- >> after that they took action. >> they sure did. they went forward. evan said hey, i want to help guys like bobby. he set up a gofundme page for him. his goal was $5,000 to give him a boost. when you stau amount of donations, almost reaching $100,000. we are $96,000 right now. over it. over $96,000 from you, viewers that saw this story. you opened your heart and
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wallets. this was bobby smith's reaction with us. >> it's amazing that people reach out to help me and other homeless vets. it shows hope. there's p lot of people that still have understanding. >> i said i wasn't going to cry. >> that was the show. you can see the whole interview online. >> a powerful force for charity. >> it sure was. now this. a disturbing trend, teens leaving america to join isis terrorists. before you think it wouldn't happen to me wait until you hear the appeal they are making. a man tries to walk from michigan to canada on the ice. we'll show you how that ends, even though it is winter.
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the fbi and department of homeland security are warning police across the country of the growing trend of american girls and boys trying to join the ranks of isis. this is after a 17-year-old was arrested in virginia. what is the appeal of isis for
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young people? we are going to break it down. thanks for joining us this morning. >> you are welcome. good morning. >> it is very hard to understand the appeal of isis, almost inexplicable, really. what is the profile of an american teen that would try to join a group like that? >> of course we can't think like they think. that's a good thing for all of us. back before 9/11 a few months before 9/11 attacks, the fbi completed a study on the domestic lone wolf-type terrorist. the results are surprising and shocking. we found that people who are attracted to these kind of groups and organizations struggled all their life to try to find a group identity, to try to make a societial connection. instance after instance, they have failed. you need to do nothing further than look back at the unabomber. he tried to be part of a group.
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he tried to have relationships and they never worked out. they always failed. he created his own group, the terrorist group. then he turned around, unleashed his 18 years of campaign against society. eric rudolph, he tried to make connections. hexç= tried to find sewocietal connections. he was the only party of the army of god, then unleashed his campaign. we are finding that to be a you can look at theçó more recent examples and see that's what's occurring. >> we are seeing cases of girls, teenage girls in the united states and western europe joining and attempting to join to become jihadi brides. really a stunning career path, i would say. where do they get this idea? where online? how are they being recruited? >> they are being recruited through social media.
3:20 am
what is glaring is it's a relatively new phenomena. when we were dealing in the '90s and early 2000s we could tell you most of all of them were going to be males. we can't say that anymore because of organizations like isis and al qaeda. what's interesting is these terrorist groups, these terrorist organizations who some may not think are sophisticated are ahead of us manipulating the social media and finding the true loner. >> it is stunning and scary as a parent. thanks for joining us for that embracing. >> you are welcome. why the recent rise in terrorism? we have a theory. we'll share it next. who is more narcissistic? men or women? >> did you ever think there's more to life than being really really, really ridiculously good looking? >> the verdict is in.
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back to headlines now. jane fonda, the actress who hang out with our enemies in vietnam, blame men. fonda is a long time activist for women's rights. she say as petri ar ki is under effect forcing men to act out. enemy's beware. lockheed martin testing out new equipment. watch what it did to this truck. yep, the shot was fired more
3:25 am
than a mile away. stopped in its tracks. the weapon could soon be on planes. just kidding ships and trucks. >> that was good. 24 minutes after the hour. who are the bigger narcissists, men or women? the verdict is in. >> do you ever think there's more to life than being really, really really, ridiculously good looking? >> grow your hair, nurture it then flaunt it. >> i have shown jeffrey here, we are watching history. >> i'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the eiffel tower out of bronze. >> it may come as no surprise but after studying nearly half a million people, 30 years researchers say guys are more into themselves than girls are into themselves. >> here to react is fox news
3:26 am
psychiatrist, dr. keith ablow. you fall into this category. they study three aspects. what do you have to say about this? they looked at leadership and authority. exhibition in a grandiose manner and entitlement. what does that mean? >> they looked at many studies over the course of a long period of time with almost half a million people. they say when they look at that and look at the conclusions of other folks and they are collecting their data and pooling it, they say men tend to be more entitled more aggressive. i don't know that's a surprise. i don't know that it means we are born that way or that somehow there's a pathology here which, you know, the author's tend to say this is a bad thing. over the last three decades, men have been relyied upon more than women.
3:27 am
you can argue whether it's good or not, as breadwinners and to lead things, to go out and conquer. it is natural to assume sure they may have puffed out their chests, competed more aggressively and feel entitled to the next promotion. i don't know if that's a bad thing. maybe the scales get balanced over time. it's okay. >> you say it's a pathology. isn't this biology? someone has to kill the master don. >> exactly. >> someone's got to -- the squirrel. >> frankly, unless we erase all gender differences, which i don't advise men who are more of themselves and out there and conquering, this is a mating advantage. to suggest to men, hey take a step back, don't puff out your chest so much, you may not get dates or the promotion and your family may go hungry. my conclusion is yes, we are
3:28 am
more nastrcissistic but don't take it as a bad thing. >> there's the headline. what i'm saying is narcissism isn't ñecessarily bad. i don't know, in the future, whether women will turn out to be just as narcissistic as men. the bottom line, unless it becomes pathologic, you don't have friendships this guy doesn't have talent, just ego, it's not a problem. >> as long as it's not the exclusion of normal every day life relationships it's not a bad thing? >> would anybody buy this tie? you have to have a little narcissism. >> good point. >> thank you doctor. >> you helped me in this segment. why. if you are mohamed ali and
3:29 am
can back it up it's okay to be narcissistic. >> dr. keith, thank you. see you next time. >> take care. up next heart breaking testimony from a father who lost his 8-year-old son in the boston bombing. what he said to his killer as they came face-to-face in court. how do you pass a candy bar in a fighter jet? learn from these navy pilots, straight ahead. fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts.
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it is rumored former maryland governor martin o mally may enter the race and compete hillary clinton. who is going to be known for
3:33 am
beating her for presidency. how would that ever happen? >> interesting. it's a real concern. by the way, what do you think? >> i don't think he's got a shot. i do think there's definitely space for someone to come out from the left and challenge hillary. no doubt about it. >> you think she's too moderate? >> i would be on the phone asking her what i could do to get her not to run. >> it's cold outside. maria good morning to you. >> good morning. we had the storm system yesterday roll through. the cold front ushered in colder air in the northeast, midwest and down to parts of the southeast. again, the eastern half of the country dealing with temperatures below average for this time of year. we picked up more than 20 inches of snow from the storm system, by the way, across parts of kentucky. a powerful system. it's out of here now. we are left with the cold.
3:34 am
here is a look at the numbers. it feels like 14 below zero in buffalo. in chicago, ten degrees below zero. you have to bundle up. the high temperatures are forecast to reach the 20s. again, below average as we head into the afternoon hours. very quiet picture early this morning across most of the nation. great day for travel. you can see the radar image is quiet. the system is offshore, off the east coast. the temperatures, over the next several mornings are going to be climbing. here is saturday morning. cold across a big part of the country. by monday morning, many people waking up with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we are headed in the right direction, temperatures gradually climbing over the next several days. back inside. >> yep i can't wait soon, to be sweating. i want to complain about the heat. thanks maria, appreciate it. no snow today. >> we are done with it.
3:35 am
>> it's over at the weather museum. do you have anything to say? >> good morning, i have other news. out of boston, heart breaking testimony from the father who lost his son in the boston marathon bombing. 8-year-old martin richard was one of three killed in the attack. his father, bill, telling a weeping courtroom how he looked down at his dying son and knew his little boy was not going to make it. the man who identified tamer lon to the fbi lost both legs in the blast. he l7já eyes with him. the remaining brother remains on trial that resumes on monday. a brand-new airport security breach. a woman tried to ram her car into the terminal. she told police she had a bomb
3:36 am
but no explosives were found. the fbi is now investigating what motivated her to crash her car there. the coast guard nice work here once again guys. making an accidental rescue on an icy great lake. a 25-year-old was spotted walking across frozen lake st. claire. the guy said he was out for a walk for more than a day. he was trying to get from detroit to toronto. he slept in a lighthouse one night, he says. he had 16 miles to go before he hit land in michigan when he was treated for hypothermia and rescued by the coast guard. this gives new meaning to eating on the f y a couple fighter jet pilots uses g-force to pass it around. the sweet treat floats, the other pilot snatches it up and waves it in celebration. you have to pass time somehow. those are your headlines.
3:37 am
>> what a snickers commercial that is. >> i hope they get money for it. >> the reeces people are upset. >> thank you so mu(r now from football to dancing to politics and more. it's been a full week on fox and friends. if you missed a moment, here is a recap for you. >> welcome everyone, so glad you are here. ♪ >> senator, always great to have you on the couch. >> governor rick perry, welcome. >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> if you do want to see a woman president, e-mail her. she has a personal e-mail. >> we don't have e-mail we give her telegraph. >> hundreds of thousands of online accounts get hacked. it happened to me. my phone blows up.
