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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 6, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the o'reilly factor is on tonight. i think she is uniquely unequal fied to run a campaign. >> more troubles for hillary clinton amid reports she had multiple private e-mail addresses while serving as secretary of state. did she break the law? and how much damage is she doing to her party? >> this president is delusional or denial. whatever it is, he is placing this nation in great danger. >> iran joins the battle against isis for the key iraqi city. why are we turning over the fight against isis to our bitter enemy? i recognize that the findings in the report may leave some to wonder how the
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department's findings can differ >> and eric holder's justice department now add midding hands up don't shoot never happened. why won't the mainstream media admit it was wrong. caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi in for bill o'reilly. let's get right to the top story. the growing controversy over hillary clinton's use of private e-mail accounts. yesterday, fox news learned that mrs. clinton created not one but multiple e-mail addresses under the private domain. clinton's aides insisted she used only one and it's still unclear how exactly those additional accounts were actually used, but their discovery is raising more
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questions about what mrs. clinton might be hiding from the american public. the state department is defending her use of private e-mail. >> as i said, there's no prohibition on using this kind of e-mail account as long as it's preserved. she had taken steps to preserve those records by providing the state department with the 55,000 pages. certainly, it sounds to me like that has been completed. >> really have any way of knowing if she provided everything unless you're taking her at her word for it correct? >> i think 55,000 is a pretty big number. >> with all due respect that's a ridiculous response. under federal regulation all e-mails sent on nongovernment accounts had to be preserved for the public record. >> abc news learned hillary clinton violated (uq department e-mail policy for all four years she served as secretary of state.
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a senior official tells us while mrs. clinton was secretary, state department employees were only allowed to use private e-mail. and until they did that they were in violation of the rules. mrs. clinton did not turn over e-mails until late last year nearly two years after she stepped down as secretary. >> were the actions more than just a violation of state department policy? is it possible she actually broke the law? joining me now, a conservative political law attorney and from los angeles a former speech writer for the senator joe biden. let's start with you, did she break law or policy? >> both. she broke both and she broke regulations. the federal records act in 1995 made it very clear in the statute that e-mails must be considered part of public records and all public records, all official records of government employees including
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the secretary of state are supposed to be preserved and the -- in government servers and government owned and preserved property. in 2009 the arc vis and records administration issued new regulations to all agencies saying this is precisely how you must preserve e-mails for anything that is done by a government employee on an unofficial e-mail account. so the state department policies mirrored the regulations in the statute. let's remember what hillary clinton did. when she became secretary of state she didn't apparently even establish an official e-mail account with her office. she set up a se ver in her home -- >> let me take that right there. for me, the most egregious thing wasn't just using a private e-mail account. it was the fact that she used
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previous servers within her home guaranteeing that she could dictate what becomes public record and what doesn't. >> yeah you know, this is -- such a manufactured scandal. just going by what you said in the beginning and then what she said, which is it might be this, it might be that. >> no, no. it wasn't a question of might be. matthew -- >> no eric -- >> she used private servers. not necessarily the e-mail accounts i have a problem with. it's the fact she controlled all the servers. >> that only matters to you if you have a preconceived notion of what you think of hilly. she released 55,000 e-mails or documents. if she has more, she should release all of them. them. we have seen jeb bush, co-lynn addresses and then they have to
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release those records. hillary has said she'll do the same thing. all this -- there is no evidence -- >> she had a -- >> well, you think -- well, eric, excuse me for one second. you're saying might have might have, might have. >> no. she definitely broke the policy. >> do you think that people weren't e-mailing her in those four years and didn't know she had a private e-mail address? >> of course they were. it was against the rules -- rñ there in lies the problem. when hillary clinton's aides are the ones who chose the 55,000 e-mails, we have yet another problem don't we? >> what i don't understand is wloi she did not turn over the entire server that was her private server. that's a repository for all of hillary clinton's e-mails. and that's what the government should have. i guarantee you there are more than 55,000 e-mails.
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look, i've been dealing with the fact of the -- the problem of the missing lois learner e-mails. just to put something into context, there were 40,000 of them found by the irs and the treasury inspector general that covered less than a two-year period and communicating only with 80 people within the irs. that was 40,000 e-mails. so i think there were a lot more eñmails than 55,000 -- >> sure. sure. 55000 as the state department says, that's a lot of e-mails. yeahñ it surely is. more isn't relevant, all is relevant and we may never get all. >> we will nyer get all. >> hillary did say she was going to give overall the e-mails. >> she just saidñi it the other day. >> if there are more than -- >> let me ask you this.
