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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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with you. >> do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to ha share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, hello, welcome to "squus th justice. "i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. come on. what's the big deal? so hillary clinton used her private e-mail for work. everybody does it. who cares? and why is this even important? why? because this is a woman with a past. a history of hiding, making sure we only see sanitized contents of e-mails. and no one knows the game better than she.
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no one spends her days in washington better than she does. she's a veteran. a veteran of scandal. travel-gate. whitewater. cattle futures. and in classic clintonesque form, hillary clinton reacts to the latest outrage and asks the state department to release 55,000 pages of e-mails. thank goodness. she is so transparent and she's done the right thing, yet again. scandal over. so says the president. and in a cbs interview. >> let me just say that hillary clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. sh was a great secretary of state for me. the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency and that's why my e-mails from blackberry that i carry around, all those records are available and archived and i'm glad that
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hillary is instructed that those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed. >> here's the rub, folks. hillary clinton used her private e-mail to conduct not some, but all official business. and not just her private e-mail. but one created and operated by a private computer server in her home. giving her and only her control and access to those government e-mails. but if she releases the 5,000 pages of them as the state department to make them public, what's the problem? the problem, clinton and her staff decided what e-mails to turn over to the state department. who knows what was included and what was notot included. we don't even know how many there were to begin with. so by sifting through them, she has decided what we should see and not see.
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so the state department doesn't have all them, they can only produce the ones that she has handed over. hillary. that's why you're supposed to use a government account. you don't get to hide what you don't want us to see. that's just not how it works. but you already knew that. didn't you, hillary? you forced out that former u.s. air force general, an ambassador to kenya in 2012 in part for using personal e-mails for official business. cheryl mills told him he violated your state department policies while you didn't even have a government account. but the rules don't apply to you, do they? but, hey, maybe i'm wrong. wait. this woman is the united states secretary of state. she has bigger things on her plate. she is focused on bigger issues.
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focused on her job. like protecting our interests. protecting her ambassadors. all over the world. well, maybe not so much. and while she pontificates to her subordinates about following the e-mail law, she does not practice what she preaches. hilly, have you been studying underwood in "house of cards"? >> you don't have to mean it. you just have to say it. >> and what's the reason for the rules? to prevent date to breaches, to stop hackers. hillary, you exposed us, the united states of america to data breaches because you wanted to protect your own butt. and if you destroyed any of those e-mails that you didn't want us to see, you then destroyed a federal record, the destruction of which is a violation of federal regulation. why? could it be that raising money for the clinton foundation up to
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$25 million while secretary of state was something you didn't want us to see? i wonder, hillary, when you were secretary of state for four years, how many freedom of information requests were denied because the state department didn't have any information and were just stamped lack of information? the con game has to end. at a time when americans question the loyalty own the patriotism of our leaders, when the approval ratings of our elected officials are at historic lows, you come charging in with yet another scandal. proving that it was always about you and not us. hillary, you know what happens to a house of cards. but maybe to you, what difference does it make? and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter
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@judgejeanine #justiceopen. with me now, conservative columnist ann coulter. you know, ann, i have to tell you, this thing starts as a "the new york times" piece but the amazing part of it was that apparently the genesis of this thing is that somebody had hacked into the account which is how we found out about this in the first place which is why they're not supposed to have these personal e-mail accounts. >> i have a new theory on this, and that is one we've never thought of because it just seems like it's so corrupt. i think hillary's just really dumb. we always thought hillary clinton was the smart one. as you went through in your opening, i mean, the whitewater files, the cattle futures. this is a sort of thing someone from a private sector who's just been appointed to, you know, an ambassadorship might do.