3:38 am
are you in the philippines? do you really need money? >> if i'm in the philippines stuck i need more than $200,000. >> do you know how to drive this thing? >> i do ç(gnot. >> don't grind the clutch. we don't want to have to pay for that car. we only have so much in the petty cash. >> were you surprised when he walked in. >> i had to do a double take. >> what are you thinking, man? >> she starts crying. i'm like what are you supposed to do. >> you have something up your sleeve today, don't you? >> what do you think of that? >> it was all right. >> joining us live with the help of his team, elizabeth and brian. >> going to get this score. >> touchdown. >> dancing it's hasselback
3:39 am
solo. it's a wide shot. >> we watch fox and friends all the time. >> i do. i watch it all the time thchlt is a really big deal to me. i'm super excited. >> we are going to try to put more dancing into the format. >> this is the 100th birt day of the navy reserve. >> correct, brian. >> andrew jackson, the beautiful head of hair on the $20 bill. >> looks good on there. >> that's before hair gel. >> it's a long time before we get the hasselbuck. >> pacting cash for food or returning a priceless possession. we are bringing them together with the man he helped. there's a twist. he set up a gofundme page for him? >> yeah, gofundme/championvet.
3:40 am
>> $35,000 in donations. unbelievable. >> it's climbing as we are speaking. >> that's when he left off the air yesterday. it was 36,000. now it's at -- >> close to $100,000. bobby smith is the veteran that gave back the ring to that columbine survivor. thanks to all of you who watched and opened up your hearts. still going now. >> never seen viewers like this. up next, putting a spin on march madness as we await new unemployment numbers. we t what you need to slam dunk your next job interview.ñ% we have seen it on tv. you might own one. did we get scammed by the makers of the snuggie? wait a second? ♪
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time now for news by the numbers. $8 million how much snuggie maker marketing owes because they deceived customers. they promised to buy one get one free deal but charged customers high processing and handling fees. we still love our snuggies, we just would like to get what we are told we would get. >> how much americans spent on pampering, feeding their pets in 2014. it's $3 billion from 2013.t- the most money is 22$22 billion spent on food.
3:45 am
325 feet is how tall a ne roller coaster is. it will be one of the tallest and fastest coasters ever, when it opens later this month. now, for something different. ñp>> enough roller coaster for me there. i'm afraid of them. a fox business alert weekly job numbers set to be released. if you are one of those looking for a job out there check this out. how to slam dunk your next interview march madness style. i love that. here to break it down, tom. thanks for being here. we are going to walk through the playbook of how to get a job secured. >> sports analogyies are overuses, but for looking for a job, they work. >> talk about the cinderella story. >> the first one is a cinderella story.÷- you have to realize sometimes you are the underdog. you may not have the experience hr told you or that's in the job
3:46 am
description. you have a shot. they have brought you in for an interview and advanced along the way. you have a chance to get it. you have a shot. be excited and positive about that. >> like you are going to go all the way. what if you make it to the final four? >> you are the final four. it means just what it says. it's more accurate from the job analogy. they say you are one of our finalists. you have to be excited and be proud that you got there. a lot of coaches in the nca final four they are viewed as the best ever. you don't have to always win to be viewed as great. you have to learn by getting to the finals, not winning. what are you going to do next. >> what about the separation factor when you are on the bubble. >> when you are on the bubble you have to realize and say you may not be that cinderella but what are you going to do to differentiate yourself? >> what do you do? >> basic things. bring a portfolio jt work that
3:47 am
you have done. what have you done? reemphasize what you have done in past job that is made you successful. realize what makeious valuable. >> how do you go about making the cut and moving on to be the champ? >> the cut is interesting. a lot of times people think i'll throw my resume out and see what happens. realize you may not make it. that's okay. if you keep sending your resume and why you are not making the cut, you have to do self-perspective and look inside. >> make changes. >> you have to. >> talk about being the champ. getting there doesn't mean ending there. >> no, you want the job. you want the money the sign-oñ bonus, you are the guy or girl if you are that person, you have to look the part dress the part, get references in order. make sure they are ready to be contacted. more importantly, know what to
3:48 am
do if you get the job. kick it into neutrjy >> no. if you get the job, realize what most people do is take their foot off the gas and say, you know what, i got the job. they want me because i'm an expert i' the field and relax. boom, you have to really hit it. be the first one. i don't care if you are the president or staff person. come in, first in, last to leave. first impressions last in everybody's mind. >> there's somebody in the final four who wants your spot. >> and if there was a real number two, an overtime finish they are thinking maybe we should have hired that guy. >> excellent. a great way to break it down. i'm going to take a look at this bracket. tom. >> great to be here. >> thank you for being here. a packed plane, moments from disaster after it skidded off the runway. take a look at this. stopping just before hitting water. thankfully. what would you do? would you know what to do?
3:49 am
a former united states air force pilot here with us with tips for you that could save your life. curt schillings teen daughter attacked online. does he have a message for cyber bullies. >> a lot of people say that's the internet or that's twitter. that's the real world. it's not twitter's fault. it's not facebook's fault. it's not the internet's fault, it's people's fault. >> a home run of a statement there. what he is doing to get justice for his daughter. bright eyed and bushy tailed at bedtime? if you can't sleep, find out what our favorite fox people do. i'm gretchen carlson. we are going to reveal them all at 2:00.
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3:52 am
3:53 am
a new flying. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> boarding our flight. >> exactly. >> we feel safe with you. because we got two on one side and three on the other. >> so i'm in first class, you're in coach. which has a better shot of making it? >> that's hard to say on an
3:54 am
airplane, because impact is usually not the problem anymore with the safety systems. we don't usually just go smacking into a mountain. impact is not the problem. it's smoke in case there is a fire which could there well be because we could puncture a tank. >> which is one of the concerns yesterday. when talking about laguardia, if on a plane, if we have these concerns in a situation like this can you walk us through what we should know in our minds for rescue and recovery? >> the first thing when you get on the airplane, count the number of seats between you and the emergency exit in front of you and behind you. you want to have two options. >> so you want to know why, because the plane goej out, you want to know exactly where you are on the plane? >> not just the lights. if there rj smoke you want to see, and you want to get out so you don't breathe that stuff long. >> so knowing where you are on the plane is important. don't worry about your snacks. >> when you sit down, count the number of rows between you and the exit ahead and behind you. then -- >> so you have that, whether
3:55 am
you're in the middle seat, side seat. first, on the impact, buckle your seatbelt. and cover like that. >> when the plane stops moving, wait and see what the flight attendants tell you. there could be fire on one side or the other. they may want to keep you from evacuating into the trouble. so after they tell you to evacuate, if you're on the aisle, you go up the aisle. keep your head down in this level. >> right. >> it could be hot up high. >> so don't get too low stay in between and get out. >> and count these seat backs until you get to your exit. >> which is what you had to do. also say don't take anything with you. >> don't take anything with you. don't take any baggage with you. because that gets in the way slows you down, slows everybody else down. >> so kevin, when bracing, show specifically what you do. >> you get this position here. of course the seats are so close together, you may not be able to do that. >> why would you put your head first and not your legs? >> your legs are -- if they fly
3:56 am
forward won't do much damage. but if your head hits something, you're vulnerable. >> if you happen to be in a bulkhead, do the same thing? >> yeah, do the same thing. you have more room to do that. and that would be the proper position. >> if you're in the middle seat, up the seats right? if you go the aisle, out and around. >> what if you're trapped in here, you go -- >> right up the middle. >> right across. >> climb. >> to the exit. >> as a captain, how important is it to know and listen to what the instructions are? >> it's important. but most people don't do it. >> you know what's amazing, they say there was very little @r(t&háhp &hc& screaming and panic, they braced themselves. so that shows, you got lucky with a good group of passengers. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> keep us safe in the future. >> and let's hope you don't have to use those tips. straight ahead he complained about his job on facebook and got thrown in jail. the outrageous story and how one
3:57 am
congressman is trying to help. and did you know that sledding has been banned in our nation's capital. wait until you hear the response to that. >> those are law-breakers. arrest them. i love life, whether i'm on the go, spending time with friends or with my favorite date. i take care of myself, and i like what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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good morning. today is friday march 5th. i'eáj ti hasselbeck. actor harrison ford at the controls as his vintage plane plunges into a golf course. >> engine failure. immediate return. >> brand-new details on the crash and the actor's condition. i'll continue to read on march 6. a fox news exclusive. new trouble for hillary clinton. a brand-new memo from the state department shows she was breaking her own rules. >> and remember the man who walks 21 miles to work each day? this morning it looks like someone has got him beat. this man walks 35 miles to work to support his wife and kids and joins us live in a fox news
4:01 am
exclusive. because mornings are vastly improved with friends. hi this is kristen chenoweth. this is "fox & friends." >> yes you are. outside time and space. like interstellar. which i still have not figured out. actor harrison ford survived a vintage crash. >> detailing the moment the star rlz he's in serious trouble. >> here now with breaking details about this older star with an older plane. >> yes an older star with an older plane. 72-year-old harrison ford has had his pilots license for decades. just had taken off from santa
4:02 am
monica when he made the call with the emergency. >> 5 3718 engine failure, immediate return. >> clear to land. >> going to 3. >> running 3, clear to land. >> last location? >> unit 3, didn't -- it looked like short of the runway. >> well ford never made it to the runway. video shows his plane going down on a golf course as he tried to get back to the field. >> the pilot reported a loss of engine power and was attempting to return runway. it appears that he clipped a -- the top of a tree and came to rest on the golf course. >> doctors who were playing on the course rushed to the crash site and were able to pull forwardford from the wreck. he is said to have a serious head wound and broken bones but is expected to recover. his son tweeted out, dad is okay battered but okay.
