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tv   Strange Inheritance  FOX News  March 7, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you. do you have a strange inheritance story you would like to share with us? we would love to hear it and send me an e-mail or go to our website at strange >> an eight-year-old gets a strange inheritance. >> but what does a boydo with a winery? >> my friend's parents would totally freak out. >> talk about getting your feet wet in a new business. >> how does the family keep it from dying on the vine in >> i didn't know anything about wine except that i like to drink it. >> what will the heir do when he grows up. >> try to prove i am not just the owner's kid.
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i am jamie colby and traveling in oregon, wine country. this area is home to around 400 winneries. it is one that was passed down far too soon and most improblemable heir. >> it is a cover up and when i was eight years old i inherited something that was special and it wloes my mind. >> thank you so much for having me. it is an honor to meet you. >> how unusual for somebody your age to it be in charge of all of this? >> i am not the one who does all of the work. >> the 18-year-old may own the winery but can't legally drink the products. but he pitches in to get a feel
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for his strange inherrance. helping out in the family winnery. >> the story of how paschal became the owner of the winery started with his father jimmy brook. his mom and dad grew up in portland. >> we got older and got out of high school. >> jamie zips through the degree in accounting and jimmy goes on the five year plan and gets a ban and decides to find himself by traveling through europe. >> he went over there and we'll spend money traveling and find another job. >> for one job in the region in france and another he teaches english as a second language in poland. and a position after he set eyes on a 20-year-old.
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romance leads to marriage and in september of 1995. soon baby paschal arrives and jimmy moves the young family back to portland. >> i remember the first time we drove from the airport, in to portland. i never had seen anything like. that just a beautiful river and the the lights. >> jimmy gets a gig as a vineyard manager and starts his own brand of wine. >> he enlists the help of a friend until that it point was not a wine maker but a motorcycle mechanic. njimmy's goal was to make wines that people enjoyed. >> while jimmy focused on his career his marriage turned bitter. in 2000 they divorced. they agree that paschal will spend every other week week with his dad. jimmy takes paschal to work.
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>> your dad tried to pull you into this as a kid and wanted you around? >> when i was with him. it was because i was with him and he was happy that i was there. >> what dow remember about your dad? >> it would cold and early and we would stop for coffee and a cinnamon early in the morning. >> by 2001 jimmy is head wine maker for one winery and as a perk allowed to make his own wino the side. jimmy buys grapes and leased a 20 acre plot planted with old vines and hopes to buy it one day. jimmy was a pioneer in oregon of a way he learned in france. focusing on soil fertility and even the phases of the moon. >> he gives me a back stage tour
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and shoes me how they make it. >> they are beautiful grapes. >> can i taste one? >> of course. >> nice and ripe and not too sweet. >> amazing. the idea behind pinot is to have whole berries. >> this is a big bucket of grapes. how many bottles of wine am i looking at. 50 cases. >> by december of 2003. jimmy's wines are getting noticed in oregon and beyond. and testimonies the atlantic monthly magazine he hopes that his winery will be his son's inheritance. >> he wanted to be passed down. >> and then one saturday morning in september 2004, jimmy is arguing with his ex-wife about whose turn it is to be with paschal. and after that call, jimmy makes
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another one to his girlfriend. >> he was on the phone with his girlfriend and he mentioned that his chest was hurting and could she come over. >> before she arrives, jimmy do is of an aker tick aneurism. he is theatyears old and paschal is eight. >> i think when my dad died, everybody was heart broken. it was not that i wanted to do that but you don't republican how to rationalize. it jamie is home in northern california with husband and two young children and gets the call. she immediately begins the long trek up to oregon. she arrives to find a crowd of people she barely knows in her brother's house. what happens next turns her life upside down and determines if her nephew's inheritance will
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. >> so what's the reason some >> so what is the reason wine makers crush the wine with their feet. it is the feet that is ideally suited to crush the grapes. >> is september 2004, the middle of harvest season for organ wine makers. this year, shock permate the beautiful land cape after the up and coming wine maker jimmy brooks dice unexpectedly. he leaves behind a wine label that won critical acclaim. jimmy has no will or savings and
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left few options. >> when paschal inherited the winery there was not much behind it and i said the only thing i can try is to raise paschal. >> there is another pressing issue. >> jimmy left several tons of grapes on the vine and his sister jamie arrives to settle his affairs. >> what did they tell you about the importance of jimmy's work continuing? >> he was blazing new trade trails and they didn't want to see it go away. they offered to make the wine for free if i will would help. >> he said it is one of those other growers and a long- time friend of jimmys. >> one of the things you can do for someone who died is help their family take care of unfinished business.