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she's not -- >> i don't know about that. she's been first lady, she was secretary of state. we know she's planning on running for president and it doesn't occur to her that this is going to look bad. >> i would buy that, ann, if she didn't have the servers at home in the day she's going for senate confirmation of secretary of state. >> bill clinton would never have done this. we always heard from one of their professors at yale, the federal judge, i think he said this publicly, he said it to us, who taught bill and hillary clinton at yale law school said, yeah i had them all, one was smart, one was really smart, one was dumb. i think we know which one the dumb was now. >> all right. >> this is so massively stupid what she did. i can't imagine bill clinton doing this. >> okay. so let's assume -- i'm a
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prosecutor. the first thing i'm going for, ann, is that private server in the home. do you think they have that? >> it's going to be a long drawn-out scandal. it seems to be clearly against the law. it is so stupid, such a self-inflicted wound it reminds us of the worst parts of the entire clinton era. at least her husband was always just molesting the interns and lying about it under oath. with her, it's always -- it's something that is so stupid, i can't imagine having been through everything she's been through to do this again without thinking, huh, i wonder if this will raise eyebrows. i think she's -- >> when we find out -- ann, when we find out, there's 25 million from the saudis. that shouldn't be on a government e-mail. she shouldn't have been doing that, right? you know, that's not so proper. so, maybe she's not stupid. she say, look, i'd rather get the $25 million for the clinton
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town dapfoundation and risk a f of bad press. is this going to impact her race for president? >> yes, i think it will. i think it will. particularly if people realize that before the democrats are on to her, they better start demanding her s.a.t.s. i want them from hillary. the whole thing has been a mistake, yes, corrupt, yes, but the real problem is she is dumb. >> okay. after that, the question that i have is, what about the rest of the state department? as a judge, i would look at freedom of information requests, all right? where they would bring them before me. this state department for four years, they're getting freedom of information requests and they're saying no permanent, you know, no relevant pertinent information. didn't someone in the state department say, you know, i'm going through the government e-mail, there's nothing in it? >> yes, yes, that does -- many things about this raise eyebrows.
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yeah, i mean, especially in the middle of the whole benghazi thing. the benghazi thing, she went up to the father of one of the s.e.a.l.s i guessed at the funeral and said, don't worry, we're going to get the guy who made that videotape. even obama didn't say that. he sends other people out to say stupid stuff. when she has -- in the middle of the bill clinton impeachment, you have her accusation of a right wing conspiracy which became a big joke. bill clinton isn't that stupid. he's at least politically -- creepy. her, it's just one stupid political move sticking her foot in her mouth, creating these huge problems. you're right about the request. you're right about this whole thing. >> all right, ann coulter. i got to tell you, ann, that thing about we're going to get the guy who made the video, that's about the first amendment. the future of that one yet to be seen. ann coulter, thanks for being with us this evening. and tonight the president saying he's glad hillary is
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disclosing those e-mails. and that his administration is all about transparency. democratic strategist joins me now. good evening, coco. really, transparency again? >> hello, judge, thanks for having me back. >> all right. is this administration all about transparency? >> this administration is absolutely about transparency. there have been zero personal scandals in this administration. >> oh, irs, benghazi? >> oh, here we go. personal scandal. the irs, you know, the thing is you guys have vetted the irs and benghazi stacandals and there's nothing there. >> there are the e-mails. that's why there's nothing there. all right, let me ask you this. look, the fact she is saying i did this and now i'm going to give you everything that you want, should we be satisfied and say, let's call it a day?
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>> no, of course not. look, she should turn over every e-mail that was on that server, not just the 55,000 pages so we can all see what she did. here's the more important point. can i tell you the more important point? >> sure. >> for every moment that you guys are ginning up all kinds of fake controversies about her, she is going to have to do the thing that people like me want her to do. which is talk to her base, and win my vote. you guys should keep on going because she's going to be the president. the only question is, is she going to be a centrist or is she going to be a liberal lion like i'd like her to be? all right. well, clearly i know you want her to be as liberal as possible. but, you know, she understood that she was supposed to keep this on a government e-mail. she puts it on a private server in her home. she then, we find out, is soliciting money from the clinton foundation from the saudis while she is the
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secretary of state. doesn't this, when you put all the dots together, doesn't it tell you that this is a woman who was a little shady? aren't you tired of some of these -- these scandals? one after another? and by the way, we found out about this because her e-mail was hacked. that's he we found out about it. that's why she's supposed to have a government e-mail. >> judge, due respect, i haven't heard that comment or that accusation anywhere but here that her e-mail got hacked. if anything, her private server that she kept in her home was more secure -- >> you're wrong. >> -- than what -- >> i'm holding the form used -- >> the state department in 2009 -- >> you're wrong. >> e-mails indicate hillary used the domain registered the day of her hearing. coco, they can't be hacked. >> right, she used network solutions which is a registrar.