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what about the obama administration. clearly there had to be e-mails going from hillary clinton's private e-mail to either the white house or president obama directly positively. every single one of those should have been saying, hey she's breaking protocol here. >> but other people have used private e-mail addresses, so it's not so uncommon for somebody to be one. at least part of the time. if -- >> but that's part of the problem. >> don't know that. >> eric, you guys are getting into? this is like mow a mad ali doing the rope a dope. it turns out that this is all conspiracy theory nonsense. >> i don't think the "new york times" -- i don't think the "new york times" is exactly a you guys right wing conspiracy. that's who broke this story. let's also be very clear. there were e-mails that were
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hacked. two years ago and published in 2013. we have no idea the classified information -- >> and that -- >> that may have been hacked -- >> and that is how we found out. the hacker group is the one that figured out hillary clinton is using only private e-mails. we have to leave it right there. >> next on the run down, how much damage is all this hillary clinton drama doing to the democratic party.
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are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn- and get nexium level protection. ♪ in the impact segment tonight, is hillary clinton damaging her party? it's long been assumed mrs. clinton will be the 2016 presidential nominee. after the discovery of her private e-mail accounts, not everyone in the party is on
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board. >> i've known hillary clinton for 30 years. i think she is uniquelyunequal fied to run a campaign. this e-mail issue is such an unforced error that iá boggles the mind. >> this e-mail system was set up obviously to defy the freedom of information act. >> joining me now with reaction from austin texas, marjorie cliffton and here in studio, the founder of the accountability project. both guests by the way in this segment lean left. the democrats are starting to distance themselves from hillary clinton based on this latest scan"al. you don't agree with that. >> well, what i would say is still there's a lot of unknowns. and she's been ready to put
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forth all the e-mails and anything in question. there's a legacy of other secretaries of state and a lot of pe who you know uniformly use private e-mail. christie has been quiet right now as have a lot of the other republican candida÷es on this particular issue. there's a lot of fear of, oh goodness, do we really know what the rules are. the benefit and the down sued of having a legacy candidate like hillary clinton is that's there's a lot of material to work with. we saw this with mitt romney. questions about his authenticity questions about financial records and taxes. there's going to be more of this to come. 20 months to go still to the elections. a lot with can happen. >> marjorie points out a lot of things. pieces of the puds l. the puzzle starting to add up here. travel-gate benghazi.
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it's now this. >> i have been afraid of challenging hillary as a feminist and a democrat. that is indicative of a problem. the problem with dynasties and running the same candidates over and over is that they seek to protect the institution and themselves more than the institution of democracy. part of that process is transparency. she's trying to avoid the freedom of information act that's dangerous. i don't care if everybody else is doing it it's not right. >> are you protecting the dynasty? >> no i wouldn't say that. look, i like if there were other fabulous democratic candidates that came forth, that would be interesting. hillary clinton as the democratic potential candidate has a seven to ten-point lead on every republican -- >> because the other democrats are afraid. it's harder to run a candidate who can raise the money and has
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institutional support than investing the next generation of leaders. how is she supposed to represent the future of the democratic party? we should be having these conversations instead. >> i appreciate your enthusiasm. i would love to see other young candidates come forth. i think republicans are dealing with much of the same. a lot of their potential candidates are also legacy candidates as well. mike huckabee, rick perry. i don't think it's going to be too much different on either side of the aisle this go ground. i think in terms of who we have right now, hillary's experience and her being is woman is a powerf thing. >> let's talk about that for a second. who benefits the most from this? is it elizabeth warrenñ joe biden. who's going to benefit from this? >> controversy is bad for a
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party as a whole because you want people to unify especially as you go into a presidential election. especially when the obstacles are raising millions and millions of dollars. i think that any primary candidates might benefit from this. i don't think elizabeth warren is going to run. >> what do you think? if the democrats want the first female present, is that upside for elizabeth warren all this controversy? >> well, i mean i think it's interesting because warren and biden and hillary have all worked together over the course of time. there is this respectful trying to figure out who can potentially win the ticket. hillary is still very, very popular. i think a bush clinton run off would be fascinating. if jeb bush could make it through the primary system. >> don't you think that -- don't you think that yet the latest
