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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  March 7, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PST

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4%. dog spending is going crazy. idex up 15% a year. they do blood tests. >> love the dog not sure about the owner. >> our ratings are going up. neil is next. . get ready for the executive order to end all executive orders. >> some people are interpreting this that you left the door open to the president raising taxes by executive action. is that possible? >> what i will leave open is always the president's ability to use his executive authority to move the country in the right direction. >> did you hear that? because i did. i'm neil cavuto. not so earnest suggesting the president is open to raising taxes through executive action. it works for illegal immigration, right? if you can't run a tax hike through congress, why don't you
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ram it through yourself? charles payne says that's going to ram our economy off. >> these actions have economic ramifications. we know that. that's one of the reasons congress won't let them go through even this congress. they have a psychological ramification. that's why we are experiencing this malaise in this country. we are talking about the president leveling taxes willy-nilly the way he wants to level them on who he wants to level them on. look at our economy. look at what's happening. look at wages. we are stuck in the mud. >> i happen to agree with you so you don't have to yell at me. i'm actually on your side. >> wait till he hears way have to say. >> young to old, business retirement, every aspect of our
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economy this damages. >> i thought the house doesn't matter to the purse? >> it does. listen to this from the constitution, of all sources. all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives where they have the purse, they are supposed to make these laws. the president when he was teaching constitutional law didn't include this as part of what he was talking about? >> we have a lawyer here, ben stein. is it a leap to go ahead now by executive order to do this? >> well mr. obama doesn't have much regard for the constitution anyway. he assumes he is totally in charge of foreign policy and can tell the congress what to do about foreign policy. he merely executes it. he assumes he has power to raise taxes. there is some administrative leeway in the tax code where by he can move the tax needle back and forth. i think in today's world where tax is such a sensitive subject, extreme contempt for the constitution i'm very worried
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about mr. obama. i don't believe he ever took constitutional law. >> the president is based on what i read, wants to close loopholes. i don't see that -- >> we did poll the administration. they don't look at this as closing loopholes. >> loopholes is a horrible thing. all these tax loopholes for these corporations this is not a good thing for the economy. >> do you agree with what the president's doing? >> here is why i disagree. i believe loopholes should be closed with comprehensive tax reform. that is one thing this president -- >> what if he is closing it before we get to that? >> i have problem with it. he is not calling for an increase in the income tax. he is calling for crony capitalists -- >> are we sure?
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one man's loophole may not be another man's loophole. >> these are corporations. >> exactly right. >> let's be clear. look at what he wants to do. >> we don't know. >> the shoe may be in another foot and we may be screaming about this. i will say though, closing loopholes is different from raising taxes. if that's way is doing -- you want to sit around wait for comprehensive tax reform or anything else, we'll be waiting a long time. we'll be long dead before we get anything comprehensive. >> this has always been a concern of presidents going back to republican and democrat administrations. >> we had executive orders with
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executive memos. >> when you add the memos to it there is an executive order that is executive memos that almost have the same legal bearing. he's been with those. >> you have to judge him on the merits of what he is trying to do in terms of the executive order. immigration was outrageous. >> they were executive post-it notes. >> these are different. these are tax loopholes. from a public policy standpoint, i may not agree with his method. >> i may not be a lawyer but i listened to ben stein and watched law shows. >> with all due respect one man's loophole is another man's
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law. mortgage introduction is a loophole. you can call any damn thing a loophole. >> you don't think that is a reason to use this? >> not at all. tax policy clearly originates in the house of representatives. there are no two ways about that. president obama does not understand the basics of the constitution. >> i agree but you have to look at the merits of the loophole. >> why? it's about the constitution. >> the stuff i saw he was pointing out was bad public policy. these are corporate loopholes. >> that's up to you -- that is not up to you, sir. >> the deduction for mortgage interest is a good thing. >> ben's right. it isn't up to you. it's not up to the president. >> it's up to congress. >> how do you know? >> if she were here it's not up
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to dagen. it's up to the congress. >> gerry is here. >> you don't think a president can decide which is right executive order material? >> no. >> history will decide people go to the courts for this and in the case of fdr, years after the fact, they say you went too far? >> obviously, the president is going too far. that's my opinion. my fear isn't the original list of things we talked about. >> right. >> the bait switch. >> there is a list of taxes he wants to raise on his own. that includes everything from 401(k) limits retirement savings limits. >> can that be done on his own? >> i don't think it should be. >> you raised a good point. >> i always do. >> be careful here because it is a slippery slope. what democrats want today they might rue giving republicans tomorrow. is this whole executive order thing itself out of control?