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not the same thing as having a server under password protection. she was actually probably more safe -- >> you're wrong. you're wrong. and it's violation of the federal regulations. coco, one more -- >> once violation of the federal regulations. >> yes, it is. she was concealing and she didn't follow her own rules which she fired someone for. anyway, a fox news polled asked in the word honest described president obama. 54% say no. up from 40%. and same question for hillary. 52% said no. and just last april, it was 42%. why are americans losing faith in this woman? >> i got to be honest, i think 54% is a pretty great number. since it's coming from fox news viewers. i would think that number would be much higher because of the stream of misinformation and accusations. that's a great number for me. >> i'll let you have the last word on that. good to have you;h65q!) te/4k(éñ take care. >> thank you, judge. coming up, fallout from prime minister netanyahu's speech.
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in the last segment we talked about the "washington post" article that's dated march 2nd, and it discusses hacked e-mails that show that hillary clinton was using a domain registered the day of her senate hearing, that private domain. she was communicating with sydney blumenthal. his e-mail was hacked. at the time he was communicating with hillary on the private e-mail which is how we found out through the hacking hillary had the private domain. earlier this week israeli prime minister netanyahu gave an impassioned speech to congress about the dangers of a nuclear deal with iran. many praised his strong stance against a proposed deal. others said he offered no realistic alternatives. what isn't in the question is the strained relationship between the u.s. and our strongest ally in the middle east. with me now, retired navy field commander and republican congressman, ryan zinke. you were at bibi's speech.
6:20 pm
what was your reaction? >> you know, i think he was kind where he didn't have to be. certainly complimentary about the obama administration's support in areas. i think he was firm where he had to be. i think he laid out a very concise and realistic plan and what it means to have an iran with a nuclear weapon. and then his parting message was, althoughhey would like to be with u.s., as they're prep e prepared to go alone if they have to in protection of israel. so i think it was a brilliant speech. i think congress did the right thing as an equal part of the government. having the prime minister speak before congress. and his message resonated. >> okay. when you say congress did the right thing, it's no secret thereat there were many in the democratic -- on the democratic side of the aisle who made a decision to not attend the netanyahu address. and, you know, to me, it kind of wreaks of people putting this
6:21 pm
petty politics where our one ally in the middle east, our one strong ally, who pays all kinds of homage in the united states, and barack obama in his speech, and yet they are almost ceding to his kind of petty pickering where we're not going to show up to hear our ally because barack obama is mad at him and says he's chicken crap and that there will be hell to pay of some sort. what do you think of them? >> you know, it was a slap in the face, obviously, israel. i can tell you from the audience, not only in the gallery, itself, on the floor, to the american people, i thought the prime minister did an outstanding job of articulating the threat of -- painting the threat if a realistic term of what it means to have a nuclear armed iran. what it means to have a bad deal. and i think congress is going to act. congress should act. >> what can they do? what can they to, congressman? >> well, i think we're going to
6:22 pm
see that there's no deal unless it goes through congress. what we're talking about is almost a nuclear arms treaty. and it should go through congress. congress has that authority. i think the votes are there to override a veto if necessary. but we shouldn't be doing this in secrecy. >> okay. >> this is a very real, real threat. >> okay. let me -- >> and remember -- >> i'm coming up against a break. i want to ask one quick question. nancy pelosi said she was moved to tears by the speech because it was such an insult to american intelligence. what was your reaction to that? >> well, i was moved to tears because i thought it was an inspirational speech. i guess there lies the difference between nancy pelosi and our caucus and the support of israel. >> all right. congressman zinke, well said. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you, thanks, judge. >> all right. and coming up, shocking claims from the former director of defense intelligence. did the white house mislead america on al qaeda? we've got the details next. stay with us.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. president obama joining thousands of others today to commemorate the bloody sunday march in selma, alabama. the president saying despite a half century of progress, america's racial history still casts a long shadow. it was 50 years ago today that police used clubs and tear gas on civil right activists marching from selma to the capitol to a voting rights demonstration. marching next to the president today was georgia congressman john lewis who was an organizer, that is, in 1965. meantime in madison, wisconsin, the city's police chief says a 19-year-old black man who was killed by an officer last night was not armed. police say the suspect was shot after allegedly assaulting the officer. the cop is a 12-year veteran and has been placed on administrative leave. the police officer was involved in another shooting back in 2007, but was cleared of all charges. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "justice with judge
6:28 pm
jeanine." so who's briefing the president? how does he get to that -- those sentences? >> for me to sit here and tell you why he says what he says, i don't know. what i know the intelligence said was not necessarily what we hear. >> it was diametrically opposed, wasn't it? >> i would say from my perspective, it was just the opposite. you can't -- you can't sit here and say, you know, that al qaeda was defeated when we're still looking at elements of al qaeda that are conducting operations. >> growing outrage tonight after former defense intelligence a agency director lieutenant flynn saying the obama administration familiarti narrative being on the run did not match the intel.
6:29 pm
nigeria's boko horam swore allegiance. joining me now, ambassador james jeffrey. good evening, ambassador. if what flint is saying is true, how could this administration have gotten it so wrong? >> general flynn has a point and he knows the intelligence, judge. the way i see it, first under president bush then under president obama the united states for ten years suppressed al qaeda, killed its leadership, including osama bin laden in 2011, and thought that we were finished. what we didn't recognize is this organization and theology and ideology that drives it has very deep roots in the region. by 2012, as many arab states, egypt, libya, syria, yemen, were facing these arab spring uprisings. al qaeda gained new life. they gained a second wind. and now they're facing a much bigger threat than we've seen for years. >> and, you know, ambassador,
6:30 pm
the truth is that for the longest time, we through the benghazi massacre knew that al qaeda had training camps there. we knew that the ambassador was worried about them. and, but what's worse is to hear that when osama bin laden was killed in 2011 that they removed something like more than a million documents from the osama bin laden compound and only 17 made public. that, to me, as a prosecutor, corroborates what flynn is saying especially knowing the context of how this happened. so, why would the administration lie about this? >> i wouldn't put it as lying. i would say -- >> well, it's exactly -- it's diametrically opposed, flynn said. come on. let's talk turkey here. >> they -- all administrations like to put a positive spin on whatever they do. they've been fighting al qaeda. they had some successes.
6:31 pm
they wanted to claim it was on the run. in 2011, it was on the run. it wasn't defeated. in 2012, it came roaring back. flynn is right. >> and clearly -- ash carter now talking about the timeline for isis. he says three years is, you know, is naive. >> he's right on that, too. it was -- his commander in chief put in the request to limit it for three years. that limitation should be stripped in any authorization. >> all right. so here we are again with the commander in chief saying something that is not consistent with experience and the facts. what does that tell you? >> i'm not a psychologist. what i know is that this is -- we're in this fight for a long time, judge. the american people need to be prepared for that. and our national leadership needs to be talking ver openly going to take. >> all right, ambassador, you're absolutely right. the american people do need to be prepared.
