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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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shouldn't be too cutesy in e-mails. i asked sheryl sandberg if she's ever done that. >> i think as a professional -- >> smiles. we think it's a mistake for the prime minister of any country to come to speak before congress a few weeks before they're about to have an election. it makes it look like we are taking sides. >> the remarkable alliance between israel and the united states is always been above politics. it must also remain about politics. >> i think that it's been a distraction. >> israel is grateful for the support of america's people and of america's presidents from harry truman to barack obama. >> i did not have a chance to watch prime minister netanyahu's speech. i did have a chance to take a look at the transcript. and as far as i can tell there was nothing new.
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>> to let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen. >> on the core issue, which is how do we prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> this is a bad deal. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> i have repeatedly said that i would rather have no deal than a bad deal. even military action would not be a successful as the deal that we have put forward. >> now we're being told that the only alternative to this bad deal is war. that's just not true. the alternative to this bad deal is a much better deal. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity," obama versus netanyahu. earlier this week the israeli prime minister warned lawmakers during a joint session of
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congress about what would happen if iran ever got its hands on a nuclear weapon. but it seemed to fall on deaf ears with this administration. for reaction we bring in israeli ambassador to the united states ron dermer with us. sir, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you sdl this to me is a defining moment of our time. this is france and great britain in munich in 1938. i'll tell you why, ambassador. one plus one equals two. radical islamists sworn to destroy israel and the united states fighting proxy wars on fife continents coupled with nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, could equal a modern day holocaust. i agree with the prime minister. i assume you do as well. >> yes, i do. and the prime minister said in his speech to congress that the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. and that's why in one of the clips you showed he said it's
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very important to defeat isis. and these are barbarians -- savage barbarians that have to be defeated. but to defeat isis and to leave iran as a nuclear power would be to win the battle and to lose the war. as you said just because of how dangerous this could be. and we're very concerned that a deal that is being negotiated right now would in a very short amount of time maybe in within the next ten years iran would only have about a year where they could break out to get to a weapon. and they've cheated in the past. and they've defied inspectors in the past so they could do it. but what's even worse as the prime minister said iran could get to the bomb not simply by violating the deal that's being negotiated, but they could get to the bomb by keeping it. by simply waiting ten years when all the restrictions on their nuclear program the special restringss put in place by this deal, when all those restrictions would be removed when all the sanctions would be
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removed and then iran would be free and clear. with a very short distance of -- that's why this deal with a very bad deal. >> the prime minister went out of his way u thought to be very gracious to the president, talked about the long history that the united states and israel has together as allies and partners. but israel is being kept in the dark in terms of what the details of this deal are. but we hear about the sunset clause. that in a ten-year period of time there would be pretty much a seal of approval given to iran that they could actually enrich the uranium and of course now we have to talk about the delivery systems which would then give them the bomb and the delivery system to get it to israel and maybe the united states. what do we know for sure about this deal as it is currently being negotiated? and have you been left out of the very specific points of the deal? meaning has israel been left out? >> look we're not in the dark, sean. i can tell you with certainty
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that we know what's being offered on the table. but the prime minister spoke about things that are a matter of public record. you can google. you mentioned the sunset clause and for viewers who don't understand, the deal that is being negotiated would within a certain number of years remove the special restrictions that are going to be put in place in iran's nuclear program and then they'd be treated like any other country in the world, like japan today. and japan has an industrial enrichment capability. but the problem was we could have an iran that would not be like japan is today led by a shinzo abe but the japan 70 years ago. that's the danger. the prime minister made very clear and this was new about his speech and maybe a lot of people did not see it. what the prime minister said you have to link the removal in the program to a change in their behavior. they have to stop aggression in the region, stop terrorism around the world and stop threatening to annihilate israel. if they do that, if they act like a normal country then they
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can be treated lie a normal country. >> let's look at their history. we have the supreme leader i'll put it up on the screen where he called israel a cancerous tumor that must be uprooted. or the time he called israel a rabid dog. or the time he said israelis are not humans. or ahmadinejad saying he calls for a world without the united states and israel. or the time he called for the end of the u.s. and israel. there's a long history here. i have video of the iranians repeatedly burning american flags. right there that's the 1979 hostages held 444 days. or the iranians burning american and israeli flags which happens quite often. with that history and stated goal of annihilating israel wiping it off the map and same with the united states my first question is they've cheated so aufb why would we even sit at the negotiating table with them? i'm frankly embarrassed our
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president is doing that. >> look, sean the p-five-plus-one leading powers of the world are negotiating with iran. israel does not have a vote in that negotiation. and i can assure you if israel had a vote they would be taking a much harder line than they're taking now. but israel has a voice. and the reason we have a voice is because we have a state. a state founded in 1948 where we can speak out. and the prime minister spoke out in a way that only he can about how dangerous it is. and you're quite right. it's not just a danger to israel. it's not just a danger to the jewish people any more than the nazis were a danger to the jews. the nazis killed 6 million jews, but because of them 60 million people around the world were killed in world war ii. so this is a threat to israel. it's a threat to the region. it's a threat to the world. and i'll tell you, sean when israeli ls and arabs are saying the same thing, people should pay attention. that's the ultimate no-spin zone. >> you know we have in the corner of our screen there we're saying obama versus netanyahu.