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>> i thought it was completely out of control. remember the signing statements that george bush used to do where he would say i choose to ignore or disregard any part of law i don't like? i hated that. i would be a total hypocrite today if i weren't saying executive orders if i hated them under bush -- >> we have no problem with hypocrisy. >> i actually do have a problem with hypocrisy. i don't want to be here five years from now and i'm sure i will be yelling about the fact of potential republican president. i shouldn't say five years because hillary will be the next president. >> do you think this president has taken it to a whole new level, given the sweeping nature of his orders? given delaying deportation is up to 5 million americans? no president can do that. it's logical to extend that to taxes. he himself knows he is way overdone. >> wait a minute. george herbert walker bush -- >> that was a mistake, too.
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>> that's my point. >> we are to the forgiving the sins of others. >> this is a big, big thing. the constitution. big thing. >> where is this all going? >> i think next year will have a lot of showdowns and we'll test the constitution, test the resolve of congress which doesn't look like it has the guts for a fight even though they have a resounding victory in november. >> we'll debate whether it's constitution, whether a tax increase will be closing a loophole or what is closing a loophole. >> you can still raise taxes. loopholes might be egregious. when you close a loophole, you raise revenue. >> we'll see. >> we'll see what the courts have to say, perry mason. >> you are a riddle wrapped in a conundrum.
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>> why should he be spitting on the constitution? that's awful. >> i don't think he is spitting on it. leave that to your imagination. dave what have you got on deck? >> as the fight over iran goes nuclear is it time to stop negotiating and step up sanctioning? locked up demanding we pay up. inmates suing for minimum wage for the work they are doing behind bars. should that be a crime? we'll see you at the top of the hour. in the next show, charlie will take the side of the inmates. what if isis is rushing in with immigrants? that's not me saying that. that is immigration union leaders saying that.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm gregg jarrett. newly obtained e-mails shedding light what was going on at the state department during the benghazi attack. two top aides to secretary of state hillary clinton were running interference during the terror attack, telling the former spokesperson, stop answering questions from reporters about the status of u.s. boor chris stevens. he and three other americans were killed. >> new safety issues on the road. chrysler recalling more than 700,000 minivans and suvs to fix faulty ignition switches. they can cause the vehicles to stall unexpectedly knocking out powering steering, brakes and disabling air bags. it recalls a number of 2008 to 2010 models. problem similar to ones at general motors. those switches caused deadly accidents. >> i'm gregg jarrett. back to "cavuto on business."
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7 million immigration petition getting processed last year alone. now the head of the immigration union is warning most of those were not properly vetted out. that could actually help isis sneak in. really? >> they are already processing some 7 million of these folks every single year. their ability to look indepth in close at these people is really limited. they are going to be inundated with people who want to come into this country. it will be difficult to tell the good guys from the bad. in europe they had huge problems with people coming into those countries. i think we'll have the same issue. >> no one is going to scream "isis." >> i think we should let everyone in.
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i'm just keeping with the theme. >> you know what i like about you? you're married to no cause. >> i'm just mercenary. >> you are our clinton. we admire that. what was i going to say now? >> 9/11. >> i'm going to agree with you on this. 9/11 was caused by two people that got through our wonderful tight security apparatus in the immigration service. this is a real problem. >> the problem is so many that aren't going checked. >> 19000 people are doing the job. it's the rush, the push. make them wait. make them wait. you want to get in? wait. >> you are not supposed to wait more than five minutes. >> what are we to make of this?