6:32 pm
so does the administration. thank you so much. >> thank you, judge. with me now retired general and farmer commander of the elite delta force, jerry boykin. good evening, general. your reaction to flynn's statements? >> oh, i think flynn is absolutely correct. look, i respect him, but i don't agree with the fact that we ever thought al qaeda was on the ropes. you know, i was in the intent n intelligence business and i don't remember a period during my tenure where we ever thought they were on the ropes and i don't think it changed after osama bin laden was killed. in fact, you know, in some ways that was a most investigation for oa motivation for other groups to join al qaeda. >> also, we knew specifically focusing on benghazi right before, you know, the presidential election in 2012, how strong al qaeda was and the
6:33 pm
rest of them. the president selling that contrary to what we now know is the fact, what intelligence is telling us, why do you think he did that? >> judge, i don't know. look, we have seen two different styles of leadership. we saw this week a 21st century churchill. who got up and told the world about the seriousness of the threat that he's confronted with, and the whole world is confronted with for that matter. and now you have the opposite which is a president that has consistently refused to identify the enemy. it's -- i wish this was baseball so we could make a trade with, you know, our administration for bibi and some future draft choices. >> well, you know, bibi netanyahu, i mean, the speech that he gave in our congress was, an example, i agree with you of what a real leader should sound like. someone who's sure, who is certain and who has the chutzpah so to speak to back up his words. general, you know, you wrote an
6:34 pm
op-ped article entitled "will obama have the courage to stop iran from obtaining the nuclear weapon?" your answer to that? >> no, the answer is clearly no. >> what does he gain with this deal? >> judge, i can't answer that. i've pondered it. i don't understand it. i think that he is influenced heavily by people like valerie jarrett who probably has a soft spot for iran, but i -- there has to be some back door dealings. there has to be something under the table that i'm just not aware of. it makes no sense. this is a matter of national security. of american security. as well as global security and i do not understand why we're not taking a firm stance against this whole thing. >> you know, my concern, i have to tell you, general, i plan on being here in ten years and if i'm not, my kids are going to be here. i don't know what this is. you know, ten years they'll be fine. by the way, why do they need nuclear energy? don't they have a lot of oil to
6:35 pm
begin with? >> oh, yeah. >> of course. >> they're a huge producer of oil. it's ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous. >> the idea we would let them keep their centrifuges. i talked to an expert the other day who told me it would take 100,000 centrifuges to fire up just the reactor. they don't need centrifuges. they don't need them. it's not part of a power program. >> all right. >> and we're going to let them keep them. >> all right. let me ask you quickly before we go, boko horam swearing allegiance to isis. good news or bad news? >> they've been aligned with isis, you know, in al qaeda. look, this is -- this is all for publicity sake. it doesn't change anything. >> you know what, i think what it does, given what boko haram is doing in nigeria and other countries, i think it's even more frightening from my perspective. general boykin, it is always good to have you on the show. >> great to be with you, judge.
6:36 pm
thank you. coming up, the mysterious case of accused killer robert dirst. the subject of the hit hbo series "the jinx." i talk to the filmmakers about why i was made the villain by the defense team. and the detective who's still convinced robert durst is a murderer. works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long.
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business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries. see how new york can grow your business and create jobs. visit welcome back to "justice." the robert durst case captivated the nation. he says he didn't kill his wife or his friend. what he does say is that he did kill and dismember his neighbor. and that it was my fault. despite this, the new york real estate heir, a suspect in two homicides, one missing person over the past 30 years remains free. now the story is back in the public eye and subject of the hit series "the jinx."