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and then we also put in there chamberlain versus churchill. i see the prime minister -- i see this as -- i see a great analogy here. in other words the threat of a modern day holocaust if these radical islamists and mullers of iran get these weapons that they so desire. i see the chance of that happening. it reminds me of somebody like churchill who took the time and read -- understood the minds of somebody like hitler, i see the prime minister as a modern day churchill and president obama as a modern day chamberlain and appeaser. he doesn't understand the danger, can't even say isis is islamic or talk about radical islamists. why? >> i wouldn't say that and i don't want to characterize the president. i'm sure that the president and the secretary of state they want to prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon. no one in the white house wants to see iran having a nuclear weapon. we have a policy disagreement.
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>> but this disagreement -- in the sunset years -- >> that's our disagreement. that we believe that the path that they're taking will pave the way for iran to get that nuclear weapon. and not block it. they believe that it's going to block it. and that's really the debate. it's a policy disagreement. it's not personal. and i wouldn't for any historical analogy. the prime minister just feels that he needed to make his case about his concerns for this deal in the hope that people would listen to what he has to say. and hopefully you'll get a much better deal. that's what he was arguing for in congress. >> thank you so much, ambassador, for being with us. appreciate it. joining us now is former israeli ambassador and historian dorey gold. the ambassador is talking about a policy disagreement, but it is one ambassador that could have profound implications. the last century we lost 100 million souls, give or take a million or so here or there. that's a lot of people.
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i think people forget evil in our time and that we have to be so ever vigilant. why do i believe the mull las in their desire to wipe israel off the map. >> it statements are not just his statements. they are repeated by the entire iranian leadership. if you look at the statements of the commanders of the revolutionary guards. if you look at the statements of other leading officials in iran, they all call for the destruction of israel. in one way or another. they even put the statements about destroying israel on placards, on billboards which they attach to missile carriers carrying that can hit israel. they are juxtaposeing. that's why prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu has to be so careful and pay very close attention to what iran is doing because the stakes are the future of the jewish state. >> again, i go back and the prime minister mentioned this in his speech this week that even as they are negotiating, and apparently yelling at john kerry and the iranians had to be told to stop yelling at john kerry, even the iranians are rejecting this deal that would ultimately give them nuclear weapons. it was footage taken from an iranian naval exercise off the coast of the straits of hormuz. what does it show? it shows iran practicing the destruction of a u.s. navy carrier. while negotiations are going on. i don't think i'd be negotiating with people if they were acting in that manner. >> that mock carrier is an imitation or a kind of model of the u.s.s. nimitz. they have a very specific idea of what they want to target.
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what are they trying to do here? build good will with the american people? with the obama administration? that's called good will by showing their navy has a missile that can take out a carrier? i think something's very wrong here. if you want to negotiate with iran, you've got to make sure iran makes three fundamental changes. stop aggression against iran's neighbors like the countries of the gulf. stop support for international terrorism. and stop calling for the annihilation of israel. those are reasonable diplomatic demands. >> it's a prerequisite. it's common sense. one thing the prime minister also said and he was very, very clear he talked about never again and he also said that israel reserves the right to act alone. we see how the jordanians and the egyptians are acting against isis. could we possibly see a coalition that maybe was unfathomable a decade or two ago and that being egypt and jordan and saudi arabia and israel
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stopping the iranian nuclear program? the prime minister was clear he would act alone if necessary. >> yes we do see similar perceptions between israel and the arab states. just two and a half weeks ago sean i was in europe. i can't say where. with a group of a lot of ex-military from the arab statds. i sat with a general from the iraqi army, he's a sunni. what does he tell me? the iranians at the end of december allowed over a million iranians to cross the iraqi border and take part in what's -- festival and they came without passports and they have no idea if the iranians are going to leave. in yemen we see their penetration becoming much deeper. they are moving through the whole middle east. the arab sea ran the same way we do. >> yemen the president was wrong. somalia, he's been wrong. libya, he's been wrong. iraq, he's been wrong.