4:03 am
he is an incredibly strong man. ford has been involved in two other crashes. he's even helped rescue a missing hiker and boy scout in two separate incidents back in 2001. the ntsb is expected to be back at the golf course this morning. the plane will be removed later today, you guys. >> we're thankful everything is okay. he is said to make a full recovery. and when you see his son's tweet and the number of people with his support, supporting him, wishing him well online, he means a lot to a lot of people. you mean a lot to us. you're a fighter pilot. your expertise unmatched. when you see how this crash happened, what did you note, leah? >> i noted the plane looked like it was in controlled flighá as it came in to land which means he had probably done a good john going through emergency procedures. the first thing you do is point toward the best suitable place to land. he was trying to get back to the air field. and then you're going to start trimming the airplane to best glide speed so you don't stall
4:04 am
out. the worst thing that can happen, you panic and pull back and end up stalling the plane and crashing. it looked like he was in good control flight. >> is this 1950s or '40s technology? are you trying to fly a plane >> some of the best planes are the most rudimentary planes. stick in rudder skills. planes fly the same as back then. this is harrison ford's plane. i imagine he had it very well-maintained. >> it is remarkable the odds on every level. first ñanded on a golf course filled with doctors. almost unbelievable. but this is not his first crash. in 1999, he crashed a helicopter in a dry river bed near lake peru after practicing an emergency landing procedure. he wasn't injured then. the next year, he rescued a woman and 13-year-old boy in two separate incidents. have you ever met anybody who has been in more than one plane crash? >> yes absolutely.
4:05 am
yeah. i've been in two major emergencies myself in airplanes before. and so one person said he keeps flying. yeah, you've got to get back on that horse. and now he's an experienced crash pilot. >> he said he went through emergency crash landing beforehand. that had to play a strong role here. is that what you're indicating, the fact that the convoys we heard when calling into control. >> he did sound calm. >> he sure did. >> being able to calm yourself in those emergency situations you train to this. as a pilot, they intentionally pull back your power, you practice emergency landings, power off landings. but when you've been through an emergency, you know how to handle it. you've been through that experience. so somebody maybe able to handle better -- >> he's alone, had his tray table up i imagine. >> he says he loves flying good pilot from what it sounds like. >> started 55 years old, said he always wanted to do it and now doing it all of the time.
4:06 am
>> yeah. >> able to rescue people too, two of them. >> i want to fly with him now. >> i'll go flying with harrison ford. >> i won't. >> thank you for your insight. all right. i'm tossing to heather, because no one else will. reluctant to talk. we're in awe. i felt like i was overtossing okay, go ahead. >> thank you. i appreciate it. good morning, everybody. great to see you. okay. i've got an update to bring on that packed plane that skidded off a snowy runway at new york city's laguardia airport. stopped feet from the icy waters of the east river. it has been expected by the ntsb. this as we're now hearing the radio communications from the cockpit. listen. >> aircraft off the runway. >> the airport is closed. >> investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong.
4:07 am
saying just moments before that flight from atlanta touched down the runway, the runway actually plowed and two planes landed without any problems. 132 people were on board. they safely evacuated. they slid down the plane's wing 68 passengers praising the pilot's quick thinking. >> it didn't feel out of control. i felt the pilot was in control. so i think the pilot did a good job. really good job. >> i'm just grateful. i mean, i know there is a higher power that was holding the plane from doing whatever it could have done. so i'm just grateful now. >> crews working all night to move the damaged plane from the runway. it will be moved to an empty hangar for further investigation. breaking overnight. an all-too-familiar style terror attack in israel again. a palestinian man slammed his car no a group of pedestrians in jerusalem. and tried to stab people before he was shot and wounded by
4:08 am
police. officials believe that the attack was in response to palestinian officials voting to stop security cooperation with israel. late last year, a spate of similar attacks on civilians was carried out by palestinians. and returning to terror now. a scathing new report from the director of national intelligence shows 116 released gitmo gitmo prisoners have returned to fight against the united states. of those 23 are now back in custody and 25 are dead including some killed by u.s. air strikes. 68, though, still remain at large, including five who were released by president obama since 2008. let's talk about the weather now. dozens ignoring the capital's ban on sledding. arrest them, brian says. and they are hitting the hills in protest. lawmakers issuing the rule citing safety concerns and potential for property damage. capital police even showed up to break up that fun, but some
4:09 am
parents weren't going to get pushed around by the cops. listen. >> this is kind of a silly problem to have. we just want to go sledding. >> i understand, sir. this is safety capital traffic regulations. >> i understand thq regulations, but we're going to go through with sledding here. >> all right, sir. >> thank you very much. >> we're doing it. and what are you going to do about it? officers didn't make arrests for ignoring the ban. and i love the reporters with the cameras covering the big story. >> since 1876 -- >> my kids sledded in d.c. yesterday. i didn't know it was against the law. >> and they are in prison now. >> they are. >> rightly so. >> we'll get a call. now this. fresh fuel for the hillary clinton e-mail fire. an internal state department memo from 2011 obtained exclusively by fox news shows clinton told all employees not to use guess what, private e-mails. >> that memo even warned employees about punishments for
4:10 am
using private e-mails. live in washington with the latest on this story. kevin, what's going on? >> good morning. hillary clinton, the discriminate,secretary of state, warning do not use personal e-mail to conduct state department business. we know she did exactly what she told her team not to do. she not only used private e-mail, she had as rapidly as possible. >> a little do as i say and not
4:11 am
as i do. you probably also remember the story+++j7 department businesand everybody knows about general david petraeus sending sensitive material over private e-mail. a lot to dig into in the nation's capital. for now, back to you. >> good job, kevin. >> i've got to tell you about curt schilling but what he did for his daughter. his daughter got a scholarship, we believe, to regina university, so he tweeted out a congratulations to his daughter. and that's when everyone feasted with ugly obscene comments about his daughter and what would happen. but they didn't know who they were dealing with with curt schilling. because he looked up who they were and who they worked for and contacted them -- people they worked for teams they played for and created havoc. >> he put it on his blog post.
4:12 am
other people got involved to making these guys posting vial comments accountable. he gave them a shot to stop saying what they were saying. they didn't. he is set to pursue legal axel against them as well. this is him with sean hannity, talking about what he did and why he did it for his daughter. >> there are young ladies families who don't have the platform or voice i have or don't draw the attention i do when they talk who don't have their daughters because somebody they didn't know talked crash about them on the internet. and other cases, it's friends or people they go to school with. that's not okay. it's not twitter's fault it's not facebook's fault it's not the internet's fault. it's people's fault. >> and i hope he names those people and they become famous in the worst possible way. hiding behind the veil of anonymity does awful thing. >> sean mcdonald, fired, a deejay pulled off the air, adam
4:13 am
nagel. he went to their backgrounds and found everyone responsive. so what is your response do you think curt schilling is going over the top or doing great things for people being cyber bullied? >> great job as a dad. let us know, we'll read them. next up, an american who complained about his job on facebook but the company in the middle east he worked for put him in jail. the congressman trying to help joins us next. and the scandal over thin mints. the secrets workers are revealing from the assembly line making the cookies.
4:14 am
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florida congressman is trying to intervene on ryan pate's behalf and joins us from
4:18 am
washington. thanks for coming on this morning. >> good morning. >> so this american citizen has already spent ten days in jail in the uae, looking at another five years behind bars for slander. is the united states government -- i know you are. but is the executive branch intervening in any way to help this man? >> i'm pushing them hard to. i want to clarify something from your lead-in. and this is very important. the singular issue in this case is ryan engaged in this online behavior on u.s. soil when he was in florida. it was when he returned he was detained and imprisoned. i think that has a chilling effect on our constitutionally protected speech. >> so he's -- just to be clear, he's a contractor american citizen, working in the uae and he made some pretty tough comments about his employers and about the citizens of the uae. the government was fended, they don't recognize our first amendment and are putting him in jail. is there any way to save him? >> i hope so. and listen, the comments he made
4:19 am
were disrespectful. he has owned up to that. they were not threatening. they were made on the u.s. soil. so what i have asked is secretary kerry to have the state department intervene. not just attend, but intervene. i've also contacted withthe attorney general and asked they grant clemency to ryan and allow him to return home. i continue to work on this. i'm going to do so every day until his next trial date march 17th. >> this might be a perfect moment for the united states to make a stand, not just on behalf of its citizen and should, but on behalf of the freedom of speech, which is the one thing that separates us from the rest of the world. are you hopeful they will do that? >> i am. this is a terrifying prospect that a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil can engage in constitutionally protected activity, speech and fly overseas and be detained. imagine if the united states were to detain an emiraty for lawful behavior in their own country but we decided to detain them here. it's wrong. and it does have a chilling
4:20 am
effect. and it's scary. >> yeah. but are you hopeful that secretary kerry will make a public statement, the president of the united states will weigh in? >> i am hopeful. we remain in contact each day. we need to get ryan home. ryan and his family need our prayers. this is wrong what the uae has done. i hope they will reconsider. >> thanks for all you're doing. we'll continue to follow this story. >> thank you. parents are usually told to make your kids spend more time outdoors but it turns out the video games they're playing could be helping in class, say some. others laugh at the notion. and remember the man who walks 21 miles to work every day? this morning it looks like someone has got him beat. this guy walks 35 miles every day to support h and child and joins us live in a "fox & friends" exclusive coming up next.