6:41 pm
take a look. >> how old were you when your mom died? >> 7. >> how did she die? >> she died a violent death. >> they said i killed my wife, i killed susan burman, i murdered doris black. and it's quite possible he killed a whole slew of other people. >> they had the evidence. no one looked at it. >> i know he's innocent. >> he managed to get away with three murders. >> i believed him from the beginning. >> a lot of smoke doesn't miean fire, but there's a lot of smoke here. >> earlier, i spoke with hbo's "the jink" director director and producer, andrew, and producer, mark. watch. thanks so much for being here. you both had spent the better part of a decade investigating robert durst, making a documentary about robert durst, doing that loosely-based film on his life, "all good things." why? andrew, i'll start with you. >> well, you know, i think we've been fascinated by the story of
6:42 pm
somebody who started out in this incredibly opulent way born into this billionaire family and beautiful westchester county with all the opportunity in the world and somehow ended up 7 o years later in a $300 a month rooming house in galveston, texas, disguised as a mute woman. that was a story that we could not ignore. >> how did you first find out about it, mark? >> back in the day. back when the original disappearance of cathie happened. and then you re-opened the case. >> just to bring everybody up to date, she disappeared, the wife of robert durst disappeared in '82. i wasn't the d.a. until '94. i re-opened it in, like, 1999. >> right. >> you decided first to do this film with ryan gosling. "all good things." why? >> you know, mark and i grew up in that part of the world. we were interested in this man's story. and we had followed it in the media. and when we learn more and more
6:43 pm
about bob, we found that there was this beautiful love story that had proceeded all of the burlesque stories about bob dressing as a woman and all that stuff that he had met this beautiful girl from sort of the other side of the coin from himself, he met somebody who was this lovely person who love td m for him and thought, wouldn't it be interesting to tell the love story of how that developed? as we got deeper and deeper into it, we started to do our own investigation and discovered a lot more than we had originally known. >> all right. so, i have to smile when you say love story, because i first became familiar with the case and i was investigating it as a homicide. but, i mean, you know, two different approaches. but, look, you bring out a collage of experiences. you've got a guy who apparently is a guy who loved his wife, but who i and many believe is responsible for her disappearance. a guy whose best friend is shot and killed right before my office is going to speak with her. and a guy who chops another guy
6:44 pm
apart in galveston, texas. do you think he's crazy, andrew? >> you know, i try not to label him because it really took us all of six episodes to be able to explain to the audience enough for them to be able to make their own decisions. he's complicated. >> the guy lies for a living and he lies very well. let's talk about the fact that he lied about me. he and his lawyers, which is one of the reasons i got involved, even after i left as d.a., they say the reason he chopped up a body is because i was chasing him and he had to chop the body up. i mean, how did that -- how did you get the lawyers to admit it? >> well, if you watch in episode four, there's really a quite elaborate discussion between the lawyers of how they strategized and one of the lawyers says, well, we kind of created this mythical creature in jeanine pirro. we knew it would be persuasive to the jury if we could say bob had run to galveston because he
6:45 pm
was running away from the investigation of this career-driven d.a., really trying to further her own ambitions but that really was something we trumped up for the jury and it played really well and they ate that up, says the lawyer. >> were you surprised, mark? i mean, we all believe in truth and justice, but when you actually hear defense attorneys say, you know what, let's blame it on the d.a., i mean, you know, the devil made me do it, never head that i, the d.a. made this guy chop up a body. were you disappointed in the system? >> no. no. i think you plamade a big noise. question is not whether in 2000 bob was running away from you which you were all over the newspapers which we know you were not. the question is, what was he running away from? was he running away from you because you were investigating the disappearance of his wife? that's what he may have been running away from. >> i'm jumping up and down again when the d.a. in texas is not bringing in the fact that he didn't run away from new york,
6:46 pm
that he kept traveling back to fork. he kept -- robert durst allegedly afraid of me and therefore had to chop up a body because no one would believe he killed a man in self-defense. >> you should probably frame it a little bit, right? because in the trial they said that bob durst was all over the front page of the newspaper, that you were everywhere. that's not true. >> of course not. did he kill his wife? >> i think people are going to come to their own conclusion about this. >> all right, guys. let me ask you, why did you do this? in the end, what were you hoping to accomplish? start with you, andrew. >> we like to find truth. >> did you find truth? >> i think we did. >> what's the truth? >> i mean, our job here is to place it in front of the audience for them to see. that's what we're going to do and what people going to respond to. >> i mean, the journey we took, as you said, it was an eight-year journey. you know, it was one of just unfolding one card after another card after another card. >> it was brilliant. >> now we're here and want the audience to experience the
6:47 pm
journey we took. we don't want to just get in front of it. >> mark and andrew, thanks so much for being with us. homicide detector who led the durst murder investigation in galveston, texas, is also prominently featured in "the jinx." take a look. >> i don't think bob durks, t i the kind of man that kills for the thrill to kill. i don't think he takes any particular pleasure in kill iin. but if you back him in a corner, if you threaten his freedom, he'll kill you. >> goong. thanks for being with us this evening. >> why has this guy who chopped up a body after killing someone and is a suspect in another murder, i looked at him for the disappearance of his wife, why is this man still walking the street? >> it's a no brainer. shouldn't be.