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isis was a jayvee team, afghanistan he's been wrong. if he's wrong here though, the consequences are indescribable. thank you, sir ambassador good to see you again. thank you for being wus. >> good to be with you. >> coming up it's the question that everyone is asking what are iran's motives? i think they're very straightforward and transparent. so what do they hope to get out of this deal with the obama white house? and then coming up next later tonight. >> first i'd like to congratulate speaker boehner and prime minister netanyahu on a very impressive bit of political theater. >> the democrats what is it they don't get? how are they so confident in the iranians and this deal? that and much more on this special edition of "hannity," obama versus netanyahu, as we continue. >> in this deadly game of thrones, there's no place for america or for israel. no christians, jews, or muslims who don't share the islamist
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iraqi forces launched a major offensive against isis in order to recapture tikrit. now a significant operation that is being backed financially and militarily by none other than the iranian government. so why is iran helping to defeat isis? and what if any effect will this have on the current nuclear negotiations that are going on with the rogue state and the white house? joining me now with fox news
7:18 pm
strategic analyst lieu tentenant colonel ralph peters. colonel peters, we know they're a state sponsor of terror. we just went through the history from 1979 forward and their desire to destroy america and israel. we know they fight proxy wars. we know they've been funding terror. why are we even -- we know they've lied to the international community repeatedly. they even admitted in these negotiations it was discovered rather that they have a new nuclear facility that we didn't know about. my question is why. why is this administration confident that they can strike a deal basically with the devil? >> because this administration is blind to anything it does not want to see. sean, it's past a certain point. president obama's behavior cannot even be explained by the
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leftist milieu from which he sprang. inability to ever say is wrong can't be explained. but you look at iran. and what iran wants is very straightforward. iran wants a new persian empire. iranians are primarily persians. a new persian empire. and they want shia muslim over the heart of the middle east, the oil supplies, gas supplies, and nuclear weapons nuclear arms are crucial to realizing both of those visions. and before anybody dismisses that idea of a new persian empire look at the map. look at where iran is today in iraq, in syria, in lebanon in western afghanistan in yemen. as we speak this new persian empire is larger than any persian empire has been since the fifth century b.c. >> let me ask you this is mind
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numbing. i am just trying to wrap my arms around one thing here. you know, tony tata, you know this region of the world better than anybody. and i am trying to understand what part of what they are saying to the world that the administration's not listening to. >> well sean it's great to be with you and with ralph. and we've got to remember that it was just a few years ago that iran was minting copper disks that were being used in the most lethal improvised explosive devices roadside bombs that were maiming and killing our soldiers. and i don't know what has transpired in the last couple of years that makes us believe that iran has had a change of heart. i think ralph has it exactly right in that they want a gemgemny over the region. they see the islamic state primarily as a threat to them. it should not be a strategic supply to us that the persians
7:21 pm
want to push the arabs away from their border and establish control over that. so, i mean, there's no surprise here -- >> general tata, do you have any doubt -- this i think is the crux of the issue here. do you have any doubt that the radical mullas fighting proxy wars, state sponsor of terror, do you have any doubt if they got nuclear weapons they would use them? >> there's no doubt. i mean, they've made it very clear that they want to destroy israel, they want to destroy the west, they want to destroy the united states. i can remember sean, i was a cadet at west point in 1981. the hostages, the u.s. hostages that iran had held after the -- was opposed came back and landed at stewart anderson air force base and stayed there to resbi grate with their families. when they left formed up on either side and the buses drove through and the marines were standing up in the buses saluting back as we saluted
7:22 pm
them. and that forever seared in my mind iran's hatred of the united states. >> humble lieutenant colonel here. >> colonel peters -- sorry, general tata, colonel peters. both good friends by the way. >> just sergeant. any way, i got to say i read tony's book and it's excellent. i recommend it. here's what we've got to look at the deal, what do the iranians want from this deal with obama? well, they've got what they wanted. they don't need to deal anymore really. they wanted time to continue -- the one thing that might happen now is obama has given them so many concessions that the iranians may ask for more and a deal may ultimately break down. but they don't have to care. they won. we've lost. they've won. >> sad.