4:21 am
4:22 am
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit video games could actually help your children do better in school. listen to this. we have a new study that finds the games help kids develop problem-solving skills but experts warn the games sometimes cause children to spend less time on homework which could hurt their education. and sitting for too long could hurt your heart. people who sit for more than five hours each day raise their risk of suffering a heart attack by 14%. researchers suggest by reducing sitting time by an hour to lower the risk. that's why i'm stand while reading. not too long ago, we
4:25 am
introduced to you james robertson, a man from detroit who walks 21 miles each day. this morning it looks like someone has him beat. this 61-year-old walks a stagger staggering 35 miles to work to support their wife rene and grandson steven. steve joins us now. thanks for being with us here on "fox & friends." is that true, 35 miles to work? >> approximately right. >> that is incredible. how long does that take you exactly, sir? >> oh, approximately, five and a half hours. but i don't really time it you know. i just sort of pace myself and keep on going. >> steve, we're seeing photos here of you walking. this sweet kiss of your wife rene. she suffered a stroke nine years ago, had a couple heart attacks. is that what motivates you to
4:26 am
make this walk, over five and a half hours, 35 miles on a road not safe, four lanes of thundering traffic? >> well, that's part of it. and then when you've got a job that depends on you being there. and you have got to pay your bills. that's a good motivation. i believe. >> you know, some people would say rather than walk all that way, because then when you get to work, you're on your feet all day. aside from your 15-minute break, that's a heck of a day, sir. a lot of people would say why not just take a haughty handout or do it at all? >> well that -- huh? >> what motivates you? >> like i say, i have got a family to support i've got a job that depends on me. and i depend on that job for my
4:27 am
paycheck. so that's my three motivations right there. >> do you wake up on some days and just think, i don't want to do this! >> oh sometimes. you know, it gets hard once in a while. but i know i've got to do it. to keep everything in my family on an even keel. >> well, you're a good man to do that. i know your wife she gets you a new pair of shoes when she can, every couple of months. you obviously need it trucking the miles there, and we know there have been other go fund me accounts. you have an accountability and dedication thyt's admirable despite tough times. if anyone wants to reach out for you, you can actually go to steve, incredible story. we love your trek and why you do it. >> well, i thank you very much.
4:28 am
>> incredible. be well, sir. and be safe. that's impressive. developing now, skiers stranded on a gondola after falling trees knocked it over. the latest on this rescue. it's startling. straight ahead. and they were told to come to school as their favorite literary character so this 11-year-old came as fifty shades of grey's christian grey. you'll hear from his mom. oh, yes, you will. nexium® 24hr. it's the purple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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♪ ♪ lay my head down ♪ ♪ and i'll never have to say goodbye ♪ that is pete a navy s.e.a.l., who served with chris
4:32 am
kyle who is a brilliant musician and that song is rocketing up the charts. has been recorded often on the requests of tia kyle. we put it out there and it's going through the roof. and i kind of screwed up the whole introduction, because he is a member of his band is actually friends with wynonna judd. and they are friends and she has mentored him and a good friend. and he said, well, wynonna, i owe a lot to wynonna. and i said winona ryder? and he said no. he said wynonna judd, and everybody laughed. watching at home was wynonna judd. and yesterday i got word that there were flowers downstairs for me. and this is from wynonna judd, and this is the note inside. >> i'll open it like a girl. >> look at that. tight shot on that?
4:33 am
it says thanks! wynonna judd, j-u-d-d. so you'll never make that mistake again. >> no you won't. >> do you think i insulted her? did the thanks mean she is angry? >> she is a nice person. >> how sweet right there. she spelled it out for you. >> the only problem it was c.o.d., so i had to pay for them. just kidding. i've never gotten flowers. i should not make the mistake. >> no. wynonna judd. good for her. >> look at that. funny sense of humor, too. and timely. and she was watching the whole time. >> winona ryder is deeply disappointed. >> and she's got great taste. gorgeous flowers. and a friend of the show. we &ove that. by the way proceeds from that song were actually going to the chris kyle foundation. >> yes frog foundation. chris frog. okay. meanwhile, 27 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has other news. >> good morning. other things going on. starting out in boston, where
4:34 am
there was some heart breaking testimony from a father who lost his son in the boston marathon bombing. as the man responsible for that sits only feet away from him. 8-year-old richard was one of three killed in the attack. his father, bill, telling a weeping courtroom about how he looked down at his dying son and knew he wasn't going to make it. also testifying was jeff bauman, identified tamerlan certify certify naive. his brother remains on trial. a scandañ over thin mints to tell you about this morning. the people who make those delicious girl scout cookies. they fear they will lose their jobs if they refuse to work weekend shifts and overtime. workers at the kentucky factory say the demand for the cookies have gone up, and claim they can't work past the eight-hour
4:35 am
shifts so they could be written up and eventually terminated as a result. a spokesperson for the company says they work hard to avoid overtime payments for employees. an incredible rescue caught on tape. nearly 200 skiers trapped in cable cars for hours above the mountains. they were plucked one by one from the sky. watch as this person drops there. this happened at a ski resort in northern italy. they were stuck mid-air after high winds knocked over a tree. that tree landed on the cable. everyone was safely evacuated. and luckily no one was hurt. but nerve-racking. and when you think of your favorite literary character is this guy from 50 shades offifty shades of grey at the top of your list? >> you wouldn't understand. >> well an 11-year-old in england dressed up as christian grey. you can see him there. from the movie "50fifty shades of
4:36 am
grey" in the book for world book kay at school. he brought an eye mask and cable ties. his mom was totally supportive of this. there she is there. she thinks her son is the man. but the school having none of that. the school banning him from book activities that day. the school saying dressing up like an erotica character highly inappropriate. people have opinions about this. >> i'm going to reclaim my jaw, which just dropped. >> it's unbelievable. >> right. so what are you saying about that? maria says why would an 11-year-old know who christian grey is? parents, good lord. >> prayers needed indeed. brian says, parents are to blame, not the child. conference with parents, suspension time next time. #badparenting. >> unbelievable. maybe some therapy later in life. >> bradley says, doesn't the
4:37 am
fifty shades character include a grown man who acts like a child? >> not very child-like, as far as i can tell. hard to get a point of view, because there might not be one. maria has the weather though. >> it is very cold. so let's get to it across parts of the midwest and into the northeast. you're looking at another day of arctic air. in the city of buffalo, currently feels like 14 degrees below zero. feels like 9 below in chicago. and as you head further south city of memphis, 9 degrees is what it feels like. as we walk out the door this morning. and those high temperatures are forecast to stay below average across the midwest and into the northeast. we're only looking at highs into the 20s today in new york city, cleveland and chicago. teens for you in caribou. across the west coast, warm, temperatures forecast to make it into the 80s this afternoon in l.a. and phoenix. but as far as the radar goes take a look at this picture here. very quiet.