8:18 pm
scandal surrounding the clintons don't you think that's foder for the right. look how much does it take for you on the left to say enough is enough. there's probably three or four ago we could have said write her off. >> eric, i would say i haven't seen a presidential runoff ever that hasn't been skilled with some kind of scandal or energy around it. that's the name of the game. again the downside of not being a rising governor, a new person on the scene. if you've been in politics long enough, there's going to be something that people are going to get excited about. how sticky this will be? i guess it's yet to be scene. >> the fact she did break at least policy and protocol and maybe the law. >> i think we're the settling. if this guy's doing it, it's okay to do it. it's not good for america. >> i agree with you. directly ahead, iran and the west coming closer to reaching a
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in the unresolved problems segment tonight is president obama conceding too much to iran in the nuclear negotiations? the supreme leader of iran tweeted that our ally israel should be annihilated. now iran is making a pathetic attempt to explain itself. >> we were able to find the tweet that he referred to from the supreme leader, quote, this bear bear rick, wolf like regime of israel has no cure but to be annihilated. can you understand why jews and
8:23 pm
others would not like that kind of language? >> no i won't because this is a regime. we're talking about netanyahu who has butchered innocent children in gaza. we're not talking about the annihilation of jews. >> is this a regime that america should be negotiating with? joining me now director of a global security foundation and from palm springs california, a former spokesman for severalñof america's u.n. ambassadors. that was the iranian foreign minister negotiating with john t )q)ry as we speak, this is a man who said he read the tweet saying israel should be annihilate annihilated. he didn't have a good response, did he? >> we can all agree we all want to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb. that's a shared goal.
8:24 pm
the question is how best to get there. the negotiations that the united states and its allies are pursuing right now is the best path to get to iran stopping a bomb from iran and moving us in the right direction. the tom just took military action off the table. with his statement, he says things like and this is what all the liberals do. credible threat but we really don't want to go to war and we have the syria example and the
8:25 pm
ukraine example. this obama deal on iran is weaker than the u.n. deal. the u.n. said including russia and china in 2006 that all enrichment must stop. obama since then has taken this issue out of the security council, brought in the germans because they're extremely weak on this issue to get backing and has tried to come up with a deal that allows some enrichment. it's a teeshl deal and it's a very weak de(s >> and it's based on trust. we've never been able to trust them. when they found things within iran, the inspectors were thrown out of the country. you can't trust these people. why should we start trusting them now? >> this is not based on trust. this deal will be inspected by international monitors and verification. >> but, tom -- tom -- two
8:26 pm
separate occasions international inspectors got close to seeing what they were up to, they didn't like it and they tossed them. >> over the last year, iran has been under what's called the interim deal. it has been working very well. >> oh, no, no no. >> all the aspects of that deal. you'll probably try to raise accusations that the deal hasn't been respected. those have been discredited. >> we just have to listen to the iranians. >> something no one's talking about here. why does iran need to enrich uranium for the energy sector? they can bring a barrel of oil out of the ground for about three or $4 a barrel and produce 3.2 million barrels a day. explain why they're so anxious to get their hands on nuclear. >> i would be the first to agree that iran does not need a nuclear power program, but it's their right to have one if they
8:27 pm
shop chose choose but only if they play by the rules. do we have the inspections -- >> it's too late. >> it's not too late. if we get a deal going forward, then we will have stronger inspections. &ook, again -- >> the whole idea -- >> hang on, tomñ i want to bring rick in. >> the whole idea that we're going to have inspectors that are going to somehow watch the iranians and keep them in check is not based in reality. let me tell you what they have reported. they've already told us the interim deal is not working. you look at all the other areas where they're doing r&d -- >> that's not true. those are false accusations. >> what people -- >> those accusations -- you're -- the information you're talking about is past. it's wrong. it's out of date. >> tom, hang on. go ahead rick. >> the simple fact that the iaea
8:28 pm
is not allowed to go everywhere. when they are allowed to go in certain places and raise concerns, it's immediately dismissed by the left wingers who really just want to have a deal, any deal. and it's a dangerous -- >> that's not true. >> you're weaker than the u.n. >> you have to consider prime minister netanyahu did say this a bad deal is worse than any deal at all. rick and tom i have to leave it right there. thank you very much. plenty more ahead this evening. iraqi forces battling isis for control of a key city. but you won't believe which of our you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment.