6:48 pm
>> but why is he? >> i think that in this case, and in his case, in my case, i believe the jury got it wrong. sometimes the jury does get it wrong. i think if he put everything together, you connect the dots, he shouldn't be walking around. he should be in prison. >> all right. so, how is it that the jury got it wrong? i mean, we just heard them say that i made him chop up that body, you know? >> ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> yeah. >> a couple things. when you spend $2 million or as he put it, $1.8 million and i think there was also expenses involved, so probably in all essence, over there are 2 million on a defense, you get what you pay for. i believe there's, unfortunately, i've come to realization there's two sets of law in this country. those for people who have money and those for people that don't. and the facts were there.
6:49 pm
if you take -- in this movie that hbo has done and andrew is directing and mark -- >> "the jinx." >> yeah. if you take everybody they've interviewed, they've done an excellent job. they've interviewed a lot of people. >> yeah. >> if you take all of them, and then you take away the people that gained financially from bob, there's nobody saying he's innocent. no one. but the people that are saying he's innocent, except for the jurors, have gained financially. obviously with lawyers. >> you know, in last week's episode, i think it was, you displayed the kind of emotion that we're unaccustom to seeing with big texas homicide detectives like yourself. you were disappointed, weren't you? >> i think that goes without being said. yes, i was very disappointed. >> that tells me you are a believer, that you do believe in the system. >> well, i have to believe in the system that i represent obviously, but like i said, in this karcase, i do believe the y
6:50 pm
got it wrong. that is my opinion on it. we had so much evidence. in this investigation. everybody going into the trial felt like it was almost a finale. if you look back, when he is found -- when the judge reads the sentence, the verdict, he's the most shocked person in the courtroom. >> yeah, he is shocked. i saw that. >> because he knew what he had done. >> let me ask you this because we're coming up against a break. two more episodes. say we're going to get close an prominently displayed in this, you are almost the narrater, will you ever get closure in this case? >> i hope so. they continue to tell me i'm going to get. i hope that the country sees just h guilty this man is. i think he thought he could pull
6:51 pm
this off and it's kind of unraveling on him, i believe. >> well, it's not over yet. all right, codi, thanks for being with us. in the next episode of the weekly hbo documentary series "the jinx," the life and death of robert durst, will be on tomorrow night on hbo. and coming up, your responses to tonight's instapoll. we want to know do you care about the hillary e-mail scandal and why. e-mail or tweet me. .. 57% of us try to exercise regularly. 83% try to eat healthy. yet up to 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, physical energy support with b vitamins. and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins. i am totally blind.
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and now for the results of tonight's instapoll. we asked do you care about hillary clinton and the e-mail scandal? why? becky says i care because it goes to her character. this is not the kind of person we want in our government. and sally says, i'm so sick and tired of hearing about hillary. it's time to move on. wake up democratic party, you can do better. steve says, laws? what difference does it make? and donna says it doesn't seem to matter what we think. it will play out like the lois lerner scandal. terrence says what's the big deal, give her a break. she says she wants the public to see her e-mails. karen, are you stupid? she sifted through the ones she didn't want you to see. that's why she used her personal e-mail, so she could do whatever
6:56 pm
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(dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. tonight, how could this be happening in america? citizens put in the crosshairs of their government by agents from the irs to the atf. >> they were looking for a way to scare us. >> and homeland security. >> homeland security raiding a guitar factory makes no sense. >> environmental authorities threatening jail time. >> we're going to use everything in the book to come after you. >> and federal rangers staging a cattle grab. >> fully armed and fully ready to square for a fight. >> what is it like when a powerful force you thought was on your side turns against you? you can begin a struggle that will last for years. >> i'm not the only one, i'm speaking for thousands,


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