4:38 am
that storm system has now exited the east coast, leaving behind quiet weather across most of the lower 48 and over the next several days we start to notice a bit of a warmup so warming trend by sunday morning. temperatures in the 30s. these are the low temperatures of the day, and that continues as we head into monday morning. not bad from seattle to atlanta. you're looking at temperatures that are a little better than they have been over the last couple weeks. >> thank you for that. now this. the former archbishop of new york dead at the age of 82. officials say he died of cardiac arrest right here in manhattan yesterday afternoon. >> as you know, he served as archbishop from 2000 to 2009 and remembered for his incredible leadership in the wake of the september 11th attacks. >> we need courage to deal with our pain. we need justice to deal with the evil-doers who have harmed us so fiercely. >> wow. fox's legal analyst peter johnson jr., was a
4:39 am
and joins us now. >> good morning. it's a great loss for us in new york, because the cardinal brought an element of spirituality and practicality we hadn't seen in catholic new york in a long time. he was the face of faith in the 21st century. hard to bring us back after 9/11. double catholic charities in new york reduced the deficit. he was a big oversized man with an oversized intellect and expert in canon law. and had a relationship with a lot of national leaders in the united states over the last 15 years. misunderstood in some ways. progressive in a lot of ways. was an opponent of the war in iraq. but also cracked down on the notion of abuse. and said to the priests and the archdiocese, there wasn't going to be internal investigations anymore. he would report folks directly
4:40 am
to the district attorney, which of course, he did. he was a friend and entrepreneurial guide for the johnson family, celebrated with cardinal dolan, my father's funeral mass, and i got to know him as a friend friend. he was a great symbol of catholicism in america in the 21 s century, and another great cardinal, cardinal dolan. >> what was he like personally? >> personally, he spoke at least four languages. he spoke latin. it's incredible to read latin, but he actually spoke and taught in latin. an expert in canon law the law of the church. he had a great relationship, close relationship, with pope john paul. after 9/11, he also forged a close relationship with pope francis. he wasto lead a bishops shortly after 9/11 but had to step back. who stepped into his place,
4:41 am
another new cardinal who became pope francis. so that was kind of an interesting turn. in some ways he had a controversial period here. he was not outgoing at first. but when you got to know him, tlchs a warmth about him, there was an incredible spiritual nature. he made a lot of hospital visits. a lot of pastoral visits. he exemplified christ in so many ways. of and he became a willing partner, really an assistant to cardinal dolan. we had two cardinals in this city until yesterday. like we have two popes really in rome. so a unique situation. he will be laid to rest in saint patrick's cathedral in the tomb below the alter that other aerlds cardinals had. and cardinal dolan joked about the fact when he introduced had i am to the spot where cardinal
4:42 am
dolan would lay by him when cardinal dolan goes to his eternal ward a long time from now. so it's a great loss for a lot of people. he was a tremendous force for good in this city. raised a lot of money did a lot of good and reformed the church in a lot of positive ways. real voice for faith in america at a time when faith is not really valued. we're sad today. >> thanks, peter. >> it's a loss. the way he wrapped his arms around the 9/11 families will not be forgotten. thank you. up next, big development for kurt busch. is he about to get back on the track after being banned indefinitely? then, the landmark decision to legalize pot in colorado. but it's all going up in smoke, perhaps. one of the many sheriffs trying to make that happen. if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't seen this commercial.
4:43 am
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you've got sheriffs from colorado, kansas nebraska challenging the law that makes marijuana legal for recreational use. they say they're torn between state and federal law, and if the federal law wins, it could close out all the pot jobs in colorado. sheriff justin smith is one of the men leading the case. sheriff, why does this mean so much to you? >> brian it's really a challenge of the rule of law, you know does our oath of office mean what it means. and it's the first time sheriffs have ever seen this where in colorado essentially to uphold the state constitution, we're at times required to violate federal law which makes us ineligible to hold office. >> that's an interesting posture. also, you are looking at the ramifications of this law, correct? >> you know it certainly has been difficult. there's a lot of citizens concerned. the roads. there is a lot more stoned drivers on the roads. our youth are using pot at
4:47 am
levels never seen before. small children are getting ahold of these edibles. obviously, they're made to look like candy and they're ending up in hospitals. and bad things all the way around there. but our concern legally is this constitutional. >> is it possibleconstitutional. you've got four states and d.c. who have been legalized for recreational pot. 23 states and d.c. have laws legalizing marijuana in some form whether it's medical marijuana, or for recreational use. i think the latest one to consider it is hawaii. so in the big picture, you would like to stop it in its tracks now regardless of your point of view because it doesn't match with the federal law. how do you tell someone that pot is illegal while the state says it is legal? >> well, you know the challenge we have has been established as a constitutional right in a state, which means, for instance, if a dispensary had their drugs stolen and they were -- and we found them, i would actually have to take my deputies and give marijuana
4:48 am
away which is a violation. so that's the big thing is colorado went so far that it put us in an untenable position. >> but you're just trying to get that tax revenue in. here's a quote from one of the pot groups, the weed groups. says this, quote if these sheriffs are unable to understand the interplay between state and federal laws, we need to find sheriffs who do. essentially, they want you to resign. >> you know and this is the kind of thing we've dealt with for years from mason and his folks brian. they haven't read the suit. they don't understand what's going on. the reality is, it's a very legitimate suit, and rather than address the issues, they're going to throw out things like this as red herrings and we're got falling for it. >> well, you legalize alcohol, you've got drunk drivers on the road, where is your outrage. your focus is always on what's the state federal law, if they don't match my job is impossible. >> absolutely. it's a rule of law issue. i can't ask my deputies to violate one federal law and
4:49 am
uphold the constitution otherwise. essentially what this does is puts an asterisk into our oath of office and into the constitution that creates an exception that as far as we can tell, is not legally there. >> are you trying to get other states involved or people coming to you? >> you know we really aren't trying to bring other people into it. we have the conversations with surrounding states and i have a lot of sympathy for the surrounding state sheriffs who because of the amount of colorado pot illegally coming into their state or having to choose whether they fix their cars and put new tires on them or prosecute crimes. and that's a very bad position for them. so i understand their concerns as well. >> justin smith taking it to the courts. sheriff thanks for telling me your side of the story. >> thank you, brian. >> by the way, we reached out to the colorado governor's office but have not heard back yet and that is justin smith. straight ahead, hugh jackman and vince vaughn go head-to-head at the box office, but whose new
4:50 am
movie is worth your money? first on this day in history 2000, lone star had the number one star in america. it was called "amaze." they would later come to our studio and play the same song. ♪ you can't predict the market. but at t. rowe price we've helped guide our clients through good times and bad. our experienced investment
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4:53 am
well the box office is back in action this
4:54 am
movies. break it down. >> "chappy" is going to be number one at the box office, directed by neil blomcamp, directed "district 9" a phenomenal film. his next movie wasn't as good as "district 9." chappy deals with a robotic police force that basically is patrolling crime and one of the robots is stolen, and they install a program and they basically make him have a consciousness and everything goes crazy from there. this film has positive and negative qualities. on the positive side, the technology is unbelievable. the actor who plays "chappy" is actually playing with all these scenes with the actors to performance capture. when they anymore film the movie, he's able to perform the scenes with the actors and they
4:55 am
digitally make the character after the movie -- done being filmed. same way they did "lord of rings". that was cool. performance wise huegh jackman is great. the problem is they misuse signifyourney weaver. and the plot and script and overall plot holds are very high. i thought it could use more emotional engagement. 3 out of 5. >> okay, great tips there. what about "unfinished business"? >> i think it's the second-best exotic marigold hotel. dench talks about the movies of the characters staying at the hotel together and i wanted to ask her, since she played m seven times, what if m could stay here. how would that go down. check it out. >> she would give them all assignments, i expect, and sit in her room and wait for them to
4:56 am
do them. >> do you think she would be friends with the people? >> no. she is sitting on the table for one in that restaurant. >> bond coming in for assignment. >> and ignoring him. >> i can officially say i've nerded out with judy dench. that was amazing to talk to her. that movie is better than the first best exotic marigold host. i gave it a three-and-a-half out of five. >> and unfinished business a one out of five. >> good to know. >> not good. not good at all. 0.5 out of 5. >> thanks kevin. >> bye, guys. still ahead a fox news exclusive on hillary clinton's e-mails. what a hacker just found. we'll tell you. plus geraldo the lawyer. big developments this morning for nascar's kurt busch. they could put him back on the track.
4:57 am
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good mj this is friday, march 6th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. harrison ford hospitalized this morning after crashing a plane into a golf course. this morning his call for help. >> 53178. engine failure. >> brand-new details on the actor's condition. >> and a fox news exclusive this morning. new trouble for hillary clinton. what a hacker just found in her e-mails. >> and nascar driver kurt busch suspended indefinitely after his ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse and shared her dramatic story exclusively on "fox & friends." you'll hear that sound bite. and now this morning a big development that could have busch back on the track as early as ñhis weekend. and by the way, may i add, mornings are better with friends? this is curt schilling, you're watching "fox & friends."
5:01 am
>> thank you for being here. >> i love curt schilling. now more than ever. >> i tell you what, i'm a boston girl. and i've been a fan before. but to stand up for your daughter the way he did is a message for parents across the nation in & cyber bullyiesbullies. first now though, we begin with a fox news alert. battered but okay. actor harrison ford crashes his vintage plane on a golf course and this morning is in the hospital, recovering from those injuries. >> dramatic calls to air traffic control detailing the moment the star realizes he's in serious trouble. >> this ain't no movie. leah gabriel is a ñilot herself, knows what it's like. tell me the details. >> well, brian, 72-year-old harrison ford had just taken off from an airport in santa monica when he made that call for an emergency. he was saying he was having some engine trouble. listen. >> 53178 engine failure immediate return. >> 53178 clear to land. >> i'll go to 3.