7:23 pm
very, very sad. and possibly potentially extraordinarily dangerous. guys thank you. >> thank you. >> colonel and general, thank you. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> i thought it would be political theater. and indeed it was political theater. worthy of an oscar. >> so why do democrats keep wanting to dismiss the threat posed by nuclear iran? we're going to try and answer that question coming up next. that and much more of this special edition of "hannity," obama versus netanyahu straight ahead. >> iran carried out a military exercise blowing up a mock u.s. aircraft carrier. that's just last week. while they're having nuclear talks with the united states. but unfortunately for the last 36 years iran's attacks against the united states have been anything but mock. and the targets have been all too real. ave something for pain?
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. u.s. senator bob menendez denying political corruption allegations. numerous reports say the new jersey democrat could soon face federal criminal charges. the investigation centers on his friendship with a florida doctor who's also a campaign donor. menendez is accused of using his senate office to push the interests of the doctor in exchange for gifts. menendez says he's done nothing wrong. meantime, president obama discussing ferguson missouri during an appearance in south carolina friday. mr. obama saying it's up to city officials to decide if they'll work with the justice department and fix what he called a broken and racially biased system. a justice department report accused ferguson police and courts of racial profiling and bigotry. ferguson's mayor says the city is evaluating the report. i'm patricia stark. and now back to "hannity."
7:27 pm
welcome back to "hannity." right after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu gave his historic speech before a joint congress -- >> first i would like to congratulate speaker boehner and prime meninister netanyahu on a very bit of theater. this was straight out of the dick cheney playbook. the president deserves our support and didn't need this today. john boehner ought to be ashamed of himself. >> i thought it would be political theater. and indeed it was political theater. worthy of an oscar. >> what is it about the left? why are they so reluctant to acknowledge what is a real, clear present danger of a nuclear armed iran? joining me now dennis kussinich.
7:28 pm
guys, good to see you. before we get into long answers substance, i want to see if we can agree on certain facts here. do we all agree that iran is a state sponsor of terror? do we all agree on that? >> absolutely. >> do you agree with that, dennis kussinich. >> it has been. >> and they are today. they fund hezbollah. they're fighting proxy wars all over the middle east and elsewhere, dennis, come on. you know that, right? >> they're fighting hezbollah and attacking israel. >> okay. they're a state sponsor of terror. do we all agree that they have repeatedly threatened to wipe israel off the map, the supreme leader, ahmadinejad do we agree they're a real threat in the region and to the united states? >> well, let me respond to that. i think, sean, if we're going to have a sane discussion here we have to stick to the facts. and what was said by the leadership of iran however
7:29 pm
repugnant it was did not say they wanted to wipe the people of israel off the map they were talking about the regime. and actually they were talking about a referendum. >> excuse me wait a minute. the supreme leader said -- >> i got it right here. >> the supreme leader said -- wait a minute, a cancerous tumor that needs to be uprooted. ahmadinejad repeatedly said wipe israel off the map. this is something -- this is incontrovertible. >> i know what he said. i don't support any sort of attack on israel. >> he said it. repeatedly. >> what is the current threat here? the threat here is a nuclear armed iran. that is -- no one has questioned that's a threat. we cannot let that happen. and that is why we're in negotiations. let me finish. the only reason that the iranian program is suspended right now is because of negotiations. >> i disagree. i would argue the sanctions had a bigger takeover. >> i'm an expert on the foreign
7:30 pm
policy -- >> how many times have they been caught lying and cheating including during these negotiations that they had another facility they had never disclosed, right? >> that's -- negotiations are tough. no one is pretending this is easy. >> they cheat. they lie. >> this is monday morning quarterbacking before the game is over. >> we got them a sunset clause where they keep sentrycentrifuges spinning and can enrich uranium in the sunset years that means they would have the ability to build a bomb. >> we always have the threat of -- >> -- from the world. that is why it is a dumb agreement. >> you don't even know what the agreement is yet. i think the point here is is you've got people attacking an agreement in the middle of the negotiations. >> no. >> -- without knowing what the end result is. it's just irresponsible to not -- these negotiations are going on right now, we have these debates making any kind of agreement harder. that's why we're going these negotiations because it is a threat.