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it always invites comparisons to pre9/11 that we are getting ready for something bad? >> penny wise and pound foolish do not have a lot of people vetting these applications. we are not a nation without borders. we don't have enough staff to vet these immigration applications. spend the money and get and adequate borders secured. this is not a nation without keeping track of our immigrants. >> i didn't know we had this immigration union thing. i guess we do. obviously the union is screwing something up, too. >> you know what i love? i love the same people screaming and ranting about people getting in but you don't want to fund dhs. >> i never scream or rant. >> you never rant not you. >> if you are late getting the
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prime rib to my table, i rant. >> you want more people looking at anybody coming in? fund the agency, stop threatening to shot it down. >> i'm not threatening to shut anything down. >> not you. >> whether it was funded or not, why does this keep happening? >> that is such a red herring. >> what keeps happening? >> new threats all the time. >> maybe it's a goof ball security keystone cop issue. >> you know what you have? you have americans going over to isis to fight. the next attack may not be from somebody coming from over there it will be american citizens here. what are you going to do? >> there is an urban legend among goof ball liberals like julie. this was a nation of immigrants that just opened borders all the time to people. we allowed immigrants to come in here when they were necessary in terms of economic need and even
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that, they were screened. you went through a process. >> or the old fashioned way marry into it like my husband did. >> you came over on the mayflower. >> ben stein, do you think you make progress here? we've gone through this. whether they are up to the task of policing this? under both parties, i say no. >> we actually have to spend more money. julie is right about this. >> thank you. >> this is a matter of life or death to not let these people in. maybe the people for the next terrorism are u.s. citizens who went to syria and came back. they can be examined and checked, too. if they've been to syria don't let them back in. it's that simple. when we come back, a proposal to gut entitlements from a fictional president that
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. you know, i'm afraid to say this is why we're not going to get serious about entitlement spending, we can't even fake getting serious. i'm going to tell you about a made up president on a paid up netflix "house of cards" who proposes it bloggers go nuts over it and go nuts over here calling him out for being nuts because they're going nuts over something which isn't real,
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which is nuts. an an image tear president going after entitlements and by the with a a democratic one. charlie says the outrage over fiction shows why reforms in d.c. will never become a reality. >> and we should point out that the reason why the left wing bloggers at the huffington post care about this is when something gets into the popular culture like entitlements need to be cut they worry about it because then the average guy starts thinking maybe entitlements needs to be cut. >> julie i don't think you would be that way, i don't think you would be getting that way over something you saw often a fictitious show. >> you gave away the spoiler for season three which i was going to watch this weekend. >> i'm just telling you the plot, i'm not going to tell you how he fails miserable bree. go ahead. >> thank you very much. >> you got it. >> i'm not going to tell you the first two seasons because i'm not going to ruin it for everybody else watching.
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people are insane. these are the goof balls that charlie was talking about i'm happy to not be one of them. this is craze. this is also a president who threw people under -- literally under a train i just gave away a key plot in season two. >> you're yell at me. >> you rubdined it for me. >> crazy people but i am also miffed because i was going to watch it this weekend, too, and now i know absolutely everything. >> it's nuts that you're always getting nuts for the wrong reason. >> sir, with the greatest possible respect i have seven cats and three dogs takes me all my time to take care of those animals and i do not have time to watch any news shows -- rather any shows except fox news and cops and lock up. i'm not going to spend any time -- >> bad boy bad boys. >> the wife was so horrible i couldn't stand it snow who knew that ben stein was a crazy cat lady. >> my wife adopts cats. >> ben, which cops, do you mean
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the bad boys, bad boys cops? >> cops reloaded except for fox news the best show on tv. >> i'm just saying, guys, had wol conversation illustrates my point, dr. pane that we're obviously frivolously dismissing a show that i think actually we should be frivolously dis pissing but we'll never get serious about it. >> it does underscore the point of the power of hollywood to present a message of the left that never stops, it's extreme power. >> right wing policies don't get into popular cultures. >> you're done. jerry, julie i want to thank you all. everyone is talking about the nasdaq closing in on new highs after 15 years look what mr. making money did for you in less than one year. had his new picks are next.
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not just the name of his nbn show charles payne making money for you on this skon. >> scan disk i like it a lot.
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that's one you should look at. also old dominion 100-year-old trucker taking market share. and my high risk play is a company called second tight giving people the ability to see again. >> all right. cost of freedom continues right now. if you if iran changes its behavior the restrictions would be lifted if iran doesn't change its behavior the restrictions should not be lifted. if iran wants to be treated like a normal country let it act like a normal country. >> bibi's straight talk thing rch bringing them to his feet if congress if he's right and history shows we can't trust iran should we drop the negotiations and just rev up those sfnl sanctions. i'm david has ner and welcome to "forbes on fox" let's get in focus with mike ozanian, elizabeth mcdonald and cows inn golds bee former white house chief ec


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