5:02 am
>> running three, clear to land. >> did you see the last location? >> unit 3 didn't. it looked like it was short of the runway. >> well, ford never made it to the runway. he crashed on to a neighboring golf course. video shows the plane as it starts to go down. witnesses say it hit atria long the way. doctors playing on the course rushed and pulled ford out. he cut his head and reportedly has some broken bones. but he is expected to recover. his son tweeting dad is okay. battered, but okay. he is every bit the man you would think he is. he's an incredibly strong man. investigators now commending ford for bringing the plane down where he did. saying there are a lot of homes in the area and this could have been much worse. >> was this pilot lucky. absolutely, a pilot in any time a human being is involved in an accident is a lucky individual. >> ford has been involved in two other crashes in the past. he's also helped rescue a missing hiker and a boy scout in
5:03 am
two separate incidents in 2001. the ntsb expected back at the golf course this morning. the plane will be removed later today, and tucker elizabeth and brian, in the words of the great han solo fly casual. >> that's true. one might be fictional, i'm not sure. now it's time to bring in geraldo rivera. venice beach, golf course, harrison ford and the plane, vintage plane. what a scenario. >> i've known harrison ford since the 1980s. very competent, macho adventurers, knows what he's doing, involved in rescues and helicopters and all kinds of emergencies. i remember diving with him once, 1983 or so -- no 1985. bell he's. he was doing mosquito coast. i thought we were going to do a casual scuba diving adventure. he's got a spear gun and that look. indiana jones, hunting for predators. he's a real adventurer.
5:04 am
>> i was available that weekend. >> how many people get close to harrison ford. i have a harpoon. what kind of life do you live? >> once he hit the golf course. >> i was telling you it was the first question do you have insurance. something between us. i didn't plan on saying it on the show. >> just got added. >> here's the thing. why two very successful famous people push themselves. hop in a balloon and go around the world. you sail around the world. he's flying in a 1950s plane. what is it with you people? >> i knew john denver, one of the most popular entertainers, also loved flying and was in experimental aircraft very often. and what happened in john denver's case, the plane gave out on him, he crashed in northern california and died. it was a tragedy. you know, these -- there is -- the thing about movies usually don't die. harrison ford had an injury on
5:05 am
the set of "stallworth 7." but usually that doesn't happen. a lot of these people get the adrenaline rush a lot of us get the rush. you really have to okay, how do you top yourself what can i do now? how can i expand the boundary, what can i do to test my competence in emergencies. you know, it is the fuel of life. and what is interesting about harrison ford i think, is that at the age of 72, he's not meaningfully different than he was back in the day when i hung out in central america 30 years ago. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and the way he took the plane down without hitting anybody else. >> calm. >> you know really quite extraordinary. we all look forward to "stallworth 7." >> i'm going to shift gears. he's not going to face charges in the domestic abuse case, suspended before the daytona 500. will nascar allow him to race? how does he move forward? >> to set this up, there is an
5:06 am
order of protection because the judge believed she was attacked. marks on her neck. the attack happened. but the prosecution won't. >> the complaint that patricia driscoll filed is quite stunning. she is not a groupie. they had a relationship. he called her son his stepson. she came to the trailer she was concerned about his bad performance at a race. he according to patricia driscoll, grabs her, shakes up her face. this is really -- >> she was with us and she described the whole incident. listen. >> to go into that motor home that night and i was there only ten minutes you know just to have him eventually just saying crazy things that he was saying. and then for him to pop up out of bed and grab me by the throat and smash my head into the wall
5:07 am
three times. and my son is in the front. i just -- i don't understand why he snapped like that. >> that's just -- >> i don't understand why they decided not to prosecute. maybe he could win at trial. but clearly, this is a -- this is a cooperating witness. usually, as in ray rice, you have a witness who does not cooperate in domestic violence. you know how it goes. the man convinces the woman come on, i'm sorry. don't press charges. she pressed charges. the delaware prosecutor decided not to prosecute him. they said they couldn't prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. but clearly there was a preponderance of evidence. they should have allowed this to go to trial. >> okay. you're a lawyer. and i have no idea what happened. i'm appalled by that video. we don't take away a man's livelihood if he's not convicted. isn't that a basic preseptember of american justice? >> when you are a player in the nfl, tucker and you're right. or a driver in nascar. those organizations, you submit
5:08 am
to their rules and regulations. one of their rules and regulations -- this is outside of the criminal courts. is that you cannot perpetrate domestic violence. if do you, if you are found guilty, you're out. if not found guilty, there is preponderance of evidence, you have to go through a program of rehabilitation. you have to prove to us that you are worthy. because there is a character issue that goes with their right they have -- >> i get it. but if the prosecutor is not pressing charges then he had a presumption of innocence. >> well, in the criminal courts, you're absolutely right. she could still sue him civilly, and nascar has the right to impose its rules to ensure that its participants do not perpetrate domestic violence. >> this morning, curt busch has a statement here. we have here, as i have said from the beginning, i did not commit domestic abuse. i look forward to being back in racing as soon as possible and moving on with my life. >> so -- >> now nascar -- your move, nascar. >> it's now -- it's his ability
5:09 am
to comply with their rules and regulations. and convince the regulators the people who administer nascar, that he is worthy to drive. it's more involved than the fact that he's not being prosecuted criminally. >> sponsors, as well, probably. >> the sponsorship is another issue. >> always great to see you. >> you too. >> if you see harrison ford, please say hi. breaking news to bring you out of michigan. it is a fox news alert. a federal judge is recovering this morning after he was shot during an attempted robbery outside his home in detroit. police say the two men approached judge terrence berg while he was taking out the trash at his home. they tried to force him inside the house. but judge berg fought back. during the struggle, the gun went off and hit berg in the leg. the two men managed to escape. police are trying to find them. new trouble for hillary
5:10 am
clinton this morning. that e-mail scandal is growing. as an internal state department cable spout from 2011 obtained exclusively by fox news reveals that the then secretary of state told all of her employees to never use personal e-mail addresses. this, of course, coming while clinton was using her very own private account to conduct official government business. the memo saying that personal accounts were not secure enough, and also warrant for punishments against those who use personal e-mail addresses. this morning, that packed plane that skiddeded off a snowy runway in new york city's laguardia airport is now being examined by the ntsb. investigators now trying to figure out what went wrong. saying just moments before the flight touched down from atlanta, that runway was plowed, and that two other planes had landed without any problems. 132 people were on board. they evacuated safely. they praised the pilot's quick thinking. >> it didn't feel out of control. i felt he was a -- the pilot was
5:11 am
in control. so i think the pilot did a good job. really good job. >> i'm just grateful. i know there is a higher power that was holding the plane from doing whatever it could have done. so i'm just gratel of right now. >> crews working through the night to move the damaged plane from the runway. it's going to an empty hangar where they will continue investigation. some pictures now and incredible pictures at this. not only are bald eagles and that's what you can see right there, a symbol of our great nation they're also great parents. even with the snow piling high in the nest, the eagle continues to sit on a pair of eggs beneath her. the photos coming in a live camera set up by the pennsylvania game commission. you can barely see the eagle's head there. you see the beak? this one is from just a few minutes ago. you can see the snow finally stopped. but that mama good to her babies. not much will get us away from the kids right? and those are your headlines.
5:12 am
>> and the nests are huge. like this big. >> you can sleep in one. if i'm an eagle, i would much rather make a snow fort than a stick fort. it takes forever. you want an eagle if you're an eagle. that's kind of -- that's a rule. >> yeah but i think it's much easier to build an igloo than a branch nest. >> speaking as an eagle, yeah. a boston college eagle. we take care of our nests. >> all right. next up you want to pray to god? you need the government's permission and license. we'll tell you about the crackdown on churches. and hillary says pick me for president because i'm a woman. >> don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> but can she play that card all the way to the white house? we are putting that comment to the dial test, for you, next.
5:13 am
in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which
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from hillary clinton's e-mail controversy to benjamin netanyahu, making headlines this week. what do the american people
5:17 am
think? we're here doing some dial work behind the scenes to find out the reaction when people saw everything. welcome, lee. >> thank you so much. >> the big news, the prime minister comes to congress to make his speech. let's listen to a little of it. >> ladies and gentlemen, i've come here today to tell you, we don't have to bet the security of the world on the hope that iran will change for the better. we don't have to gamble with our future and with our children's future. we can insist that restrictions on iran's nuclear program not be lifted for as long as iran continues its aggression in the region and in the world. >> wow. your grade? >> the grade was an a-minus. parts of did really well. parts were a little slow. nothing was negative. a lot was positive. what he did here, he was very forward-thinking. he was optimistic. he proposed a solution and
5:18 am
people really responded to him. >> listen to this. look at the democratic line above the republican line the whole time. >> yes. it was pretty amazing. >> so the liberals liked it too. all right. let's go to something else that happened this week. the former first lady former secretary of state, and senator from new york spoke in front of emily's list, and made this statement. >> don't you want to see more women running for mayor and governor, who will put our families first? don't you want to see more women running for congress, who will follow in the footsteps of barbara mikulski and champion equal pay and equal opportunity? and i suppose it's only fair to say, don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> the grade. >> the grade -- >> b-minus. look, overall, republicans obviously went down.