7:31 pm
you negotiate about threats. you don't have any other alternative right now. >> radical -- >> no question -- >> i want to ask you this. shouldn't congress have the right, the senate to approve any treaty any agreement that obama wants to go into? >> well, we should follow the constitution. >> so you agree with me? >> no i didn't say that. i said the president conducts foreign affairs. congress can deal with appropriations. i don't want to miss something here on the show. the ma sad has said iran is performing any activity necessary to produce nuclear weapons. the u.s. national intelligence estimate has said the same thing. let's have a real discussion -- >> what are you talking about? >> what are you talking about? >> john kerry's state department has warned about the advancement of their nuclear program andtechnologies here. nobody besides you is doubting the fact that they've got the
7:32 pm
facilities -- >> there's no question that they're moving forward out of a peaceful nuclear program to build a component to potentially build a nuclear weapon. >> that's why you want an agreement. >> to try and put that genie back in the bottle. it's fiction that we can just write our own agreement -- >> give them the weapon. >> sean, you don't know what's in the agreement. >> i know a lot more than you probably think nancy. without revealing my sources i think every published report that says the sunset years would allow them to with the approval of the world community -- >> it's not clear -- we don't know how long -- >> -- iran develop nuclear weapons. it does not allow iran to develop nuclear weapons. >> that's not true. i disagree. >> it prevents. >> there won't be a deal. >> okay. if that's the deal then put it on the table. can we all agree the president should tell the american people before any deal is signed? >> the president will negotiate
7:33 pm
a good deal that stops iran -- >> you say that. should we see it before he signs it? >> that's not how -- >> it's already being discussed. >> before he signs it. >> you say you know what's in it. >> i know what's being negotiated. >> you roll back, you freeze your monitor. >> you have to recognize it if this deal does not prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon the president's going to walk away. end of story. >> i hope so. >> we'll be back to talk about it. >> i agree with that. >> all right, guys. thank you both. very lively discussion. coming up, brand new polls reveal, guess what you the american people do not agree with obama's decision to even negotiate with iran. now the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee he'll check in later. and then also tonight. >> i think the greatest danger we face is that these islamist terrorist groups or nations have the weapons of mass death. >> i agree with him. the last part of that interview
7:34 pm
my exclusive interview with benjamin netanyahu back last summer was coming to a theater near you. we're going to remind you what the prime minister warned us about just months ago. that and much more on this special edition of "hannity," obama versus netanyahu. >> the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen.
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welcome back to "hannity." the obama administration seems pretty set on hammering out this deal with iran. but guess what? you the american people are not onboard. according to a brand new poll released by fox news, 84% of you said that letting iran have
7:40 pm
nuclear weapons in ten years is a really bad idea. and when asked if the u.s. should take military action to keep iran from getting nukes 65% of you said that they were in favor of doing so. so our question is this is there anything congress can do to stop this deal? joining me now with reaction is the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee congressman ed royce. perhaps you can clarify from the last segment, we've seen published reports about the sunset clause, sunset years of this deal, sunset clause. and we've heard from the prime minister. i also have my own sources that it's very clear in those out years that they would in fact basically have the world's blessing to build a nuclear weapon. what do you have? what do you know? what can you tell us? >> what i know, sean is that first of all the iaea has a thousand pages of documents that show the intent by iran to develop a nuclear payload. what i also know is the iaea,
7:41 pm
the international atomic energy agency submitted a list of 12 questions for iran to answer. iran answered part of the first question and refuses to answer the rest. the other thing i know is that the ayatollah continues as late as a week ago to say death to america death to israel. and that regime continues to transfer rockets and missiles both to hezbollah and hamas. 100,000 now to hezbollah. i saw those rockets going off in 2006 when i was in hyfa. there were 600 people in the trauma hospital. >> that's called a proxy war. they've been fighting proxy wars against israel. they've been a state sponsor of terror. as the prime minister pointed out they've been wreaking havoc on five continents. here's my question regardless of what president obama may or may not agree to and i hope he pulls out of this for the sake of the world and the sake of israel and the sake of the united states and the sake of our children and grandchildren
7:42 pm
and nuclear proliferation that would ensue what can congress do? doesn't the president need to go to the senate to get any treaty approved? >> that is my belief. and i will tell you what congress already tried to do. we passed legislation out of the house of representatives in the last session that i wrote that would have collapsed the economy of iran that would have given the ayatollah a choice between compromise on his nuclear program or economic collapse. and it was this president that blocked that legislation by telling harry reid not to bring it up in the senate. so in point effect congress is trying to move legislation that would have the ultimate pressure on the regime. and the president of the united states is blocking the types of sanctions that really would force some type of compromise out of the iranian regime. and this is for us the most vexing part of this.