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, why isn't president obama doing more to defeat isis? right now, iraqi forces are battling isis for control of the city of tikrit. american forces are not helping the iraqis retake that town. instead iranian forces are fighting alongside the iraqis. so is america handing iraq to iran? here now with thoughts geraldo rivera. i cannot believe we're talking about ir9ans walking arms with iraqis. >> it is our fault. we have left the power vacuum. the president said his mission
8:33 pm
is to degrade and destroy isis, yet what are we doing. here's a major battle. this is the most major bagts oncing a dad was saved from isis's advance. this is a major city. this is saddam hussein's hometown. why isn't there an american general doing command and control? why is -- because the presideñt is lukewarm and tepid about this mission. if we were fully committed, we would have u.s. commanders, not iranian commanders -- >> he's married to the idea that al qaeda is on the run. he hasn't given up on that. >> i don't know why he is not sufficiently engaged. i do know that ground. i've been in tikrit several times. i know mosul. i know that several things have to happen. first ofñall, command and control. you want the iranians out of the
8:34 pm
picture, put american generals is. why not? some people think it's outrageous. i don't. general david pe tray just. a four-star general who got the sunni tribes, he reversed our negative trend in iraq and did it brilliantly. why not pardon him of this baloney misdemeanor get him back there. let him direct an effort. >> because the obama administration pushed him out in they'd have to admit they screwed up. >> let him be the bigger man. general allen who's also retired and has that job right now is a fine and competent military commander. but he needs the authority to take charge. you have to do several things. one of the things you have to do is get those sunni tribes on your side. the other thing, we have saudi arabia and jordan both of whom are saying, we want to defeat
8:35 pm
isis. put up or shut up. we appreciate the kind words. now if you want to put your soldiers on the line, let's see you go and fight. we have to vastly increase america's presence on the ground. we need spotters. we need air traffic controllers. on the area. when we declared war in iraq we had 100,000 in the first five weeks. 2,500 per day then versus about
8:36 pm
12 or 13 per day now. >> i am baffled by the president's inaction in this >> this is a regard. this to me is the most glaring -- aside from the arab spring destabilization of the region that the president is clearly guilty of earlier. this is a policy failure that i just don't get. i don't understand how the president can tell the american people -- and i'm not an ideological person. but if you're going to fight a war, you have to fight to win the war. i wap much more engagement. spot this casualness. if they are the sa vamvages we say isis is if they are the threat we say isis is then for goodness sakes why don't we fight to kill them. >> because he won't even call them islamic terrorists. >> why don't we tell turry, for example, you are with us or against i us. you close your border.
8:37 pm
>> stop buying the oil. stop funding isis in the middle east. >> why doesn't our air power destroy the oz pipelines running north? where is britain and france in all this, our dear allies, the prime source of many of these foreign extremist fighters? if we are going to have a war, then let's fight it to win. >> he doesn't want to fight it to win. as terror expandsñ president obama's saying no, it's not. it's under control or the threat is shrinking as john kerry said. >> all i know is the united states has vastly more power than we are applying to this very serious threat. and in the vacuum, iran will take over iraq, mark my -- >> that is scary. >> if they're fighting next to them and take these cities back -- >> i prefer iran -- i prefer iran to isis. i tell you that. >> i prefer neither.