5:19 am
democrats love what she had to say. basically this is one of those kinds of messages motherhood apple pie. of course we want women to be doing more things on both sides of the aisle. but republicans said now they're really having trouble trusting her. everything she is doing seems very self-serving very calculated. so they're saying what are you telling me. there is nothing new here. i want to hear something fresh if you're going to make a run at this, do something different. >> you're the dial professional, but the republicans' numbers low, i think it might be more indicative of hillary than women. but the person saying it is very polarizing. >> yeah, absolutely. especially right now. people are really having a hard time trusting her. >> right. i guess so. now probably next week. meanwhile, sometime for the state department to answer hillary clinton. marie harf how did she do? >> there was no prediction on using a nonstate account for business, as long as it's preserved. we reached out to all of the former secretary of state to ask
5:20 am
very shortly after we sent the letter. the 55,000 pages covered her time, the breadth of her time at the state department. secretary kerry is the first secretary of state to rely primarily on accounts. so what the secretary did was no means unusual. >> you need a miner's cap to dig deep enough. it got a d. >> this one is absolutely horrible. this is one of those cases of facts don't set you free. 55,000 pages. what does that mean? is that all of them, some of them, was shq calculated in what she did? who cares that kerry you know, didn't have it either. what we really want to know, are americans safe. she seems so calculated, just didn't work. >> lee carter you worked, and we appreciate that. big week in news, and we have got the three best headlines. thank you. coming up straight ahead a pop quiz. which is more dangerous, coffee
5:21 am
or a chest x-ray. surprising results from our risk analyst, john stossel. and john stossel looks the same as he did last week.
5:22 am
5:23 am
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5:24 am
some quick headlines for you now. jane fonda who hung out with our enemies in vietnam has a theory on the recent rise of terrorism. blame men. in an interview, fonda says that patriarchy is under attack, forcing men to lash out. enemies beware. lockheed martin showed off their new laser weapon. the shot was fired from more than a mile away. but still stopped the truck right in its tracks. and this gives new meaning to eating on the fly. a couple fighter jet pilots used the g-force to pass around a
5:25 am
snickers bar while traveling at supersonic speeds. and i bet they were satisfied. that's what they say with b that bar. >> elisabeth hasselbeck. in the movie "along came poly," ben stiller plays a guy who makes life decisions based on their statistical risk. >> don't eat mixed nuts at a bar. everybody knows that. >> what are you talking about? >> okay. let's say conservatively, i don't know 17 people eat these nuts on a given night. if they've been here for even two weeks we're talking about 238 people. people wonder why they get e-coli poisoning when all they have to do is look at the local snack bowl. >> john stossel says if we really went by the numbers, we would probably be less scared of things than we are. >> he isjoins us now to take away some of our fears.
5:26 am
>> i hope so. because we are just scared of too much. food poisoning is probably one of those things. look, we're so afraid of terrorism. but 5,000 people drown every year. i'm sorry, 5,000 die crossing the street. 4,000 people drown. 3,000 people were killed in 9/11. it's been more than ten years. 2,000 die in house fires. two years ago, when this comparison was made 19 in terror attacks. it's logical to be more fearel of terror. but. >> of course. as recent we have seen 21 christians beheaded. people burned alive. >> in america, you're much more likely to be killed crossing the street. >> well, right. >> that's my family history, actually. >> a little fear for both situations. but you're going to quiz us. you say and talk about, things are more dangerous than others. >> you can play along at home. which is more likely to kill you? being kicked by a horse or being in a commercial plane crash? >> gosh, recent news.
5:27 am
>> i would say -- >> i'm going to go -- >> 100 americans are kicked by horses. >> really? >> really? >> i came close. >> no one dies -- almost no one crashes. >> in new york. >> not anymore. >> when is the last time you rode a horse? >> it's a big country. which is -- drinking two cups of coffee a day or having a chest x-ray. >> which is less healthy? >> we just heard that drinking coffee could be kind of good for you. >> right. >> the chest x-ray is according to this research, takes 11 minutes. the radiation off your life. coffee may be good for you. 11 minutes is nothing. and the radiation is very slow. another radiation one. walking through an airport scanner or eating a handful of brazil nuts. >> what is riskier?
5:28 am
i would say -- unwinding for us on friday night now, right? >> that's tonight. in case you're not aware. >> 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> wow. >> we will find you there. >> i'm sticking to cashews. thank you for that. >> it's a tiny risk. >> okay. >> small, but it's there. >> thanks john. and you get a prize for the only ones to wear jeans on the set. >> geraldo didn't? >> see you, guys. up next, caught on camera. slipping and sliding. a car driving down an icy street loses control completely and hits a woman. when are we warming up? we'll tell you, coming up. and curt schilling's teen
5:29 am
daughter attacked online. he has a message for the cyber bullies. we'll play it for you, next. if you can't sleep find out what our fox folks do to catch some zs. we're going to reveal them all on the real stories today at 2:00. fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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. . . . . .
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5:32 am
i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and it was a real easy switch to make. we're back with an extreme weather alert. winter storms making a mess across the nation from the south all the way to the northeast. caught on camera in rhode island, my hometown. a car driving down icy hill, loses control. take a look at that. hits several parked cars and
5:33 am
knocks an 18-year-old girl right to the ground. thankfully, she wasn't seriously hurt. but this is serious stuff. oh, my. >> all right. in continue kentucky a backup before a highway was opened up. way too many trucks. didn't look like that much snow. >> now the whole nation, especially the eastern part in a deep freeze. we check in for the latest. maria, good morning. >> crazy weather. you mentioned kentucky. parts of that state picked up record snowfall, up to 23 inches in some areas. so really a powerful storm system that moved through the eastern united states. and now that system isof here. behind it we have some very cold temperatures and the wind not making things much better either. take a look at what it feels like as we head out the door in the city of buffalo. feels like 12 below zero. feels like 9 below zero in chicago. and as we head farther south raleigh, north carolina, and memphis, both cities looking at current wind chill temperatures
5:34 am
in the teens. and high temperatures are also going to be on the cold side below average. chicago, cleveland, new york city, you're looking at those highs only into the 20s as we head into the afternoon. the west, very mild temperatures, into the 80s across southern california and arizona. taking a look at the radar, you can see not much weather going on. look at the storm, out of here, behind it, quiet weather across most of the lower 48, and temperatures are going to get better over the next few days. here is a look at saturday morning, still cold across most of the country. but they start to improve as we get into sunday morning and also by monday morning, you're looking at temperatures lows only in the 30s. new york city, louisville and kansas city. that's going to feel pretty nice compared to what we have had the last couple weeks. back inside. >> maria, thank you for that. i'm hoping for warm temperatures next week. we have another fox news alert for you now. the labor department rñleasing its monthly jobs report. just moments ago. we're joined live from the new york stock exchange with what we need to know.
5:35 am
>> good morning elisabeth brian, and tucker. we're looking at 295,000 jobs created. that was better than the estimate of 240,000. the unemployment rate falls to 5.5%. from 5.6 -- the estimates were for 5.6%. so this number overall seems pretty good. seems to be in -- we have seen the job creation numbers at a nice, fast clip, the fastest since 1999. what i'm really trying to keep in hourly wage growth. that's would we need for america, is the wage growth. we saw it in last month's report of 0.5%, and that would, in turn, be moving event. okay. so hourly wages rose 0.1% in february. that was below the 0.2% growth. hourly wages is what's keechlt zi &háhp &hc% you want to see americans having wage growth. that, in turn, could be obviously correlation to the fed and janet yellen. when will they raise rates, june, september, next year?
5:36 am
if you're not seeing wage growth, you're not likely to see raising rates sooner than later. that is the overall move we're seeing now and they're being very patient at the fed. the movers we're going to see today, the winners foot locker. on the down side, lululemon downgraded at goldman sachs. that's what we see, guys. back to you guys. >> all right. so -- >> lululemon is still big in my house. i'll tell you that. big. >> mine too. i love them. i don't own the stock. i'll be honest. but i do love the pants. >> we're doing our part. >> a lot of women do. thanks, nicole. we don't want to miss you. to find in your area, go to now what's happening -- until she says it, i don't believe it. >> great to see you. news to bring out of boston and a case we've been following so closely. i knew he wasn't going to make it. those are the heartbreaking words from the father of an 8-year-old whose son was killed
5:37 am
in their horrific boston bombing. martin richard was the youngest killed in that attack. his father, bill, telling a weeping crowd in the courtroom how he looked down at his son and knew there was no chance of survival. also testifying was jeff bauman who identified tamerlan tsarnaev to investigators. he lost both legs and says he locked eyes before the explosion. the surviving brother, dzhokhar, remains on trial that resumes on monday. an accidental rescue on one of michigan's icy lakes. the coast guard spotting a 25-year-old walking across lake st. clair. they stopped their patrol to find out what was going on what on earth that guy was doing on the ice. the guy said he had been walking for more than a day. he was trying to make it from detroit to canada. he claims he slept in a light house one night. he was found 16 miles from the nearest shore. that is when crews rescued him and treated him for hypothermia.
5:38 am
is the government now requiring a license to pray? churches in south florida say they are being forced to apply for a business license in order to operate. one local government is even sending undercover inspectors to check out those licenses. no license, and the church could get a written citation. we'll keep you posted on developments. and do blondes have more fun? it's a question we ask all of the time. look at kim kardashian. she went from brunette to blonde. what a difference that is and apparently a trend growing in salons nationwide by but a lot of folks are comparing her to the guy from "lord of the rings," and then also lucius from "harry potter." also from "labyrinth" and even big bird. what do you think of that? those are your headlines. and david bowie. i forgot what movie that was. but yeah.