7:43 pm
>> congressman -- >> this is the point that netanyahu raised with us. yes. >> thank you for your clarification. we will stay on it. >> certainly. >> i would hate to see this deal as it is described ever happen. thank you, sir, for what you do. i appreciate it. coming up right here tonight on "hannity". >> i think the greatest danger we face is if these islamist terrorist groups or nations have the weapons of mass death. >> now, last summer i traveled to israel to see firsthand the threat that israel faces from radical islamists the israeli prime minister he's been sounding the alarm for years. we'll show you part of that interview straight ahead. ha, you better have a jet pack under there turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go! later road kill. huh, huh. on your left coming thru! hmm. plot twist.
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the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." prime minister netanyahu told me the same thing in august when i traveled and sat down with the prime minister to discuss the threat of a nuclear iran. i wonder at times if people understand the extent of radical islam. >> i hope they do. i mean, the evidence is abundant. what you have right now is a terrific con fill grags in the middle east.
7:49 pm
isis taking swaths in syria now pushing close to lebanon and perhaps into jordan. that's very very dangerous. and isis is basically a sister movement of al qaeda. you have hezbollah and radical shiites fighting radical sunnis. you have hamas. and you have in africa sub saharan africa and in northern africa radical islam. >> on the rise. >> islamist terrorist groups. they're all fighting among themselves. but they all agree once they destroy vanquish their muslim moderates who are there who don't share their views and they behead them and do horrible things to them and then they have to get to israel, which is the western country in the region. >> always hear wipe israel off the map. >> always. but for all of them you're the great satan. the radical shiites are backed
7:50 pm
by iran. the radical sunnis have various backers and so on. and these peopleight among themselves who will be the king of the hill. one thing they will agree on puts women as chattel. all minorities are eliminated. it is area tibl, terrible world view with these competing sects who want to enforce it on the rest of humanity. those of humanity that is left alive. you have 21 century weapons with early medieval doctrines here and this is a danger for the
7:51 pm
world. we're you're the target. they attack us because they believe we are you and you are us. and in one sense of the world we are you, and you are us we're that enlightened civilized democracy not without fault. trying as best as we can to stop the hemorrhaging. protecting ourselves against these vile enemies. . >> i think most americans understand what i'm saying. >> the polls show that. >> it's beyond the polls. there is a sensibility there. i'm not sure that prevails in all parts of the world because i think the future our free civilization depends on our ability not only to have the weapons but more clarity to fight this evil when we see it. now we see it. >> my last question i worry.
7:52 pm
whether or not radical islam is so much bigger than people even imagine. beyond these groups. we'll talk about comparing radical islam versus moderate islam. moderate is quiet, i argue in part out of fear or agreement? are there numbers moderate that buy into this evil ideology? is it a much-bigger part of the population that one can imagine? >> there are a million muslims in the world. even a small percentage that are radical is a very big number. i think the greatest danger we face is that these islamist terrorist groups have weapons of mass death. look at the danger we face when they have rockets
7:53 pm
now imagine if they can put a nuclear warhead on top of the missles. that is the danger coming from iran. if in this great melee, this great battle one of these militants, in this case, shiat militants have a nuclear umbrella, with ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warhead we bring history into a different threshold altogether people say well, i'll think about it. this is the danger. it's not a spin. it's not a
7:54 pm
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the o'reilly factor is on tonight. i think she is uniquely unequal fied to run a campaign. >> more troubles for hillary clinton amid reports she had multiple private e-mail addresses while serving as secretary of state. did she break the law? and how much damage is she doing to her party? >> this president is delusional or denial. whatever it is, he is placing this nation in great danger. >> iran joins the battle against isis for the key iraqi city. why are we turning over the fight against isis to our bitter enemy? i recognize that the findings in the report may leave some to wonder how