8:38 pm
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i'm eric bolling. in the personal story segment tonight, the justice department's recent report on the ferguson, missouri police department concluded there is racial bias westbound the force. earlier today, the president weighed in. >> there are circumstances in which folks don't do a good job or worse are doing things that are really unlawful or unjust or unfair. and what happened in ferguson is not a complete aberration. it's not just a one-time thing. it's something that happens. >> but yt's also clear from the doj's report that officer darren wilson was not guilty of racial bias when he shot and killed michael brown and that hands up don't shoot is not an accurate representation of what happened on that day. so why isn't the media
8:43 pm
apologizing? joining me radio host richard fouler and executive director of the tea there it is, hands up, don't shoot. it wasn't exactly accurate. there are a couple cops in new york assassinated in their patrol cars by a guy who was at some of the protests and may have been using that slogan that apparently was never actually accurate. >> well, here's the thing. that slogan from mike brown's death and ñook at the evidence here. in the doj report they talk about how there's clear racial bias, there's racism in the ferguson police department. whether we like it or not, some of those things have spilt over into what became the mike brown case. it's not necessarily policing that's the problem. it's not the fact that he robbed a store. the problem is with bias and
8:44 pm
racism. when i go to manhattan and i can't catch a cab, that's bias and racism. >> the report did find there was bias within the department, however that didn't have anything to do with@j )(q) wilson's shooting and killing of michael brown. >> had nothing to do with it. in fact eric holder who jumped the gun along with his boss president obama who compared the ferguson situation to isis and to russia invading the ukraine and he did this before the united nations which was a thorough embarrassment, especially since they found no charges against darren wilson, they jumped the gun and helped create an atmosphere and set the stage. by the way, i think all three of us agre is a terrible tragedy that a young man would lose his life. if it was not racism it was not a question of police misconduct. having said that, for these
8:45 pm
leaders that were elected largely to bring this country together, i think history is going to show that this administration has been the most racially segregated administration since wood row wilson segregated the federal government. >> i know he hates eric holder even more than he hates the president and that's fine. and that's perfectly line. but let's talk about the facts here. this is the whole problem with the michael brown case. people look at michael brown in a vacuum. you have to see the larger problem when it comes to policing and the african-american and latino community. you have the case where the man was shot for no reason by a swat team. over and over again, we see police officers using excessive force when it comes to dealing with men of color. the truth of the matter is whether i'm in a suit right now, but if we had hoodies on we could be suspected in new york
8:46 pm
city. we have a serious problem on our hands. and we only can solve it -- we all come to the table and talk about it. >> well richard, there's a point of agreement here. i don't know that we came to the same conclusion through the same path. i look at the problem in ferguson and other cities and municipalities across the country and i see a problem yet again of big government run amuck. and by the way, i discovered this you and i both have been to ferguson. i met with the mayor, the police chief. i met with black officials leadership and elected officials. what we found was that the law enforcement community had been turned into tax collectors. we came to this conclusion -- >> you're right. >> -- months ago. when you have a situation like that, you actually have two victims. one, law enforcement which would rather be pursuing serious crimes like rain and murder and property and theft and that type of thing as opposed to issuing
8:47 pm
mickey mouse nuisance fines and it creates an artificial tension, unnecessary tension between the police -- >> i -- >> hang on one second. al shp)pton on several occasions after the ferguon shooting used the hands up, don't shoot. he mentioned it on podiums and microphones. should he come back and apologize to the american people for using a term that frankly didn't apply? >> well i don't think he has to apologize at all. like i said hands up don't shoot just just like i can't breathe is alarmer slogan for a larger problem we have in this country. tomorrow will the celebration of the 50th an verse oi of the march in selma. so both i can't breathe and hand up don't shoot are a larger rally cry for a larger problem. >> fair enough.
8:48 pm
>> but should al sharpton and the likes apologize for using the term, the quote? >> absolutely. of course. not only should al sharpton apologize, but eric holder and the president of the united states should apologize as well. >> have to leave it there. up next do you know which fox news star gave out parking tickets and hob nobodied with big time rock stars in a former life? the answer when we come right back. [bell rings] you're not mr. craig. yeah, i'm confused where's mr. craig? well, i'm sorta mr. craig. we're both between 35 and 45 years
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in the back of the book segment tonight, did you know that? tonight, o'reilly profiles fox news senior meteorologist janice dean. >> there you are little janice being raised outside ottawa, the capital. what's the difference than being
8:52 pm
raised in usa? >> i guess not much. we did leaf ourleave our doors open at night. >> very good student? >> very good student. >> didn't misbehave like i did? >> not until maybe later high school. >> then you get into journalism school. >> carlton university very prestigious. you had to have good marks to get in there. >> and you dropped out. >> i dropped out within three or four months. >> why? >> because i heard i wasn't going to get on camera or do reports or report news until like fourth or fifth year. >> so you drop out and get a job as a cop. >> well, i actually during high school i worked at the bylaw officer. basically a bylaw officer is a job you take that the cops won't do. so dog calls, barking dogs, loud noise calls. all of those jobs nobody likes to see you near their car or
8:53 pm
near their dog. >> so you're kind of like a cop junior. >> i started as a dispatcher. and they all say to me i began my broadcasting career by doing that. >> where are you? >> right. m-64 on the loose. hunt club in the word greenburg. >> police career goes by the wayside and you become a deejay. >> i took radio television broadcasting. my professors there, my teachers were actually in the industry, so i was already networking when i got in there. right out of college i went to the local radio station 106 which is a classic rock station. >> 40 minutes of continuous classic rock on chez 106.1. >> i decided i wanted to be a deejay overnights and weekends and then was midday. what station do you listen to? >> 106. >> he's a good man. >> led zeppelin. >> uh-huh. i understand rod stewart actually sang you a song in person. >> i was in the audience doing a sound check.
8:54 pm
>> yeah. >> and he looked -- i was the only one there and he had to sing to somebody. >> so he sang to you. >> he sang to me. >> have i told you lately. >> uh-huh. >> you're bigger than he is, you know that? >> well, i'm taller than he is. >> he's a little guy. you go through all of that and you finally get to new york city. >> uh-huh. >> to work for imus. >> yes. >> who's completely insane. but very successful man, imus. >> i agree. and for him i did two auditions. i was working in ottawa. and as a dare i applied for this job to work for imus as his entertainment reporter and to write the news for his news man charles. i did two auditions and i got the job. >> that is our little friend janice dean. what was the matter with you on friday by the way? >> i threw out my back. >> how did you -- >> what do you want to know? >> picking up your lunch pail? >> funny. >> you pig. >> no. i've had enough of that. >> in the big time wfan radio. then how did you get to fox news channel? >> i was working part time at
8:55 pm
another station to supplement my income at wcbs here in new york as a local traffic reporter. i met a wonderful makeup artist there. she said you don't look very happy. what do you want to do with your life? i said i don't know. i just don't feel like i'm in the right job. and she said give me your tape. i'm going to bring it over to fox because i work over there as well. and she brought my tape over to fox who gave it to another makeup artist here. and somehow she gave my tape to the office and here i am. you know what i tell people you never know where your next job is going to come from. always treat people with respect and the way you would want to be treated. and that's how i got in here. >> they hire you here to do the weather. >> they needed a daytime weather person here so i went back to school. >> you went back to weather school. >> yes. >> and now you're a meteorologist here at fox news. >> all day wednesday it's going to be a mess. >> you also write childrens books. why do you do that? >> i do that to teach kids about weather. i think it's really important to teach kids at a young age why things happen in the atmosphere.
8:56 pm
weather can be scary but if you can sit down with your kids and talk about why weather happens with parents, with teachers, i think it takes the scare out of weather. i've got three books now, the third one comes out in july. it's a hurricane book. and it talks about why things happen and how you can prepare in advance. >> okay. janice dean, everybody. did you know that. >> thank you. >> in a moment new revelations about hillary clinton right back with it.
8:57 pm
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
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this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit finally tonight we leave you with details of some new revelations about hillary and bill clinton. as we mentioned yesterday while mrs. clinton was representing america as a top diplomat the clinton foundation was receiving millions of foreign dollars. but the foundation also received millions of dollars from big american companies that mrs. clinton helped. hillary and bubba will tell you the two are not related but you and i both know otherwise. according to "the wall street journal" secretary of state clinton arranged numerous
8:59 pm
sweetheart deals with foreign entities on behalf u.s. corporations. that's not necessarily a bad thing. but what happens next is. according to "the wall street journal" many of these companies followed their clinton broker deals with donations to the clinton foundation. consider this, mrs. clinton lobbied the algerian government for ge to build power plants after a multi-billion dollar deal was done ge donated heavily to the clinton foundation. then there's boeing which dropped $900,000 into the foundation after securing a $3.7 billion deal with russia. again, thanks to lobbying from clinton. in fact, at least 60 companies lobbied the state department during her tenure donated more than $26 million to the clinton foundation. the clintons nothing to see here act is offensive. they think the laws don't apply to them. they've always thought they were bigger and better than you and me. and they never own up to anything. wake up america, this smells fishy because it probably is a
9:00 pm
rottingñwhale. and this is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we'r$sjjájjá$ @r(t&háhp &hc% for you. breaking tonight new questions about the future of the 2016 white house race following a week of bombshell headlines involving the most likely democratic nominee. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. all week long the white house and the state department have been hammered with questions about how former secretary of state hillary clinton seemingly flouted the law using a personal e-mail account to conduct all government business. leaving the american people to guess what she was doing on their behalf. secretary clinton doing no interviews. in fact, her only statement coming this week in the form of a 130-character tweet in which she called on the state department to release her you know, the ones that are