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>> jimmy told me he didn't feel like he had much of a legacy for paschal besides the winery. >> and so the growersst jimmy's crops and make it into the wine and keep the winery alive. and jamie starts the legal paper work of transferring it to paschal. she agrees to manage it without pay. but there is a big problem. >> i didn't know anything about wine at all except i like to drink it. >> jamie bones up on the study of grapes for wine making and asked chris williams to be head wine maker. >> he was the only one who worked for jimmy and that's where he learned everything he knew. >> it sounds like a recipe for disaster. an eight-year-old kid and his
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aunt get together with a former motorcycle mechanic to make wine. let me taste it before passing judgment. >> so airy. >> it brings out the aromatic. >> and it gives you a sense of the feeling of what you are going to get. >> wow, i am speechless. i would come up with tobacco and wood tree and mold in a good way. it is none of those things. >> okay, delicious wine not a bad start. but selling wines a hyper competitive business and getting the the first bottles solid can require big bucks. >> all of this doesn't come cheep. >> i am trying to keep demand equivalent to the side it is a big learning curve for me. >> while she sells to distributors paschal goes to
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grade school. >> the funniest thing i would tell my friend's parents and they would totally freak out. >> soon stores in the high- end supermarket chain whole foods agree to stock the wine so would other retailers in the united states and japan. and jamie renegotiates a lease for the same vineyard where jimmy grew his grapes and developed a 2500 tasting room and sales room in oregon. and anticipation of growth which doesn't happen. >> it did get to the point where i had to get ahold of how to add more markets so we could sell more wine. >> faced with losing momentum and her brother's only legacy to her son jamie searches for the next move that is, until affairs of state intervene. >> i got a phone call from the
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florida. >> it is 2009? . world's youngest winery owner, following the untimely death of his father jimi brooks. his aunt janie heuck volunteered to oversee brooks wines until its young heir comes of age, she's struggling to keep her brother's legacy afloat. that is, until she gets a phone call from a wine steward in chicago. >> he called me and told me he was catering a dinner and wanted to serve our riesling, and lo and behold i got a call and e-mail from the white house. jamie: brooks 2006 riesling is selected for president barack obama's first state dinner, honoring the prime minister of india. when the white house calls and places an order for a state dinner does, that wine sell out? >> in this case because there was so much hype around it being his first dinner, it mate it more sought after.
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jamie: even though brooks wines is riding high, things aren't going as well for pascal. >> i think there's the age when their dad should be there, they will never get that. it was a difficult time f difficult time. lt time f >> add to that pascal and his mom have relocated across the country from portland toco pittsburgh so she could take a new job. lef >> when i left oregon i was heartbroken. i think for me i was so in mers shock. >> pascal spends summers in tri oregon, but the trips remind him of what's missing in his his father. >> what's it like to not turn to your dad and say, hey, dad? >> the older you get you realizt there's a shadow of something that should be there so you're constantly clinging for tan something like that. >> during his summer visits, pascal gets hands of hn experience in the winery he winh owns. tuz it bring you any comfort, then, to have this be a part of your life?f your
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>> it's more for the fact of making it easier and trying to prove i'm not the owner's kid who gets handed this. thes ffinally time for me to get someinal lyhands-on experien my own. well, not hands-on, but feet on. it's the time honored practice of stomping grapes. >> come on in. jamie? >> all right. all where's ply stunt double when i need her?e >> how deep is it? up ahh.w oh. they feel good. i hear they're anti-aging. what are we doing exactly?fore >> we're separating it. >> we're separating the berry, itself, from the juice. >> wow, what an awesome feeling. they still make wine this way? >> some places they do. >> that is really good.
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>> now brooks has become too big to make its wine this you might say it's on more soli footing. they're making pinos and le, reislings, 12,000 cases a year y and now selling in 14 states, sw japan and the uk. >> we have a distribution network right now so present of demand demand for our products throughout the country. >> solid enough for jamie to realize it's time for a big step. a plot of land that was very special to her brother comes upv he 20 acre vineyard he has always wanted to buy. >> it's time for us to acquire the vineyard. >> what about the 18 wr-year-ol owner? what does this mean for him andn his strange inheritance? >> what if you go to college and you decide, i want to be an wat architect? >> that's next. an architect? that's next. hey buddy, you're squashing me!
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>> now back to strange inheritance. >> 2014 marks the tenth anniversary of jimmy brooks' death. a wine maker. whose passion and innovative techniques live on through the dedication of his sister, janeny, his best friend, chris, and his only child, now 18 years old and the heir to this strange inheritance. since jimmy died in 2004, janie has been running the business and growing it by leaps and bounds. >> my grandfather made 2,500 cases. now we make between 12,000 and 14,000 which is really the sweet spot in terms of keeping our wines affordable. >> janie knew that when her brother started the winery, he wanted it to have a permanent vineyard. on a special plot of land.
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the one he was leasing when he grew his last crop of grapes in 2004. when it comes up for sale, brooks wines is not able to swing the deal by itself. but aunt janie decides now is the time. did you have to put any of your own money in? >> yeah, my husband and i own the vineyard. pascal uses it. >> in april 2014, the brooks winery we see here today broke ground. the business is still 100% owned by pascal. it it's no longer the fledgling label his father left behind but a big enterprise with long-term commitments. how does all that sit with a young man headed off to college? will he follow in his dad's footsteps? what if you go to college and you decide i want to be an architect? >> that's what i want to do. i'll be honest. >> before he heads up a, janie throws a party to celebrate the
5:58 pm
new winery and their loving memory of jimmy brooks. so that was your dad's backpack. and this is a book of a collection or stories and pictures from your dad's friends. i didn't have time to -- >> one of my favorite things he left me was his library. i've gone through and found his notes scrawled in the margins. it's like having a conversation with him. >> very good point if his life when he is looking forward to honor his dad's memory. and his empire. >> the day we broke ground here at the vineyard. i'm not a super spiritual person
5:59 pm
that way, but i do feel him. things might seem to be a little bit brighter. some things will happen and i attribute that to him. >> the brooks wine label comes from a tattoo that jimmy had on its left arm, the mythical certaer is pant swallowing its own tail. in cultures around the world is represents the never ending cycle of life plus renewal. jimmy could not have known how appropriate a symbol it would become for the winery that he founded, his sister rescued and built into a success and his son has inherited. and now pascal tells me he's going to get that same tattoo. so, here's to all that. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it
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with you. >> do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to ha share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, hello, welcome to "squus th justice. "i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. come on. what's the big deal? so hillary clinton used her private e-mail for work. everybody does it. who cares? and why is this even important? why? because this is a woman with a past. a history of hiding, making sure we only see sanitized contents of e-mails. and no one knows the game better than she.


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