5:39 am
anything kim does, i'm interested in so keep it coming. >> i still have no idea who she is, and don't tell me because i don't want to know. >> don't worry about it. >> plausible denial. >> you don't know who they are. >> i don't. >> let's talk about curt chicago. curt schilling. really made headlines over the last few days because he has come out against cyber bullying. why? he happened to tweet something out positive, because he was pleased his daughter got a scholarship or place on the next year. he wrote, congrats to gabby schilling who will pitch. everyone started getting online and responding. a lot of it vulgar, things you would never, ever want to repeat on the air or repeat in your kitchen table. >> he actually posted on his blog the location. he is set to pursue legal action against those who are making those vial comments online against his daughter. he spoke with sean hannity, and
5:40 am
he explained why. this is people's fault. not twitter's fault not facebook's fault. watch. >> there are young ladies there are families, who don't have the platform or the voice that i have or don't draw the attention that i do when they talk who don't have their daughters because somebody that they didn't know talked trash about them on the internet. and in other cases, it's friends or people they go to school with. that's -- that's not okay. it's not twitter's fault, it's not facebook's fault. it's not the internet's fault. it's people's fault. >> he's tracked down nine of those people already, and called their workplace, parents. >> by name and outed them. >> this guy, sean mcdonald, fired as a part time yankee ticket taker. adam nagel. he even gave them a chance to recant what they said. most didn't. >> good for him. >> gave them a couple strikes but not taking it on the third. and those perpetrators, the ones alleged to have been putting out
5:41 am
these vile remarks are out of a job and school and are in big trouble. >> love that. kay writes on facebook, this man is spot on. good for him. let him be an example to more people to speak out. >> and vicki saying, finally a parent with a voice to stand up for all children, not just his own. when did bullying get so out of hand. >> john on facebook wrote while i do not condone what was said about his daughter, why the need to post about her on social media. keep your private life private and then you do not have to worry about those incident trolls. however, do you ever walk around -- say you're proud of your son daughter, niece, nephew, is there anything wrong with saying that to people or making -- i have no problem with it. >> what he posted was benign, congratulatory to his daughter. no matter what you do you should be able to feel you can congratulate your kids and feel free to defend them as dads. you have to think you would do the same thing in a way, right? do what you can to protect your kids? >> i would do more than that. yes i agree. i love the fact he called them
5:42 am
out by name. these people exist because they're under the cover of anonymity and broke that cover. good for him. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. >> coming up, a fox news exclusive on hillary clinton's e-mail. what a hacker just found. we are live in washington with those details for you. and you have seen it on tv. you might have even bought one for yourself. there is me on radio being caught by surprise with my snuggy. didn't we get scammed by the makers of the snuggy? we'll reveal.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't seen this commercial. book now and save during the spring break sale at get your calculator. time for news by the numbers. first $8 million. that's how much snuggy
5:46 am
manufacturer now owes to settle charges to deceived customers. the ads seen promised to buy e, get one free deals. but charge customers high processing and handling fees and the math didn't work out. >> scam. >> there he is. there is someone who fell for it. next up, 51. that's how many times "time" magazine has put a member of the bush family on its cover. jeb bush in the middle alongside two former presidents, father and brother. in other news, "time" magazine still exists. and finally, $58 billion. how much americans spend on pampering and feeding and protecting their pets. that's nearly $3 billion more than 2013. the most money $22 billion went toward dog food. >> you try telling your dog how good they have it they act like they don't understand. new trouble for hillary clinton. a brand-new memo obtained exclusively by fox news shows she was breaking her own rules. >> that memo from 2011 banning
5:47 am
all employees from using personal accounts for government business. >> kevin corke is live in washington with fresh fuel for this story. he has the latest. kevin? >> reporter: you're right, guys. back in june 2011, a memo in which hillary clinton told her staff, do not use personal e-mail to conduct state department business. of course we all know now that was a case as do as i say, not as i do. she was not only using personal e-mail, worse, on a private server. which means she could do it without any federal oversight or any federal protection, and that's a very important part of this story. as for the current secretary of state, john kerry, about the 55,000 pages of e-mails his department has received. he says they're working through them as quickly as possible. >> hillary clinton provided the department with the e-mails that span her time at the state department. and after reviewing those e-mails, the department produced about 300 responsive to the
5:48 am
requests from the select committee. >> and guys, as the investigation continues, we're learning now a lot more about the private e-mail. in fact, she we believe, used several different e-mail addresses during her time at the state department. a very interesting story. we're going to get a lot more about this as it continues. for now, back to you. and by the way, for all of you guys have a great weekend. >> you too, kevin. seemed like a fair prediction. we will be hearing more about it. a fox news alert for you. terrifying moments for actor harrison ford after his plane crashed just moments after takeoff from malibu. live with breaking details on his condition, coming up. first i have one goal to check in with bill hammer to find out what's on his show. >> big, big show. morning to all three of you. have a great weekend. a plane screeching to a halt feet from plunging into ice-cold water. what went wrong there. and more on harrison ford's condition. isis demolishing an ancient city as iran warms to the idea
5:49 am
of a one-year halt in nuclear activity. we'll break that down for you, and a record cold for so many. end this thing already, will you? we'll see you at the top of the hour here in "america's news room."
5:50 am
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side effects may include allergic reactions injection site pain, eyelid drooping and swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. we're tracking a fox news alert for you. harrison ford's small plane still sitting on a golf course in california after crashing just minutes after takeoff. >> and while ford remains in the hospital with some pretty serious injuries, police are now guarding his plane. we're live at the golf course in venice, california, with the new details. is it true there are fans out there trying to take souvenirs from the site of the crash? >> reporter: well, just in case they thought of it, the lapd was thinking ahead of them. good morning everybody.
5:53 am
from los angeles. this is the pen mar golf course, where harrison ford crash-landed his vintage airplane. there you see it exactly where he left it at 2:25 yesterday afternoon. now let me show you what the los angeles police department is doing to protect the plane. to the left of the plane and to the right of the plane. and it is a little dark to see. the lapd is here. it's only 5:50 in the morning here, so the sun is just starting to come up. you can see los angeles police officers, there are four of them, actually guarding the plane, just in case. all morning long we have seen fans come to take pictures. we don't know if they were planning to scale the fence. the fence isn't that tall about eight feet, and pretty scaleable. we don't know if they were thinking about scaling the fence and grabbing a piece of the plane to take home with them. if they were the lapd had other plans. so it's being well-guarded here. yesterday harrison ford's son,
5:54 am
tweeted out from the hospital his father was doing really well. that made his fans feel really good. tweeting at the hospital, dad is okay battered, but okay. he is every bit the man you would think he is. he is an incredibly strong man. and that's the latest from los angeles. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks for the update. >> so bleeding from the head, able to be conscience leave under his own power, broken arm. >> pretty tough. brian received beautiful flowers, and this note from country superstar wynonna judd. but he's the one who should be apologizing. we've got a story only brian can tell. it's embarrassing yet inspiring.
5:55 am
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sledders hitting capitol hill during theñsnowstorm yesterday. sledding is banned there. policeútried to break up the fun. parents weren't going for it. >> this is -- a problem to have. we jusñ want to go sledding. >> i understand. this is safety traffic regulations.% >> i understand the regulations. but we're going to go do sledding here. >> okay sir. >> thank you very much. freedom. >> it was nice. >> i love it. sled on. a neighbor told to come to school as their favorite literary character. this 11-year-old came as fifty shades of grey christian grey. his mom defending him. many of you sharing your thoughts, saying how does he know about it. shame on the parents. the boy doesn't know any better. mario saying kids misinterpret the assignment, showing a lack of character. and finally this happene" this week one of many mistakes,
5:59 am
a big one. a navy s.e.a.l. a great singer just huge, rocking up thq charts. he does great work with wynonna judd. but i got my wynonnas mixed up. >> she asked you to do this song. >> she did. we were on the tour bus and she listened to it, and we got very emotional and she said would you record that. and so i went and asked wynonna. >> winona ryder. >> wynonna judd. don't make that mistake. >> wynonna judd was actually watching. she sent me these flowers, and that note you're about to see. that essentially says, "thanks." so i insulted her. and i gave rider a big lift. i'm going to leave these. >> whoa. >> i apologize. >> the week is over. but the weekend show here tomorrow. tweet your way to a better hotel stay. we'll ñell you how. >> and a whole lot more.
6:00 am
log into "fox & friends" after the show. >> we'll see you in a few more hours. >> enjoy. bye, everyone. >> whatever you do this weekend be yourself. this had the country's attention last night. welcome to friday here in america's nquáhroom. >> good morning, bill. >> good morning everybody. i'm martha mccallum. he's known for daredevil stunts on the big screen. right after he ñook off from a santa monica airport, witnesses watched in awe as he manages to avoid homes and a very busy road